Kristie Sue’s hypocrisy: From child sex images to death threats

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a troofer on the trail of a juicy bit of conspiritainment will throw aside not only reason and logic, but also scruples and dignity. And thus it is that Kristie Sue Costa, currently the de facto Hoaxtead-Pusher in Chief, can be found earnestly posting away about the evil child sex traffickers of both Hoaxtead and Pizzagate…and yet the platform she currently favours is Voat.

What’s wrong with Voat? you ask. Most of us know it as the site to which the Pizzagate discussion decamped when that subreddit was removed from Reddit. Prior to the massive injection of popularity it received from Pizzagate refugees, Voat was mainly known as a rabidly pro-free-speech site for people who hate fat people (yes, seriously), and for people looking for (barely legal) sexualised images of children.

You heard us right.

In fact, two of Voat’s most popular subverses (kind of like subreddits, only….well, all right, exactly the same as a subreddit, only on Voat, not Reddit) were v/jailbait and v/thefappening. For those unfamiliar with the terminology, “jailbait” refers to young girls below the age of consent, portrayed in a sexualised manner; “fappening” refers to masturbation.


When Voat removed v/jailbait a year ago, they replaced it with v/youngladies, which sounds a great deal more decorous. However, it turns out that v/youngladies, like its predecessor, is full of pictures of very young girls, either scantily clad, or posed to look seductive, or both. In other words, Voat has changed the name of the subverse to avoid legal issues, but the content is the same.

Here’s a sample of what we found there (we blurred the image; the original was much worse):voat-image

Did your stomach just turn? Ours did.

Kristie Sue, who posts to Voat’s Pizzagate threads regularly under the name ListenUp, seems oblivious to the fact that the platform she uses to denounce imaginary child sex trafficking is a known haven for those who enjoy fantasizing over all-too-real sexualised images of children. The little girl in the image above looked about nine years old to us; and any child posed that way, with that look on her face, is either being sexually abused or groomed for it.

Here’s a hint for Kris: if you want to help fight child sex trafficking, start in your own back garden.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Troofer

That’s not the first time, nor will it be the last, that we’ve caught Kristie Sue saying one thing and doing quite another.

For example, the other day she was waxing eloquent over on one of MKD’s excellent videos, where she stated “I think we can all agree that death threats should not be tolerated, in any form”: kristie-sue-costa-on-death-threats-2017-02-02How very noble of her!

And yet within a few days, she was patting the psychopathic Kane Slater on the back:


(No worries, Kane, we don’t need to know where you live. That’ll be up to the police.)

Nice that she’s so supportive of her friend, right? Until you remember that this particular friend is in the habit of spewing death threats on an industrial scale. Here are a couple from this past week:

kane-slater-death-threat-to-diana-swain-2017-02-02kane-slater-death-threat-to-diana-swain-2-2017-02-02So apparently death threats are completely unacceptable in any context…but when one of your fellow hoax-pushers does it, it’s okay to look the other way. It’s great to pretend you’re battling child sex trafficking…but when the site you choose to use features sexualised images of children, it’s okay to pretend that’s not happening.

It’s all about turning off your moral compass, and putting your brain in neutral. Which, when you think about it, is something that the Hoaxtead mobsters are very, very good at.


103 thoughts on “Kristie Sue’s hypocrisy: From child sex images to death threats

  1. “Voat was mainly known as a rabidly pro-free-speech site for people who hate fat people”

    Well, that’s Arfur fucked, then.

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  2. That’s okay, I’m just generally confused. (And now everyone else will be too, since I changed my response so that I wasn’t calling you EC….)


  3. Hadn’t even heard of this Voat place before and I think I might wipe it from my memory by the sound of what goes on there.
    Something that seems to have been wiped from the memory of these lunatics is the meme:
    ‘United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron Eats Babies’

    Poor Dave is a forgotten man now. Is Baby munching something that goes with the job? Once a PM leaves No.Ten, apart from a tearful goodbye to Larry The Cat do they also lose the privilege of their daily Toddler on Toast brunch?

