Neelu’s house due for repossession on 9 August

Regular readers will recall that in March, Neelu Berry’s house was repossessed by court order. The order stated:

On the 23 February 2017, District Judge Lewis sitting at the County Court at Romford…
Upon hearing the Solicitor’s Agent for the Claimant and Defendant not attending
and the court orders that
1. The defendant give the claimant the possession of 3 Peel Drive, Clayhill, Ilford, IG5 0JR on or before 23 March 2017.
2. Money claim adjourned generally with liberty to restore.

Although we are told that in general, the bailiffs turn up between three and ten weeks after such an order has been issued, nothing seemed to happen in Neelu’s case. It’s only since her car was repossessed for (as it turns out) non-payment of a £513 fine for an illegal right turn, that Neelu has said anything at all about her house being repossessed.

On Saturday’s “Freedom Talk Radio” broadcast with Andy Peacher, Neelu allowed as how the date for repossession is expected to be 9 August. As usual, she buried the interesting bits in one of her classic rants:

Neelu: Hi Andy, I’m still here despite the attempt on my life yesterday. I can only assume that it’s linked to my mother’s death on the 25th of July because the bailiff…well, she calls herself the enforcement officer, by the name of Shirley C., she told me that the only communication she had had in this matter was a phone call I had made to her in May. Though she admitted that no communications had come to me regarding the visit yesterday.

As soon as they arrived they put on the clamp. Er, there were two cars parked outside. The amount is £513, and the document she gave me was not a warrant, it was just a photograph, a snapshot from a very distant camera, and the car is purported to have done a right turn when it shouldn’t have, in November last year. And then they turned up with an ambulance, police, and there were helicopters as well. So basically, I’ve got it all recorded in this audio that we’re going to hear, that she’s denied calling the police and saying that I was going to harm myself in the house so that she’s denying that she’s the cause of Section 17 of PACE, right, to break my door, basically to section me, and the ambulance was called by the police, she says she didn’t call the ambulance, so why would the police want to lie about me harming myself?

And then the other, the co-enforcement officer, she told me that it was the London Borough of Redbridge that had told them to go to my home and clamp the car and do what they were doing, that the authority came from my local council, which is what caused my mother’s premature death on the 25th of July this year, and which caused my niece’s death in 2000, from the drug overdoses, so I was able to extract a lot of information from them and that gave me a very clear picture of the intention that Redbridge Council had, possibly to do with these shows that we’re doing, Andy.

It gives me a handle to grip, to get onto, to basically alert the public as to the crimes being committed by the state and to basically say that we cannot follow their complaint procedures any more because the corporate structure is now history, it doesn’t have a future, it’s self-destructed, you know with the counterfeit currency, the inflation, the debt, so all you have are the corporate policies, and the people who are paid to enforce those policies for profit, not for honour of the people. So the dishonour to the oath to God, again we’re back to the oath, and back to gold because they took our blood, sweat, and tear money and mixed it with counterfeit currency, and they didn’t need to because they just could have printed more of the counterfeit currency if they really…well, they’ve never been short of money.

All this budgeting fraud, all the public services that they’ve been crying in the papers about oh, they’re running short of money whilst they’ve been spending our blood, sweat, and tear money to save these banks that never needed our money, so grinding us down to a halt, and we want the gold mandate, now it’s two years we deserve our prosperity payments that they’ve denied us, they’ve dishonoured us…so we can only go up from this point, we’re at the lowest point, that video of mine proves that they can go into anybody’s home and basically do anything to them, and it’s all fraud, it’s multi-agency ambush that they did on me yesterday, and it was a threat to my life, it was attempted corporate manslaughter, I’m not exaggerating when I say that, because of the circumstances, the wider picture, of this history of 17 years. So in a way, if they did try to stop these shows, Andy, then I hope this is going to trigger the gold mandate, the prosperity payments for the world…

Andy: Well I’ll cut you short on that one, I hope they do try because it just means we’ll try harder for it to actually not happen, so if they cut your landline off, if they cut your mobile phone off, it may be that you have to go to a neighbour or friend or telephone kiosk in the middle of the street, but there’s no way in the world they can actually get this show deleted once aired, and even if they try and mess with my [boardman?], I’ve got a way of tethering my mobile phone which is on a different network, to my laptop, so we can connect a different way anyway, so, erm, yeah. And I can’t believe that they…you know, why don’t they leave you alone? They’ve got the date for eviction, which is the…you’ll have to remind me, is it the eighth? Or is it the ninth of August?

