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As many of our readers know, one of our regular commenters, Justin Sanity, is a veteran of the late-20th century Satanic panic which began in North America and spread to the UK. In a previous post, he gave us a unique and fascinating look at the book that brought “Satanic ritual abuse” into the mainstream: Michelle Remembers. If you haven’t read that post, by all means do: it helps put the Hampstead SRA hoax into much clearer perspective.

Today, though, we’d like to share Justin’s take on how a confluence of events and the interests of a number of people, each of whom had a particular agenda, led to the emergence of a culture of false child sexual abuse allegations. This is a bit of a longer read than we usually publish here, so grab yourself a coffee or tea; we think you’ll find it’s well worth the time.

The original “Believe The Children” wasn’t really about believing children at all, of course. It was about believing satanic-panic promoting adults. Here’s a related narrative which will reveal some previously unspoken truths. It will be long, so long that I’ve broken it into parts.

My example will be the Franklin Cover-up aka the Franklin Scandal aka the Nebraska-Franklin child prostitution ring allegations. You may have heard about this, it is wildly popular among SRA conspiranoids, truthers and even some serious CSA researchers / campaigners. But if you believe you already “know the story”…I guarantee that I’ll be giving you info and a perspective that you’ve never seen before. I’ll zip through a narrative, but litter it with notations [#] and provide details & references at the bottom of the page.

It started with exploitation of children in care…

We all know about the current UK obsession with allegations about and evidence of widespread historic abuse of “children in care”. During the early- to mid 1970s, US law enforcement uncovered and took down a child prostitution and pornography conspiracy, involving privately owned/run housing and services for ‘unwanted’/unadoptable/homeless children, (many of whom were homosexually oriented), juvenile prostitutes, and juvenile sex offenders, operating in several states.[1]

So blatant and arrogant was this criminal network, the “Better Life” conspiracy, they actually had a “how to set up your own government-funded, ‘boy-lover’ run, fraudulent non-profit charity service for disadvantaged children” business plan for new members.

Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber, a lawyer and psychiatrist who founded the drug treatment program Odyssey House communities, was also a dedicated and powerful social-political campaigner in the 1970’s–80’s. One of her campaigns, circa 1976–79, involved a national tour lecturing to local legislators, social service professionals and grass-roots child welfare organizations about criminal infiltration of housing and services for “children under government care”/ foster children, resulting in their exploitation for prostitution and pornography.

Inspired by Dr Judianne’s horror stories, grass-roots child welfare organizations in Nebraska determined to take control of the management and oversight of that state’s foster child services, and formulated legislation designed to transfer that power out of the hands of Social Services bureaucrats and into their own “Foster Care Review Board”. An early and long-term champion of this legislation, and of the Foster Care Review Board itself, was State Senator and lawyer John DeCamp. [2]

DeCamp versus Kerrey

Early and determined opponents of this legislation and of the Foster Care Review Board itself, included Nebraska Governor Bob Kerrey, the Department of Social Services management, and prominent local academics in related fields. Multiple legislative attempts, sponsored by Governor Kerrey, were made to return control to Social Services bureaucracy between 1983 and 1985. All were defeated, thanks to the protective efforts of Senator John DeCamp and his partisans: Speaker Bill Nichol, Senator Dave Landis, Senator Jerome Warner and Senator Loran Schmit [2]

There were two major financial institution failures in Nebraska during the first few years of Governor Kerrey’s term of 1983–85 (NOT The Franklin Credit Union, that came later). John DeCamp chaired a State Senate investigation into these failures in 1986, during which Gov. Kerrey himself was unceremoniously and frankly grilled about his governance failures and associations to/with the management of these failed institutions.

In 1984, John DeCamp announced his intention to run for United States Senator [3] on the Republican ticket. He was warned by party officials that they preferred to give the nomination to a woman for the next election campaign. He ignored that and continued his own nomination campaign.

The false allegation that started it all

Not long after, a young female boarder in the DeCamp household falsely accused DeCamp and his wife of sexually abusing their little girl, based on photos of the toddler in the bathtub. Subsequent investigations—by the Department of Social Services, and then by Lincoln Police—reported finding no evidence of abuse.

But a Republican party functionary filed a civil petition to remove their daughter from their custody, citing “abusive” child-rearing practices. Many months later, during which some Omaha news media ran accusatory “exposé”-style stories about the case and the DeCamps, a Judge declared them unequivocally not guilty. Ultimately, however, DeCamp lost the Republican nomination for USS and lost his next re-election campaign for State Senator as well. [3]

John DeCamp was apparently “taken out”, politically, by a false CSA accusation.

