Chris Fay and the ‘snuff movie’ confessions

Following up on last week’s post about Bill Maloney, Chris Fay, and the supposed “tattoo” found on Leon Brittan (which turned out to have started as a birthmark on an unidentified person, and magically morphed into a tattoo on Brittan thanks to a hyperventilating Maloney) we’ve come across a report featuring Fay and Andrew Ash, dating back to 1990.

Many thanks to Bandini, commenting on Richard Bartholomew’s excellent report yesterday, for links to the Sunday Times piece from 1990:Chris Fay-Andrew Ash 'snuff film confession' Sunday Times


Detectives are to study tape recordings of a teenager who has ‘confessed’ that he helped film a ‘snuff’ movie.

The tapes could provide some of the most revealing clues yet for police investigating reports that up to 10 boys have been murdered during the making of such films by paedophile rings from London and Kent. 

Andrew, 19, disappeared earlier this year after giving evidence to welfare workers from the National Association for Young People in Care (Naypic)

He claimed he was taken to Amsterdam in 1988 by a group of men from London, and forced to film in a warehouse where a 12-year-old boy was raped successively by 12 men, beaten with chains, run over by a motor cycle and his body dumped in a canal. 

‘Andrew said that the men who had done this then sat around drinking champagne’, said Mary Moss, the association’s London development officer. 

A few days before his confession, Andrew was drugged by two men, who bundled him into a van outside Moss’s home. ‘At first we took what he said with a pinch of salt, but when he began to be followed and was then kidnapped from my house we took him seriously’, she said. 

In this instance, Andrew’s allegations sound bizarre on the face of it. No explanation is given as to how he managed to escape the same fate as the 12-year-old boy, for instance. Would brutal rapist/murderers really have allowed a witness to their foul crimes to just hang about and watch them drink champagne after the fact?

And if Andrew was brazenly kidnapped in front of Mary Moss’s house prior to telling his story, by what means was he rescued?

While we have no doubt that NAYPIC did do some valuable work on behalf of children and youth, such as its 1989 report on violations of human rights of young people in care homes, it seems possible that delving into the “snuff film” trope of the latter part of the 20th century was something more akin to a publicity stunt.

The reporter appears to be basing this story not on a live interview with Andrew, but on a video of an interview with him, presumably made by NAYPIC in an effort to impress funding bodies of the day:

The association, which is campaigning for a network of safe houses for runaways to protect them from paedophiles, has collated information on two films in which boys are alleged to have died. 

Scotland Yard said yesterday that it was anxious to receive any evidence that such films existed. It has had an overwhelming response from the public since issuing the number for a telephone hotline. [number]

Given that NAYPIC was campaigning for a network of safe houses for teens, it appears that the videos which they made were for the benefit of potential funding bodies, not necessarily the police.

However, given the videos’ subject matter, the police would inevitably have become involved:

The 24-hour incident room at Arbour Square police station in London’s East End was inundated with calls yesterday from young people who claimed that they had been victims of sexual abuse and from parents worried about missing children. 

It was set up by detectives as part of Operation Orchid, an investigation into child murders that began last year after four men were jailed for a total of 19 years at the Old Bailey for the manslaughter of Jason Swift, 14. 

Jason died after being drugged and held down by four men in a homosexual orgy in a flat in Hackney in East London in 1985. Police have since been told that his death was recorded on a hand-held video camera, and that at least one videotape is in circulation. 

Although no such tape has been seized or seen by a British police officer, an Englishman arrested in Amsterdam has told Dutch police that a video was made. 

‘To date we have not discovered any snuff movies’, said Detective Superintendent Michale Hames, head of Scotland Yard’s child pornography squad. ‘We don’t say they don’t exist, but we have not seized any. If they do exist, the distribution will be very exclusive’. 

Detective Supt. Hames is quite right: although there may be genuine films out there of people being murdered—the video made by Canadian murderer Luka Magnotta of his rape, murder, and subsequent dismemberment of a young man springs to mind—the market for such things is extremely insignificant.

