Tom Dunn: Profiteering from children’s pain

Abraham Christie and Ella Draper have pretty much exhausted their welcome with their former UK co-conspirators. It’s all just a bit much, facing arrest, police cautions, trials, and even prison time, for two people who can’t even be arsed to come home and face the music.

However, of late Abe and Ella have been tapping into the larger and seemingly more lucrative U.S. conspiritainment market, which conveniently enough, caters to those who suffer from a combination of paranoia, ignorance, repressed sexual sadism, and hyper-religiosity. Clearly the perfect audience for what Abe and Ella are selling.

Previous ventures—such as Ella’s ill-fated interviews with professional chin-wobbler Nathan Stolpman, in which she admitted she’d made up some of what she’d forced her children to say on camera—have not always gone to their satisfaction, and so we wonder how they will feel about the latest American who’s trying to co-opt their story for his own gain.

Thomas Dunn, who has recently released a spate of videos in which he not only displays his stunning ignorance of the facts of the Hampstead SRA hoax, but adds his own bizarre religious overlay, is a case in point.

We’re sure his spewing of delusional videos is just fine and dandy with Abe and Ella, who have no problem with people exploiting RD’s children for YouTube hits.

However, Dunn has gone several steps further, applying that good old American entrepreneurial spirit to create something which he calls the “Legendary Campaign”.

Campaign for what? He doesn’t say.

But never mind. Visitors to his “Legendary Store” can fork over big bucks to acquire their choice of Hampstead paraphernalia, guaranteed to make them feel as though they are doing something to combat child sexual abuse: Thomas Dunn 2018-10-07 Legendary Store 1Thomas Dunn 2018-10-07 Legendary Store 2Thomas Dunn 2018-10-07 Legendary Store 3

Yes, folks, it’s “Agent Provocateur Cosplay Time” at the OK Corral! You, too, can pretend you care by splashing out for this top-of-the-line “Hampstead Justice” kit. Batman cape and mask not included.

Leaving aside what sort of “justice”, exactly, a group of lunatic-fringe Americans can hope to agitate for across the Atlantic, even if they manage to dress up as crime-fighting super-agents, we have a few questions for Dunn.

  1. How many sexually abused children, or adult sexual abuse survivors, will be directly aided by the money raised from these products?
  2. Has Dunn set up a registered charity through which any monies received will be appropriately distributed to assist victims of child sexual abuse?
  3. If not, why not?
  4. In his videos, Dunn claims that if Hoaxtead Research writers will not identify themselves, they must have some sort of “vested interest” in the alleged cult. Is Dunn aware that the writer for this blog has identified herself, and has publicly declared her interest?
  5. What is Dunn’s “vested interest” in selling t-shirts, banners, wristbands, films, buttons, stickers, and drop cards which make use of this story?
  6. Why is Dunn, a self-proclaimed evangelical/fundamentalist Christian, choosing to believe a woman who belongs to a cult run by someone who calls herself “Supreme Master”, and who subjected her children to this person’s teachings?
  7. Is Dunn aware that Abraham Christie has had an estimated 50+ criminal charges against him, at least 35 of which resulted in guilty verdicts and prison time?
  8. Is Dunn aware that Abraham Christie beat RD’s children severely enough that they both had bruises and contusions in the videos they made, as well as a ruptured eardrum from a fist to the head?
  9. Is Dunn thoroughly stupid, unbelievably gullible, stupendously greedy, or a mixture of the three?

Tell you what, Tom: we at Hoaxtead Research are also interested in “Justice for Hampstead”, and we’ve decided to take you up on your “Join us or die!” challenge, and join you in your campaign.

Herewith our poster. Hope you like it!Tom Dunn 2018-10-07 our version

111 thoughts on “Tom Dunn: Profiteering from children’s pain

  1. Another hick wanting to be Alex jones. These days even Alex jones doesn’t want to be Alex jones. Overpriced crap ? I doubt he’s sold much, or ever will. The Sra scene isn’t exactly full of go getters with cash to splash, they’re mostly welfare lock ins who’re potless. If the t shirts were xxxxl and $5 each he might shift a dozen.

