Neelu risks a Civil Restraint Order

Yesterday we discussed a case that came before Mr Justice Eady at the Royal Courts of Justice, in which self-styled ‘Equity lawyer’ Edward William Ellis faced contempt proceedings as a result of breaching a General Civil Restraint Order. Phrases like ‘proceedings for committal’ were tossed around, and the outlook seems rather glum for Mr Ellis.

It appears, though, that this is not Mr Ellis’ first time around the block on this matter. In fact, the day after Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry’s trial for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation ended, Neelu was in court yet again, this time with Hoaxtead mobster John Paterson, as well as the aforementioned Mr Ellis.


The lucky judge this time round was Mr Justice Jay, who must have needed all of his vaunted good humour to cope with this lot. Proceedings opened thus:


Honestly, Mr Justice Jay has the patience of a saint. We’d have been thinking in terms of leg irons and porridge by the end of this exchange. But this was only the beginning. Mr Chegwidden, representing the Secretary of State, Attorney-General, attempted to begin his case, but was immediately cut off by Neelu:


As it turns out, this is not the first time Neelu has turned up in court to waste Mr Justice Jay’s valuable time:

neelu-rcj-3-2016-10-17Apparently Neelu tried her famous judge-arresting trick, and when it went wrong she called the police. The same police who are constantly “illegally kidnapping” and “attempting to murder” her, if we’re not mistaken.

Neelu does her level best to hold up proceedings, but eventually things get under way. The court deals with the issue of placing a Civil Restraint Order (CRO) on a Dr Spivack, who apparently is in the habit of launching unmeritorious claims.

And then it’s John Paterson’s turn: it seems that he, too, has been attempting to bring claims that are “completely without merit”. According to Mr Chegwidden:

What I am instructed to ask is for your lordship to strike them out today and that is our application and that is where the defendant has made an application for strike out of these claims, and the reason for that is if one looks at the claims, they first of all bear a very great resemblance to the ones your lordship will already have seen, but the outstanding feature of the claims, they are always against of course numerous defendant Government departments and so on, but do not disclose reasonable grounds for bringing a legal action. There seems to be an allegation of conspiracy.
[emphasis ours]

How does Mr Ellis fit into all this? We’ll let Mr Chegwidden explain:

He is already the subject of a CRO which was imposed in March, and the CRO’s terms were specifically that Mr Ellis is restrained from issuing claims on behalf of others or from assisting others to bring claims in contravention of the Legal Services Act, and [inaudible] of the Legal Services Act is reference to the fact that Mr Ellis claims to be, he calls himself an Equity lawyer, of course he is not a practising or registered solicitor of any kind and he does not possess the right to issue claims on behalf of others or to speak on behalf of others or to assist others, but that is what he has been doing. The reason why we know that Mr Ellis has been involved is that since, subsequent to the issue of the civil restraint order against Mr Ellis, Mr Ellis himself has deposed papers including a witness statement signed by him in July of this year, in which he says I have helped these individuals bring this claim.

Apparently Mr Ellis has been assisting his friends, including Neelu and John Paterson, on an industrial scale since his CRO was imposed. Mr Chegwidden notes that Mr Ellis will confirm, if asked, that he has been doing so: “The reason that he says he does so…is that he does not believe that the civil restraint order is valid against him”.

Funny, seems to us that we’ve heard that argument before, about another set of restraining orders. Rather recently, in fact.

Mr Justice Jay then calls upon John Paterson to explain himself; after a bit of haggling over who might have helped him prepare his documents, he finally admits that it might have been Mr Ellis. In fact, he tells the judge, he would like Mr Ellis to come and explain it all on his behalf. (Alarm bells, anyone?)


Mr Justice Jay attempts to explain that should Mr Ellis indicate that he has assisted John in his case, he will be held in contempt of court, which could hold very serious consequences. John’s response? He tries to claim that he is being blackmailed. Of course.

