Sex cult in Wales no proof of SRA in Hampstead

Here’s a quick brain-teaser for you: if Crime A were committed in your neighbourhood—let’s say, a group of people decided to form a child sexual abuse ring and sport identifying tattoos—and then, a few years later someone claimed that Crime B, which bore superficial similarities to Crime A, was taking place several miles away in another neighbourhood, would Crime A prove that Crime B had in fact occurred?

To put it more simply, does the existence of one crime prove that the other was true?

If you answered “No! Only an idiot would fall for the association fallacy—and I’m no fool!” then congratulations, you cannot qualify to be a member of the Hoaxtead mob.

Now, could someone please explain this basic logical fallacy to Deborah Mahmoudieh?

Apparently she was browsing through back issues of the Daily Mail and ran across the terrible story of Colin Batley, a disgusting person by all accounts, who decided to found his very own ‘cult’ involving the sexual abuse of children. He started his activities in Shoreditch, but later moved to Kidwelly, a seaside town in Wales, where he and his wife, friends, and neighbours preyed on the young and vulnerable for more than a decade.

In March 2011, Mr Batley was finally convicted of 35 charges of sex offences against children and young adults. His wife Elaine and one of their female followers were each found guilty of five counts including sexual activity and indecency towards children; another female follower was found guilty of two similar charges.

The entire story is sickening.

It’s hard to accept that such people can live amongst us, and worse, that young children can suffer at the hands of these people, sometimes for years, without any authority stepping in and putting an end to their abuse.

However, the story of Mr Batley and his ‘sex-abuse cult’ does not in any way ‘prove’ or even ‘validate’ the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Quite aside from the logical fallacy involved—one event cannot prove the validity of another—there’s the issue of the courts. You see, in the Batley case, the courts found the ‘cult members’ (read: common-or-garden sex abusers) guilty as charged; in Hampstead, the opposite occurred.

The allegations made by RD’s children were quickly discovered to have been fabricated, and as soon as the children felt safe in doing so, they retracted them and said they’d been tortured by Abe Christie into lying about their father, their teachers, their friends and schoolmates, and other community members.

The police conducted an investigation, later validated by the IPCC, which found that none of the persons named were guilty of any of the offences described. A High Court fact-finding hearing reiterated this finding.

And most recently, in the trial of two of the hoax’s most vocal supporters, the defendants’ barristers agreed that the alleged cult in Hampstead had never existed, and that those who had promoted it were “irrational, obsessive, delusional, and odd”. Restraining orders have been issued to prevent the defendants from continuing to harass any of their victims, including RD and his children, any of the students or teachers at the schools named, and any of the four witnesses they’d been accused of intimidating.

So…sorry, Debs. Nice try but no cigar.

The case in Wales was a tragic one. And it had absolutely nothing to do with the hoax in Hampstead, no matter how hard you wish it did.


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  1. Alarm bells ring with me at 1:00. In her desperation to link this to Hampstead, Deridre claims that the perpetrator had lived in North London, when in fact, as EC rightly points out, he’d lived in Shoreditch. Which, Deborah, is in the East End. D’oh!

    I also question whether this could be classed as a cult. It was one pyschotic crank committing his crimes in costumes for kicks and coaxing two gullible women to join in. Keelan Balderson has covered this kind of thing before. A few perverted nutters (serious though that is) does not a cult make:

    26:22 – “According to a 1996 study in the UK by anthropologist Jean la Fontaine, in the handful of isolated abuse cases that did involve loose satanic themes, the perpetrators’ goal was deemed sexual gratification rather than any religious worship of widespread cult behaviour. The preoccupation with satanism by those surrounding the cases was seen to distract from the actual crimes at hand. To this day, not one satanic ritual abuse network has ever been uncovered.”

    Still, who am I to argue? The Daily Mail, famous for its fair and balanced reporting and non-sensationalist approach to journalism, says it’s a cult, so it must be. Good old mainstream media, eh, Debs? (At least when it suits you.)

    Mind you, not even the Daily Mail tried to link this to Hampstead.

    Actually, no one did…until now!

    Stick to dancing in future, Debs.

    [Scroll to 18:02]

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  2. Yes, you’re quite right that Dr LaFontaine’s study uncovered no actual Satanists who engaged in child abuse of any kind. This is not to say that some people do not employ the trappings of what they think of as ‘Satanic cults’ in their child sex abuse activities, but this seems to be mostly to terrorise the children, not to fulfill any religious belief.

    Here’s more on Dr LaFontaine and the early phases of the Satanic panic in the UK:


  3. “In most cases there was pressure on the children to respond to requests to ‘tell’. When they did not, it was generally thought that the devil-worshippers had prevented them from doing so…”

    Sound familiar?!

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  4. There have been many cases of crimes committed against children by single mothers in Deborah Mahmoudieh’s neck of the woods and she’s a friend of charity scammer Angela Power-Disney who beat her own children- hence this is clear proof that Deborah Mahmoudieh is a child abuser and – we just don’t know the details- someone who rips off charities as well.

    Thank God for this logic, it makes life so much easier.
    Kidwelly, Shoreditch?. Clear proof the Royal Family, the Rothschilds, all Jews . all ex-public school students who are now politicians and Uncle Tom Cobley are in a Satanic Cult that imports babies for hamburgers as they have all traveled through these areas at one stage in a car.