If that really was intentional, it may be impossible to exaggerate how stupid a mistake that was, by whoever was involved in engineering it. DeCamp was not just a lawyer, he was also a Vietnam era war hero in some people’s eyes, having co-ordinated the CIA-sponsored Phoenix Program of targeted assassinations under future CIA director William Colby, and having participated in the “Operation Babylift” of over 1,500 “orphans” from Saigon , just before it fell to the communists.

In the 1980’s, now-former director William Colby was still DeCamp’s bestest buddy, he was a revered leader in the “retired military intelligence” community of his state, and he was one of the most highly skilled and accomplished “political warfare” veterans in the nation. [3]

The list of enemies

Following his election defeat, DeCamp abandoned party politics and embraced radical populism. Initially, DeCamp cozied up with the Lyndon Larouche movement (or cult), “a political and cultural network promoting Lyndon LaRouche and his ideas”, which controls many companies, organizations, and political-cultural groups, and advocates quasi-populist policies such as reform of the world financial system.

DeCamp became very friendly with the Larouche “intelligence analyst” and author Anton Chaitkin—who also ran/ controlled a number of private-internal and “for hire” intelligence networks.

Later, DeCamp embraced the “individual sovereignty” and “constitutionalist” populism of the Christian Patriot movement, and volunteered to be consigliere to the Montana Freeman militia—effectively gaining the fanatical support of a private army of mercenaries capable of “blending into” the rest of the population to carry out…who knows what?…activities anywhere in the US. [4]

Surely, woe betide anyone who might be on JohnDeCamp’s list of enemies—such as all those persons that he blamed for a conspiracy to cause his political “assassination”, by false accusations of child sexual abuse:

  • Governor Kerrey, presumed to have carried grudges against DeCamp for protecting the Foster Care Review Board and publicly humiliating Kerrey through the earlier banking scandal hearings;
  • Both state and federal Republican Party organizers and functionaries, who might have been involved in campaigning and lobbying against DeCamp for the USS nomination;
  • State and federal Republican Party leadership, who would have made the decisions about when and how to take DeCamp down, and issued the orders to organizers and functionaries;
  • The ownership of, and journalists working for, the news media that slandered and defamed him and his wife during the investigation;
  • Local and Federal law enforcement, who failed to detect, investigate and expose a conspiracy which caused his public esteem to fall from “hero” to “suspected child abuser”.

The Franklin Credit Union

In November of 1988, FBI and IRS investigators seized control of the Franklin Credit Union’s physical assets and closed it down. As a result of the investigation, Republican Party organizer and functionary Lawrence (Larry) King was found to have stolen nearly $40million from the credit union which he ran. He was indicted on 40 criminal counts including conspiracy, fraud, and embezzlement. In 1991, King was convicted and the Franklin Credit Union collapsed.

There was an investigation into all this by the Nebraska legislature’s Unicameral Banking Committee, of course, but we will only be concerned with a parallel investigation into allegations about a Franklin-related pedophile ring, undertaken by a subcommittee—a subcommittee chaired by…John DeCamp’s most stalwart old political ally and champion of the Foster Care Review Board—Senator Loran Schmit.

About six months before the “subcommittee to investigate allegations of sexual abuse and prostitution of minors by a pedophile ring linked to Larry King and Franklin Credit Union” was formed, and three months before the Credit Union was closed by federal investigators, a Carol Stitt—director of the Foster Care Review Board—sent a letter to the Nebraska Attorney General, alleging a child exploitation ring linked to Larry King.

This would be Carol Stitt, the director of a Foster Care Review Board that owes its continued existence to ex-Senator John DeCamp, a citizen-led Review Board that would have been permanently shut down and dismantled years before if not for its champion John DeCamp—accusing a federal Republican Party organizer of masterminding the sexual abuse and prostitution of children.

Oh yes! And it gets better…

Allegations about Larry King

In 1985, a 16-year-old Nebraska girl named Eulice Washington and her younger sister disclosed to their biological grandmother that their adopted parents—the Webbs—had been physically abusing them for many years. These accusations are supported by documentation that the Webbs had physically abused other children in their care.

The Webbs retaliated by legally ‘disowning’ the girls, and they were placed in the home of foster parent Kathleen Sorensen, who claimed to specialize in the care of abused, traumatized and subsequently hard to place children. In 1986, while in Sorensen’s care, Eulice is alleged to have made many more accusatory disclosures to Sorensen herself.