Then it’s Neelu’s turn, and she doesn’t disappoint. After explaining that one of the signatories to her demand to adjourn the day’s proceedings is in fact a lady sitting in the public gallery, she launches straight into a classic Neelu rant:neelu-rcj-5-2016-10-17

Mr Justice Jay attempts to stem the flood, but as we all know, once Neelu starts it can be very difficult to slow her down:


Eventually, though, she starts to run out of steam. Just as John Paterson did, she ends with a request to allow Mr Ellis to speak for her:


In case you missed that, it looks very much like both John Paterson and Neelu Berry managed to ensure that their friend Edward Ellis was found in contempt of court, by demonstrating to the court exactly what his role was in their respective cases. Impressive, by any standard.

In the end, Mr Justice Jay found that Mr Ellis was “probably in breach of the civil restraint order and it follows that proceedings for contempt of court should be brought against him. It is not for me to rule on the application but the Government Legal Department will take steps now under Part 81.10 of the Civil Procedure Rules to bring a committal application against Mr Edward William Ellis on the basis that he has acted in breach of the CRO. Whether in fact he had acted in breach of the CRO or whether he has a good explanation or a defence will be for another judge to decide”.

As for John Paterson, Mr Justice Jay stated that his claims “are apt to be struck out on elementary principles. They do not disclose a cause of action. They are incoherent. What is alleged does not give rise to a private claim brought by a citizen against the State. In any event, the matters complained of are far too vaguely alleged possibly to give rise to a cause of action which this court would wish to entertain. So the claims are properly described as vexatious, they disclose no reasonable cause of action, they are totally without merit, and they really should never have seen the light of day. So I am striking out the claims in, to be clear about this, HQ16X01488 and HQ16X01307. This means that in relation to Mr Paterson he has brought a plethora of vexatious claims. He must be restrained from bringing further claims and I am going to make against him a general civil restraint order”.

He also issued a warning to Neelu and her friend Patrick Coyle, who was also present in court that day: “In the event that further enquiries demonstrate that there have been or in the event that further claims are brought and are struck out, it is inevitable that civil restraint orders will be issued against Mrs Berry and Mr Coyle. Inevitable as night follows day, so I give that warning”.

We expect that Neelu will take this caution exactly as seriously as she took the restraining order which was imposed on her the previous day; but she really can’t say she wasn’t warned.

You can read the entire proceedings on Neelu’s Comedy Court Remedies blog; learned legal critics have likened the saga to nailing jelly to the ceiling, and we’re inclined to agree.


97 thoughts on “Neelu risks a Civil Restraint Order

  1. Oh dear, they dropped Mr Ellis right into the sh*t. Not too long before this mob are all deemed vexatious litigants.

    I think Justice Jay slipped out of court, found a workers orange vest and grabbed his sandwiches and laid in wait to deck Sir Patterson outside the court. I think at the next appearance they may turn up and Justice Jay will be wearing Patterson’s sun-glasses.

    Only joking M’lud at your expense if you are reading this !
    It is after all, Clown Court.

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    • LOL! I’d pay to see Mr Justice Jay wearing Paterson’s shades—watching Mr One T No Sugar melt down would be well worth the price of admission.


    • Been glued to the the Trannie(no not Angie,perish the thought) and have just heard the latest Legal Smackdown Chart countdown hosted by A Freeman.

      Up at number 5, “Were you really born that stupid – or did you go to a special school?”

      Down this week to number 4. ” Are you done yet?”

      And up this week climbing to number 3 ” Defendant’s Motion is patently insipid, ludicrous and utterly and unequivocally without any merit whatsoever…. Defendant’s obnoxiously ancient, boilerplate, inane Motion is emphatically DENIED. Moreover, Defendant’s present counsel-of-record is determined to be disqualified for cause from this action for submitting this asinine tripe.”

      Hot off the press,released only recently,straight in at number 2 “the claims are properly described as vexatious, they disclose no reasonable cause of action, they are totally without merit, and they really should never have seen the light of day.”

      But for the ninth week running and still riding the crest of a wave at number one its that old favourite for the whole family, yes its “Obsessive,delusional,irrational and odd”.

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  2. Haha, you couldn’t write comedy like this. How ironic that Neelu’s always referring to the judges’ input as “comedy” when she and Paterson have such a promising double act going themselves!

    But seriously, why do we put up with these freaks in this country? Can you imagine trying to talk to a judge like that in America?

    PS: sorry to go off at a tangent so early but can I ask McKenzie’s Devils (if you’re reading this) to check out the Hope Girl & Mel Ve thread at the tail end of the last post?

