Hoaxtead mobsters battle it out: Charlotte strikes back!

Just when we thought we’d seen it all….

On Tuesday we brought you a most amusing, entertaining, and somewhat enlightening slap-fest between Belinda McKenzie and Charlotte Alton Ward (aka Jacqui Farmer).

For background: Charlotte and her partner Jacco de Boer (aka Video Man) once lived with Belinda at her infamous “Highgate Hub”, where Belinda formerly presided as Queen of the UK Troofers, hosting all manner of peculiar people (see also: Tracey Morris).

You might also recall that on 14 November 2014, Charlotte shut down her Conspirituality blog, ditched her real name, and published a truly dreadful e-book called Illuminati Party under the name “Jacqui Farmer”—seemingly in order to disguise her identity from those in the troofer community who might recognise her.

Then on 24 February 2015, Sabine McNeill released what would be the first of Charlotte and Jacco’s many videos in which they harass and defame various people from Hampstead, and promote Sabine’s “Return the Whistleblower Kids to their Russian Family” petition on Change.org. A few weeks later, the infamous blog “Hampstead Research” was launched, with Charlotte as Harasser-in-Chief. Despite Charlotte’s claims that she had no affiliations with Belinda, Sabine, Abe, or Ella, there’s plenty of evidence that this was a lie. It seems quite likely, given the links among Charlotte, Sabine, and Belinda, that the three of them were key players in the Hampstead SRA hoax, and that Charlotte had been hired to run a blog which purported to provide “research” into the case.

Given the cosiness of their original relationship, we find it interesting to note that Charlotte is now barely on speaking terms with her former paymaster or her deputy. The reason for the schism becomes clear on reading Charlotte’s latest missive, directed toward Belinda.

But first, a short word from Jake “Squeaky” Clarke:

On 11/20/2017 at 1:19 PM, “Jake Loves” wrote:
Thank you so much Belinda. And thank you for looking with a new perspective Charlotte.
So much ever flowing flowering love all.
Jake x

Thanks, Jake. Now put down the bong and let the grownups talk.

From: jacquifarmer1984@xxxxxxxxxxxx

To: “Jake Loves” <truthlightdark@xxxxxxxxx>, “Belinda McKenzie” <bin.mckenzie@xxxxxxxxx>

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:19:50 -0400

Thank you everybody.

If anyone is not aware of the extraordinary number of alleged psy ops (including Nigel Cooper, David Shayler and Charles Seven/Tony Farrell) that have emerged out of BM’s, and wishes to know, please email me cc BM and I will reply cc BM. In full disclosure. But not for weeks because I’m busy and not in the business of doing down BM.

Ah, we see. Charlotte is “not in the business of doing down B(elinda) M(cKenzie)” or Sabine…except when she is.

Alert readers may remember that back in August, Charlotte published one of her vicious diatribes on The Tap Blog…targetting Belinda and Sabine:

I told Andrea that I did not trust Sabine, your best friend – the person who weeps and causes scenes while she is “assisting” people (I never believe crocodile tears) and never wins a case (was it 7 or 8 children I saw the poor vulnerable Musas lose while Sabine could not even be bothered to attend court – although she made sure to cause an embarrassing scene once) and has umpteen blogs – how does she pay for them and the people who run them?!

We can all get the train to Brussels and cause a loud scene on Youtube, knowing nothing will be done.

Sabine is/was working with CIA Satanist Kris Costa. Why did you not tip me off about this very real danger? And Sabine was gathering all that information on what I and others knew (I refused to submit any to her). And you are funding her. And Kris is being given information about me from disgusting gatekeeper Webre and Sabine and others and she is rubbishing me loudly in public. You appear to be supporting this.

So don’t pretend to be helping us. …

Please provide me with a list of Sabine’s blogs and a list of the people who are running them (she told me that she has people who help her out) and how much she pays to keep them going. When I was on HR, Sabine told me that I could gather information about people from petitions (I probably still have that email). I don’t do petitions but Sabine is always running them.

