Brian Pead trial set to start during week of 14 August

Over the past few days we’ve been discussing the Hoaxtead mob’s strange affection for various convicted paedophiles.

It occurred to us to wonder what was happening with Sabine and Belinda’s dear friend, Brian Pead, who was found guilty in 2010 of attempting to incite a 14-year-old girl to have sex with him for £300. Unfortunately for Mr Pead, the “girl” turned out to be an undercover police officer, and he was arrested, tried, and convicted. He was sentenced to attend a community sex offenders’ treatment programme, placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years, and received a sexual offences prevention order limiting his contact with children.

Mr Pead’s excuse for that crime? He continues to claim that since “there never was a female and the SOA requires there to have been a ‘Person B’ to have been incited”, he was technically not guilty and it was all a stitch-up. Interestingly, we note that just as Justin Sanity might have predicted in yesterday’s post, at the time of his arrest Mr Pead was working as a therapist for a counselling agency for vulnerable children, including victims of sexual abuse. He later claimed the online conversations with the “14-year-old girl” were part of research for his job.

Breach of restraining order

We reported in April that Mr Pead had been arrested once again, this time on charges of violating the restraining order that is in place to prevent him from contacting his daughter and grand-daughter. He has a decade-long history of harassing them, which he completely denies; he claims they truly wish to see him, but that “corrupt police” keep them from his loving embrace.

To nobody’s surprise, Mr Pead has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. He currently faces trial starting the week of 14 August at Greenwich Crown Court, and we understand that the trial has been estimated to take two weeks; further, we believe Mr Pead will be representing himself at trial.

In a recent long, circuitous, and self-justifying blog post, Mr Pead attempts to argue that he is in the process of being stitched up yet again by the police and courts. He closes:

Please put the trial date of 14 August 2017 in your diaries and attend if you can. The ‘trial’ is scheduled for ANY 3 days within that week.
Please send this link to EVERY ONE of your contacts on all forms of social media. Injustice in the courts, indeed injustice of any kind, cannot prevail if the ordinary, decent person unites with his or her fellow human beings against such corruption. Doing nothing allows corruption and child abuse to prevail.

Ah, the irony, it burns!

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    • Nick Bryant personally established that Paul Bonacci couldn’t identify Hunter Thompson from any of several photographs of the man, and therefore had never really met him. Bonacci had been exploited as a false accusation production machine by a long series of self-professed “investigators” including whacko Ted Gunderson. They would feed him a name and he would work that name into some fantasy scenario involving himself and sexual torture of some kind, but he consistently demonstrated no actual knowledge of the person to whom that name belonged.

      Rusty Nelson another bullshit artist and a convicted sex offender. Nelson told a long string of, again, self-professed “investigators”, that he had produced and still possessed CSA images of complainants from the Franklin scandal case. There never were any such photos. He may have told Caradori that he could provide such, but he never gave the man any. He had Gunderson driving him all over the US looking for these secret stashes of photos – paying for Nelson’s living expenses and entertainment along the way – but they never found any. He suckered Nick Bryant into exactly the same pointless goose-chase again years later, still no photos. He truly appears to be a pathological liar.

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      • I’m hoping Belinda will sort out Caul Grant.

        She is tagged in an on going fb message.

        Today he said this about me…

        “I couldn’t give a flying fck whether you are a victim or not, you probably deserved it, hope that helps you to come”

        On top of that I’ve had…

        “I reckon you are a state agent aimed at disunity, you would have loved for me to FUCK you, then you would have had ammunition to attack,…”

        It all started with him saying this to me…

        “I said dangerous because I believe that you could or maybe would accuse an innocent man of rape and he would be destroyed before the truth came out…”

        Caul Grant

        Monday 27th March 2017

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      • A lot of the half decent saints have full diaries for the month of August,what with the start of the new football season and everything.So if any of our favourites up before the beak wish to pull a few strings they need to start grovelling sharpish.

        Patreon Saint Scammy Bastard of Shiester has a couple of slots still free if he can be arsed and St Bitch the fierce (our lady of shameless sass) may be worth a shout.