Among these, Eulice is alleged to have claimed that the Webbs’ relative—Larry King of the Franklin Credit Union—flew her and other teens to upscale parties in other states, where Eulice was forced to pose naked on display for the guests and endure their sexual molestations. She is said to have claimed that “very important people”, whose exact identities she never learned, including Republican Party officials and politicians, attended these parties, and that she observed some of them sexually abusing boys from the Boystown children’s village.

There was no reciprocal validation by former Boystown residents, however; none claimed to have been on these trips with Eulice. At one point, Eulice is supposed to have claimed that she saw and recognized then Vice-President George Bush at one of these parties. Some of Eulice’s disclosures were supposedly witnessed by Sorensen’s friend Kristen Hallberg.

Early ‘Satanic cult’ allegations

Kristen Hallberg was a “resident advisor” at the Ute Halle residential psychiatric facility for teenage girls in Omaha in 1986. While “advising” a 12-year-old resident named Shawneta Moore, Hallberg claimed the girl spontaneously disclosed having been abused by a local prostitution and pornography ring through local children’s recreational charities. Hallberg claimed that over time this girl made more detailed disclosures, culminating in a horrific tale of witnessing child rape, torture and sacrifice by a Satanic cult that her abusers were the leaders of. [5]

The McMartin Preschool connection

Far away in California, Jackie McGauley was one of the McMartin Preschool case parents. She claimed that her daughter had been abused by the owner’s adult son, Ray Bucky.  McGauley also happened to be best friends with Judy Johnson, the McMartin mother whose claims about her young son Mathew being sodomized—and she suspected, by Bucky—are often cited as the origin of that case.

There has been a lot of analysis and speculation about Johnson’s mental health, possible addiction problems and parental competence over the years. Sometimes she is depicted as a delusional hysteric, whose fantasies of child abuse supposedly fuelled the original Satanic ritual abuse panic.

This is not the objective truth of the matter, however. The truth is that Johnson’s friend Jackie McGauley was, by her own words, the real “SRA typhoid Mary” of the preschool/ daycare/ foster care SRA panic. [6]

In fact, the most likely perpetrator of whatever abuse Johnson’s son and McGauley’s daughter might have suffered would not be Ray Bucky; it would be the boyfriend Jackie McGauley had at that time. McGauley and Johnson’s children were frequently play-date visitors at each others’ homes, and sometimes unaccompanied by their own parent.

It is very plausible that both McGauley’s child and Johnson’s son were occasionally looked after, in McGauley’s home, solely by this boyfriend when McGauley was out of the house. And unlike Ray Bucky, for whom no objective evidence documenting a sexual interest in little children was ever presented, McGauley’s boyfriend left behind a copy of the infamous “Lollitots” CSA images magazine amongst other possessions in her house after they broke up.

That’s objective evidence. McGauley did accuse this boyfriend of molesting her daughter, prior to when she believed that Bucky must have done so, but she never mentioned that this boyfriend would have had unsupervised access to Mathew Johnson as well.

McMartin parent meets ‘Michelle Remembers’ shrink

Jackie McGauley met with Dr Lawrence Pazder [author of Michelle Remembers], early in the investigation, and states:

It is true about Pazder introducing the idea of SRA to us. Some read his book later, I never read it through. It was Michele’s case and I don’t particularly like to read stuff about other people’s cases. Larry was introduced to a small group of parents in early 80s by 20/20 producer Ken Wooden who did the series on our case. Ken did a whole show focusing on satanism (some words I refuse to capitalize.. like satanism and ted just out of principle.) Larry went back to Canada but Ken talked extensively to parents about the idea of satanism.

Jackie McGauley organized the first “SRA child victim’s parents group”, which she called “Affirming Children’s Truth”, and held the first lay-led for-profit conference on the subject. By 1987, McGauley was living with clinically paranoid “satanic abuse and murder cults are everywhere, and they run our society” retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson.

John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson were buddies, they worked together on the Larouche cult publication, “EIR Special publication on Satanism”, in 1990.

According to Jackie McGauley, the Nebraska ladies—Kathleen Sorenson and Kristen Hallberg—“were at my place in 1985 or perhaps 1984. McMartin broke in 1983”, and “The Nebraska ladies heard of our conference and flew to L.A. to attend. They happened to stay with me at my apartment. The details of their case was just another case to me. I didn’t even understand their entire story”.

