Anti-Semitism: The beating heart of conspiracy theories?

We’ve noted before that a virulent strain of anti-Semitism has been a consistent thread running through the Hampstead “Satanic ritual abuse” hoax.

Abraham Christie’s early claims of a global conspiracy of “Talmudic Satanic Sodomites” were only the beginning. We’ve heard anti-Semitic rants and slurs from most of the Hoaxtead mobsters, including but not limited to Araya Soma, Sabine McNeill, Charlotte Alton Ward, Drifloud, Angela Power-Disney, John Paterson, Alan Alanson, the late Patrick Cullinane, Kev Baker, Chris Everard, Wesley Hall, Deborah Mahmoudieh….the list goes on and on.

We’ve wondered about this in the past: why does anti-Jewish sentiment seem so deeply embedded in the troofer community in general, and the Hoaxtead mob in particular?

Talking about a (French) revolution

Part of the answer may stretch back in history, to the days of the French Revolution. According to Scott Wood, writing in Little Atoms,

Modern conspiracy theory began in Paris. Many in Europe were horrified by the French Revolution and found satisfaction in finding an organised hidden group guilty of orchestrating events. The culprits were secret societies such as the Bavarian Illuminati, the Freemasons and the Knights Templars. Then in 1791 the new French National Assembly ended all legal restrictions on France’s Jews, suggesting to future conspiracy pundits that, through the logic of cui bono, the revolution was a Jewish plot.  The Anti-Semitic League of France, founded in 1889, made its central claim that Jews seized power in the French Revolution. After the founding of Israel, the supposed Jewish conspiracy changed to an Israeli one, but it is still the shadowy plot that harks back to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Europe’s long history of anti-Semitic suspicion.

Not only did the French National Assembly recognise Jews as full citizens in 1789, but the secular nature of the Revolution led to the Catholic Church in France being dispossessed of its wealth, and later, to laws requiring that all overt signs of Christianity must be removed.

It’s not difficult to understand how someone looking at the Revolution and its outcomes might put two and two together and come up with 43. If Jews were now actual citizens, but Christians were not allowed to display signs of their religion, it stood to reason that the Jews must have orchestrated the whole thing for their own benefit, right?

Well, wrong.

But that didn’t stop a growing number of conspiracy theorists from speculating that the Jews—whose manner of dress, language, cultural practices, and religion differentiated them from their Christian neighbours—were an evil hidden force in society. The basis of anti-Semitic racism is the belief that Jews are not normal citizens going about their business, but rather represent a secretive, poisonous, powerful cabal.

In the minds of troofers, the Illuminati is responsible for things like assassinations, currency manipulation, false flag events, psy ops, and Rihanna. Its end goal is to establish a New World Order, a one-world authoritarian government where people will be forced to have microchips implanted in their brains. Or something.

Modern anti-Semitic conspiracy theories which depict an elaborate secret hierarchy of controlling Jewish influences derive in large part from the 1903 tract The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which claimed to be the manual of a Jewish secret society whose intention was to eventually dominate the world. Although the tract, a classic in paranoid, racist literature, has been debunked as a fraud multiple times since 1921, it’s still in wide circulation and is quoted as “evidence” of the malevolent influence of the Jews by conspiracy theorists.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion stand alongside another popular anti-Semitic trope: the “blood libel”, the centuries-old myth that Jews murder Christian babies or children, and use their blood to make matzoh, the special unleavened bread which is eaten during Passover to commemorate the fact that the Jews fled Egypt before their bread had time to rise.

Anyone who has actually seen or eaten matzoh will attest that the “blood in matzoh” idea is arrant nonsense.

Matzoh is white. And bland. Seriously, it is blander than the blandest bland thing you can think of. It’s not called the “bread of affliction” for nothing.

But believe us: if there were even a drop of blood in it, it would be very noticeable. It might even give matzoh a flavour.

Anti-Semitism and the Illuminati

In 1991, fundamentalist Christian televangelist Pat Robertson wrote a book called The New World Order, which was influenced by a number of conspiracy theories. In Robertson’s view, the so-called world conspiracy could be traced back to a small Bavarian Freemason lodge founded in 1776 by the German Adam Weishaupt. This lodge was called the Illuminati.

According to Robertson’s book, the Illuminati were later infiltrated and taken over by Jewish bankers: “That same year, 1782, the headquarters of Illuminated Freemasonry moved to Frankfurt, a center controlled by the Rothschild family. It is reported that in Frankfurt, Jews for the first time were admitted to the order of Freemasons. If indeed members of the Rothschild family or their close associates were polluted by the occultism of Weishaupt’s Illuminated Freemasonry, we may have discovered the link between the occult and the world of finance. Remember, the Rothschilds financed Cecil Rhodes in Africa; Lord Rothschild was a member of the inner circle of Rhodes’s English Round Tables; and Paul Warburg, architect of the Federal Reserve System, was a Rothschild agent.”

And thus, Jews and the Illuminati began to be linked in the minds of conspiracy theorists, particularly those who draw upon the fundamentalist/evangelical Christian tradition, Robertson’s prime audience.

Conspiracy theorists who believe that the affairs of the world are governed by secretive groups such as the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the New World Order, or the shape-shifting lizard people from outer space frequently conflate those groups with the Jews, who they accuse of being the driving force behind global financial affairs, governments, and so forth. While some conspiracists will claim that they are not really anti-Semitic, they give themselves away via the use of terms such as “globalists”, “Zionists”, “international bankers”, “international monetary elite” and “financiers”, “Cultural Marxists”, and “cultural elites”.

Add the internet, stir, and serve with a garnish of paranoia.

