Question and answer time with Alan Alanson

Earlier this week, Alan Alanson posted to the Comments section here. Although we “unblocked” his comments a few months ago, on the understanding that he would remain civil whilst he was here, WordPress in all its infinite wisdom continues to insist that Alan is still blocked. His comments consistently wind up in the “Trash” folder, and must be fished out when we have the time to do so.

And so it happened that the comments he posted on Tuesday night went unnoticed at first; when EC finally did see them and cleared them for posting, however, they disappeared: Lest our readers think we’ve “gone soft” on Alan and his ilk, we’d think it’s important to examine all points of view, and respond in kind when people—even people with whom we have fundamental differences of opinion—ask us honest questions.

So we were glad when Alan reposted his original comment. We’re going to try our best to answer them.

A word of warning: this post is long. You might want to put the kettle on for your choice of hot brown beverage before you begin.

We’ve already discussed some of the threats and violent language which have been directed our way, so while we could say that it’s admirable that Alan claims not to condone violence against anyone, we’d suggest that he might wish to take a closer look both at his own language and that of some of his allies, who most certainly do seem to condone what he claims not to.

And yes, everyone does make mistakes. That’s a given.

We’ve made quite a few bloopers in our time. When we realise our errors, we do our best to both acknowledge them and repair the damage we may have done, but even in that we’re not always perfect.

It seems pretty clear from various posts which Alan has either made himself or allowed others to make on his page that he believes that Jewish people are to blame for many of the world’s ills, and that Hitler might have had a good idea when he attempted to exterminate them. While it’s nice that he would theoretically grant Jewish children amnesty, we think the point stands: anti-Semitism is simply not acceptable under any circumstances. Many of us have family who gave their lives during the last War to stamp out the threat of Hitler and his fascist allies.

And some of us have family who survived, but have never forgotten, the stench of the death camps. Over one million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Romani (Gypsy) children, German children with physical and mental disabilities living in institutions, Polish children, and children residing in the occupied Soviet Union were murdered by the Nazis. So were children born from “mixed marriages”, which threatened the so-called “racial purity” the Nazis believed in.

Alan says he would defend all such children, but Hitler and his armies were not so discerning.

We think it’s admirable that Alan has moved past his violent younger days; it sounds, reading between the lines, as though he “found Jesus”, and far be it from anyone here to sneer at that. Each person’s religion is their own business, and if that’s what it takes to give up violence, then more power to him.

Alan’s next few questions refer specifically to the Hampstead SRA hoax, and while we understand that technically he is not meant to be discussing that topic online, we think this is a good opportunity to set some things straight.

1. I see no proof that…the case in question did not happen… I only see damage limitation & a great deal of time and effort and it could be said, a lot of money in saying this is a Hoax…

We do see a great deal of evidence that the case in question did not happen.

We could probably detail pages and pages of evidence, starting with the fact that both children retracted their statements (the little boy somewhat less eagerly, but then it seems he’d been more thoroughly indoctrinated by Abraham, and was still very much in fear of him). They both stated very clearly to the psychiatrist who examined them that they never wanted to see Abraham again, and when their mother tried to get them to write letters to the judge asking her to let them return home, they both refused and told their visitation supervisor that she had threatened to kill their dog if they didn’t comply.

More recently, you might remember that Ella told Nathan Stolpman, a “friendly” interviewer, that she had made up the part about her ex-husband, her ex-husband’s wife, and her eldest son being in the “cult”. This is curious, because if you look at the videos of the children, you will note that they specifically state that all three were in the cult. This is clear-cut evidence that at least some of what they stated in those videos was not true.

There is also the issue of the tattoos: the children stated clearly in the early videos that the cult was life-long, that members got their tattoos at a very young age, and that their father was the leader of the cult, while Ella’s ex-husband was the cult’s financier. Despite this, Ella managed to live with, and have three children with, two “high-up” cult members, but she never saw any strange tattoos in all that time.

When we began asking Abe and Ella to explain these strange discrepancies they literally went silent. We have heard nothing from them since May/June, when we began asking.

As for damage limitation, and the time and effort that go into this blog, we’d ask you, Alan: what if you were called to your child’s school one day with no prior warning, and informed that two of your child’s schoolmates had stated not only that their father was the leader of a paedophilic cult operating within the school? What if you were told that the two children had named you, your wife, and your child as members of the cult, and social workers and police were sent round to your house to speak with you and your child to determine whether this allegation was true? What if someone decided to put videos of the two children online, and they went viral, leading more than two million people to know your name, your address, your email address, your place of work, the names of your family, friends, and colleagues…and you started getting bricks thrown at your door, graffiti scrawled upon the walls of your house, once-friendly people in your neighbourhood crossing the street to avoid you, your wife, and your child?

What if you knew with every fibre of your being that the allegations simply were not true? Might you start speaking out—loudly and angrily—against something you knew was a lie?

We’ve said before, and it’s 100% true: this blog is not run by members of the community involved, though we hear from many of them and know they support us. Each of us has his or her own reasons for wanting to fight back against the lies; in EC’s case it’s as a result of a family member having been targetted and threatened.

You’re right, running this blog does take up a fair bit of time and energy. It requires next to no money, as we use the free version of WordPress, but those with a business background will grasp the “opportunity cost” involved: time spent working on the blog is time that cannot be spent doing work for pay.

But we should point out that we aren’t the only ones involved in this: you and your friends seem to spend a great deal of time online posting, discussing, and rehashing the Hampstead hoax, not to mention trolling those who disagree with your views. Sauce for the goose, etc.

2. If you ask the Admin and others here the reason for this as they say “huge elaborate hoax”, all they can offer is for custody! So using logic, does this make any sense at all? Bearing in mind the custody circumstances at that time.

No, we don’t believe that the hoax was perpetrated simply so that Ella could ensure she had custody of the children. She already had custody. However, she did state that RD had asked the courts for increased access to the children, and she has said that she was determined to block that.

However, we don’t even buy that as the sole, or even the chief reason for the hoax. We believe that Ella and Sabine, who’d known one another for some time before all this started, decided that they would kill several birds with one stone. Their goal, as we see it, was to launch the videos of the two children online, using contacts brought to them by Belinda, and take the UK conspiracy community by storm. If they “drip fed” the videos one at a time, they could monetise them via various blogs and YouTube channels, and share in the profits. The children’s stories would play upon the beliefs of those in the conspiracy community, who already believed that the world was controlled by “dark forces”, and would see the children’s videos as proof.

We know that Abe and Ella were in contact with at least two of Belinda’s contacts, Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney, very early in September 2014. Gerrish sent a colleague, Finn Hagan, to talk to the kids and suss out whether the story had “legs”; for whatever reason, he seemed to smell a rat, and Gerrish pulled out of the deal. Maloney seemed to get cold feet too, and it wasn’t until six months later, when the videos had already gone viral, that the two of them decided to get behind the story.

