Wesley’s ‘room wanted’ advert gives him away

Things never stay the same for long in Hoaxtead Land: last evening we received word that Abraham Christie’s brand-spiffing-new Twitter page had been suspended, presumably because Abe just cannot help being Abe. He was attempting to suck up to Brian Harvey by denouncing Ian Puddick, which was entertaining to watch, but it’s even more enjoyable imagining him dancing about in impotent seething rage as he realises his Twitter page has bitten the dust. Watch out for flying spoons, Ella!

Meanwhile, however, Wesley Hall, who seemed to have mysteriously disappeared over the weekend, has popped back up like the proverbial bad penny, and he’s still desperately trying to smear Paul and his wife: Wesley Hall 2018-09-18 FB 1

However, over the past week we’ve been swamped with information from various quarters, offering convincing evidence that Wesley really is not the wounded party in this matter.

What sort of father does this?

Our first thought on seeing Wesley’s latest round of abuse was, “What kind of father makes use of his child like that?” It seems a very low trick to continually bring her up, like a trump card in some very ugly game he’s playing.

It’s even worse when one realises that the allegation of death threats isn’t true, but was invented as a way of weaselling out of a tight spot. If you’re just tuning in, you can read about Wesley’s death threat allegations here, and you can read about the extortion he was trying to cover up here.

We certainly hope that his daughter is not aware that he’s doing this; it’s bad enough to have him as a father, let alone to know that he continues to draw public attention to her as part of his latest attempted scam.

More evidence Wesley’s tale of woe wasn’t true

We’d like to thank the two alert readers who sent us this advert, published on 31 August on a Facebook page called “Barcelona Rent”. This was published about 10 days prior to Alex and her husband cutting off the money which Wesley had been extorting from Alex, via threats that if she didn’t pay up he would kill himself.

Hello, my name is Wesley, from Manchester in the UK and I feel like the beast himself has torn my arsehole out metaphorically whilst visiting Barcelona this summer, looking for accommodation… I’m a marketing professional here to setup a project and also work autonomo in the realms of infosec; social media marketing; web development and more…

You will more than likely see me at tech startup events; hackspaces and social clubs… Or on the beach…


I’m not sure I have any faith in me, if that’s even possible… But I’ll try this one last post… After trying since last Thursday, for around 8 hours a day, I’m drained and I’m hoping the universe is going to get some nice person to read this… I am looking for a room (preferably with just one other person), or a full apartment, I don’t want to live with several other people in a communal space, that’s just my preference…

I’m looking for a place in Barcelona. Ideally Barceloneta… But anywhere in the centre is cool. I’m ideally wanting long term, but would be willing to consider short term too… I can’t keep paying nightly fee’s… 

So here goes… 

First, I get ripped off 2000 euro’s; then end up in a house share with 4 people who hate tourists (The owner just disappeared) and next door to someone’s improvised dog sanctuary (I used to love dogs!) Jajajajajajajajaja…

From there I goto a place where the guy’s cool but only has a room for 6 days, for just 140, which is really cool, and understandable that he can only do a short let… Then arrive in a place where I pay 50 euro’s per night (Off airbnb)… And have to lie about being here, not open the door and feel like I have done something wrong… 

I have tried many agencies but apart from my DNA, they want what’s left of my arse, imaginary documents and enjoy mocking both the locals and tourists as they and the banks ruin the place for all… Charging unaffordable rents in an area I’m told the average wage is just 1200 per month, how is it even possible for a local to afford 800-1600 rents? Insane… I feel sorry for them and understand why they have to rent rooms out… And I’d rather pay someone direct and help them, rather than airbnb; an agency; a bank; a hotel; hostel etc… 

I’d rather help a local or someone living here being exploited, who needs the cash to survive… 

Poverty is having an adverse effect on the city, as robbers and thieves prowl the night and target young girls travelling (Who DEFINITELY won’t ever return, telling all their friends too about their experiences)… And many are being persecuted for renting rooms, to meet the extortionate rent / mortgages of the agencies / banks, having their doors banged by the police, whilst all the REAL criminals are out of the streets having a ‘free for all’ – I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE BEING ROBBED – AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING – A GIRL CAN SCREAM AS SOMEONE IS RUNNING AWAY WITH HER PHONE / BAG AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING – THE POLICE ARE UNRESPONSIVE AND CONCENTRATE ON TARGETING TOURISTS HERE FOR MEDICINAL CANNABIS – TO HAND OUT REVENUE STREAM FINES (IN REALITY – TAX FREE CASH IN THEIR POCKET)… WHY AREN’T THE POLICE POLICING THE STREETS INSTEAD OF THE RENTALS????????????