Conspiracy theorists like to think of themselves as independent thinkers who don’t accept holus-bolus everything the powers that be tell them, and yet they mindlessly accept centuries-old anti-Semitic fables as literal truth. Conspiracism is inherently anti-democratic: those who believe that the world is in the clutches of an invisible cabal of Jews/Illuminati/Freemason/lizard people believe that citizens are essentially powerless, that there is no point in engaging in the democratic process, and that the only option which remains is to sit in front of computer screens hammering out anti-Semitic screeds which prove that the troofers are somehow superior to all the poor sheeple who just don’t get it.

Ultimately, though, it all boils down to one thing: troofers believe that someone other than them is profiting from the way the world is currently arranged…and it’s probably the Jews.

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  1. “Add the internet, stir, and serve with a garnish of paranoia.” LOL!

    Excellent post on anti-Semitism and the Illuminati, EC.. and one which will surely enlighten (see what I did there?) all conspiraloons should they happen to visit here. 🙂

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  2. All hell breaking out,as the rumour mill spreads news that Mr Kiplin at long last has added the Matzoh bread factory to his portfolio.

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  3. Sorry to go off topic. Tracey Morris has another live feed up. It is nasty, horrid, made me feel sick. A warning to anyone that has had a suicide in the family or a friend, please think about it before you watch it, she is quite graphic about it in some parts.
    I can’t link to it atm, but it is on her FB page.

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    • She beleives there were 54,000 families in the UK who were victims of court cases involving contaminated blood between 2010 and 2014.

      Now this is just a hunch but I’m guessing maths isn’t our Tracey’s strong suit.

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          • There’ve been some nice new entries for the Hoaxtead Lexicon this week:

            “Contact the Law Society if you had hair frolic tests carried out by this company”
            “The harsh treatment metered out”
            “From my up and coming film”
            “We were at the Royal Court’s Injustice yesterday.”
            “We are using high profile cases to set a president”

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          • Oh, I dare say there’s some truth in it. Forensic contamination is an ongoing issue, often covered in Private Eye. It’s just her numbers that seem rather silly.

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            • I’ve seen somewhere that 34,000 families have been offered a review. Researching Reform posted a blog, I havn’t linked it because the last time I looked, Sabine & Maggie Tuttle, Andy Peachers’ conferences were still promoted on there.

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          • It’s scandalous actually and loads of cases need to be reviewed.

            I don’t know where Tracey gets 54,000 families from but she may have a reliable source for this information. Cases back to 2010 are being looked at, so that may be an accurate number.

            Of course it’s best to keep in mind that children aren’t just removed because of a drug test. When I was working in the criminal Courts I came across many families where the parents were drug addicts, but kept their children because the parenting was good enough. Being on drugs doesn’t necessarily make you a bad parent. Nevertheless if part of the evidence which resulted in children being permanently removed by the Family Courts is tainted, then there needs to be an in-depth review.

            Tbh I feel sick about this – not only because of the degree of injustice involved but also because the situation has created another bandwagon for Tracey and her friends to jump on, and it’s a bandwagon where families might be re-victimised.

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            • Look out for those offering to help, like the Beat the bailiff merchants or GetOutOfDebtFree lot, who charge for subsciptions & copies of forms & letters and of course expenses…… as well as in some cases abuse their victims, too.

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          • p.s. 54,000 might be the number of drug tests that were done? Doesn’t necessarily mean this is the number of cases where injustices were done.

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      • “He’s a wanker”, good for him. I wish the fruitloops would take note of his actions, instead of flooding the globe with kids they can’t look after properly, then blaming everyone else for their own failings. The world needs more wankers and less gobby loons.

        I’m beginning to think these psycho hoax promoters, have more in common with Lemmings than sheep. Sheep follow each other to stay safe from predators, whilst these clowns are happy to follow each other off the edge of the nearest cliff, metaphorically speaking of course.

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    • She says she emailed everyone in advance to let them know about this broadcast so that they wouldn’t disturb the recording by sending her texts/emails while she was ‘on air’… but it didn’t cross her mind to mute her phone? Wow.

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    • @ 41:31 / -34:03

      “These people are running scared…There is two males involved in the murder and one female watched it, seeing it happening. Whoever the tall skinny one is has left the country. I know you’ve left the country and I know why you’ve left the country, coz you’re running scared – you’re terrified. You’re either there in Scotland or you’re somewhere in England and you’ll be found. Coz once I know who you are, I’ve got an army all over England and Northern Ireland and I’ll send them to find you. We’ll find you…I advise yous to come forward…but if you don’t come forward and I have to go looking for you…I take no prisoners and I don’t care.”

      She really does like getting arrested, doesn’t she.

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      • They should be fine in Scotland then, as Commander “Spacey Tracey”, only has armies in England and Northern Ireland. What a deluded and nasty little skank.

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        • Yeah, that crossed my mind too, NR. LOL
          They’ll have to start a GoFundMe to raise the train fare to Edinburgh 🙂

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        • She is deeply disturbed imo. I hope she does not get access to the little grandchildren, not because I am being mean, but if she starts telling them all that disturbing stuff about their mother, I would fear for their mental health, they have already lost their Mummy, they do not need her paranoia as well. As for her own young children, I sincerely hope someone responsible is keeping an eye on them. She is escalating with her terrible tales & can only get worse.

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  4. “We’ve noted before that a virulent strain of anti-Semitism has been a consistent thread running through the Hampstead ‘Satanic ritual abuse’ hoax.”

