Neelu’s former home auctioned for £415k

It’s been a long time coming, but yesterday Neelu Berry’s former home at 3 Peel Drive in Ilford was sold at auction, on a bid of £415,000.

Neelu Berry 2018-09-17 house auction

Image: Quatloos

Neelu and her friend Lee Cant attended the bidding, which Neelu tried to disrupt at one point, shouting, “It’s a stolen property! It’s not for sale! I’ve got the police report—don’t touch me!…” as a security guard took her arm and began to usher her out of the room.

Neelu kept up the verbal barrage, loudly complaining that she had been assaulted and manhandled, but to no avail, as the guards successfully ejected her from the auction hall.

“You’re hurting me!” she shouted, though judging from the video the guards seemed to do their jobs calmly and efficiently. Once outside the auction hall, she turned on a guard, demanding, “What country are you from? What’s your name?”

A woman who introduced herself as the manager of the building did her best to calm the situation, and Neelu tried her usual tactic: “Who are you? What’s your name? What’s your number? What company are you from?” However, no one was having any.

Neelu did quiet down, and Lee spoke on the phone to Patrick Coyle, one of their sidekicks who has accompanied them on a few of their courtroom adventures in the past. Lee handed the phone to Neelu, who claimed that the guards had manhandled her, and that she was “bruised all over” [see also: The Princess and the Pea—Ed.].

Sounding most displeased, she stated that the guards were adding salt to the wound [“wounds”, shurely—Ed.] by standing behind her and laughing at her predicament. Of course, there was no evidence that this was the case, but the guards did seem to be regarding her rather warily, as one might watch a growling dog which could turn on one at any moment.

Repossession timeline

It’s never pleasant to watch a person kicked out of their home, and the home sold at auction, but in this case we have to say that Neelu’s own actions seem to have led her slowly but inevitably to yesterday’s events.

In 2013, Neelu listed the house for sale, asking £425,000Neelu Berry 2018-09-17 sale attempt 2013

However, it failed to sell, and at some point between 2013 and 2016 she began to default on her mortgage.

We reported in March 2017 that Neelu’s house had been repossessed by the Co-operative Bank, and an order for repossession had been issued, to take effect on 23 March 2017.

In an interview with Andy Peacher on 31 July 2017, she informed him that the house was due for repossession any time after 9 August.

However, it was not until 10 January 2018 that the bailiffs finally turned up, accompanied by police. They broke the house’s front doorjamb, but otherwise this opening volley seemed to prove fruitless.

Bailiffs made another attempt on 25 January, but once again were seen off. At this time, Neelu remarked prophetically that things were about to get “quite messy”.

In the middle of all this, Neelu was charged with benefits fraud, which she tackled with her usual combination of impenetrable freeman on the land woo and her trusty selfie stick.

On 20 July 2018, the bailiffs and police finally managed to evict Neelu and her family from the house. As ‘A Berry British Coup’ commented at the time, “This was painful to watch”.

There followed a weeks-long siege, in which Neelu recorded herself stalking her old home on a daily basis, confronting the guards and dogs who had been stationed there to prevent her taking back possession. There were also various pseudo-legal shenanigans, led primarily by Edward W. Ellis, involving “ruin frauds” and the like, but strangely, this had no effect on the final outcome.

By the end of yesterday’s video, it seemed that Neelu had finally been struck by the grim reality that her house was permanently gone.

According to the good folks on the Quatloos discussion board, Neelu ought to walk away from this with between £150,000 and £289,000, once expenses have been figured in. Neelu Berry 2018-09-17 Quatloos 2

As they correctly point out, though, it’s likely that the money will be siphoned off to her various friends and hangers-on. We do hope she and her son are not left homeless, and even that she might learn something from this. However, we’re not optimistic, given past performance. Neelu Berry 2018-09-17 auction

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  1. ‘It’s never pleasant to watch a person kicked out of their home’ . . . . i wouldn’t be 100 certain of that. on another note elon musk is being sued over tweets for libel and slander against a british cave diver who rescued thai boys from caves. BBC reported it on radio 4.

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  2. Not so. these billionaires are touchy when rugged heroic men laugh at them. he lashed out like a petulant brat.


  3. Meanwhile,somewhere in a far,far more reasonable,alternative universe that £150k is currently being divvied out amongst the many who have been blighted,including the tax payer whose pocket has been serially mugged to fund her jolly japes.

    Similarly Neelu is currently being teleported back to planet Zog to one up,one down squallid monochrome bedsit within her means where she can be afforded the luxury of regurgitating pointless gibberish to her selves for fucking ever.Grr.

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  4. Woman citzen Neelu, didst thou not feeleth that thee were shameful by disrespecting thy honourable ancestors by conducting thou self in such distasteful a manner this 17th day of September in the year of our Lord, two thousand and eighteen, Anno Domini?

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  5. Side-note: interesting to see house prices seem to be going down. Her original asking price was probably based on the then market price but I notice “Hope Cottage” listed as being available for £90K last changed hands a few years ago for £115K.

    It annoys me that I do feel sympathy even for her and whatever family members lived there when Neelu’s mental manipulations and endless gobbledygook is staring them in the face. I mean family members can get a person sectioned and legally get control of their financial matters if they are facing ruin and their fate is put in peril by their actions.
    I guess the Berry family isn’t the first or will be the last to go down with the sinking ship.

    Well done Any Devine, Belinda McKenzie Angela Power-Disney, Lee Cant et all who have encouraged this woman in her delusions.

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  6. Imagine having a prang in your car with Neelu. She would immediately be covered in bruises, suffer whiplash…then chronic back pain forever. It’s the Neelu way.

