Ella’s strange cult activities re-examined

Angela Power-Disney does waffle on, doesn’t she? The other day she published three videos in which she “exposed” her erstwhile friend and fellow Hoaxtead mobster Tracey Morris—literally hours of Angela droning on about Tracey’s various shenanigans.

It’s Angie’s signature move, really: befriending somebody, singing their praises to the skies, and then turning on them and “outing” them on her blog, Facebook, YouTube, or all three. We’ve lost count (well, all of us but the Office Tapir, who remembers everything) of the number of people she’s done this to, but yesterday in our Comments section we were reminded of a particularly egregious instance: her repeated allegations against Ella Gareeva Draper, whom she accuses of having participated in the imaginary Hampstead cult, and of having made videos featuring herself sexually abusing a young child.

We have absolutely no love for Ella, but we reject Angela’s story, which she claims came to her via one of her usual “impeccable sources” who turned out not to actually have the goods. Surprise!

However, a conversation in yesterday’s Comments section reminded us that while Angela’s version of Ellagate was obviously fabricated, there are other well-documented reasons to suspect that Ella was involved in cult activities of one kind or another.

The Gold-Digger Academy

In October 2017 we noted that Ella was the admin of a group on “OK.RU”, a sort of Russian version of Facebook. The group was called “Ellochka the Cannibal”, a well-known Russian fictional character whose single-minded man-hunting proclivities made her the model for Russian “gold-digger academies”.

These schools teach attractive women all they need to know to attract and retain the attentions of wealthy men—so a poor art student, struggling to get by in Moscow, might meet a well-to-do financial expert and latch onto him, just for example.

As commenter Surreal Hustle pointed out, the “gold-digger academies” engage in some very nasty practices:

There is a post on this blog about Ella’s involvement with a “Man-Eater / Gold Digger Academy” and this raised many red flags for me as I have been researching these organisations for almost a decade. Many of them (in fact all of them that have some to my attention) are linked to extremely dangerous cults / sects that harvest collateral / compromat from followers early on in their involvement. The collateral usually takes the form of compromising photos or videos of transgressive sexual acts. This is exactly the same method used by the cult NXIVM, except that in NXIVM the women were told that collateral being collected to keep them in line. In the Gold-digger Academies (often called Goddess schools / Geisha schools / courtesan academies and the like) compromat is collected during “tantric initiations” that are portrayed as spiritual awakenings.

There have been reports in credible sections of the Russian press that, when the police raided these establishments they seized photographs and video films showing cult members sexually abusing children and engaging in sexual acts with animals.

So, just for the record, I do believe that it is possible that some compromising film or video of Ella exists, in fact, given her involvement in the Gold-Digger Academy it would be surprising and unusual if some compromising material on her does not exist. It would certainly consist of Ella engaging in a sexual act that would be considered transgressive and very shameful by most people. That is the whole point of the collection of such material. Such material would have been collected prior to Ella’s marriage to Mr Draper and would not have involved her own children as they had not been born back then.

This interests us, as we recall that in the early days of the Hampstead SRA hoax, Ella complained that RD had been “harassing” her by sending her “unwanted pornography” on her phone. This seemed very odd to us, as the former couple had been involved in a protracted and very bitter legal battle over RD’s access to the children.

Is it possible that the unwanted pornography in question might have been something which either RD or one of his friends dredged up online? We may never really know the answer to this, but it raises some disturbing possibilities.

Ella and the Supreme Master

We can be much more certain, though, of Ella’s involvement in a well-known cult: as Ydychyncachu Tracey pointed out yesterday, Ella was a devotee of the “Supreme Master” Ching Hai, who claims to have a direct pipeline to God (don’t they all?).

An article on DW.com states,

In just four years, vegan restaurant Loving Hut has opened more than 200 locations in the United States, Austria, Germany, Australia and South America, which makes it the biggest vegan chain worldwide. Its founder, known as Ching Hai, has more than 500,000 followers (by some counts up to 2 million) who believe she has direct conversations with God and call her Supreme Master.

With thousands of videos on YouTube showing spiritual lectures going back to the 1990s, Ching Hai preaches all over the world to acolytes of a meditation-based philosophy she has dubbed Quan Yin. Wearing colorful outfits and sitting on outlandish sets with one or two favored followers, Ching Hai mixes Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam to instruct her believers in how they can achieve higher levels of consciousness and also speak directly to God. She claims to be the next “master” following in the likes of Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed.

In the lectures, she also reminds her adherents that they should not be ashamed of making money, “people will make you feel guilty about making money…it’s none of their business.”

She also sometimes advocates something called breatharianism, which is a denial of food and water in favor of spiritual “sustenance.” The practice, sometimes associated with older religions, has been tied to numerous dehydration and starvation deaths.

In a 1999 article in The Independent, Ching Hai’s London recruitment drive was highlighted. At that time, alarm was expressed over her organisation’s control over members:

Fears are growing…that Ching Hai’s recruits have undergone changes in personality after being recruited at great speed. According to the Cult Information Centre, relatives of her followers are also worried by the large amounts of merchandise available to disciples and the money they can spend to be in the presence of their leader. Last week the sect gained 300 new British members during a course of 19 lectures where people crowded around desks to be “initiated” before being “immediately enlightened” by Ching Hai.

Recruits are interviewed and have to follow five rules including becoming vegetarian and meditating for two-and-a-half hours a day.

