Abe and Ella break out the begging bowl

Just the other day we were lounging about the HR clubhouse, and one of our team asked, “When’s the last time anyone heard from Abe and Ella?” We had to look back over the blog to find the last reference to anything they’d done—they’ve been remarkably quiet over the past several months.

Isn’t it always the way, though: just as we had begun to hope that the unlovely couple had washed their hands of the Hampstead SRA hoax and gone off to deal drugs in Spain, they reared their ugly head again.

This time it’s in the form of a fundraising platform called Generosity, an offshoot of Indiegogo, where they’ve launched a fundraising campaign in Ella’s name. They’ve wisely kept Abe’s name out of it—even amongst those who believe their bollox, Abe is not Captain Popularity.

They have made use of this new platform to retell their ludicrous lies about Hoaxtead. In addition to the core fantasy (you know, the special rooms that didn’t exist, the sexual abuse that didn’t happen, the cult activities that Abe dredged up from his own sick imagination, etc.) they’ve tried to make out that Abe and Ella rushed back to the UK to tell the police (not true—Jean Clement reported the case, which wasn’t in the plan at all); that they bravely returned to “save the other children” (bollox); and much, much more!

We admit we were amused at their description of how the videos of the children were illegally leaked online in early February 2015:

ella-draper-generosity-campaign-2017-03-01-2We’re sure Sabine will be delighted to hear that she’s now a government agent; perhaps they’ll pay a bit better than Belinda does. And we hear they have a nice retirement package, which we’re sure she’ll be able to use.

But most of all, we are amused at the huge groundswell of support that has swept the troofer community as a result of Ella’s (and that short guy’s) heartfelt appeal:

ella-draper-generosityThat’s right! In the 12 days since this was posted, Ella and Abe have raked in a grand total of US$50! This is despite the site having been shared on Facebook nine whole times—can’t you just feel the enthusiasm?

News flash to Abe and Ella: your constituency has moved on to other things. Oh, Angie is still bleating on about Hoaxtead, but no one likes or trusts her any more than they like or trust Abe; and of course there’s the inimitable team of the mentally lax Kristie Sue Costa and her lantern-jawed sidekick Sonya Van Gelder, but they’re too busy pimping for Pizzagate to really be much use to you.

A spate of arrests last autumn left many would-be hoax promoters feeling…less enthusiastic about pretending that a child-raping, baby-eating cult dwells in secret rooms in a community they imagine to be much better than where they live. Fun’s fun, as they say, but when one is facing down the barrel of a jail sentence, one’s priorities tend to fall into place.

We do wonder what must be happening in Abe and Ella’s little world, to prompt them to try to crank up the old Hoaxtead fairy tale again. Living in Spain (with forays into Morocco for supplies) is definitely cheaper than trying to make ends meet in the UK, but it’s not free. Has Ella’s first husband finally decided to cut her allowance off? Are the “nutritional seminars” and “face yoga” classes not raking in as much moolah as anticipated? Have cannabis prices tanked in Spain? So many possibilities to ponder.

While the goal of the Generosity campaign claims to be to “securing freedom” of RD’s two children (though not the 20 allegedly “special” children, but really, who gives a toss about them?), even Abe and Ella cannot be delusional enough to actually believe that they have a snowball’s chance in hell of regaining custody of the children they tortured into making false allegations.

No, this is about making money, plain and simple. They are banking on the possibility that a few feeble-minded individuals will open their wallets and fork over a bit of cash, without asking too many awkward questions. So far, though, the numbers aren’t looking promising.


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  1. Thanks for creating an excellent post of this information. I found the link for it under a new video from a well know Hoaxtead pusher on YT. I’ve logged a complaint on the website about it and also contacted the Police in case they are interested in it too.

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  2. Reality is starting to impact on many of these disgraceful beings.The market value of pumping out shit online has tanked of late and futures offer little yeild by all accounts.

    Good to see the video link they offer up as part of the grifting exercise draws a blank at least in uk.—>
    (This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint from the government).

    And yes Sabines poor crocodile face on hearing the “truth” would be a sight to behold.

    After all she`s done. Loyalty and thieves never were happy bed fellows.

    Cheers EC

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    • Well spotted Mik! I wish I’d noticed that video link they used was one the legal complaint from the Government had dealt with. I would have mentioned that in my complaint to the website if I’d noticed.