But that, of course, was because they didn’t have their own story to tell at that time. Kathleen Sorenson & Kristen Hallberg didn’t have their own “child’s SRA or elite pedophile ring allegation stories” to tell until 1986.

Learning to guide children’s allegations

So what were they doing in McGauley’s apartment, attending “Affirming Children’s Truth” meetings, in 1984 or ’85? They were there, learning how to manipulate children into telling you what you want to hear from them, how to guide and shape the child’s fantasy stories so it appears they are making exactly the allegation that you want/need them to make.

And they were doing this “research” on behalf of the very same Foster Care Review Board championed by Senator John DeCamp, not long after DeCamp himself had been investigated over a false SRA allegation. Planning for the eventual, vengeful, reversal of false CSA accusations was already under way, it seems. [6]

The George H.W. Bush connection

But why have Vice-president George Bush (senior) written into a fantasy scenario about pedophile parties? What would be the point of that?

The point would be that George Bush replaced DeCamp’s best buddy William Colby as Director of the CIA, on January 30, 1976. Colby’s term as DCI were rough years for the CIA. The CIA’s “Family Jewels,” a list compiled for previous DCI James Schlesinger detailing controversial and, in some cases, illegal activities undertaken by the agency, had leaked to investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in 1974.

In 1975, the Congressional Church committee was aggressively grilling DCI Colby about these, in public hearings, and suggesting it might be time to dismantle and retire the agency altogether. Colby kept his cool, however, and answered their questions as fully and honestly as he could. He wanted to demonstrate that “those days are over”, by admitting the agency’s mistakes rather than trying to hide them.

The rank and file field agents, like DeCamp had been, already respected Colby because he had done his time “as one of them”, and because he had led them on operations “in the field”, rather than issuing blind orders from behind a comfy desk in Washington. They respected him even more for his courageously forthright testimony.

But the Ford administration was scared: they thought Colby disclosed too much, too easily. So they effectively fired him, by replacing him with Bush—a whiny, spoiled “rich kid” suspected of forcing Colby out by nagging Ford: “Can I have a turn at DCI, can I, can I? I want something important to do…”.

Bush was a bureaucratic manager, never a real-life operative, but he could be trusted to keep his mouth shut if ordered to do so. Many of the rank and file despised him, and an opportunity to frame him up as a homosexual pedophile, however late in life it might come, must have seemed too delicious to let pass for certain former field officers…

And it gets even better!

You have to love this. The first order of business for the Schmit-led subcommittee was to appoint a chief legal counsel. Schmit suggested former DCI Colby—DeCamp’s buddy!—now running a law practice in Washington, and the committee voted to invite him to apply. You probably could have heard DeCamp’s voice coming out of Schmit’s mouth, if you’d listened closely enough. Unbelievable!

Colby accepted, what a surprise, and flew out to Nebraska to apply. “Schmit lobbied intensely for Colby…” no doubt, eh? But in the end he was defeated 4 to 3, because Colby wanted too much for his service. He was too expensive. The masterstroke was blown, because Colby was too proud to accept less than his full-scale wage.

By February 1989, the subcommittee to investigate allegations of child rape and sex trafficking had a chief counsel, and hired their first investigator. More allegations were piling up, through further FCRB reports. Note that—FCRB reports—not Department of Social Services reports, not police investigator reports.

More alleged victims were uncovered, more alleged perpetrators identified. Hearings were scheduled, and testimony commenced.

And then, the wheels came off.

On June 22, 1989, Attorney General Spire testified that investigative reports from the FBI, the Omaha Police and the State Patrol all independently concluded that the FCRB reports did not have substance.

CRASH! [3]



[2] = “History of the Foster Care Review Board 1983-2007” pdf http://www.fcro.nebraska.gov/

[3] = “The Franklin Cover-up” by John DeCamp, self-published

[4] = Various interviews with John DeCamp, in print or audio, on the WWW circa.  1995-2005

[5] = “The Franklin Scandal” by Nick Bryant, Trine Day, 2009

[6] = Jackie McGauley’s own words, in articles that appeared on the Rigorous Intuition blog and comments to “The X-spot blog”, between 2005 and 2012


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  1. You did a great job with this – thank you!

    Not laughing matters, I know, but…
    The point in the story where Sen. Loran Schmit nominates former DCI Colby to be the subcommittee’s chief legal counsel just cracks me up! I’ve been cackling about it all day 🙂
    Why William Colby, Loran? Oh, no particular reason I guesss…just came to mind I suppose…

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    • You’re welcome! Great material to start with.