Visitors to Ella’s home prior to the Hampstead hoax have told us that her walls were plastered with posters featuring Ching Hai. And readers might recall that during the police interviews, the little girl mentioned that she was able to meditate for three hours per day, though she did not enjoy it and tried to find ways out of it.

Whether Ella’s involvement in Russia’s gold-digger academies led to incriminating material being posted online or not, she certainly did not seem averse to exposing her children to a bona fide cult which advocates some very strange practices.

Peculiar, then, that when it came time to accuse her ex-partner of the most heinous crimes possible, she chose to set them in the context of cults and cult behaviour. Then again, we suppose it’s easiest to talk about what one already knows. Ella Draper Ellochka the Cannibal 2017-10-18

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  1. “It’s Angie’s signature move, really: befriending somebody, singing their praises to the skies, and then turning on them and “outing” them on her blog, Facebook, YouTube, or all three. We’ve lost count (well, all of us but the Office Tapir, who remembers everything) of the number of people she’s done this to…”

    Thanks, EC. And your wish is my command…

    Friends Angela’s alienated/fallen out with:

    Alan Alanson
    Eilish de Avalon
    Sandy Bergen
    Biggi Boho
    Heather Brown (on and off)
    Abraham Christie
    Kris Costa
    Beth ‘Jockney Rebel’ Donnellly
    Ella Draper
    Dawn ‘Hope Girl’ Feagin
    Jason Goodman
    Wesley Hall
    Christine Hart
    Miles Johnston
    Arthur Kaoutal
    Mary McDermott
    Belinda McKenzie
    Jim McMenamin
    Tracey Morris
    Stephanie Oostveen
    Andy Peacher
    Rupert Quaintance
    Melanie Shaw
    Margaret Sneddon
    Nina Valentine
    Sonia van Gelder
    Mel Ve
    Charlotte Ward

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  2. Many of them (in fact all of them that have some to my attention) are linked to extremely dangerous cults / sects that harvest collateral / compromat from followers early on in their involvement.

    So they purport to be teaching a scam to would-be scammers, whiley in fact they are operating a scam on them?

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    • It’s claimed the scientologists do that. some would say the catholic church’s confession is open to abuse. cults are bad m’kay.

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    • Some of them are exactly like that Smut Clyde, some present themselves in different ways, with more of an emphasis on being a spiritual school of shamanism, a yoga school, a tantra school, an academy where parents learn how to raise genius children, a business school teaching the “money making secrets” of the Jews or the ancient Egyptians.

      Women are generally treated so badly in Russia and have such little power that marrying a wealthy man, whether a Russian “Forbes” or a foreigner, like Mr Draper (Ella’s mission was a success in that respect) is an aspiration for many. Feminism is considered a disease of the West. Domestic violence and rape are serious problems and victims seldom secure justice. Women have very limited choices and these academies exploit a range of women from would be scammers and social climbers through to women who are vulnerable through poverty, abuse and poor mental health.

      The article linked to in the original Hoaxtead article is below and well worth a read.


      The article describes the school that teach women how to ensnare a wealthy husband and they charge a lot of money to do so.

      At one time I could have shown you clips on the BBC and on Channel 4 where famous journalists visited one of the most monstrous of the cults involved. In both examples the cultic school concerned was reported on with an element of humour and disbelief but the reporters seemed unaware of quite the kind of enterprise they were involved with.

      The female reporter on the Channel 4 documentary at least expressed disgust that the school taught women to lick men’s arseholes in order to impress them but taught them that they should never expect a reciprocal arse licking. The BBC male reporter seemed embarrassed to watch a class in which women were invited to practice deep-throating bananas. He declined to try the banana element of the class himself and seemed rather shocked by the whole thing.

      Both programmes have since been removed from all platforms and are unavailable, which is probably for the best.

      The more overtly cultic end of these businesses emphasise a range of practices including but not limited to:

      Complete, unquestioning obedience to a teacher or guru
      Prolonged periods of chanting and / or meditation
      Vegan, low protein raw food diets
      Water fasts (prolonged periods of starvation)
      So called “liver cleanses” (the use of emetics and purges)
      The use of enemas to rid the body of “blockages”
      Drinking urine as a form of medicine
      Theatre and acting skills
      Clowning skills (often presented as a sacred path)
      Yoga, especially kundalini and tantric yoga but any kind of yoga will do
      Tantra / neo-tantra
      The acquisition of sexual and seduction skills
      The acquisition of erotic dance skills including pole dace / lap dance / striptease
      The acquisition of skills in bellydance and other dances that may be perceived as sexy e.g. tango
      The acquisition of skills in hypnotism and emotional manipulation
      The acquisition of martial arts skills (although to be fair the “martial arts” they learn are usually as fake as everything else the teach)
      A syncretic mishmash of spiritual beliefs incorporating appropriated and twisted elements of shamanism, Buddhism, sexualised “tantra”, Hinduism, Christianity, the debunked works of the fraud Carlos Castaneda and whatever else they can think of.
      Aliens usually feature in the narrative, sometimes the guru claims to be an alien
      Training in divination, astrology, tarot etc.
      The use of “magical make-up” – basically drugs applied via the transdermal route
      The consumption of highly addictive drugs via so called “life-enhancing elixirs” that leave students in a robotic, disengaged state.
      The denouncing and abandonment of friends and family. The guru is everything.

      One of the links to false SRA allegations that these “schools” have is the teaching that trauma is trapped in the body at a cellular level. Narratives about “awakening” and “yoni activation / awakening” through intimate massage, learning “sacred sexual secrets” and learning how to use supernatural energy fields in the body and how to use orgasms to develop supernatural powers permeate various schools of body psychotherapies and schools for goddesses / gold-diggers.