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  2. The prick’s got two new Hampstead videos up. He seems top be on a mission to make himself look like as big a twat as possible:

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  3. They’re all ‘i need to move out of my mom’s basement and i’m hoping this’ll pay the deposit on a one bed rental appartment’ kits. look at the guy, he’s a broke ass stiff.

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  4. Aww, Malcolm’s upset that EDL and Britain First thugs aren’t allowed to go around spouting race hate speech and committing contempt of court. Bless

    Great post today by the way, EC.

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    • For people filled with indignant righteousness they are totally ignorant of the law.
      I had to educate someone the other day that brought up a favourite theme for these gutter snipes who hyperventilate about “Tommy Robinson”.

      They repeated the same nonsense he and his core followers have: that the BBC and other media outlets had reported on the trial just as he was so he was being singled out. Yes they had except… was mid-trial that the Judge ordered a restriction on reporting as more charges were laid against some accused which meant a separate trial would take place and it was the Prosecutor who urged a reporting ban during the current trial to ensure a fair trial after a team of police had spent 100s of hours working on the case. The professional media took note and obeyed the law.

      Not one of them stops to think that the police had done all the hard work and had carefully encouraged claimants to come forward and wished to ensure they went through as little stress as possible.

      And then along comes the creepy Robinson urged on by the gormless twits like Olgivy.
      Robinson who didn’t have a clue there was even a trial happening until he read about it from previous reports and unlike a professional journalist turns up live streaming to 100,000s of viewers without checking if there was a restriction.

      And then when the law shows it can work and the smallest detail gets his conviction thrown out they still moan. These alleged “patriots” scream to people like Theresa May to “free fil-in-a name-here” yet their patriotism doesn’t extend to an understanding of the Separation of Powers.

      Robinson has announced he has sacked his lawyers (claiming they were “working for the other side”) and participated in a video filmed within the Old Bailey precinct during his last hearing which apparently has been drawn to the attention of the Attorney General’s office which would seem a tad unwise during a case involving alleged contempt.

      If he is convicted and jailed I hope there are some new reality TV programs screened to help soothe his time at Her Majesties Pleasure. During his last stint he claimed authorities tortured him by putting him in solitary confinement and refusing him a TV set.
      On release he claimed the only thing that kept him sane was watching episodes of The Bachelor. Go figure.
      Apparently they had to hose down the steps of the Old Bailey after Robinson’s supporters had departed (usually for a booze-up at the nearest pub). Several had tossed feaces inside the door. Olgivy?.

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    • I had a bit of a giggle about this…

      Yes they did, they did indeed jail them lawfully (Jailed U Lawfully)
      Why a spellcheck is a good thing LOL

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  5. It’s so pathetic the way these creeps dodge up their t-shirts and mugs, so easy with free on-line photo programs but it does exhibit an extremely creepy habit among these sick fanatics. I guess they sit and watch those US Evangelical pastors who rake in $Millions every year and travel in private jets hoping to score the same success. I’d say don’t give up your day job My Dunny but it’s doubtful he’s employable.

    I can’t imagine what goes through Ella’s head as she faces years of loneliness having conspired to accuse her own children of participating in unspeakable acts. Or APD’s for that matter. Every day she creates new evidence to show her part in a wicked and determined harassment campaign. I hope they throw away the key.

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  6. The eerie thing is there is a bear 🐻 in Hampstead heath. He did witness goings on. He related tales of touching a plastic willy and white stuff coming out. Just google bo selects the bear.

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    • From what I remember of reading Joe Orton’s diaries, there used to be any number of bears hanging around Hampstead Heath.

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  7. There’s the secret double o seven kit, the famous MI5 kit, the cover up conspiracy coven kid’s pack and a series of t shirts and hand made plastic willies. my personal favourite is the McDonald’s babyque burger.

