Is Belinda awaiting criminal charges?

El Coyote popping my head in just for a moment: most of our readers will know that Belinda McKenzie was arrested back in March, but we’ve heard very little since then. So far as we’re aware, no charges have been laid, and new bail regulations mean that she’s currently operating free of any restrictions.

However, one of our readers brought something interesting to our attention yesterday evening:

We think it’s fair to deduce from this that Belinda is not entirely off the hook. The police have had her computers for four months now—we wonder what they’ve discovered in there? Only time will tell, but we do recall Belinda mentioning about a month ago that she expected she could be standing before a judge this coming autumn: She mentions that there are two other “targeted people” whose computers have been seized—one, we expect, would be Sabine, who has also mentioned en passant that she has an “appointment” coming up in October. As for the third person…that’s anyone’s guess.

But stay tuned: we have our ears firmly to the ground, and will be following this story closely.

And now, back to working on my tan.

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      • I got exactly that- well actually its an O/S on a usb stick…
        I use Ubuntu on one stick for computer repairs/recoverys when windows crashes beyond repair, and on another I have Linuxcnc so I can play with 3d printing

        The repair Ubuntu is very handy as it literally bypasses 99% of security on most computers and lets me pull files from a hdd and write them to a external usb hdd- it doesnt matter what windows was doing as it doesnt even let windows start up, it is its own operating system- very useful tool

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        • 3d?
          Please don’t tell me you are an aficionado of “ ..Software for Seeing what You Want to Know” developed by a well known East German.


        • …Quite so Steve. We’re in the process of migrating all of our systems to Linux here at Rawlinson end; the mysterious USB stick need not even cost you anything beyond the price of the stick itself! One can only wonder why these ‘top researchers’ and ‘leading campaigners’ haven’t caught on to this and why they don’t have have backups of all their marvellous and important research!

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          • typing on Ubuntu 16.04lts here at the moment
            I havent run any windows (except one old dell lappy running xp for some software that wont work under wine) for ages
            and the usb ubuntu laughs at ‘windows security’,
            being an O/S itself, hidden files/directories arent, password protected files arent, logon passwords dont, a hard drive is wide open to me
            very handy when windows falls over and basically dies or is majorly infected, I can do a full drive recovery without any hassles and I can virus scan an infected hdd without any real risk of my system getting infected- I just plug in the usb stick and if by some chance I suspect the virus has made the leap to the stick (unlikely but not impossible) I have the choice of wiping it, or even simply throwing it in the bin and loading up a new one

            (hint, I get most of mine for free, many bulk sellers eg on Alibaba, will send you a free sample if you enquire about one of their usb sticks, the last order I put in was for 500 printed with a company logo, they had sent me 1 printed one as a sample, and 10 unprinted ones with the order)

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  1. The police have no interest in planting anything on anyone’s computer, they have no need to…

    As has been pointed out numerous times by others, Belinda McKenzie, Brian Gerrish, Robert Green, Andy Peacher and the innumerable other members of this coven of misfits and scammers (one could write quite a long list) have produced absolutely *zero* by way of actual convictions… There is not even the most tenuous link to be found to them and the prosecution of anyone who is in jail or has been in jail for any matter relating to child abuse – nor anything else of note for that matter.

    On the other hand, there are numerous direct connections between these people – McKenzie especially – and those who have actually abused children in some way or another; and much generated by way of ‘excuse’ for those caught ‘in flagrante delicto’.

    Additionally, there is McKenzie’s – *and others’* – manipulation of child abuse to consider. Again, this has been pointed out before, she and her kind are sucking attention and resources from legitimate victims… Faux charity scams that line the pockets of the organisers are common enough, though it’s particularly reprehensible to be filling your personal coffers off the back of the sexual and other abuses of children.

    Worse still is the direction these people work to give the public narrative and perception of child abuse victims. – Anyone who takes an independent stance or raises concern is now instantly branded a ‘looney’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’. Easily ignorable and dismissed as mad; effectively gagged… Who does that suit exactly?

