Abe and Ella answered the Awkward Question…and destroyed their own hoax

Here’s a free tip for anyone out there considering setting up their own hoax along the lines of the Hampstead SRA hoax: pick a story and stick with it. Oh, and while you’re at it, you should probably not include too many specific details in your hoax, because at some point someone will probably ask you an Awkward Question, and you’ll need to be able to add or delete details at will, without making it too obvious that you’re lying through your teeth. Unlike Abe and Ella.

For example:

On 21 March 2015, Ella released the infamous video in which she reads out her “witness statement”, listing the names of everyone in Hampstead she or Abe ever had a grudge against.

In that video, she reads the following:

She very specifically states that her ex-husband and his current wife are “active members” of the cult, and that her ex-husband is the cult’s financial supporter.

However, several weeks after EC/Snake Logan pursued Abraham Christie around YouTube, asking him the Awkward Question he couldn’t seem to answer, Ella finally managed to come up with a half-hearted semi-answer, relayed through her latest walking talking hand-puppet, Nathan Stolpman. (Wonder if Abe knows Stolpman is a Jewish name? —Ed.)

At 36:35 in his recent non-live video featuring clips of Ella, Stupidman says:

“I saw in her original, er, charges or document that she drew up with, er, something called McKenzie Friends – and I’ll talk to you about that – erm, that’s a little bit of a psy op too – and, er, she mentioned that Mr. Draper, her ex-husband, was also involved with the cult, the Satanic cult. I’ve spoken with her now since and asked her about it and she says now she doesn’t believe that was the case and that was maybe something she was prompted into coming up with at the time when she was under duress.”

“At a time when she was under duress”?

Really? By the time Ella read out this statement, she and Abe were safely ensconced in Spain, where they were doing their utmost to promote the hoax via multiple video interviews with pretty much anybody who would have them.

Sabine McNeill was similarly out of the picture, having also buggered off to Germany one step ahead of the law.

So the only person who could have put Ella “under duress” at that point was…hmm, let’s see. (Hint: He’s short, unctuous, creepy, has a criminal record longer than both his tiny arms, and likes to claim he has an “honorary doctorate” which he received after a weekend workshop with a bunch of fruitloops in Glastonbury.)

However, we need to remember that Ella gave Sabine a written copy of this “witness statement” back in November 2014…so Ella had had four months in which to think about whether her ex-husband and his new wife were, in fact, “cult members”. The fact is, she not only claimed that they were in the cult, but stated that her eldest son was, as well.

However, now that we’ve asked the Awkward Question—why didn’t Ella notice that her ex had a gigantic monster/demon tattoo under his tighty-whiteys—she suddenly decides, “Oh, no, wait—even though I put him, his wife, and our son on my hit-list, I just remembered, now that you mention it. They weren’t there. Nope, not at all. Sorry. My bad”.

So does this mean that Mr Draper didn’t engineer Ella’s meeting with RD? Is she now saying that Mr Draper didn’t introduce her eldest son to the cult?

Clever, Ella. You have just cut away a chunk of the hoax you and Abe tried to construct. Slow clap.

Maybe RD wasn’t the cult boss after all?

And Ella isn’t the only one trying to alter the story after the fact. Last week, Abe finally came up with an excuse that probably sounded plausible when he and Ella dreamt it up.

You see, the reason that Ella could live with RD for so long, and even have children with him, without noticing his gigantic genital tattoo was….(drum-roll please)…

Ohhhh, that explains it.

Oh wait, no it doesn’t.

According to the story the children were forced to tell, RD was a lifetime member of the cult. The children alleged that prior generations within RD’s family were also cult members…and Ella named RD’s siblings as members as well. The children were quite clear that they would be the next generation of cult members, and so would their children, and so forth.

The children talk about the other children, their friends and classmates, all getting tattoos and/or piercings as a part of cult membership. They also claim that RD was the “boss” of the cult.

So the story was that he was born into it, was the leader of it, and had been a member his entire life. Every other cult member had tattoos and/or piercings from childhood. Would it make sense for the leader of the whole shebang to be the only person in the cult without a genital tattoo?

