Alanson: There are none so blind as those who will not see

We had a somewhat unexpected guest here at Hoaxtead Research a few days ago: Alan Alanson, who has reviled us in a myriad of ways over the past two years, decided to come by and ask a few questions.

Fair enough, and well done to him for bearding the…er, coyote in his den. But as in every new relationship, there have been a few hiccoughs. Following a blog post in which El Coyote attempted to answer a number of Alan’s questions, he came back with more, primarily focused on our assertions that Jews don’t rape children, and that they don’t believe gentiles are sub-human.

But what about this passage in the Talmud?

Here’s Alan’s original question:

Again El Coyote, I tip my hat to you for your reasoned approach, unlike the rest of the rabble who only wanna see me slayen…& I can feel their desire to do so, through this very medium we use( If I piss you guys off I can only say .. I’m very hahhahahahahaha )

Any way back to the Topic El… So, Indeed the Talmud is a set of teachings that are passed down from Rabbi of old through the centuries as an Oral research of the Torah? Or so its said…

The folly lies in its Subversion El Coyote, or should I say complete undermining of the word of Almighty God…

If I may be so bold… and this next article might be perceived that…. I’ve broken my bail as it contains paedophilic tenancies, but hey ho I’ll take my chances to state my case in the hope that some…………. here might garner some insight as to what I speak about…

Now I only want El Coyote to answer MIND, as I don’t wanna be trying to answer to a ‘free for all’ YES?

Please tell me what you make of this El coyote…

The link leads to a section of the Talmud which is often quoted by conspiracists and/or anti-Semites as evidence that Jews think it’s all right to have sexual relations with three-year-old children. Here is EC’s response:

“So, Indeed the Talmud is a set of teachings that are passed down from Rabbi of old through the centuries as an Oral research of the Torah? Or so its said…”

Sort of.

Okay, so the Torah lays out 613 laws (some of which seem very odd today, but many of which, like “thou shalt not kill”, “thou shalt not bear false witness”, etc. are still incorporated into the written laws of many countries). To fully understand those laws, how they should be followed, what they mean, etc., people realised that some explanatory text would be needed.

The Oral Law, which is contained in the Mishnah, is a legal commentary on the Torah, explaining how its commandments are to be carried out. This makes sense, as some commentary would be needed to make the laws clearer and ensure everyone was on the same page, so to speak.

For example, if you wanted to find out everything there was to know about how to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy, you’d have to look up various bits and pieces in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. In the Mishnah, that information is codified in one place, for easier reference.

The Talmud contains the Gemara, which is a written-down version of the rabbinical discussions which followed the writing down of the Mishnah. With me so far?

It’s important to realise that the Talmud is not contained in one book. It’s a collection of writings that fills up many volumes. There’s a saying that if you put two Jews in a room you’ll get five opinions, and that’s kind of a tongue-in-cheek reference to the various arguments and discussions you can find in the Talmud. In other words, it’s not a straightforward thing, which is why people spend years and years studying it.

Now, as for the link you’ve sent: it’s often used as “proof” that Judaism permits or even encourages paedophilia.

In fact, this is a rabbinical discussion regarding the financial arrangements of marriage (which until a couple of hundred years ago was usually more financial/social than about love–for Jews and non-Jews alike).

The discussion here relates to the dowry for virgins and non-virgins. It has nothing to do with what acts are allowed, encouraged, forbidden, or discouraged. Ironically, this passage has been misinterpreted by those looking for “dirt” on the Jews—because yes, it’s discussing, in a hypothetical sense, how one might determine virginity, whether the signs of virginity come and go, and so forth.

Nowhere does the Talmud, Babylonian or otherwise, state that sex with children is okay. In fact, there are very strict rules forbidding any kind of touching at all between people of the opposite sex who are not married, even down to holding hands.

Hope this helps.

