Epic punch-up of the week: Charlotte v. Sabine

Oh, those wacky Hoaxtead mobsters! What mischief will they get up to next?

It seems they can’t go five minutes without turning on one another: slights become insults, insults become fighting words, and next thing you know, it’s a right old punch-up, broken teeth, black eyes, and all. Many thanks to the kind reader who sent us the link to this exchange, dated 21 September.

Today’s contenders are Sabine McNeill, and our old friend Charlotte Alton Ward (formerly aka Jacqui Farmer). Word on the street is that Charlotte and Wacko Jacco (aka Video Man) had to leave their tropical idyll in Suriname, and are now running a cannabis grow op in or about Alkmaar, in the Netherlands. In any case, Charlotte seems to have turned on her old Hoaxtead mob friends, and this time it was Sabine’s turn to feel her wrath.

Charlotte leads off:


Please don’t take this personally. You know I always tell people that you might be a good guy – I don’t know.

And Sabine retorts:

PLEASE KEEP SPECULATING! It’s your prerogative. But do not bother me any more after this! [Ooh, someone’s feeling a bit prickly!—Ed.]

And I’ve never seen you or Belinda harm anyone. [Damning with faint praise, anyone?—Ed.]

We happen to be two different individuals.

But I look at the facts (the ones I’m party to given the extreme control of information that is and has been going on) and try to draw conclusions. So I
would like to know:

1) Why is Belinda (as, presumably, you must be) labelling Yolande “mentally ill” when Yolande comes across to me as sane and helpful, particularly in the video of her assisting the young man from the Xxxx family? This mislabelling is a tactic that is commonly used by, for example, MK Ultra cult abusers to persecute and isolate innocent parties. I have seen you yourself break down in a Crown Court waiting room while assisting a case and hear that you and Abraham Christie engaged in a few screaming matches: is this behaviour regular/sane for a McKenzie Friend, when vulnerable clients need grounded support? [Screaming match between Abe and Sabine? I’d have paid good money to see that!—Ed.]

Next, Yolande informs me/us that you are not even legally qualified! Do you realise how this looks to people?

I can hardly answer for Belinda. [Ouch!!—Ed.]

McKenzie Friends are, by definition, not legally qualified. We call ourselves ‘lay legal advisors, assisting Litigants in Person’. Belinda added the term ‘voluntary Public Interest Advocacy’. I have published 33 sites and petitions advocating Open Justice<https://sabinemcneill.co.uk/passion/online-publications/&gt;, partly because Ian Josephs said that “exposure, exposure, exposure” is our only remedy. [Only 33 sites? I’d have wagered more, but if she says so…—Ed.]

2) I learned from one of Yolande’s emails the other day that you yourself insisted on taking the Hampstead case. Why was that? You LIVE there! Did it not occur to you that it might be dangerous to support a mother exposing an alleged Satanic cult by whom you were, literally, surrounded?! Or did you not believe the children’s testimony? [Told you so—Ed.]

I “insisted” on taking on the H case??? Ella contacted me because of our website<https://mckenzie-friends.co.uk/about/&gt;.

2) Wasn’t a young man called Jake sectioned i.e. presumably forcibly removed and chemically coshed in some kind of psychiatric unit because of his involvement in Hampstead? (Another MK Ultra tactic.) How long was he in hospital? Is Jake OK? What about his family? Does anyone know or care? I ask not least because no one is sectioning you, Belinda, Angie, Neelu or any of the other “eccentrics” who are/were involved.

And DC Martin is still hanging around asking Belinda about me [Is he indeed!? Fascinating…—Ed.] when he should be helping clean up the Grenfell Tower swamp.

Let’s not forget the extortionate cost to the public purse of these farces – and that’s just in the UK! Who was paying for Hampstead shill Christine Ann Sands’ military grade Anonymous vehicle?! US black budgets? Wasn’t she mentally ill when she ran off with Neelu and Belinda to do a public BANISHING SATAN RITUAL at those caves in Buckinghamshire? In all my years hanging out with occultists of the light (the good guys, not UK Column stooges) I’ve never seen or heard anything as “mentally ill” as that fiasco. [You won’t get any argument here—Ed.]