      And yes, I was thinking as I put this up: explain to me again who the real SRA conspirators are?


  2. Amazing stuff.
    Does anyone recall the sad case of Noreen Gosch whose son Johnny disappeared on his newspaper bike round in 1982?. For some reason the nutbag David Shurter has it in for Noreen Gosch but for what reason I don’t know.

    In the early 2000s I had a long dialogue with Noreen Gosch (cue Shurter & Co claiming I’m a ‘disinformation agent’, Cult member etc etc) but it was while working as a researcher for a very well known UK journalist (Christ those were the days- they still had money to toss about)

    Recall there was a really scandal that blew up about an internet journalist called Jeff Gannon who was given White House press credentials but who also advertised as a male hustler on the side ( a very beefy butch one at that). It was quite an odd situation as Gannon always had his Dorothy Dixer questions answered by George Bush Jnr much to the chagrin to the long time press corp.

    A rumour.. (and this was at the beginning of the ‘truther’ movement which hadn’t got much traction then) began that Gannon was actually Johnny Gosch grown up- he had been abducted, sexualised and , well you know the drill..joined The Cult and so on.

    My journalist pal thought there was a good story in this and so I had a few telephone calls and many email exchanges with Noreen. She didn’t believe Gannon was Johnny. Over many conversations she demonstrated she was well aware of rumours of pedo cults and so on. One even had the late Hunter S. Thompson involved with claims he murdered boys and from memory the Franklin scandal was involved and she also had become involved with Ted Gunderson but over time realised he was quite mad was always asking for money or asking her to appeal to rich people to fund him in a search for her son and so on.

    She became quite disenchanted with the burgeoning truther movement as she thought they sucked the oxygen out of the sad fact there are always 1000s of missing kids in the US..many are runaways..and diverted attention from people like her who were going through untold misery.

    In the end the journalist decided the entire Gosch / Gannon claim was just a fraud. Together we managed to find out a lot of unpublished info on Gannon whose life was far more ordinary and who couldn’t possibly have been the missing Gosch and who was a long time male hustler but was attempting to forge a new career as an internet (right wing / conservative) journalist as he was quickly aging.

    The tale died a natural death but is sure to be resurrected- amazed Shurter hasn’t weaved it into his Franklin claims.

    ## Also I want to be on record : it’s just a matter of time before the alleged scandal of dozens of boys being abused in football clubs is joined via dots with Hoaxtead, the VIP Masonic Rothschild Pedo Cult, Jimmy Savile and @pizzagate. The count-down has begun and you heard it here first folks.

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    • Clarification: Apart from the usual mistakes ( frigging small keyboard and large fingers )..”In Australian politics, a Dorothy Dixer is a rehearsed or planted question asked of a government Minister by a backbencher of his/her own political party during Parliamentary Question Time.”

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    • Thank you GOS. That really helped me to put previous, related, comments of yours in proper perspective.
      Noreen Gosch, and the tragedy of her missing boy, have been exploited by countless persons with a variety of agendas over the years. Which certainly adds to the tragedy, in my opinion.

      Unfortunately, it can’t be said that Noreen herself has not exploited her son’s case in various ways for various purposes over the years, as well. Sadly.

      Ultimately, as with whatever genuine child abuse may have taken place in Omaha, Nebraska, over the years…the number of persons with a sincere interest in the victimization of children such cases represent, has always been overshadowed 5 to 1 by persons whose primary interest lies in discrediting existing social-political institutions. That includes John DeCamp, obviously, and the entire “Franklin Scandal” mess – which is STILL being exploited for this purpose today.

      This has become increasingly the case in the UK and Europe as well, in my opinion. Sometimes there is obvious political party partisanship, but there is usually an undercurrent of populist sentiment even then. The message isn’t hard to discern: “you can’t trust ‘professionals’ or ‘experts’, you can’t trust social-political ‘elites’, you can only trust US – grassroots ‘activists’ – so give US control!”
      Nebraska’s FCRB being a case in point.

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      • And for “grassroots ‘activists'” I think we can now safely say “vigilantes”. I note from her Twitter feed that Kristie Sue Costa is attempting to put together some sort of decentralised “investigation team” around Pizzagate. That all sounds very noble until you realise that what she means is “let’s make up a bunch of shit about people and try to destroy their lives”.


