Maurice Kirk sentenced, Brian Pead found guilty of restraining order violations

It’s been a bad month for at least two of Sabine and Belinda’s friends, both of whom have been found guilty of violating restraining orders. Last week we heard that Maurice Kirk, the “flying vet”, had been sentenced to two years in prison; and yesterday we learned that the trial which Belinda had been attending since 4 December had ended in a guilty verdict for Brian Pead.

Maurice Kirk sentenced

Maurice Kirk’s trial for what he referred to as “4th Alleged Breach of Unserved Restraining Orders” ended in a guilty verdict on 15 September, and had originally been listed for sentencing on 17 November. However, it seems more time was required to perform a psychiatric assessment prior to sentencing.

Details are still sketchy concerning Mr Kirk’s sentence, but we understand from John “Butlincat” Graham that by the time he’d arrived at Cardiff Crown Court on 14 December to support his friend, Mr Kirk had already been sentenced and was in the cells:

A friend of Mr Kirk’s brother chipped in at this point:

The nub of Mr Kirk’s argument, if we’re reading Butlincat correctly, is that since the restraining order was never served “correctly”—”they tried to stuff the original order in his sock when he’s prone on the ground”—Mr Kirk was not obligated to accept its restrictions.

We’re no lawyers, but we’re not aware that the subject of a restraining order must “accept” it in order for it to be valid.

This reminds us of Sabine’s complaint that the restraining order placed on her in July 2016 was not valid because it was delivered following a verdict of “not guilty” at her and Neelu’s trial. This fallacy has been repeated by almost every Hoaxtead mobster at one time or another, but the fact is that it’s perfectly legal:

Following the implementation of section 12 of the DVCVA 2004, restraining orders may be made on conviction or acquittal for any criminal offence. These orders are intended to be preventative and protective. The guiding principle is that there must be a need for the order to protect a person or persons. A restraining order is therefore preventative, not punitive. …

Brian Pead found guilty

Meanwhile, at Woolwich Crown Court yesterday Brian Pead was found guilty on all three counts of breaching a restraining order. He is currently on bail pending sentencing on 26 January. He has been tagged and remains under curfew from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. daily, with very strict bail conditions.

The trial, originally scheduled to last three days, went on for 12. Mr Pead’s McKenzie friend Michael Bird bailed out halfway through proceedings.

Belinda McKenzie attended Mr Pead’s trial daily, and reported, “A propos, in the past two weeks I have been at the trial of one of my other whistle-blower friends, Brian Pead; known as the ‘Lambeth whistle-blower’ for exposing child-abuse in that London borough, he has been already been through 5 trials on trumped-up charges plus prison-sentences to go with and this one is his 6th! He is a very eloquent man in the dock and last week began to get the judge very hot under the collar (but with proceedings still underway I can’t say any more than that and it is of course only my opinion!)”.

Contrary to Belinda’s assessment, we have heard that the judge was very accommodating, indulging several of Mr Pead’s long, rambling speeches, which held up proceedings but did not change the ultimate verdict.

Like Mr Kirk, Mr Pead denied the validity of the restraining order against him, claiming that he was being set up by the state for having been a “whistleblower”.

According to Mr Pead’s blog, Lambeth Child Abuse and Coverup,

The charge is three alleged breaches of a Harassment Order initially created unlawfully on 1st November 2011 and then re-issued in a further trial at the Inner London Crown Court in July and August 2015 where a detective constable committed perjury. …

According to the history books, there was such a thing as Magna Carta in 1215. I deeply regret to inform those members of the British public who are not mindless sheep that it is a worthless document and about as much use as Neville Chamberlain’s signed document from Hitler commonly known as “Peace for our Time”. Less than a year later, Britain and Germany were at war. So much for signed documents, purporting to be legal instruments. The same is so in this trial. There is nothing lawful about it at all.

A common theme

Denying the validity of restraining orders seems to be quite de rigeur these days.

Either the restraining order was made following a verdict of not guilty, or it was “created unlawfully” for unspeciified reasons, or it was stuffed down the sock of the unwilling, indeed unconscious recipient—in all cases, it seems, the subject of the order didn’t want it, and therefore considers it invalid, unlawful, and not worthy of their time or attention.

The problem, of course, is that the courts don’t see things that way, which can lead to disastrous consequences for the scoff-laws amongst us. 

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  1. I believe Robert Green came out with the same kind of crap, the first time he went to prison, they all copy each other don’t they. Robert Green said something along the lines of, I’ve never seen the charge sheet, so I shouldn’t be here blah blah blah, and now it continues.