Amazing that a 70 year old, stoney broke woman with a bad back (it’s easy to cry publicly when you’re in pain and still grieving your mother) who was married to a local politician (GEC), set up a new age network in the 80s and claims to have known nothing about ritual abuse until recently (that’s what I remember her saying to me) has the money and energy to run all these conspiracy blogs (one was enough for me) AND campaign to change the banking system AND market her software, which never gets bought (giving her an excellent excuse to talk to other intel CERNies like Prof Phil Trelyevan, who designed the first ever body scanner at UCL) AND “assist” cases like Hampstead.

It was Sabine who leaked those Hampstead videos. So she kicked it off (before fleeing to Germany – how convenient for “Oh scheiss: our Psy op has been messed up – what are we going to do now?” meetings at CERN and installing something onto my PC during a Skype call). And she’s still walking free, merrily gathering others’ info so I’m not too worried that I or the other people who might be wrongly accused of leaking the names or upsetting a bunch of Satanists/intel are going to be arrested and dragged back thousands of miles for questioning – were it that serious, I imagine that would see you both in prison already).

Does Sabine stil (sic) have an offshore Swiss bank account? That’s what you get when you work for CERN.

Phew! If this is what Sabine and Belinda’s friends say about them, just imagine their enemies!

And now, back to Charlotte’s more recent email:

First, I mean NO ONE any harm. I do not wish imprisonment on ANYONE. As you know. I just want to get to the TRUTH about Hampstead. Truth is invincible. And yes, love could save the world, dear Belinda, but technically, unless you are talking higher consciousness or Christ Consciousness, love is an emotion. Truth is way higher than love. Indeed, at one level, Christ Consciousness is truth. And we each of us good people have to take responsibility for doing something, whatever it is, to free this planet. As I have done/am trying to do.

Belinda, I need to deal quickly with your insinuations that I am a “Luciferian”! If I am, then it is a GOOD one. I find it all a little confusing. I’m not into religion – it is a control system, as you know! I don’t really care about labels, either, as long as no one is torturing and abusing anyone, least of all children or contacting demons etc or trying to imprison the spark of love/Christ
Consciousness that could and should be humanity in an evil, exploitative matrix. Like by perpetuating psy ops like Hampstead.

Interesting…Charlotte was once one of the Truest of True Believers in the Hampstead hoax…but now she’s downgraded it to a “psy op”?

Also, it seems she’s not terribly keen on Belinda labelling her a “Luciferian”, perhaps because her own rants against the “Lucies” are a matter of public record.

(Note – this is a group squawk in that I’ve received intense, rapid replies from BM and Angie. Which never usually happens. So I may be getting close to the bone….)

Next, Angie, I love you very dearly, you know that. But it looks to me as if you lured Rupert in. I may be wrong. And there is a young man called Jake whose story I know NOTHING about. Did you know Jake? Was he lured in? I I saw he had been sectioned or something. What really happened? It may be nothing – I’ve no idea. It may be that he is also under mind control or part of the psy op. Whatever, I wish him well
and wonder, if he is genuine, whether he regrets ever getting involved?

In one of her emails, Sabine insinuated that I did not know the difference between on and off line. Well, allow me. Here’s one:

Hampstead = at least –

  • 1 Sectioning
  • 1 imprisonment
  • 1 Illegal hack and harassment
  • 1 Hoaxtead

All offline.

(Of course, the terrible allegations left un-investigated by police and covered up/set up by corrupt judiciary take place offline so we must not forget the real victims, the poor children. Although even the perps are all victims in a way and AS YOU KNOW, HR was partly – and loudly – about trying to get people free from the cult).

But offline is real.

It can fuck up your life. For a while at least.

Oh dear. It seems to finally have dawned on Charlotte that what takes place offline can “fuck up your life”. Amazing. Perhaps she’d like to explain this astounding revelation to the dozens of people whose lives have been and continue to be damaged, some irreparably, by this hoax which she and her erstwhile friends promoted so enthusiastically.

Yet Sabine and Belinda’s petty charges, clearly fabricated by the cult, whatever those charges are (I’ve no clue) are all “astral”! Nothing. Flim flam. But being sectioned and thrown behind bars for 9 months is REAL. So is having all your crypto mnemonics stolen. And your email hijacked. And God knows what those poor children and others are going through.

“Crypto mnemonics”? Anyone? No?

So if it’s all that serious, all these innocent alleged offenders, why haven’t YOU BOTH gone down? It could be down to the inequalities of the “legal system”. But if so, WHY do you keep supporting it and luring parents into it? I guess they have no choice.

