Coached, led, and prompted: The evidence in the videos

As Abraham Christie and Ella Draper’s renewed onslaught of videos hit YouTube last week, thousands of new-to-Hoaxtead conspirasheep were introduced to the Hampstead SRA hoax. Listening to Ella’s highly embellished retelling of the story she and Abe concocted, it was relatively easy for us to pick out the lies and inconsistencies, but we recognise that for newbies, the story can seem quite compelling.

To help newcomers better understand what they were hearing, we decided to go through the video transcripts that Abe and Ella coerced the children into making. When these are read as a whole, it becomes much easier to develop the critical detachment that enables one to see the videos for what they are: two children being taught to memorise a catechism and recite it back to their “teachers”.

Many first-time viewers will claim that “no children of that age would know that much about sex, so they can only be speaking from their own experience”.

However, we would suggest that it’s very possible to teach children—even children as young as three years of age—to recite back seemingly meaningful answers about things they don’t understand. For example, in this video, a three-year-old answers the first 15 questions of the Christian catechism. His answers are word-perfect, but does he actually understand what he’s saying?

Prompting and coaching

One of the first things we noticed on listening to the videos made en route from Morocco is that the children were constantly being prompted and coached, either by their mother or by Abe.

For example, this exchange between Ella and Child P:

Ella: What is decided?

P: We decided that we shall stop killing babies and we shall stop doing sex. It’s just going to be pointless and it’s just going to have to be going to jail and go back.

Ella: So what are we going to do?  We are going to protect other babies and children, huh? And save all the children that are involved.

P: Yes.  And [name omitted] was in it.

This isn’t P telling a story; she’s just agreeing with her mother. The sentence “It’s just going to be pointless and it’s just going to have to be going to jail and go back” is virtually meaningless, so Ella redirects her, literally spelling out what she is to say next. P is puzzled, though, and after agreeing, offers, “And [name omitted] was in it”.

In the following exchange, involving Ella, Abe, and P, Abe and Ella do most of the talking; for the most part, P simply nods and agrees with them:

P: Ritchie, Ella…

Abe: Ritchie who, Ritchie who..?

P: Ritchie, I don’t know his surname, but it’s Ritchie, his name is…

Ella: …the one who came to our home…

P: (Nodding)

Ella: And he’s..(unintelligible)

Abe: He’s your particular, he’s your Social Services, he’s a worker there…

P: Yes. And Ella there the lady who…

E: Polish one. Polish…

P: Yes (nodding) She came to our house in 47, 47 ( unintelligible).

In the following section, you can see how both Abe directs the children’s answers, some of which sound very rehearsed:

Q: We decided to stop touching other children…

P & Q: …stop touching each other…

Q: …and stop touching ourselves.

P: …and face our urge.

“And face our urge”: is this really something an nine-year-old girl would say? We’d suggest that it’s a phrase she was taught, which she might or might not have understood.
Abe: What else are you going to stop doing?

P & Q: We’re going to stop touching ourselves.

Abe: What else are you going to stop?

Q: We’re going to stop killing babies.

P: Stop killing babies. And we’re going to face our fear and face our urge.

Abe: You’re going to face your fear, because fear is what?

P: Fear is the mind killer.

Abe: And who are you going to help us to catch?

P & Q: All the paedophiles.

The expression “Fear is the mind killer” comes from Dune, a novel by Frank Herbert—not exactly a work of fiction that one would expect a school-aged child to read, let alone understand or quote knowledgeably. However, Child P claims otherwise.

P: And our decision we had still a lot of fear in our head but then when we read a book called Dune it said fear is the mind killer.  So when we heard that we thought that it was true. It was not really true. But then after there was a man Abraham knew came to help us he said that it is true.  That fear is the mind killer.  And then after we, he said we had to face our fear.  After we faced our fear ….

Does this sound like a child who has actually understood the book? She sounds to us as though she is confused by the words she’s been told to say, but is trying her best to present a coherent narrative.

