‘International Tribunal for Natural Justice’ will free the paedophiles!

When we first started looking more closely at Sacha Stone’s “International Tribunal for Natural Justice” a few days ago, we noted its passing similarity to Kevin Annett’s “International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State”.

As RationalWiki says,

With the ITCCS Annett attempts to mimic genuine international organisations, and is actually good enough at this to have fooled a few normal people (and a lot of raving conspiracy-prone nutters) into thinking there’s anything at all to this. He produces very nicely-formatted, official-looking documents and everything.

Mr Stone has somehow managed to slip under RationalWiki’s radar, but reading that site’s page on Mr Annett, one could be forgiven for thinking they were one and the same person.

Again, speaking of another of Kevin Annett’s delusions creations, the “Tribunal into Crimes against Humanity”, RationalWiki notes,

In 2011, the powers that be apparently lost the ability to hold back the tidal wave force of the TCH, which was claimed by Annett to finally have convened in several world capitals globally (including Brussels, London and Ottawa), supposedly present in all these places at once to physically arrest the globalist heads of some vast conspiracy:

“After more than a year of preparation, a network of community-based Tribunals into Crimes against Humanity will officially convene in Brussels, London, Ottawa and other cities on September 15, 2011, armed with the power to arrest and sentence guilty offenders – including the Pope himself”.

Move over, ITNJ! Forget your paltry one-city show—Annett’s been there before you, in three cities at once!

Not quite a carbon copy

Aside from the pretensions of being an “International Tribunal” of any sort, we must say that we were impressed with the ITNJ’s graphic design, which looks all official-like, even down to the gold seal (or whatever that is), which looks like a cross between the U.S. Presidential Seal and the “Made in the EU” stamp.

Except possibly shinier:Sovereign Voice ITNJ 2018-03-28And the white peacock is a nice touch. What does it represent? No clue. But it looks rather regal, don’t you think?

And how about that Treaty?

Mr Stone’s graphic design skills extend further than making pretty magazines with peacocks, though. Here’s the ITNJ Treaty, which was supposedly “ratified” (by nations? No! By a ragtag group of scam artists, snake oil salespeople, and purveyors of new age woo with fancy titles!) at the 2015 meeting:

ITNJ Treaty 2018-03-28And when they say “Sign the Treaty Here” they actually mean “use this space for finger-painting”:ITNJ Thumbprints 2018-03-28

Freedom for paedophiles?

Here’s a surprising bit of trivia: in the above “commemorative issue” of the ITNJ’s 2015 treaty-signing shindig, they outline exactly how they plan to implement “natural justice” for wrong-doers (once they have taken over the government and judiciary)(which is to say, never):

ITNJ Natural Justice 2018-03-28 1ITNJ Natural Justice 2018-03-28 2ITNJ Natural Justice 2018-03-28 3So, for all those troofers out there who are salivating at the prospect of stringing up paedophiles and other criminals in a bloodlust-fuelled orgy of retribution for crimes or suspected crimes, fuggedaboudit.

The ITNJ will just sit the convicted criminal down for a little chat, explain to them that what they did was wrong, get them to apologise nicely and make amends, and that’ll be that. Convenient for some of the Hoaxtead mobsters’ friends and allies, we must say.

But first, could we get a few volunteers?

We were amused the other day to discover that while the ITNJ is claiming that it’ll be running its very grand-sounding Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse in three weeks’ time…they still haven’t quite managed to pin down some of the basic logistics which such events would normally demand.

For example, they’re still looking for someone in or near London who’ll be willing to run event’s audio-visual component, as well as filming the whole thing…preferably at little or no cost: ITNJ free filmmaker AV tech 2018-03-28Let’s just say that anyone who’s ever been involved in organising a meeting of this alleged importance would have tendered out the A/V and filming component months, if not a year or two beforehand. And they’d have been prepared to pay for it. Because, you know, quality. And reputation. And all that.

Of course, we don’t expect that any of the above will set off alarm bells for those who plan to attend—after all, many of them think that Neelu makes sense, so perhaps this will seem like a step up?ITNJ 2018-03-28

47 thoughts on “‘International Tribunal for Natural Justice’ will free the paedophiles!

  1. EC, Thanks to you and others on this site I now know that there are more knobheads walking among us than I ever thought possible. To think of the amount of effort they must expend on a daily basis producing this and other similar shite is actually quite sickening. The worst part for me is that the weak minded and gullible fall for this claptrap and get sucked right in to the vortex of nonsense.

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  2. I’m prepared to film their event for them! If they are paying travel expenses I’m your man (and bloody good with the cameras). I must contact them.
    A Business Class seat (return) in the new Qantas Dreamliner from Perth, West Australia will suffice but I must admit these days my tastes veer toward 5 Star hotels and I’ve always hankered for room at The Ritz (doesn’t need to be a Park View).

    Failing my application not being accepted do they know Tracey Morris has a NEW CAMERAMAN and indeed Princess Neelu, for all her faults is a dab hand with the IPhone.
    Making a reservation right now..