    Indeed, EC! In fact, as I’ve pointed out before, it’s about the only thing these people can agree on. It’s an almost non-stop pagga party over the Hoaxtead fence but the moment someone mentions those “evil Jews”, an oasis of unified calm descends upon the Hamphoaxer community, with everyone holding hands and singing ‘Deutschland Über Alles’.

    There also seems to be a lot of white supremacy crap creeping into hoaxer narrative too, with Praterson and Banks lamenting the ‘contamination of the white race’, Butlintwat rabidly supporting Jayda Fransen and Britain First, Angie & Heifer mourning the demise of the gollywog and claiming that all black men make poor fathers and Mad Moo bemoaning the increasing numbers of black taxi drivers in Sheffield…

    And lest we forget the Islamophobes, like Malcolm Paedogilvy (and even Mad Moo until not that long ago!); and the homophobes, like Alanson, Paedogilvy (again!) and Angela.

    Frankly, it’s a veritable 24/7 hatefest in Conspiraland and it makes me feel so relieved I picked the right team to bat for 🙂

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  5. “Add the internet, stir, and serve with a garnish of paranoia.”

    Tip-top wordsmithery, EC. You’re wasted here!

    And thank you for today’s fascinating history lesson – I’ve learnt a thing or two there.

    By the way, has anyone else noticed the decline of the lizard people? It’s all the conspiracy fruitloops were talking about 3 or 4 years ago but now there’s barely a reptilian in sight. I blame global warming.

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    • Absolutely true and yes, I’ve noticed that Icke’s Reptilian body changers have become somewhat passe. Another fad bites the dust.

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  6. Of course Jews can be seen as a somewhat unique race in that they have never had a real homeland and have always made themselves as useful as possible wherever they reside in large groups. This is not a conspiracy, rather a practicality and survival mode and as anyone who has at least one Jewish parent (moi) will know there seems to be an inbuilt urgency whereby that parent urges their child to learn very useful skills be it in banking, medicine or playing a musical instrument to make one as useful as possible. It’s not Satanic, it’s just humans trying to survive.

    But this isn’t really unique and further proof can be seen in a program I just viewed here in Oz that followed the fortunes of recent Somali immigrants who had been urged to live in country centres. This has proved to be a huge success after initial skepticism both from the immigrants themselves and the country folk. Suddenly country towns found an eager new work force who will do the sorts of jobs that usually only the backpacking itinerant crowd fill and the immigrants found themselves accepted by the towns folk and have been most pleased by their wages which enable them to live a pretty good life. In fact it’s so successful country centres are now urging the government to bring in more and more immigrants.

    But the Hoaxers would probably work out a way to find that’s all some Satanic Freemason plot.

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    • As opposed to Hitler’s Nazis who looted the wealth of entire countries, confiscated great art collections and were in the end not just psychopathic killers but plain old criminals and thieves.

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      • They didn’t.

        The Red Cross never issued such a statistic, nor has it offered any estimate of the number of victims who perished in the camps. In its bulletin of February 1, 1978, the Red Cross declared that it had never compiled, much less published such statistics.

        The 300,000 figure was actually taken from the Swiss paper, “Die Tat,” in 1955. This estimate, however, was only a figure for the number of Germans who perished in the concentration camps. No mention of any Red Cross figures, however, was ever made by the paper.

        Despite the obvious deception, Holocaust deniers continue to peddle it, hoping that few people will actually check the sources.

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  7. “No, I don’t condone violence against anyone, no matter what they’ve done.”

    “All children are innocent, whatever race, colour, creed, beliefs they have. so YES I would defend and help to expose the abusers of Jewish children also.”

    Really, Al? Hmm…

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      • The above comment is idiotic on so many levels.

        Vaccines, pesticides and alcohol cause gayness? What the actual fuck?

        As for it not being natural – firstly, yes it is; scientists are pretty certain now that people who are gay are born gay, as is the case in hundreds of other mammal species. And secondly, since when is something not being natural an argument for it being wrong? Shall we ban cars, clothes, soap and painkillers too?

        Alan, on your next hiking trip take in some fresh air and have a long hard think about how absurd some of the things you spout in public sound and ponder on the undeniable benefits of thinking before you speak.

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      • Christianity isn’t natural then. Humans have been around millions of years before anyone took note of a crackpot cult leader, in an area that at the time, was filled with those types of charlatans.
        For someone who hates gays and Jews, why’s Alanson such a Jesus fucker?

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      • Guess Alanson has never studied ancient Greek or Roman history. Maybe it was something in the olives or goat’s milk.

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      • Being gay is nothing new, Alan.

        Great gay men in history:

        Leonardo da Vinci
        Oscar Wilde
        Alan Turing
        Little Richard
        Cole Porter

        And many many more…

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  8. “No, I don’t condone violence against anyone.”

    “I have never intentionally or deliberately posted any ‘death threats’ from myself or others.”

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  9. I was reading Hoaxtead pretty regularly. I thought you were a researcher. I know illuminati bloodliners and they would find it funny you think they don’t exist. These jackasses that say it’s the Jews are shills or useful idiots at best. The illuminati bloodline is ancient and dates back a lot further than the fifteen hundreds. I can see that in light of Hoaxtead you’d find the whole truth skewed. I could elaborate further but just wanted to bring these particular things up. No offense El Coyote but this post of yours is way off.

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    • Your laughing at the notion of them. But yet they are as real as you. Do your own research. I met them then I did. I mistook you all for actual researchers. Ya’ll have a nice day. I stand by what I said. Period.