3. Again I ask the Residents, those who have no involvement in what has been alleged…Do you folk believe that rituals of a religious nature involving non-adults happen in the world today? … I ask in all sincerity, in hope of an honest answer.

We can’t speak for everyone who reads this blog, but among those who help put it together, we’d have to say that the consensus is that children around the world are abused, sexually and otherwise, by people belonging to religious groups, we have seen no evidence that ritualised religious abuse (that is, abuse taking place in fulfillment of some religious belief or doctrine) takes place. Certainly, there are various cults where children are abused, and there are incidents such as the Colin Batley case in which a “cult” is created and child sexual abuse perpetrated. However, that isn’t the same as the sort of world-wide Satanic/Illuminati/Whatever cult of paedophilia which some believe to be true.

4. Do you believe what you are told by our ruling class about world events, do you absolutely trust Governments? And are all allegations laid against government re non-adult sex abuse false?

Again, it’s difficult to speak for everyone here, but in general, it seems unwise to believe everything we’re told about world events. As with everything, it’s important to understand who has a vested interest, who’s telling the story, and who has something to gain by it. That doesn’t mean that every episode of mass violence is a “false flag”, but it does mean that citizens have a responsibility to question authority. Do governments as a whole participate in mass child sex abuse? Probably not. It’s hard enough for one person to keep a secret, let alone the hundreds who’d need to be kept quiet if governments were involved in wholesale child abuse. Do individuals within governments abuse children? Probably, to the same extent to which members of the general public do so.

5. Do you believe that there is absolutely “no agenda” for a “totalitarian rule” of a New World Order, Jewish, Luciferian, Jesuit, or otherwise?

As such, no. Banks and big businesses do seem to be on the receiving end of government bailouts and so forth, which give them more power than they ought to have, but it doesn’t sound as though that’s what you’re getting at.

6. Do you think that all us folk who oppose this “non-investigation” event are mindless fools? Or as is said Fruit loops? Are we…allowed an opinion? or will you continue to ridicule and in some cases be real nasty to folk for a differing opinion and our God-given right of Freedom of Speech?

This raises some very interesting questions. Do we think everyone who supports Abe and Ella are mindless fools and/or mentally ill? While it does seem that a great many people who support the hoax have mental health problems and/or drug addiction issues, there are no doubt some very sincere individuals on your side of the fence, who think they are doing the right thing. However, we believe that you have been duped by some very cunning and nasty folk, who set up this hoax for their own reasons. It suits their purposes to have people like you standing up for them, while they sit back and count their money.

Of course you’re allowed an opinion. Everyone is entitled to think what they wish, but your “God-given right to freedom of speech” ends where it interferes with any other person’s right to safety and security. When certain people on Abe and Ella’s side make threats toward people who don’t believe in the hoax, that’s not “freedom of speech”, that’s harassment. When people continue to post pictures and videos of the children involved, or the lists of names and addresses of those whom Ella accused, they are putting others at risk. When they claim that anyone who disagrees with them is a paedophile, they’re endangering lives.

Again: freedom of speech and expression end when they hurt others.

7. Do you think Chris Coleman will stop Sunderland from dropping down another division?

Do you believe in miracles?

189 thoughts on “Question and answer time with Alan Alanson

  1. Brilliantly written, Your Howlness.

    Re. Alan’s “Everyone makes mistakes” comment, I should clarify that this was in response to me asking him whether he would accept that Kris Costa had made errors in her research. My exact words were:

    “Do you accept that your friend Kristie Sue Costa has made numerous glaring errors in her ‘research’ into the Hampstead case?”

    Whilst I appreciate Alanson responding, I find his answer somewhat vague and evasive and I wonder whether he could pop back and clarify firstly whether that’s a yes or no on Kris Costa specifically; and if it’s a yes, what mistakes he accepts she’s made.

    On a side note, I’d have major reservations about dismissing the disinformation that Costa has been pushing and spreading for the last two and a half years as “Oh well, we all make mistakes”. So much of what she has posted about named individuals has been extreme, and extremely damaging, and she should be held to account. She’s gone way past the ‘occasional minor blooper’ stage, in my opinion, and has much to answer for.

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  2. “4. Do you believe what you are told by our ruling class about world events, do you absolutely trust Governments? And are all allegations laid against government re non-adult sex abuse false?”

    ~ Alan Alanson

    “False dilemma (false dichotomy, fallacy of bifurcation, black-or-white fallacy) – two alternative statements are held to be the only possible options, when in reality there are more.”

    “False equivalence – describing a situation of logical and apparent equivalence, when in fact there is none.”

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  3. My previous response to Alanson (posted last night), if I may be so bold:

    “Let me reassure you here & now. I am not a violent man, and would never hurt anyone physically.”

    Then I repeat my earlier question to you: if you are so opposed to violence, can you explain why you liked and shared this post from Araya Soma?:
    (Warning to all: contains extremely disturbing image.)

    As for protecting your real name and your previous comment about us not respecting your privacy or adhering to the Data Protection Act, may I respectfully remind you that on 26th August 2015 you posted a detailed comment on this very blog in which you attempted to name a number of us and stated that you would continue to strive to name us all:
    (The comment has since been edited to remove some names as a safety precaution.)

    That comment also contained the following remark:

    “The more you lot try, the more ammo & intell you give us, until me last breath, I WILL BATTLE YOU…& expose you.. you can not win, not one of you has got the courage to front your real ID’s WHY? coz you are weak Satanic pedo loving worms, who conceal yourselves in fear for when the real Chaos is unleashed.”

    So in light of this, does your desire not to reveal your real name make YOU a weak cowardly satanic paedo-loving worm too? Please explain.

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  4. “Do you believe that there is absolutely ‘no agenda’ for a ‘totalitarian rule’ of a New World Order, Jewish, Luciferian, Jesuit, or otherwise?”


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  5. “Do you think that all us folk who oppose this ‘non-investigation’ event are mindless fools?”

    Hmmm. Bit of a supposition in there, Alan, though you almost redeem yourself by placing it in inverted commas.

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  6. “Are we…allowed an opinion? or will you continue to ridicule and in some cases be real nasty to folk for a differing opinion and our God-given right of Freedom of Speech?”

    Interesting. He’s basically saying that he and his mates should be allowed to say whatever they want, even if it’s illegal//defamatory/dangerous, whereas we just have to shut up and take it. Or to put it another way, they have the “freedom of speech” to send us vile death threats day in, day out for nearly three years, whereas we don’t have the “freedom of speech” to take the piss out of them for it. Which, by the way, is the only way for some of us to stay sane in the face of their onslaught of threats, slander and abuse. Alan’s just going to have to deal with that (once he’s finished calling us “satanic ringtail vermin” and slagging off the Jews, that is).

