The final blow to the ‘tattoos’ argument

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the most obvious, in-your-face evidence—evidence which, once revealed, makes us slap our collective foreheads and wonder what on earth we were thinking. It happened yesterday, when we were discussing the alleged tattoos which were supposed to be the “ultimate evidence” that a child-raping, baby-eating cult was operating out of a school in Hampstead.

Astute long-time commenter YdchyncachuTracey pointed out,

One might have thought that Ella would have something to say about these genital tattoos, that people get as children, as part of a multi generational cult, when both parents are in the cult, as is EXACTLY what is claimed for the children’s father. But, not a peep, not even to deny he had one at the time she was in a sexual relationship with supposed genitally tattooed boss man himself.

Suspicious, no?

Very suspicious indeed.

In fact, Ella claims that both her ex-husband, Mr Draper, and the father of her two youngest children, RD, were “in the cult”, which she described as a life-long, multi-generational organisation.

As life-long cult members, both men would have received their genital tattoos at a young age.

And yet Ella, who had children with both men, noticed absolutely nothing unusual about them.

Did they only undress in the dark, then? Or perhaps both men followed the example of Tobias Fünke, the character in the television programme “Arrested Development”, who suffered from an obscure psycho-sexual problem in which he could never be completely nude?

Tobias Fünke, Never-nude

The tattoos, according to Abe and Ella

On their Hampstead Coverup blog, Abe and Ella are full of self-righteous anger about the failure of police to investigate the tattoos they’d so carefully had the children describe:

The longer the Hampstead hoax has gone on, the more they have focused on the alleged tattoos, whipping their gullible followers (like Kristie Sue Costa, who devoted an entire long and rambling blog post to the topic) into a frenzy. And yet…

The one detail she missed?

According to the videos the children were forced to make, 399 of the 400 allegedly involved adults had the tell-tale tattoos, which featured images of “devils and monsters”.

Their father, whom they described as the “head” of the cult, would no doubt have had the biggest and best. After all, they claimed that he owned the biggest and best of the colour-coded dildoes. Why not the most grandiose and scariest genital tattoo, as well?

Yet oddly, Abe and Ella never ask them to describe their father’s genital tattoos. They are only asked to talk about those of their teachers, and some of the other parents. Why?

And more important, why has Ella never said anything about tattoos on either of the fathers of her three children?

If Ella had seen such tattoos, she might have at very least spoken out at some point during the past two years to corroborate the evidence her children gave…yet she has said absolutely nothing on the matter.

In fact, this really isn’t the only supposed detail that Ella missed, which would have told any other mother that something was seriously wrong: despite having given the children multiple enemas over the years, she somehow failed to notice any evidence (blood, scarring, etc.) that they were being routinely anally raped by many adults on a daily basis. Despite washing the children’s underpants, she never spotted any traces of blood or other untoward substances.

And now we’re being asked to believe that despite two of her long-term sexual partners having glaringly obvious devil- and/or monster-related genital tattoos, she a) didn’t see them, or b) saw them but didn’t think they were all that unusual.

Or, the more likely explanation: there was no cult.

There were no tattoos.

It’s all a lie, a manufactured hoax, designed to gull people into hitting that “donate here” button.

91 thoughts on “The final blow to the ‘tattoos’ argument

      • ..and believed by a bunch of half baked and off the deep end conspiraloons. I think the reason some points are missed, is because it is all so unbelievably stupid and implausible even at a glance that it really isn’t worth most sane, rational people giving it a further look.
        I am not saying I am the most sane and rational person on the planet, but I disregarded it, and forgot about the whole thing entirely for a long time, until the elections and Pizzagate came along.
        There are some people’s opinions that no matter how much information and logic you show them, they will always just believe what they heard the children say in the first of the illegally leaked interview videos, as it conforms to their conspiracy mindset (see Echo Truths latest Pizzagate video, for stupidity). They will twist, re-form, re-size, re-shape, add, subtract and whatever they can to get it to fit into what they want it to be.
        People on youtube in particular, tend to be the most ignorant and stupid individuals imaginable.
        I honestly think, this monkey is more capable of learning to play the complete works of Beethoven in one sitting than these morons have, of ever forming a rational opinion on anything. You can lead a Conspirahorse to water, just don’t be surprised when it prefers to drink it’s own piss instead.