Jake came to my and Neelu’s court case and I’m in occasional e-touch with him.

3) I never spoke to Rupert Quaintance. I was not involved in that one any more than I was involved with Jake and would never have been (unless I could have helped his defence in any way). Can someone explain to me why a young man has just been, it appears, set up as some kind of patsy? HE HAS LOST 9 MONTHS OF HIS VALUABLE YOUNG LIFE because he got involved in Hampstead. [“Young”? Dude’s 38. Just saying. —Ed.] It’s starting to look mighty like entrapment to me. Again.

Just like Nigel Cooper (also assisted by the UK Column). But multiple entrapments at a particularly interesting time as the UK police investigate Ted Heath and continue to cover up institutional abuse. Also as your friend MP John Hemming has been cleared of abusing Esther Baker, when anyone who watched brave Esther on Sky can see that she is (or appears to be) telling the truth and remains traumatised. Who is helping survivor Esther?

Don’t know.

4) Belinda informs me that you are “under Kris Costa’s influence”! So you are working for/with an American woman who is still stirring it up online about Hampstead and in contact with the (possibly programmed, I am reliably informed) parents (and handler Alfred Webre and, for some reason, medical cannabis promoter Kane Slater, whoever he might be)? You were collecting information about people for an American woman you don’t even know who was defaming people online and in the meantime poor Rupert goes to jail? Why are you not campaigning to get this innocent young man out? I’m appalled. Where is the Free Rupert Quaintance campaign? I’m not comparing Rupert with Robert Green but this (clearly vulnerable) young man was motivated by his horror at the SRA he believed (thanks to the videos you leaked) [Thanks for that admission, Charlotte—Ed.] that was going on in Hampstead. Rupert’s motivations appear to be less valued than those of Robert Green. Might that be because he is an American and not a member of what appears to be a German-UK alliance with you and Belinda sharing so much German blood between you?

I would also like to chip in that if I had been Mr Xxxx’s young relative, having suffered alleged sexual abuse in Care, I might have been intimidated had you (white German), Belinda (white German and UK Royal Family blood) and Meirion (BNP Party) tried to help me out! No wonder he took the initiative to run away – I sincerely hope he got home safely in spite of Yolande’s genuine attempts to help as evidenced on her video. Please note that I have nothing against German people, for example I consider Dr Rainer Kurz a hero and would be happy to see 1000 Dr Kurzes arrive at Ashford international, but I was reliably informed that Hampstead looks as if it was a psy op organised among other to distract from the terrible MK Ultra child abuses that are also being perpetrated in Germany and its neighbouring countries.

Forgive my mother for having had to flee her family home and for having saved me from the bombing of Dresden.

Forgive me for having moved to Geneva when I was 22 and to London when I was 35.

Forgive me for choosing to do what I choose, rather than doing what YOU think OUGHT to be done. [Ooh, sarcasm alert!—Ed.]

5) You told me yourself that you have people who help you with your blogs. I even saw you discussing employing someone once with Belinda. I’ve asked Belinda for a list of all your blogs with a list of who is helping on each one and how much you are or are not paying them yet she has not provided one. I ask because a) you hold the status of a McKenzie Friend and b) yours are activist blogs that purport to support truth and openness and “Oppose Deception”. Unidentified paid helpers, never mind the financial disclosure aspects, could be evidence that deception i.e. information gathering and, possibly, even more entrapment, may be going on.

Kris Costa appears to be receiving information leaked from my private emails and information from gatekeeper Alfred Webre and posting it online, alleging 100% incorrectly that I am a “Tavistock shill”. You are working with this woman. Is she helping you with your blogs? Who is she? What is the extent of your involvement with her and why?

Nobody helps me PUBLISHING with my blog. At the time when I cared for my mum for 2 ½ years, I had a German techno-guy helping set me one up.

But having diagnosed software at CERN in Geneva, where I bought my first Apple computer in 1979, I’ve always been close to techie people.