      We have already started to discuss here some of the many links between body psychotherapies, cults and false allegations of SRA / CSA.

      In the below link various “academics” posit that quack body psychotherapy can be used to treat DID

      The Notorious SRA promoter Norma Howes, who presented a lecture in the UK on 22nd September 2018, is now practicing as a Sensorimotor Psychotherapist (a body psychotherapist)

      SRA promoter Phil Mollon has his insane theories about “energy therapies” plastered all over the www.

      Self-proclaimed SRA survivor and sinister cult leader Teal Swan also has multiple articles and videos re “tantra” using orgasms and sacred energy to awaken human body. She posits that women need to remember / awaken their “divine feminine”. The below video is an interesting example

      She describes the divine feminine as something that women repress and that they need to awaken. In some ways this narrative mirrors that of Scientology. The concept is that humans have forgotten who we are. In Scientology we are alien souls reincarnated in human bodies. In goddess cults and gold-digger academies women are really goddesses who have forgotten who they really are. In both instances they are invited to “remember who they really are”. Both Scientology and the goddess schools are, at heart, organisations inviting us to remember things that never happened. They are organisations whose foundations are false memories.

      Narratives regarding gender are common in these sects and a much promoted theme is that feminism is toxic and that women are pressurised by society to be masculine and that to become empowered women need to awaken their “inner goddess” (actually her inner “holy whore”) who knows about ancient spiritual and sexual secrets. The narrative is like a highly sexualised version of the “surrendered wife” movement combined with pick up artist and hypnotism / NLP skills.

      Another common theme is to present sex work as a sacred sexual path that helps women to be lightworkers, goddesses, “dakinis”, etc. and to awaken the planet from it’s state of sleep. It is unsurprising that some of these schools have faced legal problems in various territories, usually relating to criminal charges re sex trafficking and other sexual offences including sexual offences against children.

      In these schemes women learn to “awaken their inner goddess” and then are encouraged to set up their own goddess school with associated blog / website / FB page / youtube channel inviting more women to do the same. And so it spreads, like a virus, via social contagion and multi-level marketing.

      Because of the way in which it spreads via social networking sites, it leaves a trail behind and anyone taking to time to examine the lineages can identify “tics” or indicators and email addresses, telephone numbers etc. that demonstrate the evolution of the schools and their histories. Taking screen shots is highly recommended. Saving videos and webpages in the archive also recommended. Websites come down, FB groups close and change, videos come down or are changed to “private”.

      It is no big surprise to me that Ella was (is?) involved in such schemes. She fits the demographic in many ways. Yoga teacher, new age entrepreneur, raw vegan diet, promoting videos on “natural” ways to stay young (facial yoga), promoter of cannabis as a cure-all, into enemas / colonic irrigation, neglectful of her children and incredibly narcissistic. I can’t help wondering whether her robotic, distant, disengaged manner is a result of the consumption of “elixirs”?

      Again I am left feeling devastated for Ella’s children, for Mr Draper and for RD. They all deserve so much better and I hope that they can find some much deserved peace and enjoyment in their lives.

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      • Here is a non-recent Russian documentary regarding possibly the most notorious of these gold-digger academies / goddess schools, the extremely dangerous “Ashram Shambala”. Warning: Includes distressing scenes.

        The video shows a reporter attempting to infiltrate a yoga event run by the sect. Yoga is one of the many fronts the sect uses to disguise its activities.
        The video shows a lot of non-recent promotional material produced by the sect. In one horrifying scene a skeletal cult follower shows off his emaciated body, apparently in the belief that he possesses supernatural martial arts skills (a common delusion of people in the cult).

        At 5.03 you can see cult members engaging in the practice of acting out stabbing cult enemies, this is a routine practice in the cult.

        The cult teaches that “might is right” Hitler was a wonderful person who was misunderstood. Women should be sexy “goddesses” who serve men sexually. People not in the cult are “grey mice” upon whom any violent act can be committed with impunity. Cult members are routinely drugged with addictive psychoactive substances, recommended by the cult as life enhancing “elixirs”.

        longer video here

        Pay attention especially at 5.12, where there is a brief clip showing some of the promotional material of a goddess school / gold digger academy (similar brief cutaways appear throughout the documentary) – this is exactly the kind of group that Ella was involved with and in fact appears to be an administrator for such an online group.

        13 mins in there is a brief section showing one of the first of many sections showing a popular pastime for cult members; practicing stabbing enemies of the cult.

        At 15.36 there are brief cutaways of goddess / gold-digger school promotional material and then a section showing the distressed parents of a missing young woman who got involved with the sect. The mother leafs through a folder showing various certificates awarded to her daughter by the “school” before she went missing.

        At 16.42 a former cult member leafs through a similar document folder from the same organisation. The website URL on the top of the page is no longer active but you can see a translated version of a 2012 archived page here


        I would recommend NOT clicking on any links in the above archived page. Just read it and then close the link.

        The section immediately following this is interesting as the former cult member talks about the school’s training in yoga and massage and at 18.09 there is another brief clip of some of the sect’s published materials.