It would not.

But little things like keeping one’s story straight don’t matter to Abe. What matters to him is that he was challenged, asked a question he couldn’t answer, and so he did the obvious thing: he altered the narrative to fit.

So in Abe’s Hoaxtead, Mach II, the new revised story is this:

RD didn’t join the cult until after he and Ella split. This means that no one in his family was in the cult, and he was not using the children for cult purposes when they were babies. Because during the time when he was with Ella, he wasn’t in the cult, see?

As regular commenter Dave points out,

This version also means believers must accept that RD joined a long established cult taking in many schools and businesses and somehow became leader within a few short years. Even though the purpose of the cult is State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control being pushed on the education system. In what way would RD be qualified to lead such an institution?
And they must believe that in January 2014 Ella so happened to get a new apartment in a street filled with cult members.

So in making this alteration to the story, Abe has effectively wiped out a huge swathe of the hoax: if RD wasn’t in the cult with the kids were babies, he couldn’t possibly have “given” them to the cult at that time. The children could not have had early behavioural problems that were attributable to being abused in the cult. Ella could not have sensed anything “wrong” with the children, as she has so often claimed, because the children weren’t in the cult until much later.

Effectively, Abe and Ella’s answers to the Awkward Question—that Mr and Mrs Draper weren’t in the cult after all, and that RD only joined once he’d left Ella—have destroyed their story.

Own goal, Abe and Ella. Nice one.

This is far from the first time that Abe and Ella have added to or deleted from their insane pack of lies, of course. For example, in her first interview with Comrade Sean from SGT, Ella told a touching story about looking deeply into a child’s eyes, and realising that the child was desperate to be rescued from the cult. Only problem being that Abe had told this exact story two years earlier…except that he was the one looking into the child’s eyes and telepathically understanding that she needed rescuing.

But…will Abe and Ella’s hard-of-thinking acolytes understand that it attempting to save face and answer the Awkward Question, the gruesome twosome have just effectively admitted that everything they claimed was a lie?

Don’t hold your breath.

100 thoughts on “Abe and Ella answered the Awkward Question…and destroyed their own hoax

  1. Ahhhhhh……..but you are missing a bigger point to this 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    They are in deep financial trouble! Ex husband stop payments because of the vile lies they’ve told!

    They’ve tried to come up with another angle as so to start getting payments, and back payments as says the grapevine 🙂

    So coming out with ex and wifey, and son were now never in it, they’ve had to spin it in, and spin a way to justify the other ex…….but, these two couldn’t spin a spinning top from Hamleys! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And this is, as they say…..Game, Set and Match! 🙂

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    • Oh, interesting! I had heard that Mr Draper had cut her off…none too soon in my opinion. So this is also a way of trying to ingratiate herself and start the money tap flowing again? I sincerely hope he doesn’t fall for it.

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      • Dear Mr Draper
        Please don’t be stupid and reinstate payments because Ella has done the decent thing exonerating you now, because she is skint. Think of all the other people who are not bankers like yourself, who have incurred expenses they cannot afford, to move and escape the attacks on them. People still living in fear.Please don’t think you will be doing your son any good by giving Ella money in some vain hearted attempt to be on good terms with her. See how quickly she changes her story back to insult you again when it suits her. Being skint seems to be good for her memory. Let’s see how much other stuff she realises she made ‘under duress’. Is this the new legal advice to Ella? Is she pulling a fast one on Aby? ‘Make it look like you were under so much stress…’duress’….soon it wiil be ‘all Abe’s fault, really, he was hitting me on my elbows with spoons’, no doubt. Keep looking behind your shoulder, Abe.
        ….fucking cruel idiots suit each other. Would love to be a fly on the wall when those two fight it out as to whose fault it all was….waaaaaah.

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        • When this vile,loathsome and wholly dispicable pair of souless,vampire cannibals have drained the final poison from their scam and the last of the useful idiot leeches have departed to perch upon other village walls then final act denoument bells will surely toll.I suspect self preservation exit stratagems of both Thin Ice Woman and Greasy Spoon Guy are already deep in formation.