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  7. “Do you think Chris Coleman will stop Sunderland from dropping down another division?”

    To some extent I’d say that hinges on whether he can secure a deal to acquire Newcastle winger Alex Gilliead in January and not be outbid by Hull City or Millwall.

    I didn’t Google that – honest 😀

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  8. Superb post, EC.

    By the way, for anyone who missed this FFS moment at the tail end of the last post, JournoAngie™ is claiming that Princess Diana was kidnapped and is still alive. Yup…

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  9. Custody, I’m not sure that is a term used in the UK. We have Parental Responsibility/rights and residence orders stating where and with whom children should live. Just because children are living with one parent does not mean the other loses all rights.

    Claiming the Ella could do what she liked with the children because she had ‘custody’ is just wrong. RD still has rights such as access, he would be able to take steps to stop the children being taken out of the country for example Morocco or to live with the Grandparents in Russia.

    I believe I have read before that RD had taken action (prohibitive steps order) with regard to at least one child being sent to live with the Grandparents. Taking the children to Morocco was possibly in breach of this order, which may explain the rush to get ‘evidence’ recorded on the way home.

    It doesn’t take much logic to come to the conclusion that they wanted to smear RD and remove his rights to the children so that they could be sent to live with the Grandparents, allowing Ella and Abe to doss about in Morocco like a pair of OAP hippies.

    Why add so many embellishments to the story?

    Like most lies, they tend to grow out of necessity as holes appear in the story that need filling.

    Revenge on people who had annoyed them in some way.

    Loads of skunk and they are fucking nuts.

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  10. Oh, so because Royals are in the news, lets all make some new bs to viralise and for the troofers to endlessly discuss on their channels. Please show some respect for the two princes. Especially Harry who is feeling the lack of his mothers’ presence, though he showed remarkable spirit when asked, he said ‘he felt she would be looking down on them’…….. Oh, but it’s Angie, who gleefully leeches on dead people and their families…… regularly, at any opportunity, without compunction, compassion or any sensitivity.

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  11. so this alanson guy gets around then, am I right in thinking he has loads of facebook accounts???


  12. You can boil down Alanson’s comments to a couple of points:

    (a) He demands Hampstead residents, whether accused or not, somehow participate in a (fruitless) and probably soul destroying and energy evaporating campaign to prove their innocence thus turning on it’s head one of the greatest of British legal principals that all people (including Alanson) are innocent unless proved guilty of something and thus denies everyone’s (including their own) Presumption of Innocence.
    Yet even in this case 2 court decisions have concluded this was a cruel & wicked hoax.

    And that includes an innocent father whose name has been smeared relentlessly by a variety of characters, including Alanson who have in varying degrees and on NO PROOF or EVIDENCE made his life hell and by association, embarked on a wicked and vicious campaign to continually publish the images of 2 children whose privacy has never been respected by these hoaxers. And even if they don;t actually publish those images and videos themselves they lie to the world that their nasty campaigns does not encourage others to do so.
    (and of course they completely ignore the fact that even Ella Draper said this was never meant to become a police case and go as far as it did

    (b) By endlessly promoting tiresome internet campaigns and conspiracies about One World Governments and Jewish conspiracies (the idiocy of these people is that they truly believe anyone intent on making $Billions via manipulation could give a flying toss about the ethnic background of their compatriots and the like-minded) they somehow attempt to link disparate events to even prove Hampstead is real. How does that one work?

    The promotion of the vile Hitler and his murderous rampages is possibly the vilest of these loony beliefs and I doubt one of them has actually read Mein Kampf (don’t- the endless anti-Jewish diatribes are relentlessly boring and idiotic and talk about a man who I doubt ever laughed in his life- a humour by-pass?) highlights Hitler’s determination to wipe out not just Jewish people but the whole range of innocents as El Coyote points out, but also the entire Slavic races as he deemed the Russian lands should be in the hands of Germany.

    # El Coyote also points out the horrible consequences for millions of British infantry and civilians and the Allies who died fighting the Nazi menace.
    # I do wish those promoting the notion Hitler was a misunderstood nice guy would go and stand in Red Square and preach their sermons and see how long they remain in one piece. Their ignorance of Russian history is not just an embarrassment but an insult to a great people who still – far more than we in the West – celebrate in song and all types of media to ensure it is never forgotten the sacrifices Russia made with it’s people to not only save their homeland but the West itself. (And then of course they had to deal with Stalin.)

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  13. Scarlet, I can’t help but suspect that that ‘spam mail’ was created by Prattle-on or a cohort of his in order to seduce posters here to reply with their personal email addys so he and they could finally have our actual IP addresses or telephone no.s (should he get a reply)…. hehe. Such a lame attempt…such a sad silly individual!

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  14. Actually we get stuff like this all the time and it’s often bizarre or amusing. Plus as with all the ‘best’ spam, this one emanates from Nigeria (going by the IP address). I suspect that a lot of it is triggered by key words in posts/comments.

    Here’s a previous classic:

    Also, I’m reluctant to accuse people of manipulation/skulduggery without any evidence, even Praterson (LOL).

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  15. To a degree, it could almost be considered flattering that Alan, who has managed to claw his way back from his once misspent youth and the rest (did he hint at having been a football hooligan?)….so, from one form of tribalism to another and despite the current evangelical awareness he’s succumbed to in order to feel like he belongs…it would appear this misguided man is a ‘joiner’ rather than a leader….yet the flattering part is that he is appealing to the honesty and clarity of thinking of the people who run this blog. I’m thinking he might trust your opinions and is open to having his mind changed??????

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  16. Ahh…I’m prone to being a rather cynical sceptic and allowing my imagination run away with its self (oxymoron?)…that’s not good. I take it onboard that I should not exercise the wildest imaginative machinations of my mind publicly.

    I’m sorry to be guilty of lowering the tone of this incredible blog…whilst I have the opportunity…I’ve been thinking recently that if P.D James was still alive she’d have produced an extraordinary mystery thriller based on the resource you’ve created.

    Ignore me, I’m an eejit for the most part but defiantly and obstinately a big fan of everyone here and thankful for the eye-opening experience and multiple important lessons learned….I’m eternally grateful for the positive influence you’ve effected upon me…I love being wiser.

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  17. An amazing ability to even separate Hitler’s political policies & theories from his actions.

    They preach nonsense that Hitler was attempting to save the world from a grand Jewish conspiracy but again they’ve obviously never read any of Hitler’s speeches or rantings as he didn’t actually say there was Jewish One World Order Conspiracy.
    What he said about Jews was their alleged actions were because of tiresome habits and personal racial traits like the usual meanness, dirty personal habits and so on.