Welfare staff at Naypic have been convinced by Andrew and other runaways that such films are being made. They have been told of a paedophile group known as the Elite Twelve, which is prepared to pay up to £5,000 to youngsters to make videos involving torture and sado-masochism, and which may lead to murder. 

They have also been told of a snuff movie made last year when a 14-year-old boy was beaten by three men in an East End flat, raped and battered to death with clubs. 

Chris Fay, an adult adviser to the association, said: ‘I am convinced that such videos exist. I have been shown one in Amsterdam by a Dutch colleague. It showed three men wearing leather masks cutting up a girl aged about 13 with a flick knife’. 

The above paragraph, we think, tells the most significant part of the story.

Just as true believers in Satanic ritual abuse are convinced that a vast network of cults routinely rape, murder, and consume babies and children, Fay is utterly certain that snuff films are being made. And like the SRA enthusiasts, he is determined to prove it, by hook or by crook.

However, certain questions arise: for example, if Fay really did believe that he watched a video of men cutting up a teen with a flick knife, why did he not immediately report it to police?

However, scenes in such films  are often found to be faked. A Soho pornographer was jailed for 18 months in 1984 for distributing a video called Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, which appeared to show a boy aged 10 cutting off a woman’s head. 

Ray Wyre, who now runs Britain’s first clinic for convicted paedophiles in Birmingham, says he has seen snuff films in the United States and has no doubt killing takes place. 

Again, if Ray Wyre (whom we have run across before) saw “snuff films” (note the plural—how many did he need to watch?) in the USA, and had no doubt that what he was watching was indeed murder, why were these crimes not reported to police?

One must also ask who, exactly, was showing Fay or Wyre these videos? Surely they ought to have been reported as well, for possession of evidence relating to murder?

It seems inconceivable to us that anyone could live with the knowledge that they had watched a child being killed on film without immediately reporting it to police and attempting to assist the investigation by giving details of the purveyor of the video. And yet, strangely, this is what seems to have happened.

And Andrew, with his stories of kidnapping, snuff movies, and champagne, seems to have thus embarked on his career as Chris Fay’s marionette, acting as a “witness” to any crime he was told to.

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  1. ‘…why were these crimes not reported to police?’

    Good question, seeing as the police in the UK and north America have apparently never found one single snuff video.

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  2. This is one of your most insightful, frightening and harrowing articles El Coyote.
    The stuff about snuff films is so grotesque.

    Glad you have written about it though as we do need to talk about it so others are warned about staying clear of shady characters, which they need to avoid at all costs so that these incidents don’t happen again and they don’t wind up getting in trouble.

    I also hope the likes of Bill Maloney and Chris Fay are made to face the consequences of their actions as they have harmed so many people and corrupted so many investigations and cases with their deviant and dispecable behaviour.

    The Andrew Ash Scandal seems to be getting worse and worse. It was so obvious that Bill Baloney and Chris Fraudster put him up to lying, thus all incriminating themselves for perverting the course of justice along with Brian Harvey, during that horrendous Express interview as Andrew lied about so many vulgar incidents and named so many innocent people. Shame on them all. Here’s that awful video if you haven’t seen it yet:

    Brian Harvey, who is now also accusing his ex-band manager of raping someone while he was part of East17, was also trying to get Andrew Ash to say that murdered school boy Vishal was the boy Andrew was handcuffed to lying dead next to him or saw him being killed. Its scary stuff guys, trigger warning!!!
    Here’s the video:

    It just so unacceptable and disgusting this whole sordid and salacious affair its unbelievable. I hope a case is brought against these people and they are brought infront of a judge and sentenced to go to prison for a long time for the evil they have done because this is EVIL! Undiluted and unadulterated EVIL! I don’t think I will sleep peacefully tonight. Ugh!!

    Mary Moss is also a dodgy character who claims dangerous Chris Fay never worked at Naypic but then says only as a volunteer and then she sacked him, she really is distancing herself from him isn’t she?

