Neelu’s never-ending eviction saga continues

More news from the Neelu front: readers will recall that she had unwanted visitors on 9 January, when a team of police and bailiffs attended her home in order to evict her and her family. This came in the wake of last spring’s repossession order for having defaulted on the mortgage of her house.

Neelu, her sister, and (we think) her son put up a good fight on 9 January, driving off the invaders…temporarily. (Tip for mortgage-holders who don’t feel like keeping up with your monthly payments: apparently it is possible to forestall the inevitable, at least temporarily, by shrieking about the Queen, following bailiffs about the house yelling at them, and demanding “have you got a warrant or not?” over and over until they get fed up and leave.)

However, the front door of her house sustained some injuries, and it was clear that although eviction had been held off temporarily, this time the bailiffs and police meant business. When that business was to take place, however, remained unclear.

Yesterday, the other shoe dropped. Sort of.

Is it just us, or does it sound to you as though Neelu is hoping to mount a Tom Crawford-style loony-a-thon to help her keep her home? If so, someone should probably remind her that although initially Mr Crawford’s 250-strong protest group managed to keep the bailiffs from seizing his house for a while, in the end he and his wife were evicted.

According to a video which Neelu made about an hour after posting the above, she received two notices stating that her two cars would be removed after 8 p.m. last night:

For those who are unable to see Neelu’s video on Facebook, Spiny Norman has kindly made a copy which you can find here:

Here’s a sample, for those who don’t quite feel ready to subject themselves to a full-on Neelu rant:

They came to evict me from my home forcibly, due to housing benefit denial frauds by the council, Redbridge council, which when Edward Ellis, equity lawyer, tried to serve them with his documents for corruption, of criminal cover-up of murders and firearms thefts by [name redacted] in the Romford County Court, organised criminal, convicted criminal, with at least 54 convictions, was occupying an office in the Romfort County Court as an immigration lawyer, and growing drugs on the farms in Sussex.

Did you follow that? Neither did we.

Did Neelu fall for a scam?

But then, speaking of the person she named above, she says:

They’re now recruiting him to do eviction fraud, so if you think you’re going to be evicted you pay £10,000 cash, he doesn’t turn up to any court hearings, he doesn’t turn up on the day, he sends the bailiffs in, and you get evicted. Now many people have been robbed by him, okay, we’re talking about hundreds of cases. Then he started doing the car insurance fraud. So he says, ‘I’ll buy your car off…your insurance off your car for nothing and then I’ll do the insurance’, doesn’t do the insurance, gets you convicted for no insurance.

The best we can make out is that Neelu might have paid this person a fee, thinking he would be able to keep her from losing her house and/or car(s), and he double-crossed her, leaving her both car-less and house-less. Why the poor Jehovah’s Witnesses? Hey, this is the Planet Zogg. Why the hell not? (Question: if Neelu was able to raise £10,000 to pay this dodgy eviction fraudster, why did she not just use it toward her mortgage?)

She finishes the video by asking viewers to call officials on her behalf, quoting various case numbers…because she’s busy with another case?

Stay tuned: according to Neelu, today’s events could get “quite messy”. As if there were any doubt.

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  1. Good to know that Neelu’s “friends” are trying to talk her out of doing anything stupid tomorrow.

    Oh wait…

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  2. I think it’s about 2AM UK time about now. I bet she is pooping blue coconuts waiting for the door knock. She wants Police protection???? I reckon the local Woodentops are queuing up for that duty!
    I am fairly new to knowledge of this silly, possibly demented old bat. She really needs proper professional help.
    I have made a note of the numbers she quoted and will be calling forthwith and telling them to just drag the sill old cow away.
    Happy Australia Day to you all.

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        • Best not to mention too many personal details on here, there are some seriously deranged individuals who stalk this place and some who have already been to jail or sectioned, so better to be safe than sorry!

          (just look in yesterdays comments to see some serious ranting and raving)

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          • Yes, good advice Steved. Most of us don’t share too much personal info, as there’ve been episodes where people’s friends or work colleagues have been hunted down by the nutters, and some very nasty accusations made.

            Fireman Sam, welcome aboard! Nice to have another member of the Ozzie contingent! 🙂

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          • Steved, If anyone could track me down here it would result in a nasty surprise for them. I didn’t say what I did nor will I but suffice to say I aint scared. Actually, I would welcome meeting some of these wannabes face to face. Keyboard warriors are no threat to anyone.


          • Unfortunately they rarely want to meet you face to face- what they do do is harass any online friends or family they can link to you, and do other things. A couple of the ones mentioned recently have bragged online about contacting potential employers etc and possibly jeopardising their future employment possibilities (was that Debs?? cant remember)

            Another thing is many of them seem to be sovcits (sovereign citizens) who readily (and regularly) put liens on people (often without telling them) that can adversely affect someones credit rating, although this seems to be more an american thing atm (some have done it to judges, police etc as payback for them ‘losing to the corrupt system’)

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          • Why on Earth would I use any other name than the one I was christened with?. You think after years of playground taunts yelling ‘”here comes the Ghost who Walks” I would hide under a pseudonym?

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  3. Old Edward is still at it?- wonder how long before they declare him a vexious litigant?

    He has obviously not changed: from a judgment against him in 2008 against his suspension as a solicitor in 2006
    “The substantive application came before Goldring J who observed that it was extremely difficult to follow and consisted, among other things, of allegations of corruption against the judiciary and very many others. He said that much of the application was wholly incomprehensible.”

