Intermission: Charlotte Ward dishes dirt on Hoaxtead mob

Earlier this week, while we were a little bit otherwise occupied, one of our readers found a bit of a blast from the past, which we decided to put aside and deal with at the weekend. Think of it as an intermission in the Rupert Trial Saga, if you will.

This rather odd and rambly post, which apparently started life as an email from Charlotte Ward to Belinda McKenzie, showed up on The Tap Blog a couple of weeks ago. Charlotte, aka “Jacqui Farmer”, started out as one of Belinda’s trusted and dedicated henchwomen in her Hampstead SRA hoax back in 2014.

She was the author of the extremely nasty “Hamster Research” blog, which some of our contributors were able to persuade WordPress to remove; Charlotte tried again, but the puff seemed to have gone out of her, and she wound up closing down Hamster Research Mach II on Hallowe’en 2015, appropriately enough. It seems the remnants of that blog were blasted into oblivion at some point, to no one’s great sorrow. Charlotte, of course, blamed this blog for the destruction of her masterpiece, but we had no idea it was even gone until months after she claims we “hacked” it.

We last spotted Charlotte on Voat, where she was slagging fellow Hoaxtead mobster Kristie Sue Costa, much to our amusement. Now, Charlotte seems to have turned against all her former partners in crime: Belinda, Sabine, Brian Gerrish, Penny Pullen, Angela Power-Disney, even Alfred Lambremont Webre, who Charlotte claimed to adore back in the day: From “gorgeous human being” to “disgusting gatekeeper”, in three short years…lo, how the mighty have fallen!

But Charlotte reserves much of her bile for Sabine and Belinda:

I told Andrea that I did not trust Sabine, your best friend – the person who weeps and causes scenes while she is “assisting” people (I never believe crocodile tears) and never wins a case (was it 7 or 8 children I saw the poor vulnerable Musas lose while Sabine could not even be bothered to attend court – although she made sure to cause an embarrassing scene once) and has umpteen blogs – how does she pay for them and the people who run them?!

We can all get the train to Brussels and cause a loud scene on Youtube, knowing nothing will be done.

Sabine is/was working with CIA Satanist Kris Costa. Why did you not tip me off about this very real danger? And Sabine was gathering all that information on what I and others knew (I refused to submit any to her). And you are funding her. And Kris is being given information about me from disgusting gatekeeper Webre and Sabine and others and she is rubbishing me loudly in public. You appear to be supporting this.

So don’t pretend to be helping us.

Ouch! But it gets worse:

Please provide me with a list of Sabine’s blogs and a list of the people who are running them (she told me that she has people who help her out) and how much she pays to keep them going. When I was on HR, Sabine told me that I could gather information about people from petitions (I probably still have that email). I don’t do petitions but Sabine is always running them.

Amazing that a 70 year old, stoney broke woman with a bad back (it’s easy to cry publicly when you’re in pain and still grieving your mother) who was married to a local politician (GEC), set up a new age network in the 80s and claims to have known nothing about ritual abuse until recently (that’s what I remember her saying to me) has the money and energy to run all these conspiracy blogs (one was enough for me) AND campaign to change the banking system AND market her software, which never gets bought (giving her an excellent excuse to talk to other intel CERNies like Prof Phil Trelyevan, who designed the first ever body scanner at UCL) AND “assist” cases like Hampstead.

It was Sabine who leaked those Hampstead videos. So she kicked it off (before fleeing to Germany – how convenient for “Oh scheiss: our Psy op has been messed up – what are we going to do now?” meetings at CERN and installing something onto my PC during a Skype call). And she’s still walking free, merrily gathering others’ info so I’m not too worried that I or the other people who might be wrongly accused of leaking the names or upsetting a bunch of Satanists/intel are going to be arrested and dragged back thousands of miles for questioning – were it that serious, I imagine that would see you both in prison already).

Does Sabine stil (sic) have an offshore Swiss bank account? That’s what you get when you work for CERN.

Charlotte finally admits that it was Sabine who leaked the Hampstead videos, as if further confirmation were needed; but it seems that now, rather than lauding Sabine’s courage in being a “whistleblower” (as if!), she’s champing at the bit to grass up her former friend.

Even more interesting though, Charlotte betrays a distinct nervousness about the possible legal ramifications of having helped to orchestrate the Hampstead hoax. She mentions the possibility of arrest (though she claims not to be worried about it), and returns to the subject a bit further down:

I’ve already been tipped off that I’m being investigated by the police and privately by the cult, who are moaning about HR and suspect that I leaked the names (more than one person leaked those names – one of them is a lot closer geographically to you than I am and if that person’s ID came out, that would blow you UK people all away). Hoaxtead are not talking about me, either – I am sub judice. And it has been going on for months. You could have let me know the day you were arrested on my birthday back in March if you were so concerned – but you chose not to.

