Twisted knickers: Kristie Sue v Charlotte

It’s been clear for some time that our old pal* Charlotte Alton Ward and Kristie Sue Costa (author of the thoroughly reprehensible but sometimes hilariously awful blog ‘DDH’)…erm, don’t really get on all that well. One too many alpha bitches or something, we don’t know. Their enmity tends to simmer just below the surface, but over the last few days it’s erupted full-force.

It seems to have started on Voat, where “Gumpgump” (we suppose Charlotte has given up her old name ‘Carleea’; it’s a bit too recognisable now) and “ListenUp” had a wee tussle:


Charlotte accuses Kris of “working for the Satanists”, and Kris comes back with a screed about who nicked what from whom, topped with accusations of disloyalty to Ella, “ruining” the Hampstead hoax, and potentially “ruining” the #pizzagate hoax while she’s at it.

Looks like Kristie Sue thinks Charlotte is one powerful lady, with all that “ruining”.

But wait, here comes the killer argument: “And (Charlotte) is a self-professed witch!” followed by a bunch of codswallop from Charlotte about how she used to be a super-high-level “initiate” of some sort, on a par with Jesus really, but she failed at it and has “given herself permission” to talk about it.

Saints preserve us.

Oh, and here’s another good bit (if you are consuming hot beverages you might wish to swallow before reading this): “I work from love, not hate”, says Kristie Sue. Tell that to RD’s elderly grandmother.


Hey, hang on, we think we might actually agree with Charlotte on her point here: “DDH is a disinfo blog”. More like a “misinfo blog”, but let’s not split hairs.

Kristie Sue, of course, goes into whinge mode—”Why not Jacqui? What is your beef with me?”—can’t you just hear the pathetic whine in her voice? After all, Kristie Sue “took all her own screen shots and did all of her own research”. Hardly a claim to fame, since most of what we’ve read on that blog is guesswork, supposition, circular arguments, and superstitious nonsense.

“I’m not a journalist”…say what? You’re not? Wow, you really had us fooled!**

Oh, and here it comes: not only is Charlotte a “witch”, she’s now a paedophile:

So this must be your way of discrediting all of my research. My info wasn’t “Nicked” from anyone else I spent 1000’s of hours doing my own research and plenty of good people sent me things they found but didn’t want to speak up. I’ve fought my way through nearly 2 years of harassment, supporter flame wars, being called nasty names and soooo much more but I still show up every day and do my research, post it and if you have a problem with that then you must be the person I’m researching…are you a paedophile? Do you rape kids? I work from love every screen shot I take, every word I write comes from my heart…I couldn’t do it any other way and there are plenty of good people who will tell you the same thing. So please, don’t let the shills discredit me, it’s obvious we’re getting something right when we start getting attacked. Peace.

An aside: in the ConspiraloonLand, is there an equivalent to Godwin’s Law, the internet rule which states that in any discussion thread, the first person to call his/her opponent a Nazi or reference Hitler is automatically deemed to have lost the argument? In this case, it should be “the first person who calls another person a shill/disinfo agent/paedophile/paedophile enabler automatically forfeits the argument”.

Charlotte, meanwhile, tries to establish her bona fides with the other fruitloops “researching” #pizzagate:


Poor, poor Charlotte. We all know how hard she worked at her “research” back in the bad old days when her blog was out there setting the agenda on behalf of Sabine and Belinda. She paid her dues, dammit! And then Kristie Sue had the utter rind to “infiltrate” her? Horrors!

Anyhoo…not content with whinging on Voat, Kristie Sue did a lovely write-up for DDH (sorry, we don’t link to that pig’s toilet, but you’re welcome to look it up) in which she also accuses Charlotte of tipping us off about her identity, claims Charlotte is a Tavistock shill (that word again) and rants about what a bitch she is. Which is not untrue, of course.

Kristie Sue has also taken it to her Facebook page:


Ooh, a war? Sounds like fun! Are we invited?

We’ll be keeping our eye on this one…so put on the popcorn. This could get very interesting.


*sarcasm alert
**additional sarcasm alert


77 thoughts on “Twisted knickers: Kristie Sue v Charlotte

  1. Pssst! Angie – judging by some of Arthur’s comments about you, I doubt that he’s planning on sharing airtime with you any time soon. Your 4 viewers will have to cope without, I’m afraid. Oh well, you can use the time to fix your sodding microphone instead 😀

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  2. Kris Costa’s claim at 2:50 that she receives death threats on a daily basis from associates of Hoaxtead Research is utter cuntwaffle. A number of us have repeatedly challenged her to provide one single solitary link, screenshot or quote to support this defamatory claim, to no avail.

    Meanwhile, HR’s ‘Trolls’ page contains a plethora of screenshots of vile death threats that Kristie’s associates have made to many of us over the last 21 months.

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    • I can truthfully say that of the handful of times I’ve visited DDH (and promptly gone and had a shower afterwards, to wash the stench off), I have never once commented in any way. Nor have I ever communicated with Kristie Sue or any of her friends. And as far as I’m aware, none of the people on our team have uttered threats of any sort, death or otherwise, to any of the Hoaxtead mobsters. Kristie Sue is flat-out lying.

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    • Good point HOH. Various fruitloops have made accusations of death threats coming from Hoaxtead blog somehow but when pressed they have never even been able to put up a single screen shot of the supposed threats because there are none. Yet they deliver death threats and threats of violence quite often. What a bunch of charmers they are.

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  3. Brilliant, Mr. C. A highly entertaining scrimmage, I must say 😀

    Meanwhile, back at Neelu HQ, the wee small hours are a good time to bury bad moos…

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    • I see : the cows are in the trees but will come running if you “moooo”.

