Abe & Ella’s lies coming home to roost

A few days ago we expressed disappointment that the troofer community, which had seized upon the Hampstead SRA hoax so voraciously at the outset, seemed either blind to, or unaware of, Ella’s new claim that she’d kind of forgotten that her ex-husband, Mr Draper, as well as his current wife, and the son he and Ella had together, were not actually in the so-called “cult”.

For anyone following Hoaxtead closely, it’s clear that this is a major turnabout.

The children mention their older brother being in the cult on several occasions. They mention him during the original videos made en route from Morocco:

Ella: What is decided?
Child P: We decided that we shall stop killing babies and we shall stop doing sex. It’s just going to be pointless and it’s just going to have to be going to jail and go back.
Ella: So what are we going to do?  We are going to protect other babies and children, huh? And save all the children that are involved.
Child P: Yes. And [Xxxxx] was in it.
Child Q: When you face the fear you get less fear.

They mention him during the Jean-Clement Yaohirou recording:

Child Q: Me, and my sister, and my brother don’t have tattoos.
Jean-Clement: No tattoos?
Q: No. If my mum was doing it, if my mum was touching me, I would have had a tattoo right now.
JC: Why is that—
Abe: Tell him about your brother [Xxxxx], tell him about your brother.
Q: Yeah, he doesn’t have it yet, no.
Abe: But tell him what he does.
Q: He does…he touches us, he does, um, sex to us.
Abe: Tell him about…listen to this. Her first husband, basically they picked her. They picked her. They selected her, the mother, they selected her. First husband, he’s one…(aside to child: Shush!)…he’s one, he’s an investment banker. He does, he has a baby with her, and the boy, he done sex with the boy, 17 years….Her first husband. She left him. Her first husband told the second guy, go and get her.

And they mention him during the initial police interview videos:

Child P: Xxxxx is just my big brother, but he’s not really, like, he knows about this, but, no he doesn’t really like doing it.
DC Martin: What do you mean?
P: My big brother, Xxxxx.
DC Martin: And how old is Xxxxx?
P: He’s about 17.  But he doesn’t, he’s not really included cause he doesn’t really live with us.

So the children’s initial allegations all contain references to their brother as a cult member. And in her March 2015 “witness statement”, Ella named him, as well as his father and step-mother, as cult members.

But now, she has told interviewer Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil that, er, whoops, she didn’t really mean it. Sorry about that.

The backlash begins

Yesterday we learned that word has been spreading like wildfire throughout the troofer community that Ella has contradicted her children’s own evidence. We’ve been reliably informed that several more videos are in process from other sources, but the “first out of the starting gate” award must go to an American YouTuber who goes by the name Plymouth Fury.

Let’s just say he’s not a happy camper:

Plymouth Fury’s second video on the subject features an image of RD’s children, so we’ve broken the link. To watch, just delete the space after “youtu.be/”: https://youtu.be/ evKUZoKHkH0

Losing their religion?

In a curious way, we almost feel sorry for those who are now finding out that they’ve been duped.

For many, Hoaxtead served as validation of their passionate and deeply held belief that the world is run by Satanists and/or Luciferians, etc.

When RD’s children described their alleged torture at the hands of evil cult members, they were venerated as deities/sacrificial lambs in a bizarre religion.

The religion, which we can call “Hoaxteadianism” for want of a better term, involves complete belief in the words of the children. Their every utterance (except when they say that the whole thing isn’t true) must be accepted as holy writ. With the children now unavailable to the general public, Abe and Ella are their earthly representatives.

And now, true believers in Hoaxteadianism have been confronted with the unthinkable. Saint Ella turns out to have been a fraud, and for the worst possible reason: she wants access to Mr Draper’s money, as she and Abe are in dire financial straits. Worse still, her admission calls into question the children’s initial allegations.

And Hoaxteadianism cultists must now be asking themselves: “If she could lie about that, what else might she have told us that is untrue?”

It’s not easy to have one’s religious beliefs shattered. Those who have had their faith destroyed—such as Megan Phelps-Roper, formerly of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, or Deborah Feldman, who grew up in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community—describe the sense of sadness, confusion, anger, and disorientation that come with realising that what they accepted as truth was in fact untrue. Then there’s the ostracisation from their former faith communities, the sense that they can never return, but must remain outcasts, not quite fitting into the non-troofer world, but unable to return to the comfortable world of Hoaxteadianism, either.

While Plymouth Fury currently seems to be clinging to the tattered remains of his belief in the hoax, it looks as though Ella’s duplicity has driven a spike into what he had formerly accepted as gospel.