    And now Barry Soweto of Kenya and The Transvestite have left the WH does it mean Donald Trump now uses the secret tunnel from the Oval Office to Ping Pong Pizza? Apparently he’s into fast food. Is his ‘Muslim ban’ more to do with only wanting his Baby Burger with chips to be made from Anglo Saxon bred toddler meat?

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  4. What about stringers and those on local newspapers?. That’s usually where ‘mainstream journalists’ learn their craft.
    There’s a certain former Young Journalist Of The Year who I must warn that her life is in danger.

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  5. It does seem a rather remote possibility that Kane Slater contacted the Royal Mounties and told them he accuses 100s of people including the British PM of eating babies and also issues blanket death threats to all mainstream journalists including named individuals that said Mountie officer responded “good lad, keep doing what you’re doing”.

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  6. To be fair, I understand the Mounties spend a lot of time galloping about the frozen tundra and arresting Mad Trappers and such-like, so perhaps they were just being kind to poor Kane.

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  7. Lest we forget that Kristie Sue has also supported and promoted other people who have issued vile death threats, including Arfur, Aaron Dover, Alan Alanson, etc. etc. When confronted about her support of the psychotic Arfur, her response was – and I quote – “Arthur is just a big teddy bear.” Yup.

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  8. Yes, she’d support anyone so long as they profess belief in Hoaxtead (or Pizzagate now). That’s even worse in a way, as they’re just friends of expedience; she’d toss them at the first sign of doubt about the hoax.

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  9. The way the search engine works on google a very inactive sub like the v/yl ‘s one comes up next to top, bizarre. They won’t remove it though. If u look at the main posters subscriptions you will see a list of even sicker named subs. The prominent pedo their is well known as H!E!C!H!O I believe. Remove the exclamation marks for the name. There are some that fantasise about CSA.

    For speaking out about the bullshit filth on there you will get called every name under the sun from paid shill, troll, disinfo agent etc.

    Pedos in the basement of the peaceagait headquarters. No wonder they are obsessed with CSA.
    Zero evidence JA is a Abuser of anyone let alone children he is only mentioned as a fundraiser for Killary and Podesta in the wikileaks and mentioned a few times at Tonys house and photographed.

    That artwork Tony has is very pedo though. See washington life interview and house tour.
    Doesnt mean he is one but still a vile hobby to collect and display that serbian artists work and the other one who takes nude teenagers photographs as mentioned in another tour of Tonys house.

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  10. HWMNBN just wants attention. He’s just a big teddy bear really. Hey, Kristie Sue has a thing for creepy middle-aged men – maybe she could go and show him some TLC.

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  12. Message from Arfur – he says please could as many people as possible go and spam up his video page. At least I think that’s what he said:

    The video is called ‘HRH’s Courtroom’. He says pop round any time.

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  13. Fwiw the fappening is the name given to the mass publication of pictures stolen from celebrities phones, including various naked selfies. Some of the naked pictures were from before the people turned 18.

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  14. I hope the local council, the police and the property landlord appreciate the art work as much as Rupert appears to. It seems incredible that anyone held on Court Bail would want to do anything that means they might be possibly at risk of the attention of the authorities.

    From the local Councils website:

