Ella’s retraction contradicts children’s video ‘evidence’

For the past few days we have been talking about Ella Draper’s curiously timed recanting of a large and important aspect of the Hampstead SRA hoax: interviewer Nathan Stolpman has stated that when he asked Ella about her ex-husband’s alleged participation in the “cult”, “she says now she doesn’t believe that was the case and that was maybe something she was prompted into coming up with at the time when she was under duress”.

As we mentioned yesterday, this admission that she made up at least part of the Hampstead hoax comes at a time when Ella and Abe are in serious financial difficulty, and may represent an effort on her part to convince her ex-husband Mr Draper to reinstate direct payments of her spousal maintenance, so that she and Abe don’t starve.

However, the implications of this new admission are very damaging to the hoax: if Mr Draper wasn’t actually in the imaginary cult, it means that he could not possibly have “given” Ella to RD. Nor could he have introduced his wife and son to the cult; nor could he have been the cult’s “financier”.

But there’s more…much more

For all those who’ve allowed yourselves to be played for fools by Abe and Ella and Sabine and Belinda over the past two years, and who’ve claimed that you’ve based your support for Hoaxtead on “believing the children”, we suggest you cover your eyes for this next bit. You won’t like it, we guarantee.

Remember the audio recording that Jean-Clement Yaohirou made the night that Abe and Ella brought the children home from the UK? Here it is, just in case: https://youtu.be/ JBzqToRR86o

(Note: this video may be blocked from your location. If you use a VPN you can still see it, however.)

If you scroll to about 5:50, you will hear the following exchange:

Child Q: Me, and my sister, and my brother don’t have tattoos.
Jean-Clement: No tattoos?
Q: No. If my mum was doing it, if my mum was touching me, I would have had a tattoo right now.
JC: Why is that—
Abe: Tell him about your brother Xxxxx, tell him about your brother.
Q: Yeah, he doesn’t have it yet, no.
Abe: But tell him what he does.
Q: He does…he touches us, he does, um, sex to us.
Abe: Tell him about…listen to this. Her first husband, basically they picked her. They picked her. They selected her, the mother, they selected her. First husband, he’s one…(aside to child: Shush!)…he’s one, he’s an investment banker. He does, he has a baby with her, and the boy, he done sex with the boy, 17 years….Her first husband. She left him. Her first husband told the second guy, go and get her.

So…according to the children, recorded on 4 September 2014, Ella’s eldest son is a cult member who “does sex” to them.

And Abe adds the story about Mr Draper being a member of the cult who “selected” Ella, had a child with her, and then passed her along to RD. He reiterates that story at 6:50 in the Yaohirou video:

Abe: All three children are involved in the cult now. From two different men, who are cult members. She came to me, because she knew I didn’t, I wasn’t a weird guy. She knew there was something, I was clean. And she knew, in her heart, that I could help her. She didn’t know how. I didn’t know how….Her first husband, he sent the second man to her.

So the Draper family’s alleged involvement in the “cult” was an established part of the story Abe and Ella were putting about, from the very start. They had the children repeating it—even though Abe and Ella were very well aware that it was not true.

But now Ella has said, er, whoops, that bit was all a mistake, Mr Draper and his wife and son weren’t in the cult after all. Sorry about that.


It’s very clear here that the children have been told exactly what to say—and Child Q’s hesitation as he repeats the lie gives it away even further. He sticks to the script, but he’s not happy about doing so.

From all accounts, both of RD’s children were very fond of their brother, and it must have been incredibly difficult for them to spew out accusations which they knew were completely false. However, in the Yaohirou video, Abe demands that Q tell Jean-Clement about his brother, and so he complies, repeating what he has been told to say.

Ella’s admission to Nathan Stolpman that she was “mistaken” to include her ex-husband, her son, and her ex-husband’s new wife in her foul allegations aren’t just an about-face on the story she and Abe have been broadcasting for the past two years. The admission is 100% conclusive evidence that she and Abe were telling the children exactly what to say, and who to accuse. We’ll have more on why Ella might have wanted to target her eldest son in future posts, but we’ll leave it here for now.

This is only one of many references to Mr Draper and his family which Abe and Ella forced the children to repeat. We’ll be bringing you more as we locate them. And if any enterprising Hoaxtead researchers out there would like to suggest material, we’ll be happy to publish it here.

Meanwhile, should any crestfallen Hoaxtead mobsters care to apologise, the queue forms on the right.

149 thoughts on “Ella’s retraction contradicts children’s video ‘evidence’

  1. well, well, well.