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  3. You may have noticed that after many attempts, I finally got an email response from them
    It however seems to continue the `wall of indifference’ that shrouds Generosity….

    Within the email it contains a link to `Thanks for contacting the Generosity Customer Happiness team! We’ve received your message and will review it as soon as possible. You can track its status here: (#1125781) ‘
    however the link itself resolves back to the main page of their website (https://www.indiegogo.com/accounts/sign_up), and nowhere does their status number lead to any form of `status tracking’

    Considering the level of difficulty experienced by many here in trying to lodge a complaint (https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2017/02/28/update-rupert-to-face-5-charges/), all I can conclude is that the website owners are either incompetent or deliberately trying to make it impossible to bring illegal matters to their attention, possibly so they can claim `innocence’ of the matter if the law gets involved.

    The first seems to me to make it an unattractive site to be involved in, especially as its only purpose is handling peoples money, credit card details etc :-O
    The second option would be equally unattractive for obvious reasons
    Websites involved in these `money raising’ schemes have to be prepared FULLY as their very method of fundraising is a perfect way to `moneywash’ criminal funds, and eventually their books and methods of operations are going to be very fully probed…..

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    • Perhaps you have to sign up to track the status? Maybe we’d have more luck contacting Indiegogo direct rather than the Genorosity Unhelpful Team.

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          • Mik
            March 2, 2017 at 1:59 am

            Happiness team <– Double grr

            Actually I think you got it right the first time 😉
            I was hesitant at first as they were wanting a facebook account, however I did find an option deeper in that let me register an email account without requiring a phone number, did so and yes I can now see the complaint, it however still hasnt been looked at anyway

            I am still very suspect of these fundme style operations, as I have seen them being used for money laundering both for avoiding tax and for cleaning drug money, and considering many of them want credit card holder details, they should be (imho) held to the highest possible standards, however it seems anyone can set one up and run it

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    • Thanks for giving it a shot, Steved. I think several of us have done the same, and with luck our combined voices will eventually penetrate the thick skulls of the Generosity Happiness Gurus or whatever they call themselves.

      You’re right that this sort of website really lends itself rather nicely to money laundering. With that in mind, you’d think they’d be a bit more responsive to complaints about illegal content.

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  4. Raising money to basically kidnap these two children and illegally posts their images. There are no countries where child victims of abuse can be identified. Must be reported to police.

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      • My reply from Indiegogo included the following:

        “Please note, we’ve recently received an increased number of requests, and as a result, it may take us a little longer than normal to respond. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.”

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        • Status
          First and Last Name
          Steve d lastname

          As of 3.55pm 3/3/17 it is still up and the case is still `open’

          They might be generous, but they sure aren’t speedy…..


  5. So if (allegedly and without prejudice) Sabine is a Government agent, Rupert is a high level CIA operative, Belinda is James Bond in knickers, Neelu is directed by Lord Ashtar and Angela is mind-controlled and still working for aliens there aren’t many left are they.

    All we need to do now is figure out what goes on in the tunnels under Wellfleet and we’re away. Jobs a good ‘un.

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    • Top secret internal memo to all CIA/HR/RD HQ staff :

      OK guys mission complete,all set up for agent Ruperts return to his desk to write up his report.

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    • The very notion of trying to control Angie’s mind would be like trying to corral dozens of stray cats- impossible.
      I am however prepared to accept Neelu could well be under the control of an out-of-world entity.
      Without Prejudice & Allegedly.

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  6. I have sent indiegogo a complaint along with the court documents and other details asking them not to support these people. Hopefully I will have a good answer soon.

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    • Good work Barry et al.We can but hope and wait to see if Indiegogo complaints/soddin happiness team manage to pull their finger out.

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    • They are certainly in breach of their own Indiegogo rules and probably committing a criminal offense themselves.
      You cannot aid fugitives from justice or assist them financially. It’s time one of these websites was dragged into court and prosecuted like any individual would be.
      I would say Indiegogo & Generosity are US based so therefore come under very harsh US laws about aiding a fugitive from justice. A Federal crime and an FBI matter with very serious jail time.