Alan was apparently dissatisfied with this response, as he claimed it was a deflection:

Indeed El Coyote, you said you looked forward to what posts I would share, well as you tried in vain to deflect defunct the other post titled ” Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Niddah Folio 45a ” with lots of words, assumptions and your conclusion was/is that of that article being of ancient history teaching, Well my North American wild Dog…

What you my friend have failed in your assessment is the Talmud, then & now is studied & taught religiously among the Talmud Jew as fact… Rabbi’s hold that ‘their’ interpretations are correct , weather it be 2000 years ago or last Tuesday my friend…

Now I gotta say that by your form you are ‘now’ a defender of the Babylonian TALMUD Pharisee Jew.

So it is my assessment that your title of this thread is exactly what we in the know … know?

The Luciferian Talmud Pharisee (JEW) is the obstacle to world peace & True freedom of mans/womans Holy right to be free… Did I say I love to type spec when it flows from. The True Creator. Our Father Almighty God… ?

So my new found friend/s

Please try to spin this… From the very Luciferian Talmud’s Mouth… I too look forward to your attempt to call… ‘Non Recte’ 

At this point, Alan linked to a video depicting a group of rabbis and supporters who met in Jerusalem to advocate the publication of a book which condones the killing of non-Jews, including innocent children. When a noted Israeli poet attempted to shout down the speakers, he was removed from the meeting.

Following the meeting, Dr Sherman Rosenfeld, an Israeli biologist and science educator, stated categorically, “What happened here, what this was, was a…desecration of the Torah. The Torah is a Torah of peace…and what we heard here is that most of the people didn’t read the book, and they said that what’s important is that nobody should criticise anybody who writes anything about it. And what we’re saying is that we’ve read the book, we know what the book says, the book calls for killing innocent children, there’s no fine distinctions made here. It’s a book of racist statements in the name of the Torah”.

It seems to us that claiming that those in that meeting were somehow representative of all the rabbis in the world would be like claiming that the hateful Westboro Baptist Church spoke for all Christians everywhere.

As for the idea that the Torah advocates killing non-Jews, the Torah states unequivocally that all people were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). In fact, the Talmud says that Adam was created from the dust of all four corners of the earth, so that no one nation could claim superiority. And of course, Talmud Sanhedrin 57a; “Taz” Y.D. 158:1 specifically states that it is wrong for a Jew to kill a Gentile.

Arguing in good faith?

EC must admit that Alan’s response, above, was both incomprehensible (in some places) and a bit irksome (in others). Hence this reply:

Hi Alan—I have to admit I found the above difficult to decipher. I did manage to deduce that you felt I was being in some way deceptive in my attempt to clarify things for you. I doubt you’ll accept my reassurance, but I can honestly say that wasn’t my intention.

As for your claim that I’m a defender of “Babylonian TALMUD Pharisee Jew(s)”…perhaps I’ve just bothered to educate myself in the particulars of a religion which has had, over the past several hundred years, all too many detractors. I have my own reasons for having done that, which I might share with you some day if you behave nicely.

I’m not Jewish myself, but if I were I’d be proud of it.

Incidentally, the Christian idea of the Creator, the Father Almighty, did not spring fully formed from the teachings of an obscure rabbi 2,000 years ago.

Try this on for size:

Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, Melackh ha’olam

Let’s put it this way: it’s something Jesus knew as a child. 😉 (And he suggested it as the opening words to a rather famous prayer.)

For those whose Hebrew is a bit rusty, “Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, Melackh ha’olam” simply means “Blessed are you oh Lord our God, King of the Universe”. Put another way, “Our Father, which art in Heaven…”. Yes, EC was being a bit stroppy by this point.

