Bailiffs, police arrive to evict Neelu and family

Last spring, we learned that the bank had foreclosed on Neelu Berry’s house in Ilford. Then in late July, Neelu told Andy Peacher that repossession was imminent any time after 9 August. Nothing happened during the autumn (barring the repossession of her son’s car for non-payment of a fine), but yesterday the other shoe dropped.

It started about 11 a.m. with a cry for help: This was followed by several videos.

In the first, we see Neelu and her sister seeing the bailiffs off. According to Neelu, they said they’d be back with more resources.
[If you find that you are unable to view the videos here, Spiny Norman has very kindly uploaded them, along with various screenshots, to a Google Drive file: CLICK HERE FOR FILE ]


Next, Neelu reviews the damage done to her front door. She seems quite shaken, as one might expect:

And in the third, we see the bailiffs and police breaking in the door and confronting Neelu and her family:

It’s difficult to tell from all of this whether the eviction was carried out, but clearly, the process has begun.

Neelu’s explanation to one of her Facebook friends is typically garbled and nonsensical: It seems very odd that as an educated person and a homeowner Neelu would somehow be ignorant of the basics of how mortgages work.

The facts—that she has been in arrears with her payments; that she doesn’t seem to understand the interest/principal ratio in a normal mortgage; that she somehow believes it reasonable to demand that the bank repay her the interest she has paid; and, worst of all, that she has chosen to ignore the foreclosure notice which she received nearly a year ago—all seem to mitigate against the possibility that Neelu will be able to scream and harangue her way out of this one.

While it’s not clear whether Neelu is homeless today, it seems quite certain that the bailiffs and police mean business, and that the day of reckoning has finally come.

We take no pleasure whatsoever in this. While we’ve chuckled at Neelu’s antics regarding her son’s car, and have shaken our heads at her strange obsessions with arresting judges, imposing multi-gazillion pound liens, planting crystals around courts in an effort to raise the vibration, and insisting that SwissIndo is not a scam, we don’t like to see anyone deprived of their home.

There is no doubt that Neelu, once an intelligent, well-educated woman with a bright future, is facing further encounters with the bailiffs; and it seems extremely unlikely that Neelu will prevail.


109 thoughts on “Bailiffs, police arrive to evict Neelu and family

  1. I see this as a failure of Community Care. Neelu should have mental health assistance so she’s helped to deal with these things appropriately. It’s a terrible situation.

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    • Hi Fnord, me, you and a lot of others on here have said this over and over again that Neelu has been badly failed by her mental health team as they are letting her deteriorate and lose a grip on reality. Its obvious she can’t cope and not managing well with even the mundane of tasks.
      Surely that is negligence, incompetence and a gross failure of care?

      Sadly when Neelu lost her niece, the whole family became nuts including the parents. It’s clear they never really grieved so they concocted this story that their young and loved family member was targeted for murder to be eaten and organs harvested by the state. However how they came to that conclusion is strange and scary.

      Anyway I hope Neelu and her family get some help and are able to find a new home. The whole berry family are mentally ill so clearly as they are all vulnerable they should be housed even though they hate Redbridge borough. I think the bailiffs will come back with social workers or mental health team as they all seemed shocked by Neelu and her sisters bizarre outbursts which is obvious in the videos. Atleast the bailiffs and community police officers left to not cause more distress and they showed professionalism and a duty of care.

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      • I agree, PinkIvy, I hope they’ll get the care they need. I also hope you’re right that the bailiffs will bring mental health workers with them when they return, and that suitable alternate housing will be arranged for the family.

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      • Hi EC, I hope this latest incident will kick her mental health team into action. Also I don’t know if Redbridge Council will help Neelu and her family after all the liens, treason notices and demands for remedies she has constantly demanded of them. Anyway lets see how this sorry saga plays out! I don’t know why the bailiffs just left though and let the Berry family stay at the house even though they had the right paperwork i.e court order. Its strange but I think Neelu’s disturbed mental state made them leave as well as Neelu’s pleads online for people to come to her house made them fear for their safety. This isn’t going to end well however I hope it doesn’t end badly for either parties.

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          • I can’t be sure obviously but surely Neelu must have had some attention from a mental health team at some point. If Neelu doesn’t want to have anything to do with mental health services then can they force her to interact if she isn’t physically a danger to herself or others?