          Each will settle Venomous gazes upon the other and frenzied clawing commence all of course amidst plentiful obligatory gnashing and wailings.I suspect APD Vulture Promotions will be flogging ring side seats for this one so be sure to read the small print.Roll up roll up 😉

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  2. Good work EC, seems like Ella and Abe cannot open their mouths or type without making themselves look stupid. Abe just shows how obsessed he is with sodomy, child abuse, mind control, and promoting Cannabis. Ella, is just emotionless and about as sympathetic a figure as Rosemary West.

    A corrected somewhat version of the last video with more added.

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  3. O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!
    (Walter Scott, not Billy Shakespeare as often thought)

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  4. LOL! They wiped out years of their hoax with their comments on RD and Ella’s ex-busband.

    What a breakthrough!
    .. and another of their Patreon pages now removed. Oh happy day… 😀

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  5. Yes yes yes! You’ve surpassed yourself on this one, Your Howlness. Thank you. And yes, I’d love to see the faces on “Abe and Ella’s hard-of-thinking acolytes” when they read it. Commence squirming now, hoaxers 😀

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    • By research team, does he mean his dad washing his dirty pants and socks and fetching him cat food as he rang up about live on air once lol. Then a woman who was clearly besotted with Natty rang up and then later fell out with him after finding out that Nathan doesn’t trust women enough to not fall in love with him, so he pays for lap dances and escorts, all mentioned by Nathan himself live on air.
      You could not make up what he says, lol. All women grow attached to him and get needy.

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    • Yes Nutty Nathan, the guy in that video who’s linkedin profile you read out is just some other guy who happens to have the same name, same face, same ex-career as you, but of course it isn’t you lol.

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    • That would be a neat trick, considering we’re blocked from posting on his YT channel, his videos, his blog, his Farcebook page and his Twitter feed. How exactly does he think we’re sending him these threats? Does he think we’re beaming him to him via the magic of microwave technology or something? Oh wait.

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      • Don’t forget he claimed The Cult organised for a pot hole to appear on a road he might drive down one day in the hope his wheel would fall off.
        Claiming rocks in his garden are relaying death threats from us are par for the course.

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    • I want to see him stitching that patchwork quilt he reckons was his art……otherwise I’ll keep thinking he’s just a liar.
      He, like others thought this hoax would create a big income stream…
      Back when I came across him, there was an obvious planned attempt to rake in alot of money……..quite by accident, but also because I have some long standing friendships with some old time warriors, who’ve seriously tackled child abuse……John Brown, being one, I contacted him, to ask about Fiona Barnett. I had a look in the Australian groups, and found David Howward,& other uk hoax promoters, spamming… pushing Fiona &/or Hampstead.
      By fluke, too, I happened upon a page being set up, mirroring Tim Minchins’ official page, but the links led to Fiona Barnett….. I tagged in one of the Hampstead Group members, and with their help, we forced them to remove it. Simply really with comments that could not be ignored….and I can’t remember, er letting the people know that were importantly, involved……I think, I tried to…..
      Looking around at those various players, they were planning USA tour of S.M.A.R.T. conferences, at the time Angela Power Disney, kept mentioning Fiona…..
      .I’d cottened onto Miles Johnston.
      The Prague conference planned with Zen Gardner, David Icke, Kevin Annett, was also coming into focus. Mel Ve was promoting that and some of the speakers, on the GoFundMe that Rupert & Rome Hunger Strike, ……etc ……
      So, anyway, back to David…..When someone lies about you, the first time, they mention your name…well, David…You gave yourself away. You are a liar, vile and thought you’d be minted and you snarl at anyone who gets in your way. Sickening how you have treated your neighbours, frightened their children,
      Y’all saw your name in lights, champions at the conferences……book sales, adoring fans….and you are full of hateful pus oozing, because we have prevented, alot of scammers from scamming.
      The new vile promoters, must believe that they can fan the flames enough to create interest in their cures and cons…..
      I have called you shitty…..so what ? after what you wrote about me. I have not made death threats, but you were making sure, as did Angela Power Disney, Belinda Mckenzie for years, n all the Holliehoaxers, have too, yes targetted me……and others consistantly…..
      You’ve all abused children and terrorised many in your wake.
      Yes Shitty Dave, David Shitter….Stop your shitty lying and harrassment.
      Or go buy some rocks or get an implant scan from one of the various scammers out there.
      Or pray….. I don’t care, just stop preying on children, vulnerable people and being so creepy.

