Hoaxtead and victimhood culture

In the 1950s and early 1960s, one of the most enduringly popular television game shows was called “Queen for a Day”. The premise of the show was simple: as with most game shows, several contestants would vie with one another for big-ticket prizes, such as vacations, kitchen appliances, or an array of fashionable clothing. All the contestants had to do was tell the studio audience their particular tale of woe—financial hardships, marital difficulties, emotional problems—in the most heart-wrenching terms possible. Winners were gauged by an applause meter, which measured the enthusiasm of the audience. All it took to become “Queen for a Day” was to have suffered.

We’re reminded of this when we look at the narratives spun by some of the more vocal alleged MK Ultra survivors and victims of cult sexual abuse: it seems that the more they can convince their YouTube audiences that they’ve suffered the tortures of the damned, the more likely they are to cash in on their own—or their children’s—alleged pain.

The problem, of course, is that there are a great many people who really have suffered from some pretty terrible things in their lives. They have suffered genuine pain, and they need our support and kindness.

But we’re not talking about those people right now: we’re talking about the professional victims, the ones who want to be Queen for a Day, preferably forever. The ones who lay claim to any and all forms of abuse, so long as it offers them sufficient excuse for their often vile behaviour.

The professional victim (Angela Power-Disney, David Shortass, and Sabine McNeill, we’re looking at you) characteristically fails to take even the slightest responsibility for their own behaviour. Anyone who’s managed to get through even one of Angie’s videos will remark on the astonishing litany of misfortune that consistently befalls her…and none of it is ever her own fault. People betray her horribly…because they are bad people, not because of her manipulative and controlling behaviour. Her video and tech equipment is lost or damaged because of mysterious outside forces…not because she can’t be arsed to look after her own belongings.

Another sign of professional victimhood is a tendency not just to hang onto grudges, but to nurse and nurture them, feeding them with a steady drip of resentment and entitlement. They have no sense of limits or boundaries: what’s theirs is theirs, and what’s yours is theirs too. They are (as Angie has admitted) “blurters”: they see nothing wrong with vomiting forth other people’s secrets, told in confidence. And they are never lacking in self-pity: if they cannot wring sympathy out of others (and most often they can’t, as others quickly grow fatigued with their demands), they will damn well throw themselves a never-ending pity party. Bring your own bottle, they won’t feel like sharing.

What has this to do with Hoaxtead?

The cult of victimhood—what sociologists Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning describe in an article in The Atlantic as “victimhood culture”, is the soil in which SRA hoaxes can easily take root. Campbell and Manning state that victimhood cultures form in settings

…that increasingly lack the intimacy and cultural homogeneity that once characterized towns and suburbs, but in which organized authority and public opinion remain as powerful sanctions…. “Under such conditions complaint to third parties has supplanted both toleration and negotiation. People increasingly demand help from others, and advertise their oppression as evidence that they deserve respect and assistance. Thus we might call this moral culture a culture of victimhood … the moral status of the victim, at its nadir in honor cultures, has risen to new heights.”

We think that last bit is critically important: “the moral status of the victim”, which in other settings might be considered low, “has risen to new heights”.

Think for example, about the online phenomenon which was once known as “the blogosphere”.

(T)he emergence of “the blogosphere” in the early aughts…was rife with examples of conservative, progressive, and libertarian bloggers calling attention to minor slights against their respective ideological groups by mainstream media outlets. In “Fisking” the MSM, the aggrieved seized on these slights, often exaggerating them in the process; tried to garner the support of third parties (an ombudsman, the public at large); cast themselves as victims of unfair treatment; and demonized adversaries.

They did so in hopes of making the case that the small slight that they’d seized upon was actually evidence of a larger, significant injustice to a whole class of people.

This is the environment in which the Hoaxtead narrative has been able to gain, and retain, such a foothold in the conspirasheep community: if one cares to browse through the YouTube channels, Facebook pages, blogs, and Twitter feeds of those who strongly believe in, support, and promote Hoaxtead, the sense of perpetual, deep-seated victimhood is difficult to miss.

This is why the videos of RD’s children struck such a strong chord with so many who were already predisposed to believe in vast conspiracies of shadowy people doing unspeakable things: those two beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed children were the ultimate victim-gods…until they renounced their own victimhood in their third police interviews, and stated that they’d been forced to lie.

This is why it’s been so difficult for the conspirasheep to accept the truth told in those particular videos: suddenly, instead of believing that the children had suffered, and survived, the most horrendous possible tortures, viewers were now asked to accept that the children weren’t über-victims after all, but merely small children being used as unwilling pawns in an ugly game.

It was a terrible let-down for many, one from which some have never been able to recover.


134 thoughts on “Hoaxtead and victimhood culture

  1. @david Shurter. you asked me to answer 3 questions about something that happened in the UK in the 80s. This is my answer. I was a small child in the 80s and all i cared about were toy cars and sweets and the odd glimpse at page 3. so i dont have a clue what you are going on about. we are not all as ancient as you.


  2. Talking about victims there are a few people who post on here who have been raped, one if i remember correctly was left for dead by their attacker. Thankfully nothing as bad as that happened to me but i came close once.

