ITNJ co-founder blamed Sacha Stone & friends for its failure

Whatever became of that massively important and potentially world-changing ITNJ “Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse” which ended two weeks ago? Last we heard, Sacha Stone’s lackeys were proclaiming the event an amazing success after the second day…and then last week Mr Stone posted yet another exercise in empty grandiosity on his Facebook page:

Sacha Stone 2018-04-30The perpetrators of the fancy-dress stage trial “Judicial Commission of Inquiry” held a “summation” session in a rather grand-looking venue. It had massive Gothic-style windows and a fireplace large enough to roast a boar. Several boars, even. Très magnificent, and probably very impressive to the suckers at whom the ITNJ is aimed.

What was said? No one knows. Or seems to care.

Were any useful conclusions reached? Almost certainly not.

So what was the purpose of all this?

We were puzzling over this when we heard from Smut Clyde, whose Riddled blog helped set us on the trail of Mr Stone in the first place.

He kindly pointed us in the direction of a blog which may or may not have been written by one Rebecca Cope, yet another Freeman-on-the-lander who identifies herself as a co-founder of the ITNJ Initiative, American Chapter, circa 2014–15.

Ms Cope no longer associates with Sacha Stone, nor with his current BFF, Caleb Skinner, formerly a trustee of the One People’s Public Trust, which we’ve discussed here of late.

In fact, Ms Cope is downright peeved with Sacha and Caleb, who apparently indulged in some serious shenanigans at a time when Ms Cope was devoting herself body and soul to trying to make the ITNJ work.

We grant you, this was a quixotic enterprise at best, but at least Ms Cope seemed to have believed in what they were trying to achieve. Sacha and Caleb, it would seem, were somewhat less dedicated to the world-changing ideals which they were all supposed to be supporting.

We know. We were shocked too.

Power struggles

According to Ms Cope,

Sacha Stone called Missouri “The Ripping Point.”  Indeed, for the American Team, it was the point of no return.  We learned that Sacha, and by extension, Caleb Skinner and Sir John Walsh, had a very different agenda for the ITNJ and that none of them had bothered to tell us about it.

During an online strategic planning session in July 2015, Ms Cope said,

Our goal was to make sure we had all the Foundation Documents for the ITNJ secure, and that we had a detailed map and timeline to get an informed Grand Jury in place, hold Moot Court, and get ready for the first case of the ITNJ toward the end of 2015.

It was the same plan we had been moving steadily forward for more than a year. We fully intended to keep the power in the hands of the people.

Our plan unfolded nicely.  We had defined clear boundaries, set out a strategic path, and had a committed team ready to see that the work got done.

However, it was not to be.

It was the Strategic Plan set out in front of Sacha Stone, Caleb Skinner, and John Walsh and Team on July 21, 2015 that revealed the hidden agendas of the others.  Caleb Skinner was supposed to be working on the case management software.  At that meeting, it became clear his influence had shifted the entire framework of the ITNJ.  Walsh revealed his true attitude toward the Grand Jury Model and his own intent to hold the first case immediately.  The Grand Jury could be drafted from the Telephone Book, as per Walsh, should he ever need one.

Drafting a “Grand Jury”, the cornerstone of any self-respecting FOTL event, from a telephone book? Horrors! [Do telephone books even exist any longer?—Ed.]

The power struggle between Ms Cope and the triumvirate of Sacha, Caleb, and “Sir” John Walsh exploded: while Ms Cope and others on the American team were expected to give their all to the ITNJ project on a volunteer basis, the money raised via crowd-funding was going to pay Mr Walsh’s inflated rates; the rest was going straight into Sacha and Caleb’s pockets.

It’s not clear why this should have come as a surprise to anyone familiar with any of the three; but Ms Cope seems to have been taken completely off-guard. Then again, she also believes in FOTL woo, so she was probably also shocked to learn that the tooth fairy was not real.

Of course a troofer power struggle wouldn’t be the same without a heated defence, and Sacha did not disappoint:

As  a matter of record and in response to continued enquiries we are posting the statement originally issued on 15 August 2015 by ITNJ Founder Sacha Stone.

