Angie: From ‘survivor’ to ‘martyr’?

Here’s a question that’s nagged us for some time now: Why is it that certain people seem to hang their public identity on claims that they were physically or sexually abused as children? Yes, Angela, we’re looking at you—but APD isn’t the only one.

People like the very odd Fiona Barnett, who makes some very strange and disturbing claims, mostly involving being sexually assaulted by various Very Important Persons, seem compelled to impress their alleged personal sufferings upon the public, so desperate are they for belief and, ultimately, validation.

We spoke to a retired psychotherapist recently, whose caseload had once consisted almost entirely of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. She told us that to a person, none of her clientele was in the least interested in sharing their stories with the public. In fact, they often had great difficulty even disclosing the abuse to their therapist, as they felt ashamed of having been victimised.

Part of the reason they were attending therapy sessions in the first place was to rid themselves of that burden of shame, which rightfully belonged on the shoulders of their abusers.

So why, then, are some people seemingly compelled to share their stories in the most public possible ways—via mass media or the internet, with as much fuss and fanfare as possible?

Latter day martyrs?

One of our regular commenters, Justin Sanity, shed a bit of light on the subject yesterday:

Some day, I’ll discuss the importance of claiming a history of extreme suffering – such as having been subjected to the alleged torments & tortures of “ritualistic abuse-mind control programming” as a small child – for “Survivor” claimants who openly profess to be, or less overtly pose as, true Martyrs and infallible Prophets.

In ancient times…the proof that a holy martyr, infallible prophet or divine being was genuine came in the form of evidence that the person “knows” things that only Gawd & His angels could know.

This makes sense to us: Angela, for example, bills herself as (among other things) an aspiring “walking gospel” and a student of eschatology/end times, who “love(s) Jesus…love(s) people and the JOY of the Lord is (her) strength”. She also claims to have been not only a child abuse survivor, but an MK Ultra survivor, and now a victim of aliens (yes, the kind from outer space) who “hunted” her:

Talk about upping the ante! No mere mortal sexual abusers for our Angie; not even so-called VIP paedophiles are good enough for her. Her suffering must be seen to have been of the most extreme sort, in order to lend credence to her claims of martyrdom. Right, aliens it is then.

In the early days of Christianity, martyrs were those who suffered mightily for their faith: we’re all familiar with the stories of Christians being thrown to the lions, or of martyrs like Saint Sebastian, who actually survived being used for target practice by the Roman emperor’s archers, only to be clubbed to death later for continuing to lecture the emperor about how he needed to accept Jesus into his life.


Whether this story is true or not, it creates a powerful and pervasive mythology: Sebastian’s suffering and perseverance in the face of overwhelming pain grant him the authority to speak on God’s behalf.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say that someone like Angela Power-Disney or Fiona Barnett are consciously seeking the perks of martyrdom when they start spinning their yarns about aliens and Richard Nixon and such, but we find it interesting that to some people at least, the fact that they identify themselves so publicly as survivors of the most depraved and lurid forms of alleged abuse seems to lend credence to their words.

Poor old Prickles Sebastian’s suffering, while spectacular in its own right, was believable in the context of the time: Roman emperors were notoriously tetchy, and one might easily imagine one of them casually ordering his archers to have a go at that pesky Christian bloke who will. not. shut. up.

The problem for Angela and Fiona, though, is the credibility gap.

While most people these days would not discount a story of childhood sexual abuse, far fewer are willing to accept that Richard Nixon flew to Australia on Air Force One for the express purpose of sexually assaulting a young Fiona Barnett; fewer still are willing to buy Angie’s story about being chased round and round the mulberry bush by E.T.

For someone like Angie or Fiona, the problem is that child sexual abuse has become an acknowledged evil: in the 1960s it was considered very rare, but by the 1980s professionals began to recognise that it was more prevalent than they’d originally thought.

These days, it’s acknowledged that child sexual abuse is far from rare…which makes it a bit less useful in the Martyr Sweepstakes. To become a True Martyr, then, one needs something a bit more extreme.

Aliens, for example. Or Nixon on Air Force One. Or MK Ultra experimentation (which bears a strange resemblance to what happened to poor old Prickles Sebastian; we’re sure it’s utterly coincidental).


Drawing by Fiona Barnett, from Cathy Fox blog

We’ve seen over the past months that Angela is an attention-seeker of the first order; and over the time that we’ve been exposed to her, her allegations that she was sexually abused have escalated dramatically, culminating in the “I was hunted by aliens” story. At the same time, she’s begun to claim more and more authority as a self-styled evangelist for her own peculiar brand of Christianity.