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  8. Here’s a point. the original claims (since retracted) had McDonalds and starbucks (american owned) just as implicated as the church and the school. why doesn’t ratweasle the wizard dunn name and shame the billion dollar corporations involved in the so called baby slaughter satanic coven ? because he’s a pussy. he wouldn’t dare. too kentucky dried chicken.

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  9. Had to laugh at this video title. And when I say laugh, I mean cry. It should be called ‘How to pluck made-up facts from your own fudge tunnel and find painfully contrived ways to connect them to Satanic child abuse’.

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    • Blimey, she actually admits that she gets all her information from the top results on a Google search!

      Nothing here about the thorough checks, double-checks and cross-referencing that I’m sure she carries out to ensure that said information is correct before spreading it all over the internet. Hey, stop laughing – it could happen!

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        • She can’t even do a Scotland NOT “Scotland Yard” search in the little box. Copy paste the terms in the parentheses Catriona Selvester aka Cat Scot aka CalamiTcat aka Wildcat ( Scotland -“Scotland Yard” )

          Gawd almighty. Watching that was painful.

          My teeth feel all metallic like I have been to the dentist or been chewing tin foil again.

          Someone tell her she can set up alerts and not even have to bother with the little folders.

          Don’t tell her other search methods are available. The first page of Google results is all a pedestrian mind like that can handle.

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          • As I watched, all I could think was, “Well, at least she’s got something to keep her busy”. Basketweaving might be a more productive alternative though.


          • It wouldn’t bother me except she describes herself as a researcher. Chuffing heck, I put more effort into finding new dishcloths.

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  10. Dunn. I am watching you with many eyes. You seek to harass and malign the innocent. Are you so pure as to cast such venal accusations on the word of two so unfit the court took children into care and so cowardly they fled the country. What knows thou in thy head most bald and with vulgar locks as clean as a beshitted donkey’s tail. Know that your judges surround you and gaze with merciless steel ardour.


  11. Another great researcher has turned up on Dunn’s latest video to educate everyone. Apparently, the Hampstead case involves a Catholic church and she’s proven that the children were telling the truth through gut feeling, which…er…she has qualifications in. Or something. Cat Scot would be so proud…


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    • Last I heard the church of England was still protestant. But what would an uneducated slob who lives with mom and is probably still a virgin know about England ? He couldn’t even afford a one way ticket here, which is all he’d need as he’d return freight.

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      • Invites me for a coffee, then sends me a death threat. She should ask that hit man school for her money back.

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  12. Tom Dunn appears on a guest in the interesting youtube conspiracy channel NYSTV, which I have mentioned here before, alongside David Carrico, who I have also mentioned previously.

    At 2.23 minutes in he claims to be the cousin of the late Ryan Dunn of Jackass fame. A few seconds later he claims that his father and Ryan’s father were cousins.

    It would be interesting to find out whether either of these claims are true or a deluded fantasy. It could be that he was jealous of the success of his relative and is making some sad, pathetic attempt at fame himself, all built on a foundation of abusing children (as he has done with the Hampstead children) and falsely accusing innocent people.

    Tom Dunn also appears in this NYSTV video titled “David Carrico Deliverance Ministry Satanic Ritual Abuse Dissociative Identity Disorder 11-20-2017”

    NYSTV apparently made a documentary in 2017 (and i use the word “documentary loosely”) called Dark Covenant – Secret of Secrets that, from the trailer, appears to surpass even Sun Sea and Satanism in terms of evidence-free, deluded accusations. There are plenty of videos of reviews of Dark Covenant all over youtube but I cannot find the actual film there, (I think you have to watch it via the NYSTV website). The trailer is here

    From initial perusal there would appear to be the now, bog standard, MO of the exploitation of mentally ill and otherwise vulnerable people going on.