This notice addressed fallacious claims by Rebecca Cope and Sue Rhodes via a slanderous social-media campaign following the removal of Rebecca Cope and subsequent departure of Rhoades.  For the record, Cope was not a founder of the ITNJ, which was founded by Sacha Stone with support by Lewis Montague (ITNJ Trustee), Greg Paul (New Earth Project), and Sir John Walsh (ITNJ Chief Justice) in 2010, four years before Cope was known to us.  The title Founding Director was a courtesy title given after Cope was appointed program director.  Shortly after the launch it became apparent that Cope was forging a US-centric vision of the ITNJ which was threatening to destabilise the credible international roll-out let alone its foundational vision.  The matter was raised in multiple venues and ignored. 

It is regrettable that certain members of the alternative media chose to abrogate the central tenet of ‘natural justice’ and prejudiciously cause actual injury to Sacha Stone, Caleb Skinner, Sir John Walsh and the ITNJ Initiative by promulgating untruths, mistruths and egregious allegations.  The Committee to Support the ITNJ and affiliate chapters around the world are united in the certain knowledge that our efforts will continue to gain strength and deliver on the ITNJ’s foundational vision.  We are grateful to our supporters for continued forbearance and grace.

Tl:dr: “She was never even a member of the ITNJ and we only let her in because she promised to work for free. So there, nyah-nyah. Keep that money coming, m’kay?”

Speaking of which…

Where did the money go?

We confess we were amused to read the proposed budget for the ITNJ.

Anyone who’d like to know where their donations to this money-pit went should definitely have a look at at this blog post. You’ll have to scroll down a bit, but you’ll come across delicacies like this:

ITNJ budget 2018-04-30“Chief Judge” = “Sir” John Walsh, by the way. Just so we’re clear. And that’s just his standing fee; he bills extra for things like actually attending “tribunals” in fancy dress, and pretending to judge things.

As it turned out, the first crowdfunding initiative didn’t pan out quite as well as Sacha, Caleb, and John had hoped: ITNJ statement of accounts

We’ll let Ms Cope have the last word here:

We asked them for an accounting of the expenses.  Like, receipts and stuff.  And where’s the “cash on hand, and where was it to be allocated?”  And when was it agreed that Walsh and his team would be paid for work they hadn’t performed for the public?  Our questions were met with — silence.  

It’s been two years since the fundraiser-failure.  Enough time for people to forget that a few “traitors” made their experience with this group publicly known.  Enough time for them to regroup and start with a whole new playbook and a fresh group of hopeful volunteers to go out and find them some money to play with.

They can keep this game going for as long as they want.  They have nothing to lose, as long as they continue to be reimbursed by an uninformed public. 

Sacha Stone 2018-04-22.png

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  1. Well, we all thought it was dodgy didn’t we.

    I’m still trying to get my head round why ‘the people’ all have titles. I tell you, if we can choose a title I want to be KING!

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  2. Thanks for updating us on the antics of that space cake, EC.

    Speaking of which, here’s an update on Miles Johnston, lol:

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  3. That “ClaimsOfTheLiving” blog mentions in passing that the ITNJ had forfeited support from South Africa as well as from the US enthusiasts. In this connection, it is edifying to read the account on the ITNJ archives of the first “court case” they pretend to be working on, which is a network of South African Freemen versus the South African state:

    The South African state did not take the charges against them very seriously, and did not dissolve itself as requested: “The Applicant UZA was represented at the hearing by its Administrator, Brother Thomas, and Counsel, Miss T, who both attended the hearing from Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately there was no appearance from the Respondent. There were some issues with service of the application onto the Respondent.”…
    “Unfortunately, and despite numerous attempts by both UZA and the ITNJ to advise the Respondents to attend the hearing, there were no appearances from either the Republic of South Africa or the Constitutional Court of South Africa.”