      • Sunshine, you havn’t provided any links …. to share and enlighten those of us here that have known about Bloodlines the guide stones etc., I frankly do not believe the same things as you. You doxxed yourself, from my experience, any people wanting their ID kept secret is respected here, though exceptions are obviously made for the hoaxers, lying and attacking us with threats etc.
        I took a look at your channel, whilst I appreciate your kind comments on my videos and sub….. I couldn’t sub back, because of the content you display.
        Is this ‘bait & switch?’…… I didn’t spend long on truther world stuff and it is only through following the people perpetuating hoaxes that I’ve learnt some more, your comments here have a familiar ring……. you have not answered any questions, except with the old Mel ve style trick …. ‘Do your own research’….. I’m not willing or able to spend time on something I found out was untrue and another rabbit hole, like the anti vaxxers etc…

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        • Look up one of the Kennedy’s stating vaccines were poison. As far as the “pedo cannibal aspect” a real bloodline whistleblower told me decades ago they are into that. A lot want out. Not sure why as disgusting as it is its hard to believe. Even in the bible it mentions child sacrifices. She also stated decades prior they were grooming Soetoro to be president as future proof. Here is another jaw dropper. They really are flown to “the grandfathers” to watch a sacrifice and told of they ever tell worse will be done to them. She was sent to the Vatican to view it. I’m the catacombs so you all have a good laugh at her expense and the rest who want out. Sorry as far as proof I wasn’t there so no pics as you can imagine. All this other b.s. is to distract from the fact they exist and take victims like Shurter. Another victim I met said she was taken to a barn with other children where they were harmed. A long time ago. Yet another victim said her grandfather who was a mason doubled as a preacher during the day and he engaged in this type of filth. In church she was called insane. These particular three didn’t and don’t even know each other. They are a lot more credible than anyone online I don’t know. Sorry no “links” computers were still in DOS format at that point. Okay let the victim mocking begin.


          • As EC stated, there surely are victims of both preachers & freemasons as there are of all kinds of people but cannabalism is not substantiated, nor are any people claiming to have been victims witnessing it. The pos you have named has mocked many genuine victims/survivors…….ripped some off too.. I heard someone describing horrendous abuse happening in a barn, in the early 90s, at a conference organised by Vera Diamond, She completely dismissed all other CSA as insignificant, when compared to SRA.
            SRA Myths have caused immense harm, I have listened to others who thoroughly believe in them and there is always an unwillingness to look at the whole picture, real evidence. Like most people here, I have had to look, read and listen to the beliefs of SRA myth perpetuators in order to understand it all.
            As for vaccines, they have to be poisonous, to work
            Is that you commenting under Omnis video last night ?


    • Oh was that supposed to antagonize me, November? Words don’t hurt me, ignorance from others does. Hope ya’ll figure it out. Just like I do all the other folks you cover. Peace out.


        • Make a cute comment for your friends but whatever you do…don’t actually research. Might wanna take off that b.s. about gladly accepting others input. Y’all are no better than the rest of the liars. You specifically rude people. And to the one lady married into the name but how cute. ; )


      • From the BBC article.
        “It was on 1 May 1776 that Adam Weishaupt, a professor of law at the University of Ingolstadt, founded the Order of the Illuminati, a secret organisation formed to oppose religious influence on society and the abuse of power by the state by fostering a safe space for critique, debate and free speech”

        The Illuminati started by Weishaupt in 1776, it is completely irrelevant whether people have traced his ancestors or the bloodlines of other people who joined the Illuminati back further than that date.

        That’s about as pointless as me tracing Bill Gates family tree back as far as records go, and then saying I can trace the Bloodlines of Microsoft back to the 1700’s.

        You do not have to me a conspiracy theorist, to realise wealthy groups of individuals, families and big businesses, control a lot of the world p, down to financially backing political parties, governments, and doing anything they can to benefit their own interests. It really doesn’t matter who they are, what their bloodlines are, heritage etc. Money rules the world, if they come and go, they will only be replaced by other rich people.

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          • If your actually activists who care about ALL real victims you may wanna rethink your stand and do research. Laugh all you want. As stated they exist. Starting to make me wonder where y’all are coming from down to the statement making fun of the South. I’ve been more places than most will ever go. Your doing exactly what others do to you online. Notice that? And no I’m not talking about the people you have covered. They are for also. Anyway to bad you all let it deteriorate to this instead. Again I stand by my very truthful statements and people who know me know I am a woman of integrity. Maybe the comment section should only be open to a few who agree. I have enjoyed El Coyotes mainly other truthful and well
            written posts. If their are actual researchers involved I politely suggest they continue resrarching. Including El Coyote. Ride people online don’t ultimately phase me. I once again thought you were actually researchers and no I’m not lumping in the great channels I have seen from some that are hilarious and we’ll done. P.S. I like a good English accent so why the Southern hate. : / Last reply y’all go at it. But when your done research.


          • “If your actually activists who care about ALL real victims”, hmmm, not sure how a hoax like Pizzagate with no actual victims is helping any real victims, unless you just include every unrelated case of Child trafficking/abuse in the mix. The stuff about pedo cannibals isn’t exactly helping normal people take the issues of child abuse seriously. All Pizzagate and this obsession with eating children is making a joke of abuse case imho.


        • On my father’s side the family traces back to the Plantagenets so by rights I should be bloody King of England but then I may have 10,000 cousins who think likewise. And why don;t people bow and curtsy to me?
          But it also means once you start going backwards you end with 100s of Great Great etc etc Grandparents so the very notion that a family tree contains a time-line of decedents who all think alike and adopt the same beliefs & could consistently maintain some sort of secret society defies all logic and denies that each person is an individual.