    Hitler blames all Jews collectively, not for some Grand Conspiracy rather he believed age old myths that Jews arrived in countries and set about, because of their personal traits. to defraud citizens of that country just because that’s what they do.

    This is no different to claiming all Scotsmen are mean. Or as Barry Humphries “Barry McKenzie” character in Private Eye magazine would say, all English people are filthy because they only have one bath a week, if that & all English blokes are “poofters”. It’s that ludicrous.

    Alanson & The Mob ignore that Jews were prominent in universities and the sciences and most especially medicine. One result of Hitler & the Nazis insane round-up of Jews was that Germany was suddenly left with few dentists and by the end of WW2 they were suffering from dental decay and rotting teeth. Smart move that one.

    But the records are all there- kept by the Germans themselves, of the 100,000s of Romany etc sent to slave or Concentration camps and given in evidence by prominent Nazis like Albert Speer and Adolf Eichmann in their trials. They didn’t deny the horrors committed, just denied that they were responsible or they were just “following orders”. Even in the famous Nuremberg Trials, if they bothered to read the transcripts. They would read many convicted Nazis were actually proud of the way they sent 100,000s to their death as something necessary.

    As the great (Jewish) writer Hannah Arendt said in her writings on the Nazis, what stood out for her among all the horrors was what she termed :
    The Banality of Evil.
    The Hoaxers who all seem to be Anti-Semites as well are amazingly ill-educated about how even numerous German historians have documented the horrors of WW2 and Hitler’s insanity. The Hoaxers are the epitome of the banality of evil.

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  18. Yes Alan,Chris Coleman will stop Sunderland dropping down another division.He will take them all the way into the Conference league North,shortly prior to Ashley snapping up the Stadium of shite for scrap metal.Not that I am bias or anything(much). 😉 It cant be easy,but never mind you are not alone with the pain.

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  19. Adults showing off about bans? Wishing to fix the world for the children of tomorrow, from this so called NWO?

    Only thing mature they know of would be cheese.

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  20. I believe the Hampstead Hoax was a perfect storm in some sense: A mix of pathology and circumstance that created chaos and trauma in the lives of many of its victims. But in the wake of the storm that wiped out life as it had been, new shoots started to grow, are getting stronger, and will yet blossom. Just wanted to say your commitment, attitude and writing, (perfect writing) is/are (?) such blessings in all of this, EC. See what I mean?

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  21. Looks like a wonderful opportunity,cheers for the heads up Scarlet.Just waiting for the Swissindo,QEG investment and chain letter thingy from the 1980`s to bear fruit and my poverty can be wright at an end.

    In return for the favour I am offering readers a once in a lifetime opportunity for a wonderful magic “thin air”money printing app.Just leave all your worldy assets in a large brown envelope in the bin outside Heston services(just off the M4).

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  22. Spot-on again, Sam.

    One thing, though – when you say “Hitler blames all Jews collectively, not for some Grand Conspiracy rather he believed age old myths”, can I just chuck The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ into the mix? Correct me if I’m wrong but this did push a grand Jewish conspiracy theory – and naturally, it’s still adored and promoted by Alanson, Mad Moo, Araya et al to this day, despite having been comprehensively debunked.

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  23. Regarding breaking the Data Protection Act i do not recall anyone asking me to sign it or Alanson to sign it so therefore we cannot have broken said Act.

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  24. Fantastic post to wake up to EC.
    “While it’s nice that he would theoretically grant Jewish children amnesty”, how very kind of Alanson, such a generous forgiving man.

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  25. Pardon the pedantry but I believe we’re all bound by the Data Protection Act and you don’t need to sign anything. Are you thinking of the Official Secrets Act?

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  26. Yes indeed – thank you, Alan. It’s so gracious of you to forgive all those little children for their evil deeds. Er…

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  27. Ranting about society being riddled with evil Satanists in the same breath as complaining about the authorities inventing imaginary bogeymen. So no contradiction there, then.

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  28. I did see a video on YouTube about the crazy Illuminati emails which get sent out from Nigeria, so that makes sense.

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  29. “Can anyone of good conscience ignore the facts of this case which include medical evidence?”

    “How did the March 2015 hearing fail to address all the mother’s questions and queries that the IPCC upheld 5 months later?”

    I’m beginning to think she never reads this fine blog, as all the questions she asks time and time again, have been answered and talked about many times here.

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  30. I thought that the Data Protection Act is mainly for Governments and companies that hold peoples information and that the act is there to control what companies etc can do with the information held. I don’t believe it has anything to do with me for example naming somebody online or publishing their address, date of birth etc.

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  31. The Data Protection Act 1998 (c 29) is a United Kingdom Act of Parliament designed to protect personal data stored on computers or in an organised paper filing system. It follows the EU Data Protection Directive 1995 protection, processing and movement of data. Individuals have legal rights to control information about themselves. Most of the Act does not apply to domestic use,[1] for example keeping a personal address book. Anyone holding personal data for other purposes is legally obliged to comply with this Act, subject to some exemptions. The Act defines eight data protection principles to ensure that information is processed lawfully.

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  32. From memory I don’t think he mentioned the Protocols in his mindbogglingly bad book. Could be wrong, perhaps that came later.

    In Mein Kampf it’s all “the Jew is this” and “the Jew is that” and long rants about the “character” of Jews (did he ever meet any?), probably all garbage he picked up from anti-Semitic books.
    It’s why it got to the point the Nazis were measuring people’s ear sizes and how apart their eyes were the shape of their heads in an effort to find “racial purity”. Utter nonsense but it’s all there in print for these loonies to look up. That’s German publications and records.

    And looking at some of the profile photos of the hoax ratbags I doubt many would pass the “racial purity” tests themselves.

    Have they ever bothered to go to a museum or even look on the web at newspapers like Der Stürmer with it’s endless drawings of hook-nosed Jews with hunched backs and rubbing their hands together & lusting after virginal German lasses in order to pervert them?.

    Of course there was no internet then, no TV and just film & radio which the Nazis dominated, churning out their bilge. Masses of people- but never the majority of Germans – tended to believe what they read about this “enemy” that none had ever met. They tendered not to associate this garbage with their local Jewish pharmacist.

    And that’s whats annoying about the Fascist lovers like Alanson & Mahmoudieh and The Mob- the lazy fucking c”nts have never done real research, never left their living rooms the lazy bastards.
    Everything is gleaned from the internet yet there are 100s of museums around the world that have preserved all these evils but these layabouts couldn’t even be bothered venturing near one.

    # as for trying to rule the world: I visited the Jewish Museum in Sydney when I was there and was surprised to see that in the first shiploads of convicts transported were at least 100 people of Jewish origin. They survived a few short years from the harsh treatment metered out until later more enlightened Governors took over. And we know they were sent from their homeland for very petty crimes.

