Jake Clarke loses appeal

Following a two-day hearing at Harrow Crown Court, on Friday Jake Clarke lost his appeal against last October’s conviction in Magistrates court for harassment of two individuals related to the Hampstead Satanic ritual abuse hoax.

As with Sabine McNeill’s trial, these individuals are protected by a reporting restriction which prevents their being named.

We have not heard definitive reports regarding Jake’s appeal of his sentence, but we understand that the maximum sentence of six months was imposed at the Magistrates court, and that the Crown Court appeal is bound by the limitations of the lower court. Therefore we would not expect any increase in sentence, but the actual outcome requires clarification.

Similarly, no word has been received concerning the Criminal Behaviour Order which was imposed in October, but there is no reason to expect that it would have been revoked.

Jake’s hearing seems to have gone on for an unusually long time: the judge did not retire to consider judgment until 4:55 p.m., and resumed at 5:15 p.m., finishing up at nearly 6:00 p.m.—a full two hours past the usual 4:00 p.m. ending time.

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    • Yep -judging by the fact that some of the hoaxer fruitloops have been promoting this video tonight, I’d say it’s definitely a full Moon:

      (In case you’re wondering, that says “The black race” at the top. Yup)

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    • Thanks for the update E.C so I take it Jake will most likely get sectioned again now his lost his appeal . How many times is this now his been sectioned. I’ve lost count seven and this is who they say is a credible witness. It Seems every law breaker is being silenced according to the looneys what part do they not get breaking laws is a crimes in the U.k.

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      • While I certainly don’t approve of waving a knife outside a school attended by young children, I feel a tiny – very, very, very tiny – twinge of sympathy for Rupert because I think he was easily led.

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        • I know this has been discussed ad nauseum but I struggle to sympathise with him. If he’d been a vulnerable, naïve 16-year-old I’d get it, but the dude was a man of the World in his late 30s at the time. He’s got no excuse, imo.

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  1. I won’t link the video but I see Devine and “other” have been making more death threats to a protected witness. I’ve added it to the ever-growing evidence folder.

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      • OMG! That’s what I thought he did too…and all the sniffing and wiping his nose and hyperactivity….maybe he just has a cold and has overdosed on the Sudafed?

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      • Ooh, good spot, EC 😆

        Now let’s not open that can of worms about self-professed “child protection advocates” who are happy to finance drug barons who kill thousands of children every year. Marc might not like it.

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        • Marc Armour @ 1:13:40 – “I’m sorry – I’m on on a high, bro, coz I’m making Keith. Sorry. I’m making a bit of Keith at the moment and I’m getting a bit warm. Sorry, man. Wooh!”

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          • I think he said ‘kief’. Kief’s the sticky crystals that cover cannabis flowers. You don’t snort kief as it isn’t absorbed through mucus membranes. You can make blocks of resin from it, which I think he was probably in the process of doing.
            While he was doing it, he was either snorting coke or speed.

            Whatever he was doing, it didn’t make him talk any sense! All I heard were crazy ramblings.

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          • ‘Jesus’ also doesn’t read this blog very well as he said you’ve never ever mentioned or disputed his claim about you being linked to Finchley Road. 😂

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          • Jake, EC hasn’t refuted the Finchley Road allegations because she’s in it up to her neck. I’m so glad she’s finally been outed as a major crime boss. She’s been the head of that international shirt-laundering and maple syrup-smuggling ring for years and it’s about time the World heard the truth, if only for the sake of all her ‘couriers’ who now walk with a limp thanks to all those, cough cough, ‘concealed’ syrup jars. Don’t let her get a way with this, sheeple!

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      • Christ, Armour really is high as a fucking kite!*

        This is what he sounds like to me (go to 37 seconds):

        *Allegedly and without prejudice, of course

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    • They also made a death threat to three police officers (including Steve M). Good luck with that, lads 🙄

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      • If it’s who I think it is- legal reasons (think court cases)
        EC will delete anything that goes over the line (for obvious reasons, we wouldn’t want anything posted here to collapse a case,not against this lot!!!
        (EC. has wordpress changed some settings somewhere in the blog, I seem to be regularly getting logged out atm, not every time but quite often???)