Neelu: Ninth of August, but before that, there’s going to be a hearing on the fourth of August in the Romford County Court, which now does not allow the public into the hearings any more, and the counters are closed except for appointments, and they’re between 10 and 2, so we have no public service in that court any more, it’s all private, so if people did want to come that day they would be outside on the grass, and it wouldn’t be very nice if it’s wet. And the security guard prevents anybody coming into the building unless you make the excuse you’re using the toilets or having a cup of tea, I don’t know if they’ll let you in. Yeah, I think it’s at 10 a.m.

But hopefully, we can divert the ninth, and use the ninth anyway for launching the Swissindo, so there may be some other events going on on the ninth anyway. I doubt that it’s going to be an eviction event, it’s probably going to be a gold prosperity event, which is going to go global…er, sorry, in Indonesia on the 17th of August, and Lee [Cant] and I are trying to make it go global. So Lee is on now, I’ll hear from him what he thinks about that, unless you’re going to play the tape. I’ll leave it to you, Andy.

Andy: Yeah, I asked him to be quiet and he couldn’t be quiet, and then I was going to add him later and…anyway, I’ll bring him on now.

This is followed by several minutes of garbled broadcast, as Andy tries to get Lee to turn off his radio, which is apparently causing mad echoes and doubling up on Skype and generally mucking up the broadcast. But never mind, they eventually manage to get it straightened out, Lee turns his radio off, and they carry on.

There’s more FOTL pseudo-legal gibberish, and Andy notes that since 9 August is the day when the bailiffs are meant to turn up at Neelu’s house to enforce the eviction order, they might as well ask people to turn up there to support her. Of course, he says, if the eviction doesn’t go off, the gathered crowd can always do something else as a group.

Such as, er, activate the world gold prosperity event?

We can but hope.

47 thoughts on “Neelu’s house due for repossession on 9 August

  1. Only Neelu could accuse someone who’s come to check that she’s ok of trying to kill her!

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    • There must have been something very wrong with those crystals she placed around the courts. Haven’t helped her one bit. Perhaps she should try HopeLess Girl’s Orgone or Kryptonite thingy she is flogging.

      Helicopters? It’s a wonder the SAS weren’t called out as well. Maybe they were and Neelu didn’t notice them.

      Point: does anyone really die “prematurely”?. Is there a set date you kick the bucket and if signing of before then it is considered premature?

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  2. I cannot say I am pleased that anyone would face eviction, even an enemy. I was evicted once but it was 40 years ago and it’s a distressing experience for anyone.
    Times are now much harder and accommodation is very hard to get in the UK.

    But Neelu’s pending eviction just amplifies how she is surrounded by not just fair weather “friends” but malicious people who encourage her in her delusions. Where is Bellender in all this? I guarantee she is possibly an expert in property matters but does she take her pal Neelu aside and give her some sensible advice?

    And then there are the Freeman Fanatics who simply love a rumble and an eviction is like a party day for them as evidenced with the Tom Crawford case as they front up to coppers demanding to know if they have “taken your oath of office today”, abusing bailiffs or encouraging roof top sit-ins when inevitably the law will take it’s course.

    Perhaps Neelu could settle in at a mental health unit for a fair time. She needs the help.

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  3. I hope Neelu Berry has placed her most powerful crystals around her house, those dark spirits that are going to reposess her house needs strong juju to keep them away. Lord Ashtray hopefully will give a hand, a leg and a nipple to the occasion to assist Neelu in her time of challenges. If it all goes bottoms up, then Neelu Berry can move in with Belinda McKenzie, plenty of room in those dark basements and tunnels where she keeps all the other freaks in her collection.

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  4. “I can only assume….”. Never likely to end particularly well,as a rule.

    Unless of course one is an active member of the defying-basic-laws-of-nature-clifftop-appreciation society.

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  5. Who were these loonies, anybody know about them?
    A David Ick spin-off cult, or did Icky steal her reptilian delusions?