    • Wow, that’s a fascinating story, GoS. And I think you’re probably right about the football club thing. It’s really only a matter of time before some nutter starts drawing imaginary dots.


    • I did have quite an interest in the Johnny Gosch story when i first came across it a few years ago. I remember his mother saying that one night she was visited by Johnny who told her about the network that had kidnapped him and what had happened to him before he left her again (if memory serves me right).
      Later on i heard the story about Jeff Gannon was thought to be Johnny Gosch but then the story went to wild for me and i stopped following it as i just didn’t know what to believe anymore especially with some of the things Johnny’s mother was coming out with. All the same a fascinating story, one of those mysteries that i hope is solved one day on what did happy to Johnny.

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      • I can only judge from her webpage, but I’ve a horrible feeling that a lot of her stories are a combination of wishful thinking and (understandable) mental breakdown on her part and possibly a malicious hoaxer sending her a series of rather disturbing photos from various sources.

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        • I recall seeing a photo that Noreen was sent which was of two boys of around Johnnys age tied up and laying next to each other but i did read someone saying that this photo had actually been taken at some summer camp and wasn’t as dark as the image first appeared and that Johnny wasn’t one of the boys in the photo.


          • @AF – that is correct. None of the photos of bound boys sent to Ms Gosch are of her son. Most of these photos were sent to her by a lunatic self-professed “investigator” named Tim White, (a Christian Patriots associate), and they were copied out of a soft-core B&D website-forum that has long since been defunct. Law enforcement was able to identify the first set of photos, as having been previously investigated in Florida decades before.

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            • I cannot imagine being poor Mrs Gosch; I think that knowing my child was missing but not what had happened to him—whether he was dead or alive, healthy or poorly—would probably drive me doolally as well.


        • She seemed pretty straight forward and sensible at the time but also came across as a very lonely person ready to reach out to anyone and frankly, I think she may have been driven almost mad over the decades by the uncertainty of what happened to her child. I can’t imagine what someone goes through under those circumstances.
          # the movie The Imposter is well worth watching- it tells the tale of a real-life US boy who disappeared and how a strange young con-man who surfaced a few years later in Spain claiming to be the missing boy, got flown to the US and almost convinced a lot of people he was genuine.

          Those who weave your unhappy event into their conspiracy when they have nil proof and just a fixated belief in satanic pedo cults etc are extremely evil. The problem is- a sane & sensible person will have all sorts of doubts and consider every possible angle of thought about an event but truly mad sociopaths or narcissistic ‘truthers’ (and the subject of child abuse seems to attract them ) can be relentless in their pursuit of their belief about a conspiracy and seem far more energized than a sane person.

          Providing proof an event is not as they claim often spurs them on as exampled by those on here who have pointed out previously : if Hampstead residents had subjected themselves to the indignity of a body search for tattoos, even to a doctor of the hoaxers choosing and none were found, that would simply confirm to them that the hoax is real and they had all had their tattoos removed. Providing proof something is not true is reversed into a confirmation of The Cult’s power to use disinformation..

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  3. As far as the ‘football’ allegations go, similar things happen(ed) in many sports and at all levels. Personally, I gave up swimming (at which I had some promise as a kid) because the guy who ran the local swimming club creeped me out and had his eye on my (then 9) little sister . There were also rumours flying around the school as to who he was abusing, and those kids were terrified of him and his weirdo family.

    There was a teacher who as a trainee was placed at my school for a short while. He liked the boys to pass through the transitional showers naked and to see their “little trout”as he called it. In later years he became quite well known in another field of ‘public life’, the BBC no less, from where allegations of child abuse also emerged in relation to him (long before Savile; in fact he might arguably have been the edge of the blue touchpaper that set people looking hard at the BEEB) – all covered up and forgotten now. He died of a brain tumour about a decade ago.

    Kids dance clubs, majorettes, karate instructors, music clubs… One kid I remember well disappeared at the end of first year only to re-appear in fourth. Turned out he’d been sent to some seminary. He went away a nice enough kid, came back a violent, manipulative drug-addicted thug. About 20 years later it emerged his anger issues tracked back to being regularly abused at that place by both priests and older boys.

    There was a line in a Ruttles song about “the funny man in the ice cream van who talked so queer” – we had one of them in our area too, used to take little boys up the back alley in exchange for acid tabs; also available for hard cash.

    That was just one small corner of one fairly average British city. Strikes me that one of the main purposes of these hoaxes is as others have suggested… It helps feed the myth that anyone who raises these issues today is just another nutter barking at the moon. Very convenient for the nonces.