A few things here: interesting that Charlotte is being investigated by police…or at least thinks she is. And the reason she hasn’t been mentioned recently on Hoaxtead Research is not that she is sub judice—it’s that she’s done nothing to amuse or concern us lately. Simple as.

However, Charlotte seems annoyed with Belinda for not having kept her up to date on her own legal situation—her arrest on 21 March this year, for example—as though knowledge of this might somehow help Charlotte. She seems not to have learnt, even after all this time, that she’s not the centre of the universe.

Your house is dangerous. Why were we arrested for nothing?! What a waste of public time and money. Two police officers had to drive 4 hours there and back from Sunderland in treacherous conditions to take our statements. What a terrible waste of public funds during a time of austerity.

Now this is interesting: when did this arrest/taking of statements take place? And what was it for?

Charlotte’s views on the infamous Charles Seven, whose connection with Belinda has long been a matter of speculation, are interesting as well:

While I lived at your house, I also saw Tony Farrell being “handled” by Charles Seven, crap-talker Penny Pullen and her pendulum (how can you encourage that woo woo shit? You claim to be a Christian!) and Ray Savage (whom your good friend APD is now savaging, having pretended to fall out with you). …

I want to say that I felt hurt when you sided with Seven and I had to creep around in the house just because I spoke out about the aggravation she was causing my solar plexus chakra- that woman was/is likely a honeypot and Lloyd Pye (RIP, Lloyd – respect but not for the tits predilection, also shared by porngraphy addict Miles, who also handles vulnerable survivors at your house) could not stop looking at her tits, either. (Although don’t worry – Tony is still in denial.)

Note to ourselves: Never do anything to aggravate Charlotte’s solar plexus chakra. She will slag you to kingdom come.

Interesting, though, that even when Charlotte was one of Belinda’s favourites, occupying a place in her spacious Highgate home, she was usurped by the interloper Charles Seven—a higher-level con artist who claimed to know “the truth” behind the 7/7 bombings in London. Her almost Neelu-esque prose says it best: she was the victim of a “media mafia ritualistic satanic witch hunt vendetta to psychologically torture, terrify and paralyse me into not bringing my evidence to court exposing conspiracy to defraud and murder by way of widespread racketeering of trillions using stolen intellectual property and other highly sinister activities from 2003 onwards”.

Phew. Perhaps we can agree to take Charlotte’s point: Ms Seven sounds nuttier than squirrel poo. She’d probably annoy our solar plexus chakras too.

It seems that Charlotte is now living with Jacco in the Netherlands again, most likely in north Holland near Jacco’s parents:

You would also know why we had to shut our Rick Simpson grow (not before curing a child of someone here and having our oil tested for CARICOM – and the government is now considering legalisation anyway so we do appear to have Yeshua’s protection). We are just exposing European institutional Satanism every now and again (nearly everyone in this country has been damaged by them too so they are hated) and working hard so we are doing nothing wrong or illegal. If I/we were arrested there would be an international scandal. Holland is still reeling from Ronald Bernard – the Dutch are waking up in droves. The police/intel/cult trying to stitch us up (again) are probably local to Grenfell Tower, too. What a huge and wicked waste of public resources that would be.

Seems they’re in the standard Hoaxtead mobster business of growing and/or selling cannabis, no huge surprises there.

We do find it just a little bit strange that Charlotte, who boasted in her dreadful little e-book Illuminati Party of her exploits in ripping off the government any way she could—through tax evasion, benefits fraud, and so forth—suddenly seems so passionately opposed to “wastes of public resources”. Perhaps she’s worried that if others waste public funds, there’ll be none left for her to steal.

All in all, Charlotte’s letter to Belinda reveals more about Charlotte’s garbled state of mind than about any firm or useful information—though perhaps it’s of some use to know her current location, should the police wish to speak to her about her role in harassing the parents, children, teachers, social workers, police officers, clergy, and business-people of Hampstead.

184 thoughts on “Intermission: Charlotte Ward dishes dirt on Hoaxtead mob

  1. “Charles Seven—a higher-level con artist who claimed to know “the truth” behind the 7/7 bombings in London.”

    ROFLMAO Christ! Is she still about? Better known as “bendy Wendy” she’s a failed actress-singer-model-dancer who made herself utterly toxic by trying to shag her way to fame and fortune back in the late 80s and early 90s; got to the stage people were afraid to be left in a room with her… Says the 7/7 bombings were actually meant to take her out or something. Barking!

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      • …Actually Rev the best advice around that woman is don’t even think about enjoyment! she’s the classic temptation you want to be led-not into!

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    • Charlie Seven.
      She popped into my mind the other day but I couldn’t remember her name.
      Doesn’t she claim she actually authored every TV & movie series under the Sun from Z-Cars to The Bill, Mastermind, X-Factor, Big Bang Theory, the entire Planet of The Ape movies and and even movie scripts that Charlie Chaplin nicked from her in 1920s but the Establishment stole her entire body of work?
      Nothing wrong with her.

