Jake Clarke appeals verdict, sentence

Last October we reported that Jake Clarke had been found guilty of harassment in a trial at Willesden Magistrate’s Court, and had been sentenced to a six-month custodial sentence, suspended for one year. His sentence included a five-year criminal behaviour order (CBO), which required that he delete all Hampstead hoax-related material from his social media accounts, and refrain from publishing or republishing, saying, or printing anything on- or off-line about the hoax.

In his sentencing, DJ Billings remarked that he did not wish to make a hero of Jake by imposing an immediate custodial sentence.

Despite this, Jake appealed the verdict and sentence, and yesterday his two-day appeal hearing began at Harrow Crown Court.

We did not attend, though apparently certain online characters claim to have spied representatives of this blog in the public gallery; see our previous remarks about how the Hoaxtead mob imagine they see us ’round every corner.

Jake’s hearing will wrap up tomorrow, and we will bring the results once we know them.

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28 thoughts on “Jake Clarke appeals verdict, sentence

  1. Yep – “certain characters” have indeed been doing the oki Fregoli over this case, including Devine and “other”, who issued a number of death threats via a series of videos, repeatedly named a protected witness and threw a massive (and unintentionally hilarious) hissy fit about not being called as a witness. This was followed by Devine going off on one about fake Moon landings, the Holocaust “hoax” and doctors who break “the hypocritical oath”. But thankfully Lee Cant was on hand to send us all to sleep after all that excitement. Dude’s a walking bedtime story.

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        • Or as Lennon and McCartney put it:

          So I wait, and in a while
          I will see my true love smile
          She may come – I know not when
          And when she does, I’ll know

          So baby, until then
          Lock me away
          And don’t allow the day
          Here inside
          Where I hide
          With my loneliness
          i don’t care what they say
          I won’t stay
          In a world without love


    • Gawd..”history is changed”. They really have tickets on themselves. I loved the instigator moaning to the camera that they were not allowed to use the toilets and were not given food.
      Guys..you were trespassers for crying out loud. Not guests of the management.

      Obviously management caved in and decided the easy way out was to give in to the “investigative journalist” but I think they will rue the day.
      These are not genuine campaigners, they are fanatics and when you once again find you have to remove their content it will be much worse second time around.

      As for Free Speech which they assume is the freedom to defame and accuse on no evidence just gossip, anyone who dares question This Mob and has a contradictory view is labelled a Troll and that is a deliberate way to try and belittle and silence people.

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  2. Wonder if there will be any claims of being made to ” taste the pavement ” caught on camera and then ignored by the law?

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    • But is it her, or has ‘the better half’ (coughs and chokes- as if… LOL) taken over it as he must be close to ban by now, he’s had quite a few takedowns….

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      • Actually, he’s still using one of his main accounts and his other three are still up too, though he’s suspended from them at the moment. And Heather is still posting as normal. Also, Facebook doesn’t have a 3-strikes-and-you’re-out system like YouTube’s. In fact, you seem to be able to get suspended ad infinitum on there without ever getting banned!

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        • I meant suspended/ unable to post but yeah know what you mean…
          Although FB did ban some people a while back, but stopped doing it once their latest victim was off the front pages (I believe I may have even mentioned it at the time, that once they were off the front pages it would be back to business as usual, this was soon after the young girl committed suicide after online bullying)


  3. Hello Victims.

    I did not get any Valentines Day cards this year, many of my victims are dead, sectioned, in jail, or hiding from me. How rude. I tell a fib, I got a message painted on my path from the local Jehovah Witnesses yesterday: “Burn in hell Angina, you evil hag.”

    I am thinking of Jake today, the unrealised dream of me, Jake and Rupert in bed. My jug of vaseline and the strap-on sits waiting on the book shelf. I would have gone to England to produce a squishy giant shit in the witness box in support of my dear boy toy, but depriving hungry African orphans of donations takes time.

    I am off to stalk the milkman.

    All for now, in hate and evil.

    Angina Powder Dizzy

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    • Babs reads this blog avidly – so Babs, if you’re reading this would you care to clarify what lies have been told on this blog and what your evidence is?

      I won’t hold my breath.

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      • Yes, my video-making skills are less than minimal. I’ll stick to writing. If Babs wants to challenge anything I’ve written, she’s more than welcome to do so.

        Bearing in mind, of course, that until I thwarted her attempt to dox another commenter here against whom she had some sort of grudge, she was a prolific and enthusiastic supporter of this blog.

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  4. Harrowing news latest:

    Court 7 A20180227 JAKE STEFAN LUKE CLARKE
    For Appeal against Conviction – Bench Retire to consider Judgment 16:55

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      • Interesting update. I suspect we may be seeing some people being rounded up in the next couple of days unless they behave themselves!

        Court 7 A20180227 JAKE STEFAN LUKE CLARKE
        For Appeal against Conviction – Reporting Restrictions. For details please contact the Court Manager 15/02/2019 17:55

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    • Cat Scot – picks on EC for being “fat” (even though EC is significantly slimmer than her – go figure); calls Nicola Sturgeon “Fish-Face”: calls Gordon Brown “Bug-Eyed Brown”; picks on ginger children for, er, being ginger. Such a great role model for her kids.

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