    Unsurprisingly NYSTV is a purveyor of bizarre merchandising products including T-shirts and mugs and the usual stuff

    while I’m here

    David and Donna Carrico are definitely people worthy of further research and exposure by anyone researching the religious grifts, the satanic panic, cults, the manipulation and exploitation of vulnerable people and conspiracy theories. The Carricos are into CTs regarding chemtails, reptilians, SRA and multiple other bonkers subjects.

    Their links page recommends the odious grifters S.M.A.R.T. as a resource and their recommended counsellors look *interesting*


    Dr. Mary Jo Schneller
    Christian Counseling Network
    St. Louis Peniel Drug & Alcohol Residential Treatment Center
    315 Lemay Ferry Rd., Suite 132,
    St. Louis, MO
    Office Phone:314-729-0481
    Disassociative Disorders-Survivors of Trauma-Grief

    Eileen Aveni, MSW, ACSW, BCD
    P.O. Box 6007
    Ann Arbor, MI 48106
    Office Voicemail: 734-973-2055
    Disassociative Disorders-Survivors of Trauma-Grief Recovery-Consultations-Seminars

    Also of interest
    Carrico and NYSTV’s video “The False Memory Syndrome Foundation Exposed w David Carrico 3-30-2017”

    David Carrico seems to have made some enemies within the US Christian conspiracy theorist movement

    Please note that there is a David Carrico listed on IMDB, the founder of Valparaiso Pictures, who is definitely not the same person.

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    • “…youtube conspiracy channel NYSTV…” – is that where I’m seeing videos from 2017 with Greg Reid as a ‘guest’? Reid is as old-school as I am, but on the other side of the SRA coin of course. Despite all the nutty things Greg Reid has espoused, I’d still be disappointed if he endorsed/supported pizzagate/pedogate crapola – because he really does know better. For awhile, he was doing some good awareness work on male CSA victims (he claims to be one). That’s been an easy thing to discuss in my homo community, but it must have taken real cajones to talk openly about that in HIS community, so I had to give him some respect for that.

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      • Justin

        Unfortunately your experience with Greg Read is par for the course. It is normal and usual for people you imagine might be allies to demonstrate connections and alliances to the opposing team. Although I cannot comment on Greg Read as I do not know him or know of him I have experienced this kind of situation many times.

        One of the reasons that I used cached links if at all possible, even when linking to an apparently friendly, allied website or blog is because I find it very difficult to trust because I have been burned so many times in this respect.

        For me a good example is Ralph Underwager.

        He died some time ago but because of his brilliant critique of one of Sinason’s books I imagined that he was in the category of ally. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ralph Underwager was an extremely dodgy person and defending him is unhelpful in my opinion. He was an example of how sinister forces control the opposition by becoming the opposition. Political jujitsu if you like.

        The important thing to bear in mind is that the various False Memory associations and societies internationally have nothing to do with him and, from my informal contact with the BFMS, I understand that they want nothing to do with him whatsoever and definitely do not consider him to have ever been an ally.

        Primary source material here

        When someone like Underwager gets involved in activism for a cause it is a disaster later on and people who oppose the whole idea of false memories, even though they have been proven to exist, wave Underwager’s ghost around to discredit perfectly honourable organisations working around issues of false memories. We should all be alert to the potential for these kind of infiltrators within our struggles.

        The issue of parallel power structures is highly relevant here in my opinion. Parallel power structures can exist within activist movements, just as they do within nation states.


    • Is that Carrico, with the white hair? He’s totally full of sh*t, eh? 🙂
      Ralph Underwager never wrote articles for Paidika, although he & his wife did get suckered into doing an interview which was published therein. A totally slanderous fantasy he spouts about Ken Lanning also, Lanning never made such statements. Can’t stand to hear more 🙂


  13. Riiight, whatever you say, Neelu. Sigh…



  14. It was interesting listening to Tom talk about how his grandad, who as an Evangelical fanatic, drove some of their relations away from religion.

    I feel just the same about Tom.

    Also, I bet Tom hasn’t seen this:

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  15. This is what is so odd about this campaign.