        Viewers wishing to avoid watching scenes of extreme violent abuse / torture of women and subsequently of a helpless cat by the cult leader are advised to skip the section between 23.33 to 25.25

        at 35.10 the report refers to the use of drugs by the cult

        at 35.12 the report covers criminal charges against a senior member of he sect a man called Pavel (Paul) Handozhko whose face is clearly visible in the footage. He is a Russian psychiatrist and surgeon who is fairly high up in the cult and a very close associate of the leader.

        He travels all over the world recruiting new members and was in the UK in 2010.

        I have photos of him attending a raw food cafe in Chalk Farm, NW London, at this time. I also have screen shots from his blog advertising his London events.

        He has HIV and is wanted in Russia for infecting dozens of people with HIV in orgies presented to followers as “tantric rituals”.

        Even though the above videos are in Russian language they are worth paying attention to. They show how many Russian families are losing their beloved children to this disgusting cult.

        To conclude:
        I have no idea whether Ella sexually abused children. However her involvement in a gold-digging / man-eater academy does raise the possibility that she has been involved serious criminality including sexually transgressive acts. It is extremely likely that someone somewhere possesses compromat on Ella.

        In fact Ella was not simply involved in a gold-diggers’ academy, she ticks all the boxes indicating involvement in one of the sinister criminal sects that use sexual rituals and the sexual abuse of minors as part of their MO.

        Operates as an admin in a goddess / gold-digger school – major red flag
        Succeeded in marrying a wealthy, influential man – check
        Involvement in yoga – check
        Advocates raw, vegan diet – check
        Advocates enemas / colonic irrigation / purging – check
        New age entrepreneur – check
        Promoting anti-ageing products or techniques – check
        Advocates the use of psychoactive drugs to attain enlightenment – check
        Appears to be under the influence of drugs / robotic – check
        Alienated from immediate family – check
        promoter of conspiracy theories – check
        Abandoned her children – check

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        • Also Ella’s involvement in the Ching Hai sect does not in any way detract from her involvement in the gold-digger academy and associated cults.

          To study cults is to study networks, nodes and how networks interact with one another.

          While some people might possibly be involved in insular cults that have little or no connection to other cults this is not the case for most cults. Even before the internet many cults endorsed each other and gurus and leaders posed for photos and PR events alongside other gurus and leaders. Cults are just businesses and in the same way that DJs and producers in a certain genre of music will promoted and endorse each other cults do the same thing.

          Most people involved in Ashram Shambala, to my knowledge, are also involved in other cults. It is easy to target vulnerable people and recruit them if they have a social network page identifying their interests, especially if they are already involved with cults that have been exposed on reputable news sites or on cult awareness websites. Anyone who is a proud member of a cult that has been exposed multiple times is someone with a strong commitment to “positive thinking” (critical thinking is based on fear. or something). They are likely to reject the MSM as a source of information. They are ripe for the picking by other cults.

          The worst of these cults are merely criminal enterprises. If you look at the traditional structure for Italian mafia networks it is pyramidal. The Don is at the top of the pyramid, the Capos are underneath him and the soldiers are at the bottom. OC networks emanating from former soviet territories have a different structure. They are not pyramidal, they are nebulous shape shifters. Individuals may belong to several networks or may shift alliances. Networks form, disperse and reform depending on the task in hand. This shape-shifting model seems to me to be the new way in which OC networks operate post internet.

          The study of cultic networks is the study of shape shifting, nebulous entities. Their use of social networking websites and their strategy of “cuckooing” the personal blogs and social network pages of vulnerable people means that they can change appearance and form extremely rapidly.

          In some ways they are like this remarkable creature

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        • Just realised that the videos I linked to show old video footage that is very out of date
          Nowadays recruitment looks more like this

          I think the last video gives a clear impression of the brand of the cult and how it appeals to new agers

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          • The female to the left of the first video has travelled extensively internationally including long periods in the UK. She is Lithuanian. Poster who have known Ella, Araya Soma and others in the dirty 30 IRL may recognise her.

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        • I have to say, I thought a “Gold Diggers School” would just be a paticularly venal charm school, equipping young women to snare rich older men. This is coming across as closer to the Manson Family.

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      • I can remember watching this documentary years back and can remember my disbelief at the sex lessons in how to please a man as a way of winning a Westerner,

        “The female reporter on the Channel 4 documentary at least expressed disgust that the school taught women to lick men’s arseholes in order to impress them but taught them that they should never expect a reciprocal arse licking. The BBC male reporter seemed embarrassed to watch a class in which women were invited to practice deep-throating bananas. He declined to try the banana element of the class himself and seemed rather shocked by the whole thing.”

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        • You’re welcome SC

          This isa youtube channel from the Mexican wing of the cult – should let you know that this is a massive criminal network operating in multiple territories internationally


          If you check out the videos you will see videos promoting colonic irrigation, tantra, bellydance, healing foods, yoga type exercises and spiritual retreats to the Altai mountains in Siberia.

          This old video shows some of the subjects I have described in earlier posts being taught in Mexico

          I would advise extreme caution re researching these networks. They are extremely dangerous, not least because they exert profound influence over many mentally unwell and brainwashed people all over the world (see earlier cult activity of practicing stabbing enemies with knives).

          The earliest videos on this channel feature a female with many aliases who appears in many of the cult videos. In these videos she is called Miradas, she is also known as Tamara Ra and Ilirya Kanti and a load of other names.

          Also this is the sexual predator and criminal who is wanted in Russia for infecting dozens of people with HIV. Like all the people in this network he uses multiple aliases.