    As is everyone who has ever eaten McDonalds which could include Debs and certainly Rupert & Jake so are they undercover Cult members?

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  5. I only watch Deborah Mahmoudieh’s videos for the part where she rises to a crescendo and starts screeching (possessed ?). Can anyone pinpoint at which stage in this one she peaks as I can’t be bothered watch all of it?

    I liken her to the noted Irish comedian Patrick Culinane and his brilliant series of hoax calls to government officials, called “You Can Stick Your Ambulance Up Your Ar*e”

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  6. Hi K.E.N.

    Pardon the oxymoron but it was surprisingly predictable.

    (Try working out whether THAT should have an explanation mark or not, lol. But I digress.)

    Although I refrained from asking questions myself, I did watch it and I can confirm that there were people posting various questions.

    However, the first 15 minutes or so was simply an extension of Angie’s show (which hilariously had started 12 minutes late with no explanation or apology – so professional!).

    Another larger chunk of the show was then given over to Mel ranting about apartheid. She’s not a racist, apparently, and apartheid wasn’t created to oppress black people, Nooo – it was a way of “preserving cultures by keeping them separate”! And why the hell did black people moan about not being allowed to stand in the same post office queue as whites or use the same parks? “It’s not as if they didn’t have their own queues to stand in or their own parks to go to.” At that point, EC and I both admitted to genuine feelings of nausea. I had to take a glass of Andrews and I think EC took a special anti-vomiting pill manufactured exclusively for woodland canine creatures.

    Anyhoo, as I say, there were people asking a stack of questions. But that didn’t matter – once she’d finished her apartheid rant (eventually!), she ignored said questions and went on to waffle about the usual stuff, complete with the usual bollocks about how she has the right to know the whereabouts of two vulnerable children (she doesn’t), how none of the accused had come forward to prove their innocence to her personally, etc.

    Oh and she once again claimed that I’d been deleting her comments from my video. I reiterate that I categorically had not, despite the fact that she does not allow any of us to comment on hers! I’ve blocked the mad bint now, though, as there is only so much lying and abuse I will allow and she exceeded her bullshit quota.

    She also ranted once again about how people shouldn’t lower themselves to insults and abuse. Bear in mind that this is a woman who said in one of her videos: “I’m in bitch fest mode today. We’re talking about self-indulgent egotistical twats.” (And that was about her own colleagues!). A woman who also said to Gabriella (as you’ve seen in the screenshot): “There is a special place in Hell for satanic fucktards like you.” And we’ve all seen her abusive, unprovoked attack on Michael from LNM Radio. So no hypocrisy there, then. (Incidentally, she denies ever having heard of LNM Radio and claims I made it up!)

    And then it got bizarre. She ignored most of the questions, as usual. And many were being deleted, again as usual. But to be fair, she did answer one or two. However, this didn’t stop her and Biggy from then once again repeating their blatant, arrogant bullshit that there had been no questions! The “trolls” (i.e. anyone who dares to question or disagree with HRH Queen Melani) had “chickened out because they were too scared”. Seriously, when she uploads this, you will actually be able to watch her responding to questions then claiming there had been no questions!

    As for “chickening out”, where to begin?! Putting aside the fact that people WERE there, I’m struggling to get my head round her “thinking” here. Apparently the only possible reason why someone doesn’t spend 90 minutes at a specific time engaging in a pointless one-sided Q&A with a racist vampire-hunting lunatic is because they’re too scared. It’s scientifically impossible, of course, for them to be at work, down the pub, busy not giving a shit, doing the shopping, tending to the kids, attending their salsa dancing classes or a plethora of other possibilities. No, the only earthly reason why someone wouldn’t turn up is because they’re abject cowards. Mel Ve “logic” in action!

    Sadly, however, her “logic” appears not to apply to herself. She once again reiterated her refusal to come to this blog to engage in debate with us, despite various people’s invitations. “I won’t go play in their playground,” she says. Sooo, us refusing to “play in her playground” = cowardice, whereas her refusing to play in ours = perfectly fine and reasonable. No contradiction there, then.

    By the way, don’t even get me started on Angie’s “performance”. She attained new heights of misinformation and bullshit-spreading, particularly with regard to child protection law, Ricky Dearman and Charlotte Ward. That woman seriously needs help. Or a lobotomy.

    And there was also the bizarre spectacle of Angie persuading Mel to admit that she was considering doing yet more U-turns both on Belinda McKenzie and on the Hollie Greig hoax! So much for her utter certainty about Belinda being a witch and an MI5 agent (LOL) and about the damage the Hollie hoax had caused to innocent people!

    Thanks for asking, mate. I feel so much better now 😀

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  7. Good point, Sam. Deborah is from Jimmy Savile’s neck of the woods, I believe. So that’s irrefutable proof that she is a serial abuser. We’re through the looking glass, people.

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  8. “Incidentally, she denies ever having heard of LNM Radio and claims I made it up!”

    Feel free to refer her on to myself then. I posted the link to this blog the other night having happened across it while researching Mel’s background. And, although he didn’t give me the link directly, I was given the basic information to find the link by a third party who has had Ms Spencer ‘on the radar’ for a couple of years. – In other words there would be at least another three, quite independent people – Michael included – who can corroborate that you didn’t make it up!

