Neelu to face charges of benefits fraud today

Neelu Berry announced yesterday that she will be facing six charges of benefits fraud at Snaresbrook Crown Court this morning.

Okay, she didn’t actually say that.

She said:

If people are near Snaresbrook Crown Court on Tuesday 10th July 2018 there will be a No Jurisdiction Trial 
in the case of State V Neelu Berry (me) 
Time to be confirmed

Neelu benefits fraud trial 2018-07-09 1So there you have it: showtime is 10 a.m.

The charges

So far as we can tell, the six charges, dating back to April 2010, are laid out in this letter which Neelu published back in April on her Facebook page: Redbridge Magistrates Court 2018-04-20 1Redbridge Magistrates Court 2018-04-20 2

First hearing

The first hearing for this case took place on 20 April at Redbridge Magistrates Court, and it proved to be approximately as circus-like as you might expect.

Shortly beforehand, Neelu posted:

In around 9 hours, at 10 am on 20th April 2018, I will be attending the Redbridge Magistrates Court to witness yet another false prosecution against me. Apparently, when I took out a Private Pension 33 years ago, and it was sold to me on the basis that it would be in addition to my State Benefits or State Pension, and even though it is less than the £20 per week which the law says I do not need to disclose, I am being prosecuted for not disclosing it.

So apparently, they stopped my benefits for 17 months just because they believe I should have disclosed it, even if it does not change my benefit, they have decided to steal it from my benefit.

So even though the law says I must have £73 per week to live on, they are giving me £58 per week.

So the State is still running counterfeit currency, which has no value except when our blood, flesh, sweat and tears is mixed with it and it causes our enslavement – so if I do not attend, the Police will break my door again and put me through the third false prosecution in 3 years.

And following the hearing, she noted that “equity lawyer” Edward William Ellis had been present as a witness for her “No Jurisdiction Plea”:

Court 1 we sat in the public gallery at the back of the courtroom with a bench of 3 magistrates – I gave my name to Usher and gave name of Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis as a Witness for the “No Jurisdiction Plea” the middle magistrate gave instructions that as I was unrepresented, copies of the documents must be printed and I must be referred to the Duty Solicitor.

I stood up and objected on grounds of the “No Jurisdiction Plea” no documents were needed nor the duty solicitor. 

That, as it turned out, did not go over well with the Court.

 Judge Lucie asking “Who are the 2 people making notes at the back of the court?” asking if court 3 is open. They told us to wait outside. We were called back in around 11.20am.

The Judge asked me if I was Mrs Neelu Berry. I told him I am Woman Neelu. I ignored the usher when she asked me to go into the dock. I made a Formal Demand for Bench Equality. The Judge refused by asking me to go in the dock. The judge asked me to give my address. I ignored the question. The judge threatened me with Contempt and a cell. I went in the dock.

This was not Neelu’s first attempt at defying the Court’s request that she stand in the dock.

In February 2016, the Ham&High reported, “Berry waved a piece of paper at the judge and shouted that her case had been dismissed and that she did not have to go in the dock”. It didn’t work then, either.

He asked again my name, I responded “I hereby make a “No Jurisdiction Plea” – I told the judge “Judge Lucie, you have a conflict disqualification because I have been before you, before” [in the false prosecution against my sister and her husband when he threatened to lock me in a cell 6 years ago].

The Prosecutor told the judge there was a sum of 5000 GBP involved and asked for it to go to the Crown Court. The judge asked if we wished to proceed in the Magistrates or go to Snaresbrook Crown Court.

The Judges Clerk told me I would be required to plead “Guilty” or “Not Guilty”. I told her that it would be neither because there are a lot of disclosures to be made. I told the judge there would be a “No Jurisdiction Pea (sic) and asked for his Public Liability details. He asked me to choose to proceed or transfer to Crown Court. I chose to transfer to Crown Court. There is enough evidence of Committal Frauds to appeal the proceedings.

What to expect at today’s hearing

Christ only knows.

We fully anticipate more claims of “Committal Fraud” and “Non Jurisdiction Pleas”, with possibly a tussle or two regarding whether Neelu must stand in the dock. If she brings Mr Ellis with her, things could get even more creative, with allegations of attempted murder, assault causing actual bodily harm, and state terrorism.

