Maurice Kirk’s alleged conspiracy to kidnap Musa kids

Regular readers might recall our reports last month on the African adventures of Sabine McNeill’s friend Maurice Kirk, who refers to himself as “the Flying Vet”: he managed to crash land several times while tagging along with a vintage aeroplane rally, before finally ditching in South Sudan. The story was picked up by several media outlets as a “human interest” item—headlines along the lines of “Daredevil pilot’s ordeal after South Sudan crash” sprouted across the internet.

We’ve mentioned some of the less savoury aspects of Mr Kirk’s adventures over the years, including various convictions for common assault, death threats, and destruction of property, not to mention his being struck off as a veterinarian due to conduct that would bring the profession into disrepute.

Mr Kirk is also known as the McKenzie friend of the Gloria and Joseph Musa, whose children were removed from their care because of their extreme cruelty:

From The Telegraph, 14 August 2012:

Two cruel parents convicted of a decade long campaign of abuse against their kids after Coronation Street star Michelle Collins gave evidence against them were jailed for seven years each today.

The Nigerian couple, who claimed their kids were possessed by evil spirits, beat them with brooms, hoovers and wires and even gave their baby a morphine overdose just days after her first birthday.

The kids were finally rescued after their eldest daughter threw a heart-wrenching SOS note out of a window….

…The abuse came to the attention of police in April 2010 when their nine-year-old wrote an SOS note and threw it out of her bedroom window.

The heart-breaking plea read: “My mum is the worst mum ever because she can’t cope with five of us, her broken hand and being pregnant. She always leaves me out so I always starve and I am forced to work.

“If I don’t get enough house work done, I am beaten without mercy with the wooden end of a broom. I have scars all over me to prove it. I can’t stay here. I would like a new mum.”

It was found by a neighbour who called the police, and when officers attended the address they found the children living in messy conditions with “dirty” and “dishevelled” clothing.

Revealing scars the eldest said her mother had hit her with a cable, a broom, and a hoover and her father had dangled her by her feet down the stairwell of the house, tied her hands behind her back and her legs together “to get the devilish spirits out”, prosecutor Emma Smith said.

Her sister, who was seven at the time, had a stick shaped bruise of her thigh and after a few months in care, she drew a series of pictures showing her dad beating her and her being left home alone and including a speech bubble saying ‘I’m hungry.’

The children were left home alone for hours, sometimes days on end, with the elder kids forced to look after the others.

They had even been forced to lie to a charity and social services that they were living alone with their mother in one room and had no idea who their dad was so they could scam benefits.

We wonder whether the media outlets that wrote with such amused admiration about Mr Kirk’s bullheaded determination to fly across Africa might have been a bit chagrined to learn about another trip to Africa which he is alleged to have planned in 2011:

maurice-kirk-conspiracy-to-kidnap-2011-09-11Yep, Maurice Kirk was charged with conspiracy to abduct the Musa children, the plan apparently being that he and the parents would locate the children in their foster homes, and he would then fly them back to Nigeria.

In this “witness statement” which he sent to the CPS, he manages to say very little about the actual charge of conspiracy to abduct children, but he does give away a few interesting facts:

  • He states that he went to actress Michelle Collins’ house (she had assisted the Musa children in escaping from their parents), and implies that Ms Collins is involved in child trafficking.
  • He claims that Haringey lawyers “caused Mrs Atkinson to have me jailed”.
  • And he blames everyone but himself for his predicament: it’s the UK Courts, the South Wales Police, Michelle Collins, Haringey lawyers, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy who have caused his predicament, not his own behaviour.

Reading Mr Kirk’s blog account of the matter, it’s difficult to tell exactly what happened: like Sabine, his accounts tend to be riddled with factual errors, delusional leaps of non-logic, and bizarre asides which may or may not pertain to the case:


Ultimately, as we know, the Musas were found guilty of child cruelty, and we believe the conspiracy to abduct charges were dismissed, though we can find no official record of this having happened. If anyone knows of a more reputable source than Mr Kirk’s own blog, we’d love to see it.