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      • Yes, here’s what I wrote on my Generosity Happiness Gurus complaint:

        This campaign, whose stated goal is to “Free the Hampstead 2–Free Alisa and Gabriel” is an attempt by their mother, Ella Draper, to raise money to kidnap two children who were taken into police protective custody, and then placed in care, to protect them from their abusive mother and her partner. I have included the judgement from the High Court, Family Division, which details the case. Ms Draper and her partner fled to Spain, but are both currently wanted by UK police on charges of child abuse. The judge in the fact-finding hearing attached stated that the mother and her partner had tortured the children into making false allegations of “Satanic ritual abuse” against their father, their teachers, 20 children at their school, the priest at the nearby church, and all the parents of the 20 children. In February 2015, the mother’s representative released videos of the two children, who had been mentally and physically abused into making these allegations; it’s estimated that within a month 4 million people had seen them. Over the past two years, hundreds of people who believed these allegations have harassed and threatened the innocent accused individuals and families, causing untold damage to them all. The children themselves have stated that they never wish to return to their mother and her partner. The only way in which the mother could “free” the children would be via criminal means, i.e. kidnapping, as the courts have determined that their mother should not have custody of them. In fact, various supporters of the mother and her partner have advocated serious kidnap attempts, and have stated that they are currently searching for the children in order to carry these threats out.</i?
        In addition to the above, the publication of the photograph of the children is illegal, as it violates the privacy rights of children who’ve been involved in allegations, true or not, of sexual abuse.
        This campaign is attempting to raise money in order to commit criminal acts, and should not be allowed to continue.

        Thank you for your consideration.

        In the Matter of G-D(Children)2015.pdf

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  8. 5:07 – So Angie’s finally admitting that Rupert blew all her money in Italy and Amsterdam, then. Of course, when she says it, it’s “getting the truth out there”, whereas when we said it, it was “trolling”. Ho hum.

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      • I find everything about her nauseating including her throaty deep laugh.

        How she looks, her voice, all the lies she tells, the manner in which she tells them, her facial expressions and particularly how she put on that lipstick!

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    • So Angela thinks Rupert was grooming her! I suspect there is a lot of projection going on here – particularly when we know how he reacted to her wandering hands.

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    • Yes Angie we all believe you that Rupert was the one trying to seduce you. Wasn’t it you that grabbed his arse? You desperate lying bint. Angie should apply to be a story-teller on the tv show Crackanory as all she does is make up tall tales to tell people.

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    • She read a book “Women Who Love Too Much” in a way she thinks it refers to her.
      The follow-up book was more directly about Angie : Women Who Love Themselves Too Much.

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      • ***Sheer hell of it mode on***

        Further bedtime reading for Lanzerotes e”xiled” Queen of Shoite.

        “Pride without prejudice”
        “Blithering depths”.
        “Crime and Punishment.Dot-to-dot edition”.
        “Gone with the donations”
        “War and Peas”.
        “Nonsense and Insensitivity”.
        “Angies adventures in Blunderland”.
        “Microphones- Haynes manual”.
        “Utter bollox- the complete works”.
        “Advanced turd flinging for beginners”.

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  9. Great write-up as always, EC.

    So Sabine’s a UK government agent, Igor works for “the KGB” and Rupert is CIA. So between the three of them, they’ve got this whole thing covered. Colour me reassured.

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  10. Thanks, EC. Very informative.

    By the way, if Ella is low on funds, I hear that Audi are on the lookout for actresses for their commercials.

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  11. “One boy, boy for sale, he’s going CHEAP, only Seven Guineas”. Despicable as ever with hilarious “Love Story” claims! No apology cuz “Love Means…blah blah blah lol

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    • Haha, I think RQ has moved on and possibly got himself a new woman (the supporter at court).

      Angela will be fuming seeing as she is man less.

      Never mind, she’s doing all the single men out there a favour, though I hear she’s partial to men that have existing relationships.

      Scandalous decripid hag.

      Cough, cough, splutter, splutter.

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      • lol FA.Being such an abject failure in everything yet having such a superiority complex makes Angies blind pretentions absolutely classic comedy material.Also because of the horrendous nature of the subject matter she clumsily wades around in there is a need to release the anger she generates.Laughter becomes something of a survival mechanism to avoid the coughs and splutters resulting in more permanent damage.

        There is a sense of natural justice in user/abuser Angie being fleeced by user/abuser Rupert.Will Angie understand or learn about the “lawfulness” of such events? Absolutely not, and hence she is set to “repeat” and encounter an inevitable demise as blame becomes her only ally.A living decay as even family find their excuses to not quite make that call.Such are the results of living without conscience.Expensive.