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  9. 1. No members of Colin Batley’s failed ‘personality cult’ were convicted of “satanic ritual abuse”, or “ritual abuse”, or “satanic cult crime”. No one in the UK ever has been or ever will be convicted of those things, because there are no such criminal statutes. Batley and his associates were convicted of a variety of sexual offences including rape, indecent assault, inciting a child to engage in sex, and causing prostitution for personal gain. Calling any criminal activity “satanic” only describes a presumption about the criminal’s motivation. There is nothing inherently “satanic”, or christian, or buddhistic or atheistic about any of these sex crimes.
    2. Most people have a theistic interpretation of the phrase “satanic cult”. That is, for them it means a group of persons who worship Satan as their deity and have a theology-philosophy which is a reversal of traditional (primarily Catholic) Christian theology.
    None of Batley’s victims claimed that the group worshipped Satan as their deity, nor did they describe the group’s practises as Christian church services reversed. None of the victims described any cohesive or comprehensive theology-philosophy at all, only Batley’s opportunistic repetition of certain phrases which he claimed to justify exploiting other members of the group for his own gratification and gain, and which were purported to be derived from Aleister Crowley’s “Book of the Law”.
    Crowley’s “Book of the Law” is actually a poem in three chapters. It does not have any narrative or storyline like the books of the Christian Bible do, nor does it contain any comprehensible theology, “commandments”, or philosophy. It is just a POEM, formed primarily out of incomprehensible stanzas such as: “The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs” or “For I am perfect, being Not; and my number is nine by the fools; but with the just I am eight, and one in eight: Which is vital, for I am none indeed. The Empress and the King are not of me; for there is a further secret”. There is nothing about Satan or Satanism in The Book of the Law.
    SOME of Batley’s favorite phrases, which he used to justify rape or forced prostitution, were taken – out of context – from Crowley’s commentaries on The Book of the Law, which are lengthy expressions of his opinions on various subjects but not a coherent philosophy or theology.
    Crowley only had one commandment for his followers, and that was: “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law, Love Is The Law, Love Under Will”, often paraphrased as just “Do What Thou Wilt”. This is not an exhortation to extreme libertinism as many people suppose, it is not Do What Thou WILT. The emphasis actually falls on thou, as in Do What THOU Wilt, because it is really an exhortation to extreme individualism and a commandment not to allow others to impose THEIR will on you. This is why all organizations based on Crowley’s writings, even little personality cults, inevitably fall apart. Their “prime directive” is BE YOUR OWN LEADER, which means every member will inevitably reject every other member’s attempts to be THE Leader.
    Batley’s use of threats, force, and coercion to control the other members of his group was a blatant violation of this principle, demonstrating that he was only using Crowley’s writings as props, and the sex cult “philosophy” he pretended to be following was his own personal invention.
    3. The stories of communal sexual abuse, infant sacrifice and cannibalism that Ella and Abe forced Ella’s children to recite don’t contain anything like a theology-philosophy. They don’t really describe congregations of people engaged in worshipping Satan, either. There was no mention of Crowley or anything Crowley related, in their statements. They are primarily recitations of abuse and murder. If there was any kind of “commandment” derivable from them, it would be “Kill The Babies!”
    Colin Batley’s group didn’t kill babies, none of his victims claimed that they did. In fact, just the opposite is true – Batley wouldn’t let any of the girls who got pregnant have abortions. Batley didn’t want to kill babies, he wanted to HAVE babies – as many as possible – and forced the girls to carry every pregnancy through to birth.

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  10. Good points, Sam. And yes, no one in the UK has ever been convicted of SRA. Child abuse is child abuse, whether the perpetrator is wearing his Sunday best or a black cloak; and whether he’s chanting Luciferian incantations or whistling ‘Dixie’. The supposed satanic element is a distraction, as both Keelan Balderson and Jean la Fontaine have previously pointed out, and seems almost to be more important to the Deborahs and Angies of the World than the actual abuse.

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  11. Crowley from which Colin Batley took his inspiration was the founder of the Thelema religion. Crowley and Thelema is part of the Right Hand Path whereas Satanism is Left Hand Path. Christianity and Islam are also examples of the Right Hand Path. Any philosophy that places the will and choice of the individual as supreme over that of the group is associated with the Left Hand Path.

    Batley created a bastardised personality sex cult based upon an interpretation of Thelema, I doubt he understood any of the principles of Thelema.

    The idea that Satanism could be involved in a well organised institutionalized, ranked, master-slave system is laughable as those that believe this clearly have no idea of what Satanism is, or the attitudes of the people who are attracted to the Satanic religion.

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  12. When faced with inconvenient humdrum real world data such as there being zero material evidence to support speculations the stock default response is always along the lines that those ” in the system” are “obviously”involved in a cover up eg right up to Teresa May and ultimately the lizard fraternity.To even dare question their fairy tale narratives is effectively an admission of guilt and involvement etc etc blah yawn

    Objectivity,impartiality,rationality,calm reflection and so on are pure anathema to the “enlightenment” fascists and to hold a mirror to their nothingness or expose them to light results in screaming,wailings and gnashings of teeth.
    You know a bit like blood sucking vampires lol

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  13. If you have ever sucked a cut finger you will notice there is no high to be got from blood- or am I missing something?