    This is in ya face 100% proof, outside of what was disclosed in court that we on the outside are not privy to, that both evil ella, and greasy paedo abe coached the children.

    House of Cards baby…House of Cards.

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  2. You can’t coax a kid to be as eloquent as they were with the details and amount of information they gave, as they were happy, healthy, in a good mood and flowing with information and details, until they were kept by the satanic state, then they came back for the final interview and they looked messed with, avused, tired, worn out, hesitent, and trained to recant the story. Will you pedophiles quit posting this crap then commenting on it with approval. It’s obvious Ella’s has issues, but it’s even more obvious the dad’s a pedophilia satanists and so are those he runs with, and it goes up to the top, look at Jimmy Seville and the friendships with the royalty. If all that backing from the Satanic Kingdom can only provide this crap article, I think it’s settled, the pedophilia satanists succeed again sweep8ng another case under the rug. Enjoy it while you cab pedos, but know the lake of fire is waiting for you.

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    • Okay, Joseph, riddle me this, then: how is it that the children claimed that Ella’s son from her first marriage was definitely sexually abusing them…but Ella has now said that isn’t true?

      How thick do you have to be not to realise that if the children said it, but Ella now says that didn’t happen, the children were coerced or coached? You can’t have it both ways, boyo.

      The fact that you want to close your eyes and ears and pretend that you didn’t just see evidence that this is a crock of shit? That’s what the youngsters today call a “you problem”.

      And while we’re at it, it’s Jimmy Savile, not Jimmy Seville. And what in fuck does he have to do with Ella and Abe lying through their teeth? Next time you comment, please try to use your head for something other than a hat-rack.

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    • Its plain to see that you are an apologist for the child abusing pair Abe and Ella. Its also easy to see that you don’t like your fantasy of baby eating Satanists being shown to be bullshit. You should be happy that no babies were being murdered or kids being raped but I doubt you ever cared about that anyway.

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    • @ joseph – you said: “You can’t coax a kid to be as eloquent as they were with the details and amount of information they gave, as they were happy, healthy, in a good mood and flowing with information and details…”
      But, Joseph, that’s not how children who have experienced severe abuse disclose that info (if they do at all).
      Just think about it – if those things happened to you, how could you possibly be “happy” and “in a good mood” about discussing them – and what abused child has ever willingly gone into great detail about what they suffered? But…they could talk about a STORY they were coached to recite, that way.
      When you see them retracting, yes they seem morose, even tormented. THAT is how abused children relate their experience, but now they are talking about the abuse they really suffered at the hands of Abe.

      If you don’t understand this, then maybe you aren’t really the expert on abused children that you’ve imagined yourself to be?

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    • Joseph, may I see your proof for the extremely serious allegations you’ve just made against us and the father? Thanks.

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      • There never was any substance whatsoever to any of the allegations,not a morsel, a stitch.Nothing resembling anything even slightly objectively,impartially verifiable.Just a vindictive story surrounding a custody dispute with no cohesion embellished by adherents seeking a cause to attach purpose to otherwise vacant failed lives,others as an traffic hearding cash cow generator.

        Joseph and his low grade ilk will not, indeed cannot offer anything beyond muddled platitudes and ill directed virtue signals yet are more than willing without second thought to add to the mill of nonsense that perpetuates the heaping of trauma upon innocent children and families muddying attention on genuine child protection efforts.

        Dispicable infantile slugs.

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    • Joseph, I for one am NOT an “avuser”. I’ve never avused anyone or anything in my life. In fact, pardon my ignorance but I don’t even know what the fuck it means. So I don’t know how you “cab” make such an accusation.

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    • Hey Joe – where you goin’ with that Bible in your hand? Open it up and check out the bit called “The 10 Commandments”, in particular the one that categorically states that “thou shalt not bear false witness” (or “testimony” in some versions). Maybe you could ponder on that whilst you’re stoking that lake of fire. It may help you not to fall in yourself.

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    • Joseph, do you actually have anything intelligent to bring to this debate, such as some objective counter-arguments to Mr. Coyote’s points? Or are you just here to stamp your feet and cry because he touched a raw nerve?

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    • You need to work on your act, Joe. New to trolling, are you? It’s just that you suck at it. Would you like some lessons? My rates are very reasonable.

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    • Joseph, quit trolling and get back to work, you lazy fucker.

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    • Oh dear, Joseph – that didn’t come out right, did it? Come on, put on your industrial sized big girl pants and try again, luv. Than again, don’t bother. We’re not interested.