If needed, I pay people for technical knowhow I don’t have.

6) When I ran the Hampstead Research blog, about the first thing I did was email all those people politely, offering them the opportunity to clear their names in public. I asked that if the allegations of extreme abuse were true, they stop abusing their children and leave the cult. Yet not one replied. [And this surprises her? Seriously?—Ed.] So I thought I was addressing a Satanic cult operating under some doctrine of silence, when I was actually emailing a bunch of intel people involved in a psy op……which is the real reason why they did not reply! Well, I hope they enjoyed the blog 🙂

7) At least dear Angie lets us all know by telling the truth that she is an MK Ultra survivor. Yet another corroborative link to shadow government psy ops.

8) Why is Rupert in prison while your your petty case is still dragging on for Hoaxtead’s delight? Two innocent young men have had their lives disrupted – is it not time the truth came out?

This is all completely beyond my control, Jaqui (sic)! [Oops, just gagged on my tea…—Ed.]

9) I emailed you and Belinda this evidence that one of the Royal Family has snuff pornography connections and neither of you have reported it to the police. Why not? You are legal reps:

We are NOT ‘legal reps’ and I am in charge of my activities and setting my priorities.


That was a Pizzagate investigation. I am no longer investigating Pizzagate because I believe that that, too, was a psy op. But the fact remains that you and Belinda sat on this hard evidence while watching Jake and Rupert being stitched up!

Hope you’re having a good time letting your negative emotions come out!

Best wishes

For what??????????


But that’s not all, folks!

Here’s Sabine’s response to Charlotte/Jacqui’s grilling…

Just so that you might get some of your facts straight, Jaqui, do read between the lines. But I’m afraid I do have other priorities and commitments than to spend time answering / commenting on every question you pose and assumption you make.

Belinda cannot know which blogs I publish. Two years ago I stopped keeping the attached list up-to-date.

THANK YOU for ‘scrutinising’ me, Jacqui!

That’s exactly what I need after my pension having been stopped in May 2015, seven arrests, two ‘voluntary’ Police interviews, a Return to Bail date on 15 October and helping to expose ‘the system’ my way, besides having to look after my hip / leg and more recently gallstones…

Unfortunately, everybody has different ‘system’ views.

You can’t know what it means to have studied maths and computing and to have been a highly paid international civil servant at CERN in Geneva and to have left that ‘golden cage’ – after my first victimisation, a car accident on duty trip to Lawrence Radiation Lab in Berkeley that left me in chronic pain since 1973, when doctors claimed that my pain was ‘psychological’.

So I suggest you try NOT to project what you think I SHOULD be doing, but do look at facts concerning myself and not the whole ‘scene’ with all its actors.

And MIND THE GAP between the online and the real world!

…and Charlotte’s snippy retort:

On reality gaps, Sabine, I know the difference between on and offline because I have published in the peer reviewed academic mainstream about conspiracy theory – conspirituality.


The Emergence of Conspirituality: Journal of Contemporary 
The female-dominated New Age (with its positive focus on self) and the 
male-dominated realm of conspiracy theory (with its negative focus on global 
politics) may seem …

I take it that you have a publications list? I am not academic or intellectual [Shay it ain’t sho!—Ed.] but there is one item on mine to prove that I know how to think about on and off line.

Please address my points.

But answer came there none.

At least, not yet….

137 thoughts on “Epic punch-up of the week: Charlotte v. Sabine

    • I don’t suppose anyone would bother to tell poor Asher Arendale the truth: that Ella has already driven a spike into the hoax by confessing that she made it up about her ex-husband etc….even though she and Abe got the kids to state that the ex and his son were practising “cult” members.

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      • Exactly, EC! Why would the children tell Police in their interviews that their Mother’s ex-husband and their brother were involved if they hadn’t been COACHED to say it?

        The hoaxers must be missing brain cells if they don’t question things now.

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  1. This has all the makings of a classic.I cant get enough of watching these loathsome creatures spit their venom on each other.