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          • Mental health provision cannot be forced on people who don’t want it unless they are a danger to themselves and/or others. Ms. Berry is not really in that category. Yes, she’s delusional … but she’s clean, a homeowner (kinda), a professional person. The fact that she believes in some batshit nonsense doesn’t mean that she can be sectioned. However crazy her beliefs, as long as she doesn’t cross the line into assault, extreme self-neglect or harm and so on there’s nothing her local mental health team can do. And to be honest, why should they waste their very limited resources on a “refuser”? My own unqualified take is that she has a personality disorder, and I think the only thing that would cause any lasting change in her behaviour would be a criminal conviction/short sharp shock.

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          • Arthur and Pallas didn’t think Neelu would refuse mental health but I can honestly see it now. Maybe that’s why they haven’t been involved. Yep criminal charges is defo the way to go to get through to Neelu and give her a cold and rude awakening.

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    • Poor Neelu is tilting at Windmills and desperately needs mental health help. Seems her family go along with her fantasies.
      They look like the bailiffs on Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away so maybe she’ll feature in a show.

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    • Some how I doubt very much that she would ever accept any mental heath help from anyone, seeing as she is under the impression that she’s not mad or bad, but every one else is. She is also under the impression that those kind of people commit treason every five minutes. There is very little that anyone can do.

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  2. Neelu/Ved bans people quite quickly from her Facebook pages. If anyone has difficulty seeing the videos make sure you log out of Facebook on your device and try again.

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  3. I do feel sorry for Neelu. I imagine she’s a right royal pain in the arse, but it seems as if she’s up to her ears in debt and Swissindo and multiple imaginary liens aren’t going to save her.

    There must be someone she trusts that can steer her to some decent legal advice?

    All the people she’s relying on seem to be of the Freeman type. See the rationalwiki page for the list of Freeman wins.

    Her niece’s eyes should have been put in a plastic bag in her niece’s chest cavity and abdomen after the autopsy and sewn in, if they were removed so they could be examined. People have been humouring her wacky thinking for years. Any cotton wool in the eyes could have been there to make the body look better for the family. No one, not one of her friends, or her supporters, or Saint Belinda, has the decency to sit down and tell Neelu that death and autopsies are not pretty and give her a talk about the facts of life. Just feeding Neelu’s problematic thinking for their own ends. Shameful. Why do I think they do this? Cowardice. Not doing the hard work of being a friend. Not willing to see the bad in a friend. Not willing to confront faulty reasoning. Well, where on earth could that lead, except to confronting things closer to home …

    And I do feel bad for Neelu. She can hardly cope in the life she has now. It is about to get tougher.

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    • Death does strange things to bodies and you only need to look at coffin photos of the famous to see they often look nothing like they did in real life. I almost didn’t recognise my own father in his coffin and my mum was furious because his eyebrows were combed the wrong way- little inexplicable things affect people at death and funerals.
      Which is why Neelu probably didn’t recognize Patrick Cullinane especially as he wasn’t found for a few days.

      I have sympathy for anyone being evicted ( I was once 40 years ago) and don’t wish it on my enemy as annoying and meddlesome as Neelu has but what a gall Bellend has when she has promoted and encouraged Neelu in her fantasies and now says she ‘sending her thoughts’ to Neelu in her of need.
      How about putting her up for a weeks Belinda until something can be sorted out?
      That’s what a real friend would do.

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    • Don’t believe anything Neelu posts about her niece. You can see from the timeline if you look into her postings of it (and the reports of medical professionals and the pharmaceutical council at her disaplinary) that her story changed as her believes/paranoia grew.

      It started out that she was murdered by over dose. Then some time later she added the harvesting organs bit, and then later still she added a sexual abuse element and vampirism as she noticed a bruise on the cheeks/tongue. Her story changed making it more dramatic each time.