I also want to say that when I was living at Muswell Hill I got to know a homeless man, a smackhead who would quite happily have gone and thrown a feeble brick at a reinforced glass front door to make it look like an attack. His name was Alan. He would have done it for a fiver! We had to call the police after I’d invited him home on a cold evening out of concern and compassion and he tried to rip off my
then-flatmate. Alan is irrelevant – I’m not suggesting he has anything to do with anything. But he reminded me that people lie. To get what they need. And that it’s easy to hire someone for next to nothing if you know where to go. Ref Sabine’s “broken window”.

Which may be true! But sorry, Sabine – it may also NOT be true.

Oh dear…it seems that perhaps all Sabine’s crocodile tears have finally come to this: her former friend and supporter Charlotte now doubts Sabine’s stories about having bricks heaved through her door. Or window, or whatever it was. To be honest, we doubt them too, but then we’ve never been on Team Sabine.

Sabine, do you have a Swiss bank account?

Don’t you get it, Belinda? You could be under MC and NOT KNOW!!! You are a classic! J loves you dearly but will testify to the fact that so often he/I/we did not know who we were talking to! I’m not going further because this is speculation and possibly upsetting and I don’t wish that – I am also a pisshead, as you are, so understand and feel nothing but goodwill and an urge to know the truth.

“I am also a pisshead, as you are…” Hang on, is Charlotte claiming that Belinda is a drunkard, and that she is one as well? This would certainly match up with the stories we’ve heard about Belinda gulping down the dregs from strangers’ wine glasses in pubs. However, we’re not sure what Charlotte means here. Is she saying that because they both have difficulties controlling their alcohol intake, they are on the same page emotionally? Very odd.

So let’s start there. Sabine (by the way, I mean her ZERO harm – least of all imprisonment – she knows that – I just want the truth) is working with Kris Costa. Sabine also asked me to give her information on the LSE gatekeeper networks I had identified – Damien Thompson and co. Me being naive, I was about to give it to her. But suddenly Kris Costa was involved. So I started to realise that this might be
information gathering. So I told her that and declined helping. As you know.

Ah, here we go. The ongoing battle between Kristie Sue Costa and Charlotte Ward rears its entertaining head yet again. It seems that in the battle for control of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Group™ two years ago, Charlotte lost and quit or was ousted. That’s gotta smart, considering it was once her group, to reign over as she pleased. She’s held a massive grudge ever since that humiliating episode, and (it is alleged) spits every time Kristie Sue’s name is mentioned.

It looks to us very much as though Charlotte’s current rampage against Belinda and Sabine has less to do with a “search for the truth” and more to do with “you sided with that horrible American woman against me, wah, wah, after all I’ve done for you!”

But wait, here’s Charlotte’s punchline:

Sorry – I have to quit now because my hacker is altering my keys.

More later.


Yes, her hacker is altering her keys.

Not “I’m so piss drunk right now I can’t actually feel my fingers and my eyeballs seem to have taken on a life of their own”. No, no. It’s all about the “hackers”. Uh-huh.

Ah well, with the Hoaxtead mobsters, isn’t it always some damn thing?

By the bye…in the extremely likely event that Charlotte complains that we somehow hacked her email to find all this, we’d like our readers to know that she published it, knowingly or not, on a public site. It’s not our fault if the Hoaxtead mob insist on airing their dirty laundry where we can see it, right?

149 thoughts on “Hoaxtead mobsters battle it out: Charlotte strikes back!

  1. Thank you so much, EC. And thank you for looking with a new perspective.
    So much ever-flowing flowering love, all.
    And fluffy kittens all round.
    Spiny x

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  2. Don’t you just love the hoaxperts hacker fantasies? These imaginary hackers appear at night when the hoaxfart has had a few too many sherries or smoked too much weed, and just messes sending friend requests on Facebook, deleting YouTube videos that are still actually there, before then giving back full control of the computer and/or account to the hoaxturd.

    So some hacker is willing to break the law to play funny games for a few minutes with some utter losers computer, lmao, mmmm okay.

    Why is everything mind control?

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  3. “First, I mean NO ONE any harm. I do not wish imprisonment on ANYONE.”