    Plenty of material for you to get your teeth into there and Mel’s unfounded comments about the people of Hampstead are utterly deplorable.

    By the way, you’re really pissing them both off with your videos, so please keep up the good work 🙂

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    • To be fair, though, Neelu does a pretty good solo act too, as you can see in this routine from earlier tonight:

      Keep your eyes open for tour tickets. She tends to play the same circuit as Comedian of the Year Patrick Cullinane and may be coming to a court near you soon.

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      • “When we are listening to the loud banging from up above.”

        Yeah, Neelu – I have that problem with my neighbours too, the dirty buggers. You should speak to the residents’ association for your apartment block.

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      • “In 5D one is zero and two is infinity.”

        You know, I was just thinking that. You got my number there, Neely.

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        • For the former Young Journalist of the Year she’s woefully ignorant of how Britain’s tabloids work. If she thinks the tale is going further than another day she’s sadly mistaken.

          Rather sad for the guy’s mum though. Grief is really terrible in such circumstances especially when a parent loses a child no matter what age they are. Not very nice capitalizing on her obvious pain.

          Gervais & Michael? So no North London resident is to be spared her invective.

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      • It’s quite profound isn’t it?. I think Neelu is channeling a Perfect Master from the Galactic Federation.
        Fascinated by this 5D stuff. I have a telly with 3D but I never use it. Can you get them with 5D?

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          • Well I never see my 3D and have never heard of 5D so I’m really out of the loop and probably down in the Galactic Federation bad books. Why oh why did Tori Johnson have to leave this realm so suddenly? I’m sure he could clear it up or at least interpret Neelu’s ravings.

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      • It seems fair to suggest that as a pharmasist back in the day Neelu must have mastered the recipe for some seriously bad acid.

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        • ‘Some say’ that this is why she was found ‘useful’ to the crew Davidson also hung around. And is part of what caused her to descend to the oblivion she now lives in. -Nice Asian girl from a good family lead completely off the rails by scum. Doesn’t absolve her from responsibility for her actions, but it explains how she fell so far.


      • My sister was going to see Al Murray on tour, i may tell her to try and spend the evening with Neelu instead.


    • “Wealthy people in Hampstead are afraid of their dirty little secret getting out…and they’ve hired – because they’ve got the money, because Hampstead is very wealthy – they’ve hired their little online trolls to discredit anyone who goes anywhere near this thing, because oh my God, they don’t want their little satanic paedophile haven interfered with. They have the power to do all this sort of thing. And the money and the resources. It’s only a few thousand bucks they need to pay out to give someone a full-time job but let’s face it, that’s small change to the average paedophile millionaire.”

      What we’re seeing there – for once – is the real Melani Vermay. Just a few months ago it was all “I mean no disrespect to the people of Hampstead, I’m not accusing anyone directly, it’s just something isn’t right and I need proof of claim that you’re innocent blah blah blah…” But now someone’s bruised her ego, she sees a chance to launch into full-on bitch mode, no matter whom she hurts.

      And Hopeless Girl (Naima Dawn Feagin) is loving every minute of it and should probably be given a spot on Scarlet’s perps poster!

      And the two award-winning hypocrisy moments are that just a few days ago Mel was ranting about how no one has the right to accuse her and Piggy Hobo of anything unless they have proof and that the burden of proof lies with the accuser. So where’s Mel’s proof of those extremely serious allegations against an entire community? Oh wait – there isn’t any!

      And the second irony is that just moments before Mel’s hissy fit, Hopeless Girl was ranting about people who try to destroy other people’s reputations, and calling them – I kid you not – “terrorists”. Well, by your “logic”. Mel Ve and Hope Girl, you are terrorists. Period.