    “Two followers of a cult-like group have died of apparent suicide in the past five years, but their former leader Sherry Shriner says they were murdered by the U.S. government.

    On July 15, Steve Mineo allegedly asked his girlfriend to shoot him in the head. Mineo, 32, had been having issues with Shriner’s cult that believes in reptilian aliens, his girlfriend told police when they arrived. Five years earlier, another follower of Shriner, 22-year-old Kelly Pingilley, died after swallowing 30 sleeping pills”.

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        • People like Sherry Shriner can have devastating effects on someone who is mentally ill. I don’t know how much she was involved with the late Tory Smith but Alexander Meadors promoted every crazy delusion he had. He died because he wouldn’t go to hospital because he thought he would be killed, he believed his illness was caused by a superpowered reptilian who was draining his life force. Alex promoted this crap instead of telling him he was delusional. Just days after he died she made this video in which she claimed he was standing next to her and talking to her (then he was joining Ashtar in an interstellar war.

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          • Meadors is a predator who preys on the mentally ill. She sells them potions and implant removals (which she does by Email for $200 for initial removal then $50 per week upkeep and $$$ more in potions)

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          • Wow, what despicable people. Extremely sad that these vultures prey on the mentally ill. The only thing that needs removing is these parasitic con merchants who attach themselves to the most vunerable people they can find, then bleed them dry until there’s nothing left, health wise and financially.

            I see the same thing with a lot of the rabid followers of certain Youtubers, some straight out con artists promoting a problem and then selling the solution, remedy, cure etc, or playing on peoples fears and dillusions whilst gladly taking their monthy patreon, paypal and gofundme contributions.
            The Targeted Individual community is pretty bad for that.
            Theres seems to be a huge market of individuals and groups operating as unregisted and unregulated businesses that the law seems unable to deal with.

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    • Such a horrible way to die… if you die by sleeping pills, you don’t just “go to sleep and die”, you wake up hours later, paralyzed, aware and in agony as your organs slowly shut down

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      • I have OD’d on sleepers quite a few times, in the early 2000s I swallowed ten 25mg Diazepam tablets on top of 100mgs of a synthetic opiate, I was due in court the next day for driving while disqualified and thought I might go to prison so I wanted to get smashed one last time. I woke the next morning with blood on my clothes, ,a big scab on my nose,a chipped tooth and bruised knuckles, in my pocket was a document from an ambulance that I had signed saying I had turned down their request to go to hospital. I remember none of this, I remember taking the sleepers, buying a milkshake and nothing more.

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          • This may explain somewhat.
            “Diazepam, first marketed as Valium, is a medication of the benzodiazepine family that typically produces a calming effect. It is commonly used to treat a range of conditions including anxiety, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome, muscle spasms, seizures, trouble sleeping, and restless legs syndrome.[4] It may also be used to cause memory loss during certain medical procedures.”

            Synthetic Opiate
            “Most prescription pain relief medications exist as synthesized versions of natural opiate drugs like opium, morphine and heroin. These medications make up the majority of drugs appearing on a synthetic opiates list.
            Opiates, also known as analgesics, have become one of the most commonly abused drugs on the market. With long-term use, their debilitating effects disrupt most every major system in the body. According to the Institute for Substance Abuse Treatment Evaluation, most all opiate drugs work as depressants that slow down central nervous system processes.
            The list of synthetic opiates includes two categories: synthetic and semisynthetic drugs. While the natural opium products can produce powerful effects on the brain and body, many synthetic and semisynthetic varieties carry even stronger analgesic properties than their predecessors do.”

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  6. Have I ever mentioned the W.I.N. research depository on Witchvox before? Right here:

    Articles are attributed to Kerr Cuhulain, a genuinely heroic exposer of satan-panic promoters, but I believe much of the research was contributed by various members of the network at that time.

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    • @Coyote – would you consider doing a review or something like that, some time, to promote this repository (I can’t believe I said ‘depository’ – oy vey!”). Much of the info is very dated, but would certainly still be invaluable to people researching both the origins of the current panic and the resurrected “documentaries” that keep popping up on youtube.

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    • Looks like a great site, some impressive credentials that gentleman has. If the endless hordes of Youtube detectives and conspiraloons could read, i’m sure they would learn a lot from reading a few of those articles, and I think I could too. Thank you.

