Belinda slams ‘wealthy’ hoax victims

Another month, another missive from Belinda. Having given up on retiring from Facebook, she’s back with another update on Sabine’s current situation on remand in prison, which sounds an awful lot like last month’s update on Sabine’s situation on remand in prison.

However, we suppose Belinda needs to keep the troops fired up, and what better way to do it than by reminding them that Sabine is suffering at the hands of the Establishment?

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Holidays in Dubai?

Of course, it also helps to remind her followers that those evil “types” in Hampstead (just around the corner from her own large home in leafy Highgate, but who’s quibbling?) are “wealthy people” who can afford “holidays in Dubai and such-like luxurious resorts”.

Frankly, we doubt that this is true, but it suits Belinda’s narrative.

When Charlotte Alton Ward was running her wildly defamatory blog in the early days of the hoax, she went on numerous “tunnelling” expeditions into the lives of the people Abe and Ella had accused. The worst she could find involved pictures of fathers holding their daughters’ hands, or teachers out for a beer together on a Friday evening. The businesses she identified as having to do with the accused were, if we recall, generally small and of no particular note.

Had she found any serious money, we’re sure she’d have been bleating about it far and wide. After all, that’s what she was being paid to do.

Where the rich people are

Belinda has been pleading poverty for ages now, and possibly she’s telling the truth. Maybe she really did give all her money away to charitable causes, leaving herself without a pot to piss in…though she always seems to be able to find a few thousand pounds here or there when she needs to, so who really knows?

But we confess it does seem a bit rich (see what we did there?) for Belinda to be complaining about other people having too much money.

After all, how many of the parents, teachers, clergy, or business-people of Hampstead lived in houses like this while they were growing up? Crawley Grange litho.gifOh wait, that’s the 19th century lithograph of the house. Here it is in a more recent shot: Crawley GrangeAn easy mistake to make, as this lovely home has been in Belinda’s family since the 1700s, when it belonged to the younger brother of James Boswell, Samuel Johnson’s justly famed biographer.

The Hellfire connection

Speaking of Boswell and Johnson reminds us of their dabblings in the Hellfire Club, that exclusive club for high-society 18th century rakes, which some modern-day troofers incorrectly insist was a Satanic organisation.

Some of our longer-term readers will remember Christine Sands, the Very Loud American, joining Belinda, Neelu, Kevin Weaver, and a few friends for a group prayer meeting to cast devils out of the Hellfire Caves—which Christine blithely defaced, either unaware or uncaring that she was damaging a place of historic significance.

We wonder how she and her friends would have felt if they’d known about the Boswell connection? Funny that she never thought to mention it.

But back to Belinda…

We wonder whether Belinda’s devoted followers, many of whom seem to be economically disadvantaged themselves, are aware that their heroine’s family are the sort of people who go on hunting parties on the country estate, or own lovely vacation homes in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean?

And when she’s not busy stirring the pot to ensure her followers continue to rage against the “wealthy people” of Hampstead, Belinda still attends posh family gatherings like this one:Belinda wedding 2016

Just to be perfectly clear: there is absolutely no reason why Belinda or her family should not enjoy their family get-togethers.

But is it any wonder that Belinda would rather direct her followers’ ire toward the people of Hampstead than allow them a glimpse into her own relatively privileged life?Belinda wedding 2016-2.jpgAnd we note that her visit from the police three years ago has now morphed into a scene from a bad film, with the cop making dire comments about “wealthy people” who might ensure that Belinda had some sort of “accident”.

Funny that she didn’t mention that at the time—it would have been a real crowd-pleaser!

As for Sabine’s life in prison…

Fascinating that Belinda seems to think that this blog is trying to say Sabine should not receive a fair shake while she’s on remand in prison. We are firm believers in prisoners’ rights, and while we’ve had some discussions about exactly what those are (because none of us has ever been in prison, so we weren’t familiar with what’s allowed there), we would never say that Sabine should receive anything less than what every other prisoner of her age, and at her level of health should get.

We now understand that prisoners on remand are treated a bit differently from the convicted population, and that is as it should be: Sabine has not been found guilty in a court of law.

That said, we think it’s just a tiny bit disingenuous for Belinda to refer to Sabine’s current situation as a “pre-sentence sentence”. From what we were able to gather, every effort was made to keep her on bail in her own home, but as Belinda well knows, that proved impossible.