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        • And MKD is gonna be so proud of his/her big-up from Hopeless Girl 😀

          “McKenzie’s Devils…the pits of Hell!…Hi guys, ’cause I know you’re recording this live…These guys have been busy…You guys don’t know who you’re fricking dealing with…Every video here is just made to torment, torture, ruin the reputation of, take away any kind of ability to earn a living if they’re doing something. They try to ruin a person’s reputation. This is terrorism and you guys at McKenzie’s Devil are terrorists….Shame on you. There’s gonna be a time when you have to meet your maker…McKenzie’s Devils are very well paid…”

          Go Devils! XD XD XD

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          • I’m a big fan of whoevers behind Mckenzies devils, they use the scammers own words against them, they don’t make stuff up and they are the authority on kevin annett and his many connected scammers and loons, it seems all roads lead to annett and mel ve

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          • Sooo, Mel Ve & Hope Girl claim that disagreeing with them is an act of terrorism? No megalomania there, then.


          • Agree,MK and the devil crew dont miss a trick these shady ne’er-do-wells are up do.CCN cooking the books to hide the unpopularity of their scam machine. Mels going to have to ban her pet monkey Bozo from falling asleep on the job.


        • I’d love to be paid to do it but happy to do it for free.
          If all the Hampstead residents are so wealthy (they aren’t- my pals have a hefty mortgage which they struggle to service and like many, are one wage packet away from defaulting) they would better off hiring expert legal help.

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      • It’s pretty clear what Mel is really annoyed about: she thinks the people of Hampstead—all of them—are rolling around in Scrooge McDuck-like piles of money, while she can’t even get Angie to pay her damn ‘broadcast fee’. How fair is that?

        Just look at how many times she uses the words “wealthy”, “money”, “resources”…in a one paragraph rant. Mel, dear, your slip is showing.

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        • Envy is a particularly ugly characteristic and Mel exudes this by the bucket load.Peel away the cunning orange veneer and she is green to the core but not in the taking empties for recycling kind of way .I suspect the lazy cow allows her house slave Big Bozo a few minutes off the lead to do that.

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        • Yeah, Mel clearly has some kind of childish grudge from when she lived in Hampstead. Envy is probably a major factor but maybe she’s still sulking because they wouldn’t let her join her local Round Table or Sewing Circle or something. Or as Liza alluded to, maybe the good folk of Hampstead just decided to give the dragon-spotting racist loon a wide berth and didn’t give her enough attention and adulation.


  3. Further to yesterday’s post; Miles Johnstone was on the Radio 4 5pm news programme talking about Max Spiers and how he isn’t really ‘dead’ but in some other realm that dark forces are experimenting with, somewhere between being dead and, er, dead-er.
    Radio 4 ! Radio bloody 4.
    We’re doomed.

    If I were conspiracy-inclined I might be questioning why the main stream media is suddenly showing such an interest and who has brought this case to their attention and convinced them to publish. Not just the Mail, the Telegraph have a piece on it too.

    The Mail added to their earlier piece and now have the claim that Spiers was a sacrificial victim of a Satanic ritual in their headline.

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  4. Anyone heard of Robert w lester? he makes videos on cults and new age nonsense, i was talking to him about swissindo and neelu etc, i told him to contact EC for the story, his videos are intelligent expose’s of youtube conspiritards.

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  5. It’s very telling just how many associates of this gang appear as either on the Vexatious Litigant list or as having CROs.

    Ellis, Ebert, Ewing and the most bizarre Akena Adoko and his association with Neelu.

    The courts take the public’s right of access very seriously, we have all seen the antics of Neelu, Cullinane and co, they abuse this right.


    • Certainly Neelu has got Justice Jay’s attention as he remembered her 999 call to have him arrested and “removed from office”.
      Not the sort of thing I would like a judge to remember me for especially when i enter a court I almost prostate myself as if I’m in front of The Pope.
      They all gossip like crazy these legal eagles.


      • It seems these “truthers” all have massive voids in their lives.For all sorts of reasons they have become terminal inadequates and have missed the boat to a having a useful productive existence.
        Rather than making sincere conscious efforts to address their issues and victimhood they flail about like crazy windmills seeking to blame life,the universe and everything for their sorry state.Of course no good will ever come of that.

        They all seem desperate for society to collapse and even for armageddon or some rapture to act as a handy short cut to level things up.All because they feel entitled to wallow in subsidized lalaland and not get off their fat arses and make a sodding real effort in the real world.Feckin feckless feckers the lot of them.

        Phew,rant over.


  6. Angela on her high horse and laughingly claims her children are being “trolled” but while this guy mentions them it’s only information Power-Disney herself put on the net (ie : beating her own children). Hypocrite.