    Apart from the countless Hampstead residents you spent several months trying to get put inside, Charlotte? How did that work out for you, by the way?

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    • Not to mention repeatedly publishing their names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, photos, itineraries and details of their families. No was was that intended to cause anyone any harm, eh, Charlotte?

      *Rolls eyes*

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    • You know, if I had children who’d been sexually abused, I’d do everything in my power to maintain their privacy. I wouldn’t join a bunch of exploitative trauma vampires on Facebook and start blathering about my children and the “unspeakable” things that had happened to them. Maybe that’s just me?

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    • Yeah, Amy…..”they” love to watch you. That’s why it makes so bloody much sense for you to post about your kids and their abuse all over Facebook.

      Do you think these troofers REALLY believe in some sort of satanic elite who watch their every move? If they do believe, why do they keep posting this sort of thing? If I thought the world was ruled by murderous lizard people or whatever, I’d stay well away from social media. Kinda makes me wonder if they truly believe, or this is just a sick game for them.

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      • Very good point. Sadly, I think they do believe in it. It makes them special to feel as if they are privvy to some secret information about a super secret Cabal that controls everything. You have to wonder if this network is so super secret, why some of the more unhinged individuals are able to know about these super secret societies and their NWO agenda.
        There’s a good article that explains all this somewhat. Some extracts below and a link to the full article.

        “1) Epistemological Incompetence. Conspiracists lack basic tools of comprehension concerning the way the world works. These include a poor understanding of logic, science, and human nature.”

        “3) Confirmation Bias. Conspiracists disregard arguments that refute their thesis, usually by relying on the Genetic Fallacy–the source is in on the conspiracy, and therefore cannot be trusted. There is no truth, only opinion, and only the right opinion is acceptable. The Grand Cabal “got to them”, or their interests are somehow served by the conspiracy.”

        “4) Selective Bias. Conspiracists emphasize only those snippets of fact that confirm their beliefs, and disregard or dismiss the bulk of evidence which refutes their thesis. A common practice is quote mining, where a single statement (or even a portion of a statement) is quoted out of context as evidence for the theory. When the original source objects to the interpretation of the quote, the conspiracists fall back on the Genetic Fallacy, claiming that the source has been compromised since the original statement. Conspiracy theories are therefore unfalsifiable.”

        “6) ‘Gaps’ Arguments. Rather than provide a comprehensive argument, backed by evidence, conspiracists rely on a false dichotomy, attempting to argue that there are inconsistencies in the accepted explanation, and then presenting their own as the only alternative. When these gaps are filled the conspiracists pretend not to hear the new evidence, and continue to point to gaps that have in fact been filled. Since this new information contradicts their claims, it will not appear in discussions amongst the conspiracists, and will be blithely ignored when presented by someone else. This additional information is, in their mind, intended to refute what they have already decided is true and therefore obviously ideologically based and not worthy of consideration.

        7) Theory of Agency rather than Process. For the conspiracist, there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is always an intentional agent. Any large scale, frequent, or dramatic events must be the product of deliberate planning, and carried out by an commensurately powerful organization. If those events are negative, a vast malevolent agency or cabal is at work.

        “8) Magic. For those who understand nothing about the world, all is magic. The agency is both supernaturally intelligent and powerful, and yet strangely inept. The cabal has virtually complete control of nearly all powerful institutions–economic, political, legal, social, criminal, and journalistic–yet somehow cannot prevent the conspiracists from uncovering their plot. They can, however, hide all the evidence, an ability which would require the cabal to command power that rivals the divine. Benjamin Franklin said that “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” The conspiracists believes that plots involving thousands can operate without detection, thanks to the near omniscience and virtual omnipotence of the conspiracy, whose members are all unswervingly loyal to the cause.”

        “9) Occult Knowledge. Despite the fantastic powers of the enemy, the conspiracists have uncovered the Hidden Truth, marking them as in some way the champions of divine providence. This too is no accident; the conspiracist possesses a rare and special virtue. The conspiracist is thus cast in a heroic light, often an overcompensation for the mundane reality of their personal lives. They alone have broken through the web of illusions created by the cabal, and it is their destiny to free the world. Their Truth trumps all lesser truths, so outright and deliberate lies are acceptable. The objective is not truth (which does not actually exist unless it is theirs–relativists always make exceptions for what they believe, otherwise the relativist argument itself would collapse) but victory.”