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        • Most serious campaigners re child abuse/exploitation/trafficking, ignore these too. I did, to a degree, although, i also didn’t realise, their ability to take advantage of every trick in the book, to force their agendas….so enabled them. Someone organising the latest UK Rally, attended by 16, had the audacity, to insinuate that I’m the only person disputing the hollie or hampstead false flags. I told him categorically that he will never be able to Unite anti child abuse groups whilst supporting con artists, frauds, liars, child abusers, via the likes of Garish Brian, Baloney Mill, Brenda Mc tho I found out she is very ill, so not grinding that axe, but she sure has hated on me, for years now….. who else? Lee supports and shares the very people that are running the narrative on social media. I’m being stalked by The Watcher still, mustn’t dare pick on Ickey,
          It’s why, I decided to step in a bit, knowing many wouldn’t, couldn’t….but needed to know…..I’ve hoped that my engagement, shows them up for the danger that unopposed they will continue, to relentlessly grow into,

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          • Baloney has gone super quiet ever since he and the fraudster Chris Fay were hauled in by the Operation Midland coppers and grilled as to their relationship with ‘Nick’ who is likely to be charged with various offenses.
            Unfortunately proving the charge of “conspiracy to pervert the course of justice” can be extremely difficult to prove as it all comes down to intent.
            Suffice to say five hours being grilled by coppers was enough to scare the shit of these two malicious fools. So much for their grandstanding and love of publicity – when it all became real that hightailed it back to their council flats with their tales between their legs.

            It’s not all over though. They are likely to feature as witnesses in ‘Nick’s” trial and as two high profile falsely accused claimants intend to sue the financier of the defunct ‘Exaro’ website (which is why he pulled the plug) their machinations will surely be exposed and they will find courting the tiger known as ‘Fleet Street’ can backfire severely.

            In the Exaro matter it will probably be settled out of court but unbelievably the convicted fraudster Chris Fay approached the Express newspaper a few months ago trying to sell his tale of how he got ‘sucked into’ the whole Dolphin Square / Elm Guest House fiasco and the newspaper kindly allowed Fay to write his entire catalogue of claims which they promptly handed over to Midland, solicitors for the falsely accused and told Fay to piss off.

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          • Was this yesterday’s farce in Perth Sheva? I was rather hoping Robert Green would get arrested again, although that’s probably part of his plan. You’re far from alone in calling this out, and the lengths they’ll go to to attack those who are shining a truthful light on these things is absolutely astonishing. IMHO both the Hollie and Hampsted “operations” have the same conning paw prints all over them and are about two things; (1) Screwing money out of the gullible and (2) Helping to draw attention away from organised crime, specifically drug dealing and by credible accounts the porn trade. I think there are “establishment” links in that both Gerrish and Icke as well as a few others do seem to have some sort of official sanction to get away with what they do. Where you do have bent officials (and they are legion) it’s now very convenient for them to evade being held to account simply by tarring those attempting to do so with the “crank” brush. That situation seems to me entirely manufactured. Also, just look at how useless the law is when they do make one of their half-assed “attempts” to act.

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          • Yes Sheva, Peacher and a collection of other misfits and con merchants were holding some event at a hotel in Perth yesterday. They’ve ring fenced the operation with some sort of limited company apparently. I’m told it has Belinda McKenzie’s fingerprints all over it and the current line of thought is that she’s provided the “seed money” but is taking a back seat on it because she’s “too toxic a property” at the moment. Makes sense. She was the one with her hand up Robert Green’s backside operating him back in the day. And he’s pretty much destitute and desperate for cash now. I can see how another few months inside might ease the “burden” of paying rent and buying food for him, as well as make him even more of a saleable commodity on the conspiritainment circuit.

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  1. The reason why Ella didn’t claim the children’s father had demonic tattoos, is because it would be instantly debunked the moment he was brought in for questioning. Her and Abe knew the Police HAD to bring RD in, and would mention in the interview that part of the allegations involved him having certain tattoos, which although under no obligation, he could prove right there and then, if he chose to do so, that he in fact didn’t have these childish tattoos.

    Instant game over, and the doubts would mount up before the hoax had even grown it’s even little cannaboid legs.

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  2. It’s simply not believable, that a male cult leader’s wife would not also be a member of the cult.
    In fact, it’s not believable that the cult leader would have chosen anyone for a spouse who wasn’t ALREADY in the cult. If Ella wasn’t a cult member herself, and doesn’t have the alleged tattooing…then the whole story has to be a crock of bull.

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    • Yes, I have wondered about this. I’ve never heard of a real cult in which one spouse was unaware not only of their spouse’s involvement, but also of the actual existence of the cult.

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  3. Somebody shoulda been watchin “Rosemary’s Baby” instead of Zorro! Jolly Good Show Tracy and E.C. ” And the walls came tumbling down. Or, let it fall down ,let it fall down, let them all fall down together” Giddy-Yap Giddy Yap Rawhide! Round up those Durty Dogies!!

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  4. Ella had more chance of seeing any potential anal abuse marks/bruising on the children’s bottoms, as she regularly gave the children enemas. Not many UK mothers have that kind of close up relationship with their children’s nether regions, which, given the level of abuse, would have been immediately visible.