And once the first wedge is driven in, it’s really only a matter of time before the entire edifice comes tumbling down.

124 thoughts on “Abe & Ella’s lies coming home to roost

  1. And the Conpiratard’s just keep getting dumber and dumber, and of course, all the time asking for money so they can (cough, cough, splutter) become Full-Time Journalist’s.

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  2. Educational to catch a glimpse of the sort of people that support these allegations…..

    Total admiration for the way you have exposed the hoax.

    You are one Hell of a Coyote!

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    • Those new high potency strains of Skunk certainly appear to have a deleterious influence in regards to arranging things into a productive order.Tiny issues prior to recording a you tube video such as being at least vaguely mindful of what one is banging about before actually banging on about it and letting the cat out prior to it peeing on the carpet all add up and take a toll on overall product quality.

      Wonderfully played EC (and cohorts),a veritable education in the science of hoax dismemberment.The turning of the Tattoo question a particularly subtle stalk and destroy masterstoke manoeuvre surely both Kasparov and Deep Blue would have been immensely chuffed.

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      • Perhaps we should encourage her to listen to Stolpman. He’s one of their own, with no reason to try to discredit Ella; in fact he was trying to support the hoax.

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          • When the penny finally drops and it dawns upon the aforementioned hoaxtwunts that they have been led a merry dance and have been useful idiots in Abe and Ellas freak show they will each need to find some form of gainful employment.The alternative is to risk ending up forced to take their pan handling onto the steets competing with the likes of Mel,Biggi,Neelu to name but a few.

            Perhaps they should be proactive and establish an enterprising cooperative combining the talents they have so finely honed in recent years.

            Alternatively they could simply just fuck off 🙂 jusayin

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  3. ‘Cults, Ritual Abuse & Mind Control – Michael Aquino, MindWar #Hampstead #pedogate’

    Not sure I’ll be able to listen to this crap without losing the will to live:

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    • At 21:56 he says he’s not allowed to own a firearm. I wonder why. Mental illness, perchance? Or criminal record, maybe?

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      • I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him mention on video before that he’s not allowed to own a gun due to a medical diagnosis, yeah.

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    • Jesus, Nathan is seriously obsessed with vaginas! I’ve lost count of how many times he’s mentioned them in this video 😮

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      It’s Corydon “Dipstick” Hammond’s infamous lunatic rant!
      Good job, Mr Lift the Skirt stalker…you’ve just proven that you understand NOTHING about these subjects.
      Because if you did know anything, you’d understand that Corydon Hammond didn’t know anything about them either, and talked totally out of his arse throughout that entire rant. Everything in it, is either provably false, imaginary or just plain wrong. Like Hammond’s reference to the “MAN” Dion Fortune:
      “born Violet Mary Firth” – you fool!
      and that terrifying DIAGRAM, the Tree of Life.

      Watch out Nathan! The Tree of Life is after you! Run, run!

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  4. I note that most Conspiraloons throw the term ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ around without actually knowing what it means.

    To see an example of Cognitive Dissonance at work, see Plymouth Fury’s latest videos. 🙂

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    • The exit plop swingometer indicates the Conspiraloon community may have managed to lose the seat they never actually had in the first place with their continued policy of extremely undignified dischordant incontinance.

      An anonymous somewhat porcine,chain smoking spokeswoman was unwilling to comment but did throw her toys out of the pram a lot until we reluctantly agreed to take down the details of her Patreon account which we mislaid somewhere.

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  5. i did ask Plymouth Fury recently when his promised interview with Ella was going to be posted. He replied it would be pointless as “she is obviously very much in Abraham’s control”.

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    • Debs now going through her megalomania phase where she believes she’s upset everyone in power AND the universe. Must be why she gets so many dislikes.


  6. plymouth fury “No matter what those brats say, no matter what those kids say, no matter what ella says, no matter what abe says, we know the cults exist, they’re real, OK, theres no question about that”

    6.20 Hampstead Two Part 2

    Sighs- the `twufer’ mentality at work- regardless of the evidence, their little selfgratification porn MUST go on


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    • “In place of inadvertent climate modification, Charney adopted Broecker’s usage. When referring to surface temperature change, Charney used ‘global warming’. When discussing the many other changes that would be induced by increasing carbon dioxide, Charney used ‘climate change’.


      Global warming: the increase in Earth’s average surface temperature due to rising levels of greenhouse gases.

      Climate change: a long-term change in the Earth’s climate, or of a region on Earth.

      Within scientific journals, this is still how the two terms are used. Global warming refers to surface temperature increases, while climate change includes global warming and everything else that increasing greenhouse gas amounts will affect.”