Not unexpectedly, Alan claimed even more trickery:

Again El Coyote my good friend, If you played for the Toon, they would say ‘Woah Nice Body swerve’

This is the 2nd article of two you have tried to ‘Swerve’ with utter nonsense… in my opinion .So then I’ll open the floor to all here on this Blog… PLEASE all enlighten me to the true meaning in this Video conference… I BEG YOU,

Bearing in Mind I’m trying to state the case for TALMUD Affliction through the world …

And EC replied,

Well, not sure what else I can tell you, Alan. You ask, I answer to the best of my ability. If you think I’m resorting to trickery, then I have to ask you: why are you bothering?

My bottom line when it comes to people who believe things like “Jews believe non-Jews are sub-human and deserve to die” or “Jews think it’s okay to have sex with children” is that they’re wrong. I can cite chapter and verse, but when I do that apparently I’m playing tricks, so…why are we doing this again?

And there we remain, deadlocked.

The moral of the story, if there is one: if a person is not prepared to accept any answer but the one he has preconceived and believes in, then why ask the question at all?

If Alan was not interested in hearing anything except “the Talmud says it’s okay to have sex with children, and Jews think it’s okay to kill non-Jews”, and claimed trickery or deflection at any answer other than the one he so clearly wanted, then we wonder why he would bother going through the exercise. It’s disheartening to think that despite best attempts at clear explanations, we wound up right back at square one.

More likely, it seems that he was hoping that his “evidence” would win the day, that EC and others at this blog would be forced to see that Jews really were a malevolent force, and that we would come round to his way of thinking. So perhaps we misunderstood the premise: it wasn’t about looking for answers, but about pushing a particular agenda. Problem is, educated people know that the agenda is wrong.

Ultimately, we’re reminded of yet another bit of Biblical wisdom: “Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not” (Jer. 5:21). Or put another way, “There are none so blind as those who will not see”.

151 thoughts on “Alanson: There are none so blind as those who will not see

      • True Arthur,as ever Spiny breaks things down neatly,such that even the local village idiot can grasp the gist of matters.

        Alans apparently inherant laziness however is only something Alan can work on.It really takes the biscuit expecting anyone else to slather all over his livestock just because he cant be arsed to get out there and do it himself.Really,some people.

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    • No need now Spiny. He’s had more than enough time so by default you win any debate regardless of what he says in the future. That’s using Alanson rules of course.

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  1. Coyote said:
    “If Alan was not interested in hearing anything except “the Talmud says it’s okay to have sex with children, and Jews think it’s okay to kill non-Jews”, and claimed trickery or deflection at any answer other than the one he so clearly wanted, then we wonder why he would bother going through the exercise. It’s disheartening to think that despite best attempts at clear explanations, we wound up right back at square one.
    More likely, it seems that he was hoping that his “evidence” would win the day, that EC and others at this blog would be forced to see that Jews really were a malevolent force, and that we would come round to his way of thinking. So perhaps we misunderstood the premise: it wasn’t about looking for answers, but about pushing a particular agenda. Problem is, educated people know that the agenda is wrong”.

    I’ve said it before, and I say it again – you are very wise, Coyote 🙂

    There MIGHT be some oddball persons of Jewish heritage, somewhere in the world, who have professed to their victims a belief that something in Judaic scriptures, or holy commentaries, or religio-cultural traditions, “allows” the to sexually prey on minor persons. There is nothing, however, in any of those sources which would prohibit other Jewish persons from turning the pervert in – to secular law enforcement agents.

    There have certainly been persons in Jewish communities, who have exploited one form or another of religio-cultural ‘authority’ they happen to possess, to sexually abuse minors they might happen to hold such ‘authority’ over – particularly when the minor is “in their care” for part or all of the day.
    The same can be said, of course, of SOME persons in Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Baptist, Evangelical, Pentacostal, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Presbyterian, Islamic, Hindu, or Buddhist communities, and practically every little cultesque offshoot of all these traditions that has ever existed.
    The more ‘family-centric’ a given religious/spiritual tradition might be, the more likely it will be to find examples of such self-righteous perverts active in that community at any given time…simply because there can be expected to be more children, and therefore greater access to children for them to victimize. The less ‘family-centric’ a given religious/spiritual tradition might be, the less likely it will be to find examples of such self-righteous perverts active in that community at any given time…simply because there can be expected to be less children in that community, and therefore less access to children for them to victimize.
    For this reason ONLY, formal (legally constituted) organizations composed of self-professed satanists or practitioners of “occult arts” generally, have traditionally had very low rates of child sex crime perpetrators in their communities – ironically (or not ironic, perhaps).