        For 2k Angie could have got herself a mobile gigalo,a sleeve of fags and a bottle of Absinth and had a wail of a time.Idiot on a treadmill. 😉

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  12. Rupert Quaintance has made harrassment complaints to the police against me and other people. In posting, be aware of the following law on harrassment (also keep away from posting anything on his social media accounts or anyone connected to his family.) I am presently in e-mail contact with the police officer dealing with the complaint.

    There are three defences, of which two are very relevant:
    (a) that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime,

    (b) that it was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment, or

    (c) that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable.

    It is vital Satan Hunters are challenged both in person and in all their postings. That an alternative narrative is offered, and that attention is drawn to their character and intentions. Failure to do this will mean the Hampstead SRA hoax spreads meaning that the distressing harrassment and persecution, threats and acts of violence against person or property spreads and increases. It take only one mentally disturbed individual to act upon the dishonest SRA narrative by Satan Hunters to get somone killed.

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    • Seems a bit rich of him to accuse others of harassment given the circumstances. Won’t say more as the details would encroach on his ongoing case, but we all know what they are. I did warn him several times in all sincerity not to trust Angela or to come to Britain.

      Personally I have avoided any social media contact with any of the hoaxers or their relatives – other than to report content that is clearly illegal directly to the relevant platforms.

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      • Satan Hunters have a talent for playing the system and milking any opportunity they gain to play victim and destroy those they are in an adversarial situation with.

        The original police investigation into the Hampstead SRA hoax did not technically follow the book in some areas, and this was subject to IPCC complaints, and then appeals and the Satan Hunters are still trying to push for further appeals.

        Previous court cases against Satan Hunters have failed on technicalities, often because the police or CPS overlooked something or a procedure.

        In a highly challenging and complex fight like the Hampstead SRA hoax, the Satan Hunters will leverage anything we do or say to their own advantage.

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    • You are right SV that it only takes one mentally disturbed individual to act on their beliefs of this hoax and do serious damage to innocent people. We have already seen them talk about searching for the children & kidnapping them and another state that they were already “looking for a black market piece” which i can only imagine is a firearm.

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    • “It is vital Satan Hunters are challenged both in person and in all their postings. That an alternative narrative is offered, and that attention is drawn to their character and intentions. Failure to do this will mean the Hampstead SRA hoax spreads meaning that the distressing harrassment and persecution, threats and acts of violence against person or property spreads and increases. It take only one mentally disturbed individual to act upon the dishonest SRA narrative by Satan Hunters to get somone killed”.

      HEAR, HEAR!

      If your investigating officer is a wise person, it won’t take long for them to set the complaint aside, as it is very obviously a cynical attempt at retributive retaliation from a person facing multiple charges of harrassment themselves.

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  13. There is at least one person who may not be connected to Hoaxtead but with good intentions uses a tactic to create social media accounts in the name of Satan Hunters and their family members. If that person is based in the UK, they could get into serious legal shit under stalking laws. It is a legally dangerous and unethical tactic which could also undermine future court actions against Satan Hunters.

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    • This is a very important point, SV. While some might believe it’s helpful to confuse things by using other people’s real names, it’s generally a very poor idea, and could wind up backfiring very badly.

      Since the inception of HR, we’ve advocated a pretty simple code of conduct: no death threats or threats of harm should be issued to those who promote the hoax. We don’t keep track of everything our readers do—it’s hard enough keeping track of the Hoaxtead mobsters!—but we make the broad assumption that people who wish to help combat the Hampstead SRA lies will do so in a way that breaks no laws, either criminal or ethical.

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  14. Well said EC. It is important that we do not slip to the standards of the fruitloops and that we always keep the moral high ground.

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  15. According to Araya Soma, Abraham is so rich he can afford to holiday anywhere at anytime, and apparently the right time was two holidays just after the children were removed from Ella’s care. Now they are begging for money. I use the term ‘they’ but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was just Abraham and Ella didn’t even know about it.

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    • The link was below the video of a Hampstead SRA hoax pusher, who has always supported Abe and Ella, I’m almost certain Ella will be aware of it.

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    • Have Kirsty-Lee McMullen and Chaylea Bailey even heard all his videos? They approve of his absolutely filthy language he’s used towards other women?? Unbelievable..

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    • Wait…so she’s saying that Justice Munby should urgently overturn gagging and “ill-advised” enforced anonymity of abused children? Saying they have a voice and anonymity is not for their protection?