          He liked to hang out in Chalk Farm in London when he was here. He was especially keen on an expensive raw / superfood vegan cafe in Chalk Farm (now closed) and also a yoga school in the area (re-branded – under new ownership?). I have not been on FB for a while but from my old screen shots of his FB friends pages I know that he is / was FB friends without least one of the original dirty thirty.

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  3. So ella was trained to be able to romance and control wealthy men for her own gain ? probably skipped a few lessons as she ended up with a failed gold investor cum hemp soup nutritionist who helped her lose custody of both her children and flee the uk as a wanted fugitive. I recently read a post where someone claimed abe would publicly drink his own pee as a party trick.

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  4. Cat & Malcolm’s Butt-Hurt Bonanza:


    A roundup of the last 24 hours of fuming, fury and feather-spitting by the Highland Hag and the Kincorth Creep

    I particularly love how they’ve posted a Wiki entry that states ‘coyote’ means someone who smuggles people into the US – and that it has nothing to do with people-trafficking – to ‘prove’ that EC traffics children into the UK. I genuinely believe that these people don’t actually read their own sodding evidence before posting it!

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  5. Keyrings you say ? well a key is used by a gatekeeper of course. and we all know what a gatekeeper is. as for ring ? well this is the ring a satanistickal term for anus and also a very real circle drawn on the terrorchamber floor with a child’s dismembered limbbone dipped in blood and known to initiates as the ring of fire. Only when inside the confines of the ring is it ignited. and it burns burns burns, the ring of fire. Be careful not to fall into a ring of fire. the mouse of course is symbolic of the saucemakers apparatus, chill medievel devices to harvest the hormonal juicewaters of a victims prostate glands as they are sacraficiated on the alter of darkness. the skull represents the skull, no symbolistickal elements there. i declare her guilty of keyringery most foul.

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    • Roman popalovski attended many terrorchamber masses while researching rose marie’s baby and he later showed the ring of fire ceremony in the nine greats with johnny depp as a turfaccountant who stumbles into frank langella’s evil insurance scam to raise the value of antique books and get his castle fixed up. i watched the film only through a tinted mirror with to sound off to prevent mack basking of subliterate messages defeating me.

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  6. Two things strike me about ella.
    1. she is incredibly uptight and completely obsessed with control. she flies into rages when challenged and smoulders bitterly over any challenge to her.
    2. she never acts alone. she had abe make the videos and put the children before the camera. she had other people post the police interviews on her behalf. on the recent polygraph fiasco she had footage of a long dead person cut into it to speak on her behalf along with the polygraph specialist. ella very rarely does anything without someone else pretending to be an expert on her behalf.

    as for the compromising video that was reduced to ‘written evidence’ from a vague source and related to oldcastle’s journo in chief ? i’d give that a very wide berth as it’s probably imaginary at best.

    as far as cults go i’m not very clued up beyond watching stuff on tv but they do attempt to convince people of all manner of bizarre practices at large in the unsafe world beyond the true beliving members of the cult.

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  7. Damn it. finger slipped and i lost an entire boxful. i forgot what i wrote now. in short i think it’s possible the vegan cult influenced ella in some ways, it’s equally possible she was already of a mind to agree with the cult if it echoed her own opinions. as for the importance of diet it was central to the issues that first brought ella into conflict with the teachers and social services concerned the children were underfed.


  8. Now assuming you’re an extremist vegan who is almost militantly against meat your absolute nemesis and chief nightmare would be an infanticidal anthropophage (anyone who isn’t a joe d’amato fan or egregdously overvocabulized can google it, that means you cat and malcolm). so maybe the cult or the meditation planted the cannabalistic elements into the storyline. maybe cult members believe that any outsiders eat babies ? just a thought. obsession with food is frequently a problem for people with control issues, just google ian brady or anorexia for more details.


  9. Well. I just want to know what’s taking Interpol so long in capturing Abe and Ella? RD and his kids and all the people unfairly harmed by those criminals have a right to justice. Eddie et al are itching to restart this hoax. What will stop its re-emrgence is for all those who started this evil lie to be behind bars. Come on The Police, do your job please!

    I have an unrelated question that I hope you guys can help me with because its something that is upsetting me greatly.

    My neighbour for some reason has become fixated with me and he has asked me to be his life partner. This neighbor is in his early 60s, I am over 30 years younger than him, he has also told me he has come up with a new religious way of life were you can’t eat meat or drink milk or buy wood or paper or write with pencils but he has written a letter to me. Confusing isnt it?? Its so odd, he clearly is unstable and he does have bipolar so I wonder if he is off his meds? Couple of weeks ago he also exposed himself to me as he was looking at me across the street from his window and he has been knocking on my door constantly as he has stated in the letter he wants me to answer his letter or ask him questions about his religion-which was two pages long. In that creepy letter he says he is not egotistical but he is and creepy. I am literally living in fear. I feel like he is becoming a dangerous stalker. Also I haven’t spoken to him for over a year as he tried to start problems with me with other neighbors and come on to me. I rebuffed him and ran away from him. I really dislike him.

    Please advise me in what I should do. My friend thinks I should report him to the mental health department in our area or even the police. But I don’t want to if it will make things worse as he lives one door down. But if I need to I will. Another friend has said her husband will talk to him but it could turn nasty and I don’t think that’s a good idea either as it might lead to confrontation or even violence.

    Thank you for reading and I hope you can help me.

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    • Sorry to hear about your experience Rose

      Definitely, definitely phone the police. It sounds like a potentially dangerous situation. He is harassing you and in exposing himself to you he has committed a crime. It is an extremely unsafe situation and you need all the help and support you can get.