          They do this with the Rothschilds just because their family history can be traced back a few 100 years (like most of us) and yet again ignore the fact that fortunes come and go and that when you go back say 300 years it’s an ever increasing circle of ancestors just as descendant are an ever increasing circle. But the Rothschilds come in fro special treatment because they have become a self -perpetuating conspiracy while reality is ignored: that even though Baron Rothschild, regarded as the titular family head is immensely rich he is still “poor” by billionaire status with under $3B to his name where even in Australia there are a dozen billionaires far richer with real power and in the USA 100s of billionaires who dwarf the Rothschilds in wealth.

          Yet all this has been really promoted inadvertently by Hollywood films as each and every “conspiracy” and claim usually comes about 10 years after some sci fi movie. ie: the “faked” moon landings. If Jesus existed and put it about there may well be 10,000s of his descendants but how in the hell would we know as no records were kept.

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          • Just because you don’t have access to records doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Also they trace thru the mother’s line and yes they intermarry. They have records but do you think it’s on Also a lot change their names to throw people off.


        • Likewise the very notion that all immensely rich people are of one mind is ludicrous. Two prominent US billionaires- Warren Buffet is fairly right-wing while George Soros is to the ‘left’ but both agree the US has slipped from Capitalism into a damaging Market Economy that risks imploding at any time.
          For some reason Soros gets all the flack even though he’s given around $6M to charity while both have said they will eventually give away all their fortunes to charity before they die.

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          • “Likewise the very notion that all immensely rich people are of one mind is ludicrous”

            Yes i always found that belief to be ridiculous Gos. Just like how anybody that gets voted in as an MP suddenly must become paedophiles as they are always accused of being one.


  10. Make a cute comment for your friends but whatever you do…don’t actually research. Might wanna take off that b.s. about gladly accepting others input. Y’all are no better than the rest of the liars. You specifically rude people. And to the one lady married into the name but how cute. ; )


  11. Btw spellcheck strikes again. : / Sorry for the typos but not the content. I would say again have a nice day but apparently even that offends some. ; )


    • “The people that you bring up are scammers and shills. There isn’t a single one of them that is an actual truther”.

      Which ones do you think are shills and please name someone you think of as “an actual truther”.

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      • The list of shills would fill the internet. The list of real try there i.e. one hundred percent truth are as far as I can tell nonexistant. Literally not a one I’ve seen. Ty for being polite. As stated I do agree with all the ones that were called out.


        • Real truthers. I come from the old days with keyboards that were actually used friendly. This texting on phones makes for lots of mistakes. Plus unlike YouTube on WordPress it’s hard to correct. Sorry about that.


  12. Watching “Dark”, currently on Netflix. German with English overdubs. I’m at episode 9 of 10, it’s been excellent! Very creepy, but low gore level. The soundtrack has been particularly superb. Recommended.

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      • I finished it, this morning. No spoilers, but it was a satisfactory ending 🙂
        BUT…New Kitten is not happy with me 😦 He’s 5 months old now, but still not capale of sitting quietly on my lap, so he causes lots of trouble when I’m watching shows online. I can, and do tolerate a LOT from cats – but chewing on the corners of the laptop monitors is not on that list. So, I have to close him out of the room and he gets very sad about that. He wants to be with, or around, me all the time natch.

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        • Ah, you should have got a dog! I wasn’t able to watch it on that other site in the end, as it never had any English subtitles. 😦

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    Another Pulitzer-winning pearl of wisdom from JournoAngie™


  14. Haha, Geeorge & Mildred have just posted a fake Hampstead letter on their Holliehoax Justice page (they got it from the Barrister Blogger’s comment page) as “proof” of the now debunked abuse claims. Desperate much, Paedogilvy?

    “My aunt [name redacted] and uncle [name redacted] were both taken by my ‘grandfather’ to satanic rituals where they were raped by him and many other adults along with other children from toddler age to about 9 years old or so. My grandmother finally discovered what was happening and he was taken down. The courts had all the evidence they needed. Dr. Reports, pentegrams, ritual items the works. It was confirmed yet it all goes under the radar. My aunt and uncle are both dead now because of habitual heavy drug abuse. My aunt received the Holy Ghost and spent the last year of her life with me. I always knew what happened from my mother but found out the little details from my aunt the year we were together. What is troubling to me about this case is how extremely similar these kids original testimony was to what really happened to Alice and Bill!!! This kind of stuff was very difficult for me when I found out it was true so I can understand how it is hard for people to believe. Unfortunately these things are happening everywhere right under the worlds nose!!! It’s real, it’s real, it is soooo very real!! Wanted to share because the author of this and the world needs to know. That is the only way something will be done. I believe in Jesus Christ and do believe He is returning to put an end to all this very soon. God bless!!!!”

    The Barrister Blogger on Hampstead:

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    • Over & over & over they make this mistake:
      “I believe in Jesus Christ and do believe He is returning to put an end to all this very soon. God bless!!!!” –

      – and they’ve been making that mistake with their fraudulent life histories since the 1970’s at least, before Lawrence Pazder invented SRA in 1980, even. When you tack this on, or inserted it within, you reveal yourself to be a TESTIMONIALIST EVANGELIST, with an inherent motivation to lie about what everything you’ve previously said.
      This is one of the “tells”, a true one, not a made-up body language ‘tells’ – and law enforcement has been aware of that fact since at least 1990. Not much point to keeping that “under wraps” any longer, it seems to me, so there you go. A genuine “secret”, publicly disclosed.


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    • Faker christians. Faker truthers. Faker super duper soldiers. Waders please. Apparently scamming Christians pays well. As with many other groups.

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  15. For anyone who wants to watch Titus Frost dressed as Jesus reading the bible. What are the odds on Angie reposting this video?