Whether those two things are linked, we cannot say. But it does make for some interesting speculation. angela-power-disney-2016-10-20


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  1. Great post, EC.

    By the way, I stopped by one of those “satanic alien” videos being promoted by Angela:

    So many freaks and weirdos in the comment threads. Are they breeding or something?:

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    • Events move so quickly. I had no idea Paterson had fallen out with Cullinane. Last I knew of Paterson he was belted in the nose by a stranger outside the Royal Courts of Justice. Violence is terrible but I had a hard time suppressing the urge to larf out loud.
      He’s a very aggressive one this Paterson. Far more than poor old Patrick was and he was no wallflower.

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    • Surely in this high tech era authorities could give receptionists a voice recognition application so that when Neelunatic is wasting everyones time she receives a particularly loud screeching sound until she blacks out for a week or something.This would both save the public purse considerably in these times of austerity and boost staff retention.

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      • If you could design and patent this, I suspect you’d earn both the gratitude of receptionists everywhere, and a tidy sum of money.


  2. Oh, what a surprise – Slurpy’s jumped on the latest Bandwagon of Ignorance™.
    All aboard. Toot toot! com/watch?v=PppsoyKdzT4

    The nasty little shit is STILL stating catgegorically – without so much as an “allegedly” – that teachers, social workers etc. were committing child rape and baby-eating.


    By the way, apologies for the gap in the link but Deborah’s thumbnail is wholly inappropriate. Please be careful when visiting this video, as said image may cause distress to some viewers.

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  3. Angie @ 50:42 in the video posted by EC:

    “In the bowels of the Earth, there are creatures that were best restrained. And the portals are going to be opened up by the Hadron Collider and the bowels of the Earth are going to release these…what you call aliens.”

    Thanks for the heads-up, Angie. Now where did I put that one-way ticket to the North Pole?

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      • Feel for the poor Aliens who having endured that decades long flight from Planet Bizarro, then must anally probe the inhabitants of this oddball flat Earth.

        But someone has to do is as Starship Enterprise Captain Tory Smith often says. Especially after calling for volunteers to probe Angie, and answer came there none.


  4. I think for many of these people an alleged or real rape or assault is the only significant event in their life and from then on it sort of defines their character.

    3 days ago I drove an 83 year old pal to the airport- she was off to see relatives in New Zealand for a few weeks.
    Over many chats I know of a rape that happened to her in France over 40 years ago. Not only was she viciously raped by 2 men she was badly beaten and tossed into a gutter to die like a dog. She tells me the nurses in a French hospital were wonderful to her and the French police were most sympathetic which somewhat dents the oft claim that cops never cared about abuse in the past. I’m told by another friend they were treated very well by English police after an assault in the 1980s in London.

    Did she allow this terrible event to affect the rest of her life?. No. She took a couple of years to recover and then just got on with working, built a career, got married and had 2 kids and put it all out of her mind as there was no logical reason to dwell on the events.

    We’ve often talked to each other about the past and both agree : it’s most difficult to even think you were the person you were in the past. It’s as though everything happened to someone else even though you know logically, it was you.

    Surely this is the normal way of living- things happen, sometimes very bad things and sometimes very good things but it’s natural to advance always and move on. But for the APDs of the world- who you never know of she’s telling the truth or fantasizing – she’s now made abuse, real or not, as an obsession and always with these fanatics they falsely claim to be ‘whistleblowers’ (one of the most over-used words ion the English language) and a ‘child abuse advocate but of course, they are nothing of the sort. It’s all ME ME ME/

    # I once met an elderly Fillipino “comfort woman” who was abused and raped repeatedly by Japanese soldiers during WW2. Not only had she forgiven her attackers, the only thing she wanted was an acknowledgment by the Japanese government that this abuse had happened, and an apology so they could all move on. The ‘comfort women’ eventually got a formal; apology.

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    • I was sexually assaulted at age 17 by a man with a knife and had to endure this assault for 4 hours. At the time i obviously told my parents and the police as i wanted the bloke caught which unfortunately he never was. That was nearly 30 years ago now and since the incident took place i have only ever told one more person about the attack and that person is my best friend of just over 20 years now.
      After my attack i just wanted to forget about it and get on with my life, so i can’t understand the folk who appear to almost revel in their abuse and tell all and sundry about it. There are people on Twitter who almost compete it seems as to who has been abused the most.
      People are strange indeed.

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      • First, I’m very sorry that that happened to you, and that the assailant was never caught. I think for most people who’ve had that kind of thing happen, your experience is very much the norm. Most only tell trusted family members or friends, though some do go on to talk about their experiences in public, as a way of helping to raise awareness.

