Hoaxtead FAQ: Who is Charlotte Ward?

Yesterday we discussed some of the process that led to our team uncovering the identity of one of the key early players in the Hampstead SRA hoax. In March 2015 “Jacqui Farmer” started a blog called Hampstead Research, whose stated goal was to validate the original allegations made by RD’s children, under duress from their mother’s boyfriend Abraham Christie.

For a couple of months, “Jacqui” and her sidekick “Video Man” churned out a stream of harassing, libellous videos and blog posts, all under cover of anonymity. Her goal, it seemed, was to provide a single online source through which the core Hoaxtead team (Belinda, Sabine, Abraham, and Ella) could promote the hoax.

Essentially, “Jacqui” was the Josef Goebbels of Hoaxtead.

We’ve written elsewhere on the Hoaxtead FAQ about how Charlotte became involved with promoting the hoax: you can read about it on this page.

One of the original goals of Hoaxtead Research was to both parody and undermine the spurious arguments that were pouring out of Hampstead Research. But behind the scenes some of us were working furiously, attempting to identify and, we hoped, stop “Jacqui” in her tracks. Within a month of Scarlet Scoop founding this blog, our team had discovered “Jacqui’s” real name, some of her personal history, and her location.

You can read here about the evidence trail that led us to determining that “Jacqui Farmer” was in fact Charlotte Alton Ward. We’re still very proud of the hard work and determination that led to the “outing” of Charlotte—we think it goes to show what a group of committed volunteers can achieve together.

One of our readers, Karnevilnine, asked us whether we have access to the video that enabled us to crack the case. Here it is:

Please note: this video clip contains standard ugly Hoaxtead allegations; we hesitated before posting it here, but feel that you shouldn’t just take our word for it when we say we were able to identify Charlotte Alton Ward’s voice from this clip. The original was electronically altered, but not nearly as much as some of Charlotte’s later “Vogon poetry” videos, which were almost impossible to unscramble.

For those who’d like to hear her completely unmodified voice, this 2012 video narrated by Charlotte Ward on her “Conspiritualize” YouTube channel is not only a good sample, but offers a bit of insight into her affiliations to people like Belinda McKenzie and Brian Gerrish:

Incidentally, while we were researching “Jacqui’s” identity, we also discovered Charlotte’s email address (charlottealton@hotmail.com) on a blog post by Butlincat, a frequent commenter on Charlotte’s EddytheCat7 YouTube channel. On 19 May, 2013, he sent out a group email, and  cc’d instead of bcc’ing the intended recipients. Sadly, the link to that email no longer works, but it was an important validation of our conclusions.)

“Carleea”: Charlotte’s other web handle

Long before she changed her name to Jacqui Farmer in preparation for her role in Hoaxtead, Charlotte was using the name “Carleea” online. Here she is on Alfred Lambremont Webre’s blog, offering him her sycophantic devotion:


She also posted intermittently on David Icke’s discussion forum, though several of her original posts have been removed for violating that forum’s rules against self-promotion. Seems that Charlotte just couldn’t resist telling the world how excellent her “conspirituality” videos were.


And here she is in 2011 on the Icke forum, asking for help getting a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn about the Hollie Greig case:


Compare and contrast with her frequent disclaimers on Hamster Research blog and videos that she had no affiliation with Ella, Abe, or their McKenzie friends. Unless you count being Belinda McKenzie’s aide-de-camp and sometime tenant, of course.

Charlotte Ward in Suriname

When we first discovered “Jacqui Farmer’s” true identity, we were hopeful that we’d be able to hand the information to the police and let them deal her. However, after a bit more digging we realised that Charlotte was perfectly situated to run a harassing, defamatory blog and yet suffer minimal legal consequences: although she had in-laws in the Netherland, she lived with her partner Jacco De Boer in Suriname, near the capital city, Paramaribo.

It seemed that she was well out of the reach of British laws—and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

However, we now know of at least two people who contacted officials in Suriname to let them know of Charlotte’s illegal activities: one called the local police, while another reported our concerns to British officials in Paramaribo. We believe that this resulted in a visit from embassy officials, threatening discontinuation of her visa permit unless she ceased harassing the people of Hampstead.

Ultimately, this seemed to do the trick: as of 31 October 2015, Hamster Research had closed up shop; Charlotte stopped posting but left the blog online. In July 2016, we noticed that the blog itself had disappeared completely.

And there was much rejoicing.

Charlotte Ward x3

53 thoughts on “Hoaxtead FAQ: Who is Charlotte Ward?