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      • Yes they do but I also think it’s a signal to the fruit loops, to spread more bull shit conspiracy. The way it works, some one who’s been spreading lies and harassing innocent people, goes to prison, or gets found guilty in court, tell the fruit loops, well, I never got this, or I never got that document, they never told me why I was here, it’s unlawful, blah blah blah so the fruit loops spread the word, oh shock horror, INCERT NAME, was unlawfully taken to prison, sentenced in court today illegally, corrupt police state, they’re all at it, paedo protectors. And every time, the fruit loops fall for it. Well so and so said it and it must be true, let’s put I all over the Internet.

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    • FG, with your extensive knowledge of Robert Green and the Holliehoax case, are you able to clarify whether Green has a restraining order or gagging order in place? Ogilvy says no but Angie says he does and it’s a bit of a coin toss between two pathological liars!

      Ogilvy’s version:

      Angie’s version (at 29:38): “Robert Green spent so long in prison and got a lifetime gagging order.”

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      • SN for a start Robert Green at his last court appearance pled guilty to harassment, yes he does have a life time ban, on mentioning anything or referring to those he harassed in the Hollie Greig case. It will be in public records some where in Aberdeen, but because no one reports him to the relevant police in Aberdeen, he keeps getting away with it, just like he did that time in Trafalgar Square, a few years ago. And of course Ogilvy would say there isn’t one having been on the receiving end of the same court with Sheriff Bowen because of his own daughter.

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  2. At last some good news!

    What I dont get is that they dont have to `accept’ these conditions, orders etc for them to be valid- court orders it, you obey them, if you dont you get fined or the slammer….

    As the merkats on tv say

    When a court orders something- you dont get a say in whether or not you get to abide by the rulings

    These `people’ really do live in a fantasy land dont they…

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  3. “Sexual immorality, perversion, and deviancy are running rampant all over the world, whether it’s the wide spread acceptance of same-sex marriage, transgenderism…”

    No homophobia there, then.

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      • But they’ve also been linking homosexuality to paedophillia for years, mostly thanks to The News Of The World in the 1980’s

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        • That’s not entirely true. Some of the pro-paedophile advocacy groups have tried to piggyback the gay movement and gain acceptance for decades.

          “[Congressional Record: February 1, 1994]
          From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []


          Mr. HELMS. Mr. President, last week, the Senate unanimously approved
          my amendment to this bill withholding some $119 million in U.S.
          contributions to the United Nations until the President certifies that
          no U.N. agency grants any official status, accreditation, or
          recognition to any organization which promotes, condones, or seeks the
          legalization of pedophilia, that is, the sexual abuse of children.
          As I explained at that time, the amendment was a response to the ill-
          advised decision by the Clinton administration to support, along with
          21 other countries, the granting of consultative status to the
          International Lesbian and Gay Association [ILGA], a worldwide
          federation of homosexual organizations. Among ILGA’s U.S. affiliates is
          the notorious North American Man/Boy Love Association [NAMBLA], an
          avowed pedophile group.
          Since that amendment was passed, there has emerged what I must assume
          is a deliberate campaign to misconstrue the very clear language of the
          amendment–as well as the intent behind it. As described in articles in
          the Washington Times and in the Washington Blade, spokesmen for the
          State Department and for homosexual organizations have tried to suggest
          falsely that expelling NAMBLA from ILGA would take care of the problem.
          Nothing could be further from the truth. It has been more than amply
          documented that ILGA itself is an organization that promotes, condones,
          or seeks the legalization of pedophilia in the language of the
          Amendment. ILGA falls under the purview of the amendment–whether or
          not NAMBLA is expelled from ILGA–as any honest examination of the
          record will reveal.
          For example, in 1985 ILGA officially resolved that young people have
          the right to sexual and social self-determination and that age of
          consent laws often operate to oppress and not protect. Then in 1990,
          under the heading of “Man/Boy, Woman/Girl Love,” ILGA called on all
          members to treat all sexual minorities with respect and to engage in
          constructive dialogue with them. Furthermore, ILGA expressed their
          support for the right of every individual, regardless of age, to
          explore and develop his or her sexuality. These resolutions are
          precisely what NAMBLA advocates and prove without a doubt ILGA’s own
          approval of pedophilia. Indeed, ILGA never displayed any concern about
          NAMBLA until it became a public issue. ILGA is now like the little boy
          who got caught stealing and said he was sorry–not sorry he was
          stealing, just that he got caught.

