Dear Charlotte: Here’s what we want from you

Yesterday we reported that Charlotte Ward, once known as “Jacqui Farmer”, sent out emails which appear to support the idea that she has completely succumbed to paranoid delusions. Charlotte, whose blog Hamster Research (now mercifully defunct) was once feared as a source of personal attacks against innocent people in Hampstead, is now back in Suriname, and appears to believe that Belinda McKenzie, once her landlady and dear friend, has sent agents of some sort to mess with her computer.

She does not seem to have considered that her computer woes might have to do either with her own exploration of the dark web, where she has been known to seek out child sex abuse images (for research purposes only, you understand), or with her “playing the Hi Lo game on the Bitcoin faucet”, where it’s not just possible but likely that one will pick up some sort of malware.

But no, according to Charlotte it’s all about Belinda punishing her for…actually, we’re not sure why Belinda would wish to punish her. But Charlotte has taken to consulting oracles such as Angela Power-Disney and the UK Column newsroom cosplay for clues as to her fate. Not a good sign.

In retribution for this alleged punishment, which as we say is most likely self-inflicted, Charlotte is claiming that she and her husband Jacco De Boer (allegedly no relation to Sabine’s fan Ed De Boer) are about to make a tell-all video which will (in our words) blow the Hampstead hoaxers out of the water.

Before she does, we’d like to put our dibs in.

As commenter Midicon said yesterday,

The only true reparation Ward could offer anyone is a complete and honest account of her involvement in the Hampstead affair. This too, would require that she identifies all the others involved and their part in that criminal scheme. If that is not forthcoming then she is only paying lip service in an effort to extricate herself from blame.

Ward was never a ‘patsy’ or ‘trapped’. She embarked on a dreadful smear campaign against an innocent community using lies and disinformation. She knew full well what she was doing and revelled in her new status as leader of one particular aspect of the hoax.

The community will move on of course, focus is softer when aimed at a group, but what of those singled out? Will an innocent father and his children ever really be able to put this behind them?

Ward needs jail time and any harassment that is going her way is long overdue.

I had the misfortune of interacting with her in those early days and she is a nasty self serving piece of work. It was the unmasking of her true identity that put an end to her infamous blog. She can dish it out but she didn’t like a taste of her own medicine.

Bravo, Midicon!

Yes, what we most want from Charlotte is honesty. We want her to answer questions such as:

Who hired her to write the Hamster Research blog?

Was she paid for her work?

Who else was involved in the hoax? What roles did they play?

Was she involved in planning the release of the videos?

Was she included in planning the hoax itself?

Why didn’t she write the blog under her own name?

Why did she claim on all of her videos that she was in no way related to Ella or the Association of McKenzie Friends, when we now know that that was completely untrue?

Why did she willingly undertake a brutal campaign of harassment, sending out emails to lists of people at individuals’ places of work?

How did she justify publishing the names, email contacts, addresses, and social media links to innocent citizens?

Did she realise that her actions were directly hurting families and children—both RD’s children and the children who’d been named in the videos Abe and Ella forced them to make? How did she feel about that? Did she care?

We have other questions, details really, which would be nice to have.

For example, we know that in January 2015, Charlotte joined a site called Kumu, where she created a visual “relationship map” titled “CCSH” (Christ Church School Hampstead).

Jacqui Farmer 2018-05-27 Kumu.pngThis represents clear-cut evidence that her role in the hoax was planned and deliberate, as the actual videos were not released until several weeks later, and Charlotte’s blog did not go live until after the Pauffley verdict on 19 March 2015.

What was the purpose of that Kumu map?

Did Charlotte use it to determine who to target first?

In fact, there are a great many small details like this which Charlotte could, if she wished, clear up.

She will never be able to undo the damage she caused through her part in this hideous hoax. But if she wished to do so, Charlotte could offer the people of Hampstead the one thing which is in her power to give: the truth.

But we’re not holding our breath.


90 thoughts on “Dear Charlotte: Here’s what we want from you

  1. Will Charlotte finally do the decent thing and tell the whole truth? I bet there are a few people scurrying around out there hoping that she doesn’t.

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  2. Charlotte cannot make up for the hurt she has caused in the past but maybe she could buy a bit of karma back by telling how all of this came to be. If she believed the story why did she write her blog under a false name?

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    • Yes, exactly. From here, it certainly seems that she was trying to look as though she had no vested interest in promoting the hoax—she was deliberately distancing herself from Sabine and Belinda.

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      • That didn’t work out too well for her did it? Reading your post, EC, reminded me of just how poisonous her blog was and how she levelled the most atrocious accusations at people without the slightest bit of proof. The day she was unmasked was a day to remember.

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  3. Charlotte’s web?

    “Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive” – Sir Walter Scott

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  4. Another question: what excuses are you gonna make to the police when they eventually catch up with you, Charlotte?

    Great post, btw.