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  14. Some points have just been put to me by a third party from which I’ll extract:

    There is a difference between ritual sexual and/or physical abuse and ritualised sexual abuse. The former is very rare and in general (though not always by any means) limited to throwback practices brought in from parts of Africa. Curiously enough these are very often quasi-Christian! The latter, ritualISED abuse much more common.

    Ritualised abuse can include anything from people acting out “Wicker Man” type fantasies to the quasi military, for example Scouts and the like. As [Police Officer’s name redacted] will tell you, quite often criminals seek to rationalise what they’re doing by tying it to some sort of ‘ritual’.

    If you need an exemplar of that look to the rhetoric of the beast Nigel Oldfield who tries to justify what he is with pseudo-intellectualism. Or Thomas Hamilton who harboured fantasises (albeit comically frustrated) of being a great military leader. It should come as little surprise that the debauched of the so called new age might well attempt to bathe their perversion in elements of old mysticism.

    Some might even ‘ritualise’ their abusive nature by persuading the child that the abuse is some normal part of growing up. – That was Mitchell’s tack. And I do always question those who like Robert Lee-Taylor, Rupert Quaintance and Jake Clarke who dress and act like adolescent boys even though they are grown men, often in middle-age.

    But Nigel Oldfield isn’t clever, Thomas Hamilton was never a Soldier (neither was RLT) and these people are not the Devil Incarnate; they are quite simply sexual deviants, who prey on the vulnerable. Grubby little perverts; no more no less, and should never be given the ‘validation’ they seek.

    If you’re looking for patterns look to the inaction of the authorities and especially the disregard of reports, often going back decades. And I do find it very interesting that whilst these people are hunting for little red devils around every corner they are quite happy to ignore (or perhaps misdirect their audience away from) the more obvious things.

    Clearly, and the Police Officers in the group will I think acknowledge this, there has been historically and still is an issue with official intertia. Too many, possibly almost all public services are ‘stats’ driven’. And that includes the Police.

    This leads to a ‘tail wagging the dog’ situation where our public services are (in general) no longer fit for purpose… At the top they see only statistics. In the middle they serve only statistics. At the bottom, woe betide any cog in the machine that dares step out of line, tries to meet the needs of the public, and messes up those nice neat statistics. And so it proceeds in Siphonapteric style.

    This is made all the worse by corrupting influences and organisations such as (but by no means limited to) the Masons, various ‘Old School’ types, etc. We are amidst a crisis for sure; have been probably for most of the time most of us have been alive. But I am afraid I remain very very sure that what these people are about is providing fanciful distraction from the grim reality.

    In the Hampstead case what do we have at large really? Another common-thread being the unofficially-sanctioned drugs culture that keeps (parts at least) of lower classes stupefied. We have a common or garden drugs dealer and con merchant; a violent thug with a history of sexual perversion and child abuse.

    We have a devious ‘mail order bride’ type who clearly has no talent or ability of her own, and is a lazy cow to boot. Ella Draper is a psychopath of a type who backed the wrong horse with the unfortunate Mr Dearman. And has since tried to screw him over financially using their children as a weapon; that in itself is a common enough scenario. In essence the woman is a type of Prostitute, a fact only discovered by her husband after the fact.

    Again, this is not uncommon. Ella Draper is distinguished only by the depths of her depravity and lack of basic empathy towards other human beings, particularly her children. An exceptional mother certainly; but not in any positive sense!

    Ultimately the Crook is introduced to the Clothes Horse via the Scam-Mistress General, Belinda McKenzie. And yes, I am of the firm opinion that she was instrumental in scripting and orchestrating this particular drama and she does seem to have been many others; it’s just what she does. The rest is well-documented though highly unfortunate history.

    On Mel Ve and Angela Power Disney. Both simple con-merchants IMO, they’ve been explored at length and although much more is known about each of them that is powder best kept dry because the ideal scenario is that they are each prosecuted for various things.

    It is probably correct to assume that Mel is trying to hook herself into the recent Police Scotland success. I’m happy to speculate that it might later lead to the Hollie Greig case being ‘mentioned in despatches’ . I am quietly optimistic that all the appropriate dots will be joined. And that ‘certain gentlemen’ will wind up in jail where they belong. – Ever the opportunist, Mel will I suspect try to hitch a ride off the back of all this.

    As is highlighted, she is already hinting that she was involved in exposing the fact that Graeme Buchanan has no sister, there was therefore no house etc. I can confirm absolutely that was first publically revealled by Mark Daly on a ‘Manchester Radio Online’ show. I have the recording, I have records from the time. And there will be, archived a contemporaneous archive of what Mel Ve’s position was at the time.

    It’s an unfortunate thing, and this applies to all sides in these cases, that people, places and events are routinely conflated in people’s minds. Mel is EXACTLY the sort of person to deliberately exploit this.

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  15. So true, Mik!

    And don’t also forget that the mainstream media are also part of the cult and in on the coverup. At least they are until the Daily Mail publishes an article that suits Deb et al’s agenda, that is.