    He was finally struck off entirely in 2013

    I suspect this is the one Neelu was babbling on about, she (amongst others) is mentioned

    Click to access 2017-11-05-16-21-remedy-process-update-email-stamp-x-1-of-equity-lawyer-mr-ellis-to-parliament-state-2.pdf

    I think that Mr Goldring was right, and Edward certainly hasnt improved if this is evidence of his “filings”- “much of the application was wholly incomprehensible.” indeed

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  4. EC I commented on Neelu’s Facebook and tried to make her see sense and help her. Neelu blocked me because she said I am trying to stop her getting remedies and compensation. I believe Neelu isn’t nuts she is someone who just has bad friends who encourage her to make bad decisions because she doesn’t have good judgement. I bet her neighbours will be watching with glee when she is finally forced out tomorrow or whenever she’s evicted. You only have yourself to blame Neelu and that’s why no one feels sorry for you.

    By the way did Neelu say she will be conducting a court hearing at her home trying to convict the enforcement agents tomorrow? Neelu should have been a screenwriter instead of a pharmacist. What a character she is? It’s sad though Neelu is creating so much negative drama in her life. Girl fix yourself!

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    • Many people have tried to convince her that what she is doing will and cant work, but she has fallen completely down the rabbit hole and is now completely delusional about the way the world works.

      Unfortunately all anyone can do is sit back and watch now- she is beyond help…
      Someone recently commented on that the only way she is likely to be stopped is to face criminal proceedings (and they are likely in her not too distant future as well imho)

      That ‘may’ be enough to bring her to some resemblance of reality, but even then I doubt it, what she needs is proper mental help, and unfortunately that isnt going to happen- even her immediate family has jumped in with both feet and joined her (is insanity contagious???)

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    • Thanks for trying, Ivy. If only more of her friends would be as supportive to her. So far only Alex Delarge and Sharon reader have said anything remotely sensible sensible. (And naturally, Sharon was blocked and her comment removed.)

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      • Neelu is determined to not listen to any sensible advice given to her. I can see why her friends would have given up on her.

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    • ‘I believe Neelu isn’t nuts she is someone who just has bad friends who encourage her to make bad decisions because she doesn’t have good judgement.’

      Neelu believes there’s a spaceship over her house and that she communicates with the Great Mother (or someone) who’s in it. If that’s not nuts I don’t know what is.

      Her friends encourage her delusions rather than taking her to the doctor.

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  5. What #happens #when you #politely #ask JournoAngie to #back up her bullshit #with evidence 😂

    Worth every penny, I say. Keep those GoFundMe donations coming, folks!

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    • Costa seems well acquainted with drugs. She reckons those at the top prefer something else rather than Cocaine. Sounds like jealousy.

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      • Ok, so I think I found where that image came from.

        It’s a website dedicated to substances of various kinds.

        There are even a couple of pieces that appear to describe the effects of taking it. Clue – not much bar a headache)

        People like getting high, some anyway. They don’t use this to get high or strong or powerful. That’s because it doesn’t do what Abraham Christie fantasised it does to people.

        The image.

        Fail for Kris Costa.

        This is just part of Abraham Jemal Christie’s sexual fantasies involving the abuse of children. And, ooo boy, does he seem to enjoy doing this.

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  6. Poor Neelu, if she had asked me I would have told her several ways in which to retain her cars (which would have meant removing them from her property) . I did learn a few things from my East End pals over the decades who were very experienced at seeing off the bailiffs.

    The auto situation alone makes me think Neelu is now nearing a complete preordained disaster (formulated within her mind). She is on a self-destructing path and there is no helping. That still doesn’t give her so-called troofer pals the right to encourage her.
    She could have flogged both cars and bought another perhaps in her sister’s name. Now she will homeless and have no transport. Seems the family living with her, her son etc are worse than useless.

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    • As long as that advice to move the car is before the bailiffs first visit, if the bailiffs have already levied against it/taken controlled possession it would be illegal to move/dispose of it. Bailiffs only want to take goods as a last resort.

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  7. Just a suggestion, would it be possible perhaps to create a folder or list on those who have puhsed the SRA narrative over time, including priests, therapists and others, much like how this site has a list of perps and trolls? Perhaps a list of books from people by Brice Taylor? Also, a list of good books on the subject.
    I know it would be time consuming, but it think its a good idea so people are aware of those who have pushed the narrative for their own advantage.

    I know the SAFF do a great job in that respect, but i find the site hard to navigate.

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  8. I’m of the opinion that Neelu has invented this fantasy world of hers to avoid the reality of her situation. A world where she and only she is right, she has power in this world to thwart all comers with her liens.

    looking at her recent vids she seems more subdued, tired even, is reality dawning on her?

    Maybe she sees herself as some heroic figure and backing down she would lose face with her followers.

    I do have a background in supporting people re, debt, welfare rights, housing etc although I’m a bit out of touch now. I can’t help but be like, FFS.

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  9. Phew! 238 new screenshots of hoaxer troll activity, from just ONE After Burner video!

    These are from Atya Sca (Robyn Renee Hamme from Raleigh NC), who names the children and/or innocent teachers in almost every comment (I’ve redacted the names):
    (See 1 to 33)

    And these are ‘random twats and psychos’ from the same page:
    (See 966 to 1171)

    Some selected highlights lowlights from the latter ‘bundle’ (warning – they’re not for the fainthearted)…

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    • Is it ever going to dawn on her that not one of these ‘remedy’ strategies she’s advising people to use have ever worked for worked for her. Nor once, ever. In fact, have they ever worked for anyone?

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