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    • Dreadfully sorry about that folks.Joseph has his little outbursts from time to time and tends to get a bit out of hand when too near a keyboard and computer screen.

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      • Well, you’re an irresponsible owner, Mik. Kindly keep Joseph on his lead in future or I’ll report you to the RSPCA.

        PS: if you’re looking for a lead for little Joe, that nice Mr. Shurter has a spare one.

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    • Joseph’s deranged (and ungrammatical) ramblings aside, I believe this is the most important direct evidence yet that Abe and Ella coached, harangued, and physically tortured the children into making the false allegations.

      Until now we have been able to use indirect evidence to demonstrate that the children were made to say false things. Now we have direct, plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face evidence. The children were recorded as saying their brother was part of the “cult” and abused them. Ella now admits that wasn’t the case.

      We are currently looking back through the videos for similar allegations from the children, and finding them. More to come on this, but for anyone who still clings to the belief that the children were describing something that actually happened to them, as opposed to something they were taught to say, this is the evidence that should put that delusion to rest.

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      • Well said, EC. One thing, though – I’m itching to hear that U-turn straight out of Ella’s mouth rather than just through her bumbling PR manager Nathan Stupidman. Consider my breath bated…

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        • I agree, that would be ideal. However, given that Stolpman is most certainly on her side, and that he was reporting on a direct and unambiguous question and answer, I’m willing to go with it…for now.

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  3. Nicely done, EC.
    Sadly, I’m not holding my breath on any hoaxers joining the apology queue, as lack of self-awareness and refusal to admit you’re wrong are basic tennets of the sacred Conspiraloon Code.

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  4. Thanks, EC. Very well summarised.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Stupidman’s promised interview in which he says he’s going to ask Ella about this. There should be a nice bit of squirmage action from both of them.
    Kristie Sue’s next post (which should come along around December at her current writing rate). It promises to be another demonstration of the art of back-pedalling 😀

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  5. From the tail end of the last post, for anyone who missed it. This was the disgusting lowlife skank Angela Power-Disney crying “fake” on the London Bridge tragedy ONE HOUR* after the attack had taken place:

    [*The attack happened at 22:00. APD’s post went up just before 23:00.]

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  6. Now Debs has a message for the Illuminati XD It starts with her criticising the Illuminati for their name, even though it’s conspiraloons like her that gave them that name in the first place…and it just goes downhill from there:


      • Lol i totally agree with you there GOS. The crescendos were the only thing worth watching Debs videos for. Without her ever increasing anger and volume her videos have now become rather run of the mill.

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      • LOL GOS I did feel a bit sorry for her comment on pulling her fb because she felt all alone and without real friends on the internet though.


  7. Good luck with that, Yolande, especially as you’re running as an MP, NOT as a councillor. You do get the difference, right?

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    • Surely Yolande can think up a better way of squandering £500 than making an almighty public tit out of herself.She could have simply tied herself naked to some railings and ranted inane bollox as that would have generated the same level of distain/indifference,be totally free and perhaps even aided local tourism by gifting Japanese tour parties a wonderful selfie opportunity with “Genuine english eccentric crazy woman”.

      She needs to start thinking outside of her box.


    • Yolande Kenward
      May 31 at 7:39am ·

      “Who watched the Chillenden Murders last night at 9pm on BBC2? I saw some and then fell asleep so saw it on catch-up. I have at 7.25am today emailed the film’s producers, Minnow Films, with information which may assist in solving this crime against humanity, which took place during my year of office at Kent Businesswoman of the Year (date of award 24.11.95).”

      Two things here:
      1. desperate attempt to yet again mention she was “Businesswoman of the Year” (what were the other entries like?) and…
      2. errr, if you have evidence try the police not documentary producers.

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      • She mentions that Businesswoman of the Year thing every opportunity she gets. I’m starting to think that that one award 22 years ago has been her only achievement in life.

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        • Either that Frisco or perhaps there were only 2 entrants in 1995 and the other one had been encountering difficulties entering a somewhat saturated UK confectionary market,or something.

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  8. Excuse me, folks, but could you all keep your eyes out for my doggie collar. It’s a black leather one with silver buckles (see pic) and it went missing yesterday morning.

    Please let me know if you spot it anywhere. Little Fido’s really missing his walkies.


  9. EC, you’ve been busted!

    @ 5:16

    “El Coyote actually is a name for a child trafficker, you know. They flaunt this stuff right in front of your faces and most of you are too stupid to even see. You’re either too stupid or you could care less…If I am gonna drop tonight, I just wanted to put that out there.”