Once one begins to notice evidence of coaching—the leading questions, the prompts—it becomes impossible to un-see it. It permeates the videos, and demonstrates very clearly what Abe and Ella’s goal was: to create a set of videos they could use to “sell” the idea that children were being sexually abused en masse in a posh London suburb.

171 thoughts on “Coached, led, and prompted: The evidence in the videos

    • Sheva has never denied she and Belinda didn’t attend rallies together. It’s known. The videos are on YT and can be seen!

      A lot can happen in 7 years, Heather you dozy nasty bitch.

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      • Reading that back, I’ve worded that incorrectly, Sheva has never denied attending the same rallies as Belinda. Sorry, I was angry!

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        • Many of us get very angry and frustrated with this despicable campaign of false accusations and make strange little mistakes in our posts – sometimes my typing fingers cannot keep up with my thoughts.

          Alternatively the hoaxers tend to remain relatively calm as they continue their dreadful & cruel campaigns as that is the way or sociopaths or narcissists : they do not have empathy so they are incapable of understanding how they are being so hurtful.
          Of course some are seriously deranged like Alanson & Shurter or poor Arfur and their entire timelines are of seething anger.

          But note that when these Hoaxers fall out with each which happens fairly quickly because they are fighting to be top dog, they turn on each other like rabid animals.

          I think Angela Power-Disney must be held legally accountable at some stage : she is extremely clever & manipulative and seems very skilled at it- perhaps a lifetime of experience.
          Her lies and despicable campaigns nonetheless are defamatory and dangerous and are a continued harassment of innocent people as she inspires others to do likewise even once they part company.

          She is so reminiscent of the harasser I have been dealing with for over 6 years now in my efforts to help others ( nothing to do with abuse) and it’s taken that long to convince those affected to take the most serious legal action possible to put them in the place. That even involved the solicitor handling the matter who had to get an court harassment order against the perp after he began stalking him and his small children (at one stage turning around in a cinema at a kid’s movie to find him sitting right behind him staring at him)

          Threats issued by these hoaxers must be treated seriously and always reported ( FBI, Oz or UK police) . We found police often could not comprehend the intricacies of these awful campaigns but it made a hell of a difference going to court to get that anti-harassment order to be able to show a consistent campaign was being waged.
          Judges, magistrates despite popular media myths see the worst in humanity almost every day of the week in courts and understand.

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      • Sheva and Belinda may have been at the same rallies.

        Whoopie do Heifer, so what?

        Doesn’t mean they are friends!

        You visit this blog as do I, doesn’t mean we are friends now does it?

        Logic, use some logic Heifer.

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        • Angela’s stayed at Belinda’s house and has made several videos with her. I wonder what Heather ‘Chubby’ Brown makes of that!

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          • Indeed and for 5 nights.

            Heifer is conveniently forgetting that she knows that.

            Angela has even met Belinda’s daughter, the ex-husband and his present wife.

            Angela is really one of the family, sent by Belinda to get back at Heifer possibly?

            Won’t be long before Heifer turns on Angela and Angela gets beaten.

            Team Heifer for me.

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          • Surely Heifer is smart enough to realise Angela is a FAKE.

            I know she is.

            Heifer is playing games with Angela…


      • LOL so funny all those screenshots of Angela really angry that she has been EXPOSED to ALL.

        I reckon that old guy singing in Mulligans turned Angela down, hahaha!

        She is seriously FRUSTRATED.

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          • Yes you could well be right.

            I wonder what she’s said to him off camera?

            How long before we see him cavorting in the background on one of her videos?

            Will it be in Lanzarote or Oldcastle though?

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          • No matter how drunk they get (and the Yank was sober).
            The Slap is so infamous around Oldcastle residents have taken to warning any proposed suitors to “get out now asap & don”t look back”.

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    • Is she morphing into a Werewolf? They go for the throat first (or so it seems in the Hammer Horror Films / Documentaries).

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      • Angela lost it, lol.

        The comments will probably disappear.

