UPDATE: Rupert Quaintance in court today

We have received word that Rupert Quaintance will attend Southwark Crown Court this morning at 10:30, bringing forward another attempt to vary his bail conditions.

On 28 February, Rupert pleaded not guilty to five counts of Harassment 4, harassment putting people in fear of violence. The trial was set to begin on 21 August, pending witness availability.

A previous attempt to have his bail conditions varied was unsuccessful.

A second attempt one week later led to the judge permitting Rupert to have a copy of his passport back, to be used for identification purposes. At that hearing, the judge said he would not consider any further variation of the bail conditions until the 21 August trial date is confirmed.

We will continue to follow this story, and will bring updates as we receive them.

As always, while this case is sub judice we would ask our readers to refrain from speculation as to its outcome.


5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Rupert Quaintance in court today

  1. Late last summer one of the employees of a work neighbour of mine was hassled outside in the yards while unloading their van. The guy happens to be Asian, a Sikh who wears a turban and a nicer more helpful bloke you couldn’t hope to meet. The thing he was unloading was a kind of tool belt thing with square pods that contain batteries which he’d flung over his shoulder to pick up other things when the cops just pulled up jumped out their car and started shoving him around. They were well out of order with the boy and even argued with his boss when he pointed out their stupidity. In contrast, it’s funny how far a white face lets you go unchecked when terrorism is on your agenda, I wonder if the young Sikh lad was moving house now whether he’d need to get to hire a van? And if the Customs people still let white-faced people in without a word even though there are dozens of warnings sent in about them beforehand?


  2. Thanks for the updates E.C. The amount of work your crew has put in on this blog is Amazing!


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