    Acknowledging for a moment that corruption in public service is endemic, that sexual abuse directed against children and vulnerable people does happen…

    Why would the corrupt minority (which I think does exist) within the police service have any interest in framing those who are seeing to it that *no-one* goes to jail and that victims and their supporters are taken *less* seriously and are more easily dismissed as cranks?

    If there is evidence at all of the police and/or the justice system acting to protect paedophiles it lies in the strange ‘immunities’ that people like McKenzie and a few others seem to enjoy, and the leniency with which these cases are handled *if* they do see the inside of a court!

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  2. Belinda is accusing the police of not only stealing her computers but also planting evidence.
    These things wouldnt take so long if the police just planted evidence, sadly they have to trawl through endless documentations of Bellenders dribble, probably unearthed numerous scams and a paedophile network without even realising.

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  3. Aye give yourself a pat on the back ‘SSFS’ all quotes from the article you reported are factual… But this matters not a jot!
    As the Luciferian Talmud Jew only wishes to hide the truth in fear of folk grasping that truth and making them sway in the wind from lamp-posts…

    I know at least one of you ‘Ring-tails’ is Jewish, are you Snoopy?

    Anyway my little ‘Satanic Imp’ think you need to consider the Motto… ‘Ordo ab Chao’, as the Luciferians will throw you lot to the wolves when the times right for the bigger agenda. TTFN


    • Unlike you, Al me lad, we neither know nor care whether any of the people who support us are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster…because we’re not blithering fat-headed anti-Semitic racists like some folk we could name.

      Nor are we idiotic enough to think that the Talmud is the “Jewish holy book”, any more than the Book of Common Prayer is the C of E’s “bible”. Take your size 14 clodhoppers out of your mouth before you speak, and you might look like a bit less of a prat.

      Interesting, though, that you seem to be admitting that there’s more than one of us here now. Used to be that you insisted we were all clones of the dread Ricky D. Changed your wee mind on that, then, have you? Perhaps there’s hope for you yet.

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    • Hey Alan Alanson. I will put you straight on a few things:

      1. A Jew is a member of a race, Luciferianism is a religion. Most Luciferians and Satanists are not Jews.

      2. My experience of you and truth is that you would be unable to distinguish truth from fiction even if it sunk its teeth into your arse.

      3. Order out of Chaos is a scientific reality, Chaos and Complexity Theory, nothing mystical, religious or spiritual about it.

      4. I know all the leading Luciferians, and this blog has their full support, nobody who fights against this hoax will be fed to any wolves, dragons or rabbits.

      5. The only bigger agenda is getting all you fools into court, jail and mental hospitals.

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    • “As the Luciferian Talmud Jew only wishes to hide the truth in fear of folk grasping that truth and making them sway in the wind from lamp-posts… ”

      It’s quite interesting then Alan (as you’re so interested in “truth”) that you obviously keep such cosy-close company with a man who (factually) was deemed such a danger to his own child, because he psycho-sexually abused her, that the authorities moved to protect the said child by ensuring he was barred from contact with her. He only escaped prosecution to save the poor mite the ordeal of a trial, and give her the opportunity to move on…

      Some do indeed note and mourn the fact that modern lamp posts are so high and so fragile! But it’s only a matter of time before he joins his fellow perverts in jail we’re sure.

      It’s very interesting Alan that we see no call from you to have an actual child abuser – who happens to be something other than a “Luciferian Talmud Jew” – swing. So, it would appear your interests in justice, truth and morality are somewhat selective and therefore entirely vacuous. Laughable that you’re happy to be tucked up (figuratively of course) with actual child abusers whilst simultaneously trying to project your own guilt, shame and self-loathing on others. And equally funny that he’s happy to be bum-chums with a rabid no-brain-bigot like your odious self.

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    • Alan, do you have any idea how entertaining it is to watch you lot get arrested, sectioned and outed as paedophile supporters? To be honest its the main reason I come here. Its like a real life look into a soap based on the care in the community system. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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      • I see a lot of misplaced hate amongst the Hoax promoting mob. The world is full of injustices, they just seem to pick fictional ones that noone can prove or really do anything about, I guess that is the point as they can continue their hate campaign til infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear would say.