Anyway, before I run off on more tangents… Despite all these experiences, there’s something drawing me to the place and I need a ‘base’ to work from with excellent WIFI… I love Barcelona / Catalonia and there’s many cool co-operatives and people here… So I’m praying (And I’m not even religious) that someone with a room or apartment see’s this and has a place available STRAIGHT AWAY PLEASE… 


I would only like PRIVATE MESSAGES from PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO ARRANGE VIEWINGS as soon as possible. NO LIES ABOUT YOU BEING IN ANOTHER COUNTRY AND POSTING THE KEYS. THAT SCAM IS ANCIENT. I WILL NOT FALL FOR IT! If you’re going to try and steal my money, please use some creativity at least… 


I’m looking for land to setup an ecological co-operative growing industrial hemp on farms / abandoned olive fields to employ young Catalans and offer a sustainable ecosystem of education; activism and non-profit organisations to empower and advocate the use of hemp worldwide. If anyone knows of any olive farms / fincas for sale, in Catalonia, please get in touch.

You have the perfect climate here and the demand is high – no pun intended.

If there’s anyone who’s willing to rent me a room / apartment – please get in touch. I can’t afford nightly lets. I need monthly. Willing to stay for as long or as little as you need. 

Please help.

Yours Sincerely.

Traveller with ecological project idea who needs an earth angel with a room. 



Where do we sign up? Doesn’t he just sound like the ideal roommate?

We were particularly interested in this bit: “I’m looking for land to setup an ecological co-operative growing industrial hemp on farms / abandoned olive fields to employ young Catalans and offer a sustainable ecosystem of education; activism and non-profit organisations to empower and advocate the use of hemp worldwide”.

Funnily enough, we see no mention of “making CBD oil” in here, let alone Wesley’s previous claim that he had been sent to Spain by Alex’s physician husband to source land for a “non-profit company that would offer CBD at a low cost to people so that it would be accessible to all…as well as a holistic retreat for patients who need access to cannabinoids”.

It is beginning to look more and more as though that particular pipe-dream was a latter-day invention, concocted after the money ran dry, to fit in with Wesley’s claim that he had been sent to Spain on a wild goose chase by a doctor and his wife, and then abandoned there, penniless and starving.

Implausible though that story was, at least it made Wesley out to be the victim, rather than a person who would extort money from an emotionally vulnerable person.

We’ll continue to follow this story, as more information becomes available.

aerial photography of city

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com


86 thoughts on “Wesley’s ‘room wanted’ advert gives him away

  1. Assuming he was looking to buy land he’d also be able to afford land, bearing in mind land is quite expensive then if he really was about to seriously embark on a real estate / farming venture he’d have more than sufficient funds for the exercise. does he really expect anyone to believe he’s simultaneously a computer professional, a businessman set to invest a minimum of tens of thousands in buying land, agricultural machinery, legal expenses and employ workers yet can’t afford a rental apartment while he conducts his expensive business affairs ? i’ve had emails from nigeria more convincing than this rubbish. may as well say he needs money to replace the types on his lambo. he comes across as a desperate idiot full of pipedreams he’ll never achieve.

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  2. Just stating the obvious in case wesley reads his own notices. I’ll get back on twitter to see if anyone’s claimed @papahemp3 yet.

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  3. As an ex Manc I’d like to point out that Wesley is not from Manchester. He’s from the Burnley area. Manchester is about 30 miles from Burnley.
    So he can Whistle Down the Wind on that one.

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    • Burney isn’t even greater manchester. it’s lancashire. he’s only saying manchester as he’ll hope people have heard of it and by association seem cool. without an income he can forget about finding accomodation now and focus on coming home and facing the music. come home wesley, and get a special cuddle.

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  4. “First, I get ripped off 2000 euro’s; then end up in a house share with 4 people who hate tourists”

    7 Across: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    A. ǝpnǝɹɟuǝpɐɥɔs

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  5. “And I’m not even religious”

    Says the bloke who’s spent the last four years of his life hunting witches in the name of the Lord. Sigh

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    • Oh dear, what a sorry sight. Violence is dreadful but John baby should stop threatening to feed people who incur his displeasure feet first into an industrial tree shredder (not mentioning any names although Ghost of Sam comes to mind).
      (# nice quality of picture there- what camera phone are you using?)
      Does that mean the trip to see Vladamir Putin will be delayed?