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  33. Araya just looks like one of those hideous women that worked in the Concentration camps, whipping the odd collapsing inmate or setting the dogs on them.
    But the chances are as soon as she opened her mouth or began to sing they’d realise she was barking mad and she’d be quickly dispatched with a bullet in the head.

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  34. From
    “To what extent the whole existence of this people is based on a continuous lie is shown incomparably by the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion….” –Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

    “Adolf Hitler later used the Protocols to help justify his attempt to exterminate Jews during World War II.

    The Protocols hoax continues to fool people and is still cited by certain individuals and groups as the cause of all their woes. “

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  35. But we are a government organisation, Hugh. Don’t tell Angela, though 😀

    Thanks for the info, btw. I think I’m right about not having to sign the act, though. I’ve never been asked to sign it anyway and I think it’s something that is writ in stone. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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  36. Well said, Sam.

    I’ve been to Auschwitz and it was one of the most moving experiences of my life. And yes, Alanson, it’s really there. It’s not made up. Go take a look.

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  37. Agree JB.Classic serving of conspirashoite verbiage.

    A seemingly obligatory ill formed,emotive,mish mash of utter bollox wrapped in a thin film of pretentiously incoherant,fear infused flim flam,topped off with a copious dollop of yawn infested pseudo drivel.

    Much gratitude to Liza for picking out the bones of that mess and providing a handle as to what the fuck Duane is attempting to bang on about.

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  38. Its a bit like the rest of the law: It applies at all times, whether you are aware of it or not, hence: ‘Ignorance [of the law] is no defence in law.’

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  39. I don’t believe it applies to me as an individual if i was to publish someones name etc online. They could not as far as i am aware take me to court for breaking the Data Protection Act.

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  40. Mad moo really pushing the envelope with that one.Reported.

    She would be well advised to rehearse her prison break strategy whilst she can.

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  41. One of items shown on ‘Your Pages’ on her screen is “Daleks Exposed”. What’s that all about? 😀

    The usual motley crew showing on her Contacts list, Paterson, Clark, Costa, Power-Disney..

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  42. Same here Jake.My older brother tried to convinced me they could definately manage the stairs,the rotter.I still have arguments about it to this day.

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  43. Mik, I would have believed your brother too.

    I ran out of a Dr Who exhibition in Blackpool when I was a child as I didn’t know the one on display was going to move. Then it started to quickly glide towards me saying “Exterminate! Exterminate!”.. and I ran as quick as my small legs could carry me, right back through the entire Exhibition, ducked under the pay bar at the front pay booth.. and back out to the safety of the street!

    I was convinced the dastardly Dalek wanted me dead! 😀

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  44. Well there it is then: he did use the Protocols but that just demonstrates how insane he was.
    If he tried to exterminate an entire race using a book (real or imagined) as evidence I can’t think of any better example of lunacy.

    What is disturbing is the complete lack of intellectual curiosity by Moo, Alanson and all the others who promote this dreadful racist nonsense. They seem to be happy to be led by the nose by people who are clinically insane.

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  45. When she’s not being hysterical (because no-one takes her seriously) and appears calm you really see what a nasty piece of work she is.
    Not a scintilla of respect there for the children’s privacy as she broadcasts their voices.
    Just another child abuser posing as the opposite.

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  46. So many prophecies : In Jezebel 74 it says: “and so it shall come to pass verily that the Whore of Oldcastle shall receive a visitation from the Garda who shall asketh the Grifter: for why haseth thou defrauded thou State Benefits and taken the Lords’ name in vain? Doeseth thou wish to live on bread and water alone in a small cell?”

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  47. Here’s another one!
    We almost had the entire Western world under our control, with the D.I.S.C.O. plot…until that wretched “Alternative” came along & spoiled the party 🙂

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  48. And Debs wonders why nobody takes her seriously and why she has zero credibility. Promoting political smear campaigns about Clinton having a disease that affects cannibals and continuing the pizzagate hoax that only the completely unhinged still believe in.
    Shame on you Debs for promoting conspiracy garbage.

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  49. I bet there’s a conspiracy that these fruitloops believe, about them both having faked their deaths and are being held captive like Angie’s shite about Diana.

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  50. And Lo she did plea.She did pled righteousness and spake long in tongues unfamiliar and without point and she did useth hashtags with great inappropritude.

    She did pled great poverty and attempted to bestow 40 Rothmen upon her accuser,but the Garda,alas did not heave on the ash anymore but did now vape triumphantly,for he was reborn and known to be a bit annoying like that.

    She did pled mercy and grovellethed endless platitudes and leadeth her hand thricely in unbecoming motion and behold the Garda did move sharpish and verily did maketh good his escape mostly with virtue mostly intact but with dishevelment.

    But twas in vein for the morrow it did reveal the coming of the siren of the mighty winged paddy wagon and lo amidst gnashings and wailings she vainly did croak “Doest thyst not knoweth whom I am #?” but no one with quite frankliness gaveth a toss.

    And it was so.Oldcastle and far,far beyond did witness abundant joy and much chortling at the brown trail and the brick of shit as ordained it did come to pass.


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  51. I do agree the Clintons suck. Again research people. : ) The rest is shit. Bits of truth to baffle people with bullshit. $$$ And in many cases no truth whatsoever.


  52. Have to say in all fairness EC… Fair commet… opp’s I mean ‘comment Freudian slip? hahaha…

    A really nice cordial post, being very understanding of differing points view. But for the record I, Me… have NEVER made any threats, death or otherwise again anyone… used harsh aggressive tones, yes, but no threats… I would appreciate some clarity & honesty here, as I… have shown in previous posts… I’ve taken
    on-board your wishes of politeness & show of respect from the very first posts I made here
    Re your ” Introducing Alan Alanson” blog…

    So can I ask you El Coyote, Scarlet Scoop to ask the other readers/commenter’s to extend me that same courtesy please?… Thank you… ie, ‘Ghost of Sam’ calling me a “fucking cunt”

    The question of Hitler & his Germany… ‘You have evidence’… ‘I have evidence’… This could be argued till cows come home, so… we’ll leave that as is… or we’ll just run around in circles…

    However though… ‘There is strong documented evidence of Talmud Jew atrocities throughout history, Be it murder, sacrifice or what have you… ( all of which can be shown) Can you mind when I said Hoaxtead makes the same mistakes again & again by denying history?… There is enough evidence in the public domain to back these claims made.

    Well looks like I can’t venture any further beyond your blog El Coyote… ‘Bail Cons’ ya see laaa (which no doubt have already been reported to the MET by the vindictive folk that dwell here )

    Other than that…I am not an antisemite… I do not hate on anyone… I’m anti those that subvert the true meaning, reason of life… Why we are all the Children of the true light…From our Creator. Not of the false light of Lucifer…

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  53. “on-board your wishes of politeness & show of respect from the very first posts I made here
    Re your ‘ Introducing Alan Alanson’ blog…”


  54. Have you got any relatives that fought against the Nazi’s Alanson or were they all supporters of Hitler and his deeds?