    Here’s her Twitter page, so you can read for yourself, its interesting for sure:

    Mary has also hinted that Andrew is not to be believed as he was thrown in a fire as a child and has severe mental and intellectual problems and disabilities on Twitter and Chris has had his claws in him from the get-go when Andrew first came to them. I believe that as Fay has stayed in contact it seems with Andrew all these years.

    Moss is also very chummy now with Brian who seems more paranoid everyday as he goes on a daily rant about people who set him up until his court case for malicious communication starts in a couple of weeks I think. This is a nightmare soap opera but even more sad as this is the life real people are living. Yikes!!

    Finally I wonder if genuine victims of abuse are angry at what these people, the Lying Truther Movement, have done and continue to do with their outlandish and preposterous allegations that will only hurt true victims, who won’t be believed so easily or get justice when they come forward. This is all so Messed Up!

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      • I understand Sheva but you always try and state the truth when these Truthers lie on Youtube or Twitter, from what I see. So I am glad we get to hear true victim accounts and you keep correcting distorted facts they spew, it helps to see whose good and whose bad even though it may be frustrating and draining for you. I don’t understand how these people can say lies and be in darkness for so long because its so negative.

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    • Mr. Ash is clearly being used and is a victim of Baloney and pals. He’s vulnerable and I have no doubt suffered abuse as a young teen. It’s quite wicked for them to use him for their own nefarious reasons.
      Why has Brian Harvey got himself mixed up in all this?. This Mob (c) weave spells around people and it always ends in tears as with Harvey’s arrest & charge. I’m sure he was a victim of phone hacking (well why wouldn’t they?) but he seems to have bungled that claim by associating with these ratbags.

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      • Sam. I don’t think Brian was phone hacked or tapped. News of the World was doing a sting operation on him thats why no lawyer will listen to him, his evidence is rubbish.

        I also find it sad how he has involved a murdered school girl Milly Dowler into his baloney by saying she could be on page 59 of the transcripts which he didn’t get. Thats cruel. Brian is also so paranoid he records people without permission. Surely he won’t be allowed to use that in court when fighting his corner. All these truthers, freeman on the landers and Tommy Robinson brigade will not help him and he will turn on them.

        Brian it seems is a troublemaker who likes drama. The fact he is now calling his ex-band manager a rapist is shocking. This guy needs serious help.

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        • Brian Harvey is far from paranoid. he got sucked in by Maloney and Puddick and realised they were playing him and their agenda was to get close to victims and then to discredit them. Harvey has calle dthem out publicly. It’s easy for these people working together to make their victim they target like Harvey into becoming paranoid by different methods including spiking with lsd. It’s how cults work and Baloney maloney and the others connected with him inc Everard and Baker and McKenzie are nothing more than a cult.


    • This is a car crash. Maloney’s such a bully and he puts words in this guy’s mouth throughout. And when he says “I know what I’m doing, Chris”, I beg to differ.

      And the bits about Edwina Currie from 50:10 to 51:16 and from 1:04:06 to 1:04:34 are seriously creepy and they show Maloney up as a right pervert, imo.

      I’ve put them together as an audio clip for future reference:

      Baloney’s Creepy Currie Perversion

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      • When ever Baloney talks to a survivor about their abuse, he always wants to know every detail, I have seen many videos, where he does that. There is no doubt he is a perv.

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      • This whole creepy debacle is disgusting and evil. However why did the police not protect Andrew as he was a Fernbridge and Fairbank? witness as well as Midland I think. Those investigations ended badly I think as police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe had to apologise.

        The police seem unprepared or inept in dealing with these ruthless scammers. SMH

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  3. As far as I know, NAYPAC lasted less than 3 years before the council pulled its funding over questions about their methods.
    It’s easy to announce noble intentions but actions are what count.
    Chris Fay’s past is slippery. His so-called career as a social worker is very flimsy but his history of be-friending unsavory characters is lengthy and that includes a long friendship with the career criminal & expert forger Andrea Davison who laughingly claims to be an ex-spy. It was Davison who created the necessary papers for Fay to open dodgy bank accounts for the criminal “Olympic Games” gang of “boiler room” fake share factories.
    Davison wants people to believe she is in hiding in South America and the fruitloop conspiracy merchants are happy to promote the notion. She lives in Bangkok which is now the global center for the ghastly Boller Rooms and works in one run by a British criminal. They are basically untouchable as they spread plenty of bribes around. It’s remarkable that victims still fall for these scams but the Australian Federal Police estimate in Australia alone people are conned out of up to $200M each year by these crooks.

