Hoaxer in-fighting: Is anyone speaking to anyone any longer?

In the beginning was the Hoax, and the Hoax was with Ella and Abraham and Sabine and Belinda and Angela and Charlotte, and Ella and Abraham and Sabine and Belinda and Angela and Charlotte were the Hoax. And then things started to go to pot.

First, Ella and Abraham denounced Sabine for sharing their very own proprietary videos of RD’s children without their permission. And then they denounced Belinda, for being on the right hand side of Sabine.

But that was all right, because they still had Charlotte, who would say what they wished her to…until she shared the Jean-Clement video out of turn, and then her name was shit too. But that was all right, because Charlotte still loved Belinda, her former landlady, and tolerated Sabine, even though she smelt of mothballs and sour milk. And they all pretended to still love Abe and Ella even though Abe and Ella were denouncing people left, right, and centre.

And then Angela denounced Abe, just a little bit at first but then quite a lot, and eventually Ella too, just a little at first and then quite a lot. But that was all right, because Angela still loved Belinda and Sabine, or at least tolerated them, and spoke to Sabine on Skype so the moth ball thing wasn’t such a big deal.

And then Charlotte started to lose her grip on her blog and everyone started denouncing her, because she started befriending total whack-jobs that no one could stand, like D@vid Sh@uter and Fiona Barnett, and that’s when Kristie Sue, sensing a power vacuum, began her rise to the top of the slag heap, pulling after her her deputy, Sonja Van Gelder (who also hated Angela). And Kristie Sue and Sonya (wearing a Sophia Green mask) denounced Angela, but that was all right, because people were getting sick of her flouncing around pretending to be a Monarch, complete with fake Princess Diana engagement ring.

And now, who’s left?

Kristie Sue has taken the helm, and has been steering the hoax back to its fundamentalist roots. Ella and Abe are modern-day heroes who didn’t beat those children into reciting all that bilge about importing babies via TNT and DHL and little boys being able to ejaculate half-a-quart of semen at a time and little girls miraculously managing to retain intact hymens despite being raped with dildos by dozens of adults per week. The cut and bruises on the little girl’s face must have happened because she walked into a door. A few times. Hard.

In her most recent post on her Believe the Children Facebook page, Kristie Sue and Sonya tear a strip off Angela, just in case she had any ideas about re-taking control of the hoax:

kristie-sue-via-fb-2017-02-03And Angela snaps back:

angela-to-kristie-sue-and-sonja-2017-02-03What’s that old saying about a house divided?

And to mix metaphors with wild abandon, this is feeling more and more like the last days of Rome to us. Anyone want to take bets on how long before Kristie Sue and Sonja start having doubts about one another?

p.s. BTW, Kristie Sue, “Stuck in the Middle with You”, from whence you borrowed for the title of your latest rant, was not written by Bob Dylan. It was written by Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan, and their band Stealer’s Wheel performed it. Which you could have learned with a simple Google search. You’re welcome.

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105 thoughts on “Hoaxer in-fighting: Is anyone speaking to anyone any longer?

  1. All these fruitloops have to do is stay calm, keep a level head and discuss their problems like sane, rational adults. And we all know they’re good at that, right? Oh look, here’s one now…

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  2. Does anyone have a list of who Angela HASN’T fallen out with? I think it’s just Tracey Morris and Neelu now, isn’t it? Still, give it time, lol.

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  3. They reap what they sow, I love the fact they all blame each other while none of them realise how they have been manipulated by Abe and Ella. This will only ever get worse for them and could end up destroying their relationships. Only the true fanatics are left. They are in thrall to that creepy pair Abe and Ella whose announcing of their discovery of eternal youth hasn’t opened their eyes to the fact they are insane.

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    • You know who’s behind all this, don’t you. George Dufort. He’s been manipulating this whole thing from the shadows since day one. We are but puppets to his evil, scheming mind 😀

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  4. He’s a frigging weirdo for want of better words.