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    • Yes, it’s a very common story, sadly. One reason we fight against Hoaxtead tooth and nail is that it’s the sort of thing that draws attention away from the real problem. Those who support it—not the original promoters, but the gullible ones who truly believe it’s real—don’t seem to realise that they’re actually promoting real child abuse by inflating the imaginary problem so no one pays attention to the real one.

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    • I personally as an adult male would be put off these days i think from working with children as a coach, cub scout leader etc as i feel that as a man i would be under close scrutiny from the parents of every child i worked with. It is such a sad world that adults should feel that way now where everybody seems to think that there is a paedophile around every corner.

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      • An electrician I know went livid at a school teacher for leaving the class unattended when he was working in it. That’s how bad it has got, a working guy feels so uncomfortable about potential accusations he has to have a “witness” with him around a school.

        Sad World.

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      • My company has a policy of not working with anyone under 18, so I won’t recruit anyone aged 16 or 17 or have anyone under 18 on work expereince, such is the hysteria around under 18’s thanks to people like Belinda McKenzie and Angela Power Disney.


    • Shurter certainly has some serious issues as well as problems comprehending what he reads. I had a discussion with him on YT once and was struck by how many times I had to re-explain something I had written in previous posts. I couldn’t work out if he was pretending not to understand in order to dodge my point, or truly couldn’t grasp what I was saying.
      Since then I have seen him in other exchanges with people online and noticed him do exactly the same. It even happens when people are agreeing with him about something. He misunderstands what they are saying and thinks they are attacking him, so he attacks them. They will then try to explain they were not attacking him but he still doesn’t always get it.

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      • I looked at his blog for the first (and the last) time today and it is just a rambling incoherent bunch of crap in which he rants about various unrelated people, I don’t have a clue what he stands for or what he hopes to achieve but he seems to find the comment section of this blog fascinating. The fact he supports Fiona Barnet removes any credibility he may have. (plus the fact he says jesus taliks to him)

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        • He’s a very strange individual. I found it amusing that Charlotte Ward managed to eradicate any last vestiges of her own credibility in the conspiraloon community by attaching herself to him as a valid source.


          • @coyote – I don’t want to leave the impression that I’m without compassion for this person, just because its DS. Years ago, when he was being all suicidal on Facebook, someone did contact the police where he was living and suggest that an involuntary visit to the local psych ward might save his life (and perhaps, the lives of others). Despite everything, he’s still a human being after all.

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        • @karnevilnine – there’s a great comedic routine DS does, in a recent video. He doesn’t understand it that way, but you would. He rants about an imaginary ‘satanic’ conspiracy that he calls The Order, which he has alleged selected him to be The Antichrist as a child, proclaims himself to be God (or a God, or Their God), accepts “the throne of heaven”, calls Christ his brother, etc. Unbelievably delusional stuff.


  4. An interesting read. I had taken a brief look at Franklin and the McMartin case but not in as much detail. This gives a great overview of the cases and the links between. Although a long post generally, it is a perfect handy size for going beyond an introduction to those cases, but without going into every detail of each case.

    It’s sad that all these years later not only is there still much speculation and rumour regarding those cases, we are still suffering from satanic panic, false claims, some real claims and even worse conspiracy fever.

    A particularly interesting part is the possibility that some real abuse was carried out by a boyfriend, while the girlfriend initially placed blamed elsewhere.

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    • Yes, the displaced blame struck me as well. It seems to be not uncommon, and is certainly a feature of Hoaxtead, where Ella seemed indifferent to the harm that Abe inflicted on her children, and was much more interested in imaginary tales he dragged out of them under duress.

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    • Thanks Dave.
      It could have gone on and on, you probably understand 🙂 I cut it at the end of “Act 1” of the Franklin controversy, both DeCamp and Nick Bryant take you through Act 2, 3, etc. from their perspectives.

      Something else that no one seems to remark on. DeCamp published the first edition of his “Cover-up” in 1992. Anton Chaitkin and Webster Tarpley published their “The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush” in 1992, just before the election. Both books reference the Franklin controversy, and the allegations that George Bush Sr. was a homosexual pedophile. All of them claim that their books were instrumental in Bush’s election defeat that year.

