Troofers resurrect Cullinane yet again

It’s been a week since professional anti-Semite, nuisance phone caller and alleged ‘common law lawyer’ Patrick Cullinane was found dead at his home in Harrow Weald, and after a brief moment of calm amongst the troofers who worshipped him, rumours of foul play have once again begun to run amok.

It seemed, for a moment or two, that Mr Cullinane’s sister’s calm and rational explanation of his death—got out of bed, had massive heart attack, snuffed it—had actually calmed the fruit loop brigade (well, as calm as they ever get), but over the past couple of days new allegations have begun to crop up.

We know we can always rely upon Neelu’s fervid imaginings to help wind up the nutters, and sure enough, here’s what she was saying yesterday:

cullinane-death-neelu-2016-11-19First: why is this dated April 2014? Has Neelu’s Magickal Mystery Time Travel Machine finally arrived from the mail-order catalogue?

Second: whenever a person prefaces a sentence with, “Now I do not want to offend his family at this time…” you know damn good and well they’re about to, well, offend his family. Sure enough….

Neelu seems to have regressed back to her missing persons theory (completely explicable by the fact that she asked the wrong bloody police station), this time with a bit of a twist.

Now, rather than Mr Cullinane wandering the streets of North London in his nightshirt and slippers, and bellowing, “You can stick your ambulance up your arse!” at helpful passers-by (sorry, but that’s just how we imagine it), Neelu is saying he was “possibly kidnapped on Thursday under the pretence of the meeting, he was taken to an unknown location and returned possibly already dead to his home Friday 5pm”.

How does Neelu know this? Why, she consulted three psychos, who told her all about it!

She would be in good company here, as another of her heros, Kevin Annett, seems to believe that such things as “police-trained psychics” exist:

Sure, makes perfect sense to us. After all, police budgets being what they are, they practically have money to burn! Why not throw a few quid at some pendulum-waving loony and see what turns up? After all, gathering evidence and witness statements and all that is just so old-school, not to mention time-consuming.

Neelu isn’t the only one making grim speculations about Mr Cullinane’s demise or lack thereof: Angela Fag-Ash Disney is on the case as well:


Angie will see Neelu’s “kidnapped and returned dead” theory, and raise her a “not dead but gone underground for security reasons”. (We’re going to skip the inevitable “gone underground” joke, you can thank us later).

Angie, of course, doesn’t hold with psychics and soothsaying and other such black arts; she merely states that her “possible misinfo red herring reports” are “coming in”. From where? Does it matter?

The point is, Mr Cullinane is no more. Bereft of life, he rests in peace; he is an ex-anti-Semite and common law lawyer. However, we suppose he’d be pleased that his disciples are carrying on the grand tradition of seeing conspiracies around every corner.

It’s really the ultimate tribute to a man whose anti-Semitic paranoia made him a legend in his own time.



86 thoughts on “Troofers resurrect Cullinane yet again

  1. I can hardly wait!

    Oh no, hold on – that’s the night I’…having my toenails waxed. Or something. Sorry, Angie.

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  2. What did ya say? A Leg End in his own lunch time?

    What do you bet the three psychics are dancing round a cauldron as we speak….eye of newt, toe of frog….

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  3. Found- a snap of Neelu’s 3 psychics at work.
    When someone dies unexpectedly, it’s the way most people do, there is always a certain amount of turmoil and it’s often hard to think straight when it’s a family member.

    There are conflicting battles in your head- a requirement to do all those practical things like organise a funeral, choose a coffin, arrange a church and so on fighting with complex human emotions of loss and contemplating your own mortality etc.
    It’s why experts often say you should delay any important decisions afterwards for at least 6 months. You know like suddenly wanting to sell the house and move and so on. I know this has happened in my own family quite a few times.

    So you imagine the poor Cullinane family who are caught up in all this and who probably want to just do the right thing by those who say they were friends of Patrick’s and so on. But no, these monsters like Neelu and APD just cannot wait before they weave a natural death into their frigging conspiracies (ignoring that 100s of people die very day in the UK of similar complaints- in fact your heart stopping is really the only way we all die. Their disrespect for family members is a disgrace.