        The screenshots won’t though!

        I expect her to complain to Arfur by phone if possible, if not on his fb wall.

        She probably has his password/s to facebook, she does have a habit of trying to get other people’s password’s.

        Christine Hart, Mel V…

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        • Indeed.

          Angela Power Disney can’t have many old supporter’s left now, if any.

          She’s picking up a few new fruitloops, Heifer and Dave to name but 2.

          I think Heifer realises Angela isn’t the full ticket, but Heifer just lurves the attention and drama, so is sticking with it as she’s plainly jealous of Sheva and is enjoying having a dig.

          I hope Heifer gets paid a visit soon from the Police as she’s consciously making a video about Sheva and talking absolute bullshit with threats, it is NOT ON and is harassment.

          Heifer and Angela a pair of MORONS.

          Why would you go to the door of someone you claim is STALKING you? Duh!

          Projection Heifer, in fact it’s you that is STALKING Sheva.

          Hope you end up in Court on this one Heifer. Do you have form?

          It should be fun to see you squirm and as you state the Police don’t like you, good luck with getting any sympathy from them. FOOL.

          Have a good weekend luv…

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    • If you try and tell me Angie didn’t apply for compensation from the BBC for alleged Savile abuse, I have a gorgeous bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Cheap.

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      • How else did she finance her Lanzarote long holiday? Look at the timing- she went just as the compo was being paid out to claimants.
        A BBC whistleblower tells me it’s true.

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      • Omg you could be right GOS.

        She was trying to get on board the Official CSA inquiry.

        I’d certainly wouldn’t put it past her. Now you mention it, I reckon the odds are quite high she has put in a damages claim re Savile.

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    • It is probably an exercise in utter futilty attempting to even raise the issue with what is clearly undiluted fabrication in extremis but:

      The children are way over the age where their expressions regarding contact are taken into serious consideration by welfare agencies/courts etc.Even if a very young child made protestations about contact there would be every effort made to assess from where this may stem.RD`s children are clearly of an age and understanding to make their views known.Court welfare officers regularly interview children far younger than RD`s children to gauge their views on contact arrangements for court reports.If there were any expressions of concern from the children contact would almost certainly be at least supervised/monitored if not stopped pending assessment/review.Depending on the nature of a childs expressions an inter agency case conference could be convened to reconsider care plan arrangements.

      Sorry Angie if this is the best your Barnet social services alcohol induced imaginary mole can “leak” then you need to send it to imaginary college to learn the basics of gettings its imaginary bullshit vaguely coherant.

      There will be no “proof” forthcoming not now,not ever..fact.

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      • If she had proof, she’d share it from the get go.

        Angela Power Disney, LYING yet again, she has cried wolf more than enough times.

        She has no self-awareness just an out an out LIAR.

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        • Angie = inept at everything apart from smoking,milking the system and alienating herself from literally everyone she ever has contact with.She has a set of well worn cliches designed to lure lost and confused wanderers into her catchment zone including bigging her victims up as fellow warriors on a mission to fulfill Gods work etc bollox.

          Even those starring through the haze of their own angst and medications soon enough clock they are being used as easy wipes to polish Angies turd.

          Whilst we all fall far from perfect Angie personifies the very worst of the human condition,a spite fueled,loathsome boil on the face of humanity.

          Mentioning boils..a bit of “Squeeze” rarely goes amiss and still somewhat bouyed from Patreons road to Damascus moment and Abrellas imminent decent into garden worm gathering perhaps impulse to shoehorn uplifting tune can be excused 🙂

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  1. Great article once again from a level headed El Coyote.
    I must admit, when i first became aware of this fine blog I was just after evidence, as from the first time I saw the videos when they came out I just disgarded it as a hoax and thought no more about it.
    Then pizzagate came along and following that there were the fruitloops trying to make connections to every other scandal they could find and was staggered that these people were promoting an obvious load of trash.