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  4. Haha. Just got about 12 notifications all saying Thanks for your report, account has been deleted.

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    • So, the sick cow wants to return the children to the neglectant mother, who allowed them to be starved, groomed, drugged, and tortured into repeating the fantasies of some 60 year old child abusing convict they had only met months earlier?


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      • I’m always willing to give them a bit of doubt- at first….
        I have seen two people now that started out supporting Ella, due to the `tall tales’ she likes to spin, but when pointed here, came back and told her off

        Have unfortunately seen a few that when pointed at the facts, preferred to retreat and start hurling the `troll’ tag at anyone who didnt agreed with their particular delusions- them I go and check out their facebook etc, and if they got any nasty posts up, start reporting them lol

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    • “I can’t understand why the people involved haven’t been brought to justice…”
      Well, some have. Others have been charged. These things take time, Barbara. The wheels of justice and all that.

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      • LOL, very true. The real ones commiting child abuse by publishing names and images of the two children.

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  5. LOL, when did this all happen? Did I miss something?

    And when exactly did I give up being an Atheist and become a Satanist? Can someone fill me in?

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    • It must be hard believing that Hillary has died one day, been arrested the next, the Rothschilds all got taken out in a plane crash, and Sophie the world first robot citizen getting beheaded in Saudi Arabia, and all.
      Exhausting times.

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    • Waiting for the other shoe to drop

      To await an event that is expected to happen, due to being causally linked to another event that has already been observed. Gets its origin from the joke in the example.
      A guest who checked into an inn one night was warned to be quiet because the guest in the room next to his was a light sleeper. As he undressed for bed, he dropped one shoe, which, sure enough, awakened the other guest. He managed to get the other shoe off in silence, and got into bed. An hour later, he heard a pounding on the wall and a shout: “When are you going to drop the other shoe?” Thus the term “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” 😂

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      • Thanks very interesting. These people live for the decline of the government and society.

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  6. “Truth is invincible. And yes, love could save the world, dear Belinda, but technically, unless you are talking higher consciousness or Christ Consciousness, love is an emotion. Truth is way higher than love. Indeed, at one level, Christ Consciousness is truth. And we each of us good people have to take responsibility for doing something, whatever it is, to free this planet. As I have done/am trying to do.”

    Really? That makes as much sense as a chocolate teapot!

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      • She’s in Holland at the moment isn’t she? Charlotte has probably been at the gin – or maybe she is getting herself egg-bound on advocaat.

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        • She’s probably checking the empties in the bottle recycling bins in the hope of finding some dregs to sup on.

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  7. Praterson’s been trolling and demanding we call him since 4:30 this morning:

    How do you like them apples now, Malk? 😀 😀 😀

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  8. A nice bit of news for Angela Power Disney to wake up to this morning! I can think of 8 cases of defamation that could be brought against her, that does not include her own siblings btw.


    A man has been awarded €65,000 in damages after being defamed on Facebook, in only the second case of its type to have been adjudicated on by the courts in Ireland.
    Hospital worker James Woods, a former secretary of Roscommon County Darts, was given the award after effectively being accused of stealing funds in the 1980s and 1990s.
    The case, heard at Carrick-on-Shannon Circuit Civil Court, was described by Digital Rights Ireland as “a wake-up call” for people who think they can publish comments online with impunity.

    It came just over a year after a Co Offaly man was awarded €75,000 – the maximum allowable at Circuit Court level – after untruthful claims were posted about him on Facebook.
    In the latest case Mr Woods, of Gurteen, Co Sligo, was awarded €65,000 in damages plus his legal costs over a comment posted by Colm Mulvey, of Hillcrest Grove, Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim.

    Judge John Aylmer ruled Mr Woods had been the victim of “a particularly nasty defamation” with “pretty devastating effects for him”.
    Details of the case, which was finalised last week, were first published by the ‘Leitrim Observer’ newspaper.

    The court heard the case was brought over a posting by Mr Mulvey on the ‘Darts in Ireland’ Facebook page on August 22, 2016.
    Mr Woods, originally from Boyle, Co Roscommon, was a former member of the National Darts executive, and a former secretary of Roscommon County Darts.

