How Charlotte Ward’s ‘conspirituality’ videos led us to Jacqui Farmer

The other day, we were talking about Charlotte Alton Ward’s so-called “peer reviewed academic mainstream” paper, based on a term she made up out of her own little head—”conspirituality”. In fact, it was that term which helped us unravel Charlotte’s identity, back in May 2015.

At that time, Charlotte was using the name “Jacqui Farmer” to publish a vile blog called “Hampstead Research”, on which she was digging into the private lives of those accused by Ella and Abe of belonging to the “death cult” in Hampstead. It’s difficult to describe the malevolence and ugliness of that blog to anyone who hasn’t seen it. “Jacqui” would gleefully paw through people’s social media pages, looking for “evidence” of their supposed wrong-doing, and publishing her stomach-turning conclusions.

A father carrying his young daughter on his shoulders? Obviously he was planning to rape her and sell her to the cult. A teacher out with her friends on a Saturday night? Clearly, she and her mates were celebrating some Satanic holiday together, prior to sexually assaulting the children in their care. A family on holiday in a foreign country? Scouting for babies to send home via DHL, for use by the cult. OBVIOUSLY.

We’ve mentioned in the past that we believe Charlotte was hired by those who’d orchestrated the Hampstead SRA hoax, and there’s plenty of evidence to show that she deliberately dumped her somewhat-successful Conspirituality blog in November 2014, creating a new online identity for herself with an e-book titled Illuminati Party. She urged her Hamster Research blog readers to read the e-book, in an effort, we now believe, to divert attention from her previous online identity.

What the heck is ‘conspirituality’?

It’s a term invented by Charlotte, to describe what she viewed as the confluence between conspiracy theories and New Age spirituality. As she said on the Academia site, In an attempt to prove this theory, Charlotte began using Google’s keyword tool to determine how many times certain search terms appeared in searches from various countries. To document this work, she created a number of YouTube channels, most notably one called “EddytheCat7“.

The EddytheCat7 channel is now devoted to a few remaining Hamster Research videos—Charlotte removed all the “conspirituality”-related videos once she realised we’d correctly identified her.

Prior to that change, however, it looked more like this: …and so on. As regular readers may know, there was (is?) a real “Eddy the Cat”—he was David Shayler’s cat, who came with him when he went to stay with Belinda McKenzie, and remained there when he left. This was interesting to us, as it indicated that whoever owned the EddytheCat7 channel might know Belinda et al. As it happened, this channel contained several videos featuring Belinda McKenzie, and Sabine McNeill was listed as a subscriber.

Most curious of all, though, was that the channel contained several videos on the topic of “conspirituality”.

It was an unusual word, and when one of our researchers Googled it, they discovered a number of interesting links: first, another channel by the same owner: Conspiritualize, now mostly stripped bare; and a third channel titled JumpingGoat13, which still contains some videos featuring Belinda and friends. Clearly, whoever these channels belonged to was working with, or at least alongside, Belinda.

The EddytheCat7/Conspiritualize/JumpingGoat13 owner was also, it seemed, a friend of Sabine’s. In one of her blogs, Sabine McNeill linked to an Eddythecat7 video, indicating that as of 2013, she was acquainted with the video’s author. She commented, “I am fortunate to know a lady who is very sharp in analysing websites and can spot mis- and dis-information sites from any distance”.

Interestingly, in her Illuminati Party book, Charlotte mentions having lived in the home of someone who sounds an awful lot like Belinda McKenzie. We would later discover that she indeed lived there in 2012–2013, and that until quite recently, she held Belinda in very high esteem. This would certainly explain the EddytheCat7 YouTube channel name, as Eddy would have been living there at the same time Charlotte was.

Charlotte’s foray into academia

Following the trail of the word “conspirituality”, we found an academic paper entitled “The Emergence of Conspirituality”. Its authors were listed as Prof. David Voas and Charlotte Ward, and it had been published in the peer-reviewed academic journal, Journal of Contemporary Religion, Vol. 26, Issue 1, 2011.