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        • It’s the lazy person’s idea of “activism”. The real thing takes time, effort, and intelligence–not spewing random hatred at people in some sort of misguided attempt to feel powerful.

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          • But watching YouTube videos and reading Reddit, Voat and other conspiracy sites and blogs online is not easy Mr Coyote. It takes real dedication to repeat other peoples dot joining conspiracies day in and day out and pretend you are promoting facts and not complete false speculation’s.
            People like Angela are stuck in a time warp where facts don’t matter, they still promote McMartin as a cover up despite children coming forward as adults and all the evidence that shows all the allegations came not from the children, but from the parents, then the therapists, social workers and even law enforcement by repeated questioning until the children just agreed with what was required of them.

            It doesn’t matter what an actual specialist like Lanning says, they would rather promote a ranting lunatic like Gunderson instead, as he promotes their agenda and all he says should be factual. Ignore the reality, promote the agenda.

            “The following essay and its hyper-links describe a guide written by K.V. Lanning on ritual child abuse. It is perhaps the most important and influential document ever written on the topic. Its wisdom has held up well, even though there have been enormous developments in the subject since the essay was written in 1992.

            Kenneth V. Lanning is a Supervisory Special Agent at the Behavioral Science Unit at the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime. The Center is located at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. It assists police forces throughout the US. The group is often called in as consultants by local and state police forces.

            Lanning began working in the field in 1981. Allegations of ritual abuse began to surface circa 1983. At first, he tended to believe that the abuse really occurred. He reported:

            But the number of alleged cases began to grow and grow. We now have hundreds of victims alleging that thousands of offenders are abusing and even murdering tens of thousands of people as part of organized satanic cults, and there is little or no corroborative evidence. The very reason many “experts” cite for believing these allegations (i.e. many victims, who never met each other, reporting the same events), is the primary reason I began to question at least some aspects of these allegations.
            Lanning defines a satanic murder as “one committed by two or more individuals who rationally plan the crime and whose primary motivation is to fulfill a prescribed satanic ritual calling for the murder.” Using this definition he has been unable to identify even one documented satanic murder in the United States.”


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            • Yes, Lanning’s briefing paper was brilliant. Sadly it contradicts the hand-rubbing, salivating fantasies of the True Believers, so they turn to the lunacy of people like Gunderson.


          • Alan is a ridiculous figure, he spends so much time on things that never happened like RD being the biggest mass murderer since the killing fields guy. His moaning about satanic jews and how they rule over us like slaves is moronic, I bet he dosent even work and gets paid for doing nothing, all of that lot are unemployable. Our ancestors would be amazed at how it is nowadays with the NHS and social security etc. These people blame their own failures in life on the Jews or Illuminati or the Vatican etc. You can imagine them saying “I would be as famous as Madonna if only I partook in human sacrifice and cannibalism”

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  4. I believe it was Einstein who said words to the effect,”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.Still,to be fair AA predicted the result so he can be credited with recogznizing he is a futile waste of oxygen.

    Quality work as ever SFSS albeit AA does do a rather good impression of a sitting duck/barn door for target practice.

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  5. What could be on Belinda’s computer. One thing I would guess is a list of former Iran Aid donors, retained contrary to data protection laws, whom she is attempting to contact again in order to scam a bit more cash.

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    • It’s Scarlet I feel sorry for. It must be hard work being Maggs Shaw O’Neil, Doug Mesner, Yannis Emmanouel, Doug Mesiko, Lucien Greaves, Ricky Dearman, Danielle la Verité, an MI5 agent, a CIA operative, a government shill, a Telegraph journalist and El Coyote, to name but a handful of the people the hoaxer twunts have stated categorically that she is. LOL

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      • In their delusional world ‘everybody’ is just one or two people they have an issue with. In this way they can try to kid themselves on that much of the real world isn’t onto them and people aren’t shunning them… Their minds are like a Dunning and Kruger pizza with a side-serving of Fregoli and meat-head stew!

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      • In 1995-’96 era, I was about 20% of all usernames – worldwide.
        I’m down to secretly being about 10% of all usernames, and that percent continues to decline as more allegedly “real” persons gain internet access.