98 thoughts on “Maurice Kirk’s alleged conspiracy to kidnap Musa kids

  1. How do people like Maurice Kirk, Sabine Mcneill etc somehow manage to ignore all the facts before them about the abuse the children were suffering at their parents hands? Do they just skip over that part of the story not thinking it is important? These people should not be allowed anywhere near a courtroom unless they are there to face charges of their own.

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    • I completely agree, AF. Every time I read about another case of Sabine or her friends defending an obvious abuser, I wonder what they get out of it. It’s very disturbing.


  2. Phew!

    I just don’t understand how this Motley Crew decide that someone is innocent and that they are being unfairly treated/persecuted by the Authorities?

    How do they know that they’re not being told a pack of lies by the accused and that the Authorities are the ones being deceptive?

    They can hardly know all the facts.

    Is it gut instinct?

    I bet the money they can make from it is the real incentive and the joy at causing as make chaos as they can for the Police, CPS, Social Services etc.

    Have they ever dropped a case because they found the accused had been lying to them?

    I just don’t understand how they can be so sure that the people that come to them are being truthful.

    It would be interesting to hear what the eldest Musa daughter has to say now.

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    • What I notice is that no matter what the children say about their own abuse, Sabine, Kirk et al seem to ignore it in favour of the abusive parents.


          • There may of course be a fair number dotted around various remote African locations adorned in bits of yellow string and clutching empty whisky bottles awaiting the promised return of the now mythical “white birdman who fell from sky and spoke riddles out of bumbum”.


      • They don’t “believe the children”? More ironic hypocrisy – but then, we’ve been noting that right here for a long time, eh? Those who really do defend abusers accuse others of being “pedophile protectors”. Those who really do support or engage in non-custodial parental kidnapping accuse others of kidnapping, sacrificing and eating missing children or imaginary industrial production babies-for-burgers, etc. Up is down and black is white with them, as many have noted.

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  3. I think this bunch are so deprived of attention or are so lacking in self esteem that no-one ever takes them seriously they seize upon any misguided fool that comes to them for aid no matter what the truth of their claims.
    If Jack the Ripper asked them to be his McKenzie Friend they would be writing letters to Her Majesty or the courts claiming Jack is cruelly being persecuted by a cabal of evil prostitutes who taunt Jack by flinging themselves on his dagger and ripping out their own intestines to make Jack look very bad.
    South Wales police would be accused of conspiring with the dead hookers while Sabine McNeill would be recommending the Judge use her 3D Metrics Software for Seeing what You Want to Know.

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    • Yes, and keep in mind that their ultimate agenda is to demonstrate that the Social Services “snatch” children, that they sell them to the highest bidder (who may or may not rape, kill, and/or eat them), and that the police and courts are complicit in all of this.


      • The endless ironies! No wonder the old-school UK SRA nutters wouldn’t touch them – Beatrice Campbell, et al. That crowd WERE child-snatching social workers 🙂

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  4. As if the poor kids had not been through enough! They are then subject to a hairbrained plot to bundle them into a clapped out string driven Heath-Robinson flying contraption piloted by someone clearly sectionable and almost certainly destined to crash land in the middle of nowhere in particular (probably without a paddle).

    On the brightside they would have had plenty of material for school on Monday morning when asked to write what they got up to at the weekend.

    Kirk clearly never got educated propa himself about how stuff works.

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    • I’m STILL chortling over this graphic 🙂
      Not only is it deliciously, inappropriately rude in a very British way – it also brilliantly satirizes the whole concept of the Ladybird Books.

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      • There are some classsic adult ladybird books out there,even one for the rapture.This one really however really cracks me up.

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    • @karnevilnine – Garrr! You’re in the proverbial Rabbit’s Hole there…
      [**WARNING! WARNING! – waving robot arms**] – LOL! Your brain might get sucked dry by all the LYING that went on in that place 🙂

      The link you provided isn’t talking about the Finders, though. This “shadowman” is pointing out, that in 2009 Paul Bonacci was trying to deny that he and Troy Boner ever had a sexual relationship, however in the transcript of Caradori’s taped interview with Bonacci he stated that Troy Boner raped him multiple times on multiple occaisions. The real truth is, Bonacci had never met Troy Boner before being incarcerated for child molestation as an adult.