      You may also like to phone your local rape crisis or similar helpline. The helplines are there for women who have been sexually assaulted and your neighbour exposing himself to you is a kind of sexual assault and can be deeply traumatising. What concerns me the most about this is that it is part of a pattern of slaking and harassment of you. He may be harassing others online or in real life. He sounds potentially dangerous unless he gets urgent treatment.

      I appreciate that you don’t want to make matters worse but you are in a a dangerous situation right now.

      You have the letters from him yes? This is great as it is evidence of harassment. Record any further interactions / conversations with him on your phone. Also explain to the police that you are afraid of making things worse. They may be able to contact the MH team and get him sectioned without him knowing it was you who reported him.

      You may prefer to phone the police and make an appointment to attend the police station or to request non-uniformed police to attend for discretion.

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      • Thank you surreal hustle. Yes I will call the police because things are getting out of hand. Yes I do have the letters. Thank you for advising me. Its means a lot.

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        • I think that you would be wise to follow the advice from Surreal Hustle. This man has already displayed behaviour that is way beyond anything that could be described as normal behaviour. It is best to try and get this man stopped before he gets worse. Don’t feel guilty or sorry for him when reporting him to the police as you have done nothing wrong whereas he has already overstepped many boundaries.

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          • Flashing his old chap at you is never a good sign and unchecked there’s a likelihood it could escalate to something more extreme. the guy’s obviously got a screw loose and isn’t very happy so needs a mental health intervention before he pulls his stunts on the wrong person and gets beaten up or worse. call the authorities and maintain that you want him compassionately attended to as a sick person and not a malicious criminal. i’m sure there’s a department for steering lonely old perverts back on to the straight and narrow short of clink.

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        • Jasmine Rose, I have gone through something eerily similar to what you are going through, only a few years ago. Please, contact the Police.

          Also, pass on any crime reference numbers to his landlord (private, council, Housing Association) and make them aware. They may remove him from the property.

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        • Arthur Pint and surreal hustle thank you. I have spoken to the police this morning and a non-uniformed police officer will come over tomorrow morning. The police operator also said they will have to get mental health involved too if he does have a mental health issue. As well as discuss ways of protecting me like restraining order. I just hope I will get no more letters from him and he leaves me alone.

          Will keep you all posted.

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          • I hope he leaves you alone too.

            I don’t know where you are, or whether you own or rent your home, but in the U.K. if you or your neighbour are council or housing association tenants they can get involved protecting you as well. Not harassing neighbours is often on private tenancies.

            I hope the police are helpful.

            If you are in immediate danger ring 999 or whatever your emergency number for police is.

            There are also charities who provide advice to victims of stalking.

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          • Good for you for doing the right thing.

            If he had done to someone else what he had done to you, you would have no hesitation in advising her that she reported him to the police.

            The effect of violating sexual and other assaults and harassment is, very often, to leave the victim questioning her/his own reality and I think that this is what happened to you Rose. I have experienced it myself, countless times.

            When someone intrudes upon our life in a violating and frightening manner we cannot comprehend it. “People are not supposed to treat me like this” we think and a part of us might think “so maybe it didn’t happen or isn’t serious”. It can have the effect of putting the victim into a helpless trance of inaction.
            Cults routinely abuse victims for exactly this reason.

            Apologies for using your delicate situation to make a point about dissociation, but I think it is important to think about this kind of thing.

            The hoaxers spout insane narratives about MKUltra and the creation of Manchurian candidates or mind controlled super-soldiers and while their narratives are as crazy as they sound there is a grain of truth in the idea of abusing people in order to better control them. Abe knows a thing or two about this very subject.

            I am so pleased that you have stood up for yourself and called the police. If this man intrudes upon you between now and your appointment tomorrow morning just call 999.

            Wishing you well

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          • I really don’t want to alarm you and I’m sorry if this does but I just need to make you aware and to be on alert. Restraining Orders don’t always work and didn’t in my case.

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          • Thank you everyone for your kind words. I didn’t realise the council could help me too in staying safe, I will discuss this with the police too.

            The police operator discussed a woman’s refuge if I was in serious danger so my neighbour doesn’t know where I am.

            Yes I have been informed to call 999 if things get worse and I will guys.

            R.O might not work but atleast it will go on his record so there is a history of his behaviour. I wish I reported him when he exposed himself. I realise now my very calculated and unhinged pervy neighbour is very controlling as he has tried to cause me problems with others all in the hope I believe to isolate me and make him think I will run to him. That will never happen.

            Thanks again 🙂

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          • Well done JasmineRose. You have done the right thing by alerting the police to his behaviour. You just never know what actions you may have prevented him from doing to yourself or somebody else in the future. Well done indeed JR, a great move that you have made, 👍

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    • On a side note to answer your first question, Interpol has no powers of arrest. It is an intelligence sharing operation only.

      Extradition to the UK from Morocco is only available for offenses that carry a sentence over 12 months. Can’t remember if Abe or Ella have ever been charged but criminal harassment has a maximum sentence of 6 months. Those who get headline higher sentences are normally done for breach of an order, contempt of court, or a higher order crime (such as assault) not the original offence.

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  10. The more i think about it the more the extreme diet becomes the central theme of the initial conflict with the school. has anyone got the dates and history of it ? when did abe enter the fray ? before or during the food conflicts ? did ella provide the cannabalism to which abe added the sexual and cult elements ? was ella planning it before she met abe and had him add to the bizarre conspiracy plot ? bloody hell, it’s like listening to beatles records and working out which bits john and paul did.