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  4. As for these rumored Snuff Movies, I’ve never heard of them even being available on the Dark Web and although people claim they are no-one has yet provided proof.
    And given the ease at which pornography and illicit porn now sweep the world, it’s odd that none have ever surfaced.
    But there are some easily available: ISIL has created and distributed their own ghastly murder films and the mainstream media has been happy to publicise them ( except in France where the media has agreed not to show images or assist in giving ISIL publicity).

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  5. “And now prepare for an onslaught of troll vomit as they all are known hoaxtead trolls ..I have a deep intel video to drop on them from a great height based on another groups research” 😂

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  6. I published my thoughts on the odious Chris Fay, back in October 2013, right in the middle of when he was being lauded around the ‘Alternative Media,’ as some kind of child abuse ‘champion’ and people’s hero.

    (In much the same way as Jonathan Wedger has been recently, some might say.)

    I did not know the full extent of Fay’s activities back then, of course, but I was suspicious as to why both his crooked history, and his [alleged] sleazy behaviour around a number of survivors, was being ignored.

    Sheva Burton and other genuine survivors will know what I am referring to.

    I was mostly ignored by the majority, as expected, but the reaction to my suspicions in certain quarters was venomous, and the attacks on me came from a group, who now appear to have had a vested interest in making Fay appear as a credible witness.

    Kinda makes sense now eh?

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  7. Thanks for the hat tip, El Coyote!

    I seem to have been banging on about this for more years than I’d care to remember, but, once again, here goes:

    The Sunday Times piece is dated 29th July 1990.
    Carol(e) Kasir/Ann Jones/Weichman(n) of Elm Guest House infamy died a few weeks PRIOR to this on 17th June 1990.

    [More on the confusion around her identity from Satanic Abuse believer and former Exaro hack, David Hencke, here: ]

    At the inquest into her death in the month following the S.Times article the same ‘characters’ turned up to make other outlandish claims but that were completely different to those that had appeared in print: ex-Cabinet Minister snapped cavorting with boys in the sauna, Russian spies cavorting with the IRA, and a long list of ridiculous etceteras.

    The Elm Guest House tale that would later resurface was based upon what we are led to believe were contemporaneous documents rescued from a box that Mad Mary had stored securely in a shed at the bottom of her garden (or was it the garden of a friend? I can’t remember!).

    Other than the ‘guest list’ these scribblings would place EGH at the centre of some sort of international child pornography network (presumably aimed upmarket at the more discerning paedophile who wished to see MPs, Russian spies & suchlike in action rather than the usual riff-raff).

    While it’s never a good idea to take a word of ANYTHING they say too seriously, at least we can be sure thanks to press reporting of the inquest that Mad Mary, Chris Fay & Clive Godden (“Private Investigator, I do not want to give my address”) were indeed present, spouting nonsense about a place that had closed several years before they’d ever presumably even met Kasir.

    The last of those – Clive Godden – had, according to Mad Mary, accompanied Fay to his meeting(s) with Kasir which (we are to assume) produced the ‘guest list’, etc.. He had also been pursing a deranged vendetta against the man who had run off with his wife Vanessa after a planned business venture between them came to nothing.

    That man, David Hamilton Grant, could look forward to being denounced as a homosexual to the Turkish authorities then later accused of being a child pornographer based solely upon the say-so of the loser in love, Clive Godden. The vendetta continues, incredibly, to this day (and the last time I checked the relationship between Grant & Godden’s former wife continued too).