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    • Thanks, Justin. As you say, there are examples of people abusing their so-called religious authority in every known religion (and some that aren’t known, i.e. “emerging religions”). People of conscience will always stand against this type of abuse, irrespective of which religious belief the abusers use as their shield.

      And frankly, when it comes to anti-Semitism, well, haters gonna hate. I find this terribly sad, and wish it were otherwise, but there you are.

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  2. The Alanson G+ gallery offers an intriguing insight into our meddling Mackem mate’s mind:

    Oh and while I’m on, I’ve taken a bunch of screenshots from that hilarious, short-lived ‘Hoaxtead Satanists Exposed’ blog (by Hope Girl?) and archived it, if anyone’s doing any research into pathological liars or simply fancies a laugh:

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      • Well said Spiny. I am glad that you corrected her, i just knew that it wouldn’t be long before Yolande mentioned freemasons as well.

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    • I wonder how long it’ll be before Yolande declares that Cassie’s “a Jew who’s conspiring with Eugene Lukjanenko and the Pope to bring down the Duke of Kent”. Place your bets now…

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    • Actually, Yolande does make a good point in there: how many eight- or nine-year-old children know about CAFCASS? The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service is not, as some might think, a social services agency. Rather, it works independently of the courts, social services, education and health authorities and all similar agencies, to represent children in family court cases.

      That is an awfully specific mandate, and one wonders how the children would have known of it.

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      • When people go through acrimonious separations Cafcass is used to prepare reports to advise the Family Court. They’ll typically interview both parents and have a chat with the children.
        It doesn’t seem unusual to me that the Hampstead children will have been aware of Cafcass.
        If the Cafcass reports went against what Ella wanted then I daresay she’ll have been angry with the organisation.

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    • Yolande’s theories are really right off the page and are quite entertaining. They have their own unique twist.
      But if poor old Lubjanenko & Ella are working with the Russian government I don’t think we have much to fear from Vlad Putin anymore.

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      • I bet she hasnt even attempted to arrange a visitation to check out the accommodation she so helpfully enabled for her little gigalo toyboy.

        This is no doubt the source of some light relief as I suspect the idea of having his posterior further invaded is a deeply grim prospect Roopy would not be overly keen to revisit.

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    • It probably says something about my childish nature that whenever Angela says, “Free Rupert!” I have an urge to say, “Oh no thanks, I’ve had plenty”.

      I’ll get my coat….

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  3. Well said EC. I admire your attempts to engage with people like Alanson and the anti-Semitic lies spread by him and his ilk. Like you, I’m not Jewish, but if I were I would also be proud of my heritage and I think I would be pretty annoyed to see my traditions and history hijacked by idiotic losers and used against me. But I fear your attempts to reason with the unreasonable will ultimately be futile. But at least it exposes a bit more of the complete inability to engage in a factually based conversation which seems to be the hallmark of a Troofer. Once you’ve been through trying to understand what drives them… all that seems to be left is this: they are emotionally attached to outrageously stupid ideas because those ideas are the only thing big enough to fill the huge gaping hole in their minds and hearts. Not one of them has what you’d call normal relationships. Most of them estranged from their families in some capacity. They’re basically junkies – addicted to ideas and behaviours rather than substances, though some of them are alcoholics and drug users too. None of them is particularly well-educated, quite the opposite if the appalling level of literacy displayed is an indicator. All they’ve got is the excitement of being fantasy heroes and rescuers, which is poignant, since most of them can’t even rescue themselves. So, to sum up: they’re financially, educationally, emotionally and socially unsuccessful people whose ridiculous ideas are the equivalent of a bottle of cheap vodka or a couple of grams of white powder. But they’re dangerous in their failure and I admire you for trying to make them better than they are.