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    • Told ya shill fakers. Good one. Lots of these people are set up to deceive. Others are useful idiots. Others are still searching if they won’t admit it. The one thing they all have in common is none of them are right. Don’t worry won’t be posting much after this. Just actually thought folks may wanna further research some things. Peace out. Lol at this Titus guy, their b.s. knows no bounds.

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      • Don’t worry about people disagreeing with you. I was a Conspiracy believer of sorts when I first came here.

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    • Disgusting freak supporting child abusers Abe and Ella and promoting hoaxes to cover up and make a mockery or genuine child abuse victims. Sick woman.

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    • She blames a Facebook group admins for “deleting a concerned and persecuted mum from their timeline” yet she doesn’t spare a thought for persecuted children.

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      • I still do think it needs to be looked into more. Unlike Hampstead. I think there is plenty of circumstantial evidence in the USA pertaining to Podesta and company. That comment was seven months ago and I may reword it at this time but sure it needs looking into.


        • The issue I have is that I followed it from the beginning, before the ban from Reddit and over to the cess pool that is Voat. The Wikileaks emails are genuine, no doubting that at all. However the supposed pedo code came from a 4Chan troll, a site that has had it’s own issues with hosting pedo content.

          The code word “Cheese Pizza” is a genuine abbreviation for the unthinkable, the rest of the code words are just bullshit, maybe online pedos have used them but to be know and used in 10 years of emails by 60 and 70 years old elites in private emails, I dobt that highly. The codes paired to the emails made no sense either.

          The only reason Comet got roped in is for their fundraisers for Podesta and Hillary, then that lead to people reposting pictures of children from their social media pages and taking in-jokes out of context.

          So much of the whole thing was utter rubbish, the fabrication of emails and websites to make everything look sinister, Silsby trying to help children out of a terrible place (Haiti) for children, Monica Peterson who was actually trying to change how trafficking statistics were recorded, and so much more just fabricated perversions.

          So many pieces of art attributed to Comet and/or the Podesta’s that are works by other artists, or not pieces they own. The spirit cooking thing is also complete horseshit to anyone who follows the art world. It’s a pathetic performance art to con those with too much money, and even if it wasn’t it doesn’t involve and killing or harming of children or harm to anyone other than the artist.

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    • Abraham has been a child abusing, creepy pcrminal with many convictions for much longer than any of his hemp scams. Sick people supporters known criminal child abusers, perverts.

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    • “Confronted every authority with it”.
      I suppose she’s furious that entities like the Greater London Authority haven’t buckled into her demands and dropped planned roadworks to investigate Moo’s (lawful) claims.
      I guess it hasn’t occurred to her that in the end the courts are the final arbiters of such cases and this one has been concluded along with a rejected appeal.

      She’s really a would-be dictator demanding everyone do as she demands and if not, they will get a pasting in another Youtube video rant that is largely ignored except by those who give her the thumbs down.

      Another bone-lazy “activist” conning themselves into thinking they are achieving something by pounding away at their PC. These days just about all correspondence can be written and sent via email by the lazy sods so she must be sending off dozens of her diatribes to hapless “authorities” where workers have to use precious time reading and either ignoring or responding to her defamation’s.

      Meanwhile in the Real World true activists are out there working in Food Banks and for charities and giving their precious time & efforts for little thanks while this dame stamps her feet angrily, achieving sod all.

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    • He was saying relatively intelligent things for the first 8 minutes or so, before he launched into crazy ranting about “the deep state” targeting Flynn.

      WRONG, Nathan. I, for one, have been sending warnings to law enforcement agencies in the US (since 2010) and the UK (since 2015), that loonies like you were being exploited by a spider’s web of disparate interests, to spread conspiracy-based disinformation intended to destroy public trust in our social & governmental institutions. Me, a very ordinary Joe…and I’m certain I wasn’t the only person.

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  16. Mad Moo’s latest televisual masterpiece (or, to put it more accurately, plea for incarceration):

    By the way, she goes after Echo Truths and Titarse Frost in this one and apparently, “They have the whole Hoaxtead crew behind them.” LOL

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    • After a few minutes of listening to her, I skipped to the hour mark to here her shouting lol.
      Oh dear.