    I did try to level with them and say how insane they were, as my own knowledge from my sister being abused taught me many things about how victims of child abuse react, ans it was plain to see that the two children in the original short videos were made to repeat nonsence.

    I eventually decided to look into the hoax to back up what the blind could not see for themselves and came across this blog as any MSM media is ignored by the conspirisheep.

    At first I just saw a load of in-jokes and things about people I did not know about or understand.
    Names of the mother and boyfriend, even the father let alone the other wider circle of hoaxers were completely foreign to me.

    I have heard others say the same thing. The power of youtube and videos for the lazy and easily lead is very strong. Anyone coming to this blog for the first time should be made aware of the FAQ’s and other documents.

    I did compile an alternative list for those that are put off from what they see as ‘dancing with the devil’ or so called trolls.

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        • I saw that too, during the Heather and APD video, I couldn’t work out who was “not happy” though, as I didn’t know if that was a reply from Nina which contained “I’m not happy at you sharing these” or Angie had first sent an email to Nina saying “I’m not happy at you sharing these.” Can anyone explain? Her email settings look different to mine, so I couldn’t work it out at the time.
          The dating email is an “Ad” but it certainly reflects on her browsing habits. 😀

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          • As does the “Astrology” advert…Google decides what to send you based on what they “see” you looking for online. Last I heard, evangelical Christians weren’t terribly keen on astrology.


          • Fair point, JB. The ‘Re’ in front of the email title indicates that Nina was replying to a message from Angela. So that’s even more intriguing – what was Angela unhappy with Nina about sharing? And why is she picking on someone with serious mental health issues anyway? That’s not like her. Er…

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        • Lol. “Tired from Loneliness? take three simple steps to find your partner”
          1: Do not play grab arse in the kitchen with a man who is more than old enough to be your son.
          2: Do not get involved with a German scam artist/gentleman caller
          3. Do not name everyman you have known as a pedophile

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          • If she’s lonely, she could always get off the internet, fb etc. and get out a bit more.

            She’s hardly going to meet anyone sitting on her arse all day in her apartment.

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          • Wasn’t it Angie who tried to scam the German guy, not the other way around? Or am I remembering wrongly?

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          • Yeah one of the neighbours warned him off and told him not to give her any money!

            Wish they’d tell her donors to do the same.

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          • Can you imagine Angie meeting a man? He comes around to her house one evening and the the first time she goes online in his presence and starts interviewing Heather, talking about her nonsense… he’ll no doubt slip quickly and quietly out the back door and make his lucky escape.. I can picture that happening one day. 😀


          • I don’t reckon Angela has that much chance of pulling a bloke, not a young man anyway, which seems to be her preference.

            Angela has just got to realise that she is nearly 60 not 20.

            She is past it.

            Sad for her but true for her.

            Angela is obsessed with being a “big name”, she is a fake, a liar, zero personality unless a man wants something like that.

            She is simply not good looking, full of lines, more lines because she smokes about 40-60 a day.

            I really cannot find anything nice to say about her.

            Angela is not a catch and she needs to face facts.

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        • I personally think Angela Power Disney might have designs on the body of Jake Clarke. He is already proving useful in paying for Disney’s fags. I think if Angela can get Jake alone in her bedroom, he will find the experience very triggering.


      • Cracking Spot their matey. Neither of these two will ever face reality, sadly for Nina it seems to have ruined a great life she could and still can have. Angie, not so much.

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        • I pity anyone she does hook up and reel in.

          If they google her name then they’ll done a runner if they have any sense.

          They’ve only got themselves to blame if they don’t and Angela’s only got herself to blame that her last hoped for fling didn’t go according to plan.

          Oh dear! You could always hook up with Angela Heifer as I don’t think you’ve much chance of meeting another sperm donor anytime soon.


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    • Wow, too little too late. David Seaman should be sued as well as he called for public hangings of Podesta.
      Just goes there are real consequences to online bahaviour. FINALLY.