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      • Kerr is a good man. I started networking with him and WIN in 1988. In the early 1990’s, I introduced him to the detectives from Integrated Intelligence Unit that I was working with, and met him when he came here to help them with their training manual for “Cult & Occult Crime”. Essentially, they ripped off HIS manual on the subject and incorporated much of it into their own 🙂

        When I “retired” from networking in 1995-’96, I dropped all those contacts. I’m a bit autistic that way – you only exist for me, while we are working on a shared concern together. After that, I still know you exist, but you recede from my awareness. It’s never personal, though.

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        • It’s just a shame the people who could benefit and learn the most from that site won’t even read any articles or be willing to be educated by someone more knowledgeable than them, because the opinions don’t conform to their pre-existing beliefs on SRA and related topics pushed by conspiracy theorists.
          The same problem with getting people people to read Hoaxtead, many won’t as they think it’s just the biased fathers version, where as they will gladly watch complete garbage videos on YouTube twaddled out by Ella, Abe, and conspiraloons.
          I have imposed a self ban on YouTube comments for my own sanity, but reading some of them I see a lot of people that are coming round to Hampstead being a hoax but then complaining it stops genuine SRA victims coming forward, or maintaining there still was some kind of paedophile ring despite acknowledging the more impossible claims being nonsense. They just can’t let go of wanting the children to have been abused and promoting their own agendas.

          If someone is claiming to genuinely care for victims of child abuse and do something about the problem, yet maintain SRA is some prevalent problem that needs targetting, they are the problem, as they will not be helping a single child pushing that narrative. They should get credentials to work in the relevent industry and join the front line of those who work with abuse victims, day in and day out, but that would be too much like hard work, plus most or not safe to be anywhere near children.

          You can lead a horse to water, just don’t be surprised when it refuses to drink, does a 180, then goes back to drinking from the same swampwater they’ve become accustomed to. That made sense in my head anyway, lol.

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          • These fanatics are not interested in helping children.
            Over 95% of abuse happens within the home. “Stranger danger” is a small part of it and cannot really be prevented, just minimized and policed were possible.
            Abuse takes many forms : neglect, sexual (around 17%) mental & physical abuse.
            These fanatics are fascinated by only one thing: imagined sexual abuse whereby they perceive there are vast VIP networks trading in stolen children to abuse, murder or even eat.

            They thrive on it and cannot get enough. Thus APD will post endless newspaper stories about convictions for abuse (that somewhat dent her claims people are getting away with it) as though that somehow re-enforces and proves her claims ritual Satanic sexual murders are conducted daily in well heeled London suburbs.

            Even worse they target and then insult and abuse those on the front line. Coppers, social workers, doctors and nurses, from the safety of their living room and via their PC.

            APD’s abusive verbal assaults and targeting of the psychiatric sister in charge of caring for the young man sectioned after she encouraged him to the point he was sectioned. She did the same in the case of the Aussie bloke sectioned- encouraged others to attack the hospital.

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          • I just have horrific visions of some of these people working for childrens charites and receiving calls from a dispairing neglected child and instantly questioning the child about MKULTRA, SRA or some kind of conspiracy claptrap. Having seen enough of APD’s videos, this seems to be her instant go to, when any of her guests describe a seeming normal event or situation, she starts saying MKULTRA, MI5, MI6, secret agents, masons etc. One of the interviews with Hetty was one that sprung to mind, the one where she talks about working on the front desk of a guest house of some ill repute and bad mouths Abe.

            As much as I detest Abe, she must have had a hell of a memory to remember him and describe him as being a young man, as Abe is nearly a decade older than her iirc.

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  7. If only Neelu would seek advice from the proper people. I guess arrogance and a belief in the utter bollocks spouted by getoutofdebtfree/freeman types prevents that.

    Obviously her mental health issues can’t be helping either. Whether mental health services would think her getting into trouble with the police and eviction crisis enough for them to intervene I don’t know.

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    • I suppose we don’t know if her family try to help but end up staying out of it after years of experience of being able to aid her.
      For all we know, her poor mother was driven to despair by Neelu’s antics.
      But her pals who appear in her videos are the worst. They encourage her in her delusions.

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