      Ooh, whom to believe? Shit, please don’t make me choose between Angela and NASA! 😮


    • They changed it to “climate change” so that idiots like Angela wouldn’t go round saying, “But it was COLD here yesterday! So much for global warming! Har har har!!”, followed by wiping their noses on their sleeves.

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      • I believe it is safe to predict that if Angies incessant pumping out of utter shit was capped off and her wasting of perfectly good oxygen contained the world would be a measurably better off as a result.

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  7. In the previous article’s comments, some conspiratard was quoted talking about SRA “survivor” claimant deJoly LeLiar. I won’t go into detail about Ms. LeLiar personally, but she will serve as a springboard to discuss a different problem with the Hoaxtead kid’s (actually Abe & Ella’s) stories…things that are suspiciously MISSING from those tales, and why they would not be there. (I’ll have to break this into several parts because it will require multiple links).

    de-Jolly-Liar is an old-school fraud, which is to say that she’s from the days of the 1980s-1990s satanic panic.
    You may recall, during that period there was a constant parade of fraudulent SRA claimants on American talkshow television. When the major networks eventually got fed up with being played for suckers, i.e., this week’s “survivor” claimant would be exposed as a fraud in the following weeks, over & over again, they stopped booking SRA-MPD claimants entirely. The frauds then resorted to parading their lies through the SRA-MPD conference lecture circuit, or doing guest lectures in chronic alcoholic Hal Pepinsky’s criminology classes, which is where deJoly “made her mark” in their community. One of the purposes of these conferences, just like the newsletter networking they all used to be obsessed with in the beginning, was to continuously update & revise their personal stories so that major elements would all be harmonized amongst them. In other words, as the frauds were exposed their buddies would selectively drop elements from their own alleged history that had been proven false and replace them with new and improved lies calculated to escape experiencing similar embarrassment.

    I talked about this process, and the major elements of the SRA claimant fraud’s mythology as it originally was publicized, the five-point “satanic crime indicators” list, here:

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    • So, with respect to the story RD’s kids were forced by Abe & Ella to recite…

      WHERE’S THE MPD/multiple personalities?
      If you’ve been reading this blog all along, you’ll understand that Abe & Ella only discovered and tacked on the “mind control” element of the SRA survivor mythology AFTER they lost direct control over the children. This is obviously why the #1 most important element is missing from the kid’s alleged “testimony”. And it is entirely absent. According to the deJoly Liar school of “survivors”, the children ought to have at least a dozen alternate personalities by the age of 8 or 9. There’s zero sign of that, in any of the recorded materials, nor do any of the adults involved ever mention witnessing the children manifesting “other selves”.

      That’s what we used to call the coffin element of the SRA mythology, after a Jim Stafford song.
      “coffins – this legend held that satanic cults initiated new members, and child victims, by digging up coffins – putting the child inside it – and then lowering the coffin back into the grave. Beyond simply terrorizing children by making them lie on a corpse and then be “re-buried” along with it, this initiation supposedly reflected satanists’ obsession with and worship of death, as Lawrence Pazder – author of Michelle Remembers – states in the 20/20 program” – that’s what I said about this in that Dysgenics article.
      If you track down the books and videos that Tim Tate worked on “back in the day”, you’ll find both the original survivor claimants and satanic panic pushers like Ray Wyre obsessing on this idea – that EVERY cult child went through this disgusting simulated death ceremony, forced to lie in a coffin full of spiders, worms, snakes, etc, and experience being “buried alive”.

      But not RD’s kids apparently. NO mention of this supposedly essential ritual, at all, in their story.

      Another supposedly essential element of the original SRA mythology, was the idea that every cult child would be subjected as a toddler to a grotesque “re-birthing” ritual. First the cultists would perform a ritual during which a pregnant woman would undergo a crude cesearean, have her baby cut out of her, and bleed to death while the cultists “sacrificed” her baby and ate it. Then, the cult toddler would be sewn back into the dead woman’s womb. Really. This was alleged way back in the days of Kathleen Sorensen, Judianne Densen-Gerber and Paul Bonacci – but you’ll also find Valerie Sinason and all the “big names” of the old satanic panic crowd alluding to it.

      It’s a load of crap, naturally. They got this idea, originally, from one of Goya’s gruesome paintings:

      which in turn was inspired by even older legends about the childhood of Elizabeth Bathory:

      But the point here is, no mention of RD’s kids suffering this gruesome experience…

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  8. Disturbing You Tube video called ‘Plymouth Fury – Hampstead’ by Anonydeth. Don’t want to link it because of the image of one of the children.