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      • The thing I hate most about many of the conspirtwats is misguided arrogance, I noticed in the suggested videos on the right that Paul Joseph Watson cropped up and he is just the worst.
        Same for Angela, Heather “Chubbs” Brown, Nina, Miles, Bellender, ET, and so many others.
        Unbearable smugness and a deluded sense of superiority, completely deluded to the point that their drivel is unlistenable.

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    • The Jones piece is hilarious–definitely has “please don’t sue me!” written all over it. He knows he’s vulnerable and he’s winding his neck in as fast as it’ll go. Bet his lawyers had a stern word with him.

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      • I hope everyone with Pizzagate videos gets sued, hell.. I hope YT get sued for allowing Pizzagate crap all over their site!

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    • Alex Jones fools no-one.

      He has obviously been threatened with a lawsuit that would demolish him much like Hulk Hogan finished off that nasty gossip site Gawker.
      He can still be found personally responsible and financially bankrupted.
      Wait until the gunman who entered the pizza restaurant and fired a gun says in court he is regular Alex Jones’ listener and was inspired by him to act.

      Same goes for all the other internet loonies promoting peesagate and the Hampstead hoax.
      # they will say Jones has been nobbled of course or part of the ‘controlled opposition” because..he is married to a Jewish lady. Always it’s the Jewish connection.

      The Bell Tolls for You as well Angela Power-Disney et al. You will get your just deserts in a court one day.

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      • Yes!! The Marietta, GA. shooter Justin Hess was incited to AJ’s “call to arms”, he shot his Mom 17 times! YT’er WOUND him up Good but HE WAS CALLING Govt. Offices for months/yrs? and posted crazy “open carry” (ALSO HEAVILY PROMOTED BY A.J.) vids with Police for Pete’s Sake. Why is it SO important NOW after their POISON has already ruined the POTUS election by pandering to the lowest common denominator? What CRAP! Why no class action by Newtown Parents against A.J.?

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    • Yes I’ve seen some of those before on YouTube.

      I feel a bit sorry for the woman.

      Another vulnerable one but she’s not very exciting, rather drones on and on and on and on…

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  2. Nice distillation by MKD:

    There are just no depths to which Angela won’t stoop. She clearly sent that letter to herself (as proven at the time). Besides, that rather shoddy HR letterhead is clearly stapled on. And the Sheva thing is a new one – Angie’s suddenly attached her name to it out of the blue to get in with Chubby. And what on Earth is her “logic” here anyway? She says in this video that the sender went to great lengths not to be traced, which begs two questions – why would they add their own letterhead if they were trying to be anonymous and how the hell would Angie work out that it was Sheva? Sorry, Angie, but lying is just one more thing that you are really really shit at.

    Meanwhile, Angie’s rant about Sheva being an undercover cop is just bizarre. And why the fuck is Angela calling on people to go round to Sheva’s house to violently confront her if she thinks she’s a copper?! how does that work, Angie?

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    • Can’t Angie at least make up her mind about who runs this blog? Is it Ricky? Sheva? Yannis? Belinda? The CIA? James Hind? The UK government? She’s accused them all (and more) along the way.

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      • Well, I’m reliably informed that the well known MI5 disinfo’ agent Heather Brown runs this blog but you didn’t hear that from me, capeesh?

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    • WTF the fuck is she on about with ‘Dolly Parton’s Tits”??
      Angela’s “class action” lol. Who would be in, myself and I. Honestly Power-Disney has clearly had a lifetime of conning the gullible, foolish and non-too-bright but the internet exposes all that,

      No wonder she reminds me of that fraudster and con-artist & reputed associate Andrea Davison, now working for a pretty nasty Boiler Room gang in Bangkok and who, according to my local spies, was taken out to a bar for “drinks” by the 2 very nasty chaps from Manchester who run the gang and introduced to a young Thai man on a motorbike and reminded that a “hit’ in Thailand costs about $300 as she was ordered to shut the fuck up with her MI5/6 spy crap as it was drawing unwanted attention.