    Earth to Angela Power-Disney : as long as you continue to falsely accuse innocent people of vile crimes including an entire suburb, entire families and their children, church-goers and now celebrities, many who have received death threats and some forced to relocate you will be targeted until the law catches up with you. You WILL end up in court one day. And hopefully jail where you belong you despicable sociopath excuse for a human being.

    Like all sociopaths with a narcissistic personality you continue to demonstrate you are guilty of the things we accuse you of- of which we have proof – by your own denials.

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    • And Power-Disney your words also expose what a completely ignoramus you really are and demonstrate your fraudulent claim you were once a journalist : you cannot say in the same sentence that someone is acting as the Cult Leader or on behalf of the Cult followed by the use of the word “alleged” pertaining to the same you utter moron.
      If you cannot see the contradiction there you are thicker than we know you are or that cigarette smoke is rotting your brain.
      Good to know though that you are rattled. Get used to it.

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      • On a positive note there is no need to watch car crash tv or rogue traders anymore.Daily we get to observe Angie bodging everything without even bothering to employ so much as the back of a fag packet to add even a smidgen of fore thought to proceedings.Viewers get the opportunity to watch this wreck of a cringe infested individual spew forth random platitudes in the vain hope equally brain dead morons out there give a flying shit and chuck a few sheckles in her direction.

        Unfortunately this vomit inducing,hate preaching,shit stirrer is capable of compelling other unhinged individuals to act in nobodies best interests as has been evidenced in recent months.She is certainly spiraling out of control and set for a collision course with reality but how many lives will be disrupted or worse until this shoddy disaster movie finally receives the major editing it requires and lies spliced and strewn on the cutting room floor?


    • Well said, Sam. And as well as celebrities and Hampstead residents, the nasty little shit has been mercilessly smearing the McCanns again this week.


    • I think I’m right in saying that Angie is being investigated by the Irish police and she is definitely wanted for questioning in the UK. She would have been arrested at that “child abuse rally” if she’d actually attended it instead of posting photos of the Dublin fuel bill protests and trying to pass them off as her trip to London.


      • Indeed Liza.No doubt Angie spawn will have accumulated all the tricks of the trade in milking the system,selective hearing and conjuring false reality out of thin air etc

        As Angie wanes from the weight of nicotine and alcohol abuse,false accounting and repetitive strain injury from sitting on her arse typing bollox all day no doubt there will be some in-house ritual to hand over the baton and the holy T square and rake.

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      • I didn’t actually realise the post Angie complains of was on her daughter’s timeline ( yes even I make mistakes…many) and it’s not what i would do- involve someone’s children or even begin to attack them as this entire case is actually about parents and children and in particular an innocent father who has been mercilessly crucified and I have no doubt, had his life plunged into turmoil.

        I also at times get quite angry that the father does not go on the attack ( although behind the scenes he may be doing so) but in reality I know from personal experience that these organised brutal internet harassment campaigns can be very debilitating on the victim and it’s extremely difficult to know how to react. I’ve never been the receiver of a cyber attack like this but friends have and I know the terrible effect it has upon their lives.

        I’ve had to watch as an 83 year old lady became the victim of a cyber attack which was relentless and followed her into a nursing home and right up to her death at age 88 and still continues today. Her relief was that she had never even seen a computer until she had to one day read the attacks for legal reasons. But the effects upon her relatives has been enormous. Her extended circle of nieces and nephews who adored their maiden aunt were at wit’s end over the attacks. And some of those are serving police officers who felt as impotent as we often do.

        It’s also a fairly new phenomena with the arrival of the internet which has been one of the most positive technological advancements in communications in aeons but who ever thought that it would take the Poison Pen Letter writer out of the village and send them global?

        Angie does not seem to understand that if you spread such venom and falsehoods it will come back to bite eventually. She’s getting back as good as she gives. Power-Disney’s endless attacks upon people over alleged and unproved and often disproved claims are relentless. She inspires others to join in her campaign. She requests donations to allow her to continue. She has already helped send one person into a mental health unit. She has aided and encouraged an American to visit the UK and participate in that campaign and he now faces an uncertain future.