We’re sure we’ll hear all about it, for better or worse. Larry, Curly, and Moe, eat your hearts out.disorder in the court-3 stooges

63 thoughts on “Neelu to face charges of benefits fraud today

  1. That guy on news night, what’s his name, the guy off dragon’s den. I’ve long known him to wear a casio g shock with a suit but have never publicly voiced this matter before. Hmmmmm.

    As for neelu ? I lost interest 1/3rd of the way through. But it seems she feels that what a pension provider told her 33 years ago. A third of a century ! Applies to her current benefit claims. I haven’t seen her claim, looked at the form she filled in etc. . . But if she was asked to disclose her income/s and savings, her assets, her bank accounts then she would be expected to disclose them, even if they’re under £20. That she approaches the matter like she’s rumpole of the bailey crossed with Joan of arc doesn’t help.

    The woman’s intent on blaming everything on government conspiracies and shadowy black operatives. Her delusions are only equalled in their magnitude by her ego. Absolute donkey.

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  2. Oh to be a fly on the wall at that court case tomorrow, if Neelu is so intent on calling her brnefits counterfeit money, why was she angry when she was told that she hadn’t disclosed it.

    This could all have gone away very easily, all she had to do was agree a weekly repayment with the social & there would have been no need for court I would think.

    A friend in similar circumstances got into trouble with social, (not through their own fault, there was brain damage involved & a dishonest relative), social worked out they owed €99,000 & said they had to pay back €100 p.w. until the full amount was cleared. The outcome after solicitors got involved though was that after tracing numerous bank accounts the dishonest relative had & siphoning of of money, my friend was absolved of duplicity & the relative is atm being pursued instead.

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  3. Benefit fraud what ever the scale, is a crime against all honest and hard working tax payers and if she is guilty then she deserves everything she gets. All this “No jurisdiction ” bullshit is just laughable. I shall be following this from the other side of the world with great interest. If only the fragrant APD could be alongside her in the dock the world would be a happier place.

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  4. I’ve sent mental crystals to surround the entire court for Woman Neelu’s protection.
    If that fails she need not fear, she can always appeal to the The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS ) in Brussels. They already have warrants out for The Pope & Her Majesty The Queen who can expect imminent arrest (it’s why The Queen didn’t turn up for Prince Louis’s christening today- terrified).

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  5. Paranoigilvy latest – now our ‘spy’ has a name 😂

    Note: children’s faces obscured by me, not by Malcolm, who thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to creep around filming little girls in the street and upload the footage to Faebook.

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    • Olgivy comes across as one sick son of a bitch. And a phony.
      He posts seemingly “left wing” links and prattles on about children being removed by social services but then is an avid Trump fan (you know the guy who seperates parents from their children who he locks in cages). In this post his sympathies are clearly with the man holding the gun who actually shoots a person in the eye.
      On another he praises a bunch of over-weight men who attack a bunch of so-called “Antifa”. The beefy blokes lay into some very lightweight girls with punches and kicks. Olgivy’s synpathy are clealry with the bunch of Boofhead blokes as he obviously despises the alleged ‘Antifa’ (ie: left wingers).

      Oglivy reminds me of so many from my youth in the 60’s. The ones who punched us up at anti-Vietnam demos and called us traitors or Commies and dirty drug addled “hippies” but years later when you ran into them they were smoking pot, snorting meth, had discovered New Age claptrap and tried to lecture you about the world.

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    • How does Mystic Malcolm know the guy hasn’t already been drinking heavily before this pint? Maybe he read it in the stars, lol.

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      • The worrying thing is I don’t think he’s joking. This is genuinely how his warped mind works. To be honest I think he’s a rape fantasist, going by many of his previous comments and posts.

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        • I once saw an interesting program about how psychiatrists identify people with dangerous psychiatric problems. One method was to show the subject a picture and ask them what they thought was happening. A typical one was a photograph of a police officer putting his hand on a young woman’s shoulder. A normal person would say something like “She has been caught shop lifting and he is going to arrest her and take her to the Police Station.” Someone with psychiatric problems will come up with a twisted narrative like “He isn’t really a police officer, he is in disguise, he is going to take her to his car and inject her with drugs then drive her away and rape her … “. Which category do we think Malcolm belongs to?