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  16. Another bizarre thing about that so-called Q&A session – when Mel was apparently answering questions from the “trolls” who…er…hadn’t asked any questions was that she wasn’t telling the audience what the questions were! So she was launching straight into nonsensical waffly answers (often dragging Angie in too) and you were having to work pretty hard to figure out what the f*ck they were actually referring to. “That’s an interesting question. I would have to say yes but not without protection.” Yeah but what was the bleedin’ question, Mel? (That wasn’t an actual response but you get the idea.)

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  17. The Batley Sex Cult – Things You Aren’t Supposed To Know:

    It’s a family affair –
    although this isn’t readily apparent from UK news coverage about the Batley sex “cult” trial, all the perpetrators and their victims have familial relationships. Some are blood relations, some are related by marriage, and some are ‘related’ through Batley’s ‘polygamous’ relationship with the three female perpetrators. The “cult” is more of an extended family, preying on their own and each others children as they approached puberty. This is probably why, as SAFF noted: “- all the victims are now adults. Child abuse was not ongoing in this case. That is, the police investigation did not find any current instances of children being abused. Just five victims were involved. Their abuse spanned a 20 year period. Much of the abuse occurred after they had reached the age of consent but was rape nevertheless as it was against their will. Therefore the idea given by the British Press, that as part of the ‘cult’s requirements these degenerates were seeking out, inculcating and sexually abusing children in a continuous cycle is false”.

    There are TWO narratives, one is reality but the other is a fantasy –
    this is even more difficult to discern, as the two narratives get intertwined in news reports.
    The real narrative is the story of Batley’s exploitation of the women and girls as prostitutes and living off the avails, and his sex crimes against most of the minors in his life – abuse which he also involved the women in as much as he could.
    The false narrative is the story of “the cult”, which all of the accused denied the existence of, even after their convictions. Annabelle Forest is the pseudonym of one of the women who was victimized as a minor, you’ll note that name is used in the Daily Mail article which is really a promotional piece anticipating the publication of her book “The Devil On The Doorstep”. Annabelle’s book was ghostwritten by Katy Weitz,

    Weitz is a former journalist who is now a ghostwriter, publicist and PR agent. Another one of Weitz’ clients is a woman known as Kim Noble:
    Kim Noble is an artist who claims to suffer from DID and have 12 “alter” personalities. DID was once habitually linked to SRA by a large faction of psychiatrists, and still is by some. For example, our old friend Valerie Sinason – who just happens to be Kim Noble’s doctor, and Kim Noble just happens to be Sinason’s star patient. Valerie Sinason also happens to be the author of an extremely paranoid fantasy, published many years ago, about secret Aleister Crowley “satanic” cultists lurking in the shadows all over the UK, commiting the most horrific sex crimes, murders, human sacrifices and cannibalism.

    Sinason to Noble, Noble to Weitz, Weitz to Annabelle Forest, Annabelle to Colin Batley and the other female victims of his alleged “cult”, with whom Annabelle has familial ties. (Check the news reports, the male victims strangely seem to have nothing to say about Batley’s supposed Crowley cult). Now trace from one victim going into therapy after escaping the Batley abuse clan, to Sinason becoming alerted to the case via “professional” contacts and seizing the opportunity to finally get her paranoid Crowley cult fantasy inserted into a real case of horrendous child abuse…

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  18. These two cases are different.
    The pedophile has Used an excuse for his pedophile actions creating a cult which aimed to abuse children. Nothing about killing babies, cutting babies heads, or involving the whole community. He was one man SATAN using his evil greed for children.

    In the Hamstead case the allegations where about a Satanic cult and cannibalism involving priests teachers parents, and even children themselves (cutting baby heads).

    The first case (the peado) is about a cult of raping children.
    The Hampstead case is about genocide killing young babies.

    The cult case is true because it is not the only case of its kind that been exposed and the pedophiles serving time in prison.

    the Hampstead case it is impossible to have happened .Because if was true the (cult mafia” (as alleged by screwballs) would have made sure none of the children would be able to tell their story.
    Simple facts.


  19. I once had an ulcer which led to massive bleeding into my stomach…don’t remember feeling any kind of high then, either. Gosh, I wonder if Abe’s blood-drinking theory is complete bollocks?


  20. Thanks Justin! I ought to have known you’d have the lowdown on this one. For those who aren’t aware, Justin is our resident expert on cults and child sexual abuse, having taken part in the authoritative investigation into various ‘ritual abuse’ cases since the granddaddy of them all, the Michelle Remembers case that inspired the satanic panic of the 1980s.


  21. Respectfully I have to disagree to an extent. In neither case did any actual cult exist. As Justin highlights the Batley/Kidwelly case is essentially tied together by familial relationships. That is, I’m told, fairly common in these cases. Batley simply ritualised his perverted practice – which is common – on this occasion choosing a ‘satanic’ theme to better-entertain himself.

    The facts behind child abuse are always about grubby, dysfunctional, sordidly perverted individuals. Dressing these things up in mystical, or quasi-religious robes only deflects from that. – These people are nothing to do with heritage or religion or tradition; they are simply predators.

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  22. Yes, I think people have some very peculiar ideas about what Satanism actually is, and about Crowley’s alleged role in it. It’s what comes of taking information at face value, rather than checking sources and investigating on one’s own.