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  3. Highly Significant :
    I’m not sure everyone will have followed the Janice Duffy Vs Google case in South Australia where she sued Google for defamation and for not removing links to defamation’s from their search engine.$100k-for-defamation/7051450
    “Google ordered to pay Dr Janice Duffy $100,000 plus interest in defamation case”

    While the damages were modest even though they were the maximum, the legal costs will be in the $Millions. Australia is unique in that courts previously ruled Google and search engines could be held liable for linking to libels while a UK court ruled the opposite and the USA of course :that hokey ‘freedom of speech’ mantra is roiled out.

    The devil is in the detail. And not reported.

    While the damages award is under appeal one fact emerged during the trial which Duffy’s lawyers used and which was accepted by the judge (exhausting her funds- she conducted the final days of the case herself against 2 Google QCs). Duffy, a trained researcher provided 100s of examples of advertisers whose adverts appeared along side the libels of her, basically proving that Google were profiting off her distress along with her pleas to numerous advertisers, insurance companies etc, who in turn ordered Google to ensure these adverts ceased appearing in such cases.

    The Supreme Court judge accepted this and made a ruling that Google was profiteering off the libels against her and this demolished their claims of being an innocent “bystander” likening it to a delivery truck delivering goods while the truck was emblazoned with defamatory claims with the driver trying to claim innocence. He also dismissed Google’s experts who spent days trying to explain the concept of algorithms as a nonsense that the ordinary net surfer or advertiser could not understand and expressed this was an attempt to claim innocence on Google’s behalf while still keeping the profits.

    In the last 3 court appearances in this case, Duffy and her lawyer were amazed that Youtube, Facebook and Twitter all had barristers in court as ‘observers’. The ramifications are obvious : libel payouts may be dwarfed by actions against large advertisers by plaintiffs with the possibility of class actions.
    The net giants deserve no sympathy : they have dodged and weaved and prevaricated each & every time someone alerts them to either criminality, racial attacks & abuse and harassment on their sites
    # A friend of mine Tweeted QANTAS Airlines with an example of their advert appearing on Breitbart and received a same day response saying that this would never happen again.
    # Duffy has about 30 advertisers in her sights- several are negotiating a settlement.

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      • Something of a landmark case GoS.Thanks.

        In the wild west of the internet the big guns have been pillaging rich seams with scant regard to the effects on the lives of individuals.Folks like Janice Duffy and many others yet to come are not prepared to become fodder and collaterol damage at the hand of these bulldozing,open cast bastards anymore.Enough has become most definately enough.

        As these companies start to fear the reality of massive compensation hits they will have little choice but to sort their soddin algorithms (and general attitude) out BEFORE wrecking havoc in peoples lives.With freedom to roam has to come responsibilty.

        I cannot help feeling the recent take downs of A&E crowdfunding pages will in part be due to a wave of near panic that will be rising to a crescendo in financial/legal corridors of these power possessors.Pending and future law suits by the likes of RD/children and many many others could make PPI fiasco resemble a fleeting fiscal correction.

        Yar blinking Hoo 🙂

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      • Perhaps we should start capturing evidence of advertisers who are being associated with the pictures and the videos of the children for a future group libel case against google and/or their clients?????

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  4. Kurt Cochran was an American tourist, from Utah, on a European vacation. He and his wife were in Westminster the day of the attack. Kurt was killed and his wife is in hospital.
    I personally didn’t know Kurt but take a look at the uploader’s replies to me, and to Kurt’s friend.

    Why do people like that see real events as a hoax and a hoax as a real event? They’re unbelievable.

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      • This is appalling. When a loved one dies suddenly and unexpectedly, especially in such tragic circumstances, it’s hard enough for family members to cope with their grief. When you add to that the ravings of people like this, who for whatever sick reasons wish to pretend that your loved one never existed in the first place, or that his death was somehow “faked”, the burden of grief is increased a hundredfold.

        These idiots don’t bother to consider the hideous pain they’re inflicting—for them, it’s all about pushing their disgusting theories. I believe there ought to be penalties under law for this sort of deliberate infliction of emotional agony.