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  7. I stand by my higher figure, although I’ll amend it to £288k as I based it on Lee saying it went for £416k. I say this because 4 days before the auction Neelu revealed she had been given a redemption value of £67k plus £60k costs.

    I also downloaded the legal pack and it states that the Coop reserved the right to accept an offer up until the actual auction. If she had handed over £137k last week, the bank would have been whole and would no doubt have accepted. Even then, the legal pack held the buyer responsible for some of the fees such as the cost of searches and some of the auction costs, so there’s not much more than a few thousand added as costs since the redemption statement last Thursday.

    Where she does have problem is that this amount will cause her ‘benefit denial fraud’ as her entitlement will stop and there are rules about disposal of capital to get around the system.

    And regardless of the amount, I do agree with others that her assorted hangers on will bleed her dry.

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  8. There are an estimated 12 million dogs in Britain and 25 million dwellings. So perhaps nearly half those houses have a dog and all the dwellings will have garbage bins with..errr..garbage in them.

    Is this a new plot to devalue Britain’s over-inflated housing industry?


  9. I’m not being facetious here but there are literally no marks on her. The first one looks like it may have one, but in actuality that a shadow from the finger depressing her skin.

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  10. Neelu’s in demand these days:

    Today at Snaresbrook:

    For Application to Break Fixture
    T20180394 BERRY Neelu
    Defendant to attend
    Ms N MASTER JP (N)
    10:45 AM

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  11. On another note: Angie Power-Disney has had much to say about the poor McCanns but it seems to have missed her expert investigative journalist eye that both parties have sued each other in foreign courts and received judgments (despite one being overturned on appeal).
    Perhaps she’s never heard of the EU.

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  12. To be fair she is correct. “If the state doesn’t want you to be living where you are living it’s all okay as long as they compensate you for it.” is an underpinning of compulsory purchase orders.

    Just ask the former residents of Tyneham village!


  13. For Application to Break Fixture

    Wait, what, I’m supposed to put in a legal application each time I run amok and smash things?

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  14. Probably can’t take the heat after recent outrages against the unlucky victims of road accidents and the downright nasty gingergate incident. she’s dead set on making herself as unpopular as she can.

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  15. Only certain things though, it would seem. Light bulbs don’t require legal permission, but the fixtures which hold them do. Matter of safety, really. Rampaging electrons and all that.


  16. Papahemp2 has been suspended on Twitter. Lol

    Abraham Christie was last seen tweeting nonsense about pedosodomites to Ian Puddick for some unknown reason. I didn’t report him. It was much more fun seeing him flail around posting gibberish.

    Also fun. CalamiTcat flailing around trying to read Abraham’s feed and not knowing that tweets you have seen previously might be still in your feed despite a later profile protection or suspension. Funny AF.

    His grand return crashed and burned.

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  17. LOL!! I noted that he had dutifully followed a profile called “Shit Drifloud Says”. At that point I decided that I like my computer too much to destroy it by spitting coffee all over it, and so I had to tune out. Hilarious that he lasted such a short time. On Twitter, I mean.


  18. If the rest of the usual gang stay quiet long enough and there’s no breaking news you could do a special on cat detailing all her recent atrocities in one post so people can easily find out about her even when she elects to delete and privatise. for a blog with under 200 followers this punches well above it’s weight with huge swathes of passing readers. i suspect being high on google’s searches when people check out various idiots online and are swept up here. this blog is an iceberg really, with just the regulars commenting and the majority browsing silently. you’re doing great work and can only estimate how many people are turned away from the hoax peddlers and silently move on, potential disasters averted.

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  19. Probably the online out of context edition that only provides snippets and doesn’t require anyone to read the entire old and new testaments and understand them. simply pick a single line that vaguely resembles your own twisted view and ignore the rest. it’s very popular with low witted bigots the world over.

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  20. I think Brian might have to send Abe a photo of his “gary”, as he so amusingly termed it in one video addressed to Guidance2222. I suspect it will be the only thing that might satisfy him.

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  21. I suspect that Guidance may have taken Brian up on his offer of a photo of his “gary”, as he’s been awfully quiet this week. Oh well, at least he’s found something to pass the time.

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  22. Plus his “I know where you live” routine is getting a bit old and tired now, don’t you think? The dude needs some new material.

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  23. Ogilvy’s posted people’s (alleged) IPs, addresses and house photos many times. I guess this supposed anti-child abuse campaigner is happy to endanger people’s families. Hey ho

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  24. Archived footage has emerged of Angela getting to grips with academia during her final year at Warwick University on the outskirts of Coventry.

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  25. Nice. with angie under the shadows of looming legal action, weasely doing his keith baron stranded routine and abe being laughed off twitter in two days it’s high time the spotlight focused on the caring sharing fresh start foundation director’s extra curricular activities so the public at large can make informed decisions. fsf need to be made to answer for cat’s recent behaviour.

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  26. I just had a realization. this blog is like the Muppet Show. ec is an overworked kermit trying to book acts and the rest of us just heckle from our boxes at the various idiots paraded before us.

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  27. i never commit data abuse. I engage in data conspiracy fraud, like all shadow government operatives engaged in #opbabyskinshoes


  28. Us, not use. the text abilities of my nokia 3310 are not as good as it’s retro charm appearance but i’m between top ups and forced to use my international sim which only works in this handset. on the plus side a limited browser uses hardly any of the credit. Right. i’m off to research the history of the whaling ship essex and it’s historical position in my desire to study the real facts of canniballism through the ages. are donner Kebabs named after the donner party ?


  29. Jeremiah 29:11 seems peculiarly inapt to that or any other sentiment one would normally think of coming from Mrs PD:

    “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end” (KJV), “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (NIV)

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