Sabine begs to get Hampstead Research back

Thanks to Agent M for this amusing link. It’s fake legal adviser Sabine McNeill whining over her beloved Hampstead Research site being banned and no longer having her fellow child abusing psycho Charlotte Ward to spread her bullsh*t for her…and begging for the closure decision to be overturned. Let’s see how she fares:



Good luck with that, Sabine, you evil lying child abusing freakshow 😉



10 thoughts on “Sabine begs to get Hampstead Research back

  1. Sabine, the Hampstead Research blog was banned for severe violations of WP guidelines, as well as a vast amount of illegal activity by you, Charlotte Ward and others, including child abuse. Now run along – your next customer is due in 10 minutes. Those German businessmen won’t flagellate themselves, you know. And how else are you gonna pay for your next slice of Pumpernickel? Other than by overcoming your cowardice and coming back to the UK to face justice, that is. I hear prison food is quite passable these days 😉


  2. CRIKEY.

    Hampstead Research update. We’re moving to Iceland.
    Tue 6:26 pm UTC, 30 Jun 2015
    posted by Jacqui Farmer
    Dear Everybody

    Have no fear. I am as addicted as you are to exposing the namby pamby Illuminati Hampstead cult members. (Sorry – I must remember to keep saying “alleged”!)

    So Hampstead Research is now

    Give me a couple of days and we will soon have the blog rolling at 100mph again.

    From a nice secure server in Iceland.


    Stunning Aurora at Mount Kirkjufell in Iceland

    This interlude has brought many benefits. First, I have discovered just how extremely popular HR is. To the UK Column’s credit, we were offered help with rebuilding the site (thanks, UKC!) and Enigma TV will be posting for us, too (thanks, Enigma!). What with the Tap (thanks, Tap!) and all Sabine’s blogs (thanks, Sabine!) the news about Ms V FP’s privates will soon spread around the world!

    There’s more great news, too: as I am unable to load the blog’s backup file (those of you who are regulars will know how useless my WordPress is) we will have to do it all again! Say it twice. This is great news because all newcomers will be able to savour stuff being reposted like photos of Ricky Dearman as a Chippendale (although he is wearing underwear in that one).

    So in the meantime, dear regulars, please continue to use your time constructively: Bickering with the Vicar, Cornering the Clergy, tunnelling and troll slaying: if we can’t rip Father Paul’s T shirt off his back without being taken to court by Paul Parsnips then we can strip them down in other ways.

    See you on the blog!


    (Oh, by the way – my intention is not to harass anybody.)


  3. I can’t express how pleased I am to see them shut down.

    From my point of view they can believe what they want to believe and they have a right to say so – even if the rest of the world thinks they’re mad. When it comes to naming and shaming innocent people, and putting peoples’ safety at risk, however, they should know better and deserve to face the consequences for this.

    I’m hoping some legal action is taken against those who’ve broken the law.

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  4. ‘Bickering with the Vicar, Cornering the Clergy, tunnelling and troll slaying: if we can’t rip Father Paul’s T shirt off his back without being taken to court by Paul Parsnips then we can strip them down in other ways.’

    If that’s not harassment I don’t know what is.

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    • Is that Iceland comment for real? I thought it was a joke! She’s heading for a fall if she continues to harass people..let’s watch and laugh as it happens. 🙂


      • Yeah, I personally wouldn’t take it too seriously. If it’s not a piss-take, it’s a bluff. Put it this way – yesterday, according to our blog stats, we didn’t have one view from Iceland but we did have 109 from Suriname, which is where we’ve been looking at as a possible Charlotte location for some time.


  5. Hmmm, Suriname, would that explain her problems with an erratic power supply some days ago?

    I wonder if she is enjoying her mushrooms?


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