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      • Hold on a sec..maybe everyone IS someone else. Look at the remarkable resemblance between internationally famous JooTube Blogger Danielle le Veritie and former punk rocker and ISIS recruiter Sally Jones wanted by the FBI for non-payment of her TV license.

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    • Why does he even want to be on JooBook if he thinks it’s run by the Rothschild cartel?.
      I’m going to bring this up when I deliver Mr Soros his afternoon cup of tea at his Bohemian Grove office.
      He values my advice. Only yesterday he said “Digestive or chocolate -what bikkie should I have today you saucy minx”

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      • Alan makes about as much sense as the so calle targeted individuals who all claim the government is spying on them and monitering their every move, yet they all have mobile phones, with a signal, gps and camera, and post their whole life on social media for everybody to see.
        Instead of being in hiding, they sure do make it as easy as possible for anyone who would care to track, moniter and hunt them down. One day they may realise, and become off grd spoon whittlers or something.

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    • I must wonder- isnt the very idea of a `backup account’ so you can continue to post whilst banned defeating the idea of banning someone in the first place?
      Does Facebook know and approve of this idea?

      One wonders what their response would be to learning of this happening?
      (especially since the poster admits in their own post that they are indeed banned, and continuing to post whilst banned)


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      • Yes, most of this lot seem to have “back-up” accounts (some have several) for those awkward moments when they get sent to the naughty step for a month’s time out. As with your observation about how many of us have had our computers seized, or have been placed on bail, the back-up account thing seems to be the hallmark of the Hoaxtead nut factory.

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    • Remember Facebook uses “contractors” – people in Third World countries at minimum wages and falsely claims they are employees whilst issuing press releases about their shiny new HQs and living quarters to give a false impression all Google workers enjoys such benefits when it’s only a small percentage.

      So we have no idea whether these monitors fully understand Google ‘rules’. I think their monitoring is haphazard at best.

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    • “Wildly speculating”

      Ah, Kristie Sue’s speciality. Glad she’s finally stopped being modest and admitted it.

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    • Ah Conspiranoid corner, where noone ever commits suicide, never dies of a drug overdose, never dies Due to lng term health/pre-existing medical problems, cancer or aids, a place where there are no terrorists, and absolutely noone ever dies of natural causes.
      It’s all a cover up, psy-op or some illuminati/MKultra/Reptilian/masonic/Satanic/NWO agenda related death.

      If they wern’t so cold hearted, unsympathetic, mean, evil and downright cruel to victims and their families, it might be almost humerous, but unfortunately they are all too keen to jump on every death and tragedy that makes it into the public eye to forward their own sad, demented and quite frankly pathetic agenda.

      It’s even sadder and more pathetic when they bring their own families, friends and dead so called loved ones into the frame to promote more of their nonsense and/or gain sympathy.
      Like always they play the ever persecuted victim, overshadowing real tragedies, covering up genuine corruption, whilst downplaying Any actual problems with social and the world in general.

      They never make a positive or real difference to anybody’s lives, not even their own, they just get to feel smug and “in the know” amongst their fellow sheep-like conspiracy pushers.

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      • I read this article.

        Everyone’s a journalist these days. 🙂

        My favourite bit goes:

        “I do like to just throw allegations out there about anyone.”

        Fredian slip?


        • As always someone who dies at their own hand (“I was on 11 hits of acid a day. I dropped so much acid I’m surprised I can still speak! I’d smoke a bunch of crack, do a bit of meth and just sit there and freak out.” ..not a factor of course) was just about to “expose” a child sex ring” involving VIPs etc etc so was killed even though, there could hardly be another inch to write about @pizzagate or any other @loongate.

          It’s called shutting the gate after the horse has bolted in the real world of sanity.


      • It just dawned upon me that the “author” is this batshit crazy loon fest is this tragic dame who thinks she’s a “show-biz agent” with a “PR Management service for celebs”.
        Her 2 or 3 clients consist of waiters / waitresses (nothing wrong with that) who have now been waiting for years for their ‘big break’ as jugglers, trick cyclists etc etc.