    After a third “Directions Hearing” (that is, a third Skype session between the UZA plonkers and some bedsitting room in Melbourne that Mr Walsh prefers to call his Chambers), “the matter was ready to proceed to a trial”, but it seems to rest in abeyance. I suspect that the South African Freemen looked at the bills they were receiving from Mr Walsh and realised that there was no point in throwing any more Krugerrands down the rat-hole.

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    • I see in the first post they were ‘repaying $8000 grant from Humanitad Foundation’
      Seems quite the incestuous little cluster of ‘organisations they had going on there, have a look at how many names appear on multiple lists….

      So Stone was using the ITNJ to pay $8000 to Humanitad Foundation
      Who is Humanitad?

      So he was paying $8000 from the ITNJ crowdfund to pay- himself!
      (why does that not surprise me?)

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        • So Humanitad ‘loans” ITNJ $16000 (oh Reilly??) and then the ITNJ crowdfund has to repay this ‘loan’

          Nice little scam

          (and of course for the crowdfunders (ie one born every minuters) they see that ITNJ got a foundation ‘grant’ of $16000 and think it must all be legit and chuck $$$ at it)

          and of course the ITNJ barrister at law wouldn’t have any issues with this situation

          ITNJ – International Tribunal for Natural Justice
          Dr Chris Cleverly – Barrister At Law

          Oh look

          Sacha Stone – Founder
          Dr Chris Cleverly – Strategic Affairs

          no conflict of interest there then….


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    • Good, if belated, thinking.

      The “Claims of the Living” blog is just a treasure trove of Sacha goodies, isn’t it?

      I’m thinking there are people who’ve been asked to and are considering working with Sacha Stone and his globetrotting roadshow because he’s so good at making it look like a fun gig. For him, it is. For you, it’s hard work and endless Deadlines.

      Working for the Committee, your primary job is raising money and making the ITNJ and The Titles look good. Knowing the law isn’t a prerequisite. This is because knowing the law will cause you to question The Titles and their actions, and they are known to get highly offended and tell you how you’ve insulted them if you speak out in protest. If you really want to piss them off, show them evidence. But be forewarned, the Title Tantrum is a very unpleasant experience.

      You’ll learn The Script and be told you’re becoming part of a global change on the planet you’ve only dreamed of. You’ll be introduced to The Others, too. The Others stay in the background somewhat so you never really get to know them personally. At any one time, they’re a mixture of globalists, some Purported Experts in certain fields, Old Money, and Big Names, and appear to come and go. You’re a little confused, but impressed nonetheless.

      The Titles will be your main source of daily direction in how things work. All of them so far have been kind, gracious, and charming, not to mention very grateful that you’ve volunteered your precious time to help them get through their complicated daily lives and you wonder why the whole world isn’t jumping on this bandwagon, and why The Titles are so in need of your help.

      The Titles will put you under the capable yet endless supervision of Andrea, a most loyal follower of The Titles who’s stuck by them through thick and thin. Andrea likes our work so much that she’s plagiarizing it to promote the ITNJ on its second attempt at credibility (providing safe haven for pedophiles) on the world stage, and shortly we’ll be showing our gratitude for the honor in a way only a group of American legal nerds could be expected to respond. Anyway —

      If you have a Big Name, expect to be the recipient of a short, but charm-filled call from Sacha Stone Himself, arranged by one of his Senior Volunteers, and shortly thereafter, a gracious, graphic-filled and formal-looking digital invitation will arrive in said Big Name’s inbox inviting Big Name to grab a title out of the hat and take said Big Name’s place among The Others. The digital version of a formal invitation looks expensive but cost them nothing because it was created by a starry-eyed volunteer who likely skipped breakfast and lunch to get it done by The Deadline so Sacha could sign it before leaving for somewhere on another donor-funded vacation. The volunteer is too busy meeting The Deadline to notice the invitation went out to a well-known globalist.

      The Titles are most interested in the audience following the Big Name. This gives them the credibility they lack because the actions of the Titles don’t match their words, and the Titles are well aware of this.