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    • Yes, and I want to be sure that no one thinks that I’m downplaying their real experiences in any way. What I’m trying to address is the concept of victimhood as portrayed by those who latch onto the latest “survivor” craze—MK Ultra, alien abductions, SRA, super-soldiers, you name it—and milk it for all it’s worth.

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      • The notion of ‘alters’ is relevant here. It’s a convenient way (for some people) never to take responsibiity for their actions, as in “I’m sorry I acted like a xxxhole but it wasn’t me, it was my alter. Handy that innit!

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      • A thought; if I were a member of some secret government agency in charge of creating an army of mind controlled super soldiers, I would hope I wouldn’t be so bad at my job that:

        a) They were all flabby middle aged failures.
        b) They were so badly mind controlled that they spent all their time making tedious YouTube videos revealing my dark secrets.

        Likewise if I were an alien with mind erasing technology, I would pick more interesting people to abduct and I would wipe their memories properly.

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        • They don’t make people of the calibre of James Bond like they used to. I blame decades of UK government cutbacks for the fall in standards so that the best that can be produced is Angela Power Disney and her manbots.

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        • Something I should whistleblow…

          Warning the following information might be triggering. Secret MKUltra labs are torturing and making jelly babies scream. Some evil scientists, the same ones that created Angela Power Disney, are even rumoured to be eating jelly babies. #candygate

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        • @fairly sane – absolutely bang on!
          This was a major problem with the child SRA victim hypothesis. The SRA victimization was supposedly so terrifying that no child could ever disclose their abuse – yet there were simultaneously supposedly hundreds of child victim claimants! So, if that was the purpose it would have been a colossal failure.

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    • There may be others but I was drugged, raped and beaten nearly to death by 3 men when in my late teens, and dumped in the gutter near my home in London. For all the carry on about cops at the time the two detectives who came to interview me in hospital were very sympathetic about a sensitive subject for the time.
      I think it took about 2 years to recover and quite frankly it’s been put out of my mind for decades and possibly because the fact you are drugged in some ways it probably shields you from the horror apart from very reduced vision in one eye.
      I get quite annoyed with those who claim “your life is ruined” and believe it’s a terrible mantra to tell future victims of which there will be many.
      # never even considered compensation and around 3 years later I picked up a newspaper and recognised two of my attackers as they were sentenced to around 20 years for trying to import a small plane full of heroin into the UK.
      I’ve always been a believer in Karma.

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      • Yes, I know several people who have been sexually assaulted, either as children or adults. It’s not a trivial matter, and can cause long-term problems, but none of the people I know have used it as a lifetime ticket to non-responsible victimhood. Nor do they think that having survived such things makes them somehow superior to others who didn’t.

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        • I guess every person reacts differently but we should remember there are 100.000s of people who go through terrible wars and survive intact although I guess we cannot know how they feel inside.

          For instance I assisted a pal in recording interviews, who was interviewing an aging Jewish couple who had survived a Nazi death camp. By the end of 3 months of interviewing the couple started arguing about certain aspects and actually broke up. Perhaps he brought to the surface unwanted memories.

          I’ve also spoke to some “comfort women” 20 years ago who had been forced, in fear of death to be come prostitutes for Japanese soldiers during WW2. They wanted nothing more than an acknowledgment and apology from the Japanese government which they got.

          I have 2 female friends who have been raped when they were young but have prospered. But that could all be down to personal determination but surely part of the human condition is an amazing ability to recover from terrible incidents. Wars however can gave long lasting impacts upon people.

          But I’m certainly not convinced by a new breed of “victim” or even “survivor” ( I would never class myself as such) that has surfaced in the past decade who wear it like a mantle (their right of course) and expect obedience to their victim hood and daily exhortations of their bravery and so on.
          This has opened the gates for the APDs of the world to endlessly proclaim their heroism or say in the case of Fiona Barnett, to find a new dead politician to say abused her in Satanic rituals (it was never the postman) and also ask for a donation t continue their campaign.

          They suck the oxygen out of the 10,000s or real cases of abuse & neglect happening all around us. When does the media ever delve into the increasing numbers of UK child abuse via poverty & neglect even when a terrible incident like Baby P occurs, the reasons are never looked into in depth.


      • I hear you. I suffered similarly and grew beyond it. It will never define my life or who I am – I get to choose that now. What the arseholes who spread and promote false SRA conspiracy theories do is undermine real victims/survivors. And worse, they draw valuable resources in policing etc. away from the very real victims. For that reason alone they are utterly despicable. They are literally robbing the most hurt and abandoned people in our society.


  3. Thanks, EC – a particularly insightful post tonight and some inconvenient home truths there for the fakers and milkers. Not taking anything away from genuine abuse victims but their plight is often hampered and devalued by those who either lie about their own alleged abuse (Angela) and those who perhaps were abused but milk it for all it’s worth. At some point a large number of people seem to have realised that sob stories are a much more lucrative use of the internet than trolling and cat videos.

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  4. Just why are people so gullible to throw money at fake survivors? GoFundMe, PayPal, etc?