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  6. More great research from the hoaxer crew:

    “An adequate investigation into the children’s claims was never carried out.”

    “Today, information surrounding the case is difficult to pin-down [sic]. A simple Google search revealed that much of the content surrounding the case has been removed.”

    “Neither Ella nor her partner have been investigated or charged with the abuse detailed in the 22-page judgement written by High Court judge Mrs Justice Pauffley.”

    “With such severe allegations, it is disturbing that no action was taken against the mother who allegedly drugged and abused her children. Why is this so? If charged with such crimes, Ella would be permitted to cross examine the perpetrators named by her children. The fact that officials do not want this case to enter the court suggests that Ella and her children are the victims of a large-scale cover-up to protect paedophiles in London.”


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    • They all seem to have stopped mentioning the baby-eating aspects of this case. Maybe they’ve all started to realise how idiotic they sound. I doubt it, though.

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  7. Lol I’m trying here! When he stops showing pictures of dead kid and saying it didn’t happen, or talking to child abusers maybe I will stop. I get it, no more Natty posts on here flooding the page 🙂
    Anyway off to defame the defamer some more lol.


    • No no no, lol. I love your vids, mate. I think you’ve misunderstood me there, assuming you’re referring to my comment about how I can take a hint. I was referring to something else entirely but I now realise I was being a little too cryptic, so I’ve asked for my comment to be removed.

      Keep up the good work 🙂

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      • I didn’t take offense mate. I do realise I shouldn’t post every video here, I know MKD doesn’t and many others doing good work don’t over share. It is Obsessive Behaviour on my part, an all or nothing mentality, I have always been like that. I will try to curb it somewhat though as I think it may put people off dominating the board with my long winded and grammatical mistakes lol.
        Thank you for all your support, I do respect all that you post mate 🙂

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        • I see no problem with you posting videos here Barchon Mad, they are relevant to the people we talk about after all.

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          • Likewise BM,your delvings and presentations are most appreciated and very much a highlight on entering this worthy portal.The only minor complaint comes from my left thigh which often receives repeated uncontrolled slaps 😉 Long may your excellent output continue.

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      • I do cryptic…. 🙂 The hoaxers know exactly what I mean….. I did post here, as it happened, With the video by peadohunter downunder Laurence Coughlan/John Browns’ Channel, found on my Royal Commission Watch Playlist and let El Coyote know …
        .But it had a very big impact in terms of groups that were attempting to gain ground downunder, the signs were that American Freedom Radio, had quite a few hosts ajumping this satanic panic boosting hoax….
        I think it hurt them alot, prevented their growth and certainly, their attacks on me and others increased.
        Does that ungarble my post a enuf ?


  8. POW! Great work E.C. and All Vidmakers. The Scum buckets have sprung more leaks. Sharter is probably sending “threats” to himself again.

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  9. Truly brilliant, in-depth analysis of all UK based & related SRA and/or VIP pedo ring hoaxing, from the late 1980’s to present day, see here by SAFF:

    “The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation; since 1988, working to protect the right to freedom of expression for minority beliefs, against religious and scientific oppression”.

    I was doing similar work on behalf of W.I.N. network, also in 1988. We were aware of SAFF, I was personally, and considered them brethren in the broader network of Satanic-panic busters that we were a component of.
    However, they have been doing this work continuously since that time. Most of the North American networking was…retired…by 1995.