    The S.Times piece curiously mentions a ‘video nasty’ called “Nightmare in a Damaged Brain”. It was this film which had landed David Hamilton Grant (its distributor) in hot water & prison when the nation was swept up by the tabloids in a battle for our children’s souls against the evil of poorly made VHS movies.

    Indeed such was the furore parlimentarians were vomiting into buckets at screenings arranged by do-gooders, leading them to rush through the legislation which jailed Grant… and they rushed it through a little TOO quickly as it didn’t actually enter properly into law meaning that his imprisonment was illegal; Geoffrey Robertson QC goes into the details of this very case in the cracking documentary, ‘Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape’.

    One site which went flat-out to promote the ‘guest list’ was of course The Needleblog. Chris Fay was, for a time, a member of the ‘team’. (The Baloney/Fay video was pre-announced on the site, Cliff Richard and others had ‘articles’ devoted to them, etcetera.)

    Clive Godden also had Gojam’s ear as can be seen in this belated (very, VERY belated) apology (?) for the mayhem that had been caused:

    (It’s fair to say that there is no love lost between Gojam and myself, a man whose word I’d trust as much as that of Fay, Godden or Moss; this might become apparent from the comments, some of which still appear beneath the piece. But let’s leave that to one side! Regardless, by this stage the scales have fallen from Gojam’s eyes, if we are to believe that they were ever truly in place in the first place.)

    What is not clear is when the involvement between Kasir, NAYPIC (Moss and/or Fay) and Godden began. And it’s not clear because we only have the words of Moss, Fay and Godden to go on – three liars/mentalists who flatly contradict one another at times.

    That other disgraced ex-Exaro hack, Mark Watts has what he claims are “private notes taken by the coroner” which (should they be true) would have Godden “acting for Mrs Kasir since Feb 1990 when [he] visited her.”

    Is this true? Who knows? He claims to have taken Kasir to see Fay in March (and Fay claims ‘they’ – presumably NAYPIC, or did he mean he & Godden? – had “been dealing with her for two years”). It’s never been explained why or how ‘private investigator’ Clive Godden became involved.
    Is it even possible that Godden’s ceaseless persecuction of his love rival led him to make contact with NAYPIC after having seen a mention of the video nasty distributed by his enemy mentioned in the S.Times piece as he furiously scoured the ‘papers for ammunition to use against Grant? Again, who knows? Otherwise the mention of ‘Nightmare…’ in an article about a totally different ‘scandal’ would just have been a rather large coincidence.

    P.S. Godden received a whack about the head with a spade whilst stalking his rival & runaway wife; some might see the irony in the film’s title, given all that has since gone on!

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    • Many thanks, Bandini. I am a very late arrival to this particular party, as I’ve spent the past 3+ years focused more on the Hampstead hoax than the backdrop of VIP abuse allegations etc. You’ve explained it all very clearly, and I’m sure our readers will appreciate it.

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      • Bandini has been THE man for this material, in my opinion. When I recommended Lady Raccoon to this blog, years ago, that recommendation encompassed some of her regular commenters…ala the Bandini 🙂

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      • I’m far more knowledgeable on video nasties than I am sra. It was a complete fix with the government ensuring research showed 40 percent of children had seen a video nasty. When videos were 500 quid a go in the very early 90s and some films barely got distribution of 500 units a title that’d be mathematically impossible. Yet they pushed it through parliament. On one documentary there’s a clip of michael winner incurring Mary Whitehouse’s wrath on a chat show, possibly explaining his rains listing. There’s very little difference between the campaign to protect children from crap low budget horror films and those extolling a war on non existent satanist abuse rings. Highlight of the sorry saga was mp graham bright saying he believed video nasty films affected not only children but also dogs. It was a sledgehammer attack that painted guys distributing cheap horror films available all over the continent to no ill effects into the purveyors of snuff. Dig around and you’ll find mps claiming they saw south American made snuff and live monkey brains being eaten.