        Her “PR” consists of writing loon stuff on the web (many now deleted) but also weaving enough big names in her rants to imply she is “connected” – one being she was in a restaurant in Miami that was only one street away from another restaurant where Gianni Versace used to go for breakfast each morning which therefore means she (and 1000s of tourists daily) are vicariously linked to the dead designer.
        The Nutter Brigade can be very inventive with their fantasies.

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        • That’s awfully funny. Wonder who does their research. You should fire them. I do work for independent artist but none are jugglers, tricyclist, waiters/waitresses. I’ve never been to Miami. I’ve never written about Versace. Sorry bud.


          • “Independent” meaning they are independent of work.

            As for “doing research”. I’m not sure we should be lectured by someone who falsely accuses or implies innocent people are guilty of Satanist murders, cannibalism and running or being part of pedophile baby raping rings just because they surf the net scooping up claptrap and joining imaginary dots and then weaving a conspiracy quilt generally because their far right-wing politics, should even mention the word research.

            The arrogance of these false accusers is breath taking. On one hand they are happy to destroy reputations and the lives of others because they lap up gossip ( without a single thought for their close and extended family and friends) but criticize them, the scream they are being trolled and clutch their pearls to their chest.

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          • Kitty has said:
            “What really stood out to me while reading about his life, was that he endured rape for 6 years while living with his father who was a child abuse detective. Without actually speaking with his father or relatives, I can only speculate he must have known.”

            That’s a big speculation in view of the lack of evidence. If Kitty is willing to ‘speculate’ about people and say such cruel things perhaps she shouldn’t be bothered when people ‘speculate’ about her supposed career.

            Shame on anyone who will ‘speculate’ to such a degree about someone’s relative, within weeks of a tragic death. I honestly thought she had more sense and more compassion.

            Incidentally, what Kitty fails to consider in this article is the fear that can be instilled in a child by their abuser and the manipulativeness of some paedophiles when they seek to keep their crimes quiet. The lesson here might be that such people are so bloody clever at what they do, that they can even fall under the radar of someone who knows the score. But that’d be me speculating wouldn’t it.

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          • Kitty, if you researched Chester, even listened to the lyrics from some of his stuff you would know he was a long time drug addict even before he joined Linkin Park. Long term drug use is usually a death sentence. Your Pizzagate obsession is ridiculous.


          • As far as i see on this side of the fence, there has been no changing sides or narrative here. This disease of speculating the facts of the dead and delving in head first, claiming any celebrities death is suspicious. Thats not research, thats despicable.

            Im pretty sure much of the research Kitty and co used has been taken from this blog, after first falling for the Abe/Ella narrative. Should that not been seen as a lesson in how to research accurately? Take your time, don’t jump in head first.


        • “The Nutter Brigade can be very inventive with their fantasies”

          Mmmm, clearly some of the Hoaxtead bitch brigade do exactly the same, if this is anything to go by.


          • Not the nicest thing to do in weaving the death of a persons loved one into the web of a conspiracy theory. No matter whether that person is in the public eye or not its never nice for family members and friends grieving to have their recently deceased one’s life, scrutinized and torn apart for entertainment. How would you feel if that was your friend or relative? Son, father, brother, uncle, cousin etc.

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          • Hi Echo. Please could you post a link to the hate campaign against people with autism that you’ve been telling everyone I’m running. I’ve asked you several times on YouTube but you just keep responding with childish abuse, blocking me and running away. Thanks in advance.

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          • If the term “bitch” extends to regular folks genuinely perturbed at how self appointed experts can support an artifice that has absolutely zero substance in the real world yet can wreck real lives of innocent families whilst detracting from real efforts made by those who work with real life child protection issues then hands up.

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          • @Spiny Norman. Good luck with that.

            I’ve been waiting for three years for Danielle La Verite to tell me who the ‘two doctors’ are that she said can verify that one’s ring finger determines ones gender. You know….you can tell Michelle Obama is a man because she has a long ringer finger.

            And answer came there none.

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          • Another false accusation from another wannabe Youtube star.