    I will add a tidy sum to the collection tin for that Sabine v Abe screaming match.

    Thanks, as ever EC.

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  2. What an interesting read! Thanks to the person who alerted you to it. Have we had any hits from the Netherlands recently, EC?
    Ah, Charlotte’s in the Psyop camp now? LOL!

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  3. The veil is shifting instead of lifting, hilarious bit of scrapping! You go ladies, I say ladies in the loosest possible terms of course. Great update EC. Thank you for a very amusing read.

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    • Some great scrapping and a few fascinating titbits–like the police questioning Belinda about Charlotte, for example. I can see that leading down some very interesting paths. 😆

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  4. “I used to work at CERN and I was really important.”

    “Oh yeah, well I wrote a paper about conspirituality and it got published right!”

    “Well so what, I went to Court and got let off.”

    “That’s nothing. I had to run away to the other side of the effin world because of all this.”

    “Well, I got bombed when I was a baby.”

    “So what, I get bombed every day…..pass me the bong Jacco….”

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  5. “So I thought I was addressing a Satanic cult operating under some doctrine of silence, when I was actually emailing a bunch of intel people involved in a psy op……which is the real reason why they did not reply!”

    Maybe they didn’t reply because they (a) were advised not to engage by the police and (b) because they think you’re nuts.

    However, a psy op? She hasn’t considered that Abe might have set this up and let lots of innocent people take the fall…..it’s just a thought.

    Personally, I’m still going with the theory that most of the hoaxers are barking mad or smoke too much dope but I’ve been wrong before.

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    • It’s rather apt that Charlotte pops up to talk utter bollocks again just as the blog set up to expose her bollocks is celebrating its millionth hit 🙂

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    • I’ve seen a few of the “polite letters” she wrote. She’s very lucky the police weren’t able to track her down at that point, as she’d have been behind bars by now.

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      • She published some, didn’t she. And they contained the names and email addresses of many of the accused. Grrrr.

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          • She did, I remember seeing them published – vile and serpent like they were – urgh! She also sent her particular brand of poison to work colleagues and peers of the falsely accused, seeming to take great pride in publishing that she had done this.

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      • The parents didn’t take it lying down, though. Some of them made it very clear what they thought of Charlotte 😀

        Thanks once again to Agent M for passing this on to us. He writes:

        “Another one for HR that Charlotte won’t publish! Funny how she asks for responses but never mentions when she gets them!


        You’ve been banging the sex cult drum for long enough now. You’ve lost the original thread of your argument and are now hell bent on making any old shit up, just so long as someone, somewhere will listen.

        Stop now Charlotte or I will tell the world what I have unearthed about you. I know about you, Charlotte.

        I know you are 47 years old with three failed marriages behind you. You neglected your two children and they were taken into care years ago. You hit the bottle and have been in and out of ‘hospitals’ for the past 14 years. You are mentally unhinged and are driven by a dark need to attack anyone who has any semblance of a normal, happy family life.

        You eat too much chocolate and drink too much gin and are often found crying behind your PC monitor in the early hours (when most of us are asleep after having fun) as you voraciously check out your website statistics only to find that a mere 46 spambots, 6 mentally ill people and a few people caught up in your little games are reading your posts for the fun of it…

        I’m being polite here but I’ve read in places that you’ve been described as a “truffle snuffling bush pig”. That’s harsh, but it’s probably also fair and is possibly another driver behind your constant need for attention.

        So that’s what I know.

        You’re a failed mother who’s had substance abuse problems. You’re driven by a tragic need to target happy people, even though these people find you both laughable and very sad. You drink too much (come on Charlotte, you know you do) and don’t eat very well. You have skin and ‘body issues’ to contend with. As a result of all the above, you find it difficult to mix in society. You’re what a shrink would describe as ‘disenfranchised’. Your life has no meaning so you try to find meaning via conspiracy theories. (Honestly, Charlotte – can I call you that? – I have sympathy here. If I had your life, I’d be banging away on that keyboard like there was no tomorrow.)