      The problem is Neelu deduced this down in her local park and was found by Concerned Citizens mooooing and claiming “look there are pregnant cows sitting in the trees and I have their bread delivery for them”.

      But they know her only too well and decided against calling for help as they still have the million pound liens from last time they tried to aid her.

      Is she deteriorating before our very eyes? Yes.

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    • Feeding bread to cattle is a bit controversial amongst vets. Too much processed food can upset the cows digestion. If I was the farmer I wouldn’t welcome some nutter feeding bags of who knows what to my livestock, especially if they were pregnant.

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  4. “Investigations” = surfing the net and arriving on the same nutcase website as your competitor and bitching like crazy as to who got there first.

    This bunch ( yes you too APD) couldn’t investigate their way out of a paper bag and dontcha love how a new sensation like the pizza garbage surfaces and they jump on board like a bunch of lemmings. Twats the lot of them.

    # Will Donald Trump do something to neuter the internet?. The jury is still out but his recent claims to be unleashing new libel laws have now been buried after lawyers pointed out that they could be used against him by 1000s of defamed persons.
    Until the UK and USA implement new laws of internet harassment and actually follow up with prosecutions this will only get worse.

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    • Charlotte Alton Ward is a shit investigator. So is Kristie Sue Costa. Neither of them has the slightest idea what “research” really means, and their blogs reflect that. Pretty sure that’s why we get so many views from Hoaxtead mobsters, who know that even though we’re “the enemy”, the news we report is reliable.

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  5. Can’t quite figure out what inspired this impassioned speech from Angela – it’s either the “I will find you” one from Taken, the “They’ll never take our freedom” one from Braveheart or the “Ooh, stop messing about” one from Carry On Up The Khyber…

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  6. Off topic – One thing the death of Patrick Cullinane has made obvious is that no matter what the evidence is, Neelu and chums will persist with their delusional beliefs. This goes to show that even if the Hampstead residents had presented themselves to a ‘trusted doctor’ (Araya’s words) to prove they didn’t have tattoos, this wouldn’t have made any difference.

    I think at the beginning of this I’d grossly underestimated the degree to which some of the Hoaxteders are mentally ill or at least unstable.

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  7. Bronny is on voat as Motherland1hectare

    “I am no cult member but have childhood experiences of a family in Satanism and sodomy done pre-age 4. I’m aged 55 years now, but spent the first 40+ years of my life wondering what the fuck was wrong with me and why I constantly wanted to kill myself. The truth was a shocker… many family secrets to unravel and my own ‘split’ causing memory suppression to deal with.” Etc

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  8. In some ways Charlotte is right. I have visited DDH about 8 or 9 times over these couple of years. Kristie Sue does focus a lot on who she thinks the trolls are, and makes a complete shambles of it. All the misinformation she has regarding the other aspects of the case, were in the public domain long before she posted any of it. That is the main reason I don’t check it frequently.

    Although I did keep an eye on Charlotte’s blog back then, her “research” was no better. I don’t even like to use the word research, because it was mostly just her making up nonsense or repeating nonsense from Sabine, Belinda, Abe and Ella. And deleting any comment she didn’t like, even if it was written in a polite and respectful manner.

    Kristie v Charlotte is one of those strange fights in which you hope they both lose.

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    • Yes, Kristie Sue still apparently thinks that this blog is run by RD, and that RD also controls a multitude of socks. Her evidence: one of the people who objected to the Hampstead SRA hoax early on mentioned that they wouldn’t like their children’s photos shared online. They have children? THEY MUST BE RD!!! Honestly, she’s an idiot who’ll believe anything.

      And while Charlotte thinks of herself as a “researcher”, all she really does is collect bits of information, slap it all together willy-nilly, and call it a “theory”. Those of us who’ve actually done any sort of real research know that’s just not how it works.

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  9. The ego’s on these two freaks is unbelievable, they think they are top researchers but have discovered nothing worth a damn in two years, if 399 parents have cult tattoos (from christies own blog) how have they found zero info on any of them? these so called cult members who engage in mass orgies would have had their tattoos seen by thousands of people including bitter ex lovers, and maybe someone should tell them that there is no DC case, its election propaganda that is already dying.

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  10. Kind of rich of Krustie Poo to accuse anyone of being a witch… she had some kind of ritual posted on her used-toilet-paper blog a few weeks back coz… Halloween.

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    • Just picking up where I left off. She’s just at the bit where she’s talking about being accused of being a witch. LOL

      And now she’s on to a rant about the “righteous Bible”. Finally, signs of life in an otherwise lacklustre episode.

      And who knew that ’empathic’ was a word?!

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      • After her bizarre, ill-informed rant about schools having Satanic after-school clubs (LOL), she announces that she’s having to go off air for a few weeks (YAY!) due to financial constraints. “I might torture myself that the trolls have had a victory.” Yup 😀

        Oh but she’s said that if she can get back on air, she’s going to interview Arthur Kaoutal (whose name she seems incapable of pronouncing) and Chris Spivey (oh Christ).

        She says she needs about a thousand pounds – broadcast fees, travel and £350 for anti-hacking software (!); oh and she needs a minimum of £500 by Monday in order to present her next Angela’s Caches ‘show’ (I swear I’m not making this up). Don’t all rush at once!

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      • I think “empathic” got its start with Counsellor Deanna Troi on Star Trek: TNG back in the ’80s. Since then, people seem to have begun to believe that it’s an acceptable substitute for “empathetic”, which it most decidedly is not.

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    • She must think all kids are as dim as her own. Why would RD’s children not give “matching testimonies”, when they’d spent an entire month being tortured into reciting exactly what Abe wanted them to say? I have the feeling that those who cannot believe the children were coached have simply never met intelligent children.

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