            There is not one invented fantasy on this board. While posters may mock and send-up those who create these fantasies, it’s insignificant compared to the naming of real live people and their children and accusing them of horrendous and murderous crimes on absolutely no proof.

            The appalling, wicked and cruel manner in which those who do this and who apparently don’t give a scintilla of thought towards their victims is astounding. And that includes Echo “Truths” who has jumped onto every conspiracy bandwagon rumbling through town.

            And you have played your own small contribution to keeping a hoax alive. The sheer arrogance of these Youtube creeps who pontificate and perpetuate hoaxes and false conspiracies indicates a pretty sick mind, especially those who are obsessed with pedophiles.
            Talk about armchair warriors.

            So you can back in your box Echo “Truths” and change your name to Echo Chamber which is far more suitable.

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          • Please link us all to the “invented fantasies” by anybody on this blog, ET.

            Personally, I visit channels like yours for them.

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  6. Umm, at least where Sabine was yesterday is in the public domain

    [video src="" /]

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  7. Its interesting to see that Maurice Kirk has published various things on his blog page including the video and a picture of Sabine “supporting” him.

    His publications included a document – the text of which is copied below. Poor guy, all that and supported by Sabine…..

    “Maurice John Kirk DOB: 12.03.45 31. The Caswell Clinic has also been contacted by media organisations requesting as to withhold Maurice Kirk’s contact with them due to the hostile and threatening nature of his telephone contact.

    32. Maurice Kirk’s history is highly complex, convoluted and difficult to understand. The clinical picture appears to be of a man who has always had a background of minor cognitive difficulties (poor writing and spelling). He developed a personality characterised by narcissism (an abnormal sense of entitlement), grandiosity (believing that normal rules and regulations do not apply to him) and paranoia (believing he is the victim of persecution). He also shows evidence of poor judgement, impulsivity and a willingness to hold himself hostage by way of hunger strike in an attempt to manipulate his environment. Whilst these personality characteristics have undoubtedly overshadowed Maurice Kirk’s life and probably had a negative affect on his social and family functioning, they appear to have been reasonably stable throughout his life. However, Maurice Kirk and the evidence both suggest that over the past two years both his functioning has deteriorated and that his beliefs have become more intense and overwhelming and at some times, though not others, are clearly abnormal. Maurice Kirk now shows clear evidence of some degree of neuro-cognitive damage (brain damage), probably as a result of a combination of normal ageing, previous heavy alcohol misuse and deceleration injuries following plane crashes. The specific area of brain damage affects his ability to monitor and control his behaviour, decreases self-awareness, judgement and decision making abilities and have compounded his paranoid beliefs to the extent that when subjected to further stress, his beliefs intensify so that for periods they have a quality of a paranoid delusional disorder (mental illness characterised by fixed false beliefs unameanable to reason of a paranoid nature). 33. With regard to treatment, neither Maurice Kirk’s underlying personality nor brain damage will respond to medical intervention. Due to the transient nature of his clearly abnormal beliefs (as opposed to his general paranoid view of the world) it is unlikely that medication will make any significant impact, though it is impossible to be certain. Appropriate medication has been offered to Maurice Kirk which he has refused.

    34. Clinically it is unclear whether Maurice Kirk’s brain damage is likely to progress. Should it do so his difficulties will become more marked and he will become more obviously disabled. Of particular concern is that this may well involve increasing impulsivity and poor judgement, features which are already apparent. 5. With regard to risk, risk is always difficult to quantify especially in highly complex cases such as this and it is also impossible to consider Maurice Kirk’s risk in isolation from those who he encourages to act on his behalf. The risk of Maurice Kirk continuing with his action against South Wales Police and acting in a way that he feels justified to achieve his ends is high, though whether Maurice Kirk himself would be involved in inter-personal violence is less, is cannot be discounted nor can the risk that others would act violently with his encouragement. If Maurice Kirk’s condition is progressive, these risks are likely to increase over time.

    Page 10 of I I

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    • From that assessment it is hardly a wild stretch of the imagination to suggest Kirk is at very best “borderline” to be sectioned under the mental health act before too long.