    The comments from Plymouth Fury underneath are worth seeing.

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  9. That is a very disturbing video indeed Fnord. It states that there are 10 comments but i can’t view any of them for some reason.


        • @coyote – yes, tragic and very much mistaken.
          I’ve considered, over the years, that the two men who exploited me for sex and pornography as a teen, could have been 2 of the 3 men who later sexually tortured & murdered a young boy half-way across the country. I don’t know, I have no proof for that. But I’m not plagued by any guilt feelings. I didn’t understand, at the time, that what had happened to me could have been “criminal”…I didn’t really even understand that I had been exploited. I just didn’t have the maturity, knowledge base or life experience to comprehend the truth until a few years later. Pointless, for me or any other sexually exploited minor to feel any responsibility for an abuser’s actions.

          But, be warned. Netflix has recently been running a series of criminal docu-dramas, and one of them has Plymouth Fury’s exact storyline in it. All the same detail. That person could be, intentionally or unwittingly, writing themselves into a true crime drama recently viewed on Netflix.


  10. The only thing Corydon Hammond was ever qualified for:
    To be sued for malpractice by his patients, after blatantly brainwashing them into believing his lunatic SRA theories were true of THEM!


    “When Elizabeth Gale sought psychiatric treatment in 1986, she suffered from depression, the most common of psychiatric illnesses.
    But Dr. Bennett Braun and his colleagues convinced her that her family indoctrinated her as a child so she would make babies for sacrifice in a satanic cult, Gale charged in a malpractice suit she settled Wednesday for $7.5 million….
    Gale’s attorney Todd Smith said that under the settlement, entered Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court, Rush North Shore Medical Center, where Braun was director of the dissociative disorders program, will pay $3.6 million. Psychologist Roberta Sachs will pay $3.1 million, and a corporation affiliated with Braun will pay $500,000. Dr. Corydon Hammond will pay $175,000, and Rush University Medical Center must pay $150,000”

    If it QUACKS like a duck, it’s probably Corydon Hammond


    • Ella @ 0:35 – “The case was never intended to reach the Crown Prosecution Service, much less the glaring light of public scrutiny.”

      What the actual fuck? Someone tell me I’m not hearing things!

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      • She also said she doesn’t like people who identify anonymous people, I seem to recall she was hell bent on doing that to someone else, herself.


          • I think she deserves credit for basically admitting that she fell for it all. It takes courage to do that. As the recent post here (I forget which one) about gullible people suggests, a lot of people just follow. That may mean ‘the children don’t lie’ or ‘SRA, SRA’ or ‘its all the joos’ or whatever fits in with their understanding of the world. The reality is that some people are easy meat for any one who can whip up their emotions.
            I was also very perplexed when I first saw the children talking and thought what the fuck is this. There was just no context. Once one looks at the details though, it all becomesfrankly ridiculous.

            There is obviously a great lack of critical ability for many. This has always been the case though. Just look at how easily religions work, advertising works etc.
            The internet has just allowed it to go mental.

            PS I blame the chemtrails. Did you know that it is an anagram of SRA LIC THEM? Be afraid!!
            I have to say that I think Echo Truths has a pretty good voice despite her previous twattyness. 🙂

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          • I’m immensely pleased with ET’s partial U-turn and have taken glee in sending the link to KSC, Abe, Diligence, Hamme et al. The next step is to get her to stop spreading shit about the McCanns, Manchester, London, SRA abuse and Sandy Hook. It would also be nice of her to stop telling porkies about us posting death threats on her video pages. We live in hope.


      • Yes that lie about death threats from us pissed me off as well Spiny as that is one rule we have always stuck to. We’ve received plenty of death threats, had cancer wished upon us, to have baseball bats stuck up our arses etc but we have never ever responded in kind.

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      • They have so far taking a fairly objective stance.Still reference to the”other side”(us lot etc) but clearly recent events have shattered the old worn out mantras.Credit where its due revising their take and better late than never. Still time left for them to dig a hole in part 2 but it would appear the fat lady is starting to clear her throat and stage drapes being readied.Abes face when he hears this lol.

        At 1hr:16 HR etc are scolded for assisting keep the hoax alive.Brilliant logic.

        Always cracks me up when Abe recounts the “shitty toothbrush” tale.Unfortunately given he is a terminal liar/manipulator chances are its something he does himself to those that dont sing to his tune.Be warned anyone that takes up the residential hemp course option, you have been warned.


        • One of them babbled about the Tavistock connection and said it would have worked if Abe and Ella had pushed that angle. She said if they mention it now, they will have got the idea from her.