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        • WordPress is a very strange animal. Just when I think I have worked out why it’s allowing some comments but not others, it changes the rules yet again. Sorry about that!

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  2. Is the Pope a Catholic?.
    I think it was fairly inevitable that he would lose his appeal although everyone has the right to try.
    I note the court lists said “reporting restrictions” which has been ignored by the usual suspects who are a’ranting and a’raving on Andy Devine’s videos especially (name redacted) who seems convinced everyone on the ‘other side’ is a Freemason.
    ( IS the Pope a Catholic though?. Some ( Kevin Annett) say he’s been arrested and whisked off to Gitmo with Michelle Obama & Hilary Clinton and been replaced by a clone.)
    (editor: just go home)

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    • One funny thing about Cat and her cronies turning against Fresh Start and UK Column and “outing” them as MI5 agents is that they still idolise (creepy conman and convicted crook) Robert Green, who works with… drum roll, please… Fresh Start and UK Column! You couldn’t make it up 😀

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    • Not particularly SFW, but it made me think of Cat Scott when I heard it
      (lots of innuendo LOL)
      Especially the drunk pussycat…(gives you a hint of what you should expect should you hit play) but totally 100% no swearing- it’s all in your own filthy mind LOL

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      • ht tp s://www.facebook.com/thepageofauthorjasonwallace/videos/1863605020564398/?v=1863605020564398&t=173

        Now I cant link to facebook either?


          • It didn’t show up in the first post at first, so I split the https bit up (that often works when wordpress chucks a wobbly) but then after a few refreshes, it suddenly appeared in the post post again…
            Wordpress has been glitchy for me for several days (it keeps logging me out so I come up as a nony mouse, I notice others have said the same things been happening to them as well

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          • first post lol
            (post post???) now my brains glitching as bad as wordpress lol (actually I stopped writing halfway through to answer the door- PIZZA!!!!!)

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        • You may enjoy Sacha’s latest income stream – a ‘Fyre Festival’-style New Age grift in Indonesia.

          Linked to a “World Health Sovereignty Summit” to edge into the medical-scamming market, with a list of familiar antivaxxers and cancer-cure vultures.

          Robert Oldham Young is one of the world’s most accomplished health science innovators and practitioners. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and developed methods and products which routinely treat and cure complex health conditions. Targeted by rogue elements within the US medical establishment he is an ITNJ Judicial Commission Expert Witness

          Perhaps Young will be out on parole.

          He was arrested in January 2014 and convicted in 2016 on two out of three charges of theft and practicing medicine without a license.[8][9] He was sentenced to three years and eight months in jail in June 2017.[10]
          In November 2018 a San Diego jury awarded $105m in damages to a former cancer patient he persuaded to forego effective treatment in favour of his alkaline diet, resulting in her disease progressing to an incurable stage 4.[11][12]

          No sign of Clive de Carle or Jeremy Ayres, though; they have not reached even Sacha’s abysmal standards… also they’re linked to Gerrish and UK Column.

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  3. Hello Victims.

    Poor Jake, he needs me to give him a hug, and to do other things to him to make him feel better. Darling, I find you appealing.

    Today, I am going to join Matt, I am going to wage war on Hoaxtead and make love to that crazy guy that makes me swoon.

    Oh, I feel all hot and dizzy again.

    I am going to have a lie down.

    Yours in evil.

    Angina Powder Dizzy

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  4. A no-nonsense report in a local newspaper about Melanie Shaw which puts it all into perspective.

    I have sympathy for her but her supporters think because she makes outlandish and unproved claims about abuse it somehow excuses her lengthy criminal activities, most of which she plead guilty to. And that she somehow should be released from prison yet she clearly has mental health issues which has caused the behavior that precludes early release.. Note she also has the local MP & the local Crime Commissioner supporter her and TWO legal firms.

