Update: Wesley P.P. Hall trial continues

We’ve been keeping an eye on the trial of Wesley P.P. Hall in Manchester Crown Court this week. Mr Hall, who is charged with possession of a weapon and Section 39 assault, was in court on Wednesday (put over from the original date on Tuesday); it’s now expected that his trial will last four days, rather than the three which were originally anticipated.

According to the Manchester Evening News,

Wesley Hall is accused of giving G4S employee Mike Pickford a ‘dead leg’ with a mop handle so ‘200 protesters’ could get past security workers trying to stop them from getting in.

The incident is alleged to have happened after Mr Hall, founder of outreach project Manchester Angels, made a speech about cuts causing a ‘150 per cent increase’ in the city’s homeless population and shared a platform with Bez from Happy Mondays at a rally in Piccadilly Gardens.

Footage of the alleged town hall incident has been played in a Manchester Crown Court trial where Mr Hall denies charges of common assault and possessing an offensive weapon.

The 34-year-old, of Castle Street, Nelson, says the group intended to sit in the ceremonial council headquarters for a ‘peaceful protest’, and that he did not assault the worker.

Jurors were told that the incident happened in April 2015, when a march for the homeless was held in the city centre to coincide with other events across the country.

Video footage, which you may view on the Manchester Evening News site, shows the moment when Mr Pickford’s leg buckles, allegedly after being jabbed with the mop handle, which had been put to use as a makeshift pirate flag.

The court heard that Mr Hall has 11 previous convictions for violence or public order offences. He stated that he’s now a reformed man, and described himself as a public benefactor, whose only wish is to give of himself to help the homeless and downtrodden of Manchester.

Asked whether he had jabbed Mr Pickford with the pirate flag pole, Mr Hall stated, “Definitely not”; he also claimed that he had not used any force whatsoever against Mr Pickford.

In this photo (below) from an April 2015 article in the Manchester Evening News, Mr Hall (maroon jacket) can be seen wielding the mop handle/flag pole in question.

The trial continues today.


Photo: Matt Ratcliffe, Manchester Evening News

43 thoughts on “Update: Wesley P.P. Hall trial continues

  1. As a member of the public, I find it so reassuring that someone can be found guilty of violent assault 11 times and still be at large. Thank you, legal system – you make me proud to be British.

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    • If there’s one thing that Mel doesn’t talk about it is Trolls, you never hear her mention the word or spend half of a video rabbiting on about trolls and how they don’t bother her in the slightest. 🙂 Surely a mighty Oak tree would be better suited to holding the Earth up.

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  2. Those wankers at CCN are still shamelessly promoting Pizzagate (and I hold Mel Ve fully responsible).


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    • Its funny how Mel Ve seems to be involved with all the high profile fake abuse cases and scams, either she is the unluckiest person in the world or she is trying to discredit real victims of abuse, and Eilish Deavalon? a friend and supporter of Christie and Ella, two wanted child abusers! do these twits have the support of any victims groups I wonder?


    • Elish..”my opinion goes right back to…” as she claims the Old Testament is full of blood letting and so on so that proves, errr, pizzagate must be true. That’s the pizzagate this mob hadn’t even heard of until a month ago.
      I love how they ramble on about research and investigations when all they do is surf the net.

      I’m sure in Broadmoor when shrinks have group therapy sessions for their most deranged patients they have to listen to guff like this.


  3. 😀 Another one for the hypcrisometer to cope with…

    By the way, since when does screenshotting someone’s own confession (without even agreeing with it) class as defamation of character? LOL

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    • Can I add an ironymeter too, seeing as those rants about us breaking the law are on the thread calling for everyone to break the law? 😀

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    • This Netski clown; Scottish by any chance? – They’re using an oddly-Scottish phrase. And no, it’s not defamatory to repeat something the individual concerned has admitted themselves. – I suspect a lawsuit where Netski comes from is something you order from Kays Catalogue for your upcoming trial – a rite of passage for many a doleite waster.

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  4. Have you seen that Sabine has done an interview on the Richie Allen show?

    Isn’t she breaking the Restraining Order?

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    • If she has mentioned the Hampstead Hoax, or anything that would direct people to (mis)insformation about it, she has.

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      • They are discussing Ella Draper at 23:00, so that must count as a breach.

        Richie Allen seems to be talking about Angie’s “child hunt” fantasies at 26;00.

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      • The usual moaning and groaning with her “oh woe is me” attitude and this ghastly truther “radio host” neglects to mention every matter Sabine has been involved in ended in tears for everyone.
        McNeill is clearly in breach of her criminal restraining order as the show is a promotion of Hoaxtead. She also neglects to mention she pleaded guilty when she doesn’t believe she is – all her actions demonstrates that she thumbs her nose at the court process. She is in contempt of 2 restraining orders ( as is Richie Allen) and an Injunction and needs a spell in prison.