  1. It was a nasty thing to cause all of this mess, all just to hurt someone and in the process harm those two children. Not to mention adding to the confusion in the lives of those believing in the outlandish conspiracy.

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      • These are the sort of people who burnt hapless women accused of witchcraft, at the stake or drowned them via the dunking stool.

        I have absolutely no doubt they would do the same today if they legally could.

        And like those old Witchcraft ‘trials’ and Salem, money was involved as it was used to simply steal property.

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  2. And Eduard De Boer, of has actually performed a piece recently dedicated to Sabine McNeill. Not kidding. He got a military band to play too, without the dedication to Sabine.

    I think it may have been Charlotte’s claimed viewing of images of children being abused, posting of links etc that tipped things from libellous to very illegal indeed, including Suriname. I never attempted to find out if she was actually doing that, but I doubt the police would have been happy if they heard about it.

    Didn’t either Sabine or Belinda, or both, meet with Corbyn more recently? It seems to be a tactic. Maybe Corbyn needs to know about Sabine’s anti-Semitic Twitter feed in case he is ever tempted to meet up again. She’s not a constituent of his AFAIK. And tweeting “Elders of Zion” stuff should make her persona non grata PDQ.

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    • You’re right, I should include Charlotte’s forays into publishing child sexual abuse images.

      Ed De Boer denies any relationship to Jacco, but looks very much like Jacco’s father; they could almost be mistaken for brothers. And they come from the same town. Odd.


    • Yes he should be alerted. It’s those well intentioned meetings where politicians suddenly find them falsely accused of supporting anti-Semitism and so on.

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    • Auditory water boardings finest moment.A truly wonderful stocking filler for masochists and the stone deaf this Yuletide.What were they thinking?


    • The only creative product the Satan Hunters have produced in 2 years of war upon children. Behind the sickly sweet Christmas decorations the maggoty minds of Satan Hunters and their fantasies.

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    • Sounds like Tracy Morris. And how dare CW insult a blog after the one she created that WAS ‘absurd’!


  3. Whatever you do, Kristie Sue, do NOT give up your day job as a professional window-licker to become a detective.

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    • “Drapert”? The uploader is so convinced by his/her research that s/he’s prepared to slander an entire community…yet s/he can’t even spell the names of the main protagonists. Sheesh.


        • Likewise, i have also reported the video. I just wish people would stop leaving their stupid comments about the case without ever bothering to look further into the story for the truth of the case. That is just too much to hope for unfortunately. 😦

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      • Gawd that team could keep an entire clinic of psychiatrists employed for decades.
        Jason as usual taking the high moral ground and expressing himself so eloquently. He often mentions ‘mum’ in derogatory terms – Freudian Slip about his own?.
        Maybe he never had one and was hatched in an MKUltra experiment gone bad.


    • Reciting the details of horrific sexual abuse and reciting how to bake cookies aren’t exactly comparable, now are they?

      And keep in mind that when the children finally felt able to tell the truth, after they were safely away from Abraham and Ella, they did in fact weep and express fear and anger as they described what had happened to them.

      The little boy said: “Is Abraham ever going to see me again, because I don’t want to see him again”
      “He slapped me as hard as he could”
      “I hate him”
      “He’s not even our real dad”.
      “He (Abraham) forced me to say my Dad puts Vaseline on my willy – plastic and normal ones.”

      The little girl said: “Abraham was the whole problem”
      “I feel angry with her, letting Abraham do all that stuff to us.”


  4. I have seen one of her videos before, it showed the facebook friends of people who Sabine had leaked involving Hampstead, That is way beyond simple trolling and is the product of a very sick mind. I read somewhere that charlotte is involved with Judy Byington, She is a close ally of Kevin Annett and is a proven satanic hoaxer (as is Annett). Judy made her name with a book about trauma based mind control which took advantage of a mentally ill woman. This is a very interesting look at how Judy used this woman.http://dysgenicsreport.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/replies-to-22-faces-claims-hard.html

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    • Charlotte and Judy Byington are indeed linked, albeit circumstantially. When I put up the FAQ I’ll add those details, but basically Charlotte’s friend Trevor Oosterling, whom she credits with “turning her life around”, also designed and built Judy B.’s website.