    Detective Dave is sooo onto you, EC XD

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    • Thats one small step for Facebook….

      No glimmer of recognition by Deb that just perhaps she may be a mindless,hate fueled idiot and contibutes nothing of value to anyone anywhere.Better off closing the whole confused,garbled shebang down and start again at pre school toilet training stage.Dont forget to pull the chain and put the seat down when youve quite finished Debs.Really some folk?

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    • You can’t close down your Farcebook account. You can only deactivate it, which is basically putting it into sleep mode until you need it again and just log on as normal. LOL

      Oh and Debs – emotional blackmail and fishing for compliments? Not a a good look on you, hun. Mkay?

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      • Ever wiling to assist the afflicted this wee ditty tugged at me heartstrings and got me a-thinking about Abe and Ellas increasing squalid plight.Should things get any more desperate Abe(aka Doctor hooked)could do worse than to don an eyepatch and mince about in a Spanish market place singing “sexy eyes” with his uniquely creepy voice.A few generous souls would surely be moved to chuck some Tapas,paella and a wide selection of veg in his general direction.

        If Abe cannot find an eyepatch he could always take a leaf from the Belinda school of performing arts. #jusayin

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  10. Will Mel Ve be living in the hedges with Neelu and Arraya? LOLOL APD IS COPD’ING AND DESERVES A JAIL CELL WITH SHARTER AND ABRELLA! @JOSEPH Go to hell Fucktardian!

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        • I trust that David will be good enough to show Lois the security equipment that her money bought him. That’s assuming he didn’t just buy some synthetic weed with her money.

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        • Thanks to Ms Lynn`s misguided gererosity of spirit David will now be able to stock up on spice,get himself a shampoo and perm and cover his grotto in Bacofoil.If he is really careful he may have a few bob left over to buy a new begging bowl as his current one is starting to wear a bit thin.

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      • Save your money Dave, The Cult have X-Ray cameras that can see through your walls & into your head which at the same time will blank out your own security system.

        I’ll donate my older version of the Targeted Persons Protector & Combined Freemason Lice Remover powered by the mysterious Orgone material from our reliable source in Morocco, HopeGirl Fly by Night Industries (just pay Post & Handling charge- $1500)
        As you can see it’s very discreet and you can wear this around town and no-one will be the wiser.

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  11. I’m a bit dismayed about this fake Saville letter by Fiona who used Susan Melrose as her fake name ? It’s the first I’ve heard of it. I need to find out where, who ……. my first thoughts are it was another sneaky smear for me, whilst also in a twisted way using my cred to perhaps have it be taken seriously ??? I think without me realising, it may have done me harm, but the blogs are long reads,….. I;m struggling to make sense, If any of you can help, or know more about it and can explain in simple terms, what it’s about, I’m struggling, would really appreciate some help, if possible. Anna Racoons’ blog and links pointed it out to me, thankyou……but I still havn’t read the whole 40 pages of tripe Sharon Zaki/Kilby wrote about me, I didn’t used to google my name.
    Is this what Heather Brown meant when she sneered that I was a fake rape claimant ??? I’m guessing yes, but at this time, if hollie hoaxers were involved…… was it more use and abuse of me, covertly, sneakily, like Belinda instigated.

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    • I’m pretty sure Moor Larkin has written about it on his The Death of The Life of Jimmy Savile blog. Perhaps a Google search including his name or a Wayback Machine search on Anna as her blog has disappeared.

      I think it’s a letter that Fiona produced claiming she had received it from the police saying Savile would not be investigated because of his age except it was a clever forgery and on out-of-date headed paper. It cast doubts in the minds of the original BBC producers.

      Not in any way connected to the wondrous diplomas Fiona displayed on her wall that said she had completed A-Grade Brain Surgery and was a credited NASA Astronaut and was an Expert in Community Garden Plots, Carrots & Cabbage Division.

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      • To be fair Angie is now revealing hitherto unknown depths of human maliciousness,distaste and general abhorrance.Just when we all thought she had trammelled the very bottom of the bitch sub basement she wades nonchalantly into a pit of repugnance into a realm beyond imagination for most of us mere mortals.Eat yer heart out Dante.

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      • Undeniable evidence.Obviously the evil RD/EC/SHEVA/MKD/SPINY Omnibeing “relished” trafficking that one through customs border officials who are all in the illuminati territorial army anyway.You lot must think us world saving researchers were born yesterday but we wernt because we were born well before yesterday and I can prove it.Anyway that rock on the wall with a hole in dont fool me one bit so you better watch out coz my older bruv does Taekwondo grade 2 at scouts and he`s got my back.