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  2. I found that all very confusing, there is a woman named “Charles”?
    I googled her and apparently she is “a Rosa Parks of our generation”.
    Who is Rosa and where does she Park?
    So many questions.

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    • She might well be one of the lawyers who drives Yannis’ motor-caravan…

      Wendy sometimes billed as ‘TJ’ John-Charles was once upon a time a frankly drop-dead-gorgeous bit part actress/dancer; but only moderately competent in those roles. She basically tried to leverage her looks to make up for her paucity of talent. Contrary to popular belief, this is a really toxic way of going about things and it got to the stage nobody would hire her because she was just too fucking dangerous to have around.

      Move on to circa 2003… She hadn’t worked in years, staring 40 in the face (oddly enough at about the same age Rupert is now) she decides to move into the role of ‘wronged TV executive’ and brews up a scam. – google ‘sevengate’ and you’ll get the death throws of the story.

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    • Belinda’s house appears to have been a haven for members of the LGBT community at one point. As well as a woman called Charles, it was also where ex-MI5 whistleblower/traitor (depending which side of the fence you’re on) David ‘Delores Kane’ Shayler lived for some time (at the same time as Charles and Charlotte, as I recall).

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      • I suspect not so much actual legitimate members of the LGBT community as clowns who will jump onto any bandwagon and wear any costume for a bit of attention…

        Interestingly enough the David Shayler case pops up in the teaching material for one of the basic media law units when they cover the OSA. It’s pointed out that Shayler was a bit of a fraud as he really wasn’t much more than a jumped-up clerk and an attention-seeker looking for an easy ride; with that shot (which comes from a piece in one of the red tops IIRC) used to illustrate this tendency… Annie Machon was the real brains and personality behind that particular skit; she and McKenzie worked Shayler like Sooty!

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  3. These so-called “anti-Satanist ” & “baby-eater” hunters all turn on each other in the end. Of course it’s nothing to do with the entire scenario being built on sand and invented lunacies and the fact that each one is eventually usurped as Top Dog or kicked off the ladder by others a rung above them.

    Belinda seems to end up copping most blame as she is able to remain at the helm because she is cashed up but it seems her manipulations are finally coming back to haunt her.

    Notice how most have abandoned Neelu during her rapid descent. I doubt anyone will be turning up to sit on her roof to fight off the bailiffs when her eventual eviction happens.
    As always- evidence of the Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice is laid out by those who conspire and they seem too thick to realise.
    Sadly it’s also one of the most difficult charges to prove hence you rarely see cases reach the court.
    Time an example was made.
    # I wonder if “Porn” can include claims that people are “baby raping & munching Satanist murders”?

    Revenge porn legislation introduced in NSW so ‘sleazebags’ risk jail time: Attorney-General

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  4. I posted a bunch of links that won’t show up until apporved but this struck a chord with me.

    “Since 1995, we have studied over 40 Multi-Victim, Multi-Offender (MVMO) cases at 24 locations, mostly involving allegations of ritual abuse.

    In other areas of this website, we do not take sides. We do not reach conclusions. We merely report both or all sides of each issue and let our readers make up their mind. However, with these ritual abuse cases, it seemed obvious to us that grave injustices had been done, both to the alleged perpetrators and to the alleged victims. As Kimberly Hart of the National Child Abuse Defense Center said, police and District Attorneys’ offices had suspended their “intellectual integrity.” They readily “believed the absurd.”

    We decided to write the essays with the assumption that most or all of the defendants were innocent of ritual abuse, and that the crimes never actually happened.

    We believe that some sexual molestation did happen at Country Walk, in Miami FL, and perhaps in a few of the remaining cases. But it is our opinion that:

    bullet No ritual abuse occurred in any of the cases.
    bullet Any criminal acts were non-ritual abuse by a single perpetrator.
    bullet All or almost all of the crimes with which people were charged never happened.
    Hundreds of adults were convicted of ritual abuse of children, mostly during the 1980s and early 1990s. Almost all have had their cases revisited. Most convictions have been overturned because of what investigators now know about:

    bullet How easy it was for investigators to get false disclosures of abuse from young children by simply asking direct questions, repeatedly.

    bullet How meaningless the past standards of evidence were for sexual abuse of young girls.

    bullet How meaningless past STD lab tests were when performed on children.

    bullet How meaningless past sexual abuse tests were when performed on children.
    A few innocent people continue to rot in prison in the United States and elsewhere. A list of addresses of US prisoners was available. 5

    Child psychologists and police investigators are now generally aware of how to avoid implanting memories of non-existent events through improper questioning of young children. New allegations of MVMO ritual abuse cases dried up in the early 1990s. However, one strange case did surface in Lewis Island, Scotland, in late 2003. Hopefully, this will be the last.”

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  5. These bat-shit crazy loons really annoy me at times. Seven claims she won a court case against everyone who moves but the “Establishment” have erased the court documents and she’s owed not just $billions but $trillions (Neelu eat your heart out).
    Naturally all the profits made from “her” TV shows have been used to fund various “false flags”.