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  1. For those who missed it, this is Nathan Stolpman’s bizarre interview with Dave Shurter, found and shared by eagle-eyed ‘AbesKFCBucket’ and languishing at the tail end of the last post:

    There are some lovely shooting-themselves-in-the-foot moments to enjoy here. Highlights include:

    – At 18:59 both of these cheeky little liars claim that people from our side desperately tried to stop the interview happening, when it was in fact one of us (Kilrush) who suggested it in the first place!

    – At 37:12 Stolpman claims that we sent some woman undercover to pretend to be his girlfriend and mess with his head. (And as AbesKFCBucket points out, she was never even Stolpman’s girlfriend.)

    – At 55:34 Shurter says he wants his dad investigated for “crimes against child trafficking”.

    – At 1:02:23 Dave attempts to prove that a supposed suicide was in fact a murder because “no one commits suicide by drinking Drano”, when a quick search reveals that over 6,000 people a year in the USA alone kill themselves through self-poisoning (including many who use Drano specifically).

    – 1:04:09 – Shurter’s scientific explanation as to why the solar eclipse is proof of the end of the World. The jaw-dropping ignorance on display will make you want to smash your monitors.

    Further details plus links and screenshots:

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  2. That nice Mr. Shurter says the World is going to end on 21st August and that everyone except him and Fiona Barnett is going to Hell, so I do hope there are no delays or adjournments to Mr. Pead’s trial. Ditto the trial of a certain American gentleman on the 21st, as pointed out by that nice Mr. Hind earlier. Burning in a lake of fire with a pitchfork up me arse for all eternity will be annoying enough without the added frustration of not knowing how those two trials turned out.

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    • 21st? A few days before my birthday. I must alert pals to deliver presents very very earlier and preferably many bottles of Vodka.
      If it’s all ending I’m going in a blaze of oblivion.

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    • I think Helen’s got it right. The CIA have arranged the date for the end of the world so certain people don’t get found guilty and banged up….it all makes sense now.

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  3. “YouTube child protection mechanism ‘failing’

    YouTube’s child protection mechanism is breaking down, according to some of the company’s volunteer watchdogs…

    …One volunteer says that he made more than 9,000 reports in December 2016 – and that none have been processed by the company.

    A small group of Trusted Flaggers also grew suspicious about effectiveness of YouTube’s public reporting abuse page. Over a recent 60-day period, they used it to flag up more than hundreds of accounts which potentially violated the site’s guidelines.

    However, out of a total of 526 reports, they received only 15 responses, and the volunteers say the survey is emblematic of a larger problem with lack of child protection on the site…”

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    • Yes, it really has confounded the medical world as to why a 60-year-old woman who’s smoked 80 fags a day for the last 40 years and never does any exercise might be having respiratory difficulties. Where’s that nice Dr. House when you need him?

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    • Wow, what kind of person begs people to part with their hard-earned cash and buy her a phone but thinks she gets to pick and choose the make and model? Just…wow.

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    • But won’t the Goobermint use Angie’s new phone to track her?
      Almost as amusing as Sharter talking about microwave sending rocks whilst you can see the reflection of his mobile phone being used to film himself in his sunglasses.
      Do these tossers ever learn?
      Goobermint is after them, secretly filming, yet they use mobiles that have GPS, front and rear cameras, and internet access that moniters everything they do or say, lmao.

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      • Oh I almost forgot the radiation from the actual handset, but they don’t really believe any of this do they, let’s be honest, it’s a hobby and a game to them, a little fantasy that le goobermint cares enough to silence them and target them, when in reality noone really cares except people equally deluded or those that like to stand up to their lies and bollocks. And Angie has plenty of both.

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    • One has to feel a degree of sympathy with the poor buggers “up there” tasked with keeping tabs on prayer requests and other grovelling bollocks.

      Power-Disney for example,in the queue for a bog standard rapturing and now banging on about “NOT PLANNING ON DYING”.

      Some folk just have no consideration.

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      • “NOT PLANNING ON DYING”. Hate to tell you Ange but according to D.Shurter you only have until the 21st of this month.
        No point in anyone sending you donations at this late stage.