        As you say, though, among some people there seems to be almost a competition as to who has suffered most; that’s a disturbing phenomenon, and I think it can lead to the general public becoming inured to such stories, and dismissing their importance, or even their reality.

        This is a large part of what initially disturbed me about the Hampstead hoax: I know that children around the world are abused, some in horrifying ways. This hoax—and it’s obviously a hoax—can create an atmosphere of disbelief, and a sense that any other cases that come to light may be legitimately dismissed. That, to me, is one of the worst crimes of this hoax.


      • Something similar happened to me and I don’t usually talk about it but why not?

        Over 40 years ago I was drugged and raped by 3 men, after they invited me to their flat for drinks. The events are hazy because I remember the lead-up to the event and the next memory is being dragged thought the living room, catching a glimpse of my smashed and bleeding face in a mirror and then being shoved into a car and then driven to my street and pushed out into the pavement. (A doctor confirmed the sexual assault and that their were large traces of a well known (but not in those days) ‘rape drug’ in my system.)

        My then wife and flatmate called an ambulance.

        I recall in the hospital the doctor discussing with my wife the possibility of bran damage.

        Two days later I was visited by 2 detectives from a central London police station. They could not have been more sympathetic and went out of their way to assure me that because I had been in gay nightclub where I met the men, this would not affect their investigation.

        Nothing came of it- the nightclub manager and staff claimed no memory of me. One detective kept in touch until the matter sort of petered out. )It’s why I say most police have always taken claims of sexual assault seriously). It took me a good 2 years to recover from the events – the only lasting damage was the loss of half my sight in one eye.
        I had no idea then that there was something called compensation that I could have applied for and I doubt I would done so if I did know. I did go through what is now discussed widely- a belief that somehow as the victim, you are responsible for what happened.

        3 years later I was working for a friend up North when I picked up a newspaper and read that 2 of my attackers – I recognised them – had been jailed for 9 and 12 years for attempting to import a huge amount of heroin in a small plane. I’ve always believed in karma,”what goes around etc etc”.
        # the police at the time said any charges against my attackers if found, would include attempted murder.

        10 years later it was quite difficult to even think that it was me this happened to although the events were fixed in my mind.

        It is only since the controversies over “historic assaults” have been so prominent that I’ve pondered on these events.

        Obviously everyone has differing ways to deal with personally distressing events but one thing strikes me today and I believe this firmly : these so-called “campaigners” like APD with their dodgy pasts and often well meaning so-called “survivor” advocates ( and the media shares blame) do not do justice to genuine victims because they repeatedly tell victims of assault that “their life has been ruined”.

        This is a dangerous message they send out to all victims of rape and assault : that once this terrible thing happens it will define your life from that day on and that basically, your life has been destroyed.
        I think this repeated message is in itself a form of mental abuse and highly dangerous.

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        • Thanks for sharing this with us, Sam. I think your reaction is not at all atypical—and as you say, so-called “campaigners” like APD often do more harm than good. In addition to the “if your abuse wasn’t as horrific as mine it doesn’t count” narrative, the “your life is ruined and you are now forever and for all time nothing but an abuse survivor” narrative can be a form of mental rape.


  5. Mikileaks:Sources reveal APD`s head is officially terminally stuck up her own arse.

    The cunning stategy of APD wannabee media whore “relaunching her career(?)” to gain plaudits,wealth and international acclaim off the back of innocent vulnerable lives is predicted by experts to “go down” as one of the most inept epic fails in the history of epic failures.

    A familiy member grilled about the APD public idiotic debacle replied “Who?”

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  6. A dog walks into a bar and orders a drink, the barman says “F*** me, a talking dog!”

    Similarly, when Angie claims to have been hunted by aliens she is just assuming that her target audience will accept that such things exist. It is as if she doesn’t realise that if she had any proof of such beings nothing else she had ever said or done would be of any importance by comparison.

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    • Yes, if Angie could offer up evidence of real, actual aliens visiting Earth, she’d have all the attention and excitement in her life she could ever want. Pity she doesn’t have the goods.


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  8. If you look on YouTube, there are a lot of people who have let child abuse take over their lives, they tell a story, then add a bit here, add a bit there, some times it seems, to make it sound more convincing. Some times, they use it as a controlling tool, some times they use it for self attention. I have watched a lot of these rallies and conferences, there is always at least two or three people that just talk absolute bollocks,

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    • It is rather like the people who “enjoy ill health”. That used to be people who took to their beds as “invalids”, apparently retreating from the world, but actually using the situation to hold court and force the world to come to them.