    What a weird show business world she must have moved in. Having been involved on and off all my life with the entertainment business although there can be rogues on the sidelines anyone with a skerrick of talent is quickly spotted and nurtured. Anyone who can even pitch good ides for TV shows is almost guaranteed to be snapped up in Hollywood and put on a retainer- the dearth of good ideas being a real problem.

    She has a hideous & arrogant narcissistic personality disorder whereby she attempts to thieve other people’s bloody hard work and claim it as her own.

    Here is apparently her claim to fame- an appearance in a Vogue magazine so dated it must be from the late 1970s.
    Today’s “reality TV” shows ( I’m a fan) including the numerous talent shows have a real downside to them. They are creating a vast body of people who are lapping up their brief 5 Minutes of “Fame” but soon find rejection and complete abandonment.
    Gone are the days of the old Opportunity Knocks (my friend won it 10 times in a row and went on to a brilliant career before dying young of cancer) which launched dozens of careers.
    Charlie Seven seems to have been a very early victim of the Brush With Fame phenomena.

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    • What killed Wendy’s career was that she was such a dangerously manipulative bitch; and obviously so. she ’emerged’ circa 1984-85 as an astonishing-looking 19-year old. But she would do things like get the director or producer’s home number of the call sheet, and call his house (i.e his mrs or worse still his kids) when she knew he was on set… Then, when there was a photographer onset, start draping herself round the fellow… You just can’t have a fucking nightmare like that around! – Innocent men who never showed the slightest interest in that cow have lost their marriages as the result of her games… Seriously Sam, talk to your mates from back in the day. they’ll know exactly who/what she is!

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        • Well, bear in mind that even today, in those recent videos you’re looking at a woman in her fifties! But that’s all of worth there is of her… Just a shell. – Clone one of them with a normal woman’s brain and she’d be golden… But as she is? Body of an angel, heart of pure evil!

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    • The Vogue piece is probably late 80s Sam… Curiously enough her birthday sticks in my head as the date was in common with my own Grandmother… ‘Last rose of summer’ 31st of August, She’ll be 52 on Thursday…

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      • OK showing my age.
        She was obviously statuesque and a good looker as well as being photogenic.
        Can’t get by on looks alone though should have taken her Mum’s advice and had a second career- mechanic, crisis actor or dust cropper etc.
        Oh that’s right. She says her parents and various relatives were probably murdered by the Establishment after she kicked up a stink about them stealing the Dancing With The Stars concept from her.

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        • She is one of a number of former models and actresses involved in this case. Being a beauty queen and having it all handed to you on a plate as a teenager seems to be corrosive to the personality in later years.

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          • I pretty much agree FS… But you don’t have to drill very far into this one to find she’s a cannabis advocate; and that’s a very common theme with these people. They’re all off their trolleys and mostly all stoners – not hard to make a connection there is it?

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    • “Christopher Lillie, 37, and Dawn Reed, 31, sued both the council and the review team for libel. The team and council defended their report, claiming that it was covered by qualified privilege. The nurses also sued the publishers of the Newcastle Chronicle newspaper for libel. That action was settled out of court.”

      I find it interesting that they raised a defence of “qualified privilege” and not truth… In other words, it was a lie, they knew it was a lie, but they attempted to wriggle off the hook on some technicality; it’s a measure of how wrong these things so often are and how corrupt the underlying organisation is…

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      • Sounds like Hampstead, the allegations never matched the physical signs.

        “A local pediatrician made numerous abuse diagnoses in spite of the complete absence of physical evidence — signs that would have had to be present if the abuse had happened.

        Then a young female nurse, Dawn Reed, was implicated as well. The local council, conducted a disciplinary hearing which concluded the children had been abused. From the many children and multiple bizarre abuse allegations, only a few charges were laid. These included 11 counts of indecently assaulting five girls and a boys. Chris LIllie was also charged with raping a girl.

        The case went to trial in 1994-JUN. The Judge, Mr. Justice Holland, decided that the evidence was unreliable. Both defendants were acquitted. Some of the parents stormed the dock and attempted to attack the defendants. They marched through the streets of Newcastle with banners proclaiming “Believe the Children” and “We believe the kids”. A public inquiry and financial compensation was demanded.

        The Council was in a difficult position, because they had already concluded that the pair were guilty, and the costs of compensating over 100 children would be immense. They decided to appoint an internal independent inquiry – a review team. Four experts working two days a week for two years ran up a bill of £400,000 (about $670,000 USF) while preparing a report on the fiasco. 1

        The media had repeatedly named the two workers as abusers since their acquittal by the court. They were presumed guilty by many of the citizens of Newcastle; there lives and professional careers were damaged beyond repair.”

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        • … A witch hunt, and there were many then. The key difference being that in the Hampstead case the allegations were puerile to the point where they could only-ever be the product of a damaged and uneducated mind.