        So there you have it, Charlotte. Your life, revealed. So as I say, stop now. If you don’t, I’ll be forced to post this email and reveal the true extent of your character. OK? But wait! Wait…I forgot…NO-ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU, CHARLOTTE. Or what you write about. No-one cares if you post or not (apart from that old Woman that keeps replying to your posts – she’s scared of Jesus that one. Him or the ‘boogie woogie man’ who’s coming to get her in her bed). So in retrospect, just keep posting. Keep going. I’m sorry for taking your time up. Let’s leave it there, I shouldn’t have got involved.

        And with that in mind I’d like to get back to trolling PRONTO! No time like the present.


        Hampstead Sex Cult Member #4261′”


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    • ‘… She hasn’t considered that Abe might have set this up and let lots of innocent people take the fall…..it’s just a thought.’

      Has anyone considered the possibility of Sabine and Belinda bringing Abrella together…after good friend David Shayler introduced Abe to Belinda, perhaps? Shayler and Abe were in the same prison at the same time….Abe and Belinda were kindred spirits, after all, on the same demonic satanic page, if nothing else..

      And why does Sabine write that Ella contacted her via the Mckenzie friends website when she already knew her from Bikram Yoga, iirc?


      • Yes, I’ve thought about the Belinda/Shayler/Abe connection too. This thing is full of “coincidental” meetings of like-minded people, isn’t it?


  6. Jesus H. Christ what a pair of total loons. What a great passive / aggressive read.

    Sabine seems convinced she is a computer wizard because she sets up her mindless blogs which a 10 year old can do. Charlotte may possibly have indulged in her waccy baccy a bit too much as she rambles on but I do so love the idea she has come under police scrutiny and rightly so.

    Needless to say they have (disgustingly) weaved Grenfell Tower into their vicious conspiracies and call me old-fashioned (Doris etc) but it’s the London Fire Brigade who investigate why a fire happened, not every Barnett copper and there is a government inquiry anyway but the evil witches will of course, eventually appropriate any finding & incorporate it into their vile MKUltra conspiracy.
    If this mob are the result of (falsely) claimed MKUltra experiments, those who supposedly run these “psy-op” experiments should be run out of town for choosing the most-deranged nitwits to experiment on.

    How do these loons propose to “Free Rupert” apart from an appeal? Have they no touch with reality?
    # it’s illuminating that a bunch of deranged evil-minded tools can cause so much grief to innocent people.

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    • Rupert will be out of time for an appeal now unless he’s already put one in.

      If they were going to do a Free Rupert campaign, what’s stopping them as he’s only in Wandsworth and Sabine, Belinda, Pam etc. are all based in London?

      It’s not like he’s way up North/Scotland like Robert Green!

      Why would they do a Free Rupert campaign when they all turned their backs on him because he didn’t do what they really wanted?

      And as for DC Martin, doesn’t he deal with a Specialised area?

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    • Yep. And the bottom line is that Charlotte is wanted by the UK police. She’s essentially a fugitive and she knows it.

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        • Oh well, Mel ‘n’ Biggi will look after her.

          No, wait – they’ve buggered off to another country, haven’t they? They must have heard she was coming. They’ve got more sense than I thought, lol.

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  7. Ah! Ok, had to sign up. Here is the article in full.

    “The police chief in charge of the sex abuse inquiry into the former prime minister Ted Heath has been in personal email contact with a campaigner who was jailed for harassing people he falsely accused of paedophilia, The Sunday Times can reveal.

    Mike Veale, the chief constable of Wiltshire, emailed Robert Green, of Warrington, two weeks ago in response to an email Green had sent him. Veale wrote: “As ever thank you Robert.”

    The words suggest the pair had communicated previously and will cast fresh doubt on the evidence that Veale’s force has gathered, which the chief constable has reportedly described as “120% convincing” that Heath was a paedophile.

    Green is an activist closely involved with fraudulent allegations in Scotland in the so-called Hollie Greig case, in which claims that a girl with Down’s syndrome had been abused were found to be false. He was jailed for 12 months in 2012 for harassment.