    “The Council’s current policy is to remove all graffiti that is visible
    from the public highway or public open space, including private
    property. This includes all publicly maintained streets, rural
    roads, all shopping areas, industrial areas, public footpaths,
    parks and open spaces, play areas (including skate ramps, ball
    courts and teen shelters), subways, footbridges and public car
    parks). Fly posting is removed from both public property such
    as street furniture and service cabinets and private property
    such as empty shop windows.
    The specification also includes:
    • The removal of paint, ink or any other substance (graffiti)
    from the following substrate from impervious material,
    porous material and painted surfaces.
    • The application of temporary or permanent protective
    coatings to any of the above surfaces
    • The removal of fly-posters from any surface type.
    Proactive cleansing
    Each Ward within the borough is currently cleaned on a regular
    basis, at least fortnightly. The contractor must visit every street,
    public footpath, underpass, footbridge and public park and open
    space within each ward and clean all graffiti visible from the
    public highway or public open space. The contractor identifies
    hotspots for graffiti and visits these regularly and removes graffiti
    as and when required.
    This service of two teams currently provides borough wide
    graffiti and fly poster removal and application of the dog fouling
    stencils. Current targets are to remove offensive graffiti within 24
    hours and all other graffiti/flyposting within 7 days.
    Reactive works take priority over proactive graffiti removal.
    Proposed changes – (£208k over 4 years)”


    Graffiti – reporting and removal
    Reporting of graffiti by residents and proactive graffiti removal by the Council’s Graffiti Response teams, Bexley’s streets are now much clearer of graffiti.
    If graffiti is removed quickly it is less likely to happen again, so residents are urged to continue to report graffiti no matter how small. This will help us to continue to reduce the amount of graffiti in the borough.

    The Council provides a free graffiti removal service from private property where the graffiti is visible from the public highway or public open space and provides free graffiti removal kits to residents groups and traders.

    Graffiti is normally removed within seven working days unless it is racist or offensive when it will be removed within 24 hours, following notification to the police.

    Help us identify who is carrying out graffiti – if you have information you can contact our Neighbourhood Services team.

    What else are we doing to combat graffiti?

    Using the Council’s contractor to remove graffiti is only one of the options being used to tackle the problem. The following initiatives are in various stages of implementation:

    Partnering with other local authorities to combat graffiti across borough boundaries, and to share information on best practice
    We continue to work in partnership with the probation service and the Youth Offending Team, who both use young offenders to remove graffiti and flyposting from locations identified by the Council
    Trading Standards ensure that shops are not selling spray cans to under sixteens as this is now an offence and are working with shop owners to minimise the risk of implements that can be used for graffiti or etching being acquired for these purposes
    Continue to sell graffiti removal kits and encourage residents/traders to remove graffiti from their area. This strategy has proved to be successful in several areas around the Borough. In particular, close cooperation will be maintained and improved with Neighbourhood Watch coordinators and residents/traders associations; The Council will provide free graffiti removal kits to any recognised group in order to keep local areas clean of graffiti
    Increased surveillance is being carried out to catch offenders and the police stop and search those suspected of carrying materials for the purpose of graffiti. Intelligence on tags is being shared between key partners to identify those responsible
    An educational programme aimed at school children at all key learning stages is to be developed and made available to all schools and youth services
    Trials in the designing out of graffiti and flyposting have been carried out in areas where large expanses of wall/fence attract vandals. This involved the use of protective coatings, anti-climb paint, anti-fly posting coatings, planting of natural screening i.e. thorn bushes or fast growing large shrubs
    How you can help us to help you?

    If graffiti appears on your property:
    report it to the police
    take photographs as evidence
    if possible, remove it as quickly as you can
    if you are unable to remove it yourself, contact Works Direct who will be able to advise on the most appropriate course of action
    Graffiti removal kits are available for purchase at a cost of £70 for a large kit and £25 for a small first aid kit. For further details contact Works Direct
    If you are a member of a residents or traders association, or Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, your co-ordinator may be able to obtain a free kit!
    If you are not a member of any of the above groups or there is not one in your area, why not start one yourself? Bexley Neighbourhood Watch can be contacted on 020 8284 5537 or, by writing to 2 Nuxley Road, Belvedere, Kent, DA17 5JF
    Why not get together with your neighbours and have a clean up weekend. It is a good opportunity to get the children involved and show them the damage that is caused to a community, by graffiti. We can help you with some resources, just contact us at and tell us what you need
    Always know where your children are and what they are doing. Aerosols are dangerous, and it may be your child that is causing damage and distress to others

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  15. I’d not heard of Voat until a couple of days ago when I read that pizzagate weirdos had moved there, but then I am not a sad Reddit cnut sat in my mums basement.