      Everything that Paul Bonacci has ever said about anything, is a lie. Bottom line.

      If you are researching the Finders…again, there are hundreds of rabbit holes to fall down. You will need to understand about Captain Hubbard (NOT L. Ron Hubbard), the Beatniks, the CIA’s acid-testing, etc.etc.
      All fascinating stuff, however, so enjoy!
      Bottom line there – none of them were ever convicted of crimes against children, because none of them were guilty of crimes against children. And, people who do too much psychedelics behave very strangely 🙂


      • @Justin. Why did you have to go and tell me about the Franklin saga? lol. what a bunch of characters involved in that! The more I learn about it the more confused I am. Is anyone telling the truth? including the authorities? its a conspiritards dream. Sad about the paperboy though.


        • @Karn – “Shadowman claims to be Bonacci dosent he?”
          Could be. I can’t remember who was claiming to be whom, but I think I remember Bonacci posting under his own name not a pseudonym. (I never posted there, by the way, I only lurked).

          What you are seeing at the bottom of Shadowman’s post, is quotes from a live chat feed that once operated on the same site. This chat enabled them to talk about things without leaving a permanent record of what they had said. I pulled lots of juicy stuff from there anyway, however, by copy-pasting conversations as they scrolled by. That chat conversation is not favorable to Bonacci, as it documents his lying.

          I will be glad to try to help you disentangle truth from fiction and answer any questions, but we may put everyone else to sleep 🙂


    • Didn’t they claim the writer S. Hunter Thompson was part of this madness and someone claimed they saw him murder a young boy in a cage?. Then they claimed Thompson was murdered by The Cult to shut him up rather than him committing suicide despite his estranged wife saying she always knew he would because he was a manic depressive who over-indulged in drugs and she twice stopped him shooting himself in the head but he eventually succeeded.


      • Paul Bonacci was enticed to make false statements about Hunter Thompson being a cameraman for child snuff, which is of course a lie. Nick Bryant did establish that Bonacci couldn’t identify Thompson from any of several photos of the man, and therefore never met him. The satan-hunters’ BS excuse for this was supposed to be, that some real snuff cameraman was going around calling himself Hunter Thompson to confuse poor lying SOB’s like Paul Bonacci, rather than accept the fact that Bonacci is a pathological liar.


  5. To bring this around to Coyote’s article above…the Seekers-Finders weren’t kidnapping children, but someone really WAS kidnapping children on behalf of non-custodial parents, and using “the children are in danger of being sacrificed by SRA cults” as an excuse, in the 1980’s. Who was that, again?

    Faye Yager, of course!

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  6. Let’s declare 2017 is the year The Fightback for truth begins (OK maybe a slight hitch with The Don in the USA but perhaps he will open a few eyes)
    This is timely and it’s about time Facebook etc were brought to account for this dangerous claptrap.
    “Revealed: How dangerous fake health news conquered Facebook”

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  7. Can’t imagine why 59-year-old cash-starved money-grabber Angela Power-Disney is so keen on lowering the state pension age for women to 60. It’s a real mystery.

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        • Scamgie really needs to stop fretting about getting her grubby mitts on hoardes of unearned cash she is not entitled to.She should start having nightmares about the proposed internet arsehole tax for people with pretentious doubled barreled names instead.