          At this point I say G’night all… 03:19 am and my shift (at GCHQ, natch!) ended four minutes ago!

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  6. Hahahahaha! Thanks for this, EC. Quality entertainment 😀

    By the way, if Kris Costa really is the best the CIA can come up with – a rambling fucktard who sits on her arse for most of the year, posting about one nonsensical rant every three months that almost no one reads anyway – then all I can say is thank Christ the Cold War is over.

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  7. It’s nice of Charlotte to post yet another “absolutely my last ever comment on this subject before I retire gracefully from the Hampstead thing”. And what a doozy it is! I shall look forward to the next one… 😀

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    • What I love are the escalating denunciations of pretty nearly all of her former colleagues, who she gushed over only two years ago. But I suppose that’s the troofer way.

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  8. Very interesting.

    I always wondered what Miles’s real motivation is, and really, it should not have been that hard to figure out. Shame on the man, he goes around looking for vulnerable women who will probably yield to him, explains his ‘studio’ outfit. Where does Miles get his money from to travel up and down the country to service these women, I wonder.

    And Tap is Sabine’s close friend? Who is Tap? The same person who published ‘Papa kills babies’ – Henry Curteis? The one who seemed very interested to push this story and control comments below the first publication of the coached video clips of the children that launched this case to a large audience, on yt.

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  9. “How can you encourage that woo woo shit?”

    …Says the woman who avidly believes the World is run by shape-shifting lizards from outer space.

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  10. Thanks for this crackin’ update, EC. It’s just a matter of time now until that pair of fuckwits are arrested. And yes, Jacco ‘Video Man’ de Boer, that includes you, because hiding behind your spouse/partner doesn’t get you off the hook. Just ask Rose West.

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  11. Do we know whether it was Charlotte or Belinda who leaked this email to Tapnewswire?

    And do we know which way Henry Curteis’ farts are blowing as regards the Hampstead case these days? I note that he qualifies the title of the email post with the words “Make of it what you will”.

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    • My guess is that it would have been Charlotte, but there’s really no way to tell for certain. I understand that according to Curteis, “anyone” is now able to post to his blog, though I don’t know how he claims they’re able to gain access. On any other WordPress blog I know of, contributors must be approved by the blog owner.

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    • I’d love to hear ANY of the Believers of this BS on the Witness Stand spouting this crap.

      They wouldn’t have the nerve!

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      • I’d love to see Mad Moo dragged into court. And hopefully she will be one day. After all, she is a “lawful suspect with fully satisfied arrest criteria” 😀

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  12. Christ, Shurter – we get it – you’re in love with Doug Mesner. Just send him a bunch of flowers and ask him out to dinner already, instead of hiding behind this veil of fake bitterness. Sheesh!

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    • “The North American Man-Boy Love Association”

      WTF? 😮

      “The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States. It works to abolish age-of-consent laws criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors and campaigns for the release of men who have been jailed for sexual contacts with minors that did not involve coercion.”

      A tenner says Shurter’s a member/ex-member. Allegedly and without prejudice of course.

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    • Shurter’s dogs sound really ill. Listen out for their moans in the background. I wonder if he’s still starving them (he previously said that he had run out of money for dog food and so hadn’t fed them in days).

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        • Cue the inevitable video rant from Dave about how the “Devil-lovers” are reporting him for mistreating his dogs. May I just say in advance: deal with it, Shurter.

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          • i dont believe he’s mistreating them. he cares about his dogs. it may be the case that one of his dogs was just wanting to play and bored, or is sick or something. as Liza said, he mentioned them throwing up. i will not make assumptions, as we don’t know what’s going on. but regardless, if his dogs are starving or something, then yes, something should be done and though he would likely see it as an attack, were he to think someone else’s dogs were starving or otherwise not doing well, he would be concerned and do the same. he wants people to be concerned about abuse, well neglect is a form of abuse.
            if he were to ask for help, would you guys then go and use that against him? if it is a case of “i dont have enough money to feed my dogs as well as i’d like and haven’t eaten much myself” or “i dont have money for the vet” situation, and he humbles himself enough to admit it and ask for help, would you go and make it a case of “there he goes again, asking for money”

            if it is the case that he needs help, there are groups that help with such things.
            call me oversensitive, but i don’t feel that we can both judge him for the dogs condition and then judge and laugh at him when he tries to fix it.

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          • The reason that David Shurter is probably sick is that he is failing to look after himself, and by inference is failing to care for his dogs. Whilst Shurter continues to blame external agents such as Aquino, “protection squads”, and fictional energy weapons for his and his dogs sickness, he will take no responsibility or action to do something about it beyond complaining on youtube videos. Shurter will be the agent of his own misfortune if he falls sick enough to end up in hospital or die, or something happens to his dogs.

            If this miserable example of humanity is the best God can create to lecture the world to change its ways, I am not worried. We can watch this feeble creature over the years fall to pieces, and celebrate the fall of a God whose strength and power is so weak and impotent that the best it can come with is David Shurter.