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  55. Alanson, you are an utter gimp that still believes in fairytales of god and Satan. Grow up you fruitcake.


  56. I think you missed these questions higher up the thread and on a previous thread, Alan. third attempt, if I may be so bold:

    “Let me reassure you here & now. I am not a violent man, and would never hurt anyone physically.”

    Then I repeat my earlier question to you: if you are so opposed to violence, can you explain why you liked and shared this post from Araya Soma?:
    (Warning to all: contains extremely disturbing image.)

    As for protecting your real name and your previous comment about us not respecting your privacy or adhering to the Data Protection Act, may I respectfully remind you that on 26th August 2015 you posted a detailed comment on this very blog in which you attempted to name a number of us and stated that you would continue to strive to name us all:
    (The comment has since been edited to remove some names as a safety precaution.)

    That comment also contained the following remark:

    “The more you lot try, the more ammo & intell you give us, until me last breath, I WILL BATTLE YOU…& expose you.. you can not win, not one of you has got the courage to front your real ID’s WHY? coz you are weak Satanic pedo loving worms, who conceal yourselves in fear for when the real Chaos is unleashed.”

    So in light of this, does your desire not to reveal your real name make YOU a weak cowardly satanic paedo-loving worm too? Please explain.

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  57. “So in light of this, does your desire not to reveal your real name make YOU a weak cowardly satanic paedo-loving worm too?”

    Spiny has a point there Alanson. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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  58. To be fair, PPPP, quite a number of people here are believers in God and/or Jesus. I think it’s important to make room for all religious flavours here, or we risk becoming narrow-minded and dogmatic.

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  59. Typical hoaxer, obsessed with balls and holes. Not to mention the symbolism of the cue, disgusting.

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  60. Beauty of BBC Player, you can II it… Now what’s that you say Liza? Harsh/strong words make you upset diddums?… got suck it up My Love… Words on a monitor… I would feel real guilty talking to you, face to face… I would be feeling sorry for you, Well maybe not seeing as you have been trying to bait/test me for many a month now eh?. But would still buy you a Cider n black lolz


  61. Exactly, Arthur. I think Mr. Alanson rather missed the point there.

    At least we don’t post his address, though. In fact, I don’t even know it.

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  62. Thank you for posting evidence of this nature Liza… In your haste you have posted the sculpture to back my claims… does mean an own goal? Silly girl.

    El Coyote, Scarlet… have a word eh… some here are making my case… I’m watching the snooker ffs laaaaa


  63. Harsh words upset me? Interesting how you flipped that, Alan. Your entire reason for being here is to whine about things we’ve said about you.

    Oh and correct me if I’m wrong but you’ve also repeatedly stamped your feet and demanded proof that you’ve been rude to us, yet when I post exactly what you demanded, you accuse me of being a crybaby.

    And on that point, would you be so kind as to point out which part of my comment led you to that conclusion? It consists of a quotation from yourself and a screenshot of one of your comments. Which part led you to believe I’m a crybaby? Am I missing something?

    PS: do these diversionary tactics ever work when you’re trying to deflect attention from the fact that you’ve lost an argument?

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  64. Again, nice deflection. Let’s focus on (and blatantly misinterpret) the sculpture and completely ignore the barrage of anti-Semitic hate speech right above it. Yay!

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  65. Alan, you said yourself in one of your comments that you wish to protect your family, not just yourself. Please afford us the same courtesy. Bear in mind that many of the people you hang around with and support have threatened to kill us and our families. Feel free to browse the ‘Hamphoaxer Trolls’ folder for proof of this.

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  66. I’m interested in your comment about “Talmud Jews”. You know that the Talmud is not the Jewish holy scripture, right? It’s basically a collection of rabbinical commentaries on the Torah (first 5 books of what Christians know as the Old Testament) gathered over the centuries, which some Jews study to gain greater understanding of the Torah.

    In Judaism, Torah is the holy scripture, and while one might say that some Jews are “Talmudic scholars”, in the sense that they get together to study Talmud and debate what the various rabbis meant, “Talmud Jews” really aren’t a thing.

    However, I’ve heard the phrase used frequently by people who believe in conspiracy theories, and am curious to know what it’s supposed to mean. So can you tell me about “Talmud Jew atrocities”? I’m genuinely interested to know your thoughts on that.

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  67. Haha, that was a light hearted joke. The hoaxers are more than fortunate they chose forgiving Christians to target.

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  68. See my previous post was not post as soon as the others

    Oh!!!! & I’ll ask good caring folk reading this, to STUDY that Sculpture very very closely “What do You See” ?

    Are you seeing a child being held whilst the man on the right is trying to prick the child?

    I call this Blood Letting for nefarious reasons… can you see it?


  69. Can you show evidence of these ‘dead children being found with 100’s of pinprick wounds all over their bodies” and i don’t mean some racist conspiracy site being used as your source of evidence?

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  70. and a sculpture is proof of what? It’s not a photograph. Why do you and your buddies post creepy shit with kids in it? Any fruitcake can make a sculpture, any pervert can make art to depict, what they want it to depict.

    If people looked through your social media accounts, and those of the pizzagaters, they would see much more creepy and pervy material than they ever did on Alefantis or Dearman’s social media accounts.

    Do you not understand, just how weird it looks when your pages are full of child sexual abuse articles?

    So trawling through online content to find the creepiest and most depraved shit then reposting it for outrage points.

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  71. Blood letting was not an uncommon medical practice in the past. What about that sculpture implies that bloodletting was for nefarious reasons and not medical reasons as they believed at the time?

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  72. But all of the above txt is easily verified with a little research & an open mind ‘Radders’ My Girl… folk only need to search Thomas of Monmouth as a starting point… Some Jewish elements were into child sacrifice..

    I do not make the rules… My Love… I only follow them as a study requirement ya folla?


  73. “But all of the above txt is easily verified with a little research”

    No, Alan – it isn’t.

    If it were, you would have answered people’s requests to cite your sources.

    And I’m not your love. Try to speak to women in an appropriate manner. You’re not Harvey Weinstein,

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  74. Again El Coyote, I tip my hat to you for your reasoned approach, unlike the rest of the rabble who only wanna see me slayen…& I can feel their desire to do so, through this very medium we use( If I piss you guys off I can only say .. I’m very hahhahahahahaha )

    Any way back to the Topic El… So, Indeed the Talmud is a set of teachings that are passed down from Rabbi of old through the centuries as an Oral research of the Torah? Or so its said…

    The folly lies in its Subversion El Coyote, or should I say complete undermining of the word of Almighty God…

    If I may be so bold… and this next article might be perceived that…. I’ve broken my bail as it contains paedophilic tenancies, but hey ho I’ll take my chances to state my case in the hope that some…………. here might garner some insight as to what I speak about…

    Now I only want El Coyote to answer MIND, as I don’t wanna be trying to answer to a ‘free for all’ YES?