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        • DS should read this: http://io9.gizmodo.com/what-would-really-happen-if-you-put-a-human-in-a-microw-1680220615

          ” …So, what does this tell us about a human being in a microwave? Well, no matter what, it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. But it probably wouldn’t cook your internal organs. Most of the damage would be superficial. (It would probably be a good idea to tightly cover your eyes, which are more watery than most things in your body.)

          According to Microwave Interaction with Biological Tissues:

          If a human being, for instance, is submitted to a microwave field, the internal organs are more protected at higher than at lower frequencies. As an example, the skin depth is three times smaller at 900 MHz, a mobile telephone frequency, than at 100 MHz, an FM radio frequency, which means that the fields are three times more concentrated near the surface of the body at 900 MHz than at 100 MHz.

          Restaurants use microwave ovens that employ frequencies of about 900 MHz, while home microwaves have even higher frequencies, of 2.45 GHz. Assuming you get stuffed in one, it may concentrate on the very outside of your body, leaving your internal organs unscathed.”

          So no, you can’t fry someone’s brain without it leaving marks on the outside.


          • Probably due to being fairly new and not having years of putting up with the vilest of Hoaxturd promoters, I have had some sympathy for some of them that are clearly delusional, paranoid, mentally ill and vulnerable.
            It has taken me a few months in which I have tried to cut them some slack and get through to them, to come to the conclusion it would be more productive to talk to a brick wall than even waste time being nice. Sharty pants is a prime example, the man is pure venom.

            It was mentioned to me a few months back from a conspiracy theorist that we are going about things the wrong way and not educating people but putting them off, my weirder videos and our general attitude to those who promote the hoax was brought up.
            You can’t fix stupid, no matter how hard you try, there is just no getting through to some people. Thanks SN for the tips 🙂


  10. YouTube certainly have their priorities messed up. Their video detection software doesn’t work on the illegal and intimate police interviews, but try uploading a video that LTV got removed and during processing it came up with with this message. I even made the title more friendly and changed the channel, lol.
    What’s up PedoTube?


    • It’s not the title that’s the problem, BM. They have software that recognises the actual file. Go back into your video editing application and ‘save as’ a new file and republish 🙂


  11. Necro-Dave’s lying through his back teeth about us again, lol:

    And as well as the usual bullshit about us being “paedophile-protectors” yada yada…

    The guy who claims to be God is accusing us of having big egos.
    The guy who blubbed his was through several videos is accusing us of being crybabies.
    And the guy who never stops talking about us is accusing us of being obsessed with him!.



    • It’s funny to hear him whining about how we’re stopping the Hampstead case from being investigated, after he spent nigh on two years banging on ad nauseum about how Hampstead was a hoax designed to “distract from 19 previous genuine cases”. LOL


    • MKD’s take on it 😀

      Oh and apparently El Coyote is Sheva Burton, LOL.

      Yet according to other hoaxers he’s also Scarlet Scoop, Ricky Dearman, Yannis Emmanouel (LMAO!), Bridget Yorke, Charlotte Ward, Angela Power-Disney (ROFL!), a government agent, a CIA shill, etc. etc. Come on, Dave – can’t you and the other hoaxer fruitloops at least put your heads together and make a decision as to who’s who around here? My head’s spinning!

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      • yeah, lil me n my smart tv ……. in the meantime, agencies that are in touch with me, have been asking questions and shown an interest in Hoaxtead Research and why I have recieved threats, problems, false accusations…… Not that I’m alone in that…there is no excuse for any of them pretending me into what they want to make me….. Tough on them, that too many know different. So it has always helped me to inform other serious campaigners of their shenanigans…….
        El Coyote…. I wish …. 🙂

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      • 5:46 “You dont see me commenting on Hoaxtead”

        That is really playing havoc with my logic circuitry Dave.The turtles are now falling yet the rain stands still so curdling elbow patches with scotchgaurd mayonnaise.Oh concretions of shimmering hyperalimentation.Tell me Dave,how does it feel to misunderstand how you might think about not knowing what to believe?

        Thankyou Dave and may lemon meringue-coated conquistadors be with you.