      ..and she says she CARES about the children?? Angie you make me sick to my stomach. You vile person.

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      • I somewhat agree with Germaine Greer who says adult victims of rape should refuse to remain anonymous as it sort of indicates some sort of society guilt for having been a victim. She reckons real victims should shout it from the rooftops.

        But with children anonymity is a very important part of a healing process. Anyone who has engaged in exposing children’s images should be horse-whipped ( Angie might like that though).

        Shows their ignorance of law as well. Anonymity is granted for life to abuse victims and especially children. When they become adults they can decide if they want to tell the world what happened to them, not some frigging phony ‘activist’ on the internet.

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        • Reading Angie’s post above proves she is well aware there is enforced anonymity of abused children, so she must also be well aware she is breaking the law every time she names or posts pictures identifying the children.

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        • Part of the emotional/mental damage done by child abuse is the humiliation and the shame that is felt by the victim. The Satan Hunters have no empathy to see what parading the names, video, images and medical reports of abused children in public is doing to them. I hate to think what those children are going to feel if they ever learn that Xx was jacking off to their police interview videos.


          • is it safe to say something like that, with people checking this place out?
            I read your blog post and it was spot on. I am not one for religion but people should have the freedom to believe in what they so choose without fear for their safety as long as they are law abiding beliefs like yours. I did notice you said “A second UK SRA hoax is now brewing surrounding a former deceased UK Prime Minister Edward Heath.”, is he now alive? lol. Very good read.

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    • I think I still have 3 bibles my Grandfather left and I can’t throw them out because in each one he wrote very touching notes to his new bride over 100 years ago.
      He often read exerts (no TV) but they were short and to the point.
      This dame could bore for Ireland.

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    • What these slime balls don’t understand is that police, prison warders and so on, apart from a few bad apples, are not these stone cold people devoid of feelings who are not affected by a case like this.

      My nephew who was a fireman eventually had to quite after being called out to one too many accidents where people (and children) had died in fires. The final one, a car exploding after impact pushed him over the edge to a nervous breakdown.

      If these vicious nasty loons even read that website they would note there is an officer (and the story has now gone mainstream) who had to give up her job because of the endless stress. And this is very common especially among police- depression, breakdowns, marriage failures and so on ( a Federal police in Australia shot herself dead in the Canberra HQ only 3 weeks ago)

      So while these sociopaths pound away on the keyboards they forget that prison warders and so on have to deal daily with prisoners like these vigilantes who are not brave warriors of truth but nasty dangerous criminals looking for action. It’s why on the whole they like docile prisoners, not for any malicious reasons, but the less stress the better it is for everyone.

      Look at how they have defamed and attacked the cop who sensibly acted quickly for Arthur’s mental health by referring him to his own doctors.
      Look at how they whip up a lynch mob to try and attack mental health professionals who have a tough job at the best of times.

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    • To be honest, the man filmed himself raping a 3 month old baby. I wouldn’t expect to see any “nice” comments under that post.

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      • Not my point, Jake. I wasn’t tying to empathise with the alleged paeodphile (assuming that that ‘Police Hour’ article is accurate and that Angela and Heather thoroughly checked its veracity before going off on one), But I do stand by my view that that such people should be addressed by the prison system and not by a baying pitchfork-wielding mob led by the likes of Heather ‘Psycho’ Brown and Angela Power-Disney, a woman who has said that collateral damage doesn’t matter and who, lest we forget, professes to be a Christian, i.e. a member of a religion that states categorically that “thou shalt not kill” and that you should “turn the other cheek”


  16. I already had an Indiegogo account so used it to lodge my referral of the campaign. They make people jump through hoops. Three links were posted in support and my referral reads:

    “This is an illegal campaign asking for donations to pursue defamatory, harrassing
    and hateful conduct against named and targetted individuals contrary to UK court
    injunctions. The content includes images, details and names of two children at the
    centre of child abuse allegations including sexual abuse. The promoters of the
    campaign are fugitives living in Spain wanted by the UK police in connection to
    their torture and abuse of the children they name in this campaign. I include the
    following links:”

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  17. And this is the same woman who just a few days ago was whining about her dead rabbit and vowing to track down Angie’s dead horse!


  18. These beasts (Angela Power Disney etal) would be happy to participate or orchestrate in the mindless torture and murder of the innocent people of Hampstead based on nothing more than an opinion.

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