    Please tell me what you make of this El coyote…


  75. “unlike the rest of the rabble who only wanna see me slayen”

    Aww, did we upset you? Diddums.

    And actually, I’m proud of how polite we’ve been in the face of your constant provocation (not to mention your racism, sexism and homophobia).

    And if asking you polite questions that you’re unable to answer upsets you, tough. Deal with it.

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  76. I do have many hard hitting articles lined up for your assessment EC…

    But bearing in mind its gone 00:45 I’m thinking I’m off to bed me thinks. I’m sorry that I should have to retire just now,but in fairness it is something of the very most importance that will keep for the morrow… Will only have an hour or so first thing, so we’ll shall speak then yes?
    Then I can ascertain your thoughts later on in the Eve… Good Night, sleep well

    To all other watchers here Toddle Pip…


  77. No answers to our earlier questions then Alanson? I guess you have a busy night of Google searches ahead of you looking for a way to answer our questions.

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  78. So instead of providing the sources people have repeatedly asked you for in order to back up your racist claims (claims you said you could retrieve in seconds), you’re…er…going to bed. Great debating skills there, Al. I’m surprised more politicians don’t use that one on ‘Question Time’.

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  79. Just a quick note to Sonic the Welder… please take note of my wall in the next few days, when I shall be addressing the issue of threats, death or otherwise to those folk we disagree with, as I completely agree with what folk say here…
    I will even scour the logs you have for names of those that do & tag e’m, because again…. rightly or wrongly making folk fear acts of violence is wrong & bad form, As I know Almighty God, The True Creator… Our Father will see fit to deal with such evilness in due course… Nighty night friends … x


  80. He obviously cannot think for himself when put on the spot. What a poor show that was Alanson, very poor indeed.

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  81. Some ancient people were a bit (incredibly) shitty towards women and girls, I knew that, and you know some of what you have provided a link to is simply discussion.

    Anyway, the ancient Romans, now there’s another bunch of rapey people, admired by Hitler. They loved their funny rape stories, rape statues, rape frescoes, rape plays, rape rape rape funny rape hahahaha look at their rapist heroes.

    And wow, those ancient Americans, building temples out of human skulls. And people to this day hang on to their traditions and religion from the massacre days. You must really hate Mexicans, right.

    Chinese? They murdered the whole lot of the deceased first emperor’s childless concubines on his death. Killed all the workers. And the first emperor is to this day venerated. Unbelievable! That charnel site is the no 1 tourist attraction!

    There was a Russian high up person during the communist era who used to get his staff to find girls, he would raps and kill them and bury them in his garden. Russians were really really bad people. What they did to the peasants, murder, rape, slavery and so on. Now you need to go and do a hate on Ella.

    You need to grow up and stop being a sheep Alan.

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  82. Alan, interestingly enough we did discuss the blood libel just a couple of weeks ago:

    “The blood libel, which arose in the Middle Ages, alleges that Jews murder Christian (or sometimes Muslim) babies and use their blood to bake matzoh, the “bread of affliction” which Jews eat during Passover. This false allegation has been used for centuries to justify attacks, pogroms, and genocide against Jews in various parts of Europe.

    “We should not need to point out that the blood libel runs completely counter to Jewish theology, which prohibits murder. The Torah also prohibits the consumption of animal blood: kosher meats are drained of their blood before they can be eaten. Jewish scholars interpret the relevant passages to include humans in that proscription”.

    As for the William of Norwich case itself, historian/librarian Rupert Colley says,

    The events surrounding William’s death are not entirely clear and are largely based on an account by a monk called Thomas of Monmouth, a contemporary of William’s. Thomas’ chronicle was completed later in the twelfth century within the monastery at Norwich. The generally agreed upon date of William’s death is 22 March 1144. He was last seen alive on the preceding day. On 26 March 1144, the body of William was discovered in a heath in Norwich, bloodied and mutilated — seemingly tortured. William’s family initiated a search for him and his uncle, brother, and cousin discovered his body.

    William had been an apprentice skinner in the community for several years. On 21 March, William left his home to seek additional employment as a scullion for the archdeacon of Norwich. It was on this outing that William was supposedly lured into a Jewish home. It was reported that the Norwich Jews then ritually murdered William on 22 March in the home of a Jew named Eleazar, just days before Passover. As has become the pattern with tales of blood libel, William was supposedly murdered to acquire his blood to celebrate Passover. Various interpretations of Jewish texts at the time were said to indicate that this was a long-standing tradition among Jews.

    No formal action was ever taken against anyone in the case of William’s death. The local officials refused to bring charges against the accused Jews because of the lack of any evidence against them. This inaction stoked anger among the local populace. William came quickly to be viewed as a martyred saint and was venerated for several centuries.

    The death of William is the first known instance of the accusation of “blood libel.” According to this accusation, Jews were supposed to have sacrificed a gentile boy each Passover because the blood was necessary for religious ceremonies. (Pictured is an example taken from the Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493. Click to enlarge). Several decades later, in 1190, following the massacres of Jews in other English cities, the Jews of Norwich were also massacred.

    Anger toward the Jewish community was at a boiling point for several reasons. During his reign, King Stephen took various measures to protect Jews throughout England from persecution. Anger toward King Stephen, due to the civil war with Matilda, was directed at Jews who were seen as being in collusion with Stephen. Additionally, the First Crusade had ended in 1099 and the Second Crusade started soon after William’s death in 1145. Crusading fervor usually occurred in tandem with antisemitic violence. So, as unrest grew toward another Crusade in the Holy Land, so did anger toward Jews in Europe. (The Third Crusade began in 1189—the year before the massacre of Jews in Norwich.)

    Anyone who is interested in looking beyond the “official accepted word” on the William of Norwich murder can see that there were reasons predisposing people to believe that the Jews had murdered the boy. The idea of needing blood to make matzoh is never found in any Jewish tradition, but is a myth dreamed up by medieval Christians who were suspicious of anyone different from themselves.

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  83. It does seem you are more reasonable than I thought. Do you still really think a single person here is a child abuser? If I thought anyone here abused children, even for a second, I would never post here, ever.

    Personally, I believe Abraham and Ella, their crowd, and fan club, are the only child abusers, in various different ways that the Hampstead case has come into contact with.

