Neelu & Sabine: Restraining orders

Yesterday in the Blackfriars Crown Court, HH Judge Worsley issued two restraining orders to Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill.

We have reproduced them here in the public interest.

We’ve redacted the names of specific individuals, but the overall thrust of the documents is very clear.

Sabine McNeill restraining orderSabine Restraining Order 1 2016-07-19



Sabine Restraining Order 2 2016-07-19

Neelu Berry restraining order

Neelu Restraining Order 1 2016-07-18Neelu Restraining Order 2 2016-07-19

Should anyone happen to notice any violations of these orders, please feel free to use our ‘Contact Us’ page to let us know. Please send links to the potential violations, and we will ensure that they go to the correct parties for immediate action.

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86 thoughts on “Neelu & Sabine: Restraining orders

  1. The judge was never realistically going to send them to prison and a fine would not have been doing anything to protect any of the people named. I actually thought that if they got found guilty, a restraining order was the most likely outcome. So to have them found not guilty but get a restraining order anyway, is a win in my opinion. With the added bonus that Mr Taj could now find himself in trouble with the law society as well.

    Good result overall and excellent reporting throughout. Very much appreciated, thank you.

    I wish I could have known what was going through the jurors minds when Neelu and Taj kicked off,lol.

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  2. Thanks for posting those up EC, interesting to see what they look like and thanks for all the great posts covering the court case

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  4. Do those orders cover anyone else mentioning the 2 children?

    As in that video put up with Jake and Angela, they mention the children’s first names.

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    • “Directly or indirectly, by herself or by any other person acting as her agent”: i.e., if Angie, just for example, were to put up a video in which she repeated the allegations, and state that she had Sabine or Neelu’s permission to do so, she would be in effect acting as their agent. Not that that would ever happen, of course.

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  5. Angies latest video (obviously recorded on Saturday) which she published an hour ago is rather interesting – especially her mention of the collusion with Neelu and Sabine.

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    • Gawd these two are as thick as each other. “Illegal and unconstitutional”?. How dumb is Angela Power-Disney? Has she heard of Parliament where laws are made?

      I’m beginning to hate this vile woman with a vengeance. Freedom of Speech?..she means the freedom to accuse anyone of anything while at the same time moaning to high heaven when she is pulled up on it. She is encouraging this thicko to break the law but I’m quite glad she posted it as we now know that as with the dummy she is speaking to-the police obviously monitor aspects of Hampstead. Someone will go to jail eventually.

      As for the Orders above- absolutely brilliant ! This case was worth it. This is now the second time court orders have been issued but in the second case it’s in a criminal court but I doubt it’ sunk in with this moronic mob.

      They have nil comprehension that they have lost the war.

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  6. “Chasing Rainbows” is a phrase that describes someone who’s going after a dream that’s impractical and foolish. The phrase has often been used to describe writers who have unrealistic expectations of how well they can write and what they are worth.

    Jake is simply incapable of stepping back and seeing that his new mother figure is taking advantage of his emotional immaturity and will have no qualms in sending him into the lions den whilst she gains a few extra hits on his back.

    One very heartless shit stirring bitch.

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  7. Yay! The recording’s up 🙂

    Too much to say about this bizarre show (not least the sight of Rupert in his underpants), so it’s easier if I just link you all to the comment threads posted by various people while it was going out live:

    I’m sure you’ll all have your own thoughts to add anyway, lol…

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    • I hope Angie realises that in this particular sketch, John Cleese is playing a policeman who has the power to arrest her two “mates” the moment they step out of line; ably supported by Michael Palin, who’s playing a judge with the power to throw them in jail for up to 5 years.

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      • And once again, her daughter’s wheeled out for a spot of emotional blackmail. Despite what Angie keeps saying, she’s the one who keeps dragging her children into her shit. She’s the one who announced to the World that her son was arrested for sexual assault, for example. And she’s the one who keeps dragging “Gabi” into everything again and again. Mind you, Gabi seems happy to support Mum’s lunacy.