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      • Considering the number of people he abuses online, I suspect he is just as abrasive in person, and sooner or later, someone will take offence at his B.S. and rather than walking away, will take him to task for it

        Frankly I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often, he really is a disgusting piece of work….


      • Some poor people have medical conditions which leave their skin looking bruised after the slightest touch. Neelu has some strange reversal where she claims to be bruised but absolutely no one can see any marks.

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    • Next time JP pitches his tent for a spot of amateur rabbit holing he would be wise to consider wearing protective headgear.The fluffy occupants may look fairly benign but can be vicious little bastards too.

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    • That’s awful. No joking there at all.

      You have to keep in mind this is clearly a man with mental health problems. There are risks to him as well as other people.

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    • Devine’s just done a 4-hour live stream! And he’s just posted a comment saying he only stopped because Facebook has a 4-hour limit and it automatically cut out. He’d still be banging on otherwise. Does he really think there are people who will sit through that?


      • Gawd, I thought no one could be more boring than Devine but check out Lee Cant’s history lecture at 3:59


  6. Wesley seems to mention his arshole quite a lot in relation to being short of cash. Is he considering going back to his escorting days?

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      • Hasn’t he ever googled himself ? just type his name and town name and there’s plenty about him including several hoaxtead blogs. quite a few people seem to be keeping an eye on him. for someone who should be lying low he constantly draws attention to himself with his bizarre behaviour. with his funds running out and difficulty supporting it’s obviously not going to be long until he’s back in Blighty to answer for himself.

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      • “This website has one intention – To discredit children affected by institutionalised child sexual abuse in Hampstead, London.”

        Oh, have I misread the strapline that’s been at the top of this page for the last 3 years then?

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      • I suddenly have the urge to share this post…………. ALOT ! 🙂 Wesley and his creepy OpDeatheater mates caused mayhem in some good groups and support all the fakes like Fiona Barnett, Angela Power Disney whilst spreading malicious lies and encouraging death threats to innocent people and good investigators/advocates/CSAsurvivors/victims………… He was also involved in the de frauding attempt on the Ballarat Survivors Fund …….. weren’t you Wesley ? hmm?

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      • “discredit the children”?. I thought that, in a round-about way, it was a celebration of the children who Thank God haven’t been abused and are now safe.
        Wesley yet again, like so many others revealing sinister suppressed desires- they would rather it be true that children were raped.

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      • JTRIG: Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group
        The very idea that Wesley & the word “intelligence” would be in the same room at the same time is a fantasy.
        This goat is probably referring to pathetic videos produced by the bedroom dwellers (all two of them) of “Death Eaters” who just copy reports from RT.
        RT being an outlet funded by the Russian government that laughingly has run programs “exposing” British intelligence services as spies etc. Which they are, thankfully. But what an odd world we are now living in with the exposure that Russia has been infiltrating and manipulation so many events involving foreign governments with the Brexit campaign here and the US General Election.
        RT is riddled with Lord Haw Haws & Tokyo Roses.
        The Internet: how can we survive with it? How can we live without it?.

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        • But but but he works “in the realm of infosec”. Just the man to advise you on TEMPEST shielding, milspec encryption, and all that palaver.

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  7. Another pathetic, shameless, unsubstantiated slanderfest from that creepy cow (and FSF director) Catriona Selvester:

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  8. This collection of creeps: APD, Wesley, Cat, Devine etc who claim they are “whistleblowers” and exposing child abuse etc. They do nothing except rant away on the internet (usually asking for money) and are simply repeating gossip and false claims that have been made by others.
    Not one of them does one practical thing that aids a real live child today. They are the equivalent of malicious town gossips who can now amplify their falsehoods and reach an audience around the world.
    They are leeches who trade on other’s false claims.
    The madness they help flourish is exampled by Neelu’s insanity: evicted from her home for not paying off her mortgage (a daily event around the world) and somehow linking it back to her phony claims about a church in Hampstead.
    Their victims mount and apart from those they falsely accuse whose lives they make a misery, they inevitably turn on their former comrades, some who end up being sectioned for their own good.
    Why on Earth would someone offer a room to a ratbag like Wesley with his track record?

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