          It is my hope and expectation that in consideration of the unanimous
          rolecall vote in support of this amendment in the Senate, a House/
          Senate conference committee will get this legislation to President
          Clinton’s desk and that he will sign it into law. I cannot imagine that
          the conferees or the President would consider any other course with
          respect to ILGA’s and NAMBLA’s despicable agenda. Once approved, I hope
          the administration will not be taken in by false claims by homosexual
          spokesmen that ILGA, in the event of NAMBLA’s expulsion, would no
          longer constitute a pro-pedophile organization: Both ILGA’s record and
          the plain language of the amendment are crystal clear.
          Unless ILGA has been stripped of its consultative status by the time
          this amendment becomes law, the President will have no choice but to
          withhold the funds specified. I urge all Americans opposed to the
          sexual abuse of children to monitor this issue carefully and make sure
          the House and the administration follow through on the Senate’s lead.”

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          • Actually speaking as a gay person my self and being involved in the political part of the gay scene in the 1980’s from what I saw, it is true. PIE infiltrated practically every organisation going before that, including amnesty international and the campaign for homosexual equality, if you’re talking about America, they made public information films in the 50’s and 60’s about kids not to talk to gay men because they could be paedophiles. Also in the news of the world in 1981 there was a story abound Mark Almond having his stomach washed out because of a sexual act. Also in the 1980’s Gary Bushall of the Sun News Paper also made certain comments about stuff. But the News Of The World was the worst offender, paying money to people like Chris Fay who would make any old crap up, and they wouldn’t have to prove it because it sold news papers

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          • I have seen propaganda online saying that the LGBT community is supposedly working to have paedophilia accepted in society so we would have an LGBTP community. Of course it’s only people that hate this community that are pushing the fake story.

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    • Dearest Deborah Mahoudieh:
      almost 12,000 children under age 5 have died to day and will tomorrow and every day. Around 800 mothers will die giving child birth.
      This happens in Third World countries and from preventable diseases (the ones the anti-Vaxers hyperventilate about).
      Some very rich people who probably know The Rothschilds well (and indeed the Rothschilds themselves) are giving vast sums of money to try and help this situation.
      The much derided George Soros for example has given away $5B to charitable causes (only a tiny fraction to “political” outfits like Change.Org & Soros has said he will give away his entire fortune before he dies) as has Warren Buffett and of course Bill & Melinda Gates and many many more do likewise.

      You could help in practical ways by aiding outfits like Save The Children or similar. You don’t have to do much- just whatever you can.
      And you will find this personally rewarding & uplifting & it won’t make you sick like a’ranting and a’raving on Youtube and Facebook about imaginary Satanic baby eating pedo rings in North London suburbs as you are just shouting into the wind. Just try it for a while.
      yours kindly,
      Ghost of Sam.
      cc/ Angela Power-Disney (Young Hackette of The Year Bognor Regis Bugle)
      Bellend McKenzie

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  4. Arfrur’s latest brush with the law (Click to see video)

    By the way, the tattoo parlour referred to is the same one he filmed himself smashing the windows on (go to 1:21):

    He’s obsessed with the proprietor Ray Anjoul and has been for years (and also with the police officer Mick Joffe, whom he’s repeatedly harassed, threatened and urged to commit suicide).

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      • Of course..and the give-away is Salim Ma Mahjer (ex) Auburn mayor and a complete no-body who has only just appeared in the media in the last 2 years because of his bizarre ostentatious wedding and expensive cars he keeps crashing.

        So he is immediately included in the ghastly, creepy Fiona Barnett’s famous “abusers” (no Tom, Dick & Harrys for Fiona) along with legendary pants man Bob Hawke (seducer of middle aged women) and Sydney nightclub owner John Ibrahim who was also recently in the media when his brothers were busted in Dubai in a huge alleged drug heist.
        Naturally..fame= they abused Fiona Barnett even though some accused are younger than her.

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        • I don’t know how accurate it was but Ibrhahim’s story fascinated me in ‘Underbelly’. You’ll recall he was portrayed as a successful, likable, law-abiding young businessman wrongly targeted by the police, who assumed he was involved in drug-dealing due to the company he kept. Like I say, though, I can’t vouch for how accurate that is or isn’t.