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      • Kung Fu Panda helped some “nice vagabonds” get out of Rome (gave them the bus fare?) which he classes as “helping them take control of their destiny”.
        When I get back up from the floor where I’ve collapsed in fits of laughter I must remember that one next time someone asks for directions.


      • The world is at last sitting up and hanging on Angies every word.Comments are flooding in from around the globe.Michèle is one such diciple in formation.

        Michèle G.2 hours ago
        So sad we cannot hear Jake more clearly for non-English speaking people like me. I don’t understand what he is saying.

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      • No-one ever dies of natural causes in Hoaxer World like Sooper Soldier Max Spiers who had a heart attack. They were taken out by the Illuminati Satanists. God only knows why as no-one’s ever heard of them.

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    • Hilarious. I can’t decide whether Jake’s slow responses at around 45 mins are due to his low mental capacity or because he is tran fixed by Rupert’s naked flesh. Why is Rupert apparently changing his clothes behind Angie during one of her broadcasts?
      I notice she can dish it out but she can’t take it.

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      • Slowness is most definitely an issue. Mentally and physically. His admission that it takes him two and a half hours to walk 5 miles says it all.

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        • Was he walking, though? As a member of the notorious hip-hop community in Leighton Buzzard, I thought he might have been turfing, jerkin’, and krumping his way across the city.

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    • Too many things to think about this claptrap.
      My beloved niece who is 22 but with a developmental age of 9 shows more intelligence than Jake. Angie’s encouragement of him is quite disgraceful. He has no idea what he’s getting into

      I prefer Angie’s disheveled look as with full make-up and proper lighting she’s a fright to behold. And that ridiculous plait she adds on occasionally, just reminds me of that hilarious Aussie show Kath & Kim where Kath sticks on one as well and a horse gets a hard on looking at her.
      # note to her camera person- that angle looking upwards is sooo unflattering & adds on about 10 years. Even I’ve managed to ensure my webcam looks down on me during Skype calls to the UK.

      But the endless claims they are targeted by trolls (us !) is highly amusing coming from a pair who have relentlessly accused all manner of innocent people of despicable crimes that include child rape, murder & cannibalism. But hey get with The Program Ange & Jake : in a recent court case the 2 defendants with the names Berry & McNeil agreed such things had never happened in Hampstead.

      Haven’t got to the part yet were Kung Fu Panda appears in his knickers but I’ve got the sick bag ready. I wonder if Rupert and that plait are ….oh let’s not go there.

      And hey daughter : you need to study the concept of Cause & Effect & if you support someone , even your Mum, who makes endless videos pronouncing all manner of innocent people are terrible criminals despite her having zilch evidence, some of the resulting actions will rub off onto you. It’s a fact of life.

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      • And her attacks on Sylvia Major over the last week have been a new low for Angie the nasty hypocritical troll.

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    • Probably going out in packs of 3 picking up refuse in Battersea Park seeing Jake lingers there for ages on his way to important events.

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    • It’ll be Ruperts posse.

      Fine figure of a man if I may say so.

      I remember this G.I. at the beginning of the war…..

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      • Listen, toots. I saw that GI first and you just had to have him, didn’t you. First you stole my beauty queen crown, then you stole my beau. Another one for your collection, they said. No banana shortage for you during rationing, if you know what I mean.

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  8. “I come from the streets of London and was in gangs”….next he’ll be doing a documentary series on football casuals, followed by a stint on Eastenders.

    What a twat.

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    • Now don’t’s true, Jake was in a notorious gang that terrorized he streets of Leighton Buzzard. There’s even film of them…

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      • One thing, though – it’s Kevin who’s claiming to be an ex-gang member, not Jake. I’m guessing Jake failed the initiation, lol (just like he fails at life).


      • A Neelu of delusionists has a certain ring to it, I am going to write into the Oxford English dictionary people and claim my prize.


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