    What is the bet one of these ghastly conspiraloons just has to buttonhole a family member at that funeral and expound on their latest fraudulent theory?

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    • My money’s on Angela to be the first to harass a family member at the funeral. There are no depths to which this she won’t stoop. Here she is bullying her sickly, elderly mother, deliberately breaching her trust by “accidentally” revealing things she’s told her in confidence, mocking her over her severely poor health and threatening to have her arrested:

      Picking on vulnerable old ladies (whilst merrily munching on a snack). Kristie Sue Costa would be so proud.

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  4. “his premature and sudden death against his wishes”

    Oh dear, did Mother Nature forget to ask Patrick to complete a consent form first? 😮

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    • I do have to thank the late Patrick Cullinane for one thing : I’ve never taken interest in the Royal Courts of Justice even though an apology was read out to me and a partner by a newspaper barrister in the early 1980s- we never bothered turning up for it.
      I never realised what spectacular buildings they are. Having lived in London for a few decades there were so many places I never got around to seeing so every trip to the UK i now make I hope on a Redline bus and do one of those fab tourists tours.
      Wonder if there is one that goes past the courts? I’ll say a little prayer for Patrick if there is.

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    • Yeh anything is possible.
      These troofers are not that clued in are they?
      A lobbyist for UFOs? A lobbyist can be anything from a high-powered well paid representative of the oil industry to some ratbag constantly phoning members of Congress and never getting past the secretary.
      In that sense the late Patrick Cullinane was a lobbyist for the anti-Talmudic Rothschild Cult. Same same Neelu who is a lobbyist for the Planet WackaDooDoo.

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        • Shh! Don’t give her any ideas! (Btw, are reptilians acceptable to the happy-clappy fundamentalist Christian set? I’m pretty sure I don’t recall them from Sunday school.)


      • Some day, I’ll discuss the importance of claiming a history of extreme suffering – such as having been subjected to the alleged torments & tortures of “ritualistic abuse-mind control programming” as a small child – for “Survivor” claimants who openly profess to be, or less overtly pose as, true Martyrs and infallible Prophets.
        In ancient times, and as in the above video, the proof that a holy martyr, infallible prophet or divine being was genuine came in the form of evidence that the person “knows” things that only Gawd & His angels could know. For example, in the ancient Gnostic text “Pistis Sophia”, Jesus answers questions from his followers that only Gawd & His angels could provide the answers to, proving that He is genuinely either Gawd himself or the Son of Gawd. The fact that these answers take the form of meaningless gibberish irrelevant, naturally. Here is what Jesus says will be “the vengeance” of “A man who hath intercourse with a male”:

        “Jesus said: “The measure of the man who hath intercourse with males and of the man with whom he lieth, is the same as that of the blasphemer.

        “When then the time is completed through the sphere, the receivers of Yaldabaōth come after their soul, and he with his forty-and-nine demons taketh vengeance on it eleven years.

        “Thereafter they carry it to the fire-rivers and seething pitch-seas, which are full of demons with pigs’ faces. They eat into them and take vengeance on [?] them in the fire-rivers another eleven years.

        “Thereafter they carry them into the outer darkness until the day of judgment when the great darkness is judged; and then they will be dissolved and destroyed.”

        Oh dear…

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        • Yoiks! Fascinating parallels though between the martyrs and those survivors who seek publicity. As I started reading, a lot of stuff started falling into place.


  5. I’m savouring the delicious irony of Patrick Cullinane’s associates having to enter a Roman Catholic church. Though for the sake of his relatives, I hope they feckin’ behave themselves and don’t start looking for evidence of “satanic” baby-eating and other such nonsense during the service.

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    • Mel Vd is also promoting this crazy old biddy with her obscure ramblings. Some are about magic mushrooms which she may have indulged in.
      So the CCN ‘global network’ is 3 computers in Mel’s living room. BBC, eat your heart out.