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    • Yet another reason to withdraw her “Young Churnalist of The Year” and “Noisiest Office Typist” Awards..biline should be byline as any fule knows who has spent even a smidgen of time around publishing.

      No credible hack would make such a mistake especially when at times on tabloids it’s led to punch-ups between competitive journos who have contributed to a story.

      I say again: Angie’s entire persona is a complete charade as her real motive in the end is just to get someone to send her a fiver for a packet of fags.
      Her “child protection whistle blower” claptrap is similar to this famous magazine cover..”either send me cash or children will be tortured & eaten by VIP pedos in upper-class London suburbs”

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      • So true. Plus she once again hasn’t bothered to specify who the fuck she’s talking about. Who’s gone missing? Or is she just pining for Glenn Miller?

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      • I sat staring at the “biline” blooper for several seconds before it finally dawned on me what the poor dear was trying to communicate. She’s clearly never come within miles of a real newsroom, LOL. (Next test: will she know the difference between “lede” and “lead”? And why do the Satanist journos always add -30- to their diabolical stories? Is it some sort of Masonic signal, like the infamous secret handshake? Coming next on “How We Know Angie’s Not a Journalist, Young or Otherwise”.)

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  4. You really have to question the ordinary everyday sanity of someone who supports Brian Pead and accepts his ridiculous argument that he was set up.

    Everyone I know would run a mile from the likes of Pead and Offschroer so what on earth motivates some people to support them? I tell ya…it’s beyond me, it really is.

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    • It’s one of the more infamous “fake news” websites quoted by the Trump Cultists and has promoted @pizzagate like no other.


  5. I believe Pead’s trial was adjourned last week to December. My guess it it has followed the pattern of his last restraining order trial when he told the judge in Feb 15 that he DEFO intended to get legal representation, then wrote to some barristers and a solicitor he’d read about in the paper (Michael Mansfield, Gareth Pierce etc) and to a law lecuturer who had a harassment notice against him. And of course attended the trial unpresented. In custody, as he’d breached his bail by reoffending in the meantime.
    I anticipate an update on his website telling us that he rang Michael Mansfield QC (always a favourite), Marshall Hall, Kavanagh QC, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Saul Goodman, etc, but none of them agreed to help, proving they too are all involved in the conspiracy.
    Pead is the perfect example of the adage that a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client. He only appears to have been represented twice: the first was at his trial in 2009, where he was acquitted of 2 out of 3 charges and walked off with a suspended sentence for a serious sex offence (he showed his gratitude for this remarkable feat – because as a client, I can’t imagine Pead is a delight – by trying to report his barrister for misconduct). And once when arrested for breach of his sex offender registration requirements where the police (after being required to ring Michael Mansfield, Marshall Hall etc) got a local solicitor who got him sprung an hour later (and about 3 hours later than would have happened if he hadn’t insisted on them ringing barristers).

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  6. Aww, it must be exhausting working for one day a year:

    Never mind, luv – put yer feet up and take it easy. Let your followers go out to work so they can afford to buy your next mobile phone, your next microphone and next pack of fags for you. Bless

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  7. Look, I’ve told you lot before – stop balking at gnats whilst swallowing camels. It’s not big and it’s not clever.

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    • It’s from the Bible – Matthew 23:24 to be precise – but Debbie has messed it up as usual. Mind you, the correct quote is even more bizarre:

      “You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.”

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the bathroom to, ahem, ‘strain a gnat’.

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    • Is this an historic video that shows us how Ella’s Abe learned his technique? Clearly there is a man in the background instructing Abe to say things like (sounded to me) “God made the bait” and “God made the bed”.
      Disconcerting that the man also sounds like Barack Obama.

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    • “Ringtail”? Are there some Ringtail Possum Hoaxtead supporters? How could Alanson call such cute and cuddly things “demonic vermin”?.

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      • Gummy Steph told him the same thing, lol:

        By the way, is it just me or is it cruel to keep ringtail cats in cages? She has a load of monkeys in tiny cages too.

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