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  4. I think from the first time Belinda was encouraging Neelu to believe that she was arresting judges that she has been responsible for aiding her demise, as has Penny Pullen who often showed up with Neelu to encourage her illogical fantastical thinking and belief in her abilities to change the course of a court case by burying chrystals. I have sympathy for anyone facing homelessness, it’s horrible and probably could have been avoided.
    But Belindas sly inferences and double speak as if she is there because she cares about the children disgust me to the core.
    Her description of ‘common garden abuse within families’, not the first time that she insults most survivors of CSA, revolting and letting us know that she has nothing but contempt for genuine victims of CSA. She has never done nor said anything to make me believe otherwise.
    I mostly felt sorry for the bailiffs and police, though yesterday.
    St Belinda has plenty of room for her chosen, child abusing friends so I hope she will extend some real help for a person she has so used for her own spurious and disgusting campaign, designed to push the limits of everything that protects children online,
    She is personally responsible for so much abuse and harm, pushing her dark agenda without any care at all for the effects inflicted by her on others, enacted with her encouragement by others.
    I really hope her downfall is on the cards for 2018.
    The quickest solution for Neelu is probably to rent and if on benefits Housing Benefit would pay it, she did look ill, but as others have said, a good friend would have encouraged her to prepare properly for this outcome if it could not be avoided…….
    Why has Belinda allowed Neelu to believe in Swissindo? Why has she not ever asked her to stop harrassing staff at various public buildings? ……..
    Does Belinda really want people to despise CSA Survivors or any that really support us ? Seems that way to me. She has shown us nothing but contempt, by her words, actions and by her using our fight for recognition, justice and prevention and perverting it, causing abuse, especially to the two children who will soon be having to face what is still online about them.
    She could by now have prevented, not caused more child abuse.

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    • You are absolutely right Sheva. Well said, I couldn’t agree more. I hope Neelu stops her damaging and destructive behaviour and sorts herself out and cuts ties with her fake friends who encourage her unacceptable behaviour. However I don’t think that is going to happen. Like I said why hasn’t Neelu’s friends encouraged her to apply for homelessness and move to a hostel? As that’s a more pleasant, calm and appropriate way for Neelu and Co to be re-homed instead of having their dirty laundry all over the internet for all to see which is distressing. It’s strange we over here at hoaxbusters want a more peaceful and merciful way for her to deal with her problems then her appalling and immoral friends who do have dark agendas.

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  5. I don’t understand why Neelu doesn’t ask her extended family for the cash to pay the Mortgage and all the other charges she has incurred.

    If Belinda can do a whip round for Sabine, then I’m sure Neelu’s extended family could help if they wanted or have they too turned their backs on her like Belinda with her false concern?

    I don’t have any sympathy for Neelu anymore.

    I now realise she is devious and manipulative.

    I bet her neighbours are glad she is going to be evicted but I have great sympathy for the future ones.

    Does Neelu’s sister live at this property?

    If not, Betty can put Neelu and her son up surely, they seem very close?

    Neelu is very intelligent and is running rings around the court bailiffs etc.

    Only physically removing her is going to get Neelu out of that property.

    She will end up getting a jab to “knock” her out by mental health officials.

    I hope it doesn’t come to violence, but I can see this happening…

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    • Hi Babs, it is strange her extended family members don’t want to help her. They probably had enough and want to distance themselves from her and her extreme conspiracies. Yes agree it won’t end well as Neelu has been begging people on Facebook to come to her house and help her stop the bailiffs. I hope it doesn’t come to violence but since Neelu and her family refused to leave yesterday they will be forcibly removed sooner or later by the police. I think Neelu Berry will be the new Tom Crawford. This isn’t going to end well. Anyway I am starting to lose sympathy for her as Neelu is re-posting SwissIndo documents and encouraging people to print and take it to their banks to get non-existent money. Eye Roll

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    • I believe Neelu intimidated one of her neighbours into not building a garage/extension which she had legitimately acquired planning permission from by serving her with a million pound lien. I am sure they will be relieved when she is gone.

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      • My goodness. This woman never stops upsetting people. What a nightmare Neelu is. No wonder her friends haven’t assisted her so far, they want to stay clear.

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        • If anyone came to Neelus aid with a loan/accommodation,chances are she would never repay anything under some bizarre legislation or claim any accommodation provided becomes rightly hers under assorted laws derived from her bizarre thinking apparatus.An inevitable nightmare for anyone who dares engage.

          I can understand why folk give her a wide berth regarding assisting with anything of material value and it is most unfortunate she apparently has no one able to influence her judgements in respect to cooperating meaningfully with the outer universe.