  6. Missing in action!

    Let’s get Mik back safely, guys. Leave no stone unturned. I want you to call every asylum, jailhouse and council office in England and harass those bastard receptionists until they give him back. And don’t take no for an answer, no matter how much MI5, the CIA, Mossad or the lizard people offer you not to find him. Don’t be part of the cover-up!


    • My phone made an odd clicking noise so I went and hunkered down in a mountain cave for a week.Best to be on the safe side 🙂

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  7. We’ve heard about the Spy in A Bag case, this is the Whistleblower in The Fridge case.


  8. Surprise surprise – Nutty Nina’s jumped on the Susan Kellner Johnson bandwagon now too. She’ll later deny it, though, just like she denies having made illegal comments about Hampstead, even though several videos in which she did so are still up!

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  9. Ooh, shocking stuff, Angie…

    ….Shocking, that is, that someone who screams from the rooftops that she’s fluent in French is unable to spell ‘ça’ (that), ‘reste’ (stays) or même (same). And surely such a wise old polyglot should know that the correct expression is ‘Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’ (‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’), rather than the nonsensical hogwaffle she came out with.

    Oh and I see her reason for leaving BCCI has changed. She’s stated on several occasions that she was just temping there for two weeks. I guess all the drugs and alcohol have addled her recollection skills, bless.

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    • The year has changed too. I see it’s 1978 now, whereas it used to be 1979:

      Mind you, the year she met (and fawned over) Jimmy Savile magically changed too – from 1981 to 1980 – so she has form in this area.


      • Yet a complete absence of any mentions of her career as a ‘journalist’ and nary a mention of a publication and unique in all the world of journalism, not a single example of her work can be sited in a day and age where even retired journos now set up websites often just for their own handy reference with their own work recorded on the net for posterity.

        And this was an era when Jack the Ripper could have got a job on a British tabloid as money was no object and the competition was so incredibly fierce they even accepted total nonsense created by the likes of me.

        She’s a fantasist, a con-artist and a sociopath. Lying comes so naturally to sociopaths. Donald Trump being a classic example as a person incapable of telling the truth and who tells lie after lie and is caught out so many times because it’s all on film these days.

        But with sociopaths, the total lack of empathy means their pathological lying does not dent their persona, does not worry them in the slightest and their preferred method is to just tell another lie for the moment for convenience.

        And the majority of people who have empathy and a conscience often think..”well no-one would lie so blatantly so they must be telling the truth or have simply made a mistake” and so on.

        It’s ordinary people who give sociopaths like Power-Disney oxygen because although they have heard about psychopaths / sociopaths they don’t really think they will come into the orbit of a real one.

        Except eventually people do realise they are being told a tissue of lies from start to finish. This has been happening to Angela Power-Disney and it’s why she has been abandoned by so many of the ‘truthers’ and conspiraloons who write her off as a ‘disinformation agent’ but it’s really because deep down a sixth sense tells them that this person is a wrong ‘un and nothing adds up.

        But for Angie this is not a cause of distress- it’s just another annoying thing she must get around. And it’s so easy- just tell another series of lies, wave some coloured paper and distract people while she pursues the thing she is really after- a few donations. In the end although she’s a grifter, she’s at the bottom of the barrel just like the scam artist Christopher Fay who was bilking newspapers for 50 quid here and 100 there until he was rumbled.

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    • Oh they are so loving this pizaa nonsense and the Podestaa / Clinton garbage and I always have to ask that same old question: these people are such morons without an original thought in their vacuous headS (and some are nasty types like APD) and so unoriginal that every new sensation fires them up and they revel in it- but how do these total mindless plonkers make it through the day without coming a cropper?

      Could they possibly hold down a job? I don’t think so. Do they live off an inheritance? Or are they all living off social security and are classic examples of the Devil makes work for idle hands?

      2 months ago the only pizza they had heard of is one they stuff in their mouths. Now it’s a Satanist Rothschild plot.

      The term : ‘you say jump I say how high’ was never more appropriate. Like dogs on a leash (or in Angie’s case a bloody old cow being led by a ring through her nose).

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      • I believe these people epitomise the concept of “sheeple”, GoS. Or lemmings, tumbling over one another in their race to the fatal cliff.


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