On the Academia site, Charlotte explains how the paper came to be written:

So…pretty much anyone, then.

Charlotte who?

This is where things began to get interesting. On one of her Conspirituality videos, we discovered that the author had left her browser window open, revealing her email address: But who was Charlotte Alton? A bit of poking round online revealed that she was actually the self-same Charlotte Ward; Alton was her married name, which she used occasionally. It seems that in 1997, Charlotte had married Mr Alton, a civil servant; in her Illuminati Party book, she mentions having been married to a civil servant who, she implied, had access to a lot of people’s private information. They married in Merton, and seemed to live a fairly normal middle-class life, before Charlotte left and went to live on Catford Broadway.

Pulling it all together

We mentioned a few days ago that Hoaxtead Research started off as a number of disparate small groups, each working away on our own projects. To put the cap on our identification of Jacqui Farmer, two of those groups came together to share information.

While one group had been plugging away at the “conspirituality” angle, another had been working to unscramble the voice on “Jacqui Farmer’s” nasty Hamster Research videos.

Long-time readers will remember that most of “Jacqui’s” videos sounded as though they were being read by a particularly unpleasant Vogon with piles. The fact that “Jacqui” found it necessary to scramble her voice on her videos told us that she felt her voice might be recognisable to some listeners, but that’s all we could deduce at first.

Two of our volunteers had some experience in mixing sounds for online use, and they worked away to “unscramble” the voice on those videos, to no avail.

But then, in early May 2015, we discovered the first known Hampstead Research video, which was presented on Sabine’s blog. This video was remarkable in that the narrator’s voice was not nearly as badly scrambled as the voice in future videos narrated by “Jacqui Farmer”, and our volunteers were able to unscramble it until it nearly sounded normal. Well, sort of normal.

It was at this point that a member from the “Conspirituality” group got in touch with us, and we learned of the existence of Charlotte Ward and her YouTube channels, conspirituality, and all the rest. We made a side-by-side comparison, using one of the EddytheCat7 videos and the first known Hampstead video…and bingo!

Here’s the unscrambled first Hampstead video:

…and here’s a video from her Conspiritualize channel:

There’s no doubt these two videos were made by the same two people. The fact that they are both about Belinda McKenzie Conspiritainment Productions…well, that’s just a bonus, isn’t it?

Once we’d made the identification, we were able to present our information and lodge a report with the police, which we believe is still active. And more important, we were able to demonstrate to Charlotte Ward that we knew who she was, and that we weren’t going to let her get away with her disgusting harassment. This spelt the beginning of the end for the Hamster Research blog, which disappeared within a few months…and none too soon, in our estimation.

51 thoughts on “How Charlotte Ward’s ‘conspirituality’ videos led us to Jacqui Farmer

  1. “A father carrying his young daughter on his shoulders? Obviously he was planning to rape her and sell her to the cult. A teacher out with her friends on a Saturday night? Clearly, she and her mates were celebrating some Satanic holiday together, prior to sexually assaulting the children in their care. A family on holiday in a foreign country? Scouting for babies to send home via DHL, for use by the cult. OBVIOUSLY.”

    Well put, EC. And do you also recall that poor innocent au pair whose private photos were posted by Charlotte, along with the stock accusations of child abuse, infanticide, cannibalism etc., based SOLELY on the fact that Charlotte thought she looked evil?! It still sends a shudder down my spine to this day.

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  2. Impressive!

    I remember that in ‘Illuminati Party’ JF mentioned working with Jean La Fontaine. Once the name Charlotte Alton was discovered someone googled her name and Jean La Fontaine’s names together and lo and behold! There was Charlotte’s name in the acknowledgements of JLF’s book.

    You guys should get an award!

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  3. The one thing I’d like to thank Charlotte for is her decision to release the Jean Clement recording, which royally pissed Abe off as he wanted to edit it before releasing it online. LOL!