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  16. Let’s face it, they wanted him out of the police station…..”just say anything mate…but get him out the door!”

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  17. Arfur is a big teddy bear who smashes people windows and commits other offences that put him in prison. He films himself doing it just in case the police don’t have enough evidence.

    Kristie – I hope one day you have him, or his equivalent, as a neighbour. You deserve the experience.

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  18. I’ve just seen his latest post! He is desperate for attention!

    I had more or less forgotten he existed. Obviously no one else is coming to play and he is more or less completely isolated now.

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  19. “It is great being such an abject failure in my life. I have fucked everything up – accomplished nothing- and lost everyone. I wish I wasn’t such a loser – and that people who know me loved me- but that isn’t the case”
    A direct quote from HWMNBN – one he even admits to!

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  20. Great post EC. How many times have we seen these supposed CSA campaigners have connections to dodgy people and dodgy websites?

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  21. Could be applicable to almost any of the hoaxers; Sabine, Charlotte, Abe & Ella. Their contribution to humanity is the equivalent of taking a poo in a swimming pool.

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  22. Almost all of them do – including HWMNBN, Belinda, Sabine, Neelu (very chummy with the lady who murdered her own child). If they wanted to go after real child abusers they could just go through their own address books.

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  23. Sharty Pants says this.
    “But NOW that the Portuguese Supreme Court has just ruled there is a STRONG chance Madeleinen McCann was SOLD TO AN ELITE PEDOPHILE RING- their constant lies and deflections are looking more and more pathetic.

    One probably should ask themselves why.

    I guess that the Portugal’s Supreme Court DOESN’T read Hoaxtead’s blog. LMFAO.”


    No Mr Sharty pants that is not what the Court s saying at all and not what the Portuguese Detective was saying in his book either. The Detective points out There was no evidence of an intruder and implicates the McCann’s as responsible for MM’s death. Try reading the fookin book moron it doesnt involve your fantasy pedo Rings or Rabbi’s Holes you are so fond of writing/sharting about.

    “LISBON, Portugal (AP) — Portugal’s Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that missing British girl Madeleine McCann’s parents can’t sue for libel a former Portuguese detective who published a book alleging they were involved in their daughter’s disappearance.”

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  24. Once again frigging Spiny gets all the attention and not a word about moi.
    What am I, chopped liver?. What’s your secret Mr Bloody Norman?

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  25. That’s Bottle Shops to you Fnord.
    I am picking up the local lingo fast. In fact I was in the car with my retired hack friend the other day and we were cut off by a ‘hoon’ (think Arfur but thinner & younger with same swarthy features, & my pal yelled ‘Fucking Boofhead” at him.
    I was about to ask him what Boofhead meant but said hoon gave us a look that could kill so my friend zipped down a side street quick smart.

    It’s a delicious word though and I think Boofhead really is perfect for Arfur.
    Arfur: I mean that in a caring sharing way.

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  26. So mean of you Liza. No wonder you & Spiny are in Arfur ‘Boofhead’ Kaoutal’s bad books. Take a tip from me-kind words will always win the day.
    I haven’t offered Arfur any kind words but you never know.

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  27. I don’t get what he’s saying about the blog there. He’s joining dots that aren’t there. Still, at least the dirty bastard had a good old ‘LMFAO’ at the thought of a child paedo ring.

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  28. Dammit, even Alanson has a thing for Spiny now and I was hoping he’d notice me so I could get a ride on his bike. Bloody Spiny 😦

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  29. Have you read the PieceaHate idiots thinking because emails were missing “Scrubbed” from from the Podesta leaks and that they are supposedly friends with Clement Freud who owned a villa near where MM went “missing” they are supposedly involved. Apparently they were running around the backstreets like Scooby Doo villians abducting children that have the eye defect because those bloodlines or special traits are valuable to child sacrificing pedophiles. Oh and the E-fits of the same person look a bit like the Podesta brothers and they were supposedly suppressed.