    If she says she was raped as a child I believe her. But she claims her rapist said she would be killed and he had killed 2 other children and buried them at the home she was in. Police did extensive searches and found nothing and there were no reports of missing residents.
    I can imagine a rapist actually saying that to frighten a child. It doesn’t make it true.

    Melanie has a history of heavy drug abuse which the article glosses over. I’m not going to moralize over anyone’s drug abuse but to pretend the substances she used cannot cause brain damage is fanciful.
    I get amused (right word?) by members of This Mob who moralise about everything yet once one of their heroes is busted for drugs ( “Tommy Robinson”?) suddenly it’s all harmless fun and not an activity that involves the vicious murders and deaths of 1000s of people along the supply line as the end customer can get high in the biggest criminal enterprise on the planet.

    Comments in the article form her supporters are illuminating: they accept nothing and never will unless it’s the sensationalist story they want. Same same Hampstead: can’t be a mainly middle-class suburb of people doing regular jobs to pay the mortgage- has to be riddled with satanic baby-eaters.

    “Who is Melanie Shaw, why is she in prison, and what do her supporters want?”

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    • “If she says she was raped as a child I believe her.”

      Not sure whether that was one of your “deliberate mistakes”? 😉

      She should be taken seriously. Her allegations should be investigated as should any that are made of this nature. But if the allegations are investigated and the evidence isn’t there to support it and some very specific accusations are found to be impossible, there may be other reasons why she believes it rather than it is true.


      • I think she has obviously had some very traumatic events in her life that has caused her to go off the rails at times.
        According to the article the police investigated her accusations but it seems they couldn’t present enough evidence to the CPS to sustain a court case. Of course we don’t know the details but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t assaulted, but that it couldn’t be proved in a court.

        It’s the murder of 2 children and the ferrying of children to VIPs in London I find not very credible. The police found no record of missing children from the home and no bodies.

        It really sounds like some vile person who assaulted her used that to frighten. But would they really tell someone (even a 6 year old) they had murdered children and buried them on school grounds?.

        And this meme of children being bused to Elites in London really stretches the imagination (it’s one of “Nick’s” claims). It’s also a claim made by John Hemming’s accuser on the Oz “60 Minutes” who claimed children were even driven in a Rolls Royce with an alleged Australia House chauffeur backing her claim but he turned out to be a fantasist as well and a relief driver who only ever worked there for 3 days while the regular chauffeur was ill.

        With her history of a very hard life ( I’m not going to say how she made a living), childhood abuse and drug abuse this could have all got mixed up in her head and she may really believe these claims.

        Add in her fanatical so-called supporters who seem to love the idea of children being chauffeured to be abused by VIPs in London re-enforce the imaginations of the poor woman.

        What can authorities possibly do and how can they win?. They search the school grounds and they check the records and find no child is missing. What more can they do?. But then they get accused by the fanatics of a “cover-up”. The reality is the police are very happy to nick an “elite”, a high profile politician, a pop star and have been since the 1950s.

        But just as in Hoaxtead The Mob demand, no matter what, that dead politicians (they would all have to be dead by now) and Elites get off scot free even when they all have enemies and..not one other former resident of Shaw’s home has come forward to back her stories (they must be dozens still alive).

        It’s just another version of Hoaxtead where the lack of proof is actually claimed AS proof by The Mob with MI5 / GCHQ cover-ups and their non-existent & redundant non-compulsory “D-Notices” ( now called a DSMA Notice) currently promoted by the “Tommy Robinson” & Yellow Jacket mob as a reason the BBC won’t cover their demos.
        # No matter how many times you tell these fanatics D-Notices haven’t existed for years and they cannot be enforced (try stopping a hungry Fleet Street hack from pursuing a juicy sex abuse case) they ignore reality and prefer their fantasies. Scary.

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        • “According to the article the police investigated her accusations but it seems they couldn’t present enough evidence to the CPS to sustain a court case.”