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  6. “What to expect today.”

    This is process and I’m not making any assumptions of guilt.

    She is the fourth Pre-Trial and Preparation Hearing today so I wouldn’t expect much to happen before midday, but there could be no shows or quick formalities in the earlier cases so it is difficult to be precise. The prosecution and defence should have by now shared their positions. It is possible to rattle through one in 15 minutes if all has been agreed, but an hour is probably a better estimate.

    At a PTPH the defendant will be arraigned unless there is good reason not to.

    In the event of a guilty plea the defendant should, if possible, be sentenced on that day but that will depend in whether a pre-sentence report is required.

    In the event of a not guilty plea the court will;
    * set the trial date;
    * identify, so far as can be determined at that stage, the issues for trial;
    * Consider with the parties the witness requirements that can be determined at that stage.
    * provide a timetable for the necessary pre-trial preparation and give appropriate directions for an effective trial;
    * make provision for any Further Case Management hearing that is actually required to take place at the time when it can be of maximum effect.

    I hope she has taken real legal advice but if she hasn’t Neelu is unlikely to have access to the Digital Case System which could delay matters as she will need it all on paper.

    My expectation is that a “no jurisdiction” claim will be entered by the judge as “not guilty” and a trial date will be set.

    Incidentally Wikipedia has this to say about refusing to plead:

    “Until 1772, if a defendant refused to plead guilty or not guilty, his trial was delayed from taking place, and he was subjected to peine forte et dure (pressing) until he either died or entered a plea.”

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  7. Kimberly Guilfoyle poses for a photo with Pizzagate conspiracy theorist David Seaman while he flashes a ‘white power sign’ at Trump Hotel.

    “On my recent trip to Washington, D.C., for the Fourth of July hundreds of people asked for a photograph or selfie with me,’ Guilfoyle said in a statement to always oblige when possible, this doesn’t mean I know them personally or share their views.’

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      • “she has little english”

        Au contraire Blackadder. She has a lot of English. It’s her name you dolt!!!

        Her specialist skills may come in handy.

        “Caroline Frances English, aged 50, will be known as Her Honour Judge English. She was called to the Bar (I) in 1989. She was appointed as a Fee-paid Legal Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal (England) (now known as Fee-paid Judge of the First-tier Tribunal assigned to the Health, Education and Social Care Chamber (Mental Health)) in 2003, and as a Recorder in 2007.”

        She also made legal history as the first judge to hand down a verdict on her own after fears that the jury had been nobbled.

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        • She’s on the ’cause list’ and it says Plea and Trial Preparation so it’s ongoing.

          This is great for her. She likes going to Court. Some people do and arrange their lives so they can make Court appearances. I think she’s one of them.

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  8. Have I misunderstood this or has Angie been renting out her sick elderly mother’s furniture?
    If it were anyone but Angela, I’d think I had the wrong end of the stick.


    • It is one of the ironies that all we “know” about Jesus is through organised religion (and a tiny historical sub-note from Josephus). Specifically, the Catholic religion. We decided what was canonical in the First Council of Nicaea. All subsequent Christian faiths rely on it for their “Absolute Word of God” positions, united as they are in rejecting the Gnostic writings like Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Judas et al. (I’ve read them. Very interesting 😎)

      A few others (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons etc.) have added their own to works to it, but essentially it has remained unaltered since 325AD. Her hatred of the Pope would seem to be a tad contrived, since her faith in Yeshua Jesus is totally derived from one particular organised religion. 😉

      Or to put it succinctly, APD is talking bullshit again!

      [Note, this is not a go at anyone’s religion or lack of. But hypocrisy needs to be called out!]

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    • Gobedlygook.
      I think she is mentally deteriorating. Her actions are not normal. This is a reasonably serious case but she giggles and is amused as she tiilts at imaginary windmills. Last time it was her car being towed away but she still found the money to go and bail it out- spending heaps more in the end & blowing away all her nonsensical “no jurisdiction” stuff. Always claiming the system doesn’t apply to her but in the end still participates in it. But it’s an endless downward spiral.

      Even weirder is she has pals who seem to understand what she’s on about. How crackewd must they be?.

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