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        • Have you also noticed how long and detailed Richie’s questions are? I’ve zoned out by the time he gets to the ends of his questions. He excels in the art of circumlocution.

          He also has a nasty habit of putting words into his interviewees’ mouths. “You must have felt shocked by all of this, mustn’t you.”

          Nasty, spiteful little amateur who has no right to be polluting the airways with his lies, stupidity and incompetence.

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  5. The footage doesn’t show much so even if he did hit the security man it’s no surprise he would be found not guilty. Only time will tell if he can truly change but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time he faces the inside of a court room, nor the last time he will claim to have changed.

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      • New man my arse.
        Surely we all have sympathy for the homeless and the lack of affordable housing is possibly the UK’s main social problem but goats like this one become agent provocateurs who damage causes. Everything he does reeks of a person attempting to empire build on the backs of unfortunate people and others who have no other way of expressing their frustration at the problem.
        Another who is like a vampire sucking the air out of causes that everyone should support. Pity he isn’t found guilty of something if only for the fact a jail term keeps him out of trouble and prevents him from inflaming others to take actions that are not only useless and unproductive but tend to turn possibly sympathizers right off.
        Everyone has a limit to the compassion that makes them support others in strife but it’s a normal human condition to simply find a reason to switch off when confronted with a problem we seemingly cannot solve.

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        • The new man like the metaphorical changes of pants is of little use with a victim of the runs who will always smell of the shit that emerges from his over-active rectum.


  6. Just to ensure that everyone gets to see this…

    Taken from the wikipedia entry about John DeCamp:
    “This was confirmed by The Washington Times, “Mr. Spence arranged at least four midnight tours of the White House, including one June 29, 1989, on which he took with him a 15-year-old boy whom he falsely identified as his son.” [10] The boy Mr. Spence claimed to be his son, was later identified as foster child prostitute, Paul Bonacci”.

    That statement is false. It’s impossible. Paul Bonacci’s date of birth is 8/3/67, according to the “Report of Psychiatric Clinical Interviews With Paul Bonacci” conducted by Dr Beverly Mead on behalf of Nebraska department of corrections – which you can find in the appendix to “Franklin Scandal” by Nick Bryant. That makes Bonacci age 21 or 22, on June 29 1989, depending on how you read slash-dates. (Presumably, March 8, 1967?).

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    • @SV – this is for you, buddy:

      Paul Bonnaci had a tragic childhood. A small boy with odd mannerisms and “victim” written all over him, Bonacci was repeatedly physically and mentally/emotionally abused by older relatives and other children, and sexually abused by older boys as well. It’s likely that he really did start prostituting himself to men in his neighborhood or at area parks, aged nine or ten years. Bonacci may well have engaged in prostitution and destructive, criminal acting out throughout his teen years. All of these things are likely to have been his reality.

      On the other hand, all of his alleged experiences alongside the other 3 young whistleblowers, (Troy Boner, Danny King and Alisha Owen), are falsehood and fantasy. This is easily proven by the fact that none of the other three young adults, whose statements were taken prior to Bonacci’s, say anything at all about him in their statements. None of them name Bonnaci as another boy abused alongside them at parties or on trips, nor do they even describe an un-named boy who could have been Bonnaci, who was often in the same place at the same time as themselves. But in Bonnaci’s statements, he portrays them all as well known to each other, by name, having been abused together dozens of times – and even, that the other three were often instructed to rape or otherwise physically torture Bonnaci during their alleged joint sexual exploitation by the same network of adult perverts. In Bonnaci’s portrayal of events, the torment and humiliation of Paul Bonnaci was always the perpetrator’s primary goal – one or another of the other three youths being there simultaneously simply to act out group abuse of himself. If anything remotely like this scenario had really been happening, the three others couldn’t possibly fail to remark that tormenting Paul Bonnaci was a central feature of all their abuse experiences. In point of fact, they never mention him at all. And that is because they had never met him, or even heard of him, prior to having Bonnaci’s statements disclosed to them.

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  7. How many young pizzagate-pushers were exploited by this pervert?


    “A 24-year-old Moncton man remains behind bars, accused of luring hundreds of boys in several countries into sharing intimate and illegal images and videos of themselves online.
    As investigators comb through the evidence, they’re also trying to identify the many victims, which could top 2000”.

    A little mis-directed malice going on perhaps? Very few of this man’s victims have come forward. Would you?

    Perhaps it might be easier to release some pent-up rage – against imaginary elite pizza-pedo conspiracists – than to acknowledge & accept their own victimization?
    But there’s nothing to be ashamed about, boys. There are thousands of us, males & females, who have been exploited by pornographers as youngsters – dating all the way back to the ’50’s. I understand, it won’t be easy, but come forward to police if you can. Ask for help, if you need it. Let your loved-ones in on your secret, if that’s safe for you. And stop scapegoating innocents that never did you any harm.

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