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  4. I’ve just heard, that an organization composed of US vets & military investigators spotted a wanna-be school shooter on social media and reported that person, in Canada. The school was put on alert & locked down, and someone was arrested. There was no violence.

    People of goodwill ARE going to defeat all the shitheads that are & have been abusing social media.
    Suck it up, buttercups. Your days are done.

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    • I do remember! Funny how she’s now decided that Belinda is playing for the opposite team, isn’t it? 🙂 Eventually, all these nutters wind up turning on one another.

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  5. This was what I meant the other day about how lucky Hoaxtead Research is in having such a wide variety of people’s abilities to fall back on, things like this and tracking down rupee’s location just from a shot in a backyard makes being a hoaxer such a risky activity, time after time the good people here have pinched El Coyotes bone and gnawed away at it until its secrets have been revealed.
    Just one little hint and the hoaxers will be dragged from under their rocks and brought to court…
    Might take time, but they WILL fall…

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    • A very interesting read Justin, thanks

      Although I think in a couple of cases there was possibly a case of ‘crossed wires’, its obvious that Tim had (has?) a strong belief in satanic ritual abuse, worldwide I see pretty much a total discreditation of the supporters of it, occasionally some may have tried to use it as a way of controlling their victims, it certainly isnt supported by the hysteria of the cases that often went to court, in many cases actually making victims of innocent people, some who may even still be in jail for something that never happened, others who have lost their reputations, liberty or even their lives from false accusations.

      From psychotherapists intent on everything from self promotion to simply increasing their bank accounts to the simply plain ‘nutso’ conspiracy theory supporters, the one thing they all have in common is that IMHO they are ACTIVELY supporting true child molesters (for whatever reason/s) by taking attention and funding away from them

      One thing that did ring true was that juries found it difficult to believe children who claimed abuse when they also believed that the accuser could fly etc etc- That to me was showing that once stories like this started circulating, that offenders could muddy the waters by pushing ‘satanic ritual abuse’ claims into their defence, hopefully making juries believe that the entire story was a fabrication and getting them off the hook or even encouraging them to ‘act out’ ‘satanic rituals’ so that if/when they ended up in court they would have a possible defence…
      (if that makes sense)

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      • I think that would be one of the dangers of the self appointed SRA Therapists getting their hands on real abuse victims, then introducing some Satanic fantasy, therefore muddying the waters and ruining a case and the abuser getting away with it.
        The motivation for commiting abuse would be that the abuser gets gratification from that act, any ritual would merely be an excuse to perform that act of abuse. You wouldn’t get a non paedophile Sexually abusing children just because they need to perform some ritual required by a cult. Whatever the abusers religion, whether a christian, a Satanist or a Catholic those who commit child abuse does so because they are inclined that way, not because of their religion. The conspiracy theorists seem to think that children are being abused because of Satanism, which is not true, whether you belief in ritual abuse or not. Child abuse is Child abuse, this mantra of “we must stop these Luciferian paedophiles in power” that so many vomit every chance they get is ignoring over 99.99% of child abuse.

        I found this interesting, a similar view of lurid allegations covering up any genuine abuse taken to the extreme.
        Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 – 1995), Sunday 3 September 1995, page 8


        • That newspaper comment could have easily been written by one of the Hoax mob.


    • Gads! Someone actually trawled through that mess? LOL! Congrats, you are hearty folk 🙂
      The major problems with the “let’s stage something bizarre while we rape these kiddies and if they ever disclose no one will believe them scenario are:
      1) it was invented by SRA claimants & believers as an excuse for the documented falsehoods in real witness accounts
      2) its just too much trouble for kiddy-fiddlers to bother with in real life,which is why its never been documented

      but there have been cases of perverts using: “wanna come to my satanic/witchcraft ceremony tonight” as a lure to get naive youngsters to disrobe and act out in bizarre ways including sexual abuse.

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  6. Mad Moo thinks she got something right. When did this happen? And when did she become an expert on medical matters anyway? What are her credentials in this field? The World wants to know.

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