Video share: How did the Hampstead hoax go viral?

In our continuing video series on the Hampstead SRA hoax, today’s video looks at Sabine McNeill’s role in pushing the videos online, and ensuring that they were eventually seen by more than 4 million people in a month.

Guest appearances include Ray Savage and Charlotte Ward….

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3 thoughts on “Video share: How did the Hampstead hoax go viral?

  1. Great video.

    Would you do one about the businesses that are being run on the back of the hoax? The snake oil salesmen aspect of it fascinates me.

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    • A very good suggestion. An examination of how various people are using child abuse and this hoax to financially benefit. The UK has 4 million and the USA has 43 million families living in poverty. Those promoting hoaxes don’t seem to give a damn about real live kids today.

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    • Thanks, MC, good idea. I’m currently going chronologically through the hoax, as you’ve probably guessed, but I’ve added your suggestion to my list. 🙂


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