As always, though, we found Belinda’s post fascinating: her ability to twist and manipulate the truth to her own uses is really nothing sort of masterful. We have to hand it to her: she really does know her audience. Belinda-bases

34 thoughts on “Belinda slams ‘wealthy’ hoax victims

  1. I just had to check as I thought that the last update we had from Belinda about Sabine in prison, she had stated that Sabine wasn’t having too bad a time of things. Belinda said about sabine;

    “She is very clearly coping so well with her situation that there is no question of being able to make out a case for bail on mental health grounds, especially if that could carry the risk of being transferred to a mental health institution…She told me very cheerfully after the bail hearing [on 2 May] proved unsuccessful that she could now ‘settle down’ and get properly stuck into prison life and the particular opportunities it presented.”

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  2. I wonder if the European Court of Human Rights would class not being allowed supplements and having to wear plastic ear-plugs rather than wax ones as torture? I’d be interested to hear their take on Sabine’s situation.

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  3. So this woman from a wealthy establishment family has a go at ordinary people in Hampstead – people like teachers and the local cobbler. They must be rolling in it mustn’t they.

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  4. Dear Mr Coyote,
    The options are:
    1. She’s barking mad.
    2. She’s MI5 (seriously?)
    3. She’s in it for money or attention.
    4. She’s got a great sense of humour and is having a laugh.
    Yours sincerely,
    One of those ‘types’.

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  5. The stupid thing is that she needn’t even be in there, she had multiple opportunities to avoid going there, and she deliberately went ahead and did the very things she was told NOT to do, after it was explained to her what would happen if she continued to break the law as she did.

    So she did as she was told not to do anymore, and sure enough, the authorities went ahead and did what they were supposed to and required to do.

    She has no-one to blame but herself (and her moron ‘friends’)

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    • She’s a geriatric Tommy Robinson playing cat and mouse with the law. She’s also a leech on much needed resources and rather tedious in her inability to grasp the hurt and upset she’s caused in her foolish belief of the hoax.


  6. Bellend lies.
    I’m on record as stating that inordinate amount of time Sabine has to wait isn’t that fair but sadly that’s the creaking British justice system and another reason why one should avoid it all together. And of course the jails are in a bad state.

    But all this has been going on for years and McKenzie and The Mob (™) have never said a word about the justice system except to falsely accuse numerous innocent people of despicable crimes in the hope they will end up in jail for decades. Bit late to call foul at this stage when it all backfires.

    As for alleged witnesses holidaying: By God they all deserve a bloody good holiday and it really should be at the expense of Bellend & Crew who have defamed them no end.

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    • I’ve never heard of this Dubai place. Is it near Skegness? Nice Mr George Soros has said I can finally have my Long Service Leave after 25 years wandering the Broom Closets of GCHQ and he said “make the most of your 3 days you lucky thing” as he pressed a whole £3.50 (of luncheon vouchers) in my palm. Surely they will take them in Dubai (they don’t at Blackpool). Where does one catch the train to this resort for the fabulously wealthy?

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      • Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates. Average high temps in August = 42C. Strikes me as an awful place to go for a summer holiday, unless you really really really fancy being broiled to death.


  7. She’s goading her audience. She knows full well that not being provided with utterly ineffective tablets isn’t torture.

    Nice house. The sort with grounds that children are chased in hunting parties and killed in. Maybe it has tunnels.

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    • Woah! That’s extraordinary research there El Coyote – amazing! I’m inclined to suggest we get a bona fide private investigator on the case….I’d throw a few pennies towards funding one.

      I’ve said before that I recognise bellender’s face and that I thought she must be what is currently referred to as a “trustafarion” aka “trust fund baby” but previously known as a type whose bent/wont leaned largely towards yesteryear’s hippie movement which became punky anarchists hellbent on defying Maggie’s rule and all the other etceteras during the 80’s.

      I have a very strong feeling Belinda was a member of the convoy who met with the British police in 1985 at the “Battle of the Bean Field” Pure gut instinct on my part along with certain belief that I know her face very well.

      If my gut is leading me up the garden path, it still remains that researching the history of anarchists in the UK could provide interesting answers regardless.

      Have a look at for a taster.

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      • ‘I have a very strong feeling Belinda was a member of the convoy who met with the British police in 1985 at the “Battle of the Bean Field” Pure gut instinct on my part along with certain belief that I know her face very well.’

        Was there and don’t remember her. Worth looking into though innit.