    At the time of the posting, he was the secretary of the Sligo Darts League.
    Barrister Keith O’Grady, for Mr Woods, said his client became aware of a posting in relation to money which had gone missing in the 1980s and 1990s.
    The message, posted by Mr Mulvey, said: “You should look closer to home in the 80s and 90s when someone from Boyle was the chairman.”
    Mr Woods explained to the court that he was not involved in Roscommon County Darts in the 1980s, and only became involved in the late 1990s.

    He said he was aware that money had disappeared from an account, but he didn’t know who was responsible.
    Mr Woods said that after the post he went into work and was asked by a colleague how much he had stolen.

    “Management were asking me if there was a criminal investigation, as I wouldn’t be able to work in the hospital. It nearly destroyed me,” he said.
    Mr Woods also said he relinquished his position within the Sligo Darts League, because people were asking him where the money had gone.

    He told the court that he could categorically say he didn’t know anything about the matter and that he wanted to clear his name.

    The court heard Mr Mulvey sent an apology to Mr Woods’s solicitor and was given a number of days to publish it on the Facebook page. However, he did not do so.
    Mr Woods subsequently published Mr Mulvey’s apology himself.

    In the apology, Mr Mulvey said he was “totally ashamed” and could “only imagine the devastation caused”.

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  9. Ah, Memory Lane…

    “I want to express full support to Angie. [Some insignificant Algona-based arsehole] suggested she was disinfo. I do not believe this. I love Angie. Angie works with Jesus. She is a gorgeous person. If there is anyone in this group you can trust it is Angie.I have told David this…

    …I had powers that would astonish you. I was a beautiful person. I could see into people’s minds…I could heal people. People who were sick or depressed used to come to my flat and go away feeling better. I never had to use money because everything I needed came to me – I never had to pay a gas bill (not because I was spongeing [sic] off someone else or committing any crime but because the gas came to me free in the most magical way). I gave most of my money away to poor people. I am not remotely beautiful but people would come up to me in the street and say, ‘You know – you are so so beautiful’. I was one of the ‘radiant ones’. Unfortunately, the Luciferians found out and messed me up because they have occult/esoteric knowledge. But not before I healed one of them…

    …Leaving now…..blessings to you all. Expect me lol.”


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    • I think we need a special page set aside for the massive collection of “final statements” which Charlotte has inflicted on the world.


  10. “Don’t you get it, Belinda? You could be under MC and NOT KNOW!!!”

    Umm…isn’t that the definition for the imaginary concept of Mind Control? You wouldn’t be “under MC” if you knew you were being controlled…

    Anyway, that’s what L Ron Hubbard claimed about the entire American population in the 1950’s. EVERYONE was under government MC administered by psychiatrists – but nobody realized it. Only Dianetics could reveal the MC, and only L Ron Hoover and his First Church of Appliantology could cure them.

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  11. This might explain some of Charlotte’s actions. From the article 3 days ago.
    “However peculiar this sounds, I have wonderful experiences with these archangels. Michael informs me that I am protected. I hope they are not all an illusion but I‘m only puffing on an occasional little pipe of medical marijuana so it‘s hardly hallucinating.”

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  12. I see Mr Clarke is out in force with the right wing Dragons today! I wonder if he is trying to cure their Xenophobia with some good old water, vibration love!

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  13. So even David Icke reckons the Hampstead case and Pizzagate are bollocks. What does that tell you, Debs? Any alarm bells going off in that (allegedly) weed-addled brain of yours, dear?

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  14. …And here’s your daily roundup of misogyny, slander and death threats from that insignificant Scottish bloke who abused his own daughter and never washes his hair…

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    • And has anyone ever heard, seen Belinda McKenzie or Robert or any of the other hoaxers that also imho abused Hollie, as well as the innocent people accused, anyone heard any requests to their rabid followers to stop abusing people ?

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    • I still think he’s got the hots for Maggs though, he’s obsessed with her, what does Tae mean? He’s not a very intelligent fellow is he this Malkie, he stood outside Aberdeen court with Belinda and asked her why they were there, well excuse me but not many people stand on street corners not knowing why they are there. But let’s think about this shall we, who was the judge in the Hollie Greig case in Aberdeen, of yes it was the same one who stopped Malkie seeing his daughter, good decision on both cases, Malkie what was his name again?


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