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          • energy weapons are not fictional..given that there are publicly view-able patents and documents, that they have been mentioned on the news, and that our government has talked about them. but whether they are used on david is debatable, thought not something i will personally debate as i switch back and forth on it. it is certainly possible. but it seems to me that spending such an expensive resource on someone who is barely a threat, someone most people dont know about or who most people would view as crazy. there are much simpler ways to kill someone that would be just as effective and appear much more natural.

            regardless, despite having a personality/side to me that is capable of being quite sadistic, and despite having had reason to be angry at him, at the moment i do not currently care to watch someone suffer, whether it is an animal or person.

            I would like to note that david has himself professed that he is not a Christian, and that judging an entire religion or God by one or a few bad apples is about as accurate as saying that all satanists are baby killers.


          • i don’t feel I have to justify myself again on this but just to briefly reiterate, Shurter has repeatedly accused me and all my friends of being baby-raping child-murderers and has called for our computers to be hacked to find out our real identities so that he can publicly accuse us of these things by name, thereby enabling his creepy associates to locate us and attack us and our families and wreck our careers. So he gets no sympathy from me and I will continue to take the piss out of him for the sake of my own sanity. I’m unclear as to where you stand on that, as you seem to change your mind about it with every alternate comment.

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          • David Shurter has an exaggerated opinion of his own self importance. A crazy guy making daily videos, tweets and Facebook posts is of zero importance to the powers that be to waste resources deploying energy weapons against him.

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          • i understand, and i do not judge you for “taking the piss out of him” for the sake of your own sanity.
            i understand completely. i did it as well and i will never judge you for it. it is less but occassionally i still do it. i’m sorry if i seem a bit back and forth at the moment. i am dealing with two different..mindsets, at the moment.
            sometimes i switch back into a less healthy mindset, though it hasn’t been a full switch, thus the back and forth a bit.

            ive been thinking a lot about who i want to be, the last few days.
            im sure it sounds cliche and maybe stupid, but i’ve decided that the person i want to be is kind, and loving, and understanding, and doesn’t judge people or treat them with hate.
            will i laugh if i find something funny, or point out the ridiculousness of something? sure, but i will try to do it softly, or at the least, not cause unnecessary damage. and yes, i will try to be impartial, and will say things that remind people that yes, this or that person is human, because it’s so easy to boil someone down to a single word or phrase and then that’s all they are. but please, take the piss, and do what you need to do. it Can be funny, and i understand needing to and the anger.

            im sorry. im sure it’s confusing and maybe frustrating for some of you. i’m not trying to offend anyone, or make anyone feel like they have to defend themselves or justify themselves with me. you don’t.
            you are fine by me.

            i don’t believe you are what david calls you. i don’t even think you are bad people. humans are humans. if you disagree with me on things, i am fine with it, so long as you are not cruel about it. i will not judge a man for thinking differently than me. nor will i judge a man for having different temptations from me. it gets nothing done. and i have had plenty of anger and hate and fucked up thoughts myself. to be honest, “taking the piss” is mild, compared to what i was willing to do.
            and to be honest, even if anyone here was a baby-killer or pedophile.. i wouldn’t attack you. i would try to get you to stop, certainly. i would try to understand why you do it, and get to the root of the problem and solve it there, and prevent you from doing more damage in the meantime. i would talk, try to help the person get better and stop. hopefully work on reparations to anyone hurt. if absolutely necessary, i would take more..drastic action, get police involved or something, to prevent further damage to others, but i would be sad about having to do it.
            i firmly believe that everyone on this earth is capable of both amazing things or terrible things. and people will make their own decisions, but i feel that in part, their decisions are affected by how they are treated by others.
            i have never once seen “being hated” turn anyone into a better person. more than that, i don’t Want to hate anyone. i want to love.
            and i like you guys. my favorite people are people like you, who “take the piss”. i have a soft spot for people who can be honest about their anger. im not showing anger at the moment, but anger is an emotion that’s been very close to me for most of my life.
            i hope that explains things somewhat.

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          • it is 12pm here, and i normally sleep around 6-7am bc of night shift. i have to get some sleep. i will let you guys know if david replies to me, but there is a chance he will not; it may be the case that he simply no longer reads my emails. if that is the case, he may see the shit on here, and will likely make a youtube video or facebook post about it, and you guys will see for yourselves what he has to say.
            … he’s just gonna attack me again, isn’t he.. im the one who emailed him and he Hates me emailing him..
            if he does and you guys notice me starting to switch back to that mindset, i would appreciate a reminder of who i currently want to be


        • i see. david seems to think it’s unusual for someone to demand that he get in their truck to go to the police station. he seems to expect everyone to respond to fear with the flight response, but some people go with fight response and attack head on. the way the guy reacted is exactly how my dad would have reacted