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        • Yes, I reckon so…..seriously! I wasn’t at the battle of the bean field on the day but I was there at the aftermath.

          But prior to that I was involved anyway with a number of characters who could be claimed as high ranking in the whole scheme of things – a familial circumstance.

          In ’85 I was heading to Stonehenge in the back of Tank’s reconfigured ambulance…too many delays meant him recommending me and Erica make our own way there…off we trotted with her dog Sir Luvalot ….she got arrested and I was treated like some sort of hilariously funny mad Irish woman.. I’d have been insulted except I think, at times, bias and prejudice sometimes works in your favour….later, as I was attempting to hitchhike back where I came from I became pals with some great people including an extremely kind man who took me on a tour of Amesbury’s standing stones and naturally he was fascinated by anything I could tell him about Newgrange.

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  8. I was just going to comment on the tunnels issue. I believe I read somewhere that Bellender’s Highgate hub includes a network of underground basements and tunnels. Maybe I imagined it? Whatever, join the dots sheeple!!

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    • We’ll just submit £7 worth of common law legal papers to a secret conclave grand court and have judge Skippy issue a search warrant to search her property. We can all post on facebook how we’re going to kick down doors and take blood. I see no problems possibly arising from a common law search to establish what goes on underground at manky’s mansion.

      ** only kidding **

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  9. I am sure there are many who, if expecting a jail term, would rather be in the untried wing with all of it’s benefits, compared to the more restrictive tried and convicted wings. Then of course the subsequent sentencing will take that into account and be backdated to cover that period…or at least used in some way to influence said sentence. She will be enjoying a mini celebrity status amongst the more dysfunctional lags.

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    • Indeed I mentioned before that I had a lady friend who was banged up in the 70s on alleged drug charges. On remand I was able to take her lovely hampers from Harrods (can you still do this?). She decided to stay inside on remand on the notion she believed she may get about 3 years but 10 months after her arrest and when she got to court- the CPS dropped the charges.
      She was most pissed off and especially when she went to a police station to collect her car and belongings she found the £4000in cash she had on her when arrested had disappeared.

      ## Can you imagine- Sabine may be signing up new clients in the clink. It’s full of vulnerable prisoners who may now be convinced they were victims of MKUltra experiments, repeatedly assaulted in a forest near you by the local MP, Town Mayor and Chief Constable and every resident of Hampstead / Highgate.

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      • GoS, just to let you know, I’ve been poking around in the blog’s innards to see why your comments keep getting put on hold. I’m not seeing anything obvious, but I’ve done a bit of tinkering so hope it works.

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  10. The suffering of Jesus is to alleviating the sins of mankind, is to what the suffering of Sabine McNeill is doing for Belinda McKenzie. Belinda must be thankful for her liberty and good fortune to suffer little impact from Hampstead Hoax. Belinda should not be so cross.

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  11. Belinda is a strange kettle if fish. Having come from such a privileged background, one would think she would have put her education to more use instead of filling people’s head with nonsense.

    Then again, her background may have been a disadvantage to her, perhaps she would rather have grown up in a more liberal society without the restrictions of wealth which were around in her time.

    I wonder if she ever had a career or did she simply go straight into marriage.

    Her conspiracy theories have to have come from someone, could this have started with the, ‘Iran’ charity/alleged scam.

    I must admit she puzzles me greatly.

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    • Apparently she has a masters from Oxford in oriental languages. Having seen her attitude on display in a video she considers judges beneath her. She’s a haughty, arrogant piece of work and I doubt she’s ever done much outside of dragging people down with her inane crusades. Educated she may be, Intelligent she isn’t. Of all the players in the sick Hampstead scam she has yet to pay the price for her part in harassing and smearing a lot of genuine, good people and endangering their lives over a ludicrous scheme dreamt up by a pair of demented dope fiends. I hope she gets what is rightfully due to her.

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  12. I’ve been reading books about longitude and navigation at sea and piracy and stuff. I even bought a couple of plastic model ships to build. Oh yes, the salty lure of the sea has got to me.

    As for Belinda being a pampered workshy layabout and goodfornothing leeching off her forebears and squandering their hard work and good name ? Well, all families have black sheep and she’s a good two shades darker pitch that a forest in hull on a moonless night.

    Right, back to my plastic cement and 1/450 scale Spanish galleon. Yo ho ho and a bottle of sugar free ginger beer. 🚢

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