      • My god or goddess or light being, Angel, my nan & chrystals who all look over and guide me……………. Given that Angela No Power Disin foney invoked my destructive powers, what out ! Just as I have enjoined with others who are able to see through your lies, scams, tricks, tactics, games, depths of depravity & that there are all sorts becoming entrapped……. CW Chanter gets it. BTW he has been called a pedo for question the sales marketing of a channel with #Elsagate tag. (Btw, I havn’t looked yet to see if it’s a new tag to try and avoid being reported) He said I could go on with him to tell my story, I havn’t been able for so long, until now, in terms of tech. But I also think I need to break my silence first moreso, vocally. There is so much to say, but I’ll do it as quickly as possible. Omni gets it, deals with charlatans & scammers very differently, and I wince at times at his outrageous way of speaking, but I watched many of his videos & got I think why. I was happy to add my destructive powers, if they are real, to his efforts against people we have come across on this journey through trooferdooferland & hoaxhorribleness. I really had no idea and I have repeated and it’s still true, you will see none of the committed, hardworking, sincere people who are indeed very keen to end child sexual abuse. commenting or following even, this stuff, they’re too busy, as are the many professionals whose time is wasted.
        It is no longer the taboo secret, survivors are no longer the stigmatised, shrivelled, silent, victims, to such a large degree, that was the case when we first marched and rallied, 1993 ……………I really do see that this could really be that those who do wish it to be possible,to fck with us, would, if no longer able to shame us into silence, would employ people to shout louder, shout rubbish, shout shit, call anyone for any reason, without any reason a pedo………. at the same time, undermine anything good that IS occurring, undermine those creating new solutions and ways to sort the mess out.
        So……………. The hoaxers always try and make us into one thing…………. either RD, either all satanic baby murderers/abusers, pedosadists/protectors, paid gov shill, basically one easy target to justify hatred on…. Jews of course, but we know that many hoax promoters are clearly racist, homophobic, fearful, fear breeds hate, and this lot are like a cancer on the net, far reaching, and I have gone into their territories with the same result each time……….As have all of you here….So they also want to say that I run this blog, that I make M K Ds videos, who they also speak of as if both are one, but are in fact quite seperate, and do things differently at times than this blog is suited for….. suits me though to share both and all others like WAPTEK, who gets lots of familiar sounding comments, DOAZIC, who appears on the Hoaxtead Exposed Blog, in tandem with videos ‘exposing’ me, in tandem with Wesley Hall, John Paterson deciding to have a go. Many havn’t dared attack me openly…… It’s been going on since 2009 though, covertly, and I fell into traps, too. That I originally made links across the world to share about the rally 2010, on the way getting lots of foul abuse and recognisable tricks, until they threw me and got the troofers on that platform, the rally would have been quite different. Instead people have followed like sheep: David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Kevin Annet, Robert Green, Bill Maloney, Chris who has encouraged vigilantism, it is happening amongst some of the pedohunters, it is also happening that there is blackmail occurring, which is clearly heard on the Laurence Coghlan tape on my blog re Fiona Barnett.
        I have learnt so much, from each and everyone of you that comment here. And all who are cutting through the web and let them drop away………… The internet can be so beautiful depending what you look at. I have looked where I wouldn’t have, seen so much disgusting people, debunking their lies, and Deborah is clearly utterly convinced that she is right. But she will not have actually read the evidence, her leaders tell her not to, we know they all do…… They pretend to ignore me, but I notice the changes in their speak, after I have said something, anywhere……..So I’m happy to tweak their strands and weaken them…. very.
        I didn’t mean to go on so much 🙂 Deb;s triggered me lol 🙂
        So whose trying to silence who ? ?? Debs, whose making it plain that you will relentlessly go after innocent people with these lies and disgusting display of everything not to do, in terms of child protection..
        Whose using me as an example of what will happen to any survivor who dares to call them out…… they have used every low, nasty thing they can think of, in exactly the en script abuser type language, tactics, and not just to me, I didn’t realise either how many other good people had been subjected to this….So as I don’t really do anything that matters re the Inquiry or investigations, I have put my efforts fully behind spreading the word of the truth…………………They know that I’m very good at that. I still havn’t really tried,
        My past sales experience has been dead handy 🙂 I was taught by some of the worst. 🙂


      • WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT ! How dare she claim to be caring about children, that is so sick. Even Angela didn’t go THAT far when I first challenged her back in 2015 about Abes torture tactics, asking her how she could allow for them.

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    • At 37:29 she says it’s ok for Abe to have called the little girl a “cunt”, because he was “under immense pressure” and hey, what parents haven’t snapped at their children when they’re stressed? I’m not kidding – she actually says that 😮

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    • 54:30

      “So it seems that the children’s father, because he’s a semi-professional, unemployed actor who does voice-over videos for Haitian charities abroad – orphanages, children’s orphanages – probably where he gets his babies from, some of them – so he’s obviously treated with celebrity status by London police, isn’t he.”

      Jesus fucking Christ – why is this woman allowed to get away with this?!

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    • I was going to ask when will she get round to covering The Corbett Report, but She’s already done a video on James Corbett a year ago.


      • She also says she doesn’t name people or make accusations against them. Sorry, Debs – we have a ton of videos and screenshots of you doing exactly that. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that naming people and falsely accusing them is all you ever bloody do.

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  17. Hey Sports fans, seems I should jump to this topic of convo rather than the other one, seeing as the title is

    “Anti-Semitism: The beating heart of conspiracy theories?”

    Indeed El Coyote, you said you looked forward to what posts I would share, well as you tried in vain to deflect defunct the other post titled ” Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Niddah Folio 45a ” with lots of words, assumptions and your conclusion was/is that of that article being of ancient history teaching, Well my North American wild Dog…

    What you my friend have failed in your assessment is the Talmud, then & now is studied & taught religiously among the Talmud Jew as fact… Rabbi’s hold that ‘their’ interpretations are correct , weather it be 2000 years ago or last Tuesday my friend…

    Now I gotta say that by your form you are ‘now’ a defender of the Babylonian TALMUD Pharisee Jew.

    So it is my assessment that your title of this thread is exactly what we in the know … know?

    The Luciferian Talmud Pharisee (JEW) is the obstacle to world peace & True freedom of mans/womans Holy right to be free… Did I say I love to type spec when it flows from. The True Creator. Our Father Almighty God… ?

    So my new found friend/s

    Please try to spin this… From the very Luciferian Talmud’s Mouth… I too look forward to your attempt to call… ‘Non Recte’


    • Hi Alan—I have to admit I found the above difficult to decipher. I did manage to deduce that you felt I was being in some way deceptive in my attempt to clarify things for you. I doubt you’ll accept my reassurance, but I can honestly say that wasn’t my intention.

      As for your claim that I’m a defender of “Babylonian TALMUD Pharisee Jew(s)”…perhaps I’ve just bothered to educate myself in the particulars of a religion which has had, over the past several hundred years, all too many detractors. I have my own reasons for having done that, which I might share with you some day if you behave nicely.

