BREAKING: Neelu Berry’s house repossessed

Didn’t we just finish saying things were unusually quiet in Hoaxtead-land?

As if on cue, just this morning news came in that Neelu Berry’s house has been repossessed by the bank that holds her mortgage. Her friend Butlincat, aka John Graham, posted this on Facebook:On his blog we found the Order for Possession, issued two days ago, which states:

On the 23 February 2017, District Judge Lewis sitting at the County Court at Romford…
Upon hearing the Solicitor’s Agent for the Claimant and Defendant not attending
and the court orders that
1. The defendant give the claimant the possession of 3 Peel Drive, Clayhill, Ilford, IG5 0JR on or before 23 March 2017.
2. Money claim adjourned generally with liberty to restore.

It seems that if Neelu does not vacate her house by 23 March, the court will send bailiffs to evict her.

We’re reminded of that time when her car was nearly repossessed (with her in it, frantically trying to reach her “common law lawyer” for advice); and we wonder whether the cause of her current situation is that she believes all that Freeman on the Land woo about not paying one’s bills. Perhaps she’s being advised by the Ghost of Patrick Cullinane?

This certainly helps to explain Neelu’s relative radio silence over the past few weeks. We’ll continue to follow this story.


51 thoughts on “BREAKING: Neelu Berry’s house repossessed

  1. I had thought it strange how quiet Neelu has been of late. If only she obeyed the law, played by the rules and paid any money that she owes then she would find that her life would become so much easier to live. Surely nobody enjoys having the worry of bailiffs and courts hanging over their heads all the time?

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      • I very nearly went that path a few years back myself. I was ill at the time and spending too much time online and i kept coming across the FMOTL videos and found some interesting. It was after watching a few more videos that i saw the Freeman approach achieved nothing apart from extra trouble for the person which could have been avoided if they had not tried their Freeman logic on the cops.

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    • Yep. Applicable to other “outlaw” lifestyles as well.
      I used to chat with “street kids”, (actually, in their 20’s), outside my workplace years ago – they telling me the mis-adventures of their lifestyle. I would tell them: “I don’t have much – but I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and money in my pocket, from my legit job. You ‘work’ much harder at what you do, and never have anything!”


  2. Oh well, i guess she could go and stay with Angie as Angie was looking for someone to help her out for a while. I guess the crystals didn’t do their job this time.

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  3. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.
    A picture of Neelu is the second image today that has made me feel sick to my stomach, the other being the thumbnail for Mel Ve’s Dragonology Episode 3. What was she thinking?

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  4. Ooh, what an intriguing development! Looks like I’ll have to update my address book.

    Neelu, if you’re reading this, there are 4 possible solutions to your problem:

    1. Get Tom Crawford and his mates round for a rooftop mortgage protest. Remember to stock up on munchies, including ham sandwiches for the vegetarians.

    2. Fine the mortgage company a $14 trillion lien. That’ll work. Oh and remember to record that phone conversation for our amusement.

    3. Get a loan from that nice Mrs. McKenzie.

    4. Set up a GoFundMe mortgage-raising campaign. And remember to ask that nice Miss Disney for guidance.

    Hope this helps. Bonne chance! 🙂

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  5. I wonder if Angie is feeling that time will be running out for her too? She made this tweet a few days ago complaining about “Trial dismissing #jury a very dangerous precedent open to abuse by corrupt judges”

    If you read the story you discover the men convicted were fraudsters who had managed to kill an elderly couple in a “crash for cash” insurance scam. They had used various methods to try and undermine their trial by bribing jurors and setting off fire alarms during the hearing. A witness reported that they had said they wouldn’t care if there had been children in the car involved in the crash. Obviously Angie has a lot of empathy for those trying to make a dishonest living with a psychopathic disregard for other peoples lives.

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  6. This is so tragic, underlying all of what has happen to her and what she has done to others as a result of probable underlying Mental Health related issues. Perhaps wishful thinking but maybe reflecting on all the events she now sees the issues, sadly it appears not to be the case at the moment.