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  5. LOL – first Angela, then Charlotte, then Neelu, and now McGoofy. The GCHQ Remote Hacking Department have been busy this week 😀

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    • Ever since the nice Mr Soros (soon to be ruler of Europe) promoted me from toilet scrubber to CEO of all Broom Closets at GCHQ these nutters have been falling like ninepins. Think about it!.

      But seriously, whatever side of this ludicrous hoax you fall on the targeting of children has been a dreadful case of child abuse and more so because of the unique way in which it self perpetuates by nutcases posting the videos and photos which as the Judge, who never said a truer word that when she predicted 1000s or even 100,000s of perverts will be downloading the films of angelic looking children talking about perverted sex. And of course the naming of other innocent parents and their children who must have gone through hell.

      # I say Charlotte could also earn same Karma points by doing what so many of us on here do which can be quite debilitating at times: surfing YouTube or Facebook and asking them to remove the images of the kids.

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      • I love how she keeps saying the burden of proof lies with the accusers in the same breath as demanding that the accused drop their draws to prove their innocence! How does that work?

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  6. This Tommy Robinson thing could (hopefully) drive a wedge between a lot of hoaxer fruitloops.


    Debs, Neelu <<< Rabidly anti-Robinson (despite Debs' past as an Islamophobe)

    Malcolm, Wesley, Angela <<< Rabidly pro-Robinson and ravingly Islamophobic

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  7. I love the smell of panic in the morning…

    (Mostly Sheva and Omnibus videos/channels that dare to expose FSF and Malcolm’s handler Cat Scot)

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    • “He had a boundless ambition for his country”..yeh like ruling the entire world but excluding 6 million Jews, 30 million Russians, 3 million Allies and from 50 to 80 million souls overall.
      Some ambition.
      What a fuckwit.

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    • Poor Alanson will be upset!

      “SCIENTISTS say they have proof Adolf Hitler is dead in a bid to put an end to conspiracy theories surrounding the Nazi leader’s death.”

      “He did not flee to Argentina in a submarine; he is not in a hidden base in Antarctica or on the dark side of the moon.
      “Our study proves that Hitler died in 1945. We can stop all the conspiracy theories about Hitler.”

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  8. And now for something completely off-topic…

    Roseanne Parrot says: “MKUltra! MK! MK! MKUltra! MK!”
    I flat-out accused Roseanne of being Q-anon, today. I haven’t seen any denial, so far. Just sayin’.

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  9. I have never seen that Kumu map before.
    EC, do you realise that it is still active and if you click on many of the points it still gives much personal info including names and addresses of said persons and also info on their families.
    The fact that this dates to before the first videos came out is as you say clear evidence of Charlotte Ward’s prior involvement in this hoax.
    I am sure that a lot has still not come out about who exactly was involved behinfd the scenes in this whole process. The only way to really find out would be an honest confession from someone at the centre of the web. Unlikely though as honesty seems to be a very low priority.

    “Google Belinda McKenzie polygraph” ;-0


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  10. Sorry, Hoaxgirl – God used up all his thunderbolts on Saturday night. Plus as we’ve already established, he doesn’t kill people for you anyway.

    (Sheva has given me permission to share this.)

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  11. Tracey Morris is back in her second home on Friday, Belfast magistrates court, this time for harassing the staff at the hostel where her daughter died, will she bring an army, will she be represented by Johnnie Cochran or will the fake paralegal storm the court and save the day – I know there’ll be a live video with highly inappropriate dance music posted soon telling us maybe Tommy Robinson will show up outside the court, who knows

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  12. Thanks for using my comment EC!

    It is interesting to note that Ward thinks McKenzie has contacts that can hack into her computer…also that she is the type of character to do so.
    Why now anyway? The hoax is all but dead for those that fabricated it, all that’s left now are a few satellite grifters and a bunch of malcontents.
    Perhaps she is a little homesick.

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    • Back in my churchgoing days we were frequently warned that horoscopes were evil/satanic/witchcraft. Not saying I agree and I’m not knocking anyone who does believe in them but it’s odd that a self-professed Christian and “demon-slayer” would be into them (Ogilvy is really passionate about them, btw). I wonder which Bible passage he’s following there.

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    • Princess Neelu may be on to something. I have a paparazzi pal who was around before all man made religions and got this snap.

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  13. Debs is in one of her moods.

    “Stop judging me as dirt and filth and moaning about the fact that I get angry sometimes and I swear. OK”

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    • She is offended that children are called minors? Does she want toddlers to be allowed to drive cars or perhaps join the army?

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        • Some fun facts:

          Deborah, and Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, are both from Sheffield, over 50 and were born in the 1960’s.
          The classic Pulp song “Disco 2000” was about a Sheffield woman named Deborah, who became a mental health nurse and went onto gain an MBE before sadly passing in 2015. Our Debs could do with seeing a mental health nurse.
          Is this connection coincidence? i think not.

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  14. Has ‘Ephesians 511’ (Angie?) STILL not realised how many back-up copies there are of the videos she keeps issuing fake copyright strikes against? Or indeed, how many back-up channels Omnibus has? Too laughable for words 😀

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    • Sort of travelling to opposite land if you want to HIDE works.

      For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.

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