      I’m not Jewish myself, but if I were I’d be proud of it.

      Incidentally, the Christian idea of the Creator, the Father Almighty, did not spring fully formed from the teachings of an obscure rabbi 2,000 years ago.

      Try this on for size:

      Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, Melackh ha’olam

      Let’s put it this way: it’s something Jesus knew as a child. 😉 (And he suggested it as the opening words to a rather famous prayer.)


      • Again El Coyote my good friend, If you played for the Toon, they would say ‘Woah Nice Body swerve’

        This is the 2nd article of two you have tried to ‘Swerve’ with utter nonsense… in my opinion .So then I’ll open the floor to all here on this Blog… PLEASE all enlighten me to the true meaning in this Video conference… I BEG YOU,

        Bearing in Mind I’m trying to state the case for TALMUD Affliction through the world …

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        • Well, not sure what else I can tell you, Alan. You ask, I answer to the best of my ability. If you think I’m resorting to trickery, then I have to ask you: why are you bothering?

          My bottom line when it comes to people who believe things like “Jews believe non-Jews are sub-human and deserve to die” or “Jews think it’s okay to have sex with children” is that they’re wrong. I can cite chapter and verse, but when I do that apparently I’m playing tricks, so…why are we doing this again?


    • What a bizarre comment!

      Putting aside the fact that you posted at 18:27, not 18:47, EC did in fact reply to your latest antisemitic rant.

      And claiming to have won an argument because someone didn’t respond right away is pathetic. Tell me you’re not seriously presenting that as proof of ‘victory’. What are you – 12?

      And if I were ignorant or childish enough to buy into your ‘logic’, what would it say about you, considering you’ve been taking several days to reply to any of OUR points? And in fact you STILL haven’t responded to a number of questions that have been put to you several times over the last week or so.

      Such as your death threat to RD – do you stand by that?

      And do you still deny ever having made such threats? Do you owe Mr. Dearman an apology, do you think? And do you owe Ghost of Sam and others an apology for the insults you threw at them for claiming that you have made death threats now that they’ve been proved right?

      Or how about the vile, disgusting posts by Araya that you share and promote? In particular, you were repeatedly asked about this one:

      You’ve now been asked several times about why you support those but have so far failed to respond. EC took a matter of hours to reply to your point above but you still haven’t responded to my question after being asked it a number of times over the last week. So by your ‘logic’, I take it you admit you’ve lost that argument.

      And why did you think it was ok to attempt to post our real names and aggressively threaten to trace all our real IDs and then whine about us using your surname in our comments?

      You cited your desire to protect your family but called us cowards for wanting to protect ours. So I ask again – how exactly does that work?

      Or did you think that if you ignored me for long enough, I’d forget about these points and go away? How did that work out for you, Alan? (By the way they’re just MY questions – there are also those by others that remain unanswered as well.)

      Here are my previous questions to refresh your memory:

      I look forward to your responses. And try not to use live snooker as an excuse to dodge them for the third time. Oh and try to respond courteously, as I agree with the view you’ve repeatedly expressed about the importance of politeness, and I’m really pleased to see that you’ve been practising what you preach:

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      • Alan’s always polite, he never slanders people and he always sticks to his bail conditions…


    • Another question Alan keep dodging is what mistakes he thinks Kris Costa has made in her ‘research’. He responded with “Everyone makes mistakes” but continues to ignore requests to cite some examples.

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    • Luciferian?

      Which particular Christian sect/belief system/persuasion do you belong to? Which sort of Christian are you? What is your preferred ‘cult’? Are you sectarian? Would you attend an Ecumenical gathering and pray for peace with your perceived enemies? How far do you take your enmity?

      How much longer can you sustain your ignorant bollix?

      I’m just curious, not being critical or judgemental in the slightest…I have the utmost respect for your faith whatever it may be…I understand very well that religion is often, in actual fact, “the opiate of the masses”, yet esteemed academics may well think otherwise.

      Which side do you fall on….are you a creationist or do you believe in intelligent design?

      What am I talking about?

      I don’t know….but speaking as a pantheistic agnostic atheist I call bullshit on your bollix.

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      • One thing I noticed was that Alan’s previously posted some pretty damning posts about the Theory of Evolution, insisting that it’s all made up. Another question he may wish to answer is how old he believes the Earth to be.

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    • “^^^^ utter luciferain bullshit I’m afraid Eliza… As is all Religion me Hinney”


      You really do need to work on your debating skills, Al.

      And when you know you’ve lost an argument, just be honest and admit it – your attempts to deflect attention with nonsensical pseudo-cryptic soundbites do you no favours whatsoever.

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    • He couldn’t have edited his post, Eliza. Such a facility doesn’t exist other than to EC and Scarlet. Hope that helps.

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  18. I need to remember that adage… “never argue with an idiot lest they drag you down to their level”

    God, do me a favour and intervene…..wave your index finger at Alan and say “No…No…No”

    I’ve gone doolally.


  19. So I don’t call in here very often anymore, but that’s because the work of a debunker is never done and I’ve moved onto pastures new. But this is infact the very thing that I have moved onto.
    There’s an excellent one man show doing the rounds called “A Lizard’s Tale” by a gent called Marlon Solomon, who I’ve chatted with extensively on this subject. If you can catch it, I’d recomment it. Review is here

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  20. I do agree that a large % of conspiracy theories do ultimately trace back to anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic tropes. In some cases, the people propagating the theories are real actual anti-semites. In other cases, they not actual Jew haters, but are simply too naive or not intelligent (or educated) enough to realise the provenances of the theories they are spouting.

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