    In Ohio there’s apparently a thriving Satanic community. There’s the ‘New Church of Satan’ in Cleveland amongst others. The state is becoming more tolerant and people are now allowed to practice Satanism in Ohio prisons. The states that surround Ohio also have many Satanic organisations. (I know this ‘cos I googled.) Why isn’t he taking them on? Why is his focus a small suburb of London thousands of miles away? It has to be (a) fear of direct confrontation (b) Hampstead will make him money or (c) both of these.
    I don’t buy that God told him to do it because I KNOW that God wouldn’t want him to bother innocent people.

    So come on Tom. Make a statement about why you’re not tackling Satanism in your own back yard? Why aren’t you selling t shirts that say ‘NO TO SATANISM IN OHIO PRISONS’. Not frightened are you?

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    • To these fanatics the lure of the blond haired well spoken children is a siren song of much power, the ultimate SRA marketing tool. Matt Taylor put it best in his video when he said they will never get a chance like this again. Christie must be kicking himself for telling his brother in law. Losing custody of the kids lost him his big earner.

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      • These fanatics who falsely claim they are “child abuse campaigners” don’t give a fig about real children. There are millions living in poverty in the USA & UK. Over 30,000 die every day in Third World countries from preventable diseases.
        These filthy minded creeps just indulge in their perverted fantasies and try and make money off children. They are cheap hucksters and no better than the millionaire “Evangelical” grifters selling a pathway to God and conning desperate folk into sending them their cash in exchange for “Salvation”. They’re just at the bottom of the heap as Youtube has given them an outlet. Just as vile and dishonest though.
        If there is a Heaven & Hell they just may meet The Devil they are so obsessed with one day.

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      • Ok take your point. Haven’t watched it all. Has he met Lucien Greaves yet? Seems to me loads of people join this Satanic church to take the piss out of Trump and people like Tom. I doubt any sacrificing goes on. Except for jelly babies.

        Anyway, while I’ve been You Tubeing I found something that made me change my mind. Tom is right!

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  16. So…2nd century Christians were also (falsely, no doubt) accused of engaging in incestuous orgies, either during or following Eucharist ceremony feasts. There’s no definitive explanation for this specific slander, but we can make an educated guess…
    After Marcionites publicly published Paul’s epistles, (in various adulterated forms), any educated Roman could read for themselves this shocking accusation-remonstration – from one of their religion’s acknowledged founders, against members of his own ‘church’ community:

    1 Corinthians, Chapter 5-1:
    “It is commonly reported that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father’s wife” (!)
    How convenient for anyone wishing to slander early Christians, that Paul had left a blunt and permanent record that his own followers were, supposedly, literal motherf*ckers.

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    • I barely made it through that video’s Dunny Man’s sections let alone watch one of the real thing’s endless diatribes so I must pass on this challenge.
      He want’s “trolls” to go on and “debate” him doesn’t he?. Sociopaths enjoy “debating” their critics as they enjoy inflicting pain especially when they are filled with righteous indignation.
      He & Power-Disney are welcome to each other.

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  17. Perpetrators, Angela? Not alleged perpetrators?
    And you’re saying it’s ok for you to publicly name the two Hampstead children? Has the law changed, then?

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  18. “On this week’s OUT OF THE BAG…LIVE on

    In the first 2 hours I will be talking LIVE to Angela Power-Disney. In her own words ‘I am Anglo-Irish, living in rural Ireland on and off for 30 years, full time raising my children for 16 years. A world traveller, 49 homes including 7 countries, 3 continents!! I am a survivor/overcomer of child sexual abuse which does NOT define my life………I love acting, writing, literature, theatre, comedy, life and JESUS!’

    I hope to discuss many subjects with Angela including An Garda Siochana, Cultural integration in Ireland, Globalism, Paedophile rings and Satanism, MK ultra and generational abuse and Jesuits and the Baby H case! So much that we may need more than one show!

    We hope to share some poetry and as Angela says….’Some love and laughter and life; because without it we would sink under the horror!'”

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