    One of many threads about the connection.

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  30. So, if you don’t want the address you are staying at to be made public, why do you allow someone to paint a large distinctive and brightly coloured mural on the side of the house then post a video, including lots of shots of the street and surrounding area on the internet?

    I have to say his video editing isn’t bad – I’ve seen much worse on broadcast telly.

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  31. That’s the first time I have seen or heard HWMNBN. Just a lot of inane garbage really. I’m not surprised he doesn’t have an audience, even he doesn’t believe what he’s spouting. Nasty with it though.

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  32. lol lol That video is just the human equivalent of a Gorilla pounding on his hairy chest, to scare off rivals. In fact, I was half expecting to hear a voice-over from David Attenborough during it. 🙂 I’m assuming that Arfur intended us to feel somewhat intimidated by that clip, due to his great manliness, and his swigging Beer by the neck lol, but it’s actually the funniest and most pathetic thing I’ve seen from him, so far.

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  33. Evidently Rupert has a thing about spraying fluids on the the side of buildings.The dog didnt seem overly impressed and lets face it thats their domain.

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  34. His ‘confessions’ include that he used to chase little boys around a forest and kill them and rape their corpses; and that he once poured petrol over a police officer and set fire to him in front of his family.

    He is also – by his own admission – close personal friends with two convicted pederasts. Oh and he’s an ardent supporter of the off-the-charts unhinged fantasist Fiona Barnett.

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  35. That was a very sad story. I believe she was convicted, but she believed she was doing the right thing for her son, and the rest of her family supported her.


  36. I think they have got Arthur on the wrong feed.They should fly him out to Stephanies sanctuary in a crate so he can live out his days screeching pointless utter bollox and no one will give a monkeys.

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  37. Sooo, Arfur puts himself up as an expert on the Hampstead case…He’s so certain of his facts that he’s prepared to issue death threats to half of Hampstead…But he doesn’t even know who Abraham Christie is. Yup.

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  38. Arfur could be trained up to be a very useful operative here at CIA HQ.As well as making the tea he could be sent on espionage missions safe in the knowledge that if captured interrogators would get no useful information from him whatsoever.

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  39. have you got a source for that? and why isn’t he in prison or on a list? he should be if he said that.


  40. Yeah, we’ve covered that on here before (over a year ago).
    He’s openly admitted to all of those on his own blog.
    I think he did get in trouble for the cop thing.
    The child murder thing he claims happened when he was a child himself and he was forced to do it and no one believes him anyway.

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  41. “Forced by his own parents to commit murder, cannibalism and bestiality as a child, David was raised to become the Antichrist, until an unplanned murder broke his programming.”

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  42. Will have a look tomorrow. Hope he lies better than Bergen and Power-Disney. Strange how they all start researching conspiracy bullshit then decide it happened to them hey?
    I would never claim they haven’t been abused physically and mentally as I do not know that but some Mind control cult isn’t the reason for their problems.

    Advert for Brass Eye Box set “fake News” just on lol ch4.


  43. Doesn’t stop him promoting bullshit. Personally never listened to a single one of his videos, far too long to bother. Maybe I will tomorrow does he have any real guests or just conspiritards?

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  44. They are very good to him, putting him up for so long.

    Shame the bitch that got him to come to England didn’t make unwanted advances.

    It’s her responsibility rather than the Erith guy and his family to support RQ.

    I know he’s meant to be a fully grown adult and has a Mom and Dad too, but she has to take the blame for encouraging him.

    In my book anyway, I blame her.

    He trusted her because of her age I reckon.

    Played RQ by a nasty bitch.


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