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        • No Michael Winner I’m afraid, but the subterfuge behind the ‘40% of children’ figure (actually six year olds!) is explained around about the 50 minute mark here:

          And Jerry Hayes convinces himself that he’d just watched live monkeys’ brains being eaten 10 minutes later!
          (The moral corruption of dogs is in there somewhere too…)

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          • I’m surprised at Jerry Hayes tbh, but he was relatively young back then. (In his defence, Hayes is now a respectable barrister – and one who has done good work).

            I second Justin Sanity’s rec re Bandini, he (Bandini) was the first that alerted me to the tall tales of a certain Exaro ‘VIP abuse complainant’ (the tall tales of that particular complainant had been stolen from an early 1980s shlock horror movie, IIRC).

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          • Some of us might appreciate this sketch, I think.

            “….a harrowing tale of cruel and crazed depravity and cruelty….looking forward to that one in particular!”

            Why would you be looking forward to “harrowing tales of cruel and craved depravity”, Pat?

            Is there something wrong with you?

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    • Great commentary, here, Mr Bandini, and thanks for giving Coyote et al, the original tip for this. By the way – nice to see ya, wassup? 🙂

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    • Thanks Bandini, so informative. Its so messed up these people get away with saying heinous lies that damage and hurt others time and time again.

      By the way the comment section is on fire EC, I think this blog will help authorities one day to understand who is who in the lying truth movement and how hoaxes are started and who are the people involved in the hope the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

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    • Neelu I think will be arrested soon, she is so annoying and the fact she is accusing people of making child abuse images, not porn like she says, is so unacceptable and libelous. Neelu has continued to harass and defame anyone involved in finally evicting her mad ass as her games failed that day.

      Clearly Neelu has somewhere to live as she doesn’t seem distressed or look unkempt. Remember in her eviction video she was ready to pay the whole 60k or more but it was too late to pay off her mortgage as court proceedings to take back the home was successful hence the bailiffs.

      Its sad Neelu loves toxic drama so much and even more upsetting she is the fact she has harmed her reputation and character with her shenanigans.

      Edward Ellis seems to be using Neelu, probably as she has access to some money somewhere unless he likes the drama too and wishes to be at the center of it or she is living with him and they are a couple as these ghastly troublesome two seem inseparable.

      Bizarre all round!

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    • “All I wanted was to know what route to take, who to talk to.. make sure it came to light, the right way”.

      This was SIX MONTHS before it was in the media. This is proof from ABE’S FRIEND proving that Abe and Ella’s intention was to hawk it on the internet without actually reporting any of it to the Police!

      GREAT catch, Liza!

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  8. Ooh, we’ve got a live one here. She’s very excited because ‘Rickie’ has finally been captured on film 😂

    Read from the bottom up, so to speak:

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  9. Brilliant piece, Coyote, thank you!
    Nope, no child snuff during that period – and Hames is wrong (for once) to say distribution of such a tape would be “limited”. “Distribution” would be impossible for anyone to control, given the copying technology available even then, and time has proven illicit copies of commercial products were incirculation amongst pervert collectors within DAYS of their release.

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    • Especially brilliant that you got the original article reprint! Thanks for that, already copied into my files 🙂

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  10. Yay! Drinking game time – two sips every time Angie talks bollocks. Hic – shit, that’s 8 sips since I started writing this comment. Burp

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        • Funnily enough she said pretty much the same in her Flo Destroyer interview last night! I hope Cat wasn’t was listening 😀


      • She gives the example of kids running riot to justify it but that’s restraint, a totally different proposition to beatings. And most teachers manage to supervise kids all day every day without ever hitting them. In fact, they’d be sacked (and possibly prosecuted) if they did.

        I’m also quite concerned that she says she learned the difference between beating and smacking whilst running a day care centre. Is she admitting she used to smack the kids in her care?

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  11. It’s the usual agenda, put words into victims mouths discredit the victims and discredit the truth. These truthers Maloney Everard Baker etc etc etc are probably paedos themselves well Everard is for one and they are most certainly con men and women.

    Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of paedophile ‘snuff’ movies – in which children are murdered on film


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