    Lord Macdonald, the former director of public prosecutions, said: “It seems strange that, during a live sex-crime investigation, the chief constable is communicating with someone who has previously been jailed for making false sex-crime allegations against people.”

    Other “witnesses” interviewed by Wiltshire police include those who believe in satanic ritual abuse, a convicted sex offender and internet conspiracy theorists — but officers have not spoken to one of Heath’s closest aides.

    However, the Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, who has seen an early draft of Wiltshire police’s report on Heath, described its findings as “credible and disturbing”.

    The MP for North West Leicestershire said: “I have never known any other police investigation that has got as much media attention and where such efforts have been made to discredit it before publication.

    “I have the utmost confidence in his [Veale’s] integrity and the professionalism of his team, and I would urge people to reserve judgment until they have read the report.”

    Among the evidence examined by Wiltshire police was that of the witness known as “Nick”, whose false claims of a VIP paedophile ring at Westminster sparked a Metropolitan police inquiry. The Crown Prosecution Service is deciding whether Nick should be prosecuted for fraud and perverting the course of justice.

    Veale is due to release a redacted version of the Heath report on October 5, the day after the Tory party conference ends, and submit the full inquiry report to Alexis Jay’s independent inquiry into child sex abuse (IICSA).

    Critics of the Wiltshire investigation, which has cost more than £1.5m, have pointed out that the inquiry has no purpose because Heath has been dead for 12 years and the IICSA is supposed to be examining institutional failings on sex abuse, not allegations against individuals.

    Richard Hoskins, a criminologist who was asked by police to examine the evidence compiled by Wiltshire detectives, said they had “nothing which stuck to Heath”.

    Hoskins said: “Sending it on to the Jay inquiry is just a way of Veale letting his force off the hook — palm it off to the Jay inquiry. It is a sign of Wiltshire police’s desperation. There was no evidence, I was briefed on the entire investigation. Some of the rumours are borderline laughable.”

    Hoskins said that when he submitted his report to the police, he was put under pressure to alter it because it was “casting doubt on the integrity” of the witnesses. Wiltshire police denied this was the case.

    Heath’s godson, Lincoln Seligman, said the police investigation amounted to little more than a “childlike but lengthy exploration of other people’s fantasies”.

    “The people who have come out of the woodwork have been around for a long time as part of the internet community of conspiracy theorists who egg each other on,” he said. “We know that sadly in this country there are a large number of people who have indeed been abused. But not by Edward Heath.”

    The investigation began when Wiltshire police held a controversial press conference outside Heath’s home, Arundells, in Salisbury. Critics pointed out that such a high-profile appeal for “victims” was likely to attract fantasists.

    Sir Timothy Kitson, who knew Heath for 35 years and was his parliamentary private secretary during his time at No 10 from 1970-74, said he had not been questioned by the police despite being one of the people closest to him. The inquiry was “bullshit”, he said.

    In contrast, a prolific internet conspiracy theorist who has named many people in public life as paedophiles without any evidence, was interviewed twice by Wiltshire officers for a total of seven hours.

    Friends of Heath also said the police had interviewed junior secretaries who worked in Downing Street more than 40 years ago when Heath was prime minister. It is understood that the administrators were asked whether they saw “young men slipping in and out of No 10”, according to a well-placed source.

    Wiltshire police said: “Chief Constable Veale or a member of his team have responded to most if not all of the questions or concerns from the public when it is appropriate to do so.

    “This has been a unique investigation with unprecedented challenges, but one we . . . had an obligation to progress in a proportionate and fully accountable manner.”

    Green did not respond to a request for comment.”

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    • On Barth Notes in an article in which some loon has proposed an unlikely scenario that Ted Heath and poor old Michael Foot went “cottaging” together on Hampstead Heath my Melbourne pal has laid into a “David” (a well known net promoter of all manner of VIP pedo conspiracies) for incorrectly claiming Bernard Levin was attacked on a well known ‘beat’ in Holland Park.
      It was in fact Sir Robin Day who lived nearby at the time and he was indeed mugged and had his wallet stolen and it was a brief media scandal for a minute but it goes to the heart of how easy it is to falsely accuse a completely innocent person. Not that there was any scandal about Robin Day.