      Usually now it is people who claim to have all sorts of food intolerances, just to make life awkward for everyone around them and make themselves the centre of attention. Their behaviour doesn’t do an favours for people with genuine life threatening food allergies.

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      • No it doesn’t particularly, for those who are survivor’s who are desperately looking for some kind of help and they have no idea, they are actually walking in to a complete mine field of untruths, conspiracy theories, and brainwashing

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        • Yes. I should be very clear that the vast majority of people who report having been sexually abused are not making it up or “just looking for attention”. However, people like Angie, Fiona, HWMNBM, and others who hog the limelight with their deranged stories create an atmosphere of disbelief that harms the many, many others who really do need help.


  9. There are obviously genuine victims that speak out about their experience in an effort to help others. However, with the likes of Angie, FB and others, I get a feeling that the child abuse is most likely not true, and is used as background to something else. Whether that be aliens, SRA stories or elite cabals. Certainly in Angie’s case I can’t believe a word she says because she has told so many lies.

    I also found it rather sad that she and her guest last night were implying that mental illness is due to demons. And that the guest would not help someone if they didn’t first believe in Jesus and demons. I’m not sure that is a good message to send out to people experiencing mental illness. Especially when the psychological theory of soul, spirit and heart that he described, is a load of old gobbledygook supported by no research or evidence.

    In my opinion, Angie and her friends are doing more to harm real victims than to help them. And I don’t believe her purpose is to help them anyway.

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  10. I’m not saying there aren’t genuine survivors, but there are people who should not be putting them selves up for calling them selves anti child abuse advocates, when they are not mentally fit to be able to do it, or they want you to believe in certain conspiracy theories and fake accusations, or fill your head fill of God fearing demon rubbish. Take your pick,it’s all there, APD is just the tip if the iceberg. The donate buckets all come out. There is no way of knowing where the money goes, or pay pal buttons on the bottom of the page, there is still no way of knowing where the money is going. But they will tell a story that the vulnerable, mentally ill or survivor of some kind of abuse, might think Oh I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, so I’ll give generously, with out even questioning anything.

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  11. On a side note, the complaint procedure against Valerie Sinason was supposed to start yesterday. Valerie was therapist to Kim Noble, who’s paintings have wrongly been connected to this whole pizzagate stuff.

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    • Ah, thanks for the reminder dave. I had been in touch with the UKCP about this a while back. They said that if the complaint were upheld, then the judgement (suitably redacted) would be made public. …. She is a dangerously stupid woman, and is actually madder than the people she purports to treat.

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      • Implication that because Patrick reported a cannabis crop(real or otherwise) in Pattersons flat the net result is that Patrick is no longer alive.Hmm,could well be just bigging himself up like these keyboard empties tend to do.It may also require some attention and clarification by the boys and girls in blue.

        Patterson is a seriously unhinged individual that much is beyond any doubt.

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        • He seems to be extremely aggressive.
          But don’t worry, he has a ‘Royal Commission’ coming up, a “Grand Jury” and so on. (papers filed with the courts etc, as though plonking a letter full of derangement’s and bizarre claims. on a desk means it is now a certainty)

          Is this a pattern with this Mob : to craft a sensation out of thin air by grasping upon a few facts, build up a scenario and when it all peters out to be nothing, then claim the ‘Establishment’ (MI5/6, GCHQ, Rothschilds, Illuminati., Tory MPs, bloggers etc) have nipped their investigations in the bud. It’s like a win-win case for them. They can rant & rave on Youtube about it forever and a day.

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          • They dress it up as such, Sam, but at the end of the day they’re basically spoilt brats who stamp their feet and scream if they don’t get their own way with “Mummy” (i.e. the council, the government, the courts, the TV licence people etc.).

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  12. It’s official – Andy Peacher’s going to bring down the establishment. Be sure to tell your stockbrokers.


    • Is that the Mr Setchfield who could almost (physically) be a Jimmy Savile clone?

      # Another thing strikes me with This Mob : they cite credentials like being an ex-copper, ex-military or any sort of degree or study in some field as giving unquestioned credibility and seem to be unaware that even the most intelligent and learned person can also suffer from a mental illness that often gets worse with age.

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    • Woman who falsely accuses numerous people of despicable crimes, publishes their names repeatedly, has not a scintilla of proof or evidence, abuses innocent children after the UK High Court issues a directive that this should cease but still identifies those children, has a bitch moan and weeps that in fact she is the victim.
      Go figure.