      Clearly, this is a delusional belief of theirs. What’s interesting to me, is that this was apparently their intention, the purpose for publishing those books that year. Which underscores for me, the insincerity of their professed claims to be motivated by a concern for the well-being of children…

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    • I had to laugh on that page, as Kristie Poop is ranting about Pookster being a “notorious troll”. How in a million years is Pookster a troll? He’s always polite. Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot – a troll is defined as anyone who doesn’t agree with Kristie Poop. LOL

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      • Please spare a thought for poor Kristie Sue, imagine what it must be like to be on the losing side day after day, year after year with only babbling halfwits and loons (and trolls haha) visiting her dire blog. Waiting for the inevitable sound of smashing glass when the police break down her door.

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        • Which might happen, and the sooner the better. What would be just as much fun would be a private prosecution with a claim for damages by someone acting on behalf of the children. Even if it were to fail, it wouldn’t matter, merely defending it would bankrupt her.

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      • Pookster’s calm, poised, and well-informed attitude has always amazed and inspired me. In what sense is he a troll? (other than the obvious “disagreeing with Kristie Sue’s demented fantasies”, that is?)

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  5. DO YOU HEAR YOURSELVES WITH ALL THE NONSENSE YOU’RE WRITING.? GOD ALMIGHTY. Such blinded fabricated rants being passed off as facts. hehehehehe. really funny to read.


    • Any chance we could have some specifics, mate? Which facts are you disputing and what’s your evidence?

      Alternatively, you could always just carry on shouting in all caps, because that’s bound to make us all shut up.

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    • @HearYourselves

      Thank you so much for your input, Professor. Thank f*ck you stopped by to share your amazing insights. You’ve completely convinced me with your killer counter-arguments. I don’t know where we’d be without you. Thanks again.

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    • So tell me: how does Allah feel about conspiracy theorists who pass off their hoaxes as real in order to destroy other people’s lives? Just wondering whether you have an opinion on that.

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  6. So Mr DeCamp, himself the victim of a false CSA allegation, subsequently became a believer in SRA? Have I go that right?

    Incidentally, the wiki piece on DeCamp claims that he was interviewed by Alex Jones in 2004 and exposed the now notorious Jerry Sandusky 7 years before the scandal became public knowledge.

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    • @tdf – Mr DeCamp, himself the victim of a false CSA allegation, subsequently became a false CSA slanderer – of just about everyone he had some kind of grudge against – and employed SRA as one of his slanders.

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      • @JS

        So is it your belief that Mr DeCamp became a true believer in SRA, or was he cynically using the SRA movement and the media to try to destroy the reputations of his political and other enemies?


        • @tdf – I think there is more evidence, that he was “…using the SRA movement and the media to try to destroy the reputations of his political and other enemies”, but I can’t be certain.

          There is, for example, the mystery about Alisha Owen’s alleged SRA related testimony. Alleged by DeCamp, only, strangely. After “The Franklin Scandal” was published, I had online confrontations with a number of the principle persons involved, (or persons claiming to be them). I was told that Alisha Owen never made any SRA-related witness statements, and Nick Bryant repeated that claim – although I can’t remember now if he said that in his book of in ‘Franklin-files.net” forum discussions.

          Yet, in DeCamp’s book, he claims to quote from Caradori’s notes a series of statements by Owen that clearly implicate Bob Kerrey as a frequent visitor to a house where SRA atrocities were known by her to be carried out. So…? Who knows?


    • Taken from that wikipedia about John DeCamp:
      “This was confirmed by The Washington Times, “Mr. Spence arranged at least four midnight tours of the White House, including one June 29, 1989, on which he took with him a 15-year-old boy whom he falsely identified as his son.” [10] The boy Mr. Spence claimed to be his son, was later identified as foster child prostitute, Paul Bonacci”.

      Small problem with that. It’s impossible. Paul Bonacci’s date of birth is 8/3/67, according to the “Report of Psychiatric Clinical Interviews With Paul Bonacci” conducted by Dr Beverly Mead on behalf of Nebraska department of corrections – which you can find in the appendix to “Franklin Scandal” by Nick Bryant. That makes Bonacci age 21 or TWENTY-ONE, (for the hard of reading), on June 29 1989, and aged 22 one month later.

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      • @JS

        Fair enough. Just goes to show – and I’m aware that there’s a big controversy now in the US in the wake of the elections over ‘fake news’/’real news’ – that ‘real’ newspapers like the Washington Times can’t always be trusted either.


        • Keep in mind that the Washington Post and the Washington Times are two different papers. The Times is owned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, via its company, News World Communications. It has a very chequered history, and has been a corporate finder of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, through which corporations hand their wish lists to legislators.


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