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      • She said she had a team of cops in Wiltshire working with her to have all of us arrested. It was as believable as her claim that she and her mates had launched a “class action” against us via her “legal team” 😀


  8. “On reality gaps, Sabine, I know the difference between on and offline because I have published in the peer reviewed academic mainstream about conspiracy theory – conspirituality.


    The Emergence of Conspirituality: Journal of Contemporary

    The female-dominated New Age (with its positive focus on self) and the
    male-dominated realm of conspiracy theory (with its negative focus on global
    politics) may seem …”

    I went and had a look at those links, just to see what I would find simply because I found the comment “I have published in the peer reviewed academic mainstream about conspiracy theory – conspirituality.” so incredibly unlikely…. (unless they had been talking about her as a case study LOL)
    and because I had seen that T&Fonline before recently, and I couldnt see how….

    and lo and behold,
    on another forum, we had been talking about ‘fake online journals’, ie basically disguised ‘vanity journals’ where they basically accept anything, because they are simply after the fee you pay to publish, there was one that had accepted a ‘paper’ that literally had been done by a computer randomly picking words out of a dictionary and that was their ‘paper’
    And one of the ones mentioned was t&f funnily enough

    So it turns out that Charlotte’s ” I have published in the peer reviewed academic mainstream about conspiracy theory – conspirituality.” was merely her coughing up $1500
    and they would stick it on their website!!!

    So much for ‘mainstream academic peer reviewed’

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  9. grr I hate that too many links I spose and comment is waiting for moderation- EC whats the limit? (altho most of them are actually in the quote from up the top there lol)

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  10. “Sick bastards preying on the poor defenseless children!!
    Should all be castrated!!”

    ^ Liked by Deborah Mahmoudieh. Yup.


    • “Sick bastards preying on the poor defenseless children!!
      Should all be castrated!!”

      ^ Liked by Deborah Mahmoudieh. Yup.
      Hmm as even Ella has given up on it and admitted it never happened, the only ones now who are ‘preying on the poor defenseless children’ are people like mad moo….

      Of course we all know what mad moo is like anyway, should she even approach anything resembling a fact or the truth, she immediately lifts her tail and covers it in bovine excrement, and copious amounts of it at that…

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      • Agreed 100%, though just to clarify, the above was a reference to Pizzagate rather than Hampstead. Yes, Mad Moo’s still flogging that dead nag, along with Holliehoax, McMartin and the Cleveland case. I think she’s starting on the dissolution of the monasteries next. (Bloody Henry VIII eh, Debs – hang the bastard I say.)

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  11. I wonder how long before they start saying its a conspiracy…. Mad Moo, APD and Neelu have not been sectioned for their extreme views, but poor Maurice Kirk was.

    True hypocrisy and they all seem equally dangerous.

    Add a sprinkling of Sabine, and wing of Belinda and Hogwarts would have a lethal mixture in the cauldron.

    A book on them all would no doubt be a best seller!!

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    • Awesome – JW’s crystal ball’s active again! If all that comes true, JW, I’ll be tapping you for next Saturday’s lottery numbers.

      JW’s previous telepathic triumph for anyone who missed it:

      And lest we forget, s/he even got the correct prison!

      ♫ Cue ‘Twilight Zone’ music…

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    • There is loads of material here to write a book. I was thinking of a play, I’d call it “Behind the Net Curtain” and APD would be the inspiration for the one and only character, the actress Fiona Shaw would be perfect to play her. The tagline would be “The globalisation of smalltown mentality and one woman’s struggle to do so without getting thrown behind bars”

      I need to work on that idea a bit more. If Fiona Shaw’s not available there’s a fella called Mario who’d do the role justice I think. My character’s going to be called Mrs Nosey Knickers in order to hide its inspiration’s true identity from the whole wide world.