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  84. As much as I’m enthralled in now communicating with my new found friends here I really must retire…

    But before I do. Can I say to El Coyote, I really would appreciate your thoughts on the article I willing provided for you to analysis…. as you do speak ever so eloquently in your posts… PS, I think I Love You… mwha. x

    But wait… kwudhlwedliwuehdweduhweTracey has just nearly made me do a little wee wee haha…

    If you are the intellectual here hkjfkfsffksjfskfTracey then I really do pray for you folks..You covered nearly all of history except the Babylonian Talmud History… well you did unintentionally with the Bolshevik revolution…

    I’m off now, laughing all the way to my bed… Good night friends… Remember Almighty God Loves you, you can be forgiven as long as you ask for forgiveness x


  85. Thanks for forgiving people for not believing in a perverted hoax. I don’t forgive child abusers of any form though, so no matter what you say, I will not forgive abe and Ella for anything. Two child grooming, enema giving, child torturing, sexual introducing, Pedo’s in a pod as far as i’m concerned.
    Same goes for most of your creepy buddies.

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  86. Why don’t you go and read what Jewish people say about it, Jewish Women even?

    If the first links that come up you internet search is nasty anti-Semitic conspiracist brain farts, that’s possibly entirely down to your search history I am afraid.

    The piece you linked to isn’t the law, but a discussion of a hypothetical situation, and no doubt minors were married in ancient times. Apart from that text you have not provided any evidence of how often that happened. If the possibility of a girl being raped two thousand years ago incenses you, I expect to see you in the news chained to some embassy railings in tomorrow’s news. In the US in some states, not that many, there is no lower age limit for marriage. So a trip to Kensington for you then?

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  87. “So, Indeed the Talmud is a set of teachings that are passed down from Rabbi of old through the centuries as an Oral research of the Torah? Or so its said…”

    Sort of.

    Okay, so the Torah lays out 613 laws (some of which seem very odd today, but many of which, like “thou shalt not kill”, “thou shalt not bear false witness”, etc. are still incorporated into the written laws of many countries). To fully understand those laws, how they should be followed, what they mean, etc., people realised that some explanatory text would be needed.

    The Oral Law, which is contained in the Mishnah, is a legal commentary on the Torah, explaining how its commandments are to be carried out. This makes sense, as some commentary would be needed to make the laws clearer and ensure everyone was on the same page, so to speak.

    For example, if you wanted to find out everything there was to know about how to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy, you’d have to look up various bits and pieces in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. In the Mishnah, that information is codified in one place, for easier reference.

    The Talmud contains the Gemara, which is a written-down version of the rabbinical discussions which followed the writing down of the Mishnah. With me so far?

    It’s important to realise that the Talmud is not contained in one book. It’s a collection of writings that fills up many volumes. There’s a saying that if you put two Jews in a room you’ll get five opinions, and that’s kind of a tongue-in-cheek reference to the various arguments and discussions you can find in the Talmud. In other words, it’s not a straightforward thing, which is why people spend years and years studying it.

    Now, as for the link you’ve sent: it’s often used as “proof” that Judaism permits or even encourages paedophilia.

    In fact, this is a rabbinical discussion regarding the financial arrangements of marriage (which until a couple of hundred years ago was usually more financial/social than about love–for Jews and non-Jews alike).

    The discussion here relates to the dowry for virgins and non-virgins. It has nothing to do with what acts are allowed, encouraged, forbidden, or discouraged. Ironically, this passage has been misinterpreted by those looking for “dirt” on the Jews—because yes, it’s discussing, in a hypothetical sense, how one might determine virginity, whether the signs of virginity come and go, and so forth.

    Nowhere does the Talmud, Babylonian or otherwise, state that sex with children is okay. In fact, there are very strict rules forbidding any kind of touching at all between people of the opposite sex who are not married, even down to holding hands.

    Hope this helps.

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  88. Quick note re the above post showing the carving of Jews killing a child: this is a depiction of the “martyrdom of St Simon of Trent”, and the original stone carving is not Jewish in origin, but Christian. As it turns out, the Christians had a horse in that race.

    Here’s the story:

    (D)uring the time preceding the Spanish Expulsion of 1492, Pope Nicolas V (1397-1455) had published a bull dated November 2, 1447 where he “prohibited in the strictest way” spreading blood libel accusations, and fulminated against “some who try to make Jews odious to Christians by daring to spread false rumours about the Jews, accusing them to celebrate their rites by even consuming the heart and the liver of Christians” (published in Strack 1909, 257). As to Marostica, it was part of a cycle of blood libel accusations which spread in the late 15th century from southern Germany to northern Italy. Pope Martinus V (1368-1431) had seen it coming, and published the by now usual bull on February 20, 1422 condemning anybody “claiming, with false pretexts and arguments (fictis occasionibus et coloribus) that Jews mix Christian blood to their bread for Easter.”

    [So it seems that even in the 1400s, educated people were aware that the rumours of Jews using human blood in their Passover matzoh (“bread for Easter”) was a pernicious lie.]

    The epidemics culminated in the case of Trent of 1475, concerning a two-year-old child, Simon Unferdorben. The child was found dead in the cellar of a Jewish home. The tiny local Jewish community immediately claimed that the child had been killed, or at least dropped in the cellar, by a Swiss troublemaker, one Zanesus, who was involved in a court case with several Jews about honoraries due to his wife, Dorothea, who acted as the local midwife. However blood libel legends were common in the area, and the local bishop, Johaness Hinderbach (1418-1486), who was also the local political authority (Trent was governed by bishop-princes at that time), not only was strongly anti-Jewish but saw in the incident an opportunity to re-affirm his independence from the Pope (Sixtus IV, 1414-1484) and the Archduke of Austria Sigismund IV (1430-1496), both opposed to blood libel.

    In open defiance of the Archduke’s prohibition, and before a Pontifical legate, the archbishop of Ventimiglia Battista de’ Giudici (1428-1484), arrived in town in September 1476, he had fourteen Jews executed. De’ Giudici, a close friend of Pope Sixtus, declared the blood libel accusation “fantastic” and the Jews “entirely innocent” (see Hsia 1992). Bishop Hinderbach, in turn, did not lack friends. It is in the progressive Humanist movement that he found some defenders such as Bartolomeo Sacchi, surnamed Platina (1421-1481), who claimed that this was a matter of Rome infringing on the rights of the local bishops.

    The quite convoluted story was concluded with a political compromise: Pope Sixtus signed on his deathbed a bull dated June 20, 1478, declaring that the bishop had acted within his prerogatives but on the other hand any Christian should obey the papal bulls against the reality of blood libel, and the Jews still in jail (all women, the men having been executed) should be freed, with their confiscated dowries returned to them. One thing Trent wanted was the recognition of the cult of “the Little Saint Simon”: this was regarded as less important by Rome, and granted by Pope Sixtus V (1521-1590) in 1588.

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