          I have some personal first hand experience where the police took complete bollocks, cut it from whole cloth and manufactured a “case”. It was turned down by the CPS, yet the police continued to behave as though their initial suppositions were true.

          Sometimes they are right and the evidentiary threshold cannot be met on something that probably is true. But you know, sometimes the police just believe any old sh!t because it fits their agenda! (cf: Mike Veale).

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  5. Obviously I’ve never met any of the people on either side of the “debate” in the Hoaxtead case – not in real life anyway – but I can’t understand why anyone would be duped by AD. Most con-men and con-women do at least put a posh suit on to try and look the part they are playing. Unless he’s playing the regular bloke you would meet down the pub card. I’m guessing that John Wanamoney WON’T come to the UK on 28th March because of – well people wanting their shares and pay-outs in his “company”.

    GoS, autocorrect makes some “interesting” corrections to my typing sometimes and I don’t always pick them up. I missed out on what made Mr Clarke end up in court – I’ll have to look at the FAQ again. Tangentially this blog has led me to some anti-conspiracy channels and sites. Sometimes with Magick Kool-Aid I think “Did he really just say that?” but I do find him funny and he does “call out” various grifters.

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    • Funny, I got an empty email from her this morning. I suspect she was trying to type out “help me…” but had to click send before certain people came back to their room.

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    • Ahhh what a shame. He missed all the action. There was a right old punch-up at the latest (and not Swedish tourist in sight). Bet they all went for a good booze-up afterwards.
      It’s a sort of social club for misfits isn’t it.

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        • That live was terrible, common law being shouted over everyone’s else’s conversations
          Impossible to hear what the Police were trying to say, as for the comments near the end accusing the Policeman of sexually winking, that was a very low point & beneath anything that they are trying to achieve.

          Hearsay & accusations throughout.

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  6. Angie’s been on again. She’s been skulking around in the woods like the Blair witch…

    She attacks Steve Martin at 5:38, btw. And at 8:22 she says that Karen Irving is “provably connected to 788-790 Finchley Road”. No, seriously – she actually said that 🙄

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  7. Thanks to Agent M for this link. It seems that “Mr. X” is very upset with us for “hiding behind anonymity”. Couldn’t make it up, could you? 😆

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  8. I’ve just forced myself to watch a Yellow Vest “live feed” with Tracey Blackwell.
    I sympathize with her loss but she is one of the nastiest of the nasties.

    Apart from 2 hours of severe verbal diarrhea this is a woman who repeatedly insults police officers calling them all sorts of names, rabbits on about Maritime Law and every bit of utter “no consent” claptrap these loonies promote, tells the officer she’s glad they have lost their pensions ( Finchley Frigging Road again), is like a machine gun they way she sprays the officers with demeaning insults and then has the temerity to walk away and say “see how they try to intimidate you?”.

    I mean she was up in an officers face and the officer kept smiling and trying to make meaningless pleasantries while confronted with this frigging loony and she walks away accusing him of what she was just doing!. Sort of sums up the sheer madness of these creeps.
    And the officer even said “watch your step” as she was about to walk into something and she aggressively says “is that a threat?” even as several coppers try to point out her near miss.

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    • I sympathize with her loss but she is one of the nastiest of the nasties.

      Her son was killed by a drunk-driver with an Indian name and her first thought was to blame islamist terrorists. She’s a trash person.

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      • Yes I know it was a shocking accident and for any mother to go through the death of a child is tragic. But she really draws deeply from your sympathy bank with her fanatical actions.
        Perhaps I should be kind as it may well be her only way of coping with the awful events.
        This is an example of how someone like her is not really counseled by her supporters rather encouraged in strange beliefs.
        They all seem to fed off each other in their delusions.

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      • Smut, that brings to mind the many far-right yobs over the years who’ve been known to yell “Paki bastard” at Indian turban-wearing Sikhs. Which is a bit like shouting “Jerry scum” at a Tommy circa 1940.

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