Sabine breaches bail conditions (again) and resorts to desperate lies (again)

Sabine‘s bail conditions, lest we forget:



What Sabine has just posted:



From Concerned Onlooker: New Generation of Information Warriors in Action. When Citizens Rise and Authorities Fall.

So let’s look at these bizarre snippets more closely (and incidentally, the rest of her post is fun to read too – just follow the link). Here are the salient points as I see them…

Bail conditions. There is no doubt here that Sabine has once again breached her bail conditions, as is clear for all to see. She specifically refers to the children and implicitly refers to others about whom she should not be talking.

Slander, libel and disinformation. As I’m sure most of you will agree, Sabine ranting about slander, libel and disinformation is jaw-droppingly hypocritical. This is someone who attempted to tear apart an entire community through slander, libel and disinformation. Even in that very post, she is guilty of them.

Note, for example, her desperate re-use of the discredited IP Info Detective Pro screenshots, which purport to prove that I have been viewing child porn and which initially appeared on Charlotte Ward‘s similarly discredited – and banned – Hampstead Research blog.  To show you that she can’t scare me with her pathetic, desperate tactics, here’s the link that Sabine provided: CLICK TO VIEW

These are interesting for a number of reasons:

  • They are from 73 different IP addresses (see the information at the tops of screenshots 2, 6, 7 and 10).
  • A simple search on any IP tracking site reveals that none of those IP addresses are based in Embsay (near Skipton), as stated.
  • However, I am happy for them to believe I am in Embsay, as when the rozzers come and kick down my door and realise they’re standing in the wrong town, I’ll a have a rather convenient alibi. But I’m happy to add it to the list with the other 37 locations the Hoaxtead fruitcakes have thus far attributed to me 😉


Originally posted the first time Charlotte et al had fun exposing “the darker side of Scarlet’s home town of Embsay near Skipton”

  • Now, hands up if you remember who originally posted these screenshots to Hampstead Research. Anyone? Yep…DRIFLOUD! That’s Drifloud, the notorious liar and troll whom few take seriously and the very person whom Sabine refers to here as “a previous supporter” who has left her feeling “mugged”. And indeed he has. He has, with the help of Abe, Ella  and Code 2222, spent several weeks now working hard to destroy what little credibility Sabine, Belinda and Charlotte had. Oh but suddenly, when it comes to her own little attempt at playing “information warrior”, Sabine sees him as a perfectly reliable source . The cheeky little minx 😉
  • As for her accusation that we at HR have spread disinformation, Sabine accidentally forgets to specify the lies/errors to which she’s referring. As I’ve said many a time, we at HR are happy to correct any errors should people alert us to them 🙂
  • Now, about that IP Info Detective Pro software. Let’s see what its sole review on Amazon says about it:



  • As previously mentioned and demonstrated, Sabine herself is a child abuser, as are Charlotte and Belinda. They have been happy to publish, link and share stacks of documents, photos, videos and links containing the names and photos of numerous Hampstead children – children who, I’m reliably informed, are not great fans of the aforementioned “bogeywomen”. Incidentally, as much as she likes to deny it, it is now a proven fact that Sabine was complicit in leaking those Police videos and all that personal information. Furthermore, she did so knowingly and deliberately and it can’t help her case that much of it is still littered all over her blog! Oh and let’s not forget that Charlotte Ward uploaded two videos which featured child porn images. And one of those videos is still on Sabine’s blog. So who are the child abusers here?

Harassment of Ricky Dearman. This is also unlawful and a breach of Sabine’s bail conditions. However, I once again have to chuckle at another Hoaxtead fruitcake stating that I am Mr. Dearman. As with the location thing, that’s on a list with about 40 other people who I apparently am, including Yannis, MK Ultra, a Mail journalist and an MI5 agent, haha XD

Which brings me neatly to my final observation, which is the suggestion that I must work for Barnet Police. Sabine bases this on the fact that I had access to her bail condition documents and sick note. Pssst…Sabine…I downloaded them from your Google Plus drive. Oops!

Sabine, no matter how much you squirm, how much you lie, how much you backtrack, the Police have you bang to rights. And it’s about time you faced up to that, as with every desperate attempt to pass the buck or bury your tracks, you are embarrassing yourself and making yourself look more and more guilty. Game over, fruitloop 🙂




30 thoughts on “Sabine breaches bail conditions (again) and resorts to desperate lies (again)

  1. What a brilliant summary…
    And thank you for keeping us updated regarding Sabine breaching her bail conditions again!!!
    Let’s hope barnet police lock her up…


  2. She will never learn, this stupid insane bitch thinks she is above the law, when actually she knows jack shit about the law and how it all works.

    They need to haul the mad cow in as soon as possible. Bad back, she has a bad mouth, and she should be re arrrested.

    I have no time for the moaning old wench, or any of her friends, the lot of them should be chucked into a cell and left to rot.