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    • Rather than leaving alone to allow possibility of healing,you get bet your bottom dollar Angie will be already scheming to undermine any such treatment plans for a little click bait.Should keeping a “tight rein” includes some legal restraints against the likes of Angie interfering there is hope.

      If Angie et al get their claws back in the best possible outcome will be a revolving door situation.

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  13. You are ridiculous. You can’t decide what did or didn’t happen to someone else. You weren’t there. We are all individuals, some can speak about it and others cannot. I think you may just be running out of things to talk about and people to attack. I don’t know Angela but how dare you attack Fiona, whom I do know, and you do not. Why don’t you just go and live your life and stop being nasty?


    • So you think Nixon really did fly to Oz on Air Force One for the purpose of assaulting Fiona? Do you have evidence to support this extraordinary claim? We’d be very interested to see it.


      • No, don’t be silly, no evidence because he was a secret illuminati MKUltra child abusing satanist! That’s how he was able to sneak past the press pack IN the White House, go to the not secret military base, secretly, get on that plane, go over, get that HOOGE plane landed, again at a base, all with everyone covering it up, that massive plane that says exactly what it is on it, and we are left with an eyewitness who produces a crude, odd drawing, not at all resembling the actual layout of the interior, in a very importan respect (keeping why to myself). FFS El Coyote.get with the program. Everything pointing to something being not true and no corroboration at all just demonstrates the sneaky sneakyness of the sneaky Nixon.

        I like all the drawings that aren’t her drawings of what she saw with her eyes, but some strange tableaux as if they are drawn by someone imagining, nay, inventing what a scene like she describes would look like. Because DID of course.

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    • And don’t forget the longest tunnel on the planet, just to abuse Fiona, that no one knows about. If the Channel Tunnel needed 13,000 workers, the London Olympics 150,000, just imagine how many Australians are conspiring to cover up Fiona’s abuse. Imagine too the cost, the ships needed to get concrete and raw materials to Australia. Terrifying.

      What’s more, they managed to hide the spoil. I’m thinking Shawshank Redemption efforts, armies of people leg wiggling secret rubble across the country.

      A conspiracy of unimaginable proportions.

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    • Because Angela Power-Disney, David Shurter and Fiona Barnett all have such marvelous track records on telling the truth, so we should believe their ever-changing abuse stories without question. Right, Imailletlynn?

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      • No offense to Fiona but personally I wouldn’t go three stops on a bus to cop a feel, never mind fly half way round the world. But that’s just me.

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  14. This was very good – thank you!

    There is a bit more to the “I have suffered extreme abuse and torment, therefore I’m a genuine Martyr” story, however. If you don’t mind, I’ll explain where it goes from that point.

    You said: “Sebastian’s suffering and perseverance in the face of overwhelming pain grant him the authority to speak on God’s behalf” – correct, very good. But a martyr’s suffering also does something else – it PURIFIES them. In a sense, it cleanses away their sins and their inherently sinful nature as a human person. This doesn’t make them ‘divine’, but it does render them incapable of uttering falsehoods, or even of desiring to be dishonest or deceptive in any way.

    So…when a martyr subsequently becomes a prophet, an official mouthpiece for The Creator, they not only have the authority to speak on God’s behalf, they are also infallible. They are so pure that they cannot tell a lie, therefore whatever they say must be the truth. ( By the way, there are also secular versions of these processes and their consequences. Myth, legend and heroic fantasy literature depict parallel “heroes quests” which – if successfully endured – transform the hero into some form of infallibly wise sage and supreme leader for their people. So, extreme abuse Survivor martyrs and prophets don’t have to be religious evangelists, they can be more of a philosopher-prophet or even a populist-prophet).

    Well – who cares, eh? THEY do, very much, because they want everyone to “believe” much more than simply: “I was molested by my father” or “I was raped by a politician”.
    They want everyone to believe EVERYTHING they say, about ANYTHING. In fact, they will typically demand this from their followers and their followers will defend the infallibility of anything the say, like this:
    “Why would he/she make this (insert any subject or topic here) up? Why are you attacking this person, who has suffered so much already? Do you work for (insert any imaginary conspiracy; religious, political, financial or social, implicated by the prophet as having a role in her/his suffering)-? You must be ONE OF THEM!”

    This may strike you as a far-fetched route to achieving power-by-pronouncement over others, but in fact none other than academic Hal Pepinsky became so convinced of Survivor claimant “purity” and therefore infallibity, that he based his famous “Peacemaking” theses on the proposition that social peace and world- wide non-violent societies would result, if everyone would just listen to (and believe) Survivor’s life stories.

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