        Mum says ive got to get on with my homework now and tidy my room but she dont know nuffink.

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  12. re:ella draper….

    maybe she said this under duress haha

    Ohhhhh….there maybe a problem houston, they may say ella is now in the cult hehe

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  13. So Davids going to use Ms Lynn`s funds to enrol on a plastering course?Well at least that will take his mind off “things”.Personally I suggest rock balancing would be more up his theraputic alley but hey what do I know?

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    • Oh dear,I am sure the kind hearted Ms Lynn meant well in helping out a self confessed terminal basket case but as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.If she had any sense she would demand a full refund post haste before she finds herself forking out for the full exorcism jobbie which no doubt David offers at a discount to his regulars.

      A fool and their money eh?


      • I’m just mocking Shurter’s ignorant & superstitious understanding of…everything he babbles about.
        There’s no more reality to his satanic cult mythology than there is to his slanderous lies about his family and childhood, or his paranoid delusions about microwave persecution, or Hollywood movie gremlins. It’s all a crock of fantasy BS.

        The truth is this. The reason Shurter can’t sleep, the reason he is plagued by headaches, the reason he posts desperately bitter video & blog rants multiple times a day, is:

        No matter what he does, “David Shurter’s Epic Fail” will ALWAYS be the #1 return on any google search of his name.

        Enough, with him. He’s a nothing.

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    • Hey David, who has admitted that they killed and abused children? It wasn’t any of us here, it was you. Self confessed child killer and nonce David Shurter. You have no right to look down on anybody.

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    • He has???
      On the other hand, Malkie has been basing about 75% of his blog on our stuff lately. Swings ‘n roundabouts and all that. 🙂


      • I think the answer to this is that wee Malclown’s wee world is unravelling round about him as his fan club realise what a liability he is and where the bodies are really buried in the Hollie Greig case. The penny is also dropping with people that where Malcolm and his pals rant and rave at anything and everything, they’ve been pretty-much silent on what seems to be a very real cover up which really does involve ex-army, establishment types – i.e the Mitchell case. Hell! Mitchell even claimed to be a Mason and is pictured in a prison van wearing what seems to be a masonic signet ring!!! Why aren’t they all getting stuck into that I wonder????? ….It’s a real case that’s why! It’s also quite interesting that the two HG blogs seem to have split, Malclown’s ranting carries on as incoherent as ever while Greek George’s gas seems to have run out. The other day Malclown was threatening a “small claims action” against Matt Quinn for “libel”, so I emailed the man to get his take on it and I have his permission to re-publish:

        “As you’re aware I used to lecture on this subject as I delivered the media law unit on the HND. So, as anyone working in the media should be, I’m quite familiar with the laws surrounding defamation and (outside Scotland) Slander/Libel.

        I note, with some amusement that Ogilvy is now considering a “small claims” action against me because the police won’t arrest me. Well, as I have committed no crime the police have no authority to ‘arrest’ me nor even disturb my peace.

        It is interesting however that the police did recently alert me to the fact that there were ‘concerns raised’ over my call to have the wife of convicted paedophile Hugh Mitchell stripped of her MBE. But then, as my ‘call to action’ is perfectly legal and sound – suggesting as I do that the appropriate awards authorities are alerted to what she did. -They police had no cause for action and were left in no doubt about this.

        Interestingly though I have it on good authority that the complainant was based in Aberdeen. Is that just co-incidence? Is this why Malcolm thought the police might arrest me? Laughable!

        As to his threats of legal action…

        For a start, there is no delict of ‘libel’ in Scotland. It is simply ‘defamation’.

        There is now no such thing as a “small claims” procedure in Scotland and it wouldn’t be relevant in any case… What exists currently is known as the ‘Simple Procedure’ but that applies only where it relates to actions for payment, delivery or for recovery of possession of moveable property, or actions which order someone to do something specific. Even under the old rules, actions of damages for defamation and actions of aliment and interim aliment were not competent as small claims; they had to be be brought as summary cause. In other words a defamation case is a defamation case pure and simple; and expensive thing to instigate for which there is no legal aid available.

        Naturally, as a legitimate media professional and a BAJ member I do have the appropriate professional indemnity insurances in place to protect me from frivolous actions of this type. And you can be bloody sure that the very expensive lawyers the BAJ provide would quite happily bankrupt Malcolm. As would I!

