Time for a bit of housekeeping

Every now and then the Hoaxtead mob slow down their antics enough for us to do a bit of tidying up—housekeeping, as it were.

Anyone who’s been following the blog over the past few weeks will have noticed that things have been rather hectic around here. First there was the issue of the Awkward Question, which confused not only Ella and Abe, but their sycophantic disciples like Kristie Sue Costa. And then, when they finally did answer it, they managed to shoot themselves neatly in both feet, claiming first that RD had only got his tattoo in 2013, after he’d left Ella; and then that Ella’s ex-husband hadn’t had a tattoo at all.

This later morphed into “Ella’s ex-husband, her eldest son, and her ex-husband’s wife were never in the cult, Ella just said they were because she was confused”. Of course, this meant that the children must have been lying when they said that their brother was “in it” and that he’d molested them. Whoops, another foot bullet!

Then there was the issue of several prominent Pizzagate (now conveniently re-named Pedogate because reasons) promoters suddenly doing an about-face and stating publicly that the Hampstead SRA hoax was, well, a hoax. That set the cat amongst the pigeons. It was troofer versus troofer, and now suddenly they were all calling one another “paedo-supporters” and shills and such, rather than aiming their invective our way. Meanwhile many of our readers were struggling with the idea of a limited detente with people who’d formerly bitterly opposed us. It all got very confusing and very messy.

Then, about a week ago, things suddenly slowed to a crawl. Aside from a few belligerent, incoherent rants from Abe, and a bit of Angie/Heifer drama, it’s once again quiet on the Hoaxtead front.

We’re not foolish enough to think this war is over, but things are quiet right now, and so our plan for the next few days (or until the next major crisis, whichever comes first) is to busy ourselves by updating the Frequently Asked Questions section of the blog. (For newcomers, you’ll find the FAQ conveniently located on the upper right-hand corner of the page, just under the friendly “Hoaxtead” sign.)

As we complete each page we’ll post it here for your review and comments.

We’d like to ask our readers to help us by noting places where we might have left things out, or areas where we could be more clear in our wording. As you know, we intend the FAQ to be a standing repository of reliable information about the Hampstead SRA hoax from start to finish, so the work we do over the next while will remain so long as this blog is online. We’d like to make it as factual, clear, and user-friendly as possible.

Of course, should anything startling occur in Hoaxtead-land, we’ll be there, pencils sharpened and ears open, as always.

But until then, that FAQ isn’t going to write itself!

44 thoughts on “Time for a bit of housekeeping

  1. This blog will only truly be finished when Ella and Abe are finally brought to justice for lying to the children and abusing them.

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  2. Say what you want about the case, but this blog is really the only thing standing in the way of a one-sided whitewash of the Hampstead case being promoted as real.
    Say the blog and it’s supporters went, there conspiracy clowns are never going to remove their images of the children, videos, sites, social media, and blogs.
    Hoaxtead are not the one’s preventing the children from getting on with their lives. It is all the “We believe the children”, but not when they are safe and free to tell the truth people, that are reminding everyone involved about this awful hoax.

    When Abe and Ella are back in the UK, when the last hoax promoters take down all their videos, I am sure that any mention of this case can be gone from the internet.
    Until then continuing to report, cover, remove videos, remove patreons/gofundme accounts and put a spanner in the works of the deranged fantasists has to continue.
    So thank you HR blog people.

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    • Sadly, I’m not sure it will ever be possible to completely remove this nonsense from the internet. It has proved impossible in the past (not just with Hampstead material but generally) despite court rulings and EU law. Companies like Google seem almost to make a sport out of trampling all over people’s rights and flaunting their contempt for the law, the people they employ as “moderators” seem almost to take pleasure in inflicting pain on innocent people. They are abuse enablers.

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    • I am afraid I must agree fully with Alfred. It seems unlikely this material can ever be removed from the internet. There are too many crazy people only too keen to promote it.

      I also fear for the future/psychological wellbeing of these two children as they move forwards towards adulthood. The way they were robbed of their innocence alone, by having their heads filled full of these insane sexual fantasies, is a terrible crime to commit against any child, in my opinion.

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  3. Tidying up sounds a good idea I mean you only have so much space and the way they usually let things out then pause then do it again like a continual circle then yeah its always good to tidy up ready for the round 🙂

    I do wonder when they will realise that actually no one believes anything that they say anymore apart from the ODD few (odd stressed for exactly that reason ala they are as the word says) like Christie Sue, Angela Power-Disney, and a few others but its getting to be more deader (is that even a word?) by the week

    But for as long has they have people to brainwash and can con into buying cons from their lies then it will continue rather sadly.

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    • Yes, unfortunately they have a habit of waiting for things to die down, and then launching some new publicity campaign. It’s a pattern we’ve seen over and over. Those who promote this thing must get something out of doing it—for some it’s definitely financial.