          She doesn’t seem to be aware that Abe and Ella have mentioned and pushed the Tavistock connection many times in the last 3 years.


          • Personally i think that ET is a very lazy ‘researcher’. She relies on others to do all the work then just repeats what she has read. I think for one of her Pizzagate videos her research involved reading daft theories off the Conspiracy sub Reddit. Then she fell for thinking Kevin Annett was genuine before recanting on that. If she had done just 20mins of research before making her video she would have discovered that Annett is a well known fraudster. Yet ET still believes that Annett’s ‘Ninth Circle’ cult is genuine yet without having seen any actual evidence to prove it exists which of course it doesn’t.

            She really should do proper research on a subject before making videos about them. Research doesn’t mean getting all of your information from conspiracy websites, forums etc.

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      • I’ve been moving in the opposite direction – accepting that some claims of abuse are genuine – but if you want to see what happens to those who step outside the magic ring of absolute acceptance of whatever the ‘rings’ chosen subject is – you only have to look at my Twitter feed…….I might be strong enough to stand up to it and not let it get to me, but I can well understand how terrifying it can be to those more vulnerable.


      • Yeah, I’ve seen that ridiculous poem under someone else’s video. Reading Abe’s long comments gets boring but sometimes it’s worth it to read his nonsense.


      • I have it from sources close to the Queens Gold Medal for Poetry nomination pleb liaison secretary that “a majority vote by the panel determined to reject this particular nomination for the 2017 gong”.

        Looks like an ever-so-helpful HR FAQ tab open in ET`s browser.Doesnt quite support the assertion that the “other side” HR et al are unhelpfully keeping the hoax alive.Maybe ET quietly hopes “the other side” will evaporate so she can claim max kudos/subs for sensationally exposing Abe and his ABominism single handed.Who really knows?Back to Kitten Academy –>

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    • I hope that Echo Truths has the decency to thank Hoaxtead Research for all the hard investigative work it has done to bring the truth of this hoax out in the open. She must realise folk here have been on this case for over 2 years now and if it wasn’t for all the great articles here then her research would have been a lot harder to do.

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      • Echo Truths owes a lot to all the hard work the good people here have put into this story since the very beginning. I trust she won’t be silly enough to try and claim the credit for ‘breaking’ this story.
        That being said, it is good to see one of the truther crowd actually come out and tell the truth rather than sticking with the sick fantasies a lot of the truther audience like to believe is real. She could make a name for herself by being a truther that actually tells the truth as opposed to all the made up crap they usually come out with.
        Hopefully where one goes more will follow.

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        • “She could make a name for herself by being a truther that actually tells the truth as opposed to all the made up crap they usually come out with”.

          I think there is a real market for this: I think that when people have the guts to actually go digging for the truth, their information is far more valuable than anything gleaned in the echo chamber. I was very impressed, for example, when Kitty mentioned calling agencies to find out for herself who had played the role of the girl in the Audi commercial. That, to me, is the real thing, and if we could see more of it, the internet would be a better place.


    • Given Davids self proclaimed mastery of everything and the posse of cosmic individuals whom are all hanging around waiting to do his bidding,his actual day to day life on planet Earth is totally crap from what I can tell.His cunning disguise as an aging waste of space certainly had me fooled and hats off to his make up dept for a job well done. 😉

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      • I’ve been reading extensively of his Australian antics in conjunction with English version of ‘Valerie Sinason’s chosen children’ and the USA version – the internet has certainly joined them all at the hip, hasn’t it?


    • How many David Shurter’s does it take to change a lightbulb?
      Just one, but he’d rather piss and moan about how he’s surrounded by darkness all the time.

      David Sharty Pants asked his dentist how he could make his teeth look whiter.
      His Dentist told him to wear a Brown Bow tie. (stolen/adapted from Rodney Dangerfield)

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    • Just like APD, talks about being a xtian a lot, but doesnt walk the walk
      (he does seem to be building up tho, hope the neighbours he was harassing previously are aware of this video, I suspect he is building up to something nasty)



  11. Funny how some people react differently depending on where they believe the information is coming from as I swear JTH2N allowed ET to use a lot of their videos in creating ET’s and put a lot of work into compiling the audio and articles/information.


    • EchoTwat “loves” that comment telling JTH2N he needs to “shut the fuck up and get the hell off her channel”. What a nasty twunt.


    • Hold your horses Mel,Biggi might not want to be upgraded to an ocean willy nilly with responsibility for vast shoals of whales and stuff.The poor bloke has more than enough on his plate as it is.

      You can tell who wears the trousers in that household,ok barge or wherever.

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