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          • correct. he caused people to attack me a bit as well, and demotivated me from continuing to help in such areas. i will help in other ways though… i’ve come to find that that is not my calling and my gifts and personality are better suited for other things.
            i’ve forgiven him and don’t hate him anymore, which is why i’ve stopped venting

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      • karnevilnine.. im trying to get something unconfused in my head. im pretty sure that at one point, david was told to take certain videos down and that got wound up into the whole protection order thing. was that a kilrush game? i cant remember… i remember someone talking to me about it being a joke but my mind is mixed up about it


      • Dave is a drone and a bore, makes the same videos seemingly everyday. His delusions that the powers that be are targeting him are laughable. Dave is of no importance to anyone, except his lunatic followers, the Goobermint wouldn’t waste a cent on targetting him. If they wanted him silenced, he would have been silenced years ago. The majority of these so called “Targeted Individuals” online are mentally ill and require professional help. The ones who promote the problem and sell the solution are the worst, scumbags who will make videos telling you all about targeting weapons, then sell you the magic crystals or other useless devices to help stop this imaginary targeting. No wonder Hopeless Girl is in on the act selling her snake oils.

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        • “Dave is a drone and a bore, makes the same videos seemingly every day.”


          “Blah blah Hoaxtead blah blah Doug Mesner blah blah paedophile protection squad blah blah Justin Sanity blah blah just trying to get my dad investigated blah blah they’re blasting me so frickin’ hard today blah blah I’m losing hair and I’ve lost 200 pounds since Tuesday blah blah they went before Congress in 1872 and admitted these weapons exist blah blah I know you are but what am I…”

          Repeat ad infinitum. Zzzzzzzz

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      • Sounds like a matter for the IPCC (Independent Prayer Complaints Commission). Yeshua Jesu has quite clearly failed to respond to Mr. Soyang’s lawful concerns and to act upon fully satisfied arrest criteria. It’s a clear travesty of justice.

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    • Oh dear,if every phophesy,satanic agenda,plot,scheme and plan have been cancelled against Angie she will have to flounder around in the real world like the rest of us,maybe even get a job or something.

      One has to ask also that if Jesus has finally gawn and miraculously sorted it all out then he must have been letting it slide until now purely as a wind up prank.I am starting to take a bit of a shine to him as he seems quite a card.


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      • According to the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, Jesus as a child was an arrogant arsehole who killed at least two children. Echos the narrative of David Shurter, giving rise to the question of if and when Shurter ends up on a cross like brother Jesus.

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    • Philosophy moment…

      If a bullet is fired from the gun, the potential has become transformed into a kinetic form, and cannot be cancelled. If I plan to do a thing, it is in the potential state, and is vulnerable to influence to cancel or change it. However, if an agent has activated a plot, scheme, plan or agenda, such as motions to arrest or bring a civil court action against Angela Power Disney, it has become kinetic, and only a contrary kinetic force is going to change or nullify it. The principle applies to those who are involved in magick; once the genie is unleashed from the bottle, it cannot be stuffed back in again. The Greeks explored the idea of fate, that once an individual did a certain action, it was spun, allocated and fixed, for instance when Hector killed Patroclus at Troy, his doom was fixed to happen at the hands of Achilles, a doom that even the Gods had no control over.

      Dying Patroclus said to Hector:
      “You yourself are not one who shall live long, but now already death and powerful destiny are standing beside you, to go down under the hands of Aiakos’ great son, Achilleus”

      With regards to Angela Power Disney, it is none of us who are spinning, fixing and allocating the doom that will happen to her, she is the agent of her own undoing. There are many dice rolling, and this lady adds more potentials to her own misfortune every time she acts, talks or posts her poison on the internet, and any one of those dice, or combinations of dice will roll against her… eventually. It would amuse me if the dice rolled three sixes, three major misfortunes, and no god, or mortal or posted internet opinion is going to change that.

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  13. NAMBLA has been pretty much a spent force, since this arrest in 2005 –

    faclitated by the very heroic FBI agent Bob Hamer:

    But for decades before this, NAMBLA was focused on facilitating and promoting pedophile sex tourism, as were the remnant of PIE members from the UK and the continent. It’s no coincidence, that the last of these perverts have been tracked down, exposed and arrested in the “far east”.

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  14. I’m sometimes a bit slow so I assume peeps have seen this wacky website:

    It makes bizarre claims about death threats but doesn’t actually site a single example of one except to point to some weird Youtube videos that are unconnected to here. It displays photos I have never seen on this website.

    Goes into great length about poor old Angela Power-Disney – in fact so much one would think that dear Ange has a connection to the website.

    But this is the most laughable part as it solemnly proclaims Hoaxtead is in breach of:
    The Computer Misuse Act 1990
    The Terrorism Act 2000
    Malicious Communications Act 1988
    Protection from Harassment Act 1996

    And this: “For Law Enforcement Who Might Read This:
    If you are reading this and you are a law enforcement officer with some power to do something we ask you to please step in and help.” ( “law enforcement- an American term ! )
    To which I say- bring it on.