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  7. If only Neelu Berry had spent all her time, energy and money upon her own mess rather than trying to destroy many innocent people she would probably have avoided her current situation. As I am going to say for each one of those Satan Hunters as one by one of them sink and burn, they are the agents of their own misfortune.

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    • It doesn’t please me to see anyone lose their home and poor Neelu is about to discover what fair weather friends she has.
      I bet they will turn up for her last stand-in as she resists the bailiffs, after all they love a good rumble. There will be videos of loons demanding “have you taken your oath of office today” and other such inanities. She is clearly a woman with mental health issues but that doesn’t stop the McKenzies of the world taking advantage of her by encouraging her silly pursuits to have judges hanged for treason and placing billion pound liens on all and sundry.

      Surely she has sane family members, even a son? Perhaps they have tried to make her see sense and she is beyond help.

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    • Another ratbag who thinks surfing the net is ‘investigative reporting’ and who had never heard the words ‘Washington’ and ‘pizza’ together until 4 months ago.
      I only watched about 30 seconds, enough to notice that cat scratching thingy in the background which again confirms that felines are the most amoral of animals and will live with anyone no matter how deranged their servant is.

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      • LOL, I noticed the cat thingy too, GoS. Perhaps when the #pieceofhate nonsense dies down, this fellow could pull in some real views by filming his cat(s) on a Roomba. I find these endlessly entertaining for some reason.


      • Very funny and very true. I take it you didnt tune in for his 10 hour marathon phone in yesterday?
        I swear he is David Seaman’s older brother. I thought his expose on David Seaman was pretty good, until I realised he was just another fruit loop who wants to divide and conquer a bigger piece of the pizza pie for himself.
        One guy phoned in asking him if he emailed verified mobile phone numbers for James A and J Podesta would he ring them on live on air.

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  8. Seems like Charlotte Ward and Kris Costa have a rival in the ‘how to search for illegal images online then report them and incriminate yourself’ stupidity stakes.
    Personally, I have been on vidme a few times and never seen anything remotely untowards.
    If you don’t go looking for it, maybe you won’t find it. Then to say 100’s of images? M’okay.


    • I was just watching her previous videos the other week on this very matter. She tells you in previous videos what she found on Vidme. It’s on her video uploaded about a month ago with the warning of “Disturbing Content”.

      These people seek Child Abuse videos probably as often as paedophiles do. I’ll bet their search history would get them in trouble.

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      • Stupid woman doesn’t yet realise the next knock on the door is the FBI investigating her illegal internet surfing for child abuse material.
        These self-appointed ‘whistle blowers’ really think they are exempt from laws.

        On reading the sensational BBC article it is quite clear that Facebook were sensibly covering themselves legally by reporting the BBC and the BBC were being total idiots by believing because they were journalists they are also exempt from certain laws (so what’s new?).
        I do not believe Facebook, Twitter etc etc want to promote child abuse material and believe they will remove it eventually.
        My beef is they make $Billions in profit and just won’t pay enough people to do it quickly as we have found.

        Ella looks absolutely gaunt (remember the camera adds a few pounds onto the face) and that suntan does not hide the physical ravages her mind is doing to her. If this video appears on either of her fundraising sites this surely is a “good story” for the media or at least, reason the get the sites removed.

        ## Disclaimer : Everything You Read is A lie Allegedly and Without Prejudice.
        ## If I inadvertently smear, defame or insult anyone It Wasn’t Me. A Big Boy Did It and Ran away.

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  9. Seriously, Mary? Seriously?

    i think Mary’s been watching ‘Kingsman’ again. It’s an action comedy, luv, not a documentary. Mkay?


  10. There is a distinct certainty of a dramatic confrontation and injury to somebody if Neelu’s Ejectment is not “handled” properly by Mental Health. FMOTL screwballs acting against reasonable advice usually find themselves needing a “bailout” for failure to pay tickets or obtain car insurance which leads to “Pay or Stay” drama for ignoring it. Looks like the “house deal” was just one of Neelu’s Shoulder Chips.


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