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  12. The wheels seem to be falling off Seaman’s Wagon. Despite claiming to have plenty of money these days, something isn’t right with him. Maybe they are blackballing him and stopping his Bitcoin commision over not wanting to be associated with a lunatic.

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      • Nice work, Kristie Sue. I’ve taught you well.

        Now, to achieve black belt status, you must do everything you can to make sure Debs gets arrested for the things you’ve got her to do, whilst you cower in the shadows, wrapped in a Teflon blanket. Google ‘Robert Green’ to see how it works.

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  13. YouTube is overrun with complete fools. They can’t watch anything featuring a pizza delivery guy anymore without leaving idiotic comments.

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  14. Nathan is live and is managing to piss me off….talking about Otto Warmbier. It’s all a conspiracy and Otto’s dad isn’t really crying about the loss of his son.

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    • Nathan admits that’s his angle calling everything fake, even victims…of course then anything that is actually fake is real. He really is a disinformation agent, all for views and attention.

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    • Hi MC. Well said. I passed on your views (along with a few of my own) via the chatbox. Naturally, they were instantly deleted and I was instantly blocked. This process was rinsed and repeated with three further socks. Truth hurts, I guess.

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      • And I heard him say he doesn’t block anyone! Maybe it’s one of his personas that does this and he doesn’t notice. Or maybe he’s telling porkies.

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        • He has an army of mods, mostly those who pay for a little wrench icon.
          Nathan thinks everyone is wither an agent or bot, he even said earlier in Grace’s Live chat that noone ever actually dies. His grasp on reality is not strong.

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          • Mods? Ee Quadrophenia – what a film!

            He said the other night that he has been diagnosed with a mental illness that leads (or something) to schizophrenia. I can’t remember his exact words. So that explains his odd view of reality.

            What surprised me tonight is that he said he only bought a one-way ticket to the UK. He doesn’t have a return ticket and from what he says doesn’t have the money for one. Can that be true? I thought they checked those things when you came in as a tourist. Could we be stuck with him! Crap!

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          • I have no idea, I thought he was here for a month. Mods as in moderators, those who can ban, or censor people in the live chat. I know he cannot own a firearm due to his mental condition, but he has said his therapist doesn’t know what exactly is wrong with him. He has said Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, ADHD, Autism, and a few more in the past. Sometimes I feel sorry for him as it seems he had a breakdown a few years back, going from at a dealership for luxury cars, loss of his home and lifestyle and said he ended up living on a couch in his dads garage for 3 years in one of his videos where he shared his old life.
            I beleive he has said he has had drug issues in the past but I personally haven’t seen him say that, although I rarely watch his shows. A very self obsessed, narcissistic man who is struggling to deal with the reality of life.

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          • I’ve heard so many hoaxers/troofers claiming to have ASD and/or ADHD, including Stolpman, APD and Louise Mensch and others. I’d love just one of them to back it up with a copy of their formal diagnosis. ASD diagnoses are very hard to get, especially for adults, and ADHD is essentially a childhood condition and diagnoses for adults are almost unheard of.


          • Also, not that video chat is the ideal scenario for assessing someone but I would hardly describe Nathan as having typical ADHD traits, not by a long chalk.

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    • When will Neelu realise that Andy Peacher has the hots for her?

      He should be looking after his wife, I thought he was her full-time Carer?

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  15. Maurice seems to be making the most of his time before his sentencing hearing. Its surprising that he is allowed to leave the Country (posted on his face book page 6 hours ago – of course, it could just be smoke and mirrors on the part of Maurice designed to mislead…..

    Maurice John Kirk
    6 hrs ·
    In Channel Islands about to hire an aircraft from a flying club and meet up in a reunion of friends and clients on some day v shortly to remeiniss over the wonderful G&Ts Grace used to make for me after abusy evening surgery in St Martins Parish , Guernsey!

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    • Jeez I hope the flying clubs insurance is up to date, poor old maurice does tend to have a habit of um ‘crashing’ rather than landing….
      (I wonder just how many crashes he has had? I can think of at least three, and the doctor he has the hate on for mentioned he had brain injuries from prior plane crashes, so evidently even more…)

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