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    • Looked around. i say around, on here of course. the kids being left alone and hungry dates to 2013. Apparently vegan diets are a complicated affair as there are vital nutrients harder to find outside of meat and dairy so you need to be very careful and really know what you’re doing, doubly so if you’re feeding children. so the food issue predates the Pissdrinking hemphead’s arrival and establishes ella’s initial conflict with the school she would mercilessly attack the next year. i read an interesting blog that theorises that cults use vegetarian or vegan diets to control followers as

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      • Fasting, low calorie and low protein diets are fairly routine as is sleep deprivation.
        You only need 2-3 hours sleep a night if you want to be a shaman. Apparently.
        Also not all cults promote raw, vegan diets but most do in my experience.
        It is easier to control people if they are sleep deprived and starving, obviously,

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        • Yes, it’s interesting to consider how many times the children mention food during the police interviews. Food, the obtaining thereof, etc. obviously loomed very large in their lives at that time. And for some reason they didn’t seem to think that Abe’s hemp soups were particularly tasty.


  11. Ching hai is interesting. once donated a massive sum to the clintons but had it refunded due to concerns of how it was raised. suck that up pizzagatekeepers, suck it up. she also had an illegal artificial island removed by the feds and it’s assumed her followers built it. in china she is considered a dangerous anti communist. she maintains people have ten eyes but nine of them are closed if you’re boozed up. drugs and booze aren’t allowed. she’s vietnamese. she’s worth a mint but is suspected of improper fundraising. she has a clothing line should you wish to dress like a supreme master.

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  12. The hard to find nutrients missing result in impaired mental ability, unclear thoughts, docility, lack of concentration. dunno how much validity there is in that but some people obsessed with control are funny eaters and ella obviously took exception to social workers criticizing her parenting skills and, allegedly, malnourished children. of course the Wankers all conveniently forget this and want to only focus on the tattoos and ‘believe the children’

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  13. Been digging again and just read about mister draper and the monthly payments he made to ella. The comments on that post are closed, just like mister draper’s wallet. i’d love to have been a fly on the wall when ella realized she wasn’t getting her income cheque or bank deposit. don’t suppose the warm salty lager drinker was happy either. oh it’s all gone so monumentally wrong for ella. lost her marriage, lost her boyfriend, lost her kids, lost her uk citizenship (unless she likes prison food), lost her alimony that afforded her a comforable life without working and has to content herself with kisses from the wet salty lips of a urine drinking imbecile who thinks cannabis soup can be given in place of blood in transfusions. not really what you can call a success is she ?

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    • Yes, hardly a success at all Grobnob. Whatever her life-plan involved i am sure that losing her children and being skint whilst unable to return to the UK was not part of her life’s dreams.

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      • She properly Fucked herself up with an absolute anti midas touch own goal of the most inept blackmail attempt ever. if the guiness book of records had a stupidest scheme section she’d be a shoo in.

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    • Someone’s spell check has gone wrong.
      ella gareeva is found in no sense a fit mother.
      you’re welcome.

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      • OK, pardon my dimissitude but I’ve now read that post through three times and can’t see that quote! Whereabouts is it?


        • “Dimissitude” has surely got to be recorded in our Big Book Of Words as today’s word of the day? Well done Tinribs. 👏🏻

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        • ‘Fox dimissa nescit reverti,’ he murmured.
          ‘Dimissus!’ snapped Chapman, always a stickler for that kind of thing.
          ‘Kindly leave my wife out of this,’ Keats said stiffly

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  14. What the actual Fuck is going on with arsehole licking (annilingus, trade ~ rimming, rimjob) being taught as something to do to please me. next they’ll be encouraging them to slip a cheeky finger up the bottle and glass. ladies, golddiggers or otherwise, please restrain yourselves from going anywhere near my jacksy. I’m writing to the british ambassador in moscow about this. i refuse to have russian bints hell bent on tonguing my rusty sherif’s badge. keep these communist sirens out of the uk and away from my chocolate starfish.


  15. What the actual Fuck is going on with arsehole licking (annilingus, trade ~ rimming, rimjob) being taught as something to do to please men. next they’ll be encouraging them to slip a cheeky finger up the bottle and glass. ladies, golddiggers or otherwise, please restrain yourselves from going anywhere near my jacksy. I’m writing to the british ambassador in moscow about this. i refuse to have russian bints hell bent on tonguing my rusty sherif’s badge. keep these communist sirens out of the uk and away from my chocolate starfish.


  16. Something Abraham Christie aka Abe Christie, Abraham Jemal Christie, Papa Hemp and Nemesis says, frequently, “If you are crying you are lying”. I can only conclude childrens’ distress is evidence of deception to the foul individual.

    I know he is paranoid. He assaulted his minor son over an accusation of theft of money, he accepted a police caution for this. You must accept your guilt of the offence to receive a caution. He also accused the children of stealing money and bits and pieces.

    Food comes up a lot with Ella and Abraham. They were raw food devotees. I think Ella was controlling with food.
    Paragraph 27 https://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWFC/HCJ/2015/26.html She also made a fuss about her children eating vegan Hula Hoop crisps.

    Having said that, I don’t really have any criticism of a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet, even for children. I know there are lots of sweets and treats that are vegan!