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  12. 😀 CCN update…

    “The Story

    The start of 2017 has been a real challenge for us behind the scenes here at Conscious Consumer Network. There has been much going on that we have had to keep out of the public arena to avoid delicate situations in our immediate environment from spilling out of control, to the point of physical harm or loss of our entire media network. It takes monk like discipline to steer clear of the urge to plaster one’s personal struggles all over social media, particularly when there are so many rumours as to our silence on certain issues. But the time has now come to be honest about what has happened to us, and the physical effects of this.

    It is sad that we live in a time when online bullying can destroy people’s lives. Over the last few years, we have witnessed several beautiful people, including ourselves, suffer sever effects of online slander and harassment campaigns. This of course in contrast to the many fakers and frauds that continue to hurt the awakening community with the narcissistic attempts to create a marketable external locus of identity based upon saving the world, whilst they in fact do more damage than good.

    Being a well seasoned navigator of the world of online and independent media, one of the skills I have evolved is knowing which battles to pick. My time is very valuable, as we are very busy here at CCN, having run the network for two and a half years without a break. The only way we have managed to keep this network alive all this time is by not allowing our energy to be usurped by pointless drama and trivial pursuits. That also includes being very selective about who we communicate with, and what we communicate about. At all times we assess whether or not any effort we engage in is serving the greater good, or whether it is just causing more harm.
    Our energies and inspiration in running this project can only continue if we keep our vibrational frequency high, and that means, always trying our best to help as many people as we can, rather than to harm.

    It is sad to see that the internet has become a battlefield, with people plotting hatred campaigns against other people, making videos repeating false and libellous accusations and buzz words such as “pedophile” or “pedophile protector”, and such like, without any actual proof of such claims. It all seems pretty harmless when it is on a screen, but these online allegations have now spilled over into our lives in a way that threatens us in a very real way.

    On 31 January 2017, our internet line was deliberately cut in a conspiracy enacted against us by neighbours who had become confused over online allegations they had stumbled upon. It is still unclear if this cutting of the line was done in panic, as a knee jerk reaction to the slanderous allegations they saw online, or if they did it to spark a conflict which would result in the trajectory we are now on, which is imminent eviction from our premises, but it is fair to say that an act of criminal damage was perpetrated against us, the CCN team, on 31 January 2017, resulting in CCN going down for a week. There were no live broadcasts and we were unable to use our internet.

    The internet service engineer that called to fix the issue, was initially denied entry, as the break in internet was inside the perpetrators apartment, who just also happens to be the owner of the building. All the internet lines enter the building through his apartment. After having to resort to calling the police and visiting with City Council to gain access to the premises in order to get the line fixed, a second visit was made by the Internet Service Provider’s Mechanic, but our landlord had his lawyer / legal representative attend the property in his absence. This was very strange, I mean, who send their lawyer to open the door for a internet repair mechanic? All of this of course raised much suspicion that we had been deliberately sabotaged, and the lawyer was there as a measure of damage control. It was confirmed by the Internet Service Provider’s Mechanic, that the line was in fact deliberately disconnected, and he gave us a hand written sworn testimony to this effect.

    During a heated row with the Landlord a few weeks later, it became apparent that our Landlord had seen the false allegations about us online, and had decided that the appropriate course of action in his mind was to cut the internet line. Furthermore, it became apparent that he had dragged the upstairs neighbour into this act of criminal damage, for it was the upstairs neighbour that actually cut the line, whilst our Landlord created his alibi by conveniently being in South Africa at the time. The upstairs neighbour who was in possession of the key to the landlord’s apartment, was then instructed not to give us the key to allow the Internet Service Provider Mechanic to enter the building, creating a conflict that spilled over to involve several parties in this apartment block. This entire situation of course has created a very uncomfortable atmosphere for all who live in this apartment block, and everybody just wants it to be over, which means getting rid of us. This has resulted in us being summoned to court on 8 June 2017, where we will most likely be forced to out of our present base. All of this of course was a deliberate plot to cause us loss and harm based upon what has now become a frenzy around the allegations online.