    (Even Belinda, with her Oxford degree, is just a batty old fool who stopped keeping up intellectually forty years ago. And don’t get me started on Sabine, whose delusions of intellectual superiority are laughable).

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    • I think that by and large your description is correct, PA, though I do know of several troofers who seem to live fairly normal lives, yet believe the most outlandish things.

      As you say, though, it comes down to a deep emotional attachment to these ideas, which (perhaps?) give them a sense of power and control in a world which can be bewildering and distressing. I do think there’s some sort of aversion to exploring both sides of the question, as this might lead to a shift in beliefs, and a collapse of the sense of power they’ve worked so hard to build up.

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    • Eh? Could be “candy from baby”, but I’d have to be able to comprehend it first!
      I can’t prove a statement wrong, if its gibberish (?)

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    • Believe me, I’m not that hard up for a hundred quid that I’d want to have a debate with a rabid anti semite. You should stick your hundred quid where the sun don’t shine.


    • Yay! We get a mention 😀

      She says that this “government-run website” has labelled her a conspiracy theorist. LOL

      Well, we’ve labelled her a fruitloop and a buffoon but have we actually used the word ‘conspiracy theorist?

      Mind you, if the cap fits…

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      • I never get past the opening section as her “cheery” greeting is so bloody annoying I could reach through the internet and slap her face.
        What on earth possess a person who is not just an A1 Bore but an arrogant guffawing one that makes her think she is so fascinating she should make a video of herself walking down the street?
        As for those who comment on her claptrap- they all sound either possessed or just stark raving bonkers.

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      • She said the other day she spends a lot of time in Tesco.

        Tesco started by the Jewish grocer, Sir Jack Cohen. (Great business idea Jack, but not the sort of place I frequent. To each his own.)

        Tesco is now one of BIG supermarkets and makes big profits. I avoid the supermarkets like the plague unless I’m desperate. Support your local small businesses folks! (I just had to get that in.)

        Anyway, this is the woman who wants us all to stop conforming and as was mentioned the other day she manages this by:

        Having a:

        Conventional wedding with a big white dress.
        Taking her husband’s name when she married him. (Why DO women do this?)
        Mortgage (she mentioned this)
        Taking lots of selfie’s wearing clothes that were probably made in sweat shops in China.
        Sending her kids to what she thinks are indoctrination centres.

        And here’s me, a Government paid agent (ha!) sitting in front of my woodstove, burning wood I cut myself, eating veggies I grew myself, wearing clothes from my local charity shop and without a TV. And I’m the sort she’d call a ‘sheep’. But hey she’s the unconventional one and I’ve been mind-controlled.

        Funny innit. I said it’s funny. Innit funny. Did I say it was Funny? Funny.

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      • I looked at my spouse last night and said ‘Mr Vark will have notified her’. I know you so well for someone I don’t know at all. 🙂

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    • She believes that vaccines are evil, schools are indoctrination centres, They Live and The Matrix are documentaries, Hampstead schoolchildren are routinely forced to eat babies, this blog is run by the government and Michael Jackson is living in an underground bunker on a secret island somewhere…but she’s NOT a conspiracy theorist. Oookay.

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    • The lazy cow could always home school if she thinks that but fortunately at least her children get to mingle with seemingly normal people.

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    • Wait, what? Indoctrination centre? If thats her “school” of thought, why willingly allow your child/children to go? You could homeschool. Or does she counter what is learnt at the Indoctrination centre by teaching about chem-trails, NWO,the juice who run the world, all western medicine being evil, how to spot a shill or paid agent, Government blogs ect?