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      • I ended up here after it started being posted on GLP and davidicke type sites (mostly due to the pizzagate garbage). Unfortunately it will become active again, these `pedohoaxes’ seem to become the `big thing’ in the conspiritard world every year or so…

        It does seem to be a `thing’ with a lot of these people for some reason, and any time a child disappears or is kidnapped or killed, they crawl out of the woodwork, chucking `choice nitbits’ back and forth to each other, until the real facts start to make themselves apparent, at which time they slink back off to their dens and pretty much just post back and forth to each other until another public event they can twist to their self promotion occurs, then they all jump back into the limelight, trying to outdo each other- and of course re-dredging up all the older bandwagons they had all jumped on previously

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  4. One thing I’ve heard mentioned is that when you Google Hoaxtead Research it automatically brings you to a page with the latest post (with older ones underneath). Unfortunately these posts are sometimes about people (who for those new to the case) they are not aware of.
    It would be good if they landed on a “Home page” telling them what the blog was all about first off.
    I know they can click on “About Us” but perhaps it would be better they landed on an introduction first.

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    • I completely understand what you are saying JB.
      When I first came here I was looking for more detailed information to pass back to people who actually believed in Hampstead being a cover up. Telling them to use common sense just didn’t work.
      I personally found it all a bit confusing, tons of names of people I had never heard of, nor probably really ever need to at first.
      Maybe a pinned, “Everything you need to know about the Hampstead Hoax” at the top. Or something like a quick rundown or explanation for newcomers.

      Another problem is that the Troofer community once they know it is a hoax will move onto something else, as there is no views or interest in debunking or promoting the truth about something so many of them will believe in jsut because it meets their conformation bias of SRA, CSA, Mind Control, Government cover up.

      As one Pizzagator commented on a Hampstead video “this is a gold mine, what we have been waiting for to prove the elite are involved in Satanic rituals and child sacrifice”.
      The police videos of children talking about these topics just confirmed all they believe in, the holy grail to them.

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    • Yes, what you’re describing is called a “landing page”.

      I wish we could have one of those as well, as it would make it much easier for newcomers to the hoax. However, since we use the “out of the box” version of WordPress (aka the free version), we don’t have access to the kind of template that would give us a landing page.

      WordPress comes in two flavours: WordPress.com, and WordPress.org. The former, the one we use, is free and works well. It’s also much more resistant to hacking than the other version, for a couple of reasons: first, any blog that uses WordPress.com is really a sub-domain of WordPress itself (this is why most WordPress.com blogs end with xxx.wordpress.com, though you can get custom domain names that hide the suffix), so if a hacker wanted to get into our blog they’d have to get through the WordPress.com domain itself to get to us. Second, the ops who work on Automattic’s (WP parent company) servers are right on top of any hack attempts and have pretty much seen it all. Should a hack get through, the ops team will be on top of it within minutes, and have a patch up very quickly. So using WordPress.com gives our blog much more stability, but somewhat less flexibility, than using WordPress.org.

      The “self-hosted” version, WordPress.org, offers templates that can be much more readily customised to have things like landing pages, various plug-ins, and so forth. However, not only do the templates themselves cost money, but so does the actual customisation work. And then there’s the hosting: we’d need to find a safe and reliable webhost, which is easier said than done. While most webhosts claim to have very little interruption or downtime, that’s usually a gross exaggeration. And when a blog goes down for unknown reasons it’s up to the blog owner to figure out what’s going on, and arrange to have it fixed. Plus, a self-hosted WordPress blog doesn’t have the protection of being a sub-domain, so if it gets hacked, that’s tough luck. In other words, to get the kind of flexibility we’d need in order to have something like a landing page, we’d need to not only pay monthly hosting fees for as long as the blog was up, but we’d be sacrificing some peace of mind.

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  5. It’s an almighty battle.
    Every time progress is made some opportunist idiot like Megyn Kelly & NBC give the vile Alex Jones a new airing and world-wide publicity that breathes new life into these ghastly conspiraturds.
    Thank God some NBC affiliates are refusing to broadcast Kelly’s interview but for the likes of Jones it is of no consequence- it’s a bonanza of free publicity.

    It’s like a no-win situation for truth. Until these hoaxers are dragged into courts by the scruff of their ugly necks and given prison sentences they will continue their campaigns against innocent people.

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  6. Such a great collection of these hoax promoters going full tin foil hat crazy over pizzagate.


    • There’s background coordination, a truly organized campaign going on by Jones-Trumpistas, to slander all who oppose them as ‘probable’ pedophiles or complicit with pedophiles.
      A friend of mine was talking to some ‘gators, he thought they were naive and under-educated about child sex abuse issues, but sincere. Turns out, however, that they are not sincere. However much or little they might actually understand, they are blatantly and deliberately broadcasting lies about abuse issues.
      For example, there’s a woman who claims to be an expert on sexual victimization issues, continuing to claim that pedophile arrests are at record high rates under Trump – and claiming false, absurdly low rates pre-Trump. She also states that there has never been any anti – Human Trafficking legislation in the US, federal or state, before the series of bills announced by Scalise in May.
      Another site asks: “why don’t mainstream media report pedophile arrests”, claiming ‘little’ UK coverage of grooming gang stories, American MSM never report on Human Trafficking and ignore all pedophile arrest stories. A quickie Google news search puts the lie to all of these, but they don’t care. They are mocking & disrespecting all the CSA victims they claim to care about, by intentionally distorting people’s perception of such issues. Scummy.
      And if anyone tries to dispute their lies by citing accurate stats on these issues in comments, you will be immediately deleted. They are sociopathic scum.