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    • I’m sorry Sam but you don’t have a title. Get down to Neelu’s cos she’s got royal blood. She’ll Knight you or order you a garter or something.

      Now….seeing as the order of the day is ‘openness’ and ‘transparency’ I’m expecting ole Sacha is going to publish the accounts connected with this tribunal? If not, we really do need someone to write a Freedom of Information letter to him requesting the info.

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      • I don’t need Neelu! They didn’t either- just adopted a title.
        From now on I’m HRH Sir Dr Sam of The Ghost Family OBE, NASA, WTF.

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        • Yes, I’ve been trying to decide on a appropriately dignified title, as befitting my station. It’s coming together slowly, but so far I’ve got HM Lord Coyote of the Family El, HBO, DDS, PhD, QED, OMFG.


          • My dragon is still missing. I am putting around “have you seen my dragon” posters in the area. It likes eating knights, something of a tradition for dragons I am afraid. I recommend titles of baron, duke, count, rather than knight.


    • What a riveting display of paper-rustling and muttering under her breath!

      The most exciting bit so far has been her showing an attendance certificate for a parenting skills course as proof that she has a journalism degree 😀

      Oh and I see the stamp on her ‘Hoaxtead’ letter has changed. In fact, it’s a totally different envelope 😂

      By the way, why does the mad old bat think all the writing on her documents is back-to-front?

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        • 33:23 “These are the Nuns and all that Catholic stuff… I don’t mean to be bitter… but you would be if you were familiar with MK Ultra.”

          Oh, FFS!

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        • Listen to her on Freedom Radio later tonight to hear about her Fiat 124 Spider, in which she “had 2 assassination attempts”.

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        • I got 13 minutes in,and gave up, even for angie, that was a snorefest of epic proportions, no way was I going to sit through all 40 odd minutes of her fagging on (1 1/2 minutes before she had to light one up) then a bunch of expired childcare certificates, lots of shuffling papers and holding them up to the camera

          Riveting viewing, absolutely riveting…. and then her horse ride story (again) and the

          Oh sorry, nodded off there for a while

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          • She falls at the first hurdle, i.e. the video title, as it’s patently clear that she doesn’t know what ‘heads-up’ means.

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    • The only ON THE EDGE RISK OF YOUR LIFE is for the viewers who may get sucked into sending the crazy bat some ciggie money out of their pension.

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    • Not that any of the random shit Angie waves about is readable but:

      ECDL – Right up there with a “Happy Smile Club” badge as qualifications go!

      Random American permission slip to be a babysitter? So?

      ‘City and guilds’ certificates that don’t look like any C&G certificate I’ve ever seen before – could be entry level qualifications I suppose; but why would a person who went straight to uni and Graduated have these?

      Kept the ‘notebook’ from her ‘journalism’ course (you’d have a bit more than a notebook if this were true Angie) – But while she’s happy to present her ‘Tufty Club’ level certificates she’s got no evidence of anything above that?

      She wrote to Downing St, got a standard reply; so what?

      Photographs? Am-dram or some other rubbish; could be pictures of anybody, the only picture I see that she can be identified in is the Savile one! – Besides which, how does that prove that she is a Graduate? Of anywhere in anything?

      The only evidence of an ‘acting career’ that can be found, Angie, is back in the early 80s in London when you went around pretending to be a Scottish soap-opera actress from Take The High Road, trying to get drinks off men! Why don’t you tell us all how you first met Neelu and what you and her and Andrea Davidson were all about? – should have got her to run you up a degree scroll before she bailed out!

      Angie, you’re full of shit, and ought to realise that not everyone is as stupid and easily duped as you and your usual marks!

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      • Can’t imagine a production with Angie in it could be anything but rubbish! There she’d be, jumping up and down waving her cycling proficiency certificate, prattling on about knackered old Fiats, super soldiers, and knee-ing random blokes in the balls for no good reason! It’s drama Jim, but not as we know it!

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    • 30:07 – “Yeah, here’s the – ugh! Makes me feel sick! – the infamous photo of myself and my family with that disgusting human being Jimmy Savile. And he groped us, even for this photograph – he was disgusting!”

      Yeah Angie, we can see you were really traumatised by the alleged incident:

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  3. Hmm – think it may be time to start another one: ‘Tribunal to Bang Up the Nobbers’ (a colloquial term for idiots, morons, and so on) – a bit like pirate talk.

    It would be superior to the ‘International Tribunal Blah Blah’ in that it would use some real evidence – not much – but enough to get those such as Annett, McNeil, McKenzie, and so on cast adrift on a dubious pontoon (or raft) of approximately 3 metres square (nice and cosy) where they could feed each other’s delusions (and feed on each other after a week or so) to their hearts content.

    To make it a bit more fun (and to ensure justice is done) a GoPro (other brands are available) could be attached by a piece of string on a mini pontoon so the video could be retrieved for later verification.

    Of course, we need to ensure marine biology would be safe, so fiery rockets from hell could be deployed to sanitise any ‘chum’ that may fall into the water.


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