          The good news for Neelu though is that she is not alone.

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    • There is definitely a second family property (or was) as the one in the videos above isn’t the same as featured in her famous smart meter protest videos (which is likely to have been at her sisters house)

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    • It does seem strange to me that most people whose houses are repossessed, while they’re not happy about it obviously, seem to wind up evicted in fairly short order. Meanwhile, people like Neelu, who scream and wave fake legal documents about, seem to be able to forestall eviction. I can only hope that the bailiffs and police are waiting to book the mental health team to accompany them on their next attempt. And as you say, I sincerely hope no one is hurt, on either side.

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  6. The latest from Oldcastle’s biggest liar…

    There was a third comment by Angela, a threatening one (a clear attempt at witness intimidation) which I won’t post here for safety reasons.

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    • Pure gutter libel from the creepy woman after a jury decided Quaintance was guilty of putting innocent people in fear for their lives.
      The only part of the law being ‘an ass’ in this case is the tedious slowness at which these cowardly harassers remain free to peddle their hate from the safety of their PCs.
      Time matches on though.

      I doubt her concern for Rupert is reciprocal. My God what must he think of her?

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    • Silencing a “whistle blower”?
      She’s never ever shut up about it for years.
      Winning battles like this is not the same as winning the war but creeps like Power-Disney encourage mental health sufferers like Neelu to keep going on. She’ll never be able to get another mortgage and may find it difficult to rent and will be on a Social Housing waiting list for years.
      The ghastly woman wouldn’t offer to put her up would she? Just like Bellend- they talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

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  7. Another of Neelu’s so-called friends who has much to answer for is Lee Cant, who has repeatedly encouraged and enabled Neelu’s unhinged behaviour. He even joined with her in making several harassing phone calls to innocent people and is one of the main sources for all that Swissindo idiocy.

    This is his contribution to the eviction fiasco:

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    • Thanks Liza that’s interesting convo. EC or Scarlet can you cover this? I do believe Belinda, Bill Baloney et al do support dangerous child abusers as they are calling for amnesty for paedophiles and more understanding for their perverted ways. Yolande is spot on even though she has her own faults too and seems unhinged. Being sectioned is quite serious, doctors don’t do it lightly.

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    • He wonders why ?????? I wonder why then, that he had the audacity to speak at our rally, 2010. I wonder why then, Belinda McKenzie and Bill Maloney made sure he was speaking at and for and in place of survivors of CSA……… vicious has been the attacks on genuine survivors that Brian Garish has enabled. Vicious was the torture of the two children, vicious was the viralisation of the videos, aided by Garishs’ minions as well as Belindas and Sabines…………… This tho should really spell the end of his ability to fool people.


      • Gerrish is a supporter of Roger Hayes, between them they brought a gang along to Wirrall county court in Hayes’ bankruptcy proceedings for refusing to pay council tax ; they attempted to abduct the judge and try him for treason, equipped with ropes and nooses (the repeal of the death penalty obviously only applies in the real world) – the effect was that the proceedings were adjourned when the judge had to leave the court. So with Gerrish he could well believe that attendance of large numbers of people at court could help Sabine by a similar attack. Which probably explains why the location of the hearing is partly determined by security concerns.
        Hayes was subsequently made bankrupt and then arrested and committed to prison for this default but the cognitive dissonance which afflicts pseudo-lawyers then came into play and Gerrish has subsequently stated that that doesn’t really count as they were “secret courts”, i.e. public hearings in a county and magistrates’ court which Gerrish didn’t attend.

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    • Knowing exactly how accurate his idea of where I live was (despite me actually saying which country I am in many times here) was exactly as far away from my actual location as is actually possible without leaving the planet entirely….

      I wouldnt be too worried, he’s probably booking a boat looking for you right now… to Antarctica…

      (Actually I would be all for that lol- a nice SLOOOOOW boat, roundtrip of a few years would be nice lol))

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      • Thanks, Steve.

        And no worries here – he’s welcome to pop round and call me a “child rapist nonce cunt” to my face any time he likes.

        I won’t hold my breath 🙂

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  8. Looks like her facebook page has been deleted, what’s going on? I was watching her live stream last night, she was banging on about her eviction and how it was all linked to baby eating! There was a knock at her door then she goes offline and no word since.


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