        My defence to any such action is simple and in the Scottish system it’s called “Veritas”.

        Malcolm seems to take umbridge that I have stated he abused his own daughter… I stand by that. In that respect I am happy to call as witnesses both the Police Officer and Social workers who dealt with the case.

        Malcolm actually admits being confronted by the police with the fact he coached the child. And complains loudly to the internet about the action taken by the authorities to protect his child from further harm.

        To do harm to a child is to abuse it. Ergo it is proven, on the balance of probability (the standard required in a civil court) that the opinion formed (a secondary line of defence) is based on fact.

        Frankly I can’t be arsed going through the blog to find the passage Ogilvy refers to. It’s rather interesting though that the two ‘images’ he has pasted up have no date on them, not even in the header bar and that he claims they have been ‘taken doon’…

        In any defamation action the dates and persistence of publication are vitally important issues.

        I have no recollection of taking anything “doon” and make no comment as to the authenticity of this material; however, were it the case that this material which is alleged to have been published by me was live for only a short time, then that would be of great significance in terms of ‘defamation’.

        There is also another relevant matter… To be defamatory in Scots law a statement must be false and must lower the defamed in the estimation of right thinking members of society; those two conditions need to be met, one is not enough.

        I can prove the statement is based on fact and is not false. But even if that were not so it would be up to Malcolm to prove he enjoyed a positive reputation which, factually, was ‘lowered in the estimation of right thinking members of society’.

        It will be interesting to see how this unemployed and unemployable individual who has spent the past few years on the internet defaming everyone from the First Minister of Scotland to women in the street whom he accused of bestiality, fares with that. In terms of his good standing I’ll also be happy to cite his advocacy of illegal drugs and indeed his (self admitted) criminal record. Then there is the simple fact of the decision the authorities took against him to protect his child – the one he is so ‘butthurt’ (as the kids put it) about.

        To be clear here, ‘right thinking members of society’ are unlikely to include the sort of low-life loonies that do take Malcolm seriously. – So a crowd of random prostitutes, drug abusers and joyriders stood in a circle declaring what a great guy he is won’t impact on the court. And he might find that video evidence of him howling ‘dog’s abuse’ at certain perfectly-respectable business ladies serves to confirm that he is, and remains, beneath defamation.

        As for poor Malcolm’s exhibition of Fregoli syndrome I suggest that this is as dishonest as it is ludicrous. – why do conspiretards indulge in this? Malcolm lives, not so much in a house of cards as a shack of lies’. Fabricating walls for his shack has become second-nature to him.

        It seems likely he is becoming more and more isolated – even the most foolish are realising that the lies he told about his daughter’s Grandfather and Mother are exactly that.

        The Hampstead hoax is also highly relevant. As much as I feel I cannot endorse it, and much of what goes on there give rise to concern; it has to be acknowledged that it has demolished that hoax in fine detail. There can be no serious doubt that Ogilvy’s own attempt at a similar hoax provided a ‘model’ upon which certain individuals jumped to create the Hampstead hoax – none at all. Ogilvy connects to McKenzie connects to Christie and McNeil… I do not think the link could be any clearer.

        Hoaxtead’s exposure and dissembly of the Hampstead hoax has cause a significant number of people within the target audience to understand some of the mechanisms in play here. Importantly, it has highlighted clear links between CSA/SRA hoaxing and the undeniably criminal including people who themselves are – without doubt – paedophiles and child abusers. In the great scheme of things, that is useful commentary.

        As for poor little butthurt Malcolm who now finds he’s the sort of man mothers shoo their kids away from and neighbours cross the street to avoid. I cannot think of any time it’s been more appropriate for me to refer someone to the answer given in “Arkell Vs Pressdram”. ”

        …….I guess I’d sum this up by saying that people do see how the Hampstead kids were not just abused but sexually abused. People are now waking up to the fact that perverts get off on stories of this kind, especially when its in that sort of detail. Ogilvy’s ex and her family are basically good ordinary working people and he’s what exactly? A workshy waster living off state handouts looking for his next scam. There is no serious doubt he abused his own daughter and now he’s getting the well-deserved payback for it from the local worthies. I think a lot of conspiritards and conmen will be finding their card houses folding in on them and hell mend them I say!


  14. Not quite sure what to think about this on, lol.
    The person seems to think everything is the world is a hoax, and everyone’s a transvestite?


    • Strange video and the uploader does say under the video that the Hampstead case is a hoax but it is a “weird one” and I I’d never seen that Christine Sands interview featured at the end of the video before now.


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