    Creepy looking weirdo at that.

    Right up Belinda’s street though.

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  5. And verily it did come to pass hoax shadows did grew long and it meagre bones did lay bare upon the Earth.As the last pale ghost did depart Arfur still well pissed did persist in knocking the shit out of stuff mostly because that was pretty much all he was any good at really.


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  6. Wot no mention of Arfur Earwinkle of West Pennant Hills?. He’s the only one who has walked in the footsteps of Jesus under the Cedar Trees of Lebanon.

    None of this squabbling would have happened if that frigging Rapture had happened last September as Angie promised it would.

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  7. And furthermore….
    Kristie Sue Costa is a hypocrite
    Yes, sites like Twitter and Facebook have bad stuff on them, but particularly in the realm of child sex abuse images, if posts like that are pointed out, they will be removed. Unlike Voat, where they disingenuously change the name of a subverse to make it sound nice…and keep putting up the same nasty stuff. Because “free speech” trumps child sexual abuse. Apparently.

    If Kristie Sue were sincere about ending child trafficking, as she earnestly assured me she was a few weeks back, she’d be on Voat’s case like a dog with a bone. As it is, it sounds less like concern for child welfare, and a lot more like concern for feeding her own ego.

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    • From that same overlong, poorly written, factually flawed post:

      “Our cause of course, to support the mother of the 2 Hampstead children, Ella Gareeva-Draper, in her case seeking justice for her children”

      Yeah? Is that right, Crusty Poo? Then perhaps you’d care to explain why Ella never reported her children’s claims of serious abuse to the police. Hmm? I’ve asked you this on many a thread but you always “accidentally” block me instead of answering. Oops! Butterfingers! So whenever you’re ready, feel free to explain that one to us….

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      • That article is basically several pages of Krustie Poop squirming, whingeing and hole-digging as a knee-jerk reaction to her being caught out by El coyote. Nice work, EC 😀

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      • It’s funny how she doesn’t seem to have an answer for certain questions asked of her isn’t it Spiny? Also when was the last time anyone spotted Ella do anything to seek justice for her children. When have we seen Ella do anything for her children?

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    • “Gareeva-Draper”

      Sooo, the fruitloops can’t decide what the surname of their guru is, so now they’re just saying fuck it, let’s just hedge our bets and double-barrel it. Why is this significant? Because if you don’t know someone’s real name, you probably don’t know them well enough to defend them to the hilt, believe everything they say and launch hate campaigns in their name. Eh, Kristie Sue?

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  8. There really are no words for how vile and disgusting Arfur is, are there? Check out what he says to this person about his daughter:

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  9. Where does he get these words from? Would it be he is a paedopooper? Do you think he has a problem going to the lavatory, or does he watch gay porn. Or is he just a bit anal or ham fisted. Either way he doesn’t sound like he’s very happy bunny.

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  10. It makes me so angry everytime I see any of the Headcases posting bollocks about the Hoax. How any person even with the smallest of intelligence can believe in it is beyond me. The Medical report says Christie abused the children, the children say Christie abused them and made them repeat his vile Pedophilic fantasies, Christie admits to it. The history of long term abuse from the mother including not feeding them properly, giving them enema’s is admitted by herself and well documented.

    The levels of horrendous abuse and frequency of abuse that the mother and boyfriend say has been going on do not tally with any of the medical reports, the damage done would be beyond horrific. Th mother never reported the matter ever to the police and Christie comes along and suddenly all the allegations are aimed at all the people they have had problems with in the past, police, social services, teachers, father etc. A desperate mother about to lose her children and a pedophile boyfriend with a fascination in torturing and hearing children talk about satan and CSA.

    There should be CSA activists and the general public in uproar and hunting these vile creatures down. Christie should be locked up for a very long time and the mother long enough for the children to be grown up and make their own decision as to whether they want any contact or not.