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  15. “Please provide me with a list of Sabine’s blogs and a list of the people who are running them (she told me that she has people who help her out) and how much she pays to keep them going. When I was on HR, Sabine told me that I could gather information about people from petitions (I probably still have that email). I don’t do petitions but Sabine is always running them.,”

    The above statement, if true, worries me on so many levels. How many guillable people believe the rubbish spouted, how is their information then being used. Is it being used to extract money, views, even blackmail, that could be a long stretch of the imagination, however, it is morally & lawfully wrong to gather information about people if not employed by a government body I believe.

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    • Good news, most Satan Hunters are too stupid and lazy to gather and leverage any benefit from personal information, other than to harrass and stalk victims. Sabine McNeill might have allowed some people to post rubbish to her blogs, I doubt she pays anything, the blogs are hosted free, and McNeill is skint. Those that Sabine allows to run her blogs are on a lower level of intellect than she is, they are low level trogs that are of no relevance beyond their use as data entry donkeys.

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  16. Stolpman making a radio show whilst bombing it along the fast lane of the freeway.

    By the way, he confirms here that he’s on a two-month suspension from his main YT channel 😀

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    • He must be on two of a possible three strikes after David Seaman urged people to report his harassment.
      One more strike for bullying and all his content maybe gone, including all his vile videos of the police interviews, the childrens personal medical records, and other such sick and perverted content.
      justsayin! Having a decent following on Youtube hasn’t saved other channels recently from being removed.

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  17. Just when you thought Angie couldn’t get any more fucked in the head, she’s now jumped on the ‘World is run by shape-shifting lizard people’ bandwagon. Toot toot…!

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  18. WARNING! Details of this case are particularly gruesome and heartbreaking…

    An unidentified remains case, (and related missing teen case), that I never thought would be resolved except through a miracle – has been solved! Even better, a suspected perpetrator has also been arrested.
    In 1994, the torso of a dismembered male body – classified by forensic investigation as approx. 16 years old – was discovered in/behind a dumpster in Florida. No other related body parts ever surfaced, which made the odds of resolving the case seem terribly remote. However, the victim has now been positively identified as 16 year old Fred Laster, and a perpetrator is believed to have also been identified through DNA.

    Kudos to police investigators, to Fred’s family members, and to the informal ‘community’ of persons devoted to promoting awareness of unresolved cases!

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      • @karnevilnine – yes, it is suspected that Ronnie Hyde (ironic name of the century!) will turn out to be a serial killer. I’m not going to link directly to discussions about this, but apparently Hyde was already a suspect in pedophile sex tourism and child sexual abuse images trading through Darknet. A serious scumbag.

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    • That’s very sad.
      This struck a chord with me the other day when I was looking at an article on George Webb and Jason Goodman’s antics.
      It reminds me of how conspiracy theorists in particular tend to dot join and connect events across decades and even continents, as if everything has to be related and part of some grand scheme for it to make sense.

      “The answer is complicated and lends itself to the series’ title. As Zeman and Mills begin to uncover, the serial murder of sex workers has become increasingly frequent across the country. While four murdered women found in a drainage ditch behind a no-tell motel in Atlantic City might seem similar to the four identified victims on Gilgo Beach, their connections have more to do with how our brains work than a multi-city conspiracy to hide a serial killer.

      “Part of what we tried to show is our tendency to create patterns where there are none,” Zeman said. “Our tendency to want to think of it as part of some master plan, our tendency to believe that all of these murders are related because that fits in with our need to create patterns. It’s much easier to say that it’s a super serial killer than it is to realize that common individuals are murdering four women here and four women there.”

      The Killing Season, in some ways is like diving down the best Wikipedia rabbit hole, where one story inevitably spirals into many, each thinly held together by a similar thread. For the series, that thread isn’t just the victims, but it is also the terrifying commonality of serial killers. While investigating a series of murders in Daytona Beach, Zeman and Mills uncover a string of similar murders along the interstate stretching across Florida’s interior, from one coast to the other.

      But as it turns out, it was much bigger than this. Unsolved murders stretch across the country, clustering the large network of highways and interstates that matrix the United States. These are the “missing” missing, victims disappear without anyone knowing because no one is looking and no one files a missing persons report. But even beyond this, these are victims that never receive justice (or even simply identification) because their killers cross state lines and information sharing is not mandated for any law enforcement agency in the country. “These killers know police and law enforcement agencies don’t talk to each other,” Zeman said. “They know they don’t share information and they use that information to commit more crimes.”

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  19. Bang on cue, as predicted:

    Oh and whoever said he’d twist our words was spot-on – he’s saying we’ve been threatening his dogs! Actually – twisting? Scratch that – let’s call it what it is – out-and-out slander. Bang goes that 9th Commandment again!

    Oh and he’s in a bit of a huff with James too. LOL

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  20. Lmao, Nathan Stolpman the pervert, getting some shit.

    Lol at the Salem comment.


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