    How many of these people donate to legitimate causes such as the NSPCC or the likewise in their own countries? Not many, I suspect.

    There’s got to be a hint of, elite involvement, SRA or “evil” Jews (as they call them) for them to dig into their pockets. Bloody conspirasheep!

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    • That’s another question JB; I think the conspirasheep like to believe they’re supporting an “alternative”, when in fact they might just as well rip up their cash and throw it down the toilet.

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  5. When you’ve truly suffered any form of abuse, you can see the fakes a mile off.

    That is why I DON’T buy Angela no Power Disney.

    I like that term Sheva, I saw you had called her that.

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    • In my experience, people that have truly suffered abuse of any kind usually try to keep that information to themselves & the people that they are closest to. They do not go around telling all and sundry about it at every given opportunity as it is something that is very personal to them and they would rather move on with their lives.

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      • Not to take anything away from Sam, though, who has bravely disclosed further up the page (and once on a previous thread). I believe his account to be 100% genuine and if you’re reading this, Sam, my admiration goes out to you for not only managing to survive such a traumatic experience but also to move on with your life and to remain positive.


        • No i didn’t mean to take anything away from GOS at all. In fact he proves my point that people who have truly suffered do not make a habit of telling their story to all and sundry at every given opportunity, unlike Angela for example. This is the first time i’ve heard this from GOS as i expect it is something that is deeply personal to him and not something he generally shares with people.
          I myself was sexually assaulted for 4 hours at knifepoint by a man not long after i turned 17. Until this day the only people who know about it are my immediate family and my friend of over 20 years. I also feel the same way as GOS in that it need not mean your whole life from that point is ruined. You never forget it but you move on with life with a determination that the attack will not ruin your future for you.

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  6. When I wrote to my MP yesterday about this case, I got an overview of the full horror these Satan Hunters have inflicted upon the RD children and others. It sometimes is easy to miss missing the full fo extent of what has happened when we are daily on the ground dealing with another small twist in this drama. Going up a metaphorical mountain and looking down on what has gone on over more than two years, it is difficult to think how all this has happened and got so out of control.

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  7. Totally nailed it there EC. The unassailable victimhood of these people: hoaxers, scammers, fake survivors etc. is what allows them, with a clear conscience, to continue their lies, harassment and begging for money.

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  8. Oh shut up, Blondie…

    And you, Slurpy…

    6:42 – “Now, people who claim that Hampstead was a hoax – I’m very sorry to inform you, you are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. Because the issue of Hampstead is not about whether the children’s allegations were true or false.”

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    • People like this need to have my stats, (or any other government stats on law enforcement apprehension of child abusers), shoved down their throats, so they can choke on their false pretensions to being “pedo-hunters”. And, being constantly reminded that many of their “whistleblowers” have convictions for child sex crimes. Like Michael Shrimpton and his CSA images conviction…

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  9. And speaking of people with an enlarged victim gland. Nathaniel Harris has now invoked one of his terribly obvious sock-puppets to “converse” with him on his blog, saying how terrible and nasty Hoaxtead is and speculating about the identity of Satanic Views…. utterly pathetic.

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  10. What the heck is this woman crying about? Take one look at the guy’s Instagram page (which I did) and all you will see is him and his family’s holiday pics, his baby girl pics, who then ages to a little girl in order of the pics but just listen to this woman. She must be mentally ill to think this. Are all Pissohate idiots like this?

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    • Yeah they are attracting the very seriously mentally ill types and making them more ill with their stupidity.
      Thankfully BZ has the Antidote to these creeps.


    • What I find astonishing is the number of views a piece-of-shit video like that can attract. All it shows is some blurry shots of a perfectly normal Instagram page, and some woman having hysterics over absolutely nothing.

      This is exactly what the Hoaxteaders did early on: trawl through people’s social media pages looking for anything they could label as “suspect”—a father carrying a child, a woman out at a hen party, a family visiting the beach. It’s disgusting what filth they are able to attribute to normal, everyday activities.

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      • Hint to Big Girls Pants – put Pizzagate in the titles of videos to get hits. We have to get the word out there, further than Yorkshire!


        • I know, who on earth plonks baby on proud grandad’s lap and takes a picture of everyone cooing at baby, with THEIR CLOTHES ON! Never mind those evil bunny ears on a baby sized headband MUST BE PLANNING TO EAT BABY IN A BABY PIE. Taking a picture of baby with their card, it’s not a card, IT’S AN ORDER FORM FOR BABY SAUSAGE ROLLS. Those aren’t adoring kisses by relatives, THEY ARE SUCKING BABY’S SOUL OUT FOR SATAN.

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    • She’s deranged and to be honest dangerous. The main thing this is proof of is why personal photographs, especially those of your kids, should be kept off the internet or at the very least locked down so only your real friends and relatives can access them. This woman is nuts and arguably more to be pitied than scorned. But who knows what a hoaxer will steal in order to weave one of their fantasies or attack someone?

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      • Yes, I fully agree. The urge to show off our children whom we love needs to be tempered by common sense. Unfortunately, many people think only their friends and family look at their social media posts, but more and more that is not the case.


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