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    • Yes, it’s not the vegetarianism or veganism which concerns me, but the children’s evident obsession with food. The fact that they were fishing food out of the bins at school says a great deal to me. Interesting, too, that the medical report notes that both were significantly under-sized for their age. While some children are just naturally tiny, RD’s children’s current pictures don’t show them as emaciated or under-sized, which makes me wonder whether they had gone a very long time without enough to eat.

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    • I believe the phrase is “Lie, cry and deny” and it’s something I’ve been happy to throw back at him whenever he’s told porkies, thrown hissy fits and/or blocked me and run away 😀


  17. Yeah. i’m convinced the food stuff was instrumental in ellas warped vision of child rearing early on prior to mister p drinker entering the story. i’d also agree that in the right circumstances vegetarian or vegan diets can be healthy for children, but only if you’re very sensible and have really done your research on nutrition. Ella and abe probably aren’t such individuals and thankfully school and social service intervention will probably have ensured the children were fed at the school along with being monitored. it looks, to me, that the diet was the source of all the early conflicts between ella and the school while child access was entirely the issue between ella and ricky. i wonder if she has a karl pilkington level iq ? it’d explain how she thought the baby killing scam would work.

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      • Actually, my view is that we should distance ourselves from him. She’ll inevitably link him to us and use it to undermine the RD harassment case.

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        • Yes, I was not impressed with Wavy’s video either. I feel that sort of thing can be “weaponised” by someone like Angela, who will use it to claim that we are bullying her.

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        • He’s obviously not one of us but I was sort of amazed by his “passion” as she has upset him dreadfully somehow. I guess time will reveal what it’s all about. I didn’t think he was physically threatening her which of course is unacceptable.
          But Ange should not think one person’s actions- unconnected to this website- cancel out her shenanigans. She cyber harasses innocent individuals and encourages others to take physical actions against them ( Rupert Quaintance).
          She endlessly harasses an innocent father and continues to publish details about 2 children who should be left in peace to grow up. Even when they try to make an honest living she attacks.
          She should not be surprised when she pushes a person over the edge to the point. Clearly she has done so with this guy. Why? Who knows.

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  18. Breaking news: There’s some action going on between a YT user named Wavyevergreen and Angela Power Disney. Check out both their channels.

    Angela is the angriest I’ve ever seen her on her response video to Wavyevergreen.

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      • They’re both on YouTube.

        That WavyEvergreen guy ain’t taking no prisoners. Can I make a suggestion that we don’t comment on there, as Angie would inevitably use it to counter RD’s complaint against her and it could undermine the case. Probably best not to post the link here either, so she can’t accuse us of being part of the harassment. The guy’s threatening to attack her and her friends across various platforms, so my thinking is we should avoid being associated with it. Any thoughts, EC?

        That said, Angie’s apoplectic response is well worth a butcher’s. Sample quotes:
        “Take your glasses off, you Brummie bastard” 😂
        “Eww, you can see Satan coming out of your mouth” 🤣

        Thanks for letting us know about these, Jake

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        • Agree 100%, Tinribs. He’s nothing to do with us, and while we disapprove of Angela’s actions, getting behind someone who appears to be making threats towards her is not the way to go, in my opinion.

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        • Why does one “have to assume” this? Is this the standard thing one “assumes” whenever one thinks someone has said unkind things about one?

          In that case, must I “assume” that Catriona Selvester/Catherine MacKinnon, Angela Power-Disney, Malcolm Whatsisname, and others are all “paedos”? Nasty unintelligent bullies, yes, but “paedo” seems a bit of a stretch to me.

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          • I think it’s becoming a default term of abuse, EC. I reckon in time it will lose its impact and become akin to calling someone a bastard, which has completely lost its original meaning.

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          • I’d say that Malcolm and Angie are child abusers but not paedophiles to my knowledge.

            By the way, do I take it that Catherine McKinnon is a Cat pseudonym (or “pysendeum” as that nice Miss McDermott would call it)?

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  19. I was taking a good look at the morocco footage and the girl had bags under her eyes and looked worn out. on repeated viewing the amount of coaching and leading responses from the children is chillingly evident. i suspect this contributes to the belief in the videos because the children were definately abused, but not by the named individuals. you can clearly see the girl looking to offscreen ella and back to the camera as she’s guided in to giving the coached responses. I dread to think how weak and uncomfortable the combination of underfeeding, drugging and sleep deprivation made those poor children feel as they were forced to lie repeatedly.

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    • I saw that. She is not going to give up and accept the situation. She didn’t pay all the mortgage. The bank got the house.

      The sad thing is all the costs for the security will mean she gets less money in the end.

      I saw she has posted the pictures off the two policemen she says are the same person. They are very clearly different blokes. Someone needs to get her some help.

      Also,no one took her niece’s organs. The baby’s eyes were padded slightly with something.

      This is an article which explains some of what embalmers do. Perhaps they were eye caps to keep the eyelids closed and a more natural shape. Don’t read it if you are squeamish about things like this.


      I think Neelu is deluded as in she has delusions.

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    • I wonder what excuse she will use when the new owner moves in?

      “Excuse me (as she barges past them through the door) you are in my stolen house, I need my remedy! Please remove yourself at once!”


  20. New owner will just call the police and it’ll be a much more serious matter than trying to annoy a security guard who she’s being billed for. dunno what the procedure is but it’ll probably involve a restraining order and however many breaches it takes to escalate it in order to prevent her going near the former home. if it was me i’d just ignore the silly woman and let her enjoy the weather as it turns colder and wetter.


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