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  23. Mel really does shift with the wind, and exploits the tiniest of breezes for her own purposes. Her support for Kevin Annett’s false courts, followed by her dumping him and claiming to have ‘outed’ him, when in fact she was one of his biggest supporters: case in point.


  24. It is exactly that EC. I find myself wondering what makes her think she can get away with such tactics? Especially in this day and age! It’s not as if the internet is really a new thing. And ‘debunks’ of this nature were a feature of it from its earliest days. – Maybe she really is that thick/behind the times?

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  25. Does Debs also believe in alien produced crop circles, little grey men and anal probing by alien abduction?…what about the Loch Ness monster?
    Because there are plenty of those stories and many are very similar.

    What does surprise me is that she believe the Batley case. After all, it was reported on by the BBC, the Mirror and the Daily Mail. All of which ran stories concerning Hampstead, stating that Ella and Abraham tortured the children. Shouldn’t she be out claiming Batley was scapegoated and collecting donations to help him flee the country?

    There is no mention of babies being killed, baby skin shoes, baby skulls…etc in the Batley case. There is no mention of children being brought in by air and delivered by transit van. There is no mention of the fast food establishments or public swimming pools. The tattoos were Egyptian Horus eye’s on the arm, not devils on the genitals.

    The only real similarity between the cases is that children were abused by sick men (Christie and Batley), while mothers did nothing to stop it.

    Annabelle Forest speaking about Batley case: “To be abused like that by your own mum beggar’s belief. I went to the sentencing in court because I wanted to see her one last time, I wanted her to reach out to me, to say it was all his fault and she was under his spell. But she didn’t. She went to prison unrepentant and I suppose that made me realise it wasn’t just him. She was evil too. As a mother myself I can hardly believe how she treated me. It was unnatural and cruel”.

    Child P Hampstead case: “I feel angry with her, letting Abraham do all that stuff to us.”

    Child Q Hampstead case: “If she still believes it, wouldn’t want to live with her”.

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  26. They cherry pick which newspaper tale to believe and which one not to just as they cherry pick which court case to believe. If 2 of their cohorts are found innocent ( Berry / McNeill) the courts have vindicated them but if a court finds one of their flock ( Robert Green) guilty it’s The Cult’s doing.

    They can even cherry pick bits of a court case so that even when Berry & McNeill are found innocent of intimidation but then the judge hands them a very strict restraining order I reckon they claim he was got at over the weekend and worked over by a Rothschild Cult minion in a Masonic Hall to gag these heroines.

    In other words they are just f*cking mad as a meat axe.

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  27. I’m not sure whether you’re joking but yes, Debs is a bit of an alien-spotter!

    Oh and in the spirit of ‘Invasion of the Body-Snatchers’, this one looks like an alien-spotting video but is in fact another ill-informed Hampstead rant in disguise:

    At one point, she appears to be trying to use quantum physics to prove the Hampstead case.

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  28. Movie Titles: Honey I eat the Kids.
    The Good the bad and the evil. (Starring all of them).
    The shit face (starring Rupert).
    when Sabine met Belinda.
    Friday the 15th (2 days after Jake was born).
    Carry on rituals (starring Angie and her crew).
    Bond Angie Bond, (Agent WC000)

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  29. Very good points, Dave. So in fact, if the two cases could be compared with one another, the Batley case would ‘prove’ that RD’s children were telling the truth when they retracted their allegations and described how they’d been abused by Abe.


  30. You are very kind, Coyote, but you know the only difference between an expert and an opinionated loudmouth is the letters after their name 🙂
    I’m not an expert on Crowley, but there are a few whose expertise is on the documented facts & historical realities rather than on evangelical propaganda or paranoid conspiracy theory:
    P.R. Koenig (anti-COTO)
    Bill Heidrick (pro-COTO)
    both are custodians for vast archives of Crowley related information, much of which would be meaningless gibberish to most people. Personally, I think Crowley is an interesting historical curiosity…of zero relevance in the modern world, either as a bogeyman or as a Hermetic philosopher.

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  31. Another one for the death threat collection (yawn). This one’s from that crappy ‘Hampstead Abuse Case: This Isn’t Over’ video by Tyranny News Network (currently being resurrected on Farcebook by a rather butt-hurt Malcolm Ogilvy):

    To be fair to the hoaxer crew, though, they’ve had some real intellectual giants posting on there over the last few months:

    Anyhoo, I took the liberty of updating them while I was there:

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  32. Incredibly and utterly moronic are the first works that some to mind after hearing parts of the video – couldn’t waste an hour listening to those idiots.

    They need to be introduced to the thick end of a clue stick!

    They are so stupid that they can make connections between things which are not connected – only an idiot possesses such amazing and magical skills.

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  33. Indeed Sam.Cherry picking bar stewards.Apparently common side effects of over doing the cherries are bloating, gas and diarrhea.Anyone else for a nice wholesome slice of schadenfreude cake?