    Since this all kicked off, we have spent multiple days in the police station, handing over evidence about the many slanderous videos and blog posts that have caused this unjustified lynching in our apartment block, which has involved a criminal conspiracy to cause us loss and harm. All of this information has now been handed over to the Dutch Cyber Crime division, as we have now launched an official charge of criminal slander, which has resulted in loss and harm towards us as people, our living and business environment, potentially destroying our livelihood.

    As there is no evidence of any of the false allegations made by various miscreant online sources, we have no fear in having gone to the police to deal with the falsehoods and allegations, which is what they are. There is absolutely no truth to any of this slander, and the police are well aware of it, as they themselves can not find any evidence to prove that any of the allegations online are true.

    The above photograph shows two disks, containing a number of offending videos. There are also print outs of various slanderous posts and You Tube videos. You will notice the Police lady in the background, documenting the report.

    The reality for us here at CCN, is we need to find a new base from which to run our network within the next two weeks, or we will be on the street, with no way to make the network run, and no way to earn an income, with no access to internet.

    We are launching an emergency appeal in an attempt to raise the funding needed to relocate our premises, and to continue broadcasting.

    With over 2300 shows since we started broadcasting on 1 January 2015, CCN is one of the most prolific names in the world of independent media, having worked with a vast plethora of people across a broad spectrum of information.

    Help us relocate to a safe environment, and keep CCN on the air.”



    • So they’ve been conducting their business as a “registered company” – as both Mel and Biggi insist it is, despite the company name being secret (for, you know, “tax purposes”, cough cough) – from a residential apartment? I wonder whether that’s permitted under their tenancy agreement.

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    • what an idiot she is!

      they speak well and educated on the outside, but reality is a very different thing.

      she has spread, and help spread lies about the hampstead community, and for money and fame. Blind to their own egos.

      you got it all coming to ya….and some! 🙂

      its called karma btw, to which you all think you know something about 😉

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      • Er, didn’t she write here recently about how safe they were given that they worked with all sorts of council depts ? She helped to empower Angela Power Disneys slurs on many innocent people, emboldening Sabine and suggesting that gory things were sent that would have caused further terror to children & their parents, the community in Hampstead, with no sign of remorse. Sneering at any attempts to prevent her from aiding and abetting child abusers…


    • CCN is certainly unique, though. How many other “independent media” services charge you a fortune to post videos on their free YouTube channels and even make you pay for the privilege of running their adverts for them?

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      • It wasnt exactly the greatest business model was it?

        Still after the past couple of years of pretentiously banging on about “waking the world up” at least Mel and Bigarse have a real world opportunity to witness in the cold light of day that talking out of ones arse doesnt actually pay the bills yet alone have any useful influence on anything ever.

        The best hope for Mel and Biggi is that they each get proper jobs contributing something at least mildly of use to humanity.There is no shame in flipping burgers or stacking shelves but there is loads in pushing dangerous delusional shit uphill for a living.

        How the mighty fall. Sob.

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  15. “It takes monk like discipline to steer clear of the urge to plaster one’s personal struggles all over social media”.
    What about Cablegate when CCN was out of action for about a week, due to some nefarious Govenment Ninja who snipped Biggi’s broadband cables? And poor Melly couldn’t do her online yoga so her back pain was all she could moan about.
    or the time poor Mel hurt her little footy wooty and CCN brought out the begging bowl to pay for her treatment.
    What about all the money they took from mentally ill broadcasters to promote hoaxes that put innocent peoples lives at risk?
    What about the dangerous Free energy Machine scams they gave a platform to promote, like Hopeturd Gurl and her QEG machine more likely to electrocute you or set your house on fire than anything.
    Remember when CCN took a ton of money to create websites for people, y’know thousands of dollars for a website that will never get any views, just like CCN videos, eh?
    Websites that look like they could have been made for free by a chimpanzee with pugilistic dementia.

    Oh the good times eh? Biggles and Smel the Green Card couple.


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