  3. Shut up Belindal, it is alright for you, you call yourself a friend!!

    I will never forgive you, enticing me back to the UK saying that I would be safe, saying that I could live in your basement. You are not going to get away with this.

    I came back and how you are deciding to leave the country.

    And just where is the £10,000 you said you would give me when I returned.?

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  4. And me Belinda, I stook outside the court, making reverend summons to Lord Ashtar to save the judges from the pending angels of doom swooping down on our souls of light. Why did you let me get arrested. I asked Lord Ashtar’s boss, you know, God, to help, but he will not help you now.

    Now you run away, but don’t fear Belinda, I am going to send the clouds of wisdom over to you, I use the clouds of wisdom and they really work to cleanse the mind of stupidity.

    And you are not going to get your megaphone back, it’s mine now, finders keepers, and Lord Ashtar’s auntie, Lady Fagend has given me permisssion to use it.

    Shame on your grey head of hair, and your pointy sharp nose.


  5. Hey…you lot are worried, I am going to do a documentary, will you all come along and appear on it for me cos i am so brainy and clever and i am going to be lended some money so that i can do the documentary and guess what i am going to write to jeremy paxman and ask him if he could give me some tips i am a bit worried cos i am not sure what the truth is and i will get really angry if they dont answer the questions like i want them to.

    i am going to get ricky to come along he will do a good interview and i wondered if all of you sabine belinda and neelu i can pay you but you will become stars overnight.

    applications to john taylor c/o the nut house idiot street twatshire

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    • Indeed! You’re the new Michael Moore, John!

      Hey, maybe Belinda can lend you some money out of her Iran Embezzlement Fund. Or Neelu – she must have made a fortune from all those £5 million liens. Christine Sands has made a few bob from her CIA job too but she’s not too fond of you ’cause you shouted at her at the church XD


  6. Brilliant summary, Scarlet! Leave it to Saint Sabine the Screwball to vomit forth another of her deranged rants, casting blame on everyone but herself.

    Incidentally, I have a copy of those bail conditions and her sick note downloaded on my computer too. Care to guess where I got them? Uh-huh. Sabine’s Google Drive. Honestly, it’s a wonder to me that this woman can tie her own shoelaces, let alone run a successful disinformation campaign. Oh, wait….

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  7. What is this? I mean really… Its the most fascinating gallery of rogues I have ever come across. One must give it to the psychological community. Truly inner contemplation has never been further from the truth.

    The way the leaves of the trees all rustle together, or the way the grass communicates under the conductive influences of wine… Wind. There is a language there in nature and it may remind you of your place in the scheme of things. Amongst things, in things. Amidst great things and terrible painful lost moments… Memories. Yet the leaves, in chorus of their movements, do not seem to have the agonies or joys of memory. And so as the leaves, as Buddha once tried to explain… Attachment leads to suffering. Love is but a word. The classics long for us to be something more than any schema we might be granted by the humdrum without those spikes (sometimes periods) of sustained and ascending genius. No need to intervene Euclid. All we have is but one subject.

    Who are you? And when do the parallel lines meet?


  8. Great post as always Miss Scarlet. Old Sabine just can’t help herself can she? All she really had to do was keep her mouth shut for a while and she couldn’t even manage that. Silly Billy

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  9. These pretensions to representing “the people” are both hilariously delusional and offensively narcissistic.
    I was a devoted socialist youth 40 years ago and still hold to many of those ideals, but one person, or a dozen people, or even 50 people, do not constitute a “popular movement”. The likes of Sabine and Belinda remind me of the local Trotskyist “collective” of my youth, which consisted of one man & his wife, professing to speak for the entire working class. What a joke!


  10. Has anyone else noticed that all these ‘troothers’ and nutbags that jump on a the child abuse wagon are also great supporters of Julian Assange who they view as a fellow ‘whistleblower’.
    Yet they cannot see a hint of irony that Assange is possibly the most famous the world at present for being falsely accused of rape.


    • Not a fan of Assange, to be honest. He’s a raving anti-Semite (just like so many of his supporters) and he’s also a hypocrite, as we’ve seen with his efforts to gag anyone who tries to expose him. He’s notoriously aggressive too. Oh and as anyone who’s ever heard the guy interviewed can testify, he’s also a bit of a cock. Private Eye have had a few run-ins with him and he really is a prize twat.


  11. Wow, I go away for a few days and there’s so much to catch up on! Oh dear.. Sabine is in a lot of trouble now. Great work, Scarlet!

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    • Thanks, Jake! I actually thought it had been quite slow, LOL.
      By the way, we’re just coming up to our thousandth post. That’ll be the moment to pass the baton, I think.


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    • Cool. We’re all ears!

      One thing I’ve wondered about is that rumour that she used to be in the Stasi. A link to evidence of that would be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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