  5. I’ll tell you what I would like to know. Who are J.Farmer’s parents? JF has a real snobby attitude, says I. I read her book and she says she was a real snob in high school but that she changed later. she said her parents were middle class and spent all they had to enable her to go to an upper class school. I do not buy that. If she was middle class and I am sure she was snobby, then I can assure you the upper class kids would have torn her apart and put her in her place fast. I say she was not middle class but upper class and hence, her snobby bitchy arrogant attitude. Any chance that anyone here can solve the family connections. Further, JF Worked in INFORM, part of the Home Office. INFORM protect cults like Moonies. She worked at Tavistock, supposedly a temp. No one gets into Tavistock without connections and pre-approval. MI5 is part of the Home Office, too. Just saying. She has another youtbue channel, formerly called Biddy Baboon, now called Bridget Yorke who also has a FB page and the blurred looks a lot like Charlotte except the hair is straight. Biddy Baboon was started in Oct. 2009. that is pretty early. She was using that channel to keep a lot of Hampstead related videos and stuff she used on HR.

    to me, it looks like JF was being groomed for thing. So who is her extended family? You guys live there. Surely that can’t be hard to find out. And they I ask, why has she suddenly got active and interesting in the Hampstead case again? Inquiring people want to know.

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    • Middle class can often mean something slightly different in the UK to what it means in the US or other countries. It can just mean employed in a white collar job, or it can mean very well off but not aristocracy. Kate Middleton’s family were described in the newspapers as being “middle class”.


    • Is it this loony on FB?
      “George & Amal Clooney: ILLUMINATI ARAB SATANISTS
      George Clooney satanic union with ARABIC-ILLUMINATI TRANSGENDER AMAL. Featuring Hollywood’s Satanic Slaves, ZIONIST Freemasons, and the ARABIC…”


    • Hi, truth1. We do in fact know who Charlotte’s parents are (and her ex-husband, her brother, etc.); however, we’ve chosen to keep those details private, as we don’t think her relatives ought to be tarred with the same brush as Charlotte. We did the same thing with Kristie Sue Costa, whose details are known to us as well.

      I do agree with you that she has a very superior attitude, and it’s definitely odd that she was able to somehow get temp work in various organisations that would probably require higher levels of security clearance. Given that after the collapse of her marriage Charlotte chose a very different career track, and by her own admission began scamming banks and credit card companies, it seems strange that she’d pass even a routine security check unless she had some sort of connections.

      I believe you’re wrong about Biddy Baboon, though. Bridget Yorke is an obnoxious and ill-informed person, but she’s not Charlotte; she is an ageing model who currently lives in Paris, I believe. If you have evidence to the contrary, I’d be very interested in seeing it, though.


      • Anyone can “borrow” a name or ID. Biddy baboon definitely was Jackie. Did she hand the site off? Whoever it was, she knew me real well and had a lot of hostility toward me when I posted comments on her videos but not her. So I don’t know how to explain Bridget Yorke but I know how the own reacted. Jackie dear hates me. I was the1st one to dump her after wasting 3 months on HR. I’ll keep digging. I think Jackie may be posting On Jon Rappoport’s sight as Jacquellne, which she knows was mother’s name. All i know is that she is active again. I find that odd.


  6. I still find it amazing how some people sharing the same good intentions did such a great detective job of finding out who Charlotte Ward is with just the few small clues they had to work with. Well done indeed.

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    • That amazes me too, AP. So many people, from different backgrounds and with different interests, were able to put our heads together despite never having met in person (most of us) and devote time and energy to a common cause, not because anyone was paying us to do so, but simply because we felt it was the right thing to do. And no one else was doing it (that we knew of).

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  7. Oh look who’s come out of hibernation.

    “DARPA has created ‘Super Soldiers’ and they’re everywhere; probably even in your child’s classroom or daycare center. And they’re nothing like you ever imagined.”


    (Note: Cindy is a Hampstead hoax promoter and is on the perps list.)

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  8. Quite odd. Her ludicrous getup when she was “Hangin’ with David Shayler” reminds me somewhat of a poorly executed pantomime Dame. This is also true of Mr Shayler’s antics. I recall the story from some time ago, and thought then how contrived this collection of misfits seemed. Not at all what one would actually expect in a genuine squat of commune. More like some 1970s parody of one.

    Given the attention seeking nature of all these activities and the long-term connections to Mrs McKenzie a commonly-used phrase comes to mind; “crisis actor”. This is something they are quick to accuse genuine victims of tragedy of being. And yet surely the evidence points to them being exactly that in a tragedy of their own authorship?

    One that seems to be written, directed and presented with entirely mercenary objectives! What ridiculous people! Who do they think they are kidding exactly? And yet they do seem to be fooling some.

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