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      • I checked out SweetRoseSings and was..well I can’t put it in words accurately. Rose says “Ever wish you could go back in time, when life was sweet and life was simpler?”.
        I don’t recall that time but perhaps Rose was, well in an institution and life was simpler there. She seems fairly harmless though.


    • Here’s the thing about this old slapper Angela Power Disney:

      She has a habit of posting video links and new’s stories which are way out of date such as her current one about 100 or so parents going to the European court about their children being removed.

      But the new’s story is from 2010 and involves cases from years before and it actually did not progress in the European Court successfully.

      So while Power-Disney types ” BRAVO” on an old case that is well and truly over it’s very clear she hasn’t even bothered checking the date or the result : what she has done is surf the net looking for items to link to she thinks will give the impression she is a “child protection advocate” but her own actions show she just skips over the surface and has no real interest in the subject apart from hoping it will fool the foolish and they will click and make a donation.

      She is a classic scam artist : so often they latch on to a new scam that has been around for ever ( HopeGirl is another con artist trying to sell a proven hoax and fraud to a new audience).

      I’ve encountered these scamsters all my life : full of lots of talk and hot air and they can ramble on for ages and being very convincing as Power-Disney has been to a dwindling number of supporters but in the end, their only interest is that £10 they may be able to con out of someone.

      It’s also why previous supporters like Heather react so angrily once the penny drops and they realise they have been had by a cheap swindler.


    • There is something seriously creepy and disturbing about Shurter’s absolute obsession with the kidnapping, rape and murder of young boys.

      He’s on about it non-stop and we know he has been an associate with convicted child abusers who he claims are innocent.

      Following up briefly on the disturbing case about the murder of a 13 year old boy which he mentions in that video, he attempts to co-opt and weave himself into the matter but claims he makes on his website are absurd.

      For example he uses a photo and drawing of his father to claim he looks like the photo-fit of man who was convicted of the murder.

      Not only does his father look nothing like the photo-fit of the convicted rapist and murderer ( as Shurter seems to be claiming) – the photo of his father looks to be when he was in his late 50s whereas the murderer was in his 20s and over weight when he committed the terrible crime and photos of him are similar to the police photo-fir issued at the time of the murder which would have been drawn from descriptions of witnesses.

      Shurter attempts to claim his father looks like the murderer’s police drawing and therefore the drawing is accurate (whilst his father does not look like it) while at the same time claiming the drawing is not accurate and eye witnesses are wrong.

      Combine this with the fact Shurter has admitted in his videos that children’s bodies are sealed up the walls of some house somewhere and he wishes his neighbor’s child is struck down dead for some bizarre reason he conjured up while looking through that neighbour’s window.

      Should he be walking around? He sounds not just deranged but a danger to children. I hope the local police have him well and truly on their radar.

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      • “There is something seriously creepy and disturbing about Shurter’s absolute obsession with the kidnapping, rape and murder of young boys.”

        Good timing, Sam, as it turns out he’s not the only one to possess such a twisted, sadistic mindset. Listen to what Mad-Moo says at 1:01 in this video she’s just posted:

        “The sadistic extremists of Britain…er…they’re a bit jealous that…you know…they can’t get married to an hour-old baby here. They have to…you know…become a social worker. They have to go to university to become a social worker and…and then they might get a chance to get hold of an hour-old baby to fuck.”

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        • The rotten thing like so many, co-opt every tragedy to weave into their own twisted minds and then all they do is make a Youtube video about it as though that is an achievement and going to change something. Lazy cow.

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      • The fact that DS is still publicly attempting, (and failing of course), to cast doubt on the successful resolution of the tragic 13 year old boy’s case – by burying it under a mountain of his fantasy BS – makes him the c*ntiest uberc*nt in all c*ntland. In my opinion.

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        • He’s such an attention-seeker. He’s off on another meaningless rant about how everyone’s obsessed with him:

          He’s spitting feathers about Sam on his Farcebook page too, lol.


  7. Lift the Veil Livestream had ended but up here now. Streamed live 2 hours ago
    “We’re going to tell the stories that are in the news, including topics other than George Webb & Dave Acton. Going to look at the Grenfell Tower and Hampstead case as part of a longer show. Taking calls.”

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    • The cat is comatose and for good reason : he rambles on for hours.
      Less is More is not a concept these troofers are familiar with.


      • Apparently he does live shows because youtube promotes them in recommendations to people online. He puts breaking news topics in the title and other topics trending online to get viewers and without callers he has no content. It’s all about attention, and about himself not the topics in the title or description.

        He thought a video I made about him at the pizzagate rally put a spell on him as he fell in love with the reporter woman in that video, he thinks RD made the video to put a spell on him. lol, nutbag Nathan.


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