    Another thing we do not know whether happened or not: P and Q said they were the only two of twenty special children that did not have tattoos, it could be possible some of the other named children were examined, under safeguarding procedures, when the enquiry began. A thousand things could have happened, and the public would never know. The first thing the dickheads need to know is that they cannot judge a case without all of the evidence. It would be like watching a one-sided court case in which the accused did not have a voice. I remember watching a UK daytime series which showed both defence and prosecution sides, I often thought the accused was guilty until I saw what the defence had to say. So it is with this case, the background is of paramount importance. Context is everything.

    It could also be that named people on the list went to GP’s, Police etc to ‘exonerate’ themselves. The police/GP would not divulge this kind of information due to what normally exists around sensitive information and client confidentiality. Do the dickheads expect to be party to such information? Do the police run some kind of blog or something where they could read all the details of the investigation? My understanding is that the CRIS report, which many rely on for ‘facts’ is not expected to be a full account of all of the details of what happened according to a time-line, it is, I think, a document that collates SOME but not all information relating to any investigation. For example, a witness statement may be kept in another database. For example, we never saw details of RD’s interview in the CRIS report, but we know word for word what was said. And here is another example of skewed reporting: Ella’s interview. Why has Ella not released this in her body of evidence? Hmmm. Wonder what that contained?

    Re the evidence of Abe drawing the five-pointed star, so beautifully captured by the camera: We also see Ella’s ‘hand’ in this picture: Focus on the belly-button. And the figure. An outline to help with the project. The person who drew these parts was not a young child, but by someone with some life-art training. Ella studied History of Art, so I think this would be a required part of the course.

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    • Yes, one of the things that I find disturbing about the public reaction to this hoax is how so many people appear to believe that they have an absolute right to examine any and all evidence in the case. They—we—do not. We don’t have access to personal, private information that’s shared with police, until or unless that information becomes part of the evidence in open court.

      Very good point about Ella’s interview, too. We will never know what that contained, because she has chosen not to share it (though she’s had no such compunction about sharing everything else).

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    • Well said. It beggars belief, that so many of the people encouraging this crusade, also shout so loudly about THEIR privacy, when invaded, or threatened. The ones who advocate hiding behind masks, fake id’s, not for protection, but so that they can hide in amongst vulnerable groups, to abuse them, or whatever else their agenda demands, or their personal vendetta. I’ve just been made privvy to exactly what Heather wrote about me, to this blog, so much for me running it eh ?…… I will be enlisting support to take whatever action is possible. If anyone else decides to take action, I will support them in whatever way able. I’m serious too, regarding gaining audience with whoever can help to stop this happening. Adding, Aiding, if I can.

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    • If those children had been raped by dozens of people as claimed (in the swimming pool change rooms) they would have severe internal injuries. It’s highly likely they would not live through such trauma let alone excitedly relate the tales to a video camera (after being threatened with being buried in the desert) and to police.

      Such fine details do not deter these hoaxers as they find bits and pieces to confirm their preconceived notions.
      More proof they have a sickening fixation on child sex and abuse and seem most unhappy that it did not happen, rather they are quite excited at the idea babies had their throats cut and were eaten.

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    • “We also see Ella’s ‘hand’ in this picture: Focus on the belly-button. And the figure. An outline to help with the project. The person who drew these parts was not a young child, but by someone with some life-art training.”

      That’s an excellent point Anna! – A child who quite clearly cannot draw a face could not possibly draft either the shape of the figure so accurately (I not how the legs are positioned too now) nor would they know how to render shape and depth to the belly-button.

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    • This man speaks a lot of sense, we all like conspiracy theories but there are a lot of nutters who take it way too far, the Hampstead hoax is a particular nasty and spiteful hoax that has targeted and demonised everyday people. I cant imagine the toll this has taken on the people who were named, Christie needs to be dragged back to England and put on trial.

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    • The grandad of trolls. Well before the internet Wilson and his friends were putting out misinformation about the Illuminati. They were writing letters to magazines and organisations sayng the most ridiculous things and people took them seriously. If Michelle Remembers started the SRA nonsense off then Wison started the Illuminati nonsense. You couldn’t make it up? He did!

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    • No offense intended, but this is incorrect: “If you trace the modern-day thinking about the Illuminati back all roads lead to Robert Anton Wilson and his associates…”

      Bob Wilson & Robert Shea were just satirizing the real disseminators of modern Illuminati theorizing, who both pre-dated them and were sometimes contemporaneous with them. On the right (politically), there was a long line of Evangelical paranoids including the Birchers, Willis Carto & Spotlight, John Todd, etc. On the left there were professional paranoids like Mae Brussel. Wilson and his friends were mocking and making fun of these folk.