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  8. Good Morning All! Just stopped laughing at Bergen yakkin about aliens, incest, recess orgies, electroshock, Nordics, ChackraMonkey radiation, 3x’s a Widow? Hmmm? A psycho Black Widow? Citing Complete LOON, Cathy O’Brien?? LOLOLOLOL Anyhoo, that “Toney Heart” using dead Sandy Hook kid’s pic, Noah Pozner, as an avatar is lead Sandy Hoaxer for SHHG on Farcebook and super-sock troll of murder victims! I despise the BUM! And all his lying vile friends. They belong in jail cells and some are!
    Mr. “Hampstead Fruitcake Hunter” did you happen to grab a link from that Toney Heart Comment in re: satanic pedos?? He has been spreading the same shit about the dead parent’s kids being Satanists as Newtown is the East Cost HQ of the Church of Satan….I hate Sandy Hoaxers and want them all in a cell for inflicting intentional emotional harm to these Victims by their extreme and outrageous conduct on and off line! Please inform me wherein I may find “Heart’s” Comment to pass on to his SmartyPants Debunker, “Joel” @ AryanEmpires aka Reich Watch channel. (anti-fascist channel) “Joel” has debunked every Sandy Hoax allegation! His SANDY HOOK COVENANT series exposes the FAR FAR Right links of these Hoaxers, hence the anti-Jewish BS! Joel has slammed “Toney Heart” in vids numerous times, very funny! SRA BS in Newtown also!
    Thanks Mr. Fruitcake Hunter! Cheers, PhilbyChops! 😀
    P.S. Under the humor of bustin these bums, there are Very Serious Issues, as you folks well know!

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  10. So, poor little psycho girl, Scamgella, is “Skint” Again?(impressed w/ my Brit. slang? lol) Of course. Remember that HOLE generation were MK’s so you can’t expect them to work!! Just like Sandy, on SSI/Disability, blah blah blah in her “no drug testing in her law office job” BS? That old law was aimed at AmTrack brakemen and factory workers for safety! If all the lawyers and their staff were drug tested, which they will never be, the Head Honcho may just get caught bonin his crackhead client or secretary like Sandy on his desk and not be re-hired to the prostitutions office!! LMAO :D( Some scum Atty’s soon to be ex in our town’s Atty. called up All the Attys lookin for Crack Dirt or some tramp evidence like Sandy to get a better divorce deal for her Atty. Client!) I wonder if it was Sandy?? LOLOL Yes. Crazy Stuff happens with Attys all the time but Mr. Taj takes the Fruitcake!! What inspired that outburst? Was he being gas-lighted, drugged or just a straight out NUT!? I’ll bet Judge Worsley was SHOCKED and had his clerk do some “hoaxer tactics” research a.s.a.p.! How old is J. Worsley? I’m glad that child line advocate finally addressed these beasts but not at source, I wonder why. Probably just not aware of Ella and Abe’s vid. uploaders tricks. This tech is “new” for the over 55 set that have no IT knowledge like EXPERT Sabine ‘/ and have had support staff to run and use office computers and never HAD to learn the tech details beyond turning on and off. a bit of printing and some “surfing” and shopping…..I felt sorry for Rantzen, not even being Aware of these creeps defaming her work, ect. ect. Those meme shares came from my “Brit/ Circle on G+” the SAME Creeps that spread the kid’s vids claiming to be “Child Advocates” years ago now. Mick Phillpot is probably Bellender’s Hero next to Ian Brady! Hooray for the Devils getting under MopeyScamGirl’s Lizard Skin!!
    Thanks for all the helpful articles and links EC and SS!!
    P.S. So, all those stories about Bonacci and Franklin Scandal are Fake too? Why would Noreen Goesch be involved? Did they scam her in her desperation to find her kid?? Terrible and lots of bad info but Gunderson was later involved with that Liar O’Brien. “ex-fbi” go figure. Is there a compact vid about Bonacci’s debunking? I thought he won some kind of lawsuit? Was THAT fake too?? lolol Oh, the tangled Web in the Interwebs’ Highway of disinfo!! Child Abuse and Child Murder is the worst thing to scam about. What Bastards x/s 1000! Geeez!