    Anyway being entirely ignorant of the term “Meat axe” I hit the google tube soon after resulting in a cacophous noise and incoherant shoutyness pouring from my speakers amidst increasing concern the noise abatement society may be heading in my general direction.
    The tune entitled “Circles of Hypocrisy” is penned and performed by the purveyors of extreme heavy metal outfit Napalm Death.Although this genre is not exactly my musical cup of tea,the lyrics did strike something of a chord and appears to be custom made for CCN to adopt as its new guest intro theme. A change is as good as a rest after all.

    “Talk of unity – a far cry from the slander and rivalry
    Why should we encourage what is in fact a circle of hypocrisy
    Impulsive jealousy
    Where’s the so-called harmony?
    Internally untrusting
    Externally inspiring
    Assume your place above the rest
    The wisest of the less
    The knowledge you’ll never possess
    Compensated for with single-mindedness
    Bored with life you turn to text
    Battleground for pettiness
    Pick at flies to justify
    Temper’s raised – You wonder why?
    Supposedly Accessible
    Come support our scene
    Just another target
    Harassed to the extreme”

    Advisory:Highly not recommended for anyone with a hangover or attemping to get young children to sleep.

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  34. Pareidolia-a psychological phenomenon wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.

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  35. Oh Joy! Another ‘news’ network! Malcolm’s mum must have topped up his powercard. Last I heard the buroo were sanctioning the lazy good for nothing bastard because he wasn’t looking for work – not that he’s actually remotely employable anyway but still.

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  36. The Usual Suspects
    A Clockwork Orange. (Starring Mel Ve as Mel starring Mel Ve. Written, directed and produced by Mel Ve. In techicolour.)
    A Spaced Odyssey.(Starring A Crusty and a load of other knuckle scraping Apes)
    Dial F for Fucking idiots
    The Thing (Sci Fi horror depicting the invasion of microscopic invaders inside Princess Lotus`s head)

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  37. In the albeit extremely unlikely scenario where Abe selflessly donated his blood anyone folk receiving it would get right of their faces.

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  38. They are doing a remake of Thelma & Louise titled Belinda & Sabine, about 2 ladies who go on the lam and commit crimes.

    No need to re-write the script and especially The Ending where stunt doubles will not be used with the stars who the film is based on, drive off a cliff. Only one take possible.

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  39. Neelu sailing close to the wind again and directing people to a case in North London which she is banned in a criminal court from promoting.

    Quite apart from possible perjury where her barrister told the court that they accepted there was no Satanism or baby murdering cult.

    She can’t help herself.

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  40. She’s discovered the Satanic Cult in North Wales lived on Mars at some stage so this proves the Earth is flat and she is barking mad. She did this by ‘remote viewing’ Tory Smith’s mind a week after he died.

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  41. Mad as a meat axe : delicious Australian slang so easily picked up once you have lived here some time and always amusing when you hear immigrants from China or Chile and so on repeating them.

    I suspect much Oz slang is derived from original East End & Irish convicts who adapted their own sayings for their current predicament.


  42. My Hollywood sources advise that Ridley Scott has been threatened by Belinda and Sabines legal team (Berry, Berry and Berry)under copyright law for 38 trillion dollars if he uses the title “Belinda and Sabine”.
    As a result Scott has been forced to rename the film BS.

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  43. Thankyou Sam.This blog is a veritable gold mine of information.
    Meat axe does have indeed have a cockney feel about it.

    For the likes of Rupert reading this who may venture into the backstreets of old London town it would be wise to brush up on the Cockney lingo so as to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings and find ones sorry arse battered black and blue down say at the Bird in hand public house in cock lane.

    So here is a starter lesson for Rupert and his ilk.It is a translation of the first paragraphs scribed by EC on this page and provides a flavour of what to expect.I hope to hear your next noxious diatribes in fluent cockey me old mucker.

    “Lor’ luv a duck! Here’s a quick brain-teaser fer you: if Lemon an’ Lime A was committed in yaaahr neighbaaahrhood—let’s say, a group ov people decided ter fawm a child sexual abuse rin’ an’ spawt identifyin’ tattoos—and then, a few years later someone claimed what Lemon an’ Lime B, which bawer superficial similarities ter Lemon an’ Lime A, was takin’ place several miles away in anuvver neighbaaahrhood, would Lemon an’ Lime A prove what Lemon an’ Lime B ‘ad in fact occurred?

    To put i’ mawer simply, does da existence ov one crime prove what da uvver was true?

    If yew answered “No! Only an idiot would fall fer da associashun fallacy—and I’m no fool!” then congratulashuns, yew cannot qualify ter be a member ov da Hoaxtead mob.

    Now, could someone please explain dis basic logical fallacy ter Deborah Mahmoudieh? Know what I mean?”

    For training purposes only,other translation services are available

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  44. GOSSIPING FISHWIVES:Make imaginary trolls instantly vanish by simply understanding that in the real world they actually are just ordinary people with ordinary lives who are really pissed off with having your ill founded.poisonous accusations foisted upon them to satisfy your own vacuous existences Mend your own nets.