      It is true, the “discordians” ran some satirical Illuminati material in undergound press publications, but that article you referenced didn’t say anything about the nefarious Illuminati & paranoia materials that appeared in those publications, which Wilson et al were mocking. There are a lot of nefarious things about the history of “Tuesday’s Child” underground paper which I will take to my grave with me, but one of the better known things they got up to was running nefarious Illuminati & paranoia materials.

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      • Okay, maybe I was going a bit far. But, they spread this info about a lot and I keep tracing things back to them and people take them seriously! Not just underground publications either – Playboy! – which had a vast readership.
        Take your point though. 🙂

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        • @MC – there is a lot of “historical revisionism” going on at this time (and for the last 20 years or so). I call it hysterical revisionism 🙂 Some authors of this deliberately deceptive mis-interpretation of recent history are far-right, some are far-left, some are just seeking fame in “truther” circles by pretending to discover “hidden secrets” of their own imagining or concocting. People like Dave McGowan, William Ramsay (has his head rammed so far up his ass that he can see out of his bellybutton), even Adam Golightly can be questionable. So, it is necessary to be skeptical about “interpretations” of people like Bob Wilson.

          You know that Bob Wilson was a playboy editor at the time of that prank? I’m sure that everyone there was in on the joke. 🙂

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    • If Angela hates Beltane so much she should go to Edinburgh to get away from it. I’m sure she’d find that a bit more comfortable. 🙂
      (Just google)

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    • Did anyone else notice the blue thumbs up as Angie is going through her video comments. She is thumbing up her own videos…Ha haha

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    • 22:01 – She shits herself when she realises that the HR page she’s opened is the one with the screenshots of Heather Brown slagging her off and plotting against her and Tracey Morris…and she immediately closes it and runs away Classic stuff 😀

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    • The lying old slapper is still claiming we doctor our screenshots and denying her vile death threats to Mr. Dearman. Sorry folks but every time she says that, I feel duty-bound to re-post this 100% genuine, undoctored, unadulterated screenshot that she even backed up with her own words in at least two videos at the time:

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    • Lol nice one Barchon. Echo Truths thinks she is clever yet all she does is read out other peoples posts from Reddit and calls it research. Why do these idiots think they should receive money for what they do, always on the scrounge.

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  5. I’m a little puzzled at the interest in Tattoos from the “Troofers”. Several hundred people have been falsely accused. It would not surprise me if a few of them did have tattoos on or around their genitals by the law of averages. It is merely circumstantial evidence and no conviction can come from it.
    The tattoo argument is a dead argument because of this.

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      • just as the words “crown of willies” echoes back at you, from those cold, dark cave walls, you become aware of a presence behind you. You attempt to turn round as fast as you can but as soon as you try, a waft of stale ciggie breath on the back of your neck, the stench of gin, werthers originals and Old Spice, tells you that it is already too late.
        The inevitable bum grab follows immediately, and you are transported to the kitchen of an old witches apartment in Lanzarote, y’know, the one within easy reach of the local Spar shop and Mulligans Bar.

        You awake feeling groggy, not knowing how many hours have past, or how you got to be in this bed, wearing just a pair of boxer shorts to cover your dignity.
        You stumble out of the bedroom into the living room to see the old witch lifelessly tapping away on her magical box machine. Hearing you enter the room, the witch turns round to greet you, and flashes you a crooked smile.
        “So, you want to see the crown of willies”, she snarls in a deep husky voice, “you have paid the toll fee already, in the kitchen and the bedroom, so I shall send you on your journey, across the ocean, towards a place they call England”. “There, you will find your crown of willies, young man” she continues, whilst puffing on a cheap ciggie, “there my love, your path will be filled with darkness and many months, even years, trapped in Limbo, but if you must seek out ‘the crown of willies’, then you have no choice but to venture forrward.”

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        • Why bother with all that tedious kerfuffle when one can simply visit and fullfil that ridiculous fetish by ordering one at a snip for £6.99 (free P+P mainland uk).Honestly what bunch of total dickheads.

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          • Bahaha I worked with a girl who’s boyfriend hosted role playing adventure games at the local university.
            I can only imagine it was a little something like this, lol.

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  6. Mae Brussel never Intentionally misled People like the One’s who were trying to Smear her excellent Warren Commission research cited by Volumes and page and cross-referenced. She was “fed” bad info sometimes by hoaxers or lying “authors” like E.H. Hunt to discredit. Mark Jonestown Lane was the biggest hoaxin bastard of them all. Her work predicted Trump long ago. I knew he would win from “Meghan Kelly’s Bloody Eyes” and I’m no Liberal! Who said with any credibility that Mae was paranoid? She called the Super FAR FAR Right Take Over of U.S. and Warned U.S. Long Ago. I’ve got 500 hrs of her broadcasts, most of it is really good info! Her Watergate work is tops also!


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