      The Titles don’t ask for much time or work from the Big Name. This makes it easy for the Big Name to say yes, and easy for The Titles to start counting the dollars that might arrive in their bank account given by the audience of said Big Name, due to the plastering of said Big Name all over their websites and a one-minute recording of an endorsement of The Script that they can post on Youtube. All the Big Name can do is a one minute ditty, because the Big Name doesn’t know enough about the ITNJ to do two. It just sounds good.

      You’re pretty sure this Big Name is a globalist, and you voice your concerns to The Titles, who promptly poo-pooh them. This is the New Paradigm, they say. Stop that insulting behavior and get with the program, we all have to work together on this planet. Everyone is invited to join the effort, shame on you for not knowing this simple fact.

      You sit back and watch the one minute ditty on YouTube in awe, smacking your head because you’re not yet there … you just don’t have the consciousness of the New Earth. But someday you will. Keep making those digital invitations and you, too can be one of The Titles. Or The Others. Or a Big Name. Just follow The Script and everything will be good.

      And don’t fear — you’re one of the privileged few who get to watch Sacha and The Titles and The Others and the Big Names go on vacation and host parties and teas and conferences with the donation money you worked hard to put into their non-profit pockets. They are working for humanity and the good of all. If you’re lucky, they’ll even publicly thank you. Just don’t count on it.

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  4. “A fireplace large enough to roast a boar. Several boars, even.”

    Which was pretty handy, as there was certainly no shortage of bores present.

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  5. I’m wary of some of those conveniently round numbers in that first budgeting screenshot.
    Angie did the same when she posted her hilariously fake Kenya accounts.

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  6. As I suspected, it was just a big rort to get themselves a UK holiday at the expense of the deluded.

    Great Moments of Irony # 101 : “This notice addressed fallacious claims by Rebecca Cope and Sue Rhodes via a slanderous social-media campaign”. Slanderous social-media campaign which of course they would never indulge in.

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    • Time for traditional family values says the woman who claims to have married a pedophile, nearly aborted her own daughter and slanders her closest relatives at the drop of a hat.
      Pots and kettles there Angie I think!

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  7. Let me get this right. A group of people who want to save humanity spend quite a lot of time flying (fucking the planet) round the world for nothing. Perhaps they could calculate their carbon footprints and consider how accruing that many air miles is ‘helping’ anything?

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  8. Sigh…shades of Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer and even “Sir” John Patterson.

    In a High Court decision, Associate Judge John Matthews adjudged Tatsuhiko Koyama bankrupt.
    “Koyama regularly writes to politicians and media making allegations about forgeries and judicial bias.
    At the March 3 hearing, Koyama was asked several times if he had a recording device. A previous hearing had been uploaded online.
    Koyama, representing himself, said he did not. Six days later he sent an email to media and politicians: “Urgent! Crime of Extortion . . . immediate investigation requested”. The email contained a link to a YouTube recording of the hearing”

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    • Tatsuhiko Koyama is some wannabee crank from Japan who wanted to be be a lawyer in NZ but couldn’t get the necessary “certificate of character”, presumably because he’s a squirmy mendacious little backstabber even by the lax standards of lawyering. Also, for all I know, he couldn’t pass the Latin exams. His various appeals and refusals to pay his bills ended up with the bankruptcy ruling two years ago, but he still skulks around conspiracy sites complaining about the endemic corruption of the NZ legal system that he wanted to join.

      His various screeds and interviews are more entertaining if you read them in a Peter Cook voice.

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    • “Also lived in 49 homes in 7 countries on 3 continents so a lot of my research is first hand Intel altho I spend a lot of time with online research too.”

      So I think that’s a yes, Gary.

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    • What was the third continent she lived on? All the countries I’ve heard her mention as having lived in have been in Europe and North America.

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      • Secret base under the Antarctic ice?

        She doesn’t say how many planets she’s lived on.


          • Ah, good old World geography. Arguably not our island nation’s strong point, lol.

            On ‘Pointless’ last night, two women were asked to name any country that doesn’t have an ‘L’ in its name.

            One said the Ganges. The other said Alaska.

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