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  45. Quick message for Malcolm ‘Fuckwit On The Buroo’ Ogilvy……

    I’m NOT Matt Quinn. He rarely if ever posts here, and doesn’t hold this blog in particularly high regard. n fact, he takes a very dim view of posting here. Which you’d know if you’d read his blog on the subject. Somehow I don’t think Mel Ve provides him with anything to be “jealous” about. The guy is actually one of the landlords here! Which means he’s at least part-owner of the infrastructure we’re provided with and, I think the actual building itself! – i.e. he actually OWNS a fucking studio! Which is a bit of a contrast to the shitty unlit broom cupboard Mel is ‘working’ from! He isn’t the one BEGGING for five grand for a new laptop! The money she’s desperate for isn’t even half the price of a decent camera – such as the type used by professionals like Mr Quinn to produce broadcast-quality material…. These things are regulated you see, standards have to be met or you don’t work. – which Mel would know if she was the real deal, which SHE isn’t and Matt Quinn most certainly is…..

    Now Malcolm, why don’t you piss off and wash your one spare pair of knickers in the sink before your power card runs out? – Ya feckless workshy waster ye!

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  46. Pingback: Debs, Round 2: Lies, half-truths, and waffle | HOAXTEAD RESEARCH

  47. Yes, their ‘law expert’ doesn’t know that it’s perfectly legal to report contemporaneously on legal issues, as long as one obeys certain reporting guidelines.

    Also, since when is Deborah “They’re all child molesters!” Mahmoudieh a stickler for the law?


  48. And having supported Belinda McKenzie and avidly promoted Holliehoax, she then completely changed her mind and has been stating categorically that she “knows” Belinda is a witch and an MI5 agent and “knows” that the Hollie Greig case was a hoax. Ah but then one sniff from Angela and she’s fixing to completely change her mind on both…again!

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  49. And while you’re at it, can you tell him to put his tits away – he’s scaring the children. Malc’s clearly suffering from Weaver’s syndrome (aka Vunk’s disease), whereby he’s obsessed with whipping his moobs out at every given opportunity. What is it with these overgrown boy scouts who think they’re soldiers-cum-gangstas?

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  50. Well said, Joe.

    By the way, his all-caps conclusion at the end is rather telling:


    Telling in that he writes a post in which he purports to be a Mel Ve supporter and vehemently defends her and yet he can’t even spell her name right in the most important part of his post!

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  51. Threats of violence on Facebook.
    Threats of committing criminal damages,
    Under the new law (terrorism) these are serious criminal offenses, that should be reported to the police, and if the person (or persons) found guilty they face up to 5 years in prison and/or a substantial fine.

    I have read through this blog many threats made by men and women including this scam Rupert,
    I have reported some by filling an online form to the London Metropolitan Police online crime.
    This is serious and I urge anyone who has these screen shots to report it to the police.(As I did).
    Out there are “nutters” who rape and kill using some pathetic excuses.
    ISIS excuse is ALLAH although not all Muslims are violent.

    Christians (or allegedly Christians) are Now using the name of satan to threaten the safety of innocent people finding some excuses whether are SRA, or allegations without proofs.
    It is clear that these people are mentally disturbing individuals, who may themselves will not harm you physically but encourage other “nutters2 to do so.

    God is only ONE.
    A peaceful god who create us and its very unlikely that GOD would ask his followers to harm fellow humans (regardless the religion)

    It is my humble opinion that we should stop antagonize these “mentally retarded” on line keyboard warriors and pursue a legal avenue by reporting all these to the police and insisting that action against all these nutters who make threats to be arrested , questioned, and let the CPS decide whether there are enough evidence for prosecution.


  52. He can barely put a sentence together as is often pointed out, he apparently can’t even spell the word “I”! I’ve no idea why he’s such a Mel Ve fan, it’s not as if she’s been consistent, and right now she’s done the turnaround and is calling hoax on the Hollie Greig story. Mind you, she’s doing it as a set-up with Fag-Ash Lil Disney. It has pointed out that part of the story’s persistence seemed to be due to an online bitchfest between two factions all of which seemed designed to was any tiny grain of concern away in a tide of crap. Mel, as original as ever, seems to be just resurrecting that formula. I’ve no idea why he imagines Mr Quinn would give Mel Ve the time of day. The only interviews I’ve ever known him to give were to the Sunday Broadsheets, and they didn’t involve conspiracy theories! I know for a fact he generally does one of three things with time-wasters. – Ignores them, tells them to just fuck off in no uncertain terms, or starts ‘playing them like fish’, especially if he thinks there is information to be extracted from them.

    The creepy habit of sitting around half-naked? String vests cost money, and its a long time since people lived in the luxury Rab C Nesbit achieved! In the circles people like Ogilvy circulate, that would be considered formal wear. One of the reasons why potheads dress the way they do is that they can, literally throw what they’re wearing in the sink with some Lux flakes and dry it over what my gran called a ‘winterdyke’ (clothes dryer) in a few hours. They often don’t have other clothes to change into as dope is an obviously-more-pressing strain on their budget. Others put their scrawny bodies on show because they’re exhibitionists/perverts. This does seem to become normalised in their heads and they then think it reasonable to dribble down their mobiles so attired.

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  53. Oh watch this space, Joe. Mel’s considering U-turning again on both Holliehoax and Belinda in order to appease Angela! Check out her interview with Angie

    Loving the Rab C Nesbitt comparisons. The main two differences are that Rab is more intelligent and more popular than both Weaver and Ogilvy combined. Those two pricks can only dream of attaining Rab C status!


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