      These bloody Indoctrination centres teaching useful maths and English when they should be preparing kids for the up n coming revolution against “the Man”

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      • Having once been a conspiracy theorist, its soul destroying to see people act like this. Its so easy to fall into this mode of thinking, buying into whatever is going around at that time. Often, even when presented with evidence against each conspiracy, staying with it and staying with these self-appointed gurus whilst being used to believe in who is right and wrong in this industry and whatever else they wish to push on people. Often being told to gang-stalk anyone who speaks out against people who see through these self-appointed gurus. Calling people who don’t see their way of thinking sheep and other terms, suffering from a form of depression, being told everything we have learnt is wrong, alienating our friends and family and being supported by our “cult” that the people we have alienated just aren’t awake yet. Its a oneupmanship mode of thinking, that we are somewhat special to believe in the conspiracy.

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          • I see also the Pendragons are biting the hand that feeds. Having seemed to turn their back on the Chartist movement. Seems there is a falling out over Brian Gerrish’s stance on gun control.

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          • All good points Rev Howard. Like yourself i once started heading down the route of believing in some of the usual conspiracies but luckily i saw sense and started questioning the stories more closely which helped me break away from the cult of conspiracy.

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        • There are those in the conspiracy market who are quite convincing and talk quite well. I was always taken in by Micheal Tsarion and his matter of fact way of talking about history, mixing fact with bullshit. Some of these people are amusing, entertaining and damn right nuts, but charismatic. There doesn’t seem to be any element of this much now. Just people using pure sensationism to attract people or so called sex appeal.

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      • Great minds think alike, Bruce 🙂

        By the way, I’d hate to be one of the teachers at her kids’ school. I bet she complains to them about everything.

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  4. Credit to Alan for his studious determination to bat on a losing wicket seemingly blindfold and without a jockstrap(or a bat).

    So that poor Alan’s visits here are not all dismal acts of extreme masochism, here is the one thing he can cling on to in his darkest moments.How exactly keeper Monty kept that from crossing the line in the Mackems 1973 FA Cup victory remains a miracle.

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  5. Alanson is a fuckwit, a fucking retard, a moron and..well that will do for a start.

    The Bible is riddled with stuff like:
    1 Samuel 15:3: “This is what the Lord Almighty says … ‘Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’ ”

    Psalm 137, “Happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us / He who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.”

    Timothy 2:12: do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.”

    Peter 2:18: Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel.”

    And this one which was written specifically with Angela Power-Disney in mind :
    Exodus 22:18: Do not allow a sorceress to live.
    (I don’t advocate this rather I think the Garda should investigate possible Social Security fraud.

    There are over one billion Christians on the plant, none of who advocate these things even though they are in the Bible.

    Before the 20th Century people were marrying as soon as they reached puberty because they had a life expectancy of 40 and this happened throughout Europe, Asia , Africa and what became the UK.

    In Israel and around the world there are dozens of Jewish sects who have differing views that contradict each other. For instance the majority of Ashkenazi Jews in New York do not recognise Israel as the Jewish homeland and regularly demonstrate against it.
    Same same Christians ranging from the fairly “left” leaning and harmless Quackers to the quite scary right-wing Evangelicals in the USA who endorse an accused ( and self admitted) sexual harassing president.

    I’m sick of these dumb idiots like Alanson who spout nonsense and basically collectively blame entire races of people for something they perceive as a real thing that some may do, and what’s even more annoying is that they base their claims on internet claptrap.

    As for Alanson’s revolting promotion of the murderous Hitler who started a war in which killed millions died and specifically over 20 Million Russians who died to creeps like Alan Alanson can spout their moronic beliefs, explain why Hitler invaded Poland and then Russia you stupid c*nt and give my 200 quid to a Food Bank.
    Their shallowness of investigation is not just abysmal it’s a disgrace.

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    • Well you certainly didn’t mince your words there GOS, i like your style. Funny how Alanson and his mates never take any of the points you have made into account. They have their narrative and they are sticking to it.