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      I’ve already starting adding to these and will keep adding questions as they come. Then maybe I’ll do an updated inquisition video. Feel free to suggest questions for me to add 🙂

      Angie, can I come on your show and get you to explain…

      …what evidence you have that the people of Hampstead are baby-raping cannibals.
      …why you have not passed on the video evidence you claim to have of Ella’s alleged child abuse to the police.
      …why you think it’s ok to rip off Kenyan orphanages.
      …why you, by your own admission, were desperate to move to a country which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the UK or Ireland. (By the way, Spain has extradition treaties with both. D’oh!)
      …why you, by your own admission, used to regularly and sadistically beat your own children with metal T-squares, garden rakes and bamboo sticks.
      ……why you, by your own admission, once beat the living crap out of your own son in a fit of rage.
      …why you regularly badmouth your own kids all over the internet (Josh and Jamie’s hotel
      bills and Josh’s “rough sex problem”, for instance).
      …why you deliberately set out to get Jake Clarke sectioned, then made out you were trying to get him released from the mental hospital.
      …why you frantically deleted all your Rupert Quaintance interview videos right after you’d grassed him up to the police (in order to get back at him for refusing to shag you).
      …why you claim to have written so many non-existent articles for non-existent magazines and newspapers.
      …why you keep changing the subjects for which you claim to have a degree.
      …how you managed to meet “the famous George Michael” several years before Wham had released their first record.
      …how you managed to play the O2 Academy decades before neither it nor the O2 company existed.
      …how you can claim ignorance on who’s donated to your GoFuckMe begging campaign, even though donors are ALWAYS visible to the recipient and CANNOT donate anonymously.
      …why you claim to be related to so many famous people to whom you are in fact in no way, shape or form related (and why you cited an “award-winning genealogist” who does not exist as your source).
      …why you claim to have attended Warwick University, even though you apparently don’t know what city it’s in.
      …why you claim to have written a play upon which, according to you, the ‘Good Will Hunting’ film is based, even though your name does not appear on the official credits and even though the plot and characters of ‘Good Will Hunting’ bear no resemblance whatsoever to said play.
      …why you claim not to have worked for over 30 years, whilst simultaneously claiming to have done a range of jobs during that same time.
      …how you managed to hold a title at Warwick University that does not and never has existed.
      …why you gave out the address of your ex-friend in Brixton, pretended it was yours and invited people to send abusive mail to it.
      …what the hell happened to your supposed “class action” against Hoaxtead Research.
      …how you justify your nasty defamatory smear campaign against Sylvia Major.
      …why you keep posting obviously fake photos of London and Oldcastle in order to pretend you’ve left Spain, when you haven’t.
      …why you claim to have been the ‘Young Journalist of the Year’, when it’s a matter of verifiable historical record that you weren’t.
      …why you faked your attendance at a London child abuse rally, using photos of the Dublin fuel bill march.
      …why you regularly speak inaccurately about videos it’s clear you haven’t viewed and articles you clearly haven’t read.
      …why you bemoan the mainstream media most of the time but are happy to cite them when it suits your agenda.
      …why you think it’s ok to post illegal child porn to your Farcebook page (which you have done on more than one occasion).
      …why you continue to use the fake name ‘Disney’, apparently in honour of your paedophile ex-husband who you claim raped you.
      …why you lived a fake life as someone else in London in the 70s. you managed to bring down the multi-billion-dollar corporation BCCI during your two weeks there as a temp (and despite initially claiming to have loved working there).
      …why you have back-tracked on your glowing, sycophantic comments about Jimmy Savile, whom you initially boasted about meeting.
      …why you suddenly invented abuse allegations about your parents the second they informed you they were cutting you out of their will.
      …why you think it’s ok to bully (living) people into leaving money to you anyway.
      …how you managed to be hunted by aliens in the woods years before you were born.
      …why you think that discredited sources like Kristie Sue Costa and Aaron Dover are reliable. (They hate you anyway, but I digress.)
      …why you claim to have received death threats from associates of Hoaxtead Research, when in fact you have never received any whatsoever.
      …why you have had so many Farcebook bans and so many posts removed.
      …why your back-up Farcebook page has been taken down.
      …why you think Anne-Marie doesn’t deserve Rainbow Farm, when she’s the one who’s put all the work in to it while you’ve sat on your fat scabby arse in Lanzarote.
      …why the Irish police are looking into you.
      …why the UK police are looking into you.
      …why you’re still begging people to pay your fuel bills, despite claiming to have a machine that can generate unlimited electricity for free and a legal right not to pay any bills anyway.
      …why you’ve been dropped by CCN and your supposed friend Melani Vermay.
      …why you continue to beg people to pay 200 Euros a month on your behalf just to broadcast to 3 people on Farcebook Live.
      …why you think it’s ok to harass the families of dead conspiritards and insist they’re not dead when you know full well that they are.
      …why you frequently attack your ex-allies who have called you out on your bullshit.
      …why you’re happy to also put them in harm’s way by revealing personal information about them.
      …what you’re hiding under those ridiculous Cruella de Vil arm-slips. (Heroin syringe pockmarks, perhaps?)
      …why you wholeheartedly support anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying, white supremacist, neo-Nazi wankers like Pervy Peacher, Mel Ve, (the allegedly late) Patrick Cullinane, Richie Allen, Chris Everard, Sabine McNeill, Alan Alanson and John Paterson.
      …why you keep getting the name of Pervy Peacher’s radio station wrong. (It’s Freedom Talk Radio, not Truth Frequency Radio, which is completely unconnected. Oops!)
      …why you pretend to be a Christian, even though God thinks you’re a twat.
      …why you ignore the bits of the Bible that tell you to love thy neighbour, turn the other cheek, not to be envious and not to tell lies about people.
      …why you think everyone who disagrees with you is a “troll”.
      …why you think that all those “trolls” are Ricky Dearman.
      …why almost everyone in the truther community who knows you hates your guts.
      …why you cast spells on people live on air. (Seriously, does that seem normal to you?)
      …where your evidence is to support your claim that Kevin Annett raped a Native American woman.
      …why you lied about “accidentally” stealing the keys to a police station.
      …why you keep forgetting to take your meds.
      …why you’ve repeatedly condoned death threats made to Hampstead residents and Hoaxtead Research associates by Rupert and others.
      …why you have personally issued several death threats to Ricky Dearman.
      …how you can live with the bare-faced hypocrisy of launching so many online hate campaigns against innocent people whilst simultaneously whingeing about “smear campaigns” against yourself.
      …why you think it’s acceptable to attack the families of terrorism atrocity victims within minutes of them being murdered.
      …which of your many wigs is your favourite.
      …why you support convicted paedophiles who happen to be your friends.
      …and most importantly…
      …why you’re such a cunt.