      Having Sabine perched in his navigators seat doea not bode well and pretty much gaurantees a final flight crash and burn into some remotely obscure,twilight foothills of unreality.

      Spare a thought for the local tribes folk who will be treated to many a phantasmagorical tale of Anglo-Germanic reargaurd heroics finely embossed inside a wafer thin mirage of 3D spectrographological hyper bollocks.

      Very sad.

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    • An extraordinary & thorough analysis that does explain his actions throughout life.
      It’s difficult & wrong to blame a person who is suffering from a form of mental illness as they simply cannot help themselves although we have a duty to protect innocent people from the actions of deluded people.

      But it’s a form of cruelty when people like Sabine encourage Mr Kirk in his delusions of persecution.

      She does him or us no service and spare a thought for those who work in the mental illness area-the doctors, shrinks and nurses. They get no thanks for a difficult job that we would not do and are most likely underpaid (nurses using food banks !) and to top it off they are in turn persecuted by the likes of Sabine & Crew and accused of being part of some vast conspiracy.

      Can we ever forget Angela Power Disney’s role in fronting up to a mental health clinic when that young chap was sectioned and her online campaign to defame, insult, troll and abuse a hapless nursing sister?.

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      • Cheers. The rabbit is from Jan Svankmajer’s Alice movie

        “A memorably bizarre screen version of Lewis Carroll’s novel ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, mixing one live actor (Alice) with a large variety of stop-motion animated creatures, ranging from the complex (the White Rabbit) to the incredibly simple (the Caterpillar, consisting of a sock, a couple of glass eyes and a pair of false teeth). The original story is followed reasonably faithfully, though those familiar with this director’s other films won’t be the least bit surprised by the numerous digressions into Svankmajer territory, living slabs of meat and all. As the opening narration says, it’s a film made for children… perhaps?”

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    • There is an utterly pathetic dimension beyond that which is known to normal man. It is a dimension as vast as their mums basement and as timeless as human hypocrisy.It is the middle ground between odd and very,very odd indeed, between sheer stupidity and just plain ridiculous, and it lies between the pit of man’s Patreon account and the summit of extreme shit stirring. This is the dimension of Hoaxarrhoea. It is an area which we call the Gobshoite Zone.

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      • Glad you enjoyed it :). I do try to make things as bizarre as the topics and ideas the Conspiracy crowd promote. That’s my excuse anyway lol. I tend to delete them when I get the inevitable YouTube account strike for bullying, not sure how you can bully a man (LTV) who promotes hoaxes such as Hampstead, and insults the family of the recently deceased in the Manchester bombings. But that’s YouTube for you, they can post illegal police interviews of the children and YouTube do nothing, pathetic really.

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    • I hope someone will see fit to forward this to Sgt McCabe and his brother. I know they’re aware of Angela’s hate campaign, and I expect they can just add this to their list of evidence.

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      • I’m glad they are aware of this persons hate campaign. Shame it takes so long and so many peoples reputations to be tarnished before some sort of accountability for ones idle gossip is upheld.

        It’s strange just how little some people can say and get in hot water, then others like Angie can slander people for years, even inventing tales of super secret Jame Bond like meetings with hackers and a russian mafia snuff pedo movie ring. I don’t know much about law, never needed to, but I hope RD and some others seriously affected can get some sort of defamation case together.

        McAlpine v Bercow
        “On 4 November 2012, Bercow tweeted “Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *innocent face*”
        “The judge decided that the Tweet meant “in its natural and ordinary defamatory meaning, that the Claimant was a paedophile who was guilty of sexually abusing boys living in care.”[24] With regard to the innuendo of the tweet Mr Justice Tugendhat found that the Tweet carried a meaning “to the same effect” and found that the tweet was “an allegation of guilt. I see no room on these facts for any less serious meaning.”[24][25] As it had already been accepted by Bercow prior to the hearing that McAlpine was innocent of the allegations her tweet was “seriously defamatory” and indefensible in law.[20]

        Following judgment both parties reached an agreement and Bercow agreed to pay damages.[26] Bercow was also ordered to apologise in open court to McAlpine, who said that he would travel to London from his home in Italy “to hear it personally”.[9]”

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