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    • I just feel furious at these dickheads who have to jump on any tragedy in order to draw attention to themselves. There are quite a few of these videos already. Absolutely sickening.

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  5. My latest review Twitter on the search using RD name revealed:

    1. a major image of RD children with faces and names – asking where are they?
    2. images – death threats to RD.

    Both challenged – referred to Twitter moderation system.

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      • Out of 300 million Yanks hardly a huge success. Seems some were walking off..bored? He weaved just about every conspiracy into his quilt and then sort of mocked Americans wanting a minimum wage. How does that come into the mix?
        Titus is also clearly anti-gay which is a theme many conspiraturds have adopted since the LGBT have had successes with gaining their proper rights and I reckon much of this is driven covertly by the hard right-wing “Christian” fundamentalists.

        The Pizza owner is openly gay but Titus saw something sinister in him wearing a leather jerkin. Hope he never wanders near Christopher St in New York, he’ll come down with a fever when he sees the heavy leather mob in the streets.
        Of course all statistics show that instances of pedophilia is basically equal in heterosexual and homosexuals and often some offenders abuse both sexes which confirms that this type of abuse is often about wielding power over innocents.

        So Titus will go back to his computer and continue to surf and think he’s waging war against imaginary foes while real people will actually be out there doping something positive to aid Syrian kids or the vicitms of wars everywhere.

        And lo & behold, a report appears in the media just last week about the instances of black teens who have gone missing with little fanfare and this mob latches onto the theme demonstrating their utter lack of concern unless the media tells them to jump.


        • Walking off bored, perhaps, but I also reckon that a large number of the people you can see were just passing pedestrians. Remember this is a public park on a reasonably sunny Saturday afternoon, so there must have been lots of them around. I suspect that some of them just stopped out of curiosity, thought “What’s this bollocks?”, listened to the weirdos droning on about pizzas and trolls for two minutes, then pissed off for ice cream. And fair play to them, I say.


      • I have changed by opinion of the cameraman, and pulled a 180 Big Gay Al tactic and think he is a genius. His video on Seaman derailed the whole Pizzagate gang leaders scams, today he spent all the time belittling and undermining everyone he came across. LTV is either a genius, or accidently wrecking shop on the PG Hoax.
        Either way, he’s doing some good work.


    • Titus Frost dares mention pedosadists while he is supporting Abraham fucking Christe a 3 time child abuser! what a wanker.

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  6. It was evident from the beginning that the children had been coached and prompted by the hoax idiots.

    The children were reciting responses to leading questions without emotional attachment. Their responses were exactly the same each time they were questioned, indicating that these were learned or rehearsed.

    The idiots questioning the children were asking rehearsed and leading questions.

    When questioned by the police we see a marked difference, The lack of an emotional connection is still evident and the children were no longer ‘playing the game’ they had been coached to play because they were being questioned by ‘authoritative’ adults.

    It is just incredible that there are idiots who still believe this rubbish.

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    • Yes, there are several giveaways: the repetitive use of certain catch-phrases that children that age would not understand, such as “face our fear”; the fact that the adults are so clearly state-managing and directing the children’s statements; the fact that the children often stumble over their words, as though they haven’t quite rehearsed enough; the fact that they require prompting to get certain bits correct; and, in the police interviews, the fact that there are so many inconsistencies between the two children’s stories. It takes quite a bit of effort to overlook all this, but apparently the conspirasheep are capable of a great deal of wilful blindness.

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      • Because they don’t care what the truth is, nor do they genuinely care about these children or any others.
        It is the same political sex slander campaigning it has always been. The real narrative is this:
        “Rise up! The elites are raping (trafficking/sexually torturing/sacrificing/eating) your/our children!”
        Note the pizzagate protesters saying things like: “we won’t let them do this to our children”, but – guaranteed – NONE of those protesters has a child proven in a court to have been sexually abused by some politician or celebrity.

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