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      • … why do you beg “survivors” to come and be interviewed by you, then not listen to them or try to out do them by claiming to have suffered even more extreme forms of abuse?
        … why do you expect anyone to take seriously your tales involving supernatural and science-fiction tropes such as shape shifting aliens?
        … why, if you really do have information about the misdeeds of powerful and immoral people, has no one attempt to assassinate you?
        … why don’t you get a proper job, like serving in a fish’n’chip shop, rather than begging and scamming in such a pathetic desperate way.
        … why do you blame the loss of your looks on experiments by Nazi doctors (who were well documented as living on the other side of the globe from you at the time) rather than on your excessive drinking and smoking?
        … why do your neighbours think it is necessary to warn men to keep away from you and not lend you any money?

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        • How come all the decent people in your life dont want you in theirs and the only folk that remain in your orbit are criminals,insane or both?

          How come you have not flogged off that Coleen Black painting yet? I would have given you a least a tenner and a packet of woodbine for it.

          When you next pray for the rapture can you put in a good word for Tracey whilst you`re at it.

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    • Very nice, Inquisitor!
      I hope you won’t mind if I add this vid – because the vocals are relevant, and the lip-synch artist is “wearing disguises” 🙂

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  11. Never mind Miss Emily Letilia lol, I found the Bonacci links @Id. but I’d like to know where “Toney Heart’s” THREAT was found?? They are adding up to an arrest for that Vile Bastard!! He has a pattern and needs shutting down! 😀 However, I’d like to Troll and Shame him 1st if possible!! LMAO 😀 Such a louse. Are we sure he isn’t one of Bergen’s LATE Husbands?? hahaha

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    • “We don’t have fake IDs. We don’t make fake profiles.”