        • And some even managed to abuse her after they were dead!!!
          (Walt Disney had a go at her, despite having died three years before she was born….)
          Every prime minister in Oz has had a go at her, plus every movie star and their families…

          She unfortunately was probably responsible for delaying serious allegations against the church being investigated for several years, but luckily her attempts to `testify’ at the royal commission were quickly recognized for the attention seeking they were, but not before she wasted quite a lot of taxpayers money and police time
          Her `stories’ (and thats all they are) have been getting more and more outlandish as she attempts to get and hold the medias attention (such as the tunnel dug from Canberra to Pine Gap)- a tunnel that would be approximately 2000km long- 30 times longer than the longest tunnel in the world…

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  5. Sam, you seem to have a knack for understanding Debs’ weed-addled ramblings. So as the blog’s resident Moo-whisperer, have you any idea what this one’s about?:

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    • You think I understand Deb’s weed- addled ramblings? I’m consulting my lawyer Mr Bob Quick from the prestige firm Ditcher, Quick & Hyde.
      All I know about Mr Velikovsky is from his Wikipedia page but I fear Mad Moo hasn’t read that report or she would know that not only was Velikovsky Jewish he set up the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which might be where they teach new Satanic recruits the art of dissecting a baby for lunch.

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  6. “The properties are inside the boarders? Isn’t it customary to do it the other way round?”

    I know the stereotypical ‘yank’ is overweight, but thats ridiculous….


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  7. Great news about Kirk & Pead, Coyote! Thank you!

    G.H. Estabrooks was a fantasist! His infamous claim to having created “multiple personality” in an American Marine during WW2 is set in the context of a never-existent American military operation against “commies”! Posted on reddit:

    Plus, more juicy reveals from Colin Ross’ book on the CIA in coming days. Cheers!

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    • So…did no one notice at the time that in addition to the fact that the USA and USSR were allies during WWII, Dr Ross was in essence admitting that MPD/DID is completely 100% iatrogenic—that is, caused by the physician/health care worker who convinces the patient that they have more than one discrete personality?


    • Ooh, somebody stop you, hehe.

      Oh and I see he’s just put up a post accusing spiny of flying 700 miles to rape a child. No desperation there, then. Such a charmer. I can’t imagine why he’s barred from seeing his daughter, why his ex want nothing to do with him and why George the Greasy Fucker is thinking of firing him from their blog.

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    • And yet she doesn’t believe the children when they revealed all about Abe and their beatings at his hands and their admittance that the story isn’t true.

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      • FFS, Debs – the medical examinations DID NOT support the lies Abe made them tell.

        Non existent tattoos and incorrect medical report theories is all that lot bang on about, time after time, I’m sick of the lot of them.

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        • They are not worth getting sick over, it’s difficult now to have any feelings towards them other than pity, derision and maybe the odd sigh whilst shaking the head.

          They are just a few winnots hanging off the arse of reality.

          We know the truth as do most people who come across the case.

          That’s why they grasp at these small details in the case, something for them to hang on to. I believe they know the truth too.

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          • I get what you’re saying but I find it difficult to pity any of them, CM. They really are a nasty bunch with their constant lies and accusations aimed at innocent people.

            Some of them are clearly mentally ill, so I do have some compassion regarding that but that’s about it, I’m afraid.

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          • “That’s why they grasp at these small details in the case, something for them to hang on to. I believe they know the truth too.”

            Yes, absolutely right. I think they all know, on some level, that what they are saying is not only ridiculous, but utterly wrong. That’s why they feel the need to say it so loudly: they’re not just trying to convince others, but they need to convince themselves.

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    • She claims the retractions are not “lawful” according to ABE “moves” yet forgets that the published video “interviews” were conducted by a man convicted of child abuse, Abraham Christie accompanied by his admitted threats of torture and physical abuse.

      In other words she attempts to decry “Achieving Best Evidence” methods when an experienced policeman uses the technique in a case which is accepted by the High Court and a judge with vast experience in child custody matters but happily throws the notion of ABE out the window in the Christie / Draper conducted interviews (accompanied by threats) which caused the whole matter to happen.

      How cracked is this woman, and the others, whereby they cannot see how illogical their claims are?
      I’m sick of them as well. They should be subject to the full force of the law and their continued campaigns are nothing but harassment of a father & two children, attempting to destroy their lives.

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    • Wow, the Kristie Sue Creed.

      “I believe in Ella the mother almighty
      Creator of hoaxes and lies,
      And in Child P and Child Q, her only children unless you count that other one she never talks about,
      Who were all conceived of the holy spirit
      Which explains why she never noticed any tattoos.
      They told the truth (except when they said they hated Abe)
      Were apprehended by police and removed from her care,
      On the third day their videos were released and went viral,
      And now they sitteth on the right hand of the father,
      From whence they will come to judge the sickos and the brain-dead”.

      At least, I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes.

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    • So her damning proof is that the wheelie bins are “still” standing after the “strong winds” – and it doesn’t even enter her head that someone could have stood them back up after the winds had subsided? Wow.

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  8. They believe what they want to believe, there is one thing having an opinion but they don’t post opinions, they post about their perceived beliefs, call them the truth and never bother questioning the ridiculously over the top scenarios.

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