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    • I agree with the vast majority of what you’ve said there, Sam, except…

      “For instance the majority of Ashkenazi Jews in New York do not recognise Israel as the Jewish homeland and regularly demonstrate against it”.

      There are indeed many Jews who oppose Zionism, either on religious or secular grounds. Most Orthodox groups support the state of Israel, with the exception of the Hasidic groups who believe that Zionism violates God’s will (more or less; this is a much longer discussion). Many secular Jews also either oppose Zionism per se, or oppose Israel’s policies, in particular the country’s policies toward its Palestinian residents.


  6. I admire your hard work EC in trying to set him straight to try to see beyond his blinkered view
    Sadly it seems, someone with views like his believe only in what they say and their interpretations, they will only take from it what will suit their twisted beliefs, I very much doubt that he will even read your answers, rather he will skim over them until he finds something that suits him and try to twist it again

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    • These people are all alike. Even when presenting with information which then undoes their way of thinking, they don’t and won’t budge. If conspiracy theorist would allow themselves to sometimes take a step back, they would see it. Its conditioning. These people will often argue that those who aren’t “awake” suffer from cognitive dissonance. Not realising that it works both ways.

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    • There is no truth to Adrenochrome. In fact, one of the people they have often called a child murder, Hunter s Thomson was one to circulate this myth.

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        • Fascinating, Rev. I have wondered about this ever since Abe Christie was rambling on about how the “cult” was harvesting adrenochrome from the infants it supposedly killed. And of course you have to know that Kristie Sue Costa latched onto that and tried to claim that it was the real deal. If it shoots out of Abe’s arse, you can bet Kristie Sue will be there to catch it.

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          • Its just plain silly that the so called elite would be into something that would cause the psychedelic effects they so claim it does.

            The idea of blood drinking also is near impossible in more than small amounts. It would cause great harm internally.

            If they are looking for the drug that the banking elites could be taking, well, that would be Cocaine!

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      • So much of their conspiracy theories seem to emanate from Hollywood movies such as the faked moon landings etc. I reckon you could trace most back to some successful flick but I haven’t yet seen them claim pigs can talk as in Babe.
        But who knows?. Cassie’s followers seem to think Mickey Mouse was arrested by the FBI at Disney World for running a pedophile ring and Michael Jackson is living in a cave and fighting the Illuminati.

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  7. This whole site is full of illegal defamation and stalkers. All the paedo-trolls that post here are being ivestigated and I will have them all arrested. I have had dozens of trolls prosecuted before and I have crime numbers and IP addresses aswell!!!
    All of you are banned from my Facebook.
    You bunch of top tossers!!!

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    • Your Facebook? So it’s Danielle La Verite who allows all that child abuse material to fester on FB, Shame on you.
      Do you need my address for Interpol?


    • That doesn’t sound like the real Danielle to me….

      If you’re the real Danielle then prove it by telling us what fingers tell us about gender?

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  8. Why is this Alanson chap putting EC on the spot about the Talmud/Jews, what does he hope to prove/achieve?

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    • Do my eyes deceive me or did he manage to spell ‘Hoaxtead’ right at one point there? First time for everything, I guess.

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      • Is the vile mush of what is left of Pratersons putrid brain sending out feint signals,suggesting a few cells may still be actively functioning in there?

        Was this apparent miracle simply a typo?

        Could this be a manifestation of universal laws of probability at play?

        You decide,but he still a complete and utter wanker anyway.

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    • What exactly are we supposed to be “getting very scared” about? He didn’t make that clear, lol.

      As for Butlincat running the blog, all I can say is…in his dreams! LOL

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    • Putting aside the fact that it’s completely impossible to harvest people’s IP addresses from YouTube, publishing them would be very naughty, John. You’d never catch ME doing that.

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    • He really hasn’t got a clue has he? “wetting our knickers”, hardly John and if we were if would be from laughing at you Paterson.

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