      Yeah! I hope you’re listening, Angela Power-DISNEY, Code 2222, Guidance 2222, Lou Lotus, Ved Chaudhari, Cannabis Cures Cancer, Allmoderncons, Butlincat, Jacqui Farmer, Video Man, Earthicastar, Super Earther, Oneperfectoutfit, CGI Pains, Biddy Baboon, Nemesis Green, Hermes Mercurius, Drifloud, Dicky Rearman, Hermes Mercurius Ella Starlight, Tiny Magical Creatures, FansFiltration, UnaRaza, Hampstead Case, Hampstead Research, Hampstead Coverup, Believe the Children, Pray for the Children, Eaten Lives Matter, Jeranism, Aangirfan, Dearman Does Hampstead, etc…? LMAO! 😀

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        • I think they’re both in there already, mate.

          By the way, kudos to our old friend James ‘Satanic Views’ Hind, who according to Angela is now running the blog. Sorry, EC – seems you’re out of a job! 😀

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          • LOL! And hey guess what?

            (lowers voice conspiratorially) SV is…a Satanist! This startling finding is the result of many months of research by the troofers. Congrats, you lot! Nailed it in one.


    • Angie, I’ve had a word with your financial ducks and they’ve all agreed to line up for you:

      They’d just like to know what your policy is on ducks that prefer to “paddle upstream”, if you know what I mean.

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      • Cheeky bitch, big egos!

        Does Tracey own a mirror?

        Slip of the tongue with replacing funding instead of finding?

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      • Patrick Culinane’s body would have had to be identified by a relative so I suppose the entire family is now in on the Talmudic plot to ‘disappear’ the hapless man.
        Tracey’s compassion knows no bounds. You would think someone who has personally dismantled Paramilitary groups and chased off Gerry Adam’s bodyguards out of her front garden would be able to locate Patrick. Couldn’t she pull a few strings with the Attorney General?

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    • I’m trying to get my head round this – if Tracey and Angela are admitting that Abe and Ella are highly untrustworthy and used the truth movement for their own ends and that Ricky was set up by them, then why are they still supporting the hoax?! It doesn’t make sense. Mind you, wasn’t it ever thus?!

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        • Haha, good luck with that, Ange. Let me know when Elvis crash-lands a flying saucer next to the Loch Ness monster in a Brigadoon Car Park, because that’s the day you’ll be allowed anywhere near those kids!

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        • Meanwhile back on planet Earth,it would be deemed a minor miracle if either of these self absorbed,deeply abhorant defective bipeds actually uttered a sentence that could be construed as remotely meaningful.

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    • I suppose it would be pointless to point out to this bunch that making endless Youtube videos in your living room year after year and ‘updating’ your so-called evidence with everyone taking turns to interview each other is hardly a practical way to save all the kiddies that are being kidnapped and turned into pizza dough.


      • Unfortunately Sam this shower appear to have been infected with a peculiar illness which leaves them entirely incapable of distinguishing their arse from their elbow.Whilst your suggestion to point out the bleeding obvious to them is highly laudable,the chance of success would I suggest be akin to doing a 500ft bungee jump with a 600ft bungee.


      • Yes, she’s repulsive in more ways than one.

        I actually feel a bit sorry for Rupert but he was warned.


  12. God, Pervy Peacher doesn’t half creep me out.

    I can’t bring myself to listen to this, after trudging throuh his efforts to interview Kevin Annett yesterday and having nothing but technical difficulties all the way through. I hear he’s having problems with this one too. In fact, that seems to happen every time he broadcasts! Useless twat.

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    • She’s part of this group otherwise known as Paranoids R Us.
      The sad fact is for these wackos is that no-body is targeting them or taking any notice of them so they need to invent an enemy.
      I doubt anyone targets her “digital art’ either so she need not bother with her endless claims of ‘copyright’ as that stuff won’t be appearing at the Tate in this century.


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