        And when those she attacks begin to bite back she turns to the Bible to prop up her vileness yet ignores the dozens of passages that refer to people like her and most especially the supposed words of the (alleged) savior who pointed out: “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” (Matthew 24:4-5.


        • That’s not from Gabriella’s timeline – it’s a screenshot of part of a (mostly convivial) private conversation. But point taken – I’ve dropped it and moved on.


          • Gabriella is no innocent bystander in all this. There have been a string of instances (such as the one screenshot by Liza) going back months and months of her supporting Mum’s despicable lunacy, including several which were specifically Hampstead-related.

            I would respectfully beg to differ on the RD thing, by the way. For a whole host of legal – and child protection/safeguarding – reasons, he couldn’t attack anyone online or even comment publicly (and lest we forget the Victoria Derbyshire-related backlash against him). I would, however, love to see him take legal action against some of the hoaxer pricks who persist in attacking him and his children. That said, we can’t know for certain whether that’s already happening behind the scenes.


    • Hey Angie – it’s funny you mention about not having any convictions for child abuse, because coincidentally enough, neither have Ricky Dearman, the McCanns, Ricky Gervais, Cliff Richard, George Michael, Sylvia Major, Stephen Fry…I could go on but you get the idea. Actually, let’s face it – you probably don’t.


      • I’m hoping she ‘gets it’ eventually, as in ‘you give it out, it comes back to you.’ karma’s a begger innit!

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        • Although not a “nailed on” God botherer the bible does throw up some good one liners to muse over.It is quite big on the no free lunches thing.

          “Those who plant injustice will harvest disaster,” King Solomon (Proverbs 22:8).

          “You have planted wickedness, you have reaped evil,” (Hosea 10:13).

          “They will eat the fruit of their ways and be filled with the fruit of their schemes,” Proverbs 1:31.

          “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion” (Romans 9:15).

          Angies using the bible and Job readings as an arsehole shield simply does`nt wash.

          When Job was going through shit and losing all his great wealth his mates assumed God was giving him a bollocking for being naughty. Job’s pal Eliphaz tells him, “As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it” (Job 4:8).

          But Eliphaz was actually wrong on this occasion.Jobs shit was not because he had been particularly bad but because he was given a test through sufferin, to make himself smaller in his own eyes and was taught that humility is a worthwhile aim and that it made God bigger to him as a result.

          Somehow the words Angie and humilty in the same sentence doesnt quite work does it?Nor do the words Angie and Job come to think of it. Feckin ejit.


  7. In one of angies recent vids she was making slanderous claims about people who work at her local credit union, she never mentioned names but said in the same vid that she expected money to be “donated” dosent angie have a loan from said credit union and could this have been an attempt at blackmail?

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      • I’ve been told ( by channeling a Great Master) that Angie has incurred the wrath of the Galactic Federation and she will not be invited to visit Mars any day soon. Also the Super Soldiers trained on Mars are a rogue unit who never completed training and indulged in too much waccy baccy before fleeing back to Earth.
        The Federation has also issued an extradition warrant for a rogue former Ambassador, Princess Ved from the Planet BeBopaLulu.
        All these matters can be seen in a series of documentaries called Men In Black.


    • I suppose stealing donations from a childrens ophanage was to protect them from obesity?Angie is an agenda on legs that consists of 3 driving principles Me,myself and I.

      The one saving grace is that she is extremely incompetent which at least reduces the havoc she inflicts on other people.


    • The guy is an idiot. he’s posting tales about friends who are obvious reasonable & good people and then aiding Power-Disney in her blatant lies and endless attacks upon innocent families.


    • Oh it’s that Wesley Hall ! The one with 52 convictions including several for violence. Like attracts like.


  8. Ahem….I just noticed that Wes is referring to Angela Rayner who is a Labour M.P. As far as I know Angela Rayner does not promote silly hoaxes…..

    Roger was obviously telling a little joke. 🙂


  9. The “Young Journalist of the Year” never misses an opportunity to smear RD:

    I wonder which “two reliable sources” she used to confirm the allegation this time. *Yawn*


  10. God, Araya’s looking awful these days:

    She doesn’t look happy either – maybe she’s pissed off about her Hoaxtead hasbeen status and Neelu and Angie hogging the limelight.


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