    Instead we get a bunch of mentally ill, religious fruit cakes, scammers and Liars obsessed with CSA, SRA, DID/MInd Control, A Jewish Conspiracy, Elite Pedophile Rings and much more, circle jerking each other and spewing out vileness at every corner of the internet. They all have skeletons in their closet and criminal Pedophile friends.
    How many children have these people helped or saved since this began?
    What research have they actually done?
    I think we all know the answer to both those questions. Absolutely f**king None.

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    • They are a bunch of kooks, creeps and fanatics. This is what happens when you take funding from mental health. JC for instance was sectioned over something totally unrelated to Hampstead, he was trying to de-program a young girl with cannabis soup. Krazy Kristie Sue still to this day blames James Hind (who she thinks is some random bloke she’s been stalking on fbook). The future should be very interesting for this lot as they will no doubt become very experienced in the mental health and penal systems of the world.

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      • is JC Jemal Christie? I don’t know who Mr Hind is, lol.

        I still can’t stop laughing at the title of this fruit cakes video let alone the comment.

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        • JC is Jake Clarke, a mentally vulnerable young man who fell into Angie’s clutches. James Hind comments here as Satanic Views, and Kristie Sue seems to think he’s someone else, based on a tip she got from a delusional individual.

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          • Cheers for clearing that up. The one on the phone that angie was saying it would be funny if he denied having a mental condition and just say he was pretending to get more exposure on these topics. Great advice Ange.

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          • And James Hind is a blog regular who posts under the name SatanicViews. And he’s not Julian Vaynes, an innocent man unconnected with Hoaxtead whom the likes of Kristie Poop and Prey on the Children are happy to keep slandering because they have no conscience.

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            • Just as they continue to harass and slander so many families, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead. They’ve never met them, know nothing about who they are, but they’re willing to destroy lives based on some videos of children who were tortured into telling stories that weren’t true. I won’t call it lying, because that would imply that they meant to tell falsehoods. I will, however, call it what it is: false confessions obtained under torture.

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        • It takes a long time to get to grips with how many crazy characters surround this debacle, I found out about this last spring and still don’t know all the nuts involved, its really, really complicated. Its like trying to get to grips with a 30 yr old soap opera that you’ve just started watching.

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    • @monkey said “How many children have these people helped or saved since this began?
      What research have they actually done?
      I think we all know the answer to both those questions. Absolutely f**king None”.

      Excellent point, and one that ought to be periodically emphasized here.

      Years ago I participated in a truly, ridiculously gargantuan, Amazon review spin-off discussion thread. (Probably “Franklin” related, I don’t remember now). My opponents in that discussion all seemed to be “anti-government & social-political institutions” conspiranoids, espousing their usual uninformed, paranoid, unsubstantiated and delusional fantasies. Specifically, fantasies about all levels of law enforcement being infiltrated/corrupted/controlled by, (fill in the alleged “New World Order” social subculture scapegoats of your choice), and supposedly directed to ignore/protect/cover-up all child abuse and child abusers.

      Simultaneously, my opponents repeatedly espoused delusional hero-worship for “paranoid conspiracy promoting” retired, fired or failed police personnel, private detectives, and self-appointed lay ‘investigators’ – whom these conspiranoids claimed to be the ONLY persons in society “doing anything about” child abuse. In particular, they held up Noreen Gosch and all of the unprofessional ‘investigators’ who have claimed involvement in her sons case over the years.

      So I compiled a tally of all the accused child sex abusers charged in the US, over 10 years, resulting from legitimate law enforcement investigations. It was a depressingly enormous number, I don’t recall exactly, but so huge that no skeptic could possibly re-interpret it as “not doing anything about child abusers”. I presented that statistic, and contrasted it with the total number of accused child sex abusers charged in the US, over those 10 years, as a result of the Gosh-ites investigations…exactly zero, of course.

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      • I bet they called you a paid shill, government Agent, Disinformation agent or some variation on the theme and worse. I would like to know what this 2 years of research consists of that Krusty Sue says she has done into this case. Probably reading shitty blogs/websites/forums, watching youtube videos, hunting and abusing people online and joining dots together like person A works for Company 1, they are friends with person B on Facebook, Person B’s third cousin has a Meat Factory, therefore Cannibals Confirmed.
        That is exactly what the video Wacky Farmer still has up online consists of.

        I read one of Ted Gundersons files on the Paul Bonacci court documents where Bonacci claims he was hypnotized by a therapist just by closing his eyes as he was susceptible to hypnosis. Paul was eventually awarded $800,000 plus a further $200,000 in compensation somehow.

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        • “I bet they called you a paid shill, government Agent, Disinformation agent or some variation on the theme and worse”.
          Naturally 🙂 They had been, all along, anyway – of course. I think the publisher of Trine Day books came into that discussion quite early, and was one of the worst. Vicious little creep. He kept insisting that public figures accused of masterminding inhuman abuse conspiracies, murders, assassinations, etc., in his books, but never charged with or convicted of such things, must publish proof that they are/were not guilty of them.
          His father was an early retiring ex-CIA man, this publisher claims. So I started demanding he produce proof that his father hadn’t secretly been “the real” master programmer of the (imaginary) Monarch child sexual torture mind control conspiracy, and personally guilty of the ‘industrial’ scale rape of infants. What a twit.

          Gunderson produced some videos of himself and Bonacci, wherein Gunderson pretends to be formally & officially “debriefing” Bonacci. In one, he asks Paul if any of his childhood abusers had been “Senators or Governors”. Bonacci replies enthusiastically, more or less: “One. Yes, Senator Franks, I’m SURE of it! Nasty, brutal, he hurt me very badly(?) I’m SURE of it!”.
          Gunderson asks: “Was that FrankS? With an “s’?” (because Paul has messed up his lines, here. he is supposed to be slandering Congressman Barney Frank). Paul replies: “YES! I’m sure of it”.
          Sorry Paul, there never was a Senator Barney Franks with an “s”.

          The lawsuit Monkey refers to, against Larry King, was awarded to him by the Judge on the basis of default. King didn’t attend the trial (he was in prison) or send any legal representative in his stead (he was destitute). In US civil cases this can trigger a default judgement, wherein the judge must rule that the party who did attend the trial be awarded a “win” and whatever damages the judge thinks a sufficient punishment for your disrespect in not attending – any & all “evidence” presented during the trial becomes irrelevant as the win is a technicality and not based on the evidence at all in such a case.

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          • Thanks for that. The problem about most of the “Conspiracy” Scandals is that the information most easily available is incorrect. Like I think I have mentioned before I thought the Franklin Scandal was a real case of abuse although I never believed the witnesses involved just read Bryant’s book and watched the “Documentary”. I could tell Troy Boner was lying in the documentary, he kept shaking his head when talking about very serious stuff.
            I made a video from extracts from the beginning of Richard Beck’s “We Believe The Children” Book. https://vid.me/NyKY


          • @monkey – here’s the relevant quote from that judgement, placed in context by Omaha World-Herald writer:

            “Feb 24, 1999 Bonacci Gets $1 Million in King Lawsuit; [Sunrise Edition] ROBERT DORR. Omaha World – Herald”.
            “A federal judge has awarded $1 million to Paul A. Bonacci, 31, of Omaha, who claimed that Franklin Community Federal Credit Union manager Lawrence E. King Jr. forced him into a child-prostitution ring in the 1980s.
            Senior U.S. District Judge Warren Urbom of Lincoln entered the judgment Monday against King, although Urbom did not rule that King committed the abuse.
            Urbom indicated that King’s failure to respond to Bonacci’s lawsuit left him no choice but to find King liable for the harm that Bonacci alleged.
            “The defendant King’s default has made those allegations true as to him,” Urbom said”.

            The defendant’s default…has made those allegations true, (NOT any facts, evidence or testimony) and “true as to him”, (any allegations against other persons, contained in the statements filed by the complainant and his “witnesses” in this case, is not ruled on at all and therefore not established as true or as false).

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  11. We Believe The Children – A Moral Panic In The 1980’s (Introduction) https://vid.me/NyKY

    A video I made with selected extracts from the Introduction to Richard Beck’s Book. Some parallels to Hoaxtead case.

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      • That took me longer than I would like to admit. Converted Book to Doc, Chose relevant extracts then made slides in Powerpoint, copied to text to speech programme, then synced each slide to the audio, then the rest. I know what to do now though, so will be easier next time lol.

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    • @ monkey – interesting, thank you! I’m not familiar with Richard Beck, but I think I remember some of the pre-publication write-ups about this project of his: “We Believe The Children – A Moral Panic In The 1980’s”, and being delighted that a much younger person took such a keen interest in reviewing those events and the lessons to be learned from them. And here it is now, in print as promised, and I’m delighted as I said.

      Interesting that the first excerpt in your video mentions social obsession with “epidemics” and epidemiology. That excerpt doesn’t really explain how that obsession ties in to the satanic panic of that era, or modern attitudes toward child sexual abuse allegations. Perhaps the book goes into more detail.
      In my opinion, the true origin of current widespread interest in the subject of CSA lies with DR. Judianne Densen-Gerber’s historic study-analysis of childhood incest victimization as a causal factor in adolescent & young adult drug addiction and associated self-destructive lifestyle/behaviours, such as prostitution. This study of hers introduced the idea that CSA could be a public health concern, rather than a strictly criminal concern, which piggy-backed nicely with the rising interest in and funding for epidemiological studies of all kinds at that time.


      • Thanks for your input. I have uploaded the Introduction here if you want to read the full intro.. https://postimg.org/gallery/1v818iqea/

        I searched the book for reference to the Doctor you mentioned and couldn’t find the name included in the text. A search for “Dr” brought up Pazder and the Michelle Remembers Book.

        “As Satanism became a more prominent feature of the country’s secular and religious entertainments, a number of Schreiber’s prose decisions in Sybil took on increased significance. Mason’s nighttime walk with her pooping mother “began as a casual stroll” but ended as “a demonic ritual.” Hattie carried out her acts with “ritualistic deliberateness.”71 The abuse with enemas and the wooden spoon—that was another “favorite ritual.”72

        Schreiber’s book never said these rituals were specifically satanic, but in the same year that Sybil was published, a psychiatrist working in British Columbia began seeing a new patient. Dr. Lawrence Pazder was in his early forties, a married Catholic with children, when he embarked on a course of intensive psychotherapy with a twenty-seven-year-old patient named Michelle Proby. He ran his psychiatric practice out of the Fort Royal Medical Centre in downtown Victoria, British Columbia, and he shared facilities with four other psychiatrists.73 In 1980, having left their respective spouses and married each other after seven years of off-and-on treatment, Pazder and Proby, the latter using the pseudonym Michelle Smith, published their coauthored account of what they had discovered together. It was called Michelle Remembers.”

        “Proby and Pazder received a $100,000 hardcover advance for Michelle Remembers, with an additional $242,000 to follow when the book went into a paperback edition. Proby made a formal conversion to Catholicism and went on a thirty-nine-day publicity tour to promote the book, which, helped along by full-page newspaper ads and reviews that ranged from bemused to horrified to bewildered, sold well. For his part, Dr. Pazder gave a presentation on the book at the 1980 meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in which he coined a term that would come into wide circulation over the next ten years: “ritual abuse.”86 In interviews Dr. Pazder insisted that Michelle’s experiences had taken place, that her memories were too consistent and too detailed to be written off to some internal fantasy or therapeutic error. “In the beginning